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  1. Kaya casually looked up to the sky as she sat back on her lounge on her large estate. She's pretty much given up trying to survive his death game. In fact, she's immersed herself with it's surroundings. As much as she's tried to before, she just couldn't really grasp trying to get out of this game anymore. It's like the spark in her eyes has come and gone. That said, she lazed about, a window suddenly popped open in front of her. There was a supposed update today and this was probably part of it. As she opens the window, her eyes began to widen as a spark began to light back up in her eyes. This must be what she's been waiting for all along. Something that can push her creativity and challenge her. Eyes filled with determination, she quickly got up from her lounging chair and quickly got her things together. "Time to go on a little adventure." She says a eager grin laid plastered across her face. +2 SP - Slime Farm +1 SP - Yui's Grace
  2. The cave stood right in front of the duo. It was dark and damp, and honestly Kaya hates caves, but this was for the quest. "R-right, let's go." she says as she hurried along in the cave. She was careful with each step she took. Not only was she sure what was in the cave, but her fear of darkness was slowly creeping into her mind. As the pressed forward, she began to hear cries in the darkness. It was just up ahead of them, but something didn't feel right. As the duo got closer to the crying, she quickly realized that they finally found the little child. Unfortunately, it wasn't just the little child they found. They also managed to run into something flying in the dark. "You hear that?" Kaya asked Kairi as she raises her scythe preparing for what's to come. She couldn't see it, but in the darkness, there was two large bats flying around the little girl, almost as if playing with their prey. «Giant Bat 1» | HP 50/50 | DMG 20 «Giant Bat 2» | HP 50/50 | DMG 20 @Kairi
  3. Kaya eyes burned with determination as she turned to the mysterious player clad in black. "What morgen said. I've decided to make him mine." Kaya said as she smashes her right hand into her left palm. Her eyes filled to the brim with a fiery resolve. She wanted that little creature. It was perfect. She was fluffy and cute and fluffy and... well what more could you want? As the group gathered in the little safehaven from the thick snowfall, Kaya looked to everyone as she bowed her head. "Sorry to annoy you guys some more, but please help me tame that ball of fluff." Kaya never really asked for help as much as she did for this quest. I mean, she could do this quest alone, but that's too lonely. Who wants to be out here in the cold unforgiving wilderness alone with no one to talk to? Kaya paused for a moment as she's reminded of a particular alchemist who lived out there in the cold unforgiving wilderness, alone. Snapping back to the present. Kaya's head still hung low as she waited for everyone else's response. @Kimi
  4. Kaya turns to face her current partner in crime and gives him a an eager grin, "Nope, but I got this!" She says as she leans back, her right hand stretched out in front of her while her left hand covered her mouth - kinda. It looked like it was straight out of a manga or anime as Kaya somewhat looked down on Ryo as she flashed her little silver ring - of accuracy. "Hehehe we'll be fine." She says as she turns back to a normal person. Turning around, she takes a few steps forward before pausing right in front of the dark damp cave. Afterwards, she frailly began stepping forward, with each step becoming smaller into a ball. As she trudged forward, her eyes kept a look out everywhere. She may appear confident and bold under normal circumstances, but when it comes to darkness, let's just say, it's not Kaya's strongest suite. @Ryo
  5. Kaya

    [F11 - R6 Cook] Le Chat Noir

    Kaya minded her own business as she flew back and forth from the kitchen to the front of the desk. It seems like this is what she mostly does for most of the day, that was until she hears a voice echoing from the front of her little cafe. "A customer?" She thought as she slowly peeked out of the kitchen doors to spot a familiar face. "Ah, Vigi what's up?" Kaya sounded so casual when the player asked for the pricing on her Perfect Beef Bourguignon. Of course this was all tier 1 so the pricing was really simple. "Oh that, it's 900 Col or 6 Mats." She says as she points towards the sign that says exactly what she said. @Vigilon Woops tagged the wrong person. ._.
  6. Somewhat bummed that they're going in blind, Kaya swiped her finger in the air browsing her inventory hoping she had something, anything, only to be left disappointed some more. Puffing her face somewhat with a grimace look, she looked to the ground, she was lost in thought on what they should do. They could risk it and just go in blind, or maybe there's a torch or lamp in the general stores in town, but that's going to waste a lot of time. Looking to Kairi, "What do you think we should do? We could go in blind and hope for the best, or maybe there's a torch or lamp or something in town.... but I don't wanna go back and waste time we could be spending on doing something. Ya know?" Kaya stood there clueless on what to do, but with every passing moment, she was growing more impatient. @Kairi
  7. Kaya stalled for a moment as she was taken aback once more from Kairi's seeming intentional sarcasm. She was right though. Kaya doesn't know how but she became the leader of this little group. Probably cause of her impatience, but that's what seemed to have happened. "Right, I guess straight it is." She says as she began leading the way to the cavern. Of all the choices, Kaya thought it was pointless to not go straight to the cavern. Whatever the side paths brought, it was probably just more nuisances. That said, the duo quickly arrives in front of a large cavern. A haunting wind blew from the inside coming out making it sound like the place was filled with ghosts, but ghosts in fantasy game? please. "So.... uh..." Kaya's voice somewhat trailed off as she realized that she wasn't prepared for this venture. "Do you happen to have a torch or some light source?" @Kairi
  8. OOC: My b, could've sworn i wrote i never gave it to her yet. Also @Vigilon let's fight mobs. Krysta doesn't have to fight so she doesn't get damaged but I have aoe so we should be fine killing mobs. should make things go faster. also hide gets dropped by mobs like boars so makes sense. :v As Kaya searched for materials herself, she kept a close eye on the other two players. She didn't want to stray too far from them, and mostly likely they were thinking of the same. As Kaya crawled on the ground, she carefully combed the ground for materials for tailors. She spotted a lot of herbs and spices perfect for her cooking, but that wasn't what she was looking for. As she searched, she quickly realized just how hard searching for materials for tailors were hard especially if you're not fighting mobs. That thought in mind, she looked to vigilon who seemed to be doing well in finding materials. "Hey Vigilon, let's go find a group of boars. That should give us hides for tailoring and should speed things up." Kaya says as spots another little silk worm squirming across the grass. She quickly grabbed hold of it and stored in her inventory till she gives them to Krysta. ID# 94437 results: Loot: 19 (16+3) T1 Mat Found
  9. The duo finally stepped out of the safezone and into the wilderness that was the 2nd floor fields. The feeling of leaving the safezone never changes. Once you step out, there's always that cold child on your back with the lingering thought at the back of you mind, 'Could this be my last day?' As the duo stepped out, they stuck to the crooked pathways of the 2nd floor. Following the map on their screens, the cave should be near the gate entrance - almost like the last quest Kairi and Kaya took on, but only on a different floor. As they followed the twists and turns, they soon arrive at a fork in the road with all the roads leading to the cavern, one way or another. "Which way you want to go? Right?, Left? or straight ahead?" Kaya asked Kairi as she was somewhat clueless on why there'd be a fork in the road. @Kairi
  10. Kaya chuckled a bit at the mention of punishments being painful. "It's always painful." Unlike Kairi's parents who never seemed to be there, Kaya's parents were always there. If her father was busy with work, her mother was there to cover, and likewise when mum was busy with work. Kaya hardly got punished as she mostly didn't stray from what she was taught, but when she did. It was painful. Not just physically, but emotionally - and wallet wise too. The two talked some more as they duo made their way to the town's gates. As they reach it they stopped for a moment. With a quick swipe of her fingers in the air, Kaya opens up her inventory and began equipping her things. As she turned to check on Kairi she had hoped that she had done the same. "Better get ready, who knows what - or who - we'll find out there." @Kairi
  11. Kaya was taken aback by it all. She was a brit and one of high class as well? Of all the people to meet here, she found like her - well kind of like her. Her personality just doesn't match Kaya's. She thought as she looked down at her own breast. Although coming from the somewhat similar background, it seemed that their upbringings were completely different. "I grew up with the company, so you could say I was my father's child" - which was somewhat odd since Kaya was more freespirited than her father ever was. "So your maids raised you huh-" Before the duo could talk anymore, Kaya felt a tug on her left arm. As she turns to look at who it was, she realizes that it was the NPC mother they've been looking for. "Please! You have to save my daughter! She was playing at a nearby cavern when her and friend got attacked by monsters! Please! You have to save her!" The woman was frantic, but that didn't stop an awkward window from popping in front of the duo asking to accept or decline the quest. Feeling somewhat bad if they didn't, Kaya accepted the quest. @Kairi
  12. The duo casually walked the streets of Urbus. It's been awhile since she walked Urbus so it was a nice change of pace. There was bound to be an frantic NPC coming out of nowhere to start the quest - or at least that what the rumors said, but so far there was nothing. All there was was Kairi prodding at any info on Kaya. She wasn't sure at first since she really didn't want to get close to anyone in this death game, but eventually Kaya gave in. "Well... I'm not Japanese... that's plain as day. I'm British. Only reason I'm in Japan is cause my father was on a business trip here. He was here for the start of the selling of the Nerve Gear. You see, my father, is the CEO Aldrin corp.... We're a British Gaming Company who wanted to go into VR also and this was his chance as seeing the sales first hand. I only came along, cause I asked my father if I could tag along." Kaya's voice grew somewhat distant again. It was painful, the thought of never seeing her father once more, nor her mother. @Kairi
  13. Hard at work in her own cafe on the 11th floor, Chef Kaya was finally finished with all her crafts for the day. She was finally taking her break when a ding echoes through the room, or at least in her head and a window pops in front of Kaya. "A message huh?" Kaya says as she snacks on some extra garlic bread she had made. she casually swipes her fingers in the air to open the message. "Kairi? Oh yeah... the busty one from the other day." In that moment, Kaya felt a cold chill on her back as she closes the window. "Well I do need to go out more and collect more materials." Within moments, Kaya got cleaned up and ready to go out. "Mikael, take care of the cafe while I'm gone okay?" "As you wish m'lady." Looking to the two twin sister maids, "and you two behave while I'm gone." "Haaiii!! Don't take too long Kaya!" "It's m'lady Eloise!" "Close enough Fiona!" That all said and done, Kaya quickly made her way to the portal. Within moments, she walks out of the portal. "Urbus.... it's been awhile." she says as she scanned the area, only to quickly spot the big personality that was Kairi. "Hey! So I'm guessing we're here for the «Let There be Light» quest right? Let's get going." Kaya said, somewhat impatiently. She didn't mean to rude or anything, she just wanted to get things started so she can start collecting materials as soon as possible. @Kairi
  14. Kaya

    [F03] «Worn out Welcome»

    w/ @Kairi
  15. The walked on the pathway for a while. It was quiet. There was much to say, or at the very least, there wasn't much that should be said for the moment. Kaya was still upset up bringing up that sensitive topic, but she carried on like nothing happened. At least from the outside anyways. As they pressed forward, Kaya thought she spotted a material just off the pathway. Quickly running to it, she realizes it was a rare herb. She quickly grabs on to it, but unfortunately, the herb was rare for a reason. Without proper care in collecting the material, it could break easily, and that's exactly what happened. As soon as Kaya went to collect the item, the item quickly broke in her hands. It'll probably be some time again until she finds that herb out here in the fields. Going back to the beaten pathway, the duo finally arrives at the gates of the Delilah. "Well we're back. All that's left is to finish the quest with the big guy." She says as she takes a deep breathe. It was almost like she was tense the entire time, but a smile was still plastered on Kaya's face. ID# 94356 results: Loot: 6 No materials @Kairi