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  1. I nod my head rather happy to hear that she is doing good. Also what to expect from Black? Well lets consider your luck when it comes to finding chests and other nice loots and just apply that to everything and i swear that is his capacity in terms of RNG loving him. I say in a joking tone of voice with a subtle undertone of seriousness of a hyperbole mixed with fact. After we arrive onto the floor I look towards kimi and chuckles ever so slightly having an idea where the tank player would be in question as i know one thing is for certain about that man. Kimi if their is somewhere we are going to find him it is going to be a place close to the quest area while also being somewhere he can test his luck. I say towards Kim just being honest knowing that the man is one of the luckiest people i have ever seen in terms of being able to proct weapon abilities in rapid succession. So i guess the only place to look in reality is a place like a bar or something since that is where people would be testing their luck. Which proves to be true with after a bit of searching with the help of questioning people if they seen a player matching the description i give we manage to find the tank player in question.
  2. I grit my teeth in annoyance as i glare towards Domarus as he shoves me back as i quickly raise my shield once more taking the hit and the extra backlash that tries to tear through my defenses as i shift my shield arm to knock away the attack and quickly moves forward to get back onto offense. I stare at the man with the axe and a vendeta against me like i him as i glare daggers at the man my blue eyes fierce and cold as my black hair move up and towards the right as i dip down low and towards my left while moving forward before correcting my posture with once more legion destroyer as i swing my blade while holding onto my shield. My shield ready to knock or parry away any attack sent towards me as i glare at him taking a quick glance as i watch Itzal deal with my sister instead of Embers. Fireheart! Snap out of it! You can change you don't have to be about feeling and being consumed by flames always! You told me that you were willing to change so now is the time to choose Fireheart! Will you remain a person consumed by that flame or are you willing to change to not be a person consumed by rage all the time! I yell over towards the red haired girl as i glance back for only the briefest of moments to give her a quick look to look directly at her eyes with my own blue colored ones of determination. ------------------------------------------------------------------ She looks forward as things happen around her from Aereth attacking her allies and holding them at bay towards the former leader of the Ascendatns making his way over towards her as she just grins knowing that in terms of damage she could easily outplay him anyday of the week. 'Even though i would prefer not to do so at all to begin with.' She thinks to herself as she crosses her arms at her chest and calmly waits patiently for the man to finish his long winded speech about what he believes rather than taking in all of the facts. To make a monster out of anyone that doesn't side with him seemingly if she was to listen to his words as she shakes her head from one side to the other. 'we may be the darkness and they can say we might not see, but at least we aren't blinded by their light of self righteousness. Though it seems Sis is trying to walk that fine line of dark and light.' She thinks to herself knowing that her sister is trying to be just if what she has heard before she cut messages is true. Prisons. But then their is the fact she is seemingly ready to do what is necessary by stealing to get ahead things that may be seen as valuable, and who knows if given time to kill to protect. Why don't you shut up and give up in trying to understand while you're blinded. She says simply not caring what he has to say as she sprints forward knowing the answer inside, but not caring to humor his words since she knows the path she walks. She knows what she is doing when she does everything in her power to be able to do something to try and change and have things show actual merit quickly. 'To have peace be swift to avoid anymore unnecessary deaths, and to prevent to many martyrs to be made along the way.' She thinks to herself as she kicks her sprint up into a <<charge>> as she shoots forward with the power of all might in her hand and goes for a swift punch towards the Ascendants gut the young girl having spent all her free time in learning actual martial arts and hand to hand combat. Avoiding leveling to learn instead how to fight like a actual fighter in the real world to have an advantage at every stage in a fight against opponents willing to put her faith into practiced skills over the games movements to allow players such things. You know nothing about me so shut up and just fight. You don't know what i believe so stop trying to talk to me as if you do understand. She says in a neutral and calm tone of voice towards the man as she would lash out with a swift kick to the knee if her punch missed. You can't protect anything or save anything so just give up on me and kill or jail me already. She says not wanting to die, fearing it even now in the back of her mind. Though at this point just wanting to put up a brave front and if anything if she dies she can finally meet the man that made her sister the way she is. her sister's hero to try and understand why she is the way she is within this game. She has to be strong if she wants to survive.
  3. I hear the door open as i turn towards Kim and gives a smile towards her as i give a quick hug and a small kiss on the lips before backing away with a smile upon my face. Hello Kim how are you doing? I ask with a smile towards the red headed girl and nods my head at hearing that she has met the tank player as well. Yeah i got the message also Kim though since you met him this does make it a bit easier since you'll know what to expect from him, but the fact he is taking on swashbuckling buccaneer is rather surprisingly. That or the snake quest either or those both would be deadly for him if he isn't careful. I say with a slight bit of concern that is noticeable within the tone of my voice as i than grab Kimi's hand and starts to lead her towards the main settlement and more importantly for the duo the teleportation gate to take them towards floor sixteen. My familiar Kuro looks down towards the small Shark doggo and nudges his head ever so slightly and gently against the other animal as a small greeting. Lowering a wing towards Noodle to offer him to ride on his back if the shark doggo felt like doing so.
  4. I hear the small sound of a notification going off as i glance towards the side and opens up the message to see who it is from and smiles ever so slightly when seeing that it is from the person i would call my apprentice to some extent considering i gave him my gear and helped him out with a few quests while giving out as many pointers as i could about helping his build along. Though to my surprise i see that kimi was added to the message also as i nod my head and quickly types back towards the tank player. I type towards the man before making my way towards the front of the mansion to wait for Kim remembering her asking about Calypso, so not being that surprised if she asks how i know this player. 'Though i guess i am just as curious if she knows him or if it is just because we're in the same guild and thus knew we could possibly be willing to help out?' I wonder to myself as i just wait patiently wearing just simple vanity clothes for the meant time. My familiar Kuro at my side.
  5. Hestia

    [PP-F2-NK] All In, The Rebirth ~ Team A

    Welp...looks like i'm here now whether i like it or not. I say softly to myself as i glance around the greenhouse as things are quickly starting to collapse into themselves and myself not having my familiar as i glance towards the direction of Jevi as i bite my lower lip before turning around and sprinting back into the mansion. 'I'm sorry. Stay safe okay?' I can only think to myself as i run into the building before the vines could cover the entrance towards the mansion knowing i don't have time to think or wait as glass flies towards me as it gives way towards the pressure that this thing is adding to the mansion. 'What even is this place? If it is a mob it can be killed like anything else, if it is a event that seems the most likely. Though if this is somehow some demon or ghost how did it get into this game?' I question myself as i glance around the mansion as i frown softly not spotting my familiar at all as i quickly shout out as i enter the main entrance area once more as i just yell out loudly for anybody to hear me or not. KURO! Kuro! You their buddy! I yell out for my precious little lion feeling worried for him. He tears into the spirit creature of whatever was bothering its owner as it clenches its teeth down harder with a fierce look within its hazel colored eye until the creature seemingly vanished. He grins at success before perking his ears up trying to listen for any sign of its owner or other ones that she is fond of. The lion with wings quickly moves out of the bedroom and starts wandering aimlessly moving more so upwards rather than downwards in his approach to find its owner starting off by first going across the hallway towards the other side of the house entirely from where it is at to begin its search.
  6. Hestia

    [F13 EB] Adulterated Realms T3

    I look towards Zandra who starts the fight off as i can only let out a loud sigh as i put the handle of my sword against the top of my face as i close my eyes to focus on achieving some sense of peace as the single thing. The single freakin plan i could've provided was thwarted by Zandra just getting trigger happy or something when my single plan was simple. 'Let my group attack first since we're a AoE group, let your group if it is single. All i said. That is all.' I think to myself as i slam the pommel of my blade against the shield as a loud echoing ring of metal goes out throughout the field as it is enhanced by howl as i look over towards the Demon hoard with a smile on my face. Come on you demons lets see how well you can handle the strength and might of a united front! It is time to charge and show our might against these foes for the protection of humanity and the future of the frontlines! To protect the lower leveled players we must! Win! Today! I shout out with a grin on my face as i point my blade towards the demon hoard not being frightened at all as i get ready for the attack staring down the opposition. Action: Howl -10 ENG Player's Stats
  7. Hestia

    Housing Evaluation

  8. Well Calypso is just a person that i had helped out long ago, but never really tried getting back to her to see if she was available for just talking or something or the other to try and hangout you know? I just got busy with other things i guess and just kinda forgot about that whole part of myself trying to stay in touch with people and focused a bit to much on getting stronger to be able to protect you and the rest of our little guild family. I say with a small chuckle as i than hear a ding of a notification pop up for myself as i open up the message and nods my head glad to know that she will at least be getting here which i can only hope is soon, but won't hold my breathe since i know that he floor is vast and could take quite awhile to just navigate around to get back towards one destination. With one hand i open up the respond menu and quickly type out another message for the girl. With that message sent i nod my head satisfied and hit the send button upon the screen. I hold onto Kimi's hand as we travel through the floor just really letting her lead or let my feet just take me where they may just traveling around for the meantime until i would get another message from her. @Kimi
  9. I listen to Hikoru and looks towards the ground as i think on that as i can only wonder also if such a thing actually did match what i expected from the master of stealth..from Hikoru. I run my hand gently through my familiar's fur as i think on this as i think back to when i first heard about that. Well i first heard about you from Itzal. He told me about you ascendants giving your name only, and as i learned more of you the best i got was that you were a person named the master of stealth. Wasn't much to really give a personality to you know? I say with a small nervous chuckle as i think a bit more pausing as my mind tries to pull the words together the phrases that i want to say that accurately described everything i have ever thought about this man. Than i saw you during frontline meetings and...you kinda fit what i expected from what little i was given a person that wears cloaks used a dagger putting a literal phrase into actuality. So i guess i kinda thought of you as the silent guy in the back that just listened more so than anything else and only acted from the shadows and you fit that rather well from the meeting to the boss fight if i remember correctly. I say towards the man known as Hikoru not going to pull any punches upon my thoughts from what my memory can forge together even if i might be misremembering such things ever so slightly.
  10. I look over the swarms of bats as they are managing to be the most annoying enemy in existence even compared to the likes of a floor boss seemingly as i activate my own sword art as i look over the four flying enemies as i glance towards Baldur and ndos my head having an idea in mind to try and speed this up if we can get lucky enough to even kill one of these things. 'Time to see if i can hit one of these things.' I think to myself as i move forward activating my strongest word art just hoping that i can get lucky enough to get within striking range. I focus upon the already weakened enemy as i move my blade forward and cuts into the creature that Baldur had just struck with my own attack with a rather happy grin across my face as it cuts into the enemy as i repeat that ten more times moving through the motions of the sword art lowering its health by a decent amount. Oh yeah! Point for hestia! I say cheerfully in celebration considering i hit the enemy with an attack. Action: Legion Destroyer vs bat 1 #107659 BD:8-3=5+1(concentration)=6 16x11= 176-75=101DMG CD:9 Baldur: 1090/1090 ENG: 93/106 MIT: 79/39 EVA: 3 | DMG 19/36 Bleed (Miss, -2 energy, +1 regen) Hestia: 1425/1425 ENG: 100/138 MIT:151/75 DMG: 16 EVA:-1 Regen: 3 on CD:6 Recovery: heal 45 HP when hit BH: heal 57 HP Thorns:54 @Calrex: 1626/1765 ENG: 162/172 MIT:89/44 DMG: 16 | ACC: 3 | EVA: 2 | ACH: 0.6 | Thorns: 30 (Battle Healing +89) (4/1/3) Cave Bat 1: 270/1250 MIT 75 EVA 3 ACC 1 DMG 175 | 225 + Para | 275 + Para (ignores half mit) (0/0/3) Cave Bat 2: 1220/1250 MIT 75 EVA 3 ACC 1 DMG 175 | 225 + Para | 275 + Para (ignores half mit) (0/0/3) Cave Bat 3: 1250/1250 MIT 75 EVA 3 ACC 1 DMG 175 | 225 + Para | 275 + Para (ignores half mit) (0/1/3) Cave Bat 4: 1220/1250 MIT 75 EVA 3 ACC 1 DMG 175 | 225 + Para | 275 + Para (ignores half mit)
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    Dustin's Crafts

  12. I look towards the man that i have only known from reputation alone, or from hearing about him until this day where i finally decided to try and learn about the man and what he is actually about instead of what his persona would be when out and about. The complete turn around from calm and confident master of stealth that nobody knows about and is seemingly so well put together and prefers being alone. TO instead being a man that is just broken and in need of somebody to just be his friend and acknowledge that he is just him not some title, not some class, just another human being that they could talk to and try to get to know beyond the exterior of what they might find. Hikoru i'm not as elegant with words as Baldur is, but i do honestly think that you can be whatever you want to be if you put in the time and effort and are willing to accept that the road to improvement isn't easy and that it will most likely hurt. You can become whatever or whoever you would want to be it just takes a person to stand by, and a shoulder you can lean on for support. I don't know you that much that is obvious since we've barely spoken to one another, but if you ever need somebody to talk to or just a person that you know you can count on for support i'll be their for you. I say towards the man with a gentle smile offering what little that i can feeling ever so slightly out of my league about talks of checking the monument since i don't do such a thing from having never experienced any personal loss from myself. Having seen others mourn and grieve for the lost lives that are all around, but knowing for myself that the people i care for are still around and most likely will always be safe. That the ones who have been lost to the sands of time can always make a return i just need to have faith that they will rather than think about the opposite. 'To hide fro the issues rather than face them really, but..i haven't seen them on that monument last i was their that means they aren't dead just hiding somewhere..somehow.'
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    Ennakai's Items

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    Skill Refund Evaluation

  15. I look towards the red haired man as he arrives finally onto the scene as i let my sword ignite into a blue aura signaling the startup of an attack as look towards the player as i smirk to myself ready to finally get this started as i glance back towards my allies and gives the three a smile. No time like the present to start taking names. I say in a joking manner before i activate the <<charge>> skill as i rush forward straight towards the red haired man as he finishes speaking as i swing my blade downwards towards him from upper right to lower left starting off the attack known as Legion Destroyer. A series of eleven consecutive attacks that are done over and over again as i would use my left hand that is holding the blade to attack over and over to apply pressure to the two handed axe wielding man. The shield in my right hand ready to intercept and stab into any weapon that would get near me with the metalic juts of metal that are upon the shield to try and puncture people or monster that get near it. Was there any doubt who would start this Domarus? I'll finish what i started! I say towards the man with a grin across my face and a look that scream unending determination and self-confidence. Kuro looks towards the flying dragon and rushes forward intending to start the fight alongside its partner as it glares down the small dragon with its hazel colored eyes. The mitigation familiar and proud lion that can compete in speed with even the likes of Velnea after many games of tag chasing down the enemy to stop the tiny dragon from interfering with its master fighting off her rival.