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  1. Gazing forward towards the labyrinth fight ahead and seeing the forms of the male players facing off against the labyrinth boss i just nod my head at seeing the fight as i look forward with nothing but confidence and determination as i clench tightly onto the curved sword ripdtide and onto my shield gorgon's stare as i chuckle softly to myself at that fact. 'if only i was wearing my tier two armor than the gear would be complete for what i was wearing at the start..wearing what Teion made me.' I think to myself with a bit of a frown thinking on one of the many people that have seemingly just chosen to go dark on me in terms of doing anything or just talking to one another. Clenching my teeth a bit at the fact of what was meant to be some kind of family can easily just go dark and decide to not communicate at all in a blink of an eye. Leaving one with nothing left to fight for when all disappear around them.
  2. With a glance forward i smile rather happily when i spot the fight within the distance as i nod my head and equips my sword once more as my golden cloak disperses once more as i also get the rest of my battle gear with a rather big smile on my face. Knowing that within moments it'll be time to fight the chieftan and to complete the fight that i had started. 'I just need to win this fight with my own hands. I started it, i'll end it. Nobody needs to get hurt or be forced to waste their time because of something i did and could've prevented if i actually did things correctly.' I think to myself as i pat the side of my shield that is modeled after the Aegis shield that has the mold of a medusa's head along the top of it. As my sword is different than Harpe but is still a curved sword one that i could always find useful when it comes to dealing the damage. #112674 LD:14+11=25 88/100
  3. I sigh softly as i try to find something or anything that would give me a single sign of something to show me the way towards the direction of the labyrinth that currently has no current signs besides what Zandra is showing us from her experience. 'Well at the very least it is making this rather easily to find at least some path since Ruby and i kinda wandered about while searching. Mainly probably because of that argument with Itzal that distracted us mid way.' i think to myself absentmindedly as i let my thoughts wonder more so than anything else as i gaze forward. Well at the very least we have some kind of direction rather than going totally blind in all of this. i say with a nod of my head as i make my way forward through the twenty fourth floor.
  4. Hestia

    [F21-PP] The faces that hide

    I look towards the axe wielding woman with a rather perplexed look when i hear her mention that she somehow led to someone's death in a indirect manner. Looking at her i can only think back to what she said earlier back during the drake skinning quest objective as i nod my head remembering the words of her somehow needing to redeem herself in some functionality. Is that why you think people seemingly don't like you Zandra? You did mention something like that back during the mines quest we went on together, and that you would explain that to me at some point. i ask the woman curiously now needing to know what exactly even happened to make her associated with a kill of any kind to put the blame on her, and if this isn't related to her reputation what other things happened to make others turn against her from her perspective. Glancing towards Pin i would look up towards the ceiling in some thought as i switch my focus for a moment to answer the question. Well if you want more damage, ferocity, charge, i guess stealth could work, find a fallen weapon that works with your spear, and lastly you would have to get a bit stronger in defense to get the last damage boost from armor. I say towards him as i list off the things in my mind that would work.
  5. Hestia

    [F21-PP] The faces that hide

    I smile a bit sadly when i hear Zandra say that as i just nod my head not going to argue with her as i look her in the eyes and bite my lower lip ever so slightly as i try to think of something to say towards Zanrda. Zandra you do know that their is only a good side of you right? You're a good person no matter what someone else could try to say to dissuade you. For as short of a time i've known you i fully believe that you've only displayed the personality of someone who is willing to help others, and to do what you think is right to help other people survive. I say towards the woman who i wish i could get to know better and actually spend some time with to know and understand. Though i will keep those items if you'll allow me to keep them, and i'll make sure that they are used to save people's lives. Though i'm sure you'll get to see me use them on the frontlines when you see me rocking them to help all of us win this game and finally go back to the real world. 2/3
  6. I look towards Ruby as a look of utter confidence appears in my eyes as i take off the coat and equip my sword to finish off my battle ready gear as i look towards the gathered group and than point my blade forward along the path. It is in this direction. I say as i point in the direction of where i am pretty sure it is located at as i make my way forward towards the direction of where i remember it is suppose to be. Making my way forward i look towards the silent pink haired girl and just nods since that is pretty normal for Neo not to say much in any way shape or form. 'That is going to be weird to work with on the frontlines. Their has to be an easier way to communicate with her that can allow things and ideas to be passed along a lot faster than what typing could do.' I think to myself in mostly concern for the fact that she could get hurt from either trying to respond if she would do that mid combat to pass along ideas or something else.
  7. Hestia

    [F21-PP] The faces that hide

    With a smile towards Zandra for the extra heals as my HP skyrockets to almost full i give her a rather thankful smile for the help from the woman as i give her a genuine smile and a nod of my head. Thanks for the help Zandra, but me hitting something is a funny idea. I may calm myself an all around build, but i don't have any potential for actually hitting things with my weapon. I say in a joking tone towards the woman as i than look towards Pin and gives him a thumbsup and a approving nod for him having landed the final hit. Good job to you as well Pinball but i think there is still one more creature left in here that we need to face. Usually some kind of big reward would've popped up by now if it was otherwise. I say towards the spear user in a thankful tone of voice as i look forward and than towards everyone's hp and energy levels as i just nod my head. For now we're resting to prepare for the last fight if we can. I say towards the group. Hestia: HP: 1206/1705 Energy: 154/154 DMG:16 MIT:171 Thorns: 84 Eva: -1 BH: 79 Heavy Momentum: 2 (+6DMG) Rec: CD:6+ (+6 ENG)
  8. With a smile upon my face i nod towards Zandra's rather amazing find really when it came to getting towards the labyrinth location as i look towards he other two and just give a firm nod feeling like i don't need to say anything to get the actual message across as i would quickly go to cross the distance not utilizing charge just yet since it would be best served for combat and entering that storms blazing with the full strength of their group. Glancing towards the other i look down towards my outfit and just nod my head as i start to open up a menu and slide through the options as i equip a heavy armor underneath it, and a shield leaving the golden LD cloak to hang over the armor that i am wearing. The armor not being anything new to those who have seen me fight, and the shield only being new to those who hadn't seen me at the beginning of my T3, and during the entirety of my T2 days. The shield being that modeled after the Aegis shield with the shield having a mold of the medusa's head along the front of it. With a slight smile i nod my head as i raise it towards neo. This baby right here is the Gorgon's stare a old shield i use to use. Time to put it in use and see if we can petrify us some fish men. 3/3
  9. Hestia

    [F21-PP] The faces that hide

    I would look towards Zandra and than just give a confident grin as i just raise my hand into the air and activate the field medic skill as a green aura washes over each of the party members with that providing no effect towards Zandra, or Pinball, but restores me back to just enough health. I see the dwarven commander rush towards me as i raise my shield once more as the spikes in the metal dig into the dwarven commander as the clang of his weapon hits my form knocking me away ever so slightly from the force of the hit. As my health dipped into the green for only a moment only to knock me back down into the yellow where i once was, but at the very least much higher than what i was moment ago. It's fine Zandra i am a tank and a healer for a reason. Just continue beating this guy up and we'll be fine i promise! I shout over towards the berserk healer and than looks towards Pinball and than gestures for him to attack the dwarf himself. #112667 MD:6+3=9 420-171= 249 DMG Thorns: 84 Action: Field medic 20% heal to everyone (421 Hp to Hest) [H:6/8/7/6] Hestia: HP: 675/1705 Energy: 138/154 DMG:16 MIT:171 Thorns: 84 Eva: -1 BH: 79 Heavy Momentum: 2 (+6DMG) Rec: CD:6+ (+6 ENG) [H:2/0/0/0] Pinball: 1015/1015 HP | 69/96 EN | 20 DMG | 5 ACC | 5 EVA [H:2/1/2/2] Zandra: 1,585/1,585(94/154) DMG: 22 ACC: 6 MIT: 98 BRN: 36 (8-10/2 turns) FALLEN: 12 BRN-THRN: 30 Enemies Dwarven Elite Guard Commander: 97/1575 DMG:420 MIT: 105 ACC/EVA: 2
  10. I smile towards Ruby and just nod my head towards the blonde haired healer when she managed to open up the treasure chest as i would happily take the two consumables for myself when it came to the unidentfied objects as i than nod towards neo. Be our guest Neo the weapon is yours. I think i'm all set really when it comes to weapons in all honesty. I say towards the pink haired girl with a relaxed posture as i gaze forward once more towards the objective that the group of four is searching for. 'All i need to do is get to the labyrinth, and than beat the chieftan. Should be easy enough really especially with this group in all honesty. I just need to get their that is priority one, and than after that it is a matter of making sure i can get the information on the boss to pass it onto the appropriate frontliners.' I think to myself with a small nod towards myself more so than anything else when knowing i'll be forced to not include macradon due to his mentioned retirement back at the end of the boss. Come on team we got some nice loot along the way now we need to keep moving as fast as we can. We have lives at stake, and no time to waste. I say towards the other three as i pick up my pace. 2/3
  11. Nodding my head with a smile at hearing the general plan be accepted by the group i continue pressing onward through the twenty fourth floor's wilderness that it has as i look from one area to the next keeping my eyes open for the sight of the chieftan and the area where we had found him. With along with that keeping my eyes open for any path that looks like it had been walked along already or any sort of tell tales signs of locations that might look familiar to myself. With no signs of any fruit being bared at the moment i gaze back towards Ruby and the others and smile a bit happily at having them at my side and willing to help. So out of curiosity if i may ask. After we defeat this labyrinth guardian we will need to most likely talk with one another at some point in regards to a floor boss meeting. With that being said Neo i think that if you believe yourself ready i'd happily accept you onto the frontlines along with people you trust can handle themselves. I say towards the pink haired girl with a honest smile across my face as i offer that towards her. Figuring that if i am willing to invite her to fight the labyrinth guardian and she thinks that her results were good enough that there is no reason to bar her from the actual floor boss fight. Search CD: 1/3
  12. Looking towards the group i smile a bit when hearing Ruby repeat the thorns part as i open up my inventory and slides the screen on over towards the blonde haired brawling healer. A small grin across my face as i just show the names of gears that have their enhancements next to them as i just nod my head with a playful grin. “Lets be glad that at one point i considered paralyze a good enchantment to have on my shield Ruby. Seems like having some non thorns armor, and a non thorns shield has come to aid me, and also find myself lucky that there hasn’t been a need to give away this Tier three gear yet.” I say in a joking tone of voice as i than just nod my head with a confident grin across my face. “SO when it comes to thorns i think we’ll be covered in avoiding death by that. Just keep in mind people to focus down the chieftan. Myself and Ruby will deal with the timing of stuns against the healer once we can see where his rhythm is when we arrive. When the shaman can’t be stunned we’ll be focusing the chieftan obviously. I’ll be using my energy restorations on Ruby as mentioned. This is our plan for when we go onto the assault against the labyrinth boss.” I say listing off the plan once more before glancing around the area quickly and than directs my attention towards the direction in which i remember the area being as i redirect myself back towards that direction. #112638 LD:4+5(skill)+3(food)+3(item)=15 27/100
  13. I just nod in understanding at Neo’s silent having known her for always being like this so it isn’t much of a surprise for her to be like this. Gazing back towards the open fields of the 24th floor i head in the direction of where i think the shores of that fight were at. Trying to spot from a distance the forms of shield battling against the reptilian like fish creature. When hearing the questions towards me i would nod my head and feel a surge of confidence and a bit of pride in the idea of being a leader. A figure that people are looking up to in some aspects and are willing to trust the commands and follow the lead of. Gazing back towards the three players with a smile as bright as the sun itself i would nod my head towards them. “All right when it comes to a plan i’ll share the details we have first naturally. The chieftan has a high mitigation rate to nullif my one handed attacks to nothing basically, we can’t use thorns since that’ll kill the shaman that we only need to stun with the weakest sword arts when we can time it to stop his heals. When it comes to a initial attack we’re only using singular target attacks against the chieftan preferably Zandra if you have bullrush knock the chief flat on his a***. Ruby you’ll be on Shaman stun duty when it comes around to doing that if it is up to our group to do so. I’ll be primarily trying to keep ruby’s levels of energy up and only have my initial attack being that of my legion destroyer charge just to assist all of you in some damage.” I list off the initial things i can think of from what we have learned during that fight towards the group.
  14. I smile happily within a moment seeing that the group i have assembled is willing to work together with the only downside being that during raids this group is impossible down to just group formations. ‘You can’t have three healers in one party not when we’re so sparse on that much needed role and have no others besides us.’ I think to myself a bit somberly at that thought since i am certain that given time i can make this group function quickly and know what to do without even needing to say something. The only thing now though is to find that labyrinth and than subsequently deal with the boss while making sure the credit for finding and killing went to them rather than the “heroes.” Letting my team talk to one another without interrupting them to make sure i don’t ruin their conversations for at least avoid the business until the friendly words are said. i would mentally go through the list of things i need to say to them afterwards. Glancing towards Neo i would nod towards her with a thankful look within my eyes. “Neo thanks for joining us. Also, thanks for supplying us with the buffs i asked on such short notice. I’ll make sure to let you know much more in advanced next time unlike today.” I say apologetically towards her in regards to just the timing.
  15. “It doesn’t matter Ruby hopefully Shield isn’t going to be a prick and try to leave early since us coming back is their only hope of us winning at this point since we can just burst them down. Also hopefully they don’t try to ruin us by allowing the shamans to respawn.” I say in a rather negative viewpoint before shaking my head from one side to the next to just dismiss that for now as i gaze towards Neo and offer a small smile. After awhile Zandra would arrive and with that i would nod and quickly start making my way towards the location from which i remember the labyrinth being. “Okay people! We got time no time to waste! Our objective is the labyrinth, and then to murder the labyrinth guardian! We need to make sure we get there before team shield leaves, and then show them what we're capable of." I shout out quickly towards the gathered assembly of players with a smile across my face and a feeling of confidence about our odds in taking down this labyrinth boss.