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  1. Once they made it back towards the main settlement i glance over towards the black haired spear user and gives a friendly smile towards my fellow questing partner and basically partner in crime in all of this as i turn my gaze forward towards the teleport gate as they both arrive at it. I'll see you around Pin don't make yourself a stranger okay? I say in a gentle tone of voice towards the man with a wave of my hand as he disappears in a burst of blue light as i turn my gaze towards my familiar and gives a small smile towards my precious lion. Well Kuro we only have one way left to go. Upwards to prepare as much as we can for this fight i have to make sure Pin and the others can be safe from all of this. I don't need to see anybody die on my hands you know? I say towards my familiar who only gives me a beat of his wings as his response as i nod my head in agreement as i head towards the gate and steps throguh teleporting towards the twenty third floor.*
  2. I look towards the red headed girl before me still feeling a bit of resentment for what she had said earlier just staring at the girl before me as i a solitary thought drifts through my mind. 'Wait how did she find out about my sister? I know i didn't say anything about...that red haired little....' I think in anger as i take a few deep breathes to calm down before i might do something i will regret closing my eyes to just focus upon my breathing and slowly relax and calm down. A few moments later i take one last deep exhale as i then open my eyes and gaze towards Embers. I will never be a coward as long as i can do my best to avoid being so. Everything i do is for protecting everyone that i am able to protect from as much pain as i can. My sister sadly having been a failure on my part and having never even gotten a chance to try and protect her...guess that just means i can't protect everyone. I say with a small sigh i then smile a bit at hearing this bargain from Embers as i nod my head in agreement. I would be fine with that Embers. Once Domarus is dealt with i will do my best to have you join my guild. I say towards the red headed girl with a bright smile. Also, Domarus will be dealt with rather soon as you would guess, and his little army of idiots as you would like to call them are being handled by Itzal supposedly. He seemingly has some kind of plan to deal with them all in some form or the other. I say with a small shrug of my shoulders seeming a bit unsure on the progress on my partner's part.
  3. I chuckle softly at Pinball's words as i nod my head towards the black haired spear user towards his question. Yeah that walk felt like it took much longer then it should have, but i guess that could be accounted for how quiet it seemed to be. You know the old saying time flies by when you're having fun, and well walking in silence isn't the most fun thing in the world. I say towards the spear user in a joking sort of tone as the duo continues to make there way towards the main settlement of the sixteenth floor after having killed the snake enemy with relative ease thanks to the fact Pinball can hit basically anything seemingly when it can count. Also, i will keep in mind to not let you lead the way if you have such a bad sense of direction, and with that said i will lead the way back towards the main settlement. I say towards Pinball to go along with either him actually saying that or just the joke in general as i begin leading myself and Pin towards the main settlement with confidence that i am going the right direction. having my familiar at my side.
  4. Hestia

    Quest Idea: First Day

    I personally love this idea that Baldur has made and would support it rather happily since i am all for quests and other things that don't really have any incentive besides the experience it could provide the players. Which is why i just made "What we Fight For" just only about what the players could get from having such a moment and a nice little memorable picture thing that there characters could have. SO to have something like this i am all for just for the sole fact it would as Baldur said be a place for people to start off with and have a nice little thread that is plot driven to start off there character. Though as Morg and Hirru have brought up i will have to agree with also maybe calling it a quest type deal might be a bit much, but i would still put it in the quest area just so people could look at it with ease since i am certain when people read all the rules. They skim through them at parts which would have this little idea skipped over if it was put in the rules/tutorials area.
  5. My eyes slowly narrow as i glare right back at the angered red headed girl in front of me as she goes on about the situation that she was just privy to and nothing else of the context of what things have happened before. Glaring at Embers with a contained fury as i stare her down with a unflinching stance. Listen to me, and listen good Embers. I say with a tone of anger and annoyance towards the girl in front of me. You don't know ANYTHING about what has occurred at all between myself, Domarus, and my sister Raven. I suggest you silence yourself about things you don't understand at all. I'm not running from my sister or that red haired prick in any form you got it. When i first tried to get my sister away from that arrogant man i was threatened with either her death or mine if i tried to pursue getting her away from him as soon as possible with the methods i was doing. The voice i am speaking with becoming louder and more angrier sounding as i take a step forward towards the girl in front of me as i then lower my voice to be just between myself and her. The same amount of anger remaining along with a tone of seriousness. I had to think of another way so i decided that i could maybe just take down his entire stupid little Empire through one method or the other. Be it with a prison whenever that gets developed, or by murdering him if need be while everyone of his little helpers were away or distracted with something. Maybe i can get lucky and shatter his entire ego to take matters into his own hands so my crystal doesn't change. I say with a slight scowl the anger remaining within the cold blue eyes. Seeming like a maelstrom of emotions being unleashed. I start to make my way past the red headed girl away from the main settlement giving a glance backwards. You coming? Better to go where there are no ears listening. I say towards the red headed girl as i just make my way towards the outside of the main settlement as long as Embers follows. Also, my sister is in danger either way with whatever path she has willing chose for whatever reason she has decided to do so. At least with the way things are being handled now i have confidence Domarus would be too busy dealing with myself and Itzal to be able to do anything against my sister. If that little spy assassination network lays a hand on my sister though i will show them the wrath of a deity. I will find a way to make this name Hestia burned into the mind of all when i find a way to burn all who would hurt or kill my sister to cinders. I say with a very hateful and spiteful tone of voice as i then glance forward wanting to find something to murder now to blow off steam.
  6. I look towards the red haired girl and then slackens and let seriousness enter my form from my stance to the very look within my eyes and stance as i can plainly see how angry this girl in front of me is. How mad she is at something and if she is mad at something without a target then that can only mean that it is either myself or some poor unlucky mob that is about to be executed by Embers herself if she can find the means to do so in one way or the other. When hearing what is said a brief anger flashes through my eyes and nods my head as i continue to listen and flinches ever so slightly at hearing the part of what is at stake at least for myself. I didn't think mentioning my sister in this was that important if i am being honest. She has chosen her side in this fight seemingly and...i just didn't want to talk about it because i am hurt by her decision. I don't like the idea of what i would have to do to her if she decides to get in my way or in the way of someone who might have the will to murder someone or traumatize them to make them submit. I say in a soft tone of voice that can only be heard by the red haired girl in front of me as i look her in the eyes with my saddened looking blue ones. You have to understand Embers. I didn't wish to say anything since i don't want to believe what has happened is real. I just want to try and ignore it and hope this is somehow a nightmare induced hallucination that i won't have to deal with when i go to take down Domarus. I say plainly simple and honest towards the girl since i know that i can't hold back that piece of information any longer.
  7. I look towards a message that pops up into my text box as i curiously glance over to see who had messaged me and why as i gain a rather small smile seeing that it is Embers. A girl that i had come to get to know and rather enjoy my company around during the coming times we had done some questing together. With a nod of my head towards myself as if to answer the question in front of me i begin to type out my response as i lean back into the chair that i am sitting in within my shop having a guitar now layed out in front of me on the counter where i would do my transactions of business. With the message sent towards Embers i make my way out of my shop wearing a black jacket that has fur along the end to keep me warm without havingg to rely on my survival skill as my familiar joins me. I smile down towards the white as snow familiar and pet the lion's head gently and affectionately before i continue on my way through the cave and then through the vast snowy plains that divide separate my shop from the main settlement. After the hour long trip i step onto the teleport gate and appear upon the twenty second floor as i stretch out my arms towards the sky as i take in the beautiful atmosphere and quickly unequip my jacket leaving me in just a black t-shirt that has no sleeves, and grey shorts. I glance around the teleport gate area till i would spot Embers and give the girl a small happy wave.
  8. Hestia

    <F2-PP> Buzz Off (Return of the Queen)

    I let out a soft little chuckle at hearing that my death is meant to be done by what i could call my red haired nemesis as i shake my head slightly from side to side while looking at Embers with a smirk. If that is Domarus' job then i can guess i won't be dying while within Aincrad not while i have my guild and friends like yourself to stand by my side. I say towards the red head in front of me with a kind smile on my face towards the girl as we both enter the main settlement as i follow Embers towards wherever she is going for the meantime to finish off the conversation. I smile rather happily when hearing the words of doubt about myself being an executioner as i nod my head in agreement knowing that if the moment came to kill that she herself would be unable to pull the final move. That no matter how vengeful she could possibly be that unless pulled to the brink with...something..something she doesn't know just yet that she wouldn't kill a man. Especially if a prison could be built by the time that Itzal and i could take Domarus down then things would be rather simple. 'However, i swear that red headed megalomaniac knows just the right buttons to press to get a reaction out of someone.' She thinks to herself a bit bitterly and quickly forces herself to reality to give a goodbye wave towards Embers. Well when you want to talk just send me a message and i'll be there. I call over towards the red head as i make my way towards the teleport gate to move onto the next floor.
  9. I look down towards Itzal and gives him a gentle smile and matching gentle hug as i remain by his side to hold him so he can have a shoulder to cry on. Ignoring the question in the back of my mind that my mind is trying to solve while listening and talking towards itzal. 'Why isn't Kasier being the one to hold him. Isn't she his fiance?' I think to myself with my brow ever so slightly furrowed closer as i then quickly get rid of that look with it having only been there for a brief moment. I offer the same smile towards Itzal as he goes on to talk about Birdie. She sounds like a wonderful friend Itzal. A gentle soul which is hard to find nowadays within Aincrad. She is among the angels now though i am certain, and i am certain you know that also if what you said about her is true. She is in a better place away from all this death and darkness that we face everyday in this game. The one that we fight for to try and protect the souls like Birdie from being here any longer, so that they can sprout there wings of kindness to the entire planet to try and help others. For people like her to help people like us who fight these terrible fights and to push forward with words of encouragement or providing us strength with just there presence and smiles that we try to preserve. I say in a soft tone of voice towards the dark haired male as i glance towards Kasier out of curiosity when she mentions that she has seen plenty of death herself and has come out at least alive. I look towards the ground and nods my head ever so slightly in understanding of family loss.
  10. Hestia

    <F2-PP> Buzz Off (Return of the Queen)

    I chuckle at the girl's words with a rather happy smile upon my face as i look the girl in the eyes with a rather big grin on my face. I wouldn't have it any other way Embers. You'll kill me in this game, or i will continue beating you every day to Sunday in our duels till you're able to take me on and make me submit in a fight. I say with the same big grin and a look on my face that seems like a mix of teasing and seriousness as if accepting that as my own fate from this day forward. I glance over towards Embers and nods my head at the reasoning for the girl having to leave rather early a feeling of disappointment and annoyance filling my being at knowing the source of the reason for why Embers is having to leave early. The annoyance being clear upon my face as a very brief flash of anger and frustration crosses through my eyes as i then let out a small sigh of matching frustration as i shake my head ever so slightly from one side to the other. Well i guess it can't be helped while you are working with him. Just know that as long as i am around i will try to have HDA open for you, and if Jomei won't allow you in...well i can always just create my own guild where anybody can be welcomed. I don't want somebody's past to define what they are allowed to do or just the way one acts. I say with a small nod of my head as i then take a small pause and chuckles ever so slightly. Man i must sound like i am trying to act as the judge, jury, and executioner at times with how i try to judge people's characters and then act on my judgements. I say while rubbing the back of my head ever so slightly as i then glance back towards the red head and gives a smile. You get going to Domarus feel free to message me if you find out anything, or if you start getting worried he might try to pull something against you that could get you killed. Also for Stryder's guild...i will just have to convince my partner to work faster if need be since he is wanting to take this carefully when i would just prefer to run in and topple Domarus. I say sounding a bit annoyed only ever so slightly as i then turn to Embers. But i guess that is why me and Itzal work together well enough. He can be a good planner at times when i get a bit overly emotional. I swear sometimes he has to be a robot with how easily he can keep some emotions in check. I say in a joking tone towards Embers and then a small shrug of my shoulders as i continue making my way back towards the town of Urbus to head towards the teleport gate to the other floors. Knowing i still have time to try and learn of the twenty third floor before the boss fight.
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    Neo's Items

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    Merlin's Spells

  13. I watch as a Zandra move in and kill one of the drakelings with her axe, but leaving the other one left alive unfortunately. I glance over towards Zandra and activate energize as a yellow aura covers my hands as i go over and touch the axe wielding girl's shoulder filling her energy back up ever so slightly. With that accomplished i once more back away from the enemy as i gaze at the enemy knowing that the creature is most likely just going to use its breathe attack as i raise my shield up to defend myself from the inevitable attack that is going to come towards myself and Zandra. I watch as the attack misses Zandra by a good amount as the fire then heads right towards myself as i hold my shield tightly prepared for the fire. I feel the fire hit my shield as i stand my ground easily as the flames heat up the metal causing the shield to burn my hand causing a bit of damage but nothing that my gear's healing can't fix. #104443 MD:3+1+2=6 100 unmit damage. CD:3 Zandra: 1,405/1,505 116/146 ACC:3 MIT: 98 Hestia - HP: 1365/1465 - EN: 123/142 - MIT: 151 - Thorns: 54 - EVA: -1 - DMG: 16 - Regen: +45 - BH: 73 - Rec: +3/CD:6 Drakeling 3: 0/350 MIT:15 ACC:2 EVA:1 Drakeling 4: 350/350 MIT 15 ACC:2 EVA: 1 Total hides: 1
  14. Hestia

    <F2-PP> Buzz Off (Return of the Queen)

    I look towards Embers and takes a slight step back in surprise at the sudden anger at the idea of myself just dying and the seemingly underlying threat with putting myself into such a situation could hold for my future. A small chuckle escapes my lips at Embers' words as i rub the back of my neck and just nods my head as i quickly follow up before anything more could be said. Well i don't know what this something could be either, but when you find out let me know i am kinda curious myself. Also, don't worry that much about the whole me dying thing i don't expect to die anytime within this game. After all if i die who is going to be the one protecting the players from dangerous bosses and there own stupidity at times of wanting to face a quest that is a bit too strong for them. I say towards the red haired girl with a small grin on my face and a playful look in my eyes as i look directly at Embers. I then smile at hearing the idea of being a constant in this girl's life understanding that as a concept of a true friend towards her to the best of my capabilities. Well i hope that i can reach that constant level then Embers cause you're a fun girl to hang out with. It is a rather nice change of pace from the rest of the friends i hang out with in all honesty you're different in the way you just voice yourself and say whatever without that much of a care seemingly. I say towards her with a slight nervous chuckle hoping that she doesn't take that as some kind of insult. At hearing my offer get accepted a grin appears on my face. Well then lead the way towards whatever you would want to do Embers. That is if you had in mind something specific for this type of hunting you had in mind. if not i could always take us towards floor twenty three for some strong mobs to try and kill for some col. I offer towards the red headed girl my familiar resting by my feet by laying down on the ground as i remain in my combat gear holding onto sword and shield.
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    <F2-PP> Buzz Off (Return of the Queen)

    I chuckle a bit at hearing Embers' words as i look over to her for only a moment as i have a rather happy smile across my face as i do so. Well consider myself an anomaly alongside Calrex we're the only players who are playing the offense and defense game to what our builds are allowed to do so with. Calrex because of his unique skill and not needing any points in MIT and myself because i accidentally stumbled onto this rather successful build idea through just building what i valued the most. I say with a small shrug of my shoulders as i then refocus on the giant wasp menace as it charges towards me as i get into the first position of my sword art attack as i stare the creature down as i can only hope that i do the greatest amount of damage that i would be capable of in this situation. I charge forward towards the queen with a smile on my face ready to fight to protect an ally and friend as i charge forward my sword glowing a red color as the queen rushes towards myself its stinger poised at my face. My right hand gripping my shield as i wait for the best opportunity as i quickly raise my shield as the stinger starts to get close to hitting myself. I knock it off course by hitting it from the top right so it pierces through my right shoulder as i follow up by pushing the jagged metal on the front of my shield into the queen. With this i stagger backwards ever so slightly from the force of the queen hitting me and piercing its stinger through my left shoulder as i move my sword and starts slicing into the queen repeatedly over and over again until it gets destroyed into a explosion of crystals. With what is left over being just a quest completed sign and two glass containers filled with some kind of honey looking substance. With that i turn towards Embers with a nod of my head and a smile upon my face. If i knew i was capable of this build back when i first started. I don't think i would change the path i went on. Tank to support to damage dealer was what was best for myself. I'm not much of a actual fighter unless it comes to something i believe in whole heartedly. Fight against manipulation in all of its forms, and fighting to protect people like you, my friends, or people like my guild who i consider family. I would die for them if it meant they could live for even a moment longer. I say towards the red haired girl with a smile on my face and a determination burning within my eyes. I walk over towards the girl known as Embers as i gesture back towards the direction of the main settlement of this floor. Want to head back towards the village. Maybe go to a later floor to kill some mobs, chill, whatever really. i offer towards the girl with a shrug of my shoulders. Trying to extend some kind of activity that could be some fun since i can know from some experience watching a fight could be frustrating to deal with. Action: Legion destroyer #104184 BD:10 18x11=198-75=122 MD:7+1=8 49 DMG Thorns: 54 total damage: 176 DMG CD:4 [H: 6] Hestia: 1425/1425 ENG:86/138 MIT:151 Thorns: 54 EVA:-1 ACC:0 DMG:16 Self Heal: 102 Rec: +3 (Bleed 24 DMG 1/2) [H:0] Embers: 380/380 En: 38/38 Dmg: 9 Mit: 39 Acc: 2 The Queen: 0/500 MIT:75 DMG:200 Ablities: Bloodclot/paralytic immunity: Immune to bleed/stun/paralysis Matriarch sting: CD: 6+ stings player with most hate inflicting bleed and paralysis