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  1. I make my way through the desert keeping my hands within the pockets of the shorts that i am wearing. I glance about the area expecting a mob to pop up and try to attack the group if they viewed themselves as an easy target to try and take out. Eventually i see Pinball come back towards the duo of players and gives a smile at that being glad that he didn't get ambushed by some player killers or rather aggressive mobs. Well you would be surprised what you can find in the strangest of places Pinball. Though yeah lets hurry up back towards the main settlement so we can turn in this quest. I say with a nod of my head as i continue speed walking towards the direction of the main settlement alongside the scorpion fighter and Fae. I then chuckle softly at hearing Pinball's comment. Well it depends on what you view as worth it. Survival is able to help you out a lot possibly in some quests or situations where you need a quick amount of healing.
  2. I make my way through the vast desert of the fifth floor at a relaxed pace. My blue eyes glancing over every little detail that i can manage from it, but finding nothing that i could serve as a rather good source of hiding for long periods of time. Not even a culmination of different rock structures forging together to provide some kind of darkened cave like experience. I sigh softly at such results shaking my head before i quickly fix my gaze back upon the scenery knowing i can't give up now when i have a guild member in need of some place to hide while her orange crystal disappears. I hear the healer's voice as i turn my voice to look back at her and just gives a cheerful smile. The answer is simple as i have told you Ruby. The fact is that we are family, and that is all there is to it. Nothing grand or special to any of this. I defend and protect family and friend with my life, and i am wanting to help as much as i can if it is within my power to do so. I say towards the healer with a shrug of my shoulders.
  3. I shake my head no towards Ruby as i go to say something to try and show her the actual facts of this situation but before i could i smile as she takes my hand and helps herself to her feet. There we go Ruby now come on we have a safe place for you that we have to find. Now come on lets get going there is only so much time within the day that we have to get through. I say towards the girl as i lead her towards the vast open deserts figuring there might be some programmed in safe space within the grinding area of the floor. That the vast openess of it all might be enough to hide such secrets to players unknowingly for safety, or find some place very discreet like that pyramid spencer had found along with that jevi girl. I glance towards my familiar as he quickly takes flight through the sky to try and find a possible location for us to hide out in till we are safe.
  4. I nod my head in understanding as i look towards Pinball as i gesture with my hand for him to continue moving forward. Come on Pin we said get closer towards the main settlement if we're not going to fight some monsters. I say towards the scorpion fighter as i start moving ever so slightly faster through the sands of the fifth floor rather excited to just get back to the settlement. Hating the whole floor even if the heat doesn't affect me as much because of having survival, but having to just deal with the sand and the affects of having it being rather to much. I then shake my head no towards Pinball when he asks his question. No pinball i don't have any chest keys that is a bit too rich for my blood in terms of having the ability to get them in bulk...wellll not too rich since i could easily grind up monsters to pay for the cost, but it is annoying to try to balance such things out to get a profitable outcome in the very end. I say towards the scorpion fighter before he heads off in front of the group of free to do some scouting.
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    [PP-F4] Frostbite <<Essence of Steel>>

    I watch from my spot within the snow turning my head ever so slightly to look towards the fight to see Hidden get knocked into the snow as i frown ever so slightly as i go to glance at her health bar and sees that it remains untouched as i grin at the result as i nod my head. I then turn back towards the sky watching the gentle flakes of snow fall down towards the ground and slowly increasing the piles around me. The snow that touches me shattering into small little pixels as i smile at the simplistic beauty of everything that the world is offering myself as i glance towards my small lion familiar as i pet his head gently. 'I wonder how everything is going to go down.' I think to myself in some wonder thinking of everything as i wonder how i will handle the problems in the future. How to approach Domarus when it comes time for confrontation, and how to figure out the frontline situation and take a small lead when the meeting starts from myself having been part of the searching party.
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    Morgenstern's Evaluations

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    Journal of Amethyst

    Approved. Welcome to the game that is to DIE for. Enjoy your stay within your virtual prison.
  8. Well how about this Ruby. I will stay with you till the orange crystal that you have goes away. That way it won't really matter where you end up staying for safety since i can make sure that you end up staying safe the entire time. me and Kuro are on the job. I say in a very cheerful and optimistic tone of voice as my familiars lets out a loud roar alongside my cheerful tone as he soon after nuzzles gently against you for a second. The lion familiar staying by your side for the moment. I look towards you and gives a gentle and kind smile as i look you in the eyes as my eyes so that every word that i speak is that of the truth. Ruby i know that this is a situation where you were forced into this path out of self-defense. I won't be mad for a friend defending and protecting their own life since it was your only path out with what you could think of in that moment. Now come on lets get you somewhere where you can be safe. I say towards Ruby as i move a hand over towards her to help pull her up to her feet.
  9. I look towards Teion wanting to hug the poor girl, but thinking that might be a bit too much at the moment for her. Knowing that she is emotionally compromised at the moment from thinking of how she ended it with the man. 'Ending it by letter though?' I think to myself with some surprise. Knowing that in terms of just movie tropes that such things never end well at all, and that the trope apparently has a lot of grounds based on reality figuring how the two ended up in terms of their relationship. I slowly move my hand and puts it on the girl's leg to try and show some kind of sign that i am here for her in the end. I'm sure that given time that you and Aereth can go back to being friends if you can put the time and effort into it. I say in a soft one of voice towards the girl as i look towards her. Annnd wellll...i might've..kinda..put you on the same team for the floor boss so you will have life and death to bond over. I say with nervous laughter towards the girl hoping that she doesn't blow up at me with the news. I see darkness move as i look towards the purple haired girl's sister as i look at he catlike creature and then smiles a bit. Awwwww that is such a cute cat Teion. When did you finally get a familiar? I ask the girl with a smile on my face as i stand back up and tries to look at it better only to be interrupted with you suddenly screaming and backing away from the familiar as i look towards the purple haired girl. Not catching the multiple red eyes of the cat of shadows from turning to look you in the eyes instead. Why are you screaming at your familiar? It is just a cute little kitten. I say while gesturing towards the cat as i notice all of its little features. I then pause and looks between the cat and then Teion. Waaaaiiit a minute....i thought you said you've never seen those ruin creatures before, but here is a cat that seemingly likes you like a familiar following you that looks like them. I say with a confused look as i look towards the purple haired girl as i rub the back of my head slowly. Being very much so puzzled by everything. Not really thinking that this cat could be new since i've never met a familiar that just suddenly starts following for no reason at all.
  10. I look towards the purple haired girl with a bit of worry and confusion at seeing her react in a negative fashion to me telling her how Aereth had reacted when i told him about her concern for his safety and health. I then just nod my head towards her question just remaining silent not wishing to ruin what she has to say by interrupting whatever is going to be told. My familiar Kuro slowly walking on over towards Teion and if she would let him nuzzle his head ever so slightly against her side to try and provide some comfort to the poor girl that seems rather sad and upset about something. How did you end it between you and Aereth? I ask the purple haired girl breaking my silence as i gaze towards her as i take a few tenative steps as i then pause putting together the man's reaction toward just hearing about Teion, and then her reaction about however she ended there relationship. 'Ohhhh please don't tell me i just messed up on a royal level.' i think to myself in some worry remembering the boss meeting and how i put the two together thinking they were at least on some friendly level with one another. I take a few more steps towards the purple haired girl and then gets onto one knee quickly followed by me moving my body putting pressure onto one hand as i sit beside Teion. I then look towards you with a saddened gaze as i move to put my hand against her leg to show that i am there for her. Take a few deep breathes okay? Don't need you having some kind of panic attack because of all of this. Just try to relax and why don't you try to help me understand. I would like to try and understand why he reacted the way he did. i say in a soft tone of voice. Hiding nervousness that is threatening to spill out of my own voice. Realizing how badly that i messed up the boss group formations by putting the two together.
  11. I look between the two oldened fighters that have had much more experience talk, and find myself surprised on both accounts as i hear them speak about there experiences. Finding myself that one as secretive as Hikoru would want to be in some kind of hero position by any standard of the word. 'He is kind of like Ryo, but i think Ryo got it better by being a visible symbol rather then the hidden dagger.' i think to myself as i look towards HIk as i take out my little notebook of information and writes down the name Lowe into it having not heard that name from what i can remember or see from a very quick glance from flipping through the pages i have written within it. Wondering who this man that could've had such a huge impact upon the master of shadows could've been. Figuring if he had connections with him then it is entirely possible there are other people who would've known this man and be able to give information about what he had been like. I silently listen to the story that Baldur gets through and finds myself writing down the questions that he was given as a Paladin for my own curiosity with a small smile on my face. Figuring they could be rather good tests and questions to ask to see what a person is like and what they value. Once hearing the ending i nod my head with a smile rather surprised by how philosophical the samurai had gotten. 'he must've had lots of time to think, or he had been thrust into this role many times before also.' I think with a nod of my head as i get up from my position on the ground as i look towards the master of shadows and just gives a smile. I'm not going to try and say anything since i don't know who this Lowe is, and i don't really know you either Hikoru. But why don't you stand up and get off of the ground. There are much nicer seats in a shop where we can get something to eat and drink i am certain. I think that fight must've worked up a appetite or something? I say in a questioning tone towards the rogue.
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    Oxand's Journal

    Approved. Welcome to the game that is to DIE for. Enjoy your stay within your very own personal virtual prison.
  13. I just shake my head not really caring anymore and knowing that by now there really is no turning back for myself till i take down Domarus. I just turn my back and gives a over the shoulder wave of my hand as i head off into the twenty third floor to do some hunting. Needing to relieve some steam and just get rid of the anger and dread i feel within myself after everything that has occurred today. My familiar quickly following right behind me as i equip my battle armor and gear not caring if somebody would try to stop me as i would only send them a duel request as my response. 'Maybe i should get that secertive armor i was thinking about...i would need some nametags to get that done though.' I think to myself with a small frown as i continue making my way forward and into the forest of the twenty third floor's forest. I glance about the area waiting calmly for something or anything to show up for myself to fight. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- She looks at her sister with disappointment before taking out a regular teleport crystal not wishing to be here. The day being far to draining for herself. Teleport, Town of Beginning. She says as she gets covered in the familiar glow as she teleports away for the day. her familiar being transported along with her.
  14. I remain laying upon the ground looking towards the ceiling with some annoyance as i am forced to wait for the paralysis to be over as i see a shadow go over my face and a soft thump moments later. Soon after i feel the soft furred face of my familiar as i just give a smile as i glance on over towards him. It's fine Kuro just me a little bit shouldn't take all that long for this to wear off. i say softly towards my familiar who lets out a soft whimper before moving towards the side where the king is and gets in a defensive stance ready to protect me. I hear the sounds of weapons swinging as i patiently wait for something to happen as i soon see Hikoru come into view and sounding rather worried. I'm fine Hikoru a little paralysis won't keep me down forever. besides if i let something like this get to me then i would be a rather bad tank, and don't ever worry about me possibly dying. I refuse to do so while i have a guild, and friends that could need my help to protect them from dangerous attacks. I say with a small chuckle just wishing to defuse any worry. Soon after i hear the familiar sounds of something akin to glass shattering. I grin a bit knowing that means that the quest has been completed as i check on over towards the status symbol as it slowly fades away. I slowly push myself up and glances towards baldur with a grin on my face and gives the samurai a nod of my head. Nice job on getting the last hit. I was worried you were going to take a rather nasty hit also from my failure of being able to stand there and take the hits for you. I say towards the samurai as i get up onto my feet with a few shaky steps to catch myself from falling over. Still fighting some of the lingering affects of the paralysis. Well here is to being the first ones to beating this quest, and for killing this boss. I say in a cheerful tone of voice. @Hikoru
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    [OP - F1][MM] The First Meeting

    I nod my head with a smile at lessa's words with a small nervous chuckle as i rub the back of my neck. It's nothing at all really @Lessa, and i may be a frontliner though i don't consider myself experienced. However, i will do my very best to throw in the talents that i can provide to help out as much as possible. I say towards the leader of this group with a nod of my head and a smile. I then glance on over towards the people who arrive and finds myself surprised by the ones who show up. 'so we have two crime guild people, Baldur, and then Vigilon and Krysta. Huh..color me surprised.' I think to myself as i just give a kind smile towards the samurai @Baldur and a rather cold stare to both @Fae and @Outlander wishing to give the two a non verbal warning before they could think of doing anything. I then turn to Krysta and smiles at her words and rather upbeat personality from what i am able to observe. It's nice to see you again @Krysta it has been a rather long time really. How about after this we hangout and catch up on things that have happened since last we talked. I'm certain there is quite a bit each of us could tell. I say in a cheerful tone of voice towards the girl while looking towards Vigilon and giving a nod towards the player. And nice to see you to @Vigilon. Still aiming for guild leader i see. Good it shows that you got perseverance, and can be stubborn about what you want to do even though there is a easier way out. Keep persevering and you'll reach your goal eventually. I say towards the player with a nod of my head and a thumbs up. My familiar just laying by my feet to wait for when they are meant to be going out and heading to there destination.