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  1. Hestia

    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans'

    I look as i see the chieftan come in with his axe and seemingly try to do a wide swing towards myself and Ruby as i raise my shield glancing the weapon off of it with a small smirk across my face only to get hit by a jet of propelled water of all thing as i get knocked back a small distance along with Ruby as i gain a confused look. Wait i am sorry what? Why did they attack Ruby that isn't how howl works! Even if you critted that shouldn't have happened. I say softly towards myself in confusion as i just let out a frustrated huff as i focus upon the situation as i glance down towards my sword as i can only contemplate trying to take down as many of those shaman as possible while keeping the chieftan on his toe as well. Ruby we can either deal with the chieftan right away or just go for the shamans i'm going to howl again to get their attention away from you hopefully. I say towards her with a smile upon my face as i turn towards the group of fish people once more before activating howl once more. Slamming the pommel of my sword against the shield. C'mon you pathetic walking cans of ungrilled fish is that really the best you got in terms of an attack? I've seen better hits from a five year old compared to you clowns..fish! I say towards them with a smirk across my face as i just hold back the worry that i feel in the back of my head about this situation of Ruby having not one shot those creatures...maybe not even half health it at all and that their is four of them. 'We need more than just the two of us for future floors maybe if it's going to be more than just a big ol' mob with offensive stats.' Action: Howl [-8] roll for energy [+1 natural] #110561 CD:11 (+6) ~Group A~ [2/2/2/2] Hestia~ HP: 1696/1745 | Energy: 149/158 DMG:16 | MIT:171 | Thorns: 84 | Eva: -1 | BH: 80 | Heavy Momentum: 2 (+6DMG) | Rec: CD:6+ (+6 ENG) | Stonewall: 25% DoT reduction [0/0/0/0] Ruby~ (-2 hate from all sources HP: 935/1200 | Energy: 103/120 DMG: 18 | ACC: 3 | EVA: 3 | MIT: 35 | LD: 4 ~Group B~ Zandra~ HP: ??? | Energy: ??? DMG: | MIT: |
  2. Hestia

    [F13 EB] Tainted Prestige

    I watch as the NPC looks towards myself as he says those words as i just glance towards the side and look through the field of players that now accompany the square that is the entire area wanting to leave for the sake of getting out of this nightmare that way almost dying. 'But in the end i have to wait since their might be something worthwhile if people stick throughout this entire little song and dance the NPC is doing...with what Kayaba is doing.' I think to myself as i just keep my eye on the NPC that was the T1/T2 event boss from what i can tell from the man's words alongside the way the lower tiers are speaking to one another about this man and acting towards him. The concept of redemption not being something that is new to myself or something that i wouldn't normally give to one another if it was logical, but when it comes from a NPC from the circumstances of this entire event it just seems like a very low hanging fruit for this to just be a analogy of Kayaba. 'A man who wanted to be god so he made a game. Along that path of godhood to better humanity he became a demon that killed people...maybe the angel is like his production company?' I think to myself.
  3. I grin and nod my head as i look towards Ryo and chuckles a bit at the wingman comment. Well i mean hey that is what friends are for right? i'm glad you had a good time though i was kinda curious what happened to you during the dance though I mean Jomei and Telrenya were there and even a few frontliners came to chill and relax and just have a good night. I even wore a stupid dress for that event cause it was a requirement to show up. I say towards Ryo sounding rather annoyed at the dress aspect having completely tone shifted from the rather calm and rather happy tone when i was talking about the rest of the event. I watch Ryo slowly move through his inventory screen as i wait patiently wondering what he is going to pull out until i see a piece of parchment paper that he is holding onto which quickly becomes identified to a map for a dungeon. Well than i didn't take you for someone that would be scouting out for dungeons Ryo. Did you find that or did a friend get a dungeon map for you their? I ask curiously having not really expected ryo to know someone with a searching skill or for him to have such a skill to get lucky enough to find a dungeon. When we arrive at the twenty first floor i grin and looks over towards Ryo. If this was Tartarus i would only have hoped that the floor boss would've been one of the titans or something like that. Maybe even cause why not something like Cronus himself challenging players rather than whatever that dragon fight Tesseleth was. Heard that even that guy Death Adder showed up in that fight than peaced out at some point. I comment idly as i keep my battle ready gear on my person equipped ready for what could be a fight of a intermediate dungeon since that seems beatable at the very least if it would even be a dragged out fight. 'Depends what Ryo is willing to fight during the duration of this dungeon.' I think to myself as we slowly arrive at the dungeon's location as i look at the rather open mouthed cave. It might be a bit big, might be perfect sized depending what the boss could be. We might be dealing with something like the whole ant situation again. Just a big ol' creature waiting for us at the end and something even bigger at the end. Or for all we know could just be a bunch of gnomes and this is just meant to scare off people and predators. I say in a joking tone for my response back.
  4. The fights shall be handled as such first starting with the T1/T2 tag team duos. The winner of the tag team prizes shall only go to 1st and 2nd place. (other prizes for participating in general shall be considered to make sure that it wasn't a total waste for anybody.) FOR THE FIGHTS! You will have 48 hours to post alongside your team member if they complete their posts in that time span it automatically goes to the other duo of players and their timer starts. The 1st fight!: @Ryo/ @Teion! VS @Dazia/ @Jinx The 2nd Fight!: Mars/ @Pinball VS @Neopolitan/ @Hazado @Vigilon/ @Krysta will face off against the losers of the 2nd fight to be able to defend the by that they get to the next round. (don't want anybody just scooting on by with a by in a fighting tournament). After these are completed the two losers of the by/the loser of the first round will face off against each other. After the T1/T2 tag teams are over we go onto the T3 fights. 1st fight!: @Telrenya/ @Jomei! VS @Calrex/ @Hestia 2nd fight!: @Shield/ @Beat! VS @Macradon/ @Zandra the by defenders @Ruby/ @Stryder same thing as last time for the ones who lost teh by for the ones who lost in the first fight. (these fights were determined by the order that i wrote them in the lists of tag teams and the use of a number generator that generated numbers from 1-5 since that is the number of people we had in each tier bracket) (the 48 hour rule may be ignored if both contestants agree to wait for the person who is causing the hold up if it is stated it will occur in advance. the 48 hour rule is here to keep the threads moving not for causing time out victories the official timeout victories will happen after 98 hours have passed which is 4 days and will force the player in question to be forced TP out if they miss both time rotations) For those who will be doing the fights you will have them be started by players in the PvP section with the tag. [TTA- NameVSName] (feel free to be creative and use ship names if your character is in a relationship with each other or for the sake of a joke) [Credit for the tag idea of NameVSName goes to Ryo since i was torn on what to do since i had the idea of just having this in the PvP section as its own thread with this as the starter post]
  5. Hestia

    [F21-PP] The faces that hide

    As Zandra would lead the team i would just nod my head rather content with that for this exploration since it would be interesting to see Zandra lead even if it is just myself and Pinball. 'I don't think i've ever seen her gunning for a leadership position like ever, but maybe that is just something that has to do with the fact that she gives herself a hardtime or something.' I think to myself remembering the promise that Zandra would one day try to explain to me why she does so with whatever long story that she supposedly has and doesn't wish to give freely for one reason or the other. As Zandra is leading Pinball and myself i would walk beside Pinball and look towards him with a rather curious look within my blue colored eyes. So than Pin you seem nervous..or at least like not focusing that much. is something wrong? I ask curiously towards him as my brows furrow ever so slightly as i ask that question tilting my head to the side ever so slightly afterwards, and once i would get my answer i would just nod my head and accept it for the meantime before focusing on what lies in front of us. As we would arrive at the gate i would watch Zandra push against it and fail at it meaning that it wasn't the type of device that opened by push or pull. Glancing around at the surrounding structure i would go from one side of the gate to find nothing to the other side to find the handle and go to make a comment about it having found it after Zandra's charge attack only to see her pull at it as i chuckle softly unable to help the small laugh that escapes from my lips since it was funny. A powerful frontline fighter and one of the best players in the game almost being trumped by a simple gate. yeah let's keep going Zandra if they are protecting something with a handle and a gate it might be more worthwhile than the other tunnel for all we know plus if it isn't all we lose is a tinny bit of time.
  6. I let out a low whistle of appreciation as i watch Ryo just swiftly move into the kill and claim it for himself with a singular strike as i smile ever so slightly appreciating the style that went into that moment. 'Needs my help getting him to the frontlines like he said before we did this he could do these quests himself and possible even join the frontlines as he is now..though i guess we could test that more later today with increasingly more difficult quests.' I think to myself as i can only think of the event boss and how Kairi had exited that within the yellow percent of health bars after the event for at least the tier two and tier one players. Putting on a smile to try and ignore the more darker thoughts of worry about the possible impending death for most who could enter the frontlines to focus on the now. Well than Ryo i hope that you and Tei are happy together and i'm also more so glad that me having to play as a pseudo middle person for you to have that pancake breakfast type deal went well for you. How was that little Valentines date by the way? I never did ask during the spook murder house, or at the party? I ask the purple haired man with a small shrug of my shoulders as i make my way over towards him to stand in front of Ryo rather than across the entire field that the Byakko had made its home.
  7. Hestia

    [F13 EB] Tainted Prestige

    Looking over towards the man that the cook of the frontlines looks rather angry to i just nod my head calmly taking that in that the man must've been the boss that they had faced and caused the death of the white haired healer and even Mina during the fight. 'So even this boss got his little redemption. What is Kayaba trying to pull with this event to even begin with? Is this all some kind of ploy to say he knows we can view him as a demon but wants to seek forgiveness through this little song and dance that is happening? There has to be a point to this entire event.' I think to myself calmly not even understanding why the events of this day had passed at all as i turn my head away from the show and dance that the NPC put on as i take out a notebook calmly and start to write within it taking down notes for future reference when i would be exploring the floors in all of their entirety to see if their is even some semblance of a story that Kayaba would have for himself. The floors hold a story. I just need to find it. I say softly to myself.
  8. Well that is disappointing i'm certain he would've been fun to hangout with and do like duets together could've been the duo idols of Aincrad. I say in a joking tone of voice towards Ruby with a small smile upon my face. I than take a small step back with a small nervous chuckle as i rub the back of my head at that and looks to the side in embarrassment at what ruby is asking of me as i slowly shake my head with a slight look of actual worry. Something that is rather rare or possibly never seen before from the usually cheerful or confident tank that accompanies people on quests of any kind. I said i'm fine ruby as i said i don't have any song really on me that i would want to perform that i feel comfortable singing since i don't have like...the way of singing that i wish to do you know? I don't have the way the words are strong together to make them sound like they just flow perfectly together. I say as i can feel my heart pumping in my chest rather heavily as i can only imagine the reddened face that i most likely have from trying to defend myself from doing something that i feel like would just be a failure. Not noticing the fact either that my breathing had ever so slightly picked up to be slightly more faster than usual a rather easy sign to pick up if one focuses that someone is not calm.
  9. I rest upon the eighth floor rather content with just laying around all day for once until i would possibly get a message from either of my new police recruits or not about joining them in on a training day possibly. However, i instead get a message from Ryo about wanting to get stronger for the frontlines as i raise an eyebrow in slight surprise about that fact mainly from the fact i haven't heard from him in quite a long while. With a shrug of my shoulders i get off the bed and make my way towards the sixth floor where Ryo told me to meet up with him as i let out a high pitched whistle as loud as i can throughout the mansion that is Kimi's home as i eventually see my familiar Kuro flying right towards me with the small light blue shark doggo that is Noodle waddling after Kuro quite a bit away from Kuro's faster speeds of flight. When my familiar would land at my feet i would pet his head gently. Come on buddy an old friend needs our help. I say in a gentle tone of voice towards the lion as i ran my hand through his fur before i would make my way towards the open door that lead towards the outside jungle area that makes up most of the eight floor and make the short walk on over towards the main settlement and than the longer walk towards the teleport pad. Waiting a few more minutes for Kuro to say goodbye to Noodle which was mainly Kuro trying to make the familiar realize play time was over. When making my way through the settlements on the eighth and sixth floor i would smile slightly at seeing the fliers i had put up about Pinball and Hidden to be captured if possible. Eventually i would arrive at the location to where Ryo told me to meet up with him as i than grin remembering the last i saw him was at the murder mansion that we all visited and possibly almost died at if my memory serves me correctly. What's up Ryo? Long time no see. How is the whole dating Teion thing going for you? I say in a joking tone of voice towards him as i would than just nod my head towards his question as my familiar rests by my feet waiting for us to get a move on towards our actual goal of being here. I got your message and if you got a few quest you want to burn through count me in, I say in a rather cheerful tone of voice. When we would make our way towards the beast i would just nod my head and looks towards Ryo and than back towards the creature as i enter into the fire circle as my familiar flies over the flames not caring to have his fur charred or on fire. I raise my shield and slams the pommel of my blade against the shield creating a loud gong like noise as i activate focused howl as i stare down the Byakko. Come on kitty. Round 3. I say in a playful tone of voice. Action: Focused Howl +5 hate -8 ENG [H:5] Hestia: HP: 1625/1625 Energy: 150/158 DMG:16 MIT:151 Thorns: 54 Eva: -1 BH: 80 Heavy Momentum: 2 (+6DMG) Rec: CD:6+ (+6 ENG) Stonewall: 25% DoT reduction Ryo~ HP: 600/600 | Energy: 30/30 DMG: 14 | EVA: 2 | ACC: 3 | MIT: 8 | BH: 12 | Charge:+2 DMG(once) BRI: 5x Healing Potions(+50hp) | empty | empty | empty | empty |
  10. Hestia

    Katagawa's Evaluations

    Character Name: Katagawa Skill being dropped: Concentration Skill being added: Disguise Why?: Switching for 2.6 changes Link to gemini thread: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/16789-f06-sp-a-duel-of-fate/ approved
  11. Hestia

    Neo's Items

  12. Hestia

    Skill Refund Evaluation

    Skill(s) Being Dropped: Parry Mod(s) Being Dropped: Vengeful Riposte SP Refunded: 24 Cost: <24,000> (Refunded 34/50 SP this month)
  13. Hestia

    [PP-F17] Help (Hestia)

    Yeah Cal is a really chill dude in all honesty though he always seems busy or just relaxing by himself or something since he usually always leaves right away after a floor boss is cleared. Though the only reason i have bad opinions about Zel and Dom are because i have heard plenty about them from a man named Baldur and also Hirru that Zelrius and his guild once just didn't participate in a boss when his group was basically the entire muscle supposedly of the frontlines back in the day. Also supposedly Ssendom killed someone so that is usually not that great to hear about someone if you don't know the reason why. I say towards Clarence to try and have him understand my position from hearing about these people as i walk alongside him ready to fight against anything that could come out and strike at the duo. My familiar right by my side walking alongside me while keeping an eye upon the small penguin that is accompanying the other player. For my guild though. We're called the Holy Dragon Alliance and we have myself, a girl named Kimi, a player named Spencer who also has a penguin someone named jevi who i haven't talked to at all really so i don't know much about her. Than their is Telrenya who is Jomei's girlfriend, than a man named Ryo who is a rather nice guy. Than lastly there is Kairi and Ruby. I say listing off the members that come to my mind as i go down the list within my mind as i think about them as i than pause and looks towards Clarence who is opening up the chest. But yeah as most guilds are really we're about just advancing through AIncrad really, but i think we're more of a adventuring guild really than something like helping out others from what i could tell after my time within here. Though that isn't my style so i am honestly just starting up my own group, not a guild though, and our sole purpose is, it will be obvious by our name, is protecting the innocent and helping them along if we can. I say towards Clarence with a rather happy and cheerful smile upon my face as i think about that.
  14. Hestia

    [BR-F24] 'Sahagin Shenanigans'

    I look towards the creature and than back towards Ruby and offers a calm and happy smile towards the blonde haired fighter as i just nod my head in a rather calm manner. Don't worry about it Ruby this shouldn't take any real effort if it is anything like the labyrinth guard for that elven floor we were just on. Shield and i alone handled that thing so a roaming field boss or some kind of weird quest thing we stumbled on shouldn't compare to the labyrinth guardian of the last floor. I say towards her to try and keep her spirits up about our possibilities of success as i turn back towards the hoard of enemies and take note of their weaponry for the most part as my mind is quick to try and form assumptions. 'Okay so he has a axe should expect high powered AoE moves from him. The smaller people are holding...rods? they're glowing...i honestly don't even know but maybe it's like Evahira? like mini defenders?' I think to myself in a rather unsure manner as i just shake my head and quickly focus on the matter at hand as i take a step forward and gains a rather confident smirk upon my face. Well than mister chief face the might of two out of 20 warriors from the United Aincrad Liberation Force! I say with a grin as i slam the pommel of my blade against my shield as a loud gong like ringing goes across the area as i activate the howl ability as i stare at the enemies with a smile upon my face in a battle ready stance. As i than gesture with my shield for them to come and get me. 'Here is to hoping they don't decide to focus the NPCs like that quest on F23.' I think to myself as my hand around the shield tightens with a noticeable shake from the force being applied to the shield when gripping it until i take a calming breathe to refocus myself. My familiar Kuro lets out a accompanying roar with the gong of the shield before flying off into the air the familiar planning to tackle the first mob that gets to close to its owner to try and make it back off. Action: Howl [-8 energy] [+2 to hate of all targets] #110495 CD:4(no energy gained) ~Group A~ [2/2/2/2] Hestia~ HP: 1745/1745 | Energy: 150/158 DMG:16 | MIT:171 | Thorns: 84 | Eva: -1 | BH: 80 | Heavy Momentum: 2 (+6DMG) | Rec: CD:6+ (+6 ENG) | Stonewall: 25% DoT reduction [0/0/0/0] @Ruby~ HP: 1200/1200 | Energy: 120/120 DMG: 18 - ACC: 3 - EVA: 3 - MIT: 35 - LD: 4