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  1. I gaze towards the boss as it has this really pitiful look as i gaze away from it not wanting to stare at the creature as it is clearly within pain as i move over towards Hidden quickly healing her up as much as i can. Not seeing the lightning till it struck Hidden as the electrical charge hits us both as i grit my teeth ignoring the byproduct of the electrical charge that passed into me as i heal up Hidden as best as i could do so. Once that is completed i just nod my head towards the girl with a kind smile figuring i don't need to say to the girl how to do her job as i back away to observe the fight with some curiosity as i wait to see what will occur from the fight. What the end of a boss fight will actually look like when it is defeated, and what occurs after a boss is killed by the gathered players. Only hoping that this boss' death can be quick not liking to see the poor creature within so much clear pain. Even if it is trying to kill them all still feeling that small tug at my heart strings at how natural it looks. First Aid on Hidden: heals 161 Energy Cost: 8 #100313 CD:7 75 DMG #100314 CD:5 Bialas Player Stats
  2. I grin with a smile on my face at seeing Domarus strike all the nemeon beasts knocking them down to almost nothing as i grin even more so at seeing my HP drop more and more with each strike done to me as it actually makes me lose some HP that could put me in some slight danger. Knowing i should be scared because of that fact, but just being excited that for once a greek myth is putting me into danger and making me consider them a actual threat getting me all excited with the biggest grin upon my face because of that. I raise my shield as the male smashes into my sheet quickly followed by his three mates as each one shatters into crystals upon my shield as i gaze towards the nemeon male with a grin on my face. Well beast you have done good for making me drop to around 75%, but i have to tell you that you're dead now. You should've never tried to mess with this group. You fate has been sealed, but you were a worthy adversary i am excited to meet again in the future. i say with the biggest grin on my face as i gaze towards the enemy completely relaxed trusting Pin or Domarus to kill the enemy remaining. Battle Actions: (post edited later when partners edit) Battle stats
  3. I grin as i look over and see Pinball deal the first attack knocking the king lion down a lot of HP points as i see Domarus follow through knocking each of the lionesses with an attack. I hear his comment before he does so and rolls my eyes. I am a tank if i get in danger of dying i will just heal myself with field medic, or even one of the many potions i have. I say towards the red head player as i then quickly follow up with a howl making them focus back on me having seen one glance towards Domarus as if contemplating attacking the red haired players. Come at me lions! I am the iron wall of Aincrad! You can't topple me ever and if you think otherwise strike me now! I say towards the creatures as they glare at me directly as if understanding my words as the monsters charge towards me right away as i raise my shield in preparation for an attack. I see the male lion slam into the my shield as i dig into the ground taking the hit, but then finds my shield bit into as i grit my teeth still not giving into the attack. A lioness backs the male up slamming into my side as i take a few steps to the side from the strike refusing to fall over from the attacks as the pack of four backs away once more as i remain standing taking some deep breathes. 'They are just weaker venom wargs stay on your feet hest.' I think to myself with a nod of my head as my posture and stance looks like none of the attacks even fazed me as if i was unimpressed with the strikes. Come on i thought you were meant to be stronger! You are pathetic wastes of space if you can't live up to the legends! Come on give me a challenge you weak grecian beasts! I say to antagonize them once more as i prep for the next attack keeping a calm and confident look. The Actions: Battle stats
  4. [F21-PP] Prepping for success.

    I just nod my head not caring if the monster died by my thorns as i just walk on over to you and activates first aid healing up your health bar as i do that twice to make sure you get up to full energy encase you manage to fish up a third monster in a row at this point. Wanting to make sure you don't fall into the risk of dying from this. SO then Pinball how goes our T3 material gathering? I ask in ever so slight amusement knowing by this point from the fact that this isn't so much a material gathering as it is more so a col gathering from the fact alone of so many mobs being fished up. A green glow covers your body and slowly recovering your health as i use first aid on you as my familiar walks on over towards the water and stares down into it with confusion trying to figure out how so many big fishes resides within this waterfall lake. Wondering just how deep it truly is to house such creatures.
  5. [F21-PP] Prepping for success.

    I chuckle a bit nervously seeing Pinball finally what i can call snap at his situation and knowing how bad it is when it comes down to it as i gaze towards the monster and activate my sword art planning to try and end this fight to spare him anymore time spent with this mob. Thinking that possibly at this point it is draining his sanity of anything as i quickly charge forward intending to strike it down with my blade. I go to strike the creature but it remains ever so slightly out of my reach as i just stare at it with a fierce glare as i back away once more. 'Why didn't you just stick to your original plan. Just heal them you said you would do, but nah you have to try hitting the enemy. Just..i can't do this unless i have accuracy buffs or something.' I think to myself rather annoyed by this point at my lack of hitting enemies. #100273 BD:4 - Players - [H:3] Pinball: 338/620 HP | 12/62 EN | 15 DMG | 3 ACC | 3 EVA [H:5] Hestia: 1250/1305 ENG:106/126 MIT:151 Thorns: 54 EVA:-1 - Enemies - The Glowing One: 26/620 HP | 31 MIT | 186 DMG
  6. I just calmly wait as i see that everybody is back up at full as i nod my head as i gaze around the field and do the rather natural thing just use a howl into the sky and hoping that something and everything comes towards me. Myself just grinning knowing that the quest mobs should appear within some time and probably rather soon considering the conditions for starting the quest have happened so the actual target shouldn't be that hard to find. At hearing Pinball's comment i just raise an eyebrow ever so slightly and then just chuckles figuring it is rather amusing at the very least gaining a smile on my face. Glad that there is someone who seems to be able to make jokes at any situation, and who knows might provide some stress relief on the frontlines with his ways of joking and such. Soon after Domarus responding to Pinball's joking a sound of heavy thuds can be heard and soon after three more lionesses appear, but also another version but this one more bulkier and stronger looking. I just nod my head as i see them glaring at me meaning the howl worked. And thus another round of fighting has begun. Here is to making sure i don't die. I say as i raise my shield ready for the inevitable beating i am about to take from these opponents. I watch as the male lets out a loud roar seemingly increasing the strength of his other companions as i take a calming breathe and just raises my shield preparing myself through what i have a feeling is going to be utter torture. I look towards the three lionesses as they quickly charge forward and smashes into my shield one after the other in quick succession as i stumble back ever so slightly as they turn around and growl low and dangerously at me as i just grumble softly at seeing what is happening. Pinball no matter what focus the male! I say wanting to make sure that point is made knowing Domarus is going to use AOE so i know he is already using his strongest SA. Monster actions Battle stats
  7. [F21-PP] Prepping for success.

    At seeing both attacks miss i just watch that happen and then turn to Pinball with a rather blank look. Pinball i said this before and i'll say this again. Your luck has to be like contagious since this thing is still alive after being frozen. I say towards the black haired player in a semi-joking tone but also semi-serious one also. Myself just baffled about how lucky this one creature has been at being able to survive and wondering ever so slightly if this is going to end up being a trend that i will have to get use to. I quickly rush forward activating a sword art once more just wanting to hit this annoying little bug as i quickly swing my blade at it over and over again, but seeing no result as i then back away looking rather frustrated before taking a deep breathe and nodding as i sheathe my sword knowing i will just do some healing from here on out. #100266 BD:2 - Players - [H:2] Pinball: 338/620 HP | 28/62 EN | 15 DMG | 3 ACC | 3 EVA [H:5] Hestia: 1250/1305 ENG:107/126 MIT:151 Thorns: 54 EVA:-1 - Enemies - The Glowing One: 220/620 HP | 31 MIT | 186 DMG
  8. I chuckle at seeing Pinball debate out loud to himself the name that he liked the best out of what i gave and what Rein gave, and then seeing him choose mine as i grin rather happily liking the idea of having two people who liked the names for their builds i was able to give for them. However, once hearing pinball try to describe him as the cool guy i just chuckle rather audibly as i look towards him. Pfft. Please Pinball if anybody the cool guy in this group it is me and Rein from what i have been able to observe. I say jokingly to the black haired warrior as i then see Rein slow down to be beside me as we start arriving to be in front of the castle as the doors slowly open up the sounds of the doors cracking and such from the ice breaking and shattering off of the door. Rein if you want to help and stay safe at he same time provide the AOE against the ones i howl, and allow Pin to do killing blows. With that you can stay safe and participate in the killing. Once we get to the king though if you have any stuns on that blade go for it all against the king to put him in place so Pinball can do the strong singular focus. I say giving you the advice i would give while in combat as i step up the frost covered stairs until i arrive in front of the open door as i gaze inside seeing the bodies of old and long dead warriors that looked as if they died of starvation. The room we step in having stairs that lead upwards and multiple rooms branching off, and once all of us step within the castle the doors slam shut behind us as the dead bodies gain a blue glow to their eyes as they slowly rise from their death place the sounds of cracking bones as if mending into place as the creature rise. Holding axes and bladed weapons ready to fight. The four within this room gazing towards us and letting out a broken cracky screech as i quickly slam the pommel of my sword into the sword i wield activating howl. Come at me you frosty foes. Face the iron wall of Aincrad! i shout over to them as they focus entirely and solely upon my form before charging towards me as i do the same to them to make sure any attacks don't accidentally graze Rein's body. The four wights charge and swings at me, but instead of actually hit me they just swing wide and topple over as i can only assume is not being used to the weight of metal that they hold. However, one wielding a hammer smashes into my shield as i just don't budge and grins at it not being moved. Didn't feel a thing Wight. You're pretty weak. I say with a grin on my face. Action Taken: Howl [-10 ENG] [+3 Hate] #100262 MD:4+1=5 #100263 MD:3+1=4 #100264 MD:9 170-151=19 #100265 MD:3+1=4 CD:6 [H:3/3/3/3] Hestia: 1305/1305 ENG:119/126 DMG: 15 MIT:151 Thorns: 54 EVA:-1 Regen: (+45 HP if i get hit for 3 turns) Rec:1 (+3 ENG if i get CD:6) @Pinball: ?/? Reinholt:?/? Frost Wight: 100/100 MIT: 25 DMG:120 (CRIT 9 170 CRIT:10 180) Frost Wight: 100/100 MIT: 25 DMG:120 (CRIT 9 170 CRIT:10 180) Frost Wight: 100/100 MIT: 25 DMG:120 (CRIT 9 170 CRIT:10 180) Frost Wight: 100/100 MIT: 25 DMG:120 (CRIT 9 170 CRIT:10 180)
  9. [F21-PP] Prepping for success.

    I gaze towards the monster you brought down with your ice as i grin at that seeing it as a opportunity if i can manage to land a hit as i activate my sword art wanting to try and help out in taking down the opponent as i quickly charge towards the frozen creature. As i approach the creature i go to strike at it but miss entirely only striking the area around it rather then the creature itself. I just stare at that blinking and wondering how that even occurred before i quickly back off to allow you the reigns of attacking the frozen opponent and thus ending the fight and hopefully gaining lots of good loots from doing so. I gaze around the field wondering where my familiar is as i see him just watching the fight not even getting involved from having see nothing dangerous is happening at all. Action Taken: Legion Destroyer [-2 ENG] #100258 BD:3 - Players - [H:2] Pinball: 338/620 HP | 29/62 EN | 15 DMG | 3 ACC | 3 EVA [H:5] Hestia: 1250/1305 ENG:108/126 MIT:151 Thorns: 54 EVA:-1 - Enemies - [FROZEN] The Glowing One: 215/620 HP | 31 MIT | 186 DMG
  10. [F21-PP] Prepping for success.

    I gaze at the Glowing one as it floats and then quickly makes it move towards me as i activate my sword art to match its attack as i let it glance off my armor to take damage from its slightly frail looking form to take the pain of smacking into me and then quickly cuts into it multiple times in different directions across its total body. Once i finish my attack i look at the creature and see that it still looks like it is doing relatively well for itself in terms of HP. Well that just means i have to do more damage against it i guess. I say with a nod of my head as i get ready to strike once more as i nod towards you to go in fro the attack knowing that is your specialty. having not noticed earlier when you missed the creature entirely. You're up Pin give this creature a beat down. I say with a grin on my face. #100252 BD:6 CD:6 [-11] [+4] Action Taken: Legion Destroyer 8x11=88-31=57 - Players - [H:0] Pinball: 338/620 HP | 45/62 EN | 15 DMG | 3 ACC | 3 EVA [H:5] Hestia: 1285/1305 ENG:109/126 MIT:151 Thorns: 54 EVA:-1 - Enemies - The Glowing One: 509/620 HP | 31 MIT | 186 DMG
  11. I mean i guess you're right Rein, but i guess it is up to Pin what idea he likes better. I say with a small shrug not going to say i know official titles all that well when it comes to them. Just knowing enough to get by and have an idea of what their general information is. When i hear Pinball question i just nod my head. Yeah that is where we're heading towards the mountain has that opening inside leads to a castle where the king resides inside of his castle of frost covered stones. The goal of us will be to make it through his minions then face off against the king himself. With the king having the weakness ability, so it will only activate once we go to fight within the king's throne room. I say informing Pinball while also letting Rein know when things are going to get rather serious as i gaze forward and makes my way down the snowy fields and finally within the mountain's cave as it slopes downwards having many stalagtites and stalagmites hanging and going upwards along the way any water that would drip having formed into icicles long ago.
  12. I nod my head at hearing the both of you talk as i then decide to interject when Pinball says he is only a DPS. Well he is more then just a simple damage familiar and stuffs Baldur. His weapon is cursed so he can't really unequip it, but it also grows in strength along with him while also having the possibility of freezing and passing through mitigations. I decide to chime in to not allow Pinbal to play himself down like he is just another DPS that anyone could be. I continue walking along the path with the two players as eventually a small run down shack appears in the distance as i make my way directly towards it with a grin knowing that is the one we're trying to find that will actually start the quest as i walk over towards it and then gently knocks on the door as a old man comes out from the shack holding a fishing pole. The older man looking towards us as he nods as he gets out three fishing poles. I would like for the three of you to take this to hunt down a giant fish within the lake. It is the legendary Lurker. Not many have seen it but i have seen it with my own eyes! I want you to be able to fish it out and kill it for me to prove that i did indeed see it. The older man NPC says.
  13. At hearing the mention right away of the past i quickly take out a notebook and a pen as i quickly start writing down the history of what has happened before i was aware of what was going on beyond a door of the inns i had resided in. I smile a bit at that feeling pride in getting so much progress as quickly as humanly possible for myself. I hear names making a note of the people with unique skills rather curious about how someone like Death Adder got this Zelrius' Dual Blades, and then the name Dom making notes of the guild they seemingly were in charge of. I continue listening just nodding my head as i write down the other names of the guild known as the crimson blades adding in more as i heard them putting them alongside the name Shirosu. Smiling a bit as i make the small list since i now have a list to try and help the girl get into contact with some old members of her guild. Hoping that they are easy to find, and not lost in the woods for a long time like she was. I then hear the name velvet room and writes that down near Jomei's name having to flip a few pages to be able to write the information i hear down rather curious to hear about the players that were in this guild, and maybe some of the old adventures he use to go on before he created his guild. I then hear Baldur mention the guild Square one as i quickly flip pages till i find Crozeph and writes down information about the guild that i hear there thinking that was the guild he use to be part of. I finish off the information about trying to find who this last unique skill user was and try to find out who they are and where they could be. After writing down everything i have heard that would interest me that sounded like big names that would be good to try and find out who they are i put the notebook away along with the pen into the inventory as i then gaze towards the two players with a big smile. Thank you two for sharing what has happened. I was curious how much had happened back when i wasn't involved at all in terms of helping people or even playing the game. It is rather interesting to know so much had happened like that and that such things could occur really. I say in a appreciative tone of voice towards the duo. Also i wasn't part of floor twenty one boss fight i didn't feel ready yet at that point even though i might've been helpful to a small degree, so i instead waited for now the twenty second floor boss and can only hope that i don't slow them down really. I say with a small chuckle. @Hirru
  14. I watch as the stronger seeming lion zooms around the field dodging the attacks of Itzal as it zooms around the field as it dodges the attacks one after the other. I then see Jomei zoom in and strike the beast knocking it back and seemingly knocking the weird strength boost it had as the flower looks normal once more, and the creature seeming back to normal size. I raise my shield just waiting in calmness and piece knowing that i won't have to worry much as i see the lion charge towards me as it jumps and quickly pounces down slamming into my shield as i take the hit as i see my health just drop down to normal amounts of what its first attack was. 'Okay so it only gets a boost on a on and off basis then.' I think to myself rather interested by that as i force the creature away with my shield as i see its health drops once more from thorns again as i smile happily at that. #100221 BD:7 MD:7 CD:7 mob: 24 DMG THorns: 54 (damage amount can change based on Jomei's decision regarding the damage boost of photosynthesize) [5] Hestia: 928/1285 124/124 MIT:151 Thorns: 54 EVA: -1 ACC: 1 Para: 2 Bld: 2 Rec: 1 Reg: 1 [1] @Itzal: 1,345/1,470 <> 132/144 <> 17-22 DMG <> 2 T2 Bleed <> 2 Paralysis <> 4 EVA <> 3 ACC <> +73 HP BH <> 25 MIT [2] Jomei: 1320/1350 HP | 128/147 EN | 17 DMG | 4 ACC | 4 EVA | 52 MIT | 2 Savvy | 68 B. Healing (+68) Ki'Raon: 308/850 DMG:175 MIT:100 ACC:3 EVA: 2 (Ki'Raon gets his own roll) [sunlight boost activates 1/2]
  15. I nod my head as i simply sit down upon the ground and waits calmly for the two to finish their interaction understanding what is going to be occurring for the combat fight against the actual enemy within this quest. That the male alpha lion will be getting attacked by Pinball only, and then Domarus attacking with an AOE. Sound idea in theory, but both seem to have some really bad luck when it comes to combat at the moment. I check my energy seeing at maximum energy, but checking Pinball, and Domarus' and seeing that they are at two thirds energy at the moment meaning they will have to wait a bit longer. So then Pin after we beat this quest is there another you would want to do, or just call it a day for you to go and relax? I know that the two we did could've maybe been enough for a singular day of work for yourself. I say towards the black haired player as i check the time out of curiosity seeing that it is past midday and slowly approaching the time one would have dinner.