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  1. I grin as the leviathan shoots out it's boiling water and only just that since it means that it's now or never in this assault as i quickly slam the pommel of my blade against my shield as i activate howl gathering as much hate as i can against the enemies that'd probably cause the most trouble to us all. Come and face me you stupid face and realize that you can never kill me! I shout towards the enemies trying to just play off as much confident as i can muster in the simple hopes that it will get them away from the more vulnerable people like neo or jomei. Glancing towards the rest of the group i just nod my head. Just take out the leviathan if we can kill it we probably automatically kill these shahagin nothing to worry about! I shout over towards them as i raise my shield and walks closer towards the shahagin so they have to run past me first. Action: Howl +3 hate from shahagin Red 1/2/ regular 1/2 [H:13] Calrex: 1774/1850 HP | 159/176 EN | 16 DMG | 126 MIT | 4 ACC |  3 EVA | 0.6 ACH [FRZ 1/2] [1 Strike] [H:13] @Jomei: 1450/1525 HP | 114/151 EN | 20 DMG | 6 ACC | 6 EVA | 97 MIT | 2 SVY | 71 BH | 9-10/24 TV [Concentration 3/5] [1 strike] [H:11] [3/3/3/3] Hestia: 1931/2065 HP | 100/170 EN | 1 DMG | 196 MIT | 84 THN | -1 EVA | 103 BH | 2 HM | 6 REC | 25% STNW [Snowfrost] [1 strike] [H:8] @Neopolitan: 617/1025 HP | 73/86 EN | 18 DMG | 59 MIT | 5 ACC | 2 EVA | 8-10 PLZ | 2 REC | 9 PRB | 4 FLN [Snowfrost] [1 Strike] [H:6] @Itzal: 1835/1885 HP | 160/160 EN| 21 DMG | 94 MIT | 4 ACC | 6 EVA | 1 KEN | 30THN | 9-10/24 TV | 9-10 PLZ | 8-10/36 BLD | BH 94 [2 Strikes]
  2. I just smile as this is going rather well as i see jomei strike at the segment and just nod my head knowing that it's going ot be a now or never kinda moment if this works in our favor. Glancing towards Cal and the two others i can only hope that they can withstand the ice as i feel it impact against my shield as i manage to get rather lucky and resist the negative effects of it as my shield is once more turned into a expensive chunk of ice. Though nonetheless i can still do nothing and just relax and let the battle happen around me as i just wait and see what'll be needed from me be it healing, energy, or taking the hate from my teammates. 'i should aim for any shahagin that spawn that'll cut down on the damage dealt to others.' I think to myself with a nod of my head having at least a small battle plan now. Action: nothing also no frozen #121786 LD:16 [H:13] @Calrex: 1849/1850 HP | 159/176 EN | 16 DMG | 126 MIT | 4 ACC |  3 EVA | 0.6 ACH [BURN: 2/2] [H:13] Jomei: 1525/1525 HP | 114/151 EN | 20 DMG | 6 ACC | 6 EVA | 97 MIT | 2 SVY | 71 BH | 9-10/24 TV [Concentration 3/5] [H:11] Hestia: 1854/2065 HP | 97/170 EN | 1 DMG | 196 MIT | 84 THN | -1 EVA | 103 BH | 2 HM | 6 REC | 25% STNW [Snowfrost] [20 2/2] [H:8] @Neopolitan: 642/1025 HP | 70/86 EN | 18 DMG | 59 MIT | 5 ACC | 2 EVA | 8-10 PLZ | 2 REC | 9 PRB | 4 FLN [Snowfrost] [H:6] @Itzal: 1860/1885 HP | 160/160 EN| 21 DMG | 94 MIT | 4 ACC | 6 EVA | 1 KEN | 30THN | 9-10/24 TV | 9-10 PLZ | 8-10/36 BLD | BH 94
  3. Mars huh? Good to know. I say simply putting that name away for future reference as it does sound rather familiar for myself when compared to some other names of lower tiered players that i don't particularly remember about from previous events or hearing about them in passing if at all. Though finding it surprising that a girl hates this player that talks bad about the frontlines if that is the case as i just shake my head thinking nothing much of it. Well..why do you hate him? I ask curiously finding that it would make for a interesting topic to learn what i can about some people who aren't frontlines ready but still make their way through the social circles around the place. Also no need to thank me for helping you kityuisa i do what i can to try and help as many as i can that is just who i am as a person. I say with a chuckle and a bright smile upon my face as i walk alongside you towards the destination as i keep my eyes towards the skies knowing that all of these are flying monkeys so the sky is the best place to look for them if they will swarm.
  4. Looking towards the large and just shakes my head in amusement when hearing zandra's command as i do the only thing that i am good at as i activate focused howl upon the creature as i slam the pommel of my blade against my shield as i just smirk. Come here you filthy dragon and see what you can do against me huh! I am hestai the leader of Radiant Sanctuary and i will not falter! I shout towards the beast as i know in reality this is gonna hurt a lot and i will just have to tough through this as much as i can as i prepare for the attack from the larger and more frightening beast compared to what i've seen from this floor in the past. come on Zandra you got this! Knock this thing out of the park with your axe we can take this boss with ease we're the best tank/healer and the best healer/DPS in this game! WE can't die! I shout towards her with a smirk knowing that in theory what i say in true cause we can field meidc one another to full health as if the fight never occurred over and over with very little issue. A smile displays proudly upon my face as the fight starts as i hold no fear within myself about this since it is just numbers and it's about surviving what you can. Even if yo uare facing a absolutely monolithic and terrifying beast. Action: Focused howl +6 hate [H:1] Zandra: HP: 1,665/1,665 EN: 134/150 | MIT: 98 | BRN: 36 | FLN: 12 | THN: 30 | ACC: 5 | DMG: 22 [H:6] Hestia: HP: 1830/1830 Energy: 174/174 MIT:169 Thorns: 69 ACC:1 Eva: -1 BH: 91 Heavy Momentum: 1 (+3DMG) Rec:3 Stonewall: 25% DoT reduction [Taunt] The Dragon: HP: 1,701/2,100 | DMG: 525 [MD 9: 462 DMG+STUN + 231 DMG to others] [MD 10: 504 DMG+STUN + 252 DMG to others] | MIT: 147 | ACC: 3 | EVA: 3(0 for one turn) ID: 119413 BD: 6-3+5=8 Hit! Fallen triggered! Bullrush triggered! 22+5+12=39*14=546-147=399 DMG! +STUN! MD: 8+3=11 Hit! No action because of STUN!
  5. Seems the luck train of myself and haz can never stop rolling as i miss three enemies and only hit one which thankfully was the one with the highest health but even then the health bars barely budged in comparison to what could've been if i just had been able to use my accuracy buffs that i normally have for this. 'I wish i could've gotten one for these things. I really need to talk to Neo more or somebody for just even uncommon accuracy buffs to make this for enjoyable and less of a test of my mental ability to function.' I think to myself in a rather frustrated manner as i just sigh softly and then turns to haz and nods my head and gestures for him to go. Well go and attack haz we got no time to waste and i hope you know how to hit well to make up for my failure since it seems the bad luck magnets are once more together. Action: Butterfly illusion #121543 BD:1 MD:2+4=6 84 #121544 BD:2+3=5 MD:3+4=7 84 #121545 BD:3+3=6 MD:2+4=6 17x8=136+84=220 #121546 BD:2+3=5 MD:9 50 264-151=103x4=412-98=314 [2/2/1/2] Hestia: HP: 1204/1970 Energy: 153/176 DMG:17 MIT:151 Thorns: 84 (50 on crit) Eva: -1 BH: 98 Rec: 3 Stonewall: 25% DoT reduction Kitchen: 5% col gained from monsters/Chests more LD:8 [2/0/0/0] Hazado: HP: 850/850 | EN: 77/80 | MIT: 107 | DMG: 13 | ACC: 2 | 16 Regen | Enemies- Monster 1: 431/880 264 DMG ACC:3 EVA: -3 Monster 2: 570/880 264 DMG ACC:3 EVA: -3 Monster 3: 610/880 264 DMG ACC:3 EVA: -3 monster 4: 570/880 264 DMG ACC: 3 EVA: -3
  6. I can't help but smile a bit when hearing that the frontlines have good rumors or at least mostly if that is all this girl has heard since it means that nothing has gottne out. Not about the dark council, not about the public argument on floor one, not about the almost deaths during artamiel. Things are safe and unknown what i am willing to keep it for as long as i can manage.Well that is good since i know some people could say otherwise and make it us out as not the kindest of people. I say with a smile as the memory of domarus comes to mind as i just shelve those thoughts for now. With the last mob on its lowest health i charge forward with my blade glowing a light blue aura as i strike at it repeatedly till its health pops down to zero as it bursts into red pixels as i then take a calming breathe and smiles over towards Kityuisa as the fight ends. Seems we were victorious and without wasting much energy either thus we can move on to the next fight if we even wanted to. I can do this quest all day. Like literally. I say jokingly towards the girl with a grin as i just prepare moving on kityuisa's word since she is the one kinda leading the way in this quest since i don't feel like doing so since it would defeat the point in my eyes. Wanting to push this girl to make her able ot lead a party if need be since in the end who leads the party is rather random on the frontlines or in quests and it's best if anybody can take the role if need be. action: Legion Destroyer #121542 BD:8 11x17=187-20=176 DEAD on 3 MD:DEAD Party ♥ Kityuisa | 400/400 HP | 33/40 EN | 8 DMG | 18 MIT | 3 ACC | 1 EVA ♥ Hestia | 1850/1850 HP | 152/176 EN | 17 DMG | 169 MIT | 69 THORNS | -1 EVA | 92 BH | 3 EN REC | 1 Slot HM (1 Slot TAUNT)
  7. Hestia

    [PP-F2-NK] All In, The Rebirth ~ Team A

    Hearing a voice i turn my head to see the dark skinned girl and smiles happy to see at least something i recognize and then the horrified shrieking and the turning into a puddle of shadow occurred as i just blink and nods my head accepting this as normal by this point. However, even then the sense of dread and uncertainty that hangs over myself from seeing something that looked like it came straight out of a nightmare of my own design i just take a calming breathe closing my eyes as i whisper softly towards myself while gripping tightly onto my sword and shield. Okay hest. Keep it together you have people to protect. You can't fail them like you failed...no need to think about that no need to give the monster fuel. I whisper softly to myself as i make my way forward as i open up the door towards the foyer without hesitation as i can only watch as the shadow seemingly travel towards this point in the place as i just nod my head. Welp if something big is going down i might as well prepare...do i howl at it? Do i attack it? Is there even a operation for this? F***** it. I say in frustration getting tired of this mansion and everything it stands i just slam the pommel of my blade against my shield and activates howl in combination. Then just simply tosses the howl out in every direction i can. Holy Dragons come towards the Foyer it's time to deal with this threat that has been terrorizing us! I shout as loud as i can and i can only hope howl enhances my voice and people can hear me as i am totally unprepared and uncertain what this thing can do.
  8. With the death of the water crystal and that relatively speaking everyone's in rather decent shape overall i take my breather where i can as i take some calming breathes as i take note of the situation that we are now in as i gaze towards the leviathan knowing that the ice attack is going to be bothersome. As i am rather upset at the fact that if only i had prepared my curved sword i could be actually helping now instead of just only biding my time and waiting for things to progress to a point where helping out once more is a viable strategy towards keeping others alive better. 'No energize needed at the very least with this group meaning i can just relax on that part mainly for like forever.' I think to myself with a small sigh even then as i just wait with shield in hand as i can only do my best to prepare for the next frostbite, or scald attack that will be sent towards myself from the giant snake creature. #121503 CD:1 no energy gained Action: Nothing i'm resting [H:11] @Calrex: 1836/1850 HP | 176/176 EN | 16 DMG | 126 MIT | 4 ACC |  3 EVA | 0.6 ACH [BURN: 1/2] [Hydrated] [H:11] @Jomei: 1525/1525 HP | 132/151 EN | 19(20) DMG | 6 ACC | 6 EVA | 97 MIT | 2 SVY | 71 BH | 9-10/24 TV [Concentration 1/5] [Hydrated] [H:11] Hestia: 1854/2065 HP | 97/170 EN | 1 DMG | 196 MIT | 84 THN | -1 EVA | 103 BH | 2 HM | 6 REC | 25% STNW [Snowfrost] [20 2/2] [Hydrated] [H:8] @Neopolitan: 658/1025 HP | 67/86 EN | 18 DMG | 59 MIT | 5 ACC | 2 EVA | 8-10 PLZ | 2 REC | 9 PRB | 4 FLN [Snowfrost] [16 BRN 1/2] [Hydrated] [H:6] @Itzal: 1860/1885 HP | 160/160 EN| 21 DMG | 94 MIT | 4 ACC | 6 EVA | 1 KEN | 30THN | 9-10/24 TV | 9-10 PLZ | 8-10/36 BLD | BH 94 [Hydrated]
  9. I wince as neo takes the hydro jet and takes a rather bad blow alongside it as i quickly rush over towards her as the boiling water impacts my armor first as i just tough it out for the moment allowing the heat from the water to negate the freezing temperatures of its breathe as i quickly heal up neo as i take a passing glance towards the water crystal. Just one hit. I say softly under my breathe knowing that something has to be done about that thing or this fight will for certain be a lost cause if the appropriate damage can't be done towards it. 'Why couldn't i have put more points into support mods like Ruby did that would've been a major help right about now.' I htink to myself rather irretably since having that could've protected a good amount of people if i had used something like barrier to reduce the damage or even sharpen for boosting damage. Oh well. Nothing can be done. We just have to do this now. I whisper to myself rather worried. #121317 LD:9 FAILED caught fire Frosbite- caught fire is negated by that Action: first aid on neo 246 costs me 12 eng [H:11] @Calrex: 1823/1850 HP | 174/176 EN | 16 DMG | 126 MIT | 4 ACC |  3 EVA | 0.6 ACH [H:11] @Jomei: 1488/1525 HP | 94/151 EN | 17(20) DMG | 6 ACC | 6 EVA | 97 MIT | 2 SVY | 71 BH | 9-10/24 TV [Concentration 0/5] [H:11] Hestia: 1751/2065 HP | 52/170 EN | 1 DMG | 196 MIT | 84 THN | -1 EVA | 103 BH | 2 HM | 6 REC | 25% STNW [Snowfrost] [20 2/2] [H:8] @Neopolitan: 674/1025 HP | 56/86 EN | 18 DMG | 59 MIT | 5 ACC | 2 EVA | 8-10 PLZ | 2 REC | 9 PRB | 4 FLN [Snowfrost] [Disguise 1/5] [H:6] @Itzal: 1860/1885 HP | 160/160 EN| 21 DMG | 94 MIT | 4 ACC | 6 EVA | 1 KEN | 30THN | 9-10/24 TV | 9-10 PLZ | 8-10/36 BLD | BH 94
  10. Their are rumors about me? I say in surprise as i try to process what i was just told as i had never particularly spent time trying to think of what other people see me as when i am doing whatever that i do when interacting with others. That their would be people talking either about myself or those that i see as friends as either legendary figures or just positions to try and match up towards, or whatever else people could view the frontline players as. 'Which does beg the question of how i should maybe try to be maybe a bit more mindful of how i act if that is the case since it could-.' I get cut off from my inner musings as i gaze towards Kityuisa who decides now is the time to start going towards the direction of the quest as i just follow her lead not minding her doing so since it means at least i won't be needing to guide her through the entirety of the quest, and thus also means she can handle her own in a fight with mobs. When hearing the rather simple request i just shrug my shoulders uncertain really about what to say if anything really. I can tell you a bit about things that i know. It just depends what you would like to know really. I say towards the girl with a curious look in my eyes as after a bit of walking the sounds of flapping wings start to descend as i look towards the sight of the four flying monkeys. Welp..lets see if one of my AoE's are enough. I say curiously not really knowing myself at all as my blade ignites in a blue aura as i charge towards the monkeys as i quickly spin and arc the blade upwards as i slice through one monkey. Getting low towards the ground i halt the momentum as i then take three steps in a small arc as i swing the blade once more getting another. Moving diagonally towards the bottom left of my original starting position i strike twice more killing another and missing the last who gets a small swing of its paw against my heavy armor. Three out of four. Not bad for no accuracy honestly. I say with a chuckle and a smile feeling rather proud about that. Action: Butterfly illusion+concentration+charge #121048 BD:10 17+5(charge)+2(crit)=24x8= 192-20=172 #121049 BD:9 23x8= 184-20=164 #121050 BD:2 MD:9 35 dmg to hestia #121051 BD:6 22x8= 176 CD:3 (no rec) ♥ Kityuisa |400/400 HP | 33/40 EN | 8 DMG | 18 MIT | 3 ACC | 1 EVA ♥ Hestia | 1815/1850 HP | 162/176 EN | 17 DMG | 169 MIT | 69 THORNS | -1 EVA | 92 BH | 3 EN REC | 1 Slot HM (1 Slot TAUNT) Enemy ♥ Flying Monkey 1 | 0/150 HP | 70 DMG | 20 MIT ♥ Flying Monkey 2 | 0/150 HP | 70 DMG | 20 MIT ♥ Flying Monkey 3 | 150/150 HP | 70 DMG | 20 MIT ♥ Flying Monkey 4 | 0/150 HP | 70 DMG | 20 MIT
  11. With a smile i take a well deserved breather in my eyes as i just rest for a moment to survey what is actualy happening all around me as i gaze towards the large serpentine beast and sees that we haven't budged it's health yet which means we'll be doing things slower but eventually we'll win the race of outpacing it. It may take time but we'll knock it out people! Cal get Leviathan's attention by howling. Jomei and if need be Neo can handle the crystal. If jomei gets the crystal Neo and Are can attack the segment. I say as i think through the options and knows that if Cal attacked it might not be enough unless he has fighting spirit which i can't remember if he does or not. Since if he misses that means Neo is once more in danger of getting hit. The last attack having been a close save against that. Though an all out attack is still necessary to get progress thus i can only hope that people take the steps that they need for survival and victory. Action: nothing [1/2 FM] [H:11/0/0] @Calrex: 1850/1850 HP | 176/176 EN | 16 DMG | 126 MIT | 4 ACC |  (0) 3 EVA | 0.6 ACH [H:11] @Jomei: 1524/1525 HP | 103/151 EN | 20 DMG | 6 ACC | 6 EVA | 97 MIT | 2 SVY | 71 BH | 9-10/24 TV [H:11] @Hestia: 1685/2065 HP | 64/170 EN | 1 DMG | 196 MIT | 84 THN | -1 EVA | 103 BH | 2 HM | 6 REC | 25% STNW [Snowfrost] [H:11] @Neopolitan: 906/1025 HP | 65/86 EN | 18 DMG | 59 MIT | 5 ACC | 2 EVA | 8-10 PLZ | 2 REC | 9 PRB | 4 FLN [Snowfrost] [Disguise 2/5] [H:6] @Itzal: 1825/1885 HP | 160/160 EN| 21 DMG | 94 MIT | 4 ACC | 6 EVA | 1 KEN | 30THN | 9-10/24 TV | 9-10 PLZ | 8-10/36 BLD | BH 94
  12. Nodding my head with a smile i quickly open up my inventory and search through my gear as i nod my head slowly but surely as i equip up a nice set of gear for myself considering the quest that is going on as for myself as i equip my equipment that is my all around build. Within a moment i am equipped with a curved sword, a heavy armor set, and my shield. As my armor has a bronze like coloring to it alongside my shield. The shield having spikes along the front of it, and my armor having a light aura of fire surrounding it at all times. Well if that is the case i'll go and deal with the when we get to it. If this is your first time through as well this should be easy. I say towards the girl with a smile knowing that a army of monkeys is awaiting us alongside a possible witch. My familiar finishes stretching itself and walks over towards my side as i look towards kit. so then Kityuisa if you're wanting to do some hunting as well i'd be game as well if it can help you out. I don't really do much between raids unless people need my help. I say with a cheerful look upon my face. Looking rather relaxed and unworried. Gear/stats
  13. As i rest and look out towards the lake i hear the sound of footsteps making their way towards myself as i idly tilt my head in the direction of the person and see a girl with blonde hair and rather unique looking eyes. With a kind smile i listen to their request as i then lazily get up to my feet and stretches out as much as possible as i look towards her with a smile as i gaze towards her with blue colored eyes. The name i go by is Hestia. The lazy chimera like lion thing is Kuro. Oi get up to your feet. I say looking towards the lion who just glances up and lets out a sort and gruff/deep sounding. Hmph. Before the creature gets up on all fours as it leans forward stretching itself out as well. If you need help with a quest tell me which one it is and what you need for the quest. I can be literally any role you need me in. I say towards the girl with a kind smile and waits to see what reaction i get from her knowing that it could be either a disbelief or just accepting of such a claim. Not really knowing if my name holds any weight or renown towards it for anything or who really knows who is on the frontlines or not. Myself just wearing a rather casual black vanity shirt and shorts. Along with having black long hair.
  14. Resting at the lake on floor twenty two i look out towards the glistening lake with a smile upon my face glad to have some rest and relaxation time away from all the chaos that goes on after the whole battle of floor bosses, and the nonstop grinding of trying to keep up and be useful towards those around me. Having already used all the skill points i have to utilize myself better for a support role next time, and also tanking as well with the various skills i could have. 'I should debate maybe getting rid of hiding if i felt like it...though i do need to complete those stupid incognito quests. Uggggh. I hate how this just goes and just ends up nowhere at all for me.' I think to myself rather annoyed since the quest chain will be utter turmoil on my resolve and ability to not be bored since sneaking around is not something i specialize in. With a soft sigh my shoulders just slump as i gaze up towards the sky as the clouds lazily drift above me. My familiar a lion with fur as white as the snow and wings as black as the night rests beside me as the more chimera like beast just rests next to me. #120945 LD:19+5=24 1 material found
  15. Feeling the icy tundra impact against my shield i wait out the icy storm as my shield is once more just a expensive popsicle for the moment as i quickly activate field medic as a green aura surrounds my hands and then calrex and Are as our healths shoot up by a decent amount as i grin towards myself and nods my head. Okay then health is checked out time to go all out now people if you don't get frozen. Time to strike at the segment and then the leviathan itself! I say with a grin upon my face rather motivated by the relative success that i am having and the group is having a whole. Though i can't help but feel bad for calrex as i can only hope that he doesn't get turned into another frozen statue for the next few turns. 'well bonus. he is at least not running out of energy.' I think to myself to try and cheer myself up about that annoying fate. #120922 LD:17 NOT FROZEN Action: Field medic 495 to hestia 452 to itzal 444 to calrex [H:11/0/0] @Calrex: 1850/1850 HP | 173/176 EN | 16 DMG | 126 MIT | 4 ACC |  (0) 3 EVA | 0.6 ACH [FROZEN: 2/2] [H:11/0/1] @Jomei: 1453/1525 HP | 102/151 EN | 19(20) DMG | 6 ACC | 6 EVA | 97 MIT | 2 SVY | 71 BH | 9-10/24 TV [H:11] Hestia: 1582/2065 HP | 63/170 EN | 1 DMG | 196 MIT | 84 THN | -1 EVA | 103 BH | 2 HM | 6 REC | 25% STNW [Snowfrost] [H:10] @Neopolitan: 906/1025 HP | 74/86 EN | 18 DMG | 59 MIT | 5 ACC | 2 EVA | 8-10 PLZ | 2 REC | 9 PRB | 4 FLN [Snowfrost] [Disguise 3/5] [H:6] @Itzal: 1825/1885 HP | 160/160 EN| 21 DMG | 94 MIT | 4 ACC | 6 EVA | 1 KEN | 30THN | 9-10/24 TV | 9-10 PLZ | 8-10/36 BLD | BH 94