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  1. "You are actually pretty lucky. It normally takes the newcomers a lot longer to complete this one. The second quest is only slightly more annoying. Make sure to invite me along. I can at least keep you alive. Well first you should decide on a weapon. That way you can learn the necessary sword arts. That or invest in a good shield for you. So you can at least use that and save on your skill points more." Valentine picked up another recording crystal while he spoke. He forgot how great the lower floors could be for finding such low leveled materials. "I can send you the details of a decent blacksmith. He gives discounts to under leveled players. Tomorrow's mission will be easier with a weapon or shield. Choose one or both in get it. If you need the materials for payment just let me know. I can loan it to you."
  2. Valentine

    [PP][F08] <<Scents of the wild>> Yogi is going down

    The roar had really left Valentine trapped between a rock and a hard place. The giant overgrown bear approached at a steady place. It was as if the creature new Valentine could not struggle free. The lightning icon indicating his paralyzed status in his vision was fading slowly. It was simply to late for him to move out the way and avoid the hit coming towards him. The claw swiped across his body with a savage ferocity. If Valentine was in the real world his blood would have splattered onto the trees. His body flew back from the force of the impact. The paralysis did not wear off completely so he could not summon Scheherazade. Valentine wondered if the only reason he was still unable to move was because he was so close to the large beast. Valentine was sure that coming with Grimm was the only reason he could make it out alive. Party: Grimm Reaper | HP:560/560 | EN:56/56 | DMG:14 | MIT:5 | EVA:2 | ACC:3 | BLD:24 | REC:2 (Stunned)Valentine | HP:370/440 (-70) | EN:44/44 | DMG:1 MIT:5 | EVA:2 | ACC:3 | REGEN:1 Enemy: Kumatetsu | HP:300/300 | DMG:75| MIT:50 | EVA:0 (-2) | ACC:0 (-1) | Abilities:
  3. Valentine

    [OP-F22-GUILD] A Possible Reckoning

    Valentine was sitting in a stew of his thoughts. A myriad of emotions were battling in his heart. He heard, saw, and noticed Grimm leaving. Valentine was going to follow after a moment. He just believed it would be remissed of him not to speak out. "Everyone has been trapped in this game for a fair amount of time. There has been losses, wins, despair, and hope mingling in the hearts of players. If you could remain calm cool and collected at all times I commend you. If you are able to do so when it comes to the people you care about, then I fear you. The lack of heart it takes to be rational in the face of love is impressive." The words came out stiff and without inflection. It was a bit robotic but covered what he needed to say. He was more polite then his lover as he stood, pushed in his chair, before walking out to give chase. He could have left right away but he owed the guild a lot. Valentine would never turn his back on the guild completely. If forced to pick a side he would follow his heart. Valentine found himself outside the guild meeting place. He opened his HUD to send a message to Grimm. Thinking about it Valentine had a understanding it when it came to his lover. In fact, after giving it some thought, he was 93% sure he knew where Grimm was, or at least where his man was heading.
  4. It was a quick change Valentine made that would have impressed Superman. He only had a moment to get ready as he was back out the door with the other two. Since everyone was being held up by him he did not demand anyone to slow down. It was actually better for him as the pressure made him work better. The layout for floor 24 was always breath taking. It was actually one of the floors Valentine considered having Grim Heart Manor build on. The idea was scrapped as Grimm preferred the cold and Valentine was not a fan of the floors architecture. Like a bustling bee Valentine made a beeline to Chase with the others. "Sorry we are late. This one was entirely my fault. I almost froze to death but I am good to go." Valentine gave a smile while two thumbs up. He managed to get a slight briefing on the way even if the amount of attention he paid was limited.
  5. Valentine

    [EV-F07] Storm of Shadows

    Valentine was feeling a little overwhelmed mentally. He was trying to keep it together but trying to keep track of what was happening around him was hard. He was practically hanging on to Grimm as he moved. Refusing to let the guy go for fear of loosing him to the black sludge all around them. It was crazy that Valentine barely had time to worry about himself or process but he could still make sure Grimm was safe. "I agree we have to move on now. If we stop there is no guarantee what could happen. If we team up with other players we have safety in numbers." As the group made it to group up with another group of players the numbers swelled. "I suggest we all try to travel together." Valentine was not sure if his words were heard or carried of by the sound of wind in rain. Talking was becoming an issue as long as people were not bundled together.
  6. Valentine was enjoying himself when it came to helping the new guy. He was polite, easygoing, and gave off a kind air. Valentine did not question his intelligence as he did not know enough about the man. At the current moment the opinion was erring to the more positive side. Valentine found another colorful rock that would be of use to him. The extra stuff would be needed when he started crafting later during the day. "Sorry. I was giving an explanation. The Knight protects the others by maintaining aggro it is a bit more on the tank side. As they do not move. Their shield causes damage to whatever hits it, as their armor makes them almost impossible to kill. Their weapon allows them to mow down enemies a lot easier. As the enemies are already damaged from attacking. Generally it takes a firm mind and even firmer will to pull off. Not many can be a knight."
  7. Valentine

    [F01 - R5 Merchant] Underworld Curios

    It was a first. Valentine never went into Grimms shop as he did not want to disturb. This was the first time he managed to weasel his way in. He did so more out of business then anything. He had accumulated some pointless items in his shop. Merchants apparently had an ability to scrap it down for cash. It was the reason that Valentine came to this shop specifically. If he went to another merchant they would get at least 10% of the profit. Here Grimm would still receive 10% but since it was his heart. The money was never truly lost. "Hi babe. I cannot stay long. I brought some items for you to junk. When you do the Col could be saved by you. It can go towards repairing the house so you do not have to give it back right away. Time is of the essence so I cannot stay long. I promise to come back at another time. When I do you can show me all around the place." Valentine gave a sultry smile as he flirted while he was departing. Items Sold All Consumables:
  8. For the first time in forever Valentine was actually running late. He stepped out of his house to get some food for the house. It was not his fault that he was not use to living in a frozen tundra. All the snow looked the same to him. It made finding his way around a lot harder as he was constantly getting loss. Valentine tried orientating himself at one point but believed he was at the same boulder. As Grimm Heart Manor came back into view he released a smile. "Grimm! Honey I'm home." Valentine announced as if he was off in a war for three years. Parts of the manor still were being built but the area that was ready held a cozy feel. As soon as he stepped inside he felt a lot warmer and less worried about the fate of his survival. Valentine was worried he would have become one of the people that died from freezing to death.
  9. "I really need to work on my energy. Shopping has always been a pain but I guess in game it is not as tedious." Valentine spoke to his charming little cobra familiar. As it wrapped around his neck like a cute little scarf. This was the last shop that he came to for the day. It was another recommendation so Valentine did not feel bad about shopping around. He just wanted to finish shopping as he had a quest he was running late for. He would have already been on his way if the place was easier to find. Valentine perused the various items in the shop. One caught his attention but was not exactly what he was looking for. A forged weapon would work better for him anyway. Being weaponless in the game for so lone was a pain. He scribbled out the request form. He made a note to have the item shipped to him. It was a precaution incase he could not come back anytime soon.
  10. Valentine

    [F1 - R10 Tailor] The Crusty Bahrnacle

    Valentine walked inside the shop and released his air of nervousness. The outside of the place had him wondering for a second. If it was not for Oscar recommending the place Val was unsure if he would have came. The place had a nice feel to it. It reminded Valentine of those cozy looking warm homes you see about on tv screen. Maybe Valentine was reminded of his living room on the 4th floor. He stopped with that train of thought as he looked around. He made his way around the store to see if he could find what he needed. The clothes were nicely arranged and showed a tasteful sense in style. As he could not find what he need he could only fill out an order form. The clothes was for a new aesthetic he was trying to fill in. He wanted to look like an Egyptian priest of sorts. He had a great pride for his bloodlines and felt like expressing it in game.
  11. "Hello! I am back again." Valentine was back to pick up and place another order. His last order was splendid. All the crafts gathered from this shop was off the best quality. The prices were fair which made things easier as well. Valentine recently heard the proprietor of the shop was looking for an item. Valentine wondered if he could trade the item for something he needed. It was not easy for him to forge the item in question. It would have sold for a decent price elsewhere. It was a shame that Valentine had his eyes on a certain thing. "This time I wonder if I could trade this." Valentine took out a blue green crystal that had a translucent sheen to it. "I would like this to be crafted in exchange if possible. If it is not easy enough to do I can compensate a bit more. I am taking a slight loss at the moment but this piece of jewelry is important to me."
  12. Valentine

    All Valentine Evaluations

  13. [11/23/2020] AMBITION | Lover Lament Trinket | +1XP/Craft CRAFTING GUILD | Trading Hall | +2 EXP for each craft. +5 to salvage recovery LD's. Rank 4 you also get +1 crafting attempt/day. If you are rank 5 you get +2 crafting attempts/day. PRIVATE ROOM | Working | +2 EXP for each craft. APOLLO'S LYRE | Tool | +1 CD/Craft Attempts: 9 Results: -8 T3 Mats, 91 EXP Crafting Respite: 175056-1 used Crafting attempts: 9 Results: -1 T3 Mats, -6 T1 Mats, 82 EXP
  14. "That is great news! I am sure your skill will be useful." Valentine received a message that he opened. "Well. I am going to have to depart in a moment. There is never a moment of rest in this game." Valentine was complaining as he stuffed his face faster. He was hungry and did not believe in wasting the food. He was trying not to look like a slob but who knew if it was working. Valentine stuffed a bite of his hotdog before speaking again. Speaking while chewing was a grossness Valentine would not condone. "You can feel free to pick up a familiar kit in the guild treasury. They are really useful and make the experience a lot easier. It was how I got Sherry." Valentine held out his hand as white smoke curled around his finger before solidifying into his pet. A white cobra was resting before it started helping Val eat. A few bites more and Valentine rushed off to his next quest while waving goodbye. Rewards: Aqaun- 3 SP(1 Quest, 1 event, 1 page), 700 Col (500 quest, 200 page) Valentine- 2 SP (1 Page, 1 event)- 200 Col (200 page)