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  1. Cordelia sighed as she hugged her black coat closer to her. It may not match her hair but it was a lot warmer than her regular armor at the moment. The enhancements were practically the same, anyway. "This quest isn't worth the cold," she mumbled, sneezing not too soon after. "I think it's too high leveled for me, anyway," Cordelia muttered, opening her menu with a grunt. Who could help her? Yukiro- no, out of the question. Bahr? She hasn't talked to him in so long and it felt weird to just ask him to do a quest now. Oscar. . ? Her lips pressed into a thin line as she opened up the message bored. Why the hell not. Cordelia sighed as she sent the message. This day was going to be weird.
  2. Em had walked around nervously was the wind blew around softly cooling off both herself and those who were outside in the blistering heat. she looked around in confusion as to what she was supposed to do when she saw an old man at the center of the town of beginnings. She decided to walk over to him and see if he could help her get started since she vaguely remembered the tutorial talking about how talking to certain NPC's were important. "Excuse me sir I'm Emily I was wondering if I could help you with anything?" She asked nervously as she tried not to get to worked up. The man zachariah smiled at the young teen like an elderly person usually would and nodded. "That's right miss I need 5 one tier materials you can find then inside of the first floor." He replied happily as he was more then happy to help out new comers. "Alright sir I'll get right to it!" She replied happily as she gave a small bow to the old man and walked away looking to see if anyone would be willing to join her on this little adventure.
  3. Word had come that the 25th floor had been unlocked for everyone to explore, but also that it was quite the impossible place to navigate through, like a maze, because … it was a maze. Macradon wanted to go out hunting, but he didn’t want to go alone just yet. Thinking of who he could ask to come with him, an obvious choice would be Alec, but he wasn’t sure if he was busy today, and since he wasn’t at the shop, Macradon would let him have his day off from working all day and all night in Macradon’s Blacksmith Shop. Preparing himself to venture up the floors, he would eat a hearty meal before going into a brainstorm of what to do. Thinking of someone else who could be pretty capable of fighting on the 25th floor could be someone like @Bahr. Even though he was “just” a tier 2 player, he was a Two Handed Sword wielder, so his damage output could be worthwhile. Sending a message to Bahr asking if the fighter was willing to join him on the journey to the vast labyrinth of the 25th floor, and that he was looking for someone else to join them. As he walked out of his house wearing his casual red and white jacket and his single vambrace on his left arm, Macradon ventured through the first floor’s plaza and met a young man he had met before “Hello there. @Oscar, wasn’t it? I’m going to explore the 25th floor and looking for companions, would you be man to join me?” Macradon asked. < Snack of the Bear consumed > < Hearty Seafood Soup consumed > < Focused Chili Dog consumed > < Good Luck Chuck consumed > < Snack of the Hare consumed > Stats
  4. In the moment that players of higher levels were constantly looking for ways to clear the floors and boss fights taking place one after the next, it wasn't like that for the players with the strength of Able. While his stats were low, his experience in surviving the crude and harsh conditions Aincrad propsed was definitely up there with the veterans. Any player could train and go fight the next floor boss with the frontlines, not every player was able to survive the weather, the mobs, and worst of everything else: the players themselves. Most people could be approached without the fear of your life being taken from you within the blink of an eye, but then there are those that care not for their actions in the video game of death. Taking a gulp of what was once cold water now turned room temperature, Able felt relieved. Wiping away an excess of sweat and the hair that at this point looked like he came straight out of the shower, he looked up towards the top of Mount Kazan only to see the heatwaves emenating from the mountain giving it the illusion that it was swaying from side to side similiar to when one would look at their reflection in a pool of water after making ripples of waves. In the background there was the sound of chatter between friends and the complaints about the heat from people new to the environment. Some players coated with armor from head to toe, while others loitered about in nothing more than some short cloth to make the heat more withstandable. If anything was certain, it was that water would become your best friend anytime you spent some time on this floor. Taking one last quick check at his inventory before setting out on an adventure, his index swiped and scrolled through the menus. Placing a marker on his map at the center of the large mountain depicted, he had every intention to attempt to make it to the top of Mount Kazan. "Water, check. Food, check. Equipment, check." Able whispered to himself so he doesn't forget anything before setting out. Realizing he was carrying some consumables in his inventory he popped a <<Yui's Grace>> granting him more experience for a given period of time. "Time to roll out. Let's turn this mountain into a casual stroll." Little did he know, how hot it was going to get, and how dangerous it may potentially be. @Lessa Consumed 1 <<Yui's Grace>> granting additional SP upon completion of this thread.
  5. Cordelia coughed into her arm as she watched the sky grow brighter. It was a lovely day to be out and about! Today was the day! Today was the day she was going to be fighting a land shark! Maybe she should've asked Oscar to come... he was the one who told her about this quest, too... Gah. Maybe not. She feels like such a pest around him sometimes. Sure, she liked the guy but she wouldn't want to spend everyday and hour with him! A girl needs her personal space sometimes! She left Pacco at home today. He wasn't fully trained just yet so she didn't really want him to scare away NPC children and get caught in other people's hair... a lot of Col was lost that day. Until he's fully trained, she doesn't intend for him to leave her inn room, but who knows, maybe he'll attack her when she comes back-
  6. Cordelia stretched her arms out in front of her as she sniffed. Damn, was it cold! She definitely was not used to this. Huh, she did hear of a quest that pretty much negated environmental temperature and effects, maybe she should do that one day. Scratch that, maybe really soon. Who knows what kind of other frozen floors are waiting for her? Hell, for all she knew, the next few floors that were undiscovered could be frozen wastelands! She shuddered at the thought, or was she shuddering because of the cold? Some things weren't meant to be solved in this world, apparently. She tucked a strand of hair behind her ears as her other hand hugged her arm. Maybe she should've brought some warmer clothes, too. Sure, her jacket may look all warm and inviting but hell, it was as thin as paper! She forgot who she even ordered this coat from, but dang, they did a horrible job with it.
  7. There was definitely something off with this floor. Maybe it was the way that everything was strangely peaceful, or maybe it was just Cordelia being her usual paranoid self. The blonde sighed as she looked down at the bag she had gotten not too long ago-- really, just like, five minutes ago-- and sighed. Maybe this floor was too high for her skill level. Would it even be safe to travel outside of Ralberg alone? She shuddered as a few things came into thought. Well, you only live once, so to hell with those thoughts! Cordelia stretched her arms as she looked past the gates of the seemingly peaceful town. Who knows what was out there. Sure, she had done a couple minutes of research on each of the discovered floors so far, but that was pret-ty different from actually going out there alone. "You only live once. You only live once," she repeated under her breath as she clicked her heels against the cobbled flooring. Consumed: Perfect Jacques Torres Chocolate Chip Cookies: 3 LD @Alec
  8. Roulette

    [PP-01] Perish Song

    Ji-hu shoved his hands into his pockets as he strolled out of the town. It was pret-ty boring to say the least. Three months have passed by now, huh? He chuckled to himself. He knew that the kid was bluffing. He couldn't believe that he actually believed him at first, too. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. He actually felt kind of stupid for believing that kid. He might be dead right now for all he cared. He was a freak anyway. Probably throw some diagnosed mental illness in there and then you got yourself a perfect cliche antagonist. That kid was sick in the head, that's for sure. "Damn," he mumbled, kicking a loose rock into the tall grass. "Why do I still feel so damn paranoid?" Ji-hu murmured, scratching the back of his auburn head. "It's not like he'll remember anything anyway. Bah, he probably forgot about it, anyway."
  9. Macradon was packing up his shop for today, cleaning everything after Alec had left, closing down the shop before he would go out for his next lil’ errand. He wanted to prepare himself to get some consumables that would aide him with his combat. Today his sights were set on the Lightning Rod item from the Lord of the Seas on floor 12. It shouldn’t be a problem for him to take alone, so he would just venture out towards the floor with swamps that the Lord of the Seas resided in. Wearing his usual fighting attire, Macradon was clad from head to toe in darkened plate mail with red cloth scattered around as scarfs and accents to the armor. Walking with his sword in his back harness as well as his cerberus chained up to his hand, Macradon was ready to take this lord of the seas a second time. Stats
  10. DraynaRue

    [PP-F2] <<The Venomous Warg>>

    Quest <<The Venomous Warg>> Receive item <<Antidote>> for starting quest After Gatsly finished explaining the details of the task that Drayna and Kityuisa were to embark on, they begin heading towards the point that was now marked on their map. Drayna, having never been to Floor 2 before, or anywhere else besides the areas around the Town of Beginnings for that matter, cannot help but gaze around at her surroundings like a kid in a candy store. "Wow, I would never've seen stuff like this if hadn't left the Town of Beginnings" she says to herself with seemingly endless energy, almost as if she'd forgotten the fact that the quest they had accepted was, in fact, a kill quest. Still looking everywhere but the direction she's going Drayna starts talking to Kityuisa at a very fast and energetic pace "So, Kityuisa- er, Yui- Can I call you Yui? How much of Aincrad 'ave you seen? What kinda stuff's on this floor? How many floors have you been to? *Energetic Squeal* I've got too many questions" Inventory @Kityuisa
  11. Kirbs strolled through the courtyard with a conflicted face. It was pretty... pretty here. How was a mob going to spawn in a city like this? Some things just don't really make sense, anymore, huh? She kicked a few rocks and mumbled under her breath. She was tired, again. This time was odd, though. She wasn't planning in her stack of papers like she was usually doing. Last night, she was just lying in her bed... thinking. She didn't particularly know why but damn, it was great falling asleep on your bed instead of a bloody counter. She flicked through her inventory with a sigh. Maybe she could do some hunting to get her adrenaline up. Nothing better for the soul than killing a couple of mobs, right? Kirbs grumbled under her breath in agreement as she equipped her spear. The same spear Alec had made for her... She pushed her hair up and sighed. She hated the way she had left him when they had finished Essence of Steel. The guilt was gnawing at her damn gut.
  12. Solei blinked as he was roughly shoved outside of that lady's shop, a quest window opening right in front of him just as he did so. "Can't be too hard," he mumbled to himself as he closed the window. Gathering just a few crystals shouldn't be too much of a challenge. He's had to deal with tiny toddlers for two years, so this was going to be a piece of cake for him! The bluenette blinked as he looked around the town confusingly. Where was the exit again? "C'mon, Danny," he face palmed himself as she laughed under his breath. "Two years of being cooped up in this town and you still don't know the exit?" He sighed under his breath and resorted to asking people nearby, or maybe he should just ask some of the kids back at the house. God, even those kids would probably know about the game than he did! He felt like some kind of sales merchant. Just going from one person to another, asking questions that make him look dumb. Well, he could always look dumber. He could've been signing these questions! For some reason, a familiar shade of white hair caught his eye. Oh, oh, oh! It was that guy who owned that shop he was just at not too long ago! He should be experienced, right? Marching right over to the man, he poked his shoulder and grinned sheepishly. "Sorry for interrupting, but do you know how to get out of this town? I think I'm kind of lost." @Bahr
  13. Ryo let the gentle waves wash over his boots as he stared off into the horizon. The endless sea stretched before him, claiming everything in his vision. Why did he come here again? To remind himself of his past sins? To hope that he would forgive himself of all the pain he's caused? That he was somehow deserving of the love he had found with Teion? He placed a hand onto his face, rubbing the bridge of his nose. He needed to clear his head, to stop thinking of the past. Of his past. He pulled himself away from the calming waves of the ocean and looked back at the ramshackle building that was Lowenthal's beach shop. Stepping inside he could see that it was ransacked some time ago. The shelves were bare, dust riddled the floor, a few cosmetic swimsuits littered the floor. Ryo ignored all of the, skimpy looking, swimwear and moved to the back. Behind the counter was a small box, broken open and left empty for anyone to find. Ryo sighed and moved to the back room. The curtain made of wooden beads clattered against one another gently as he moved them aside and entered. Inside was a hammock, riddled with holes and enough space for about two or three more people. Ryo looked underneath the hammock and spotted something glimmering in the shadows. Reaching out, he found that he had discovered a small pin. The pin was intricate, and most likely made of ivory. It was also in the shape of a chess piece. Ryo let out a sigh as he pocketed the small memento. Standing, and leaving the shop Ryo made his way home to his mansion. "Good evening, sir." Pennyworth, his butler, said greeting the man. "Yo." Ryo said, giving the elderly NPC a wave. "Teion upstairs already?" "I believe Lady Teion stated that she was quite tired after the daily grind and retired early for the evening, Lord Ryo." Ryo nodded. "Makes sense. I think I'll follow suit." He said making his way up the stairs. He entered his room to see that the lights were already dimmed, and a sleeping Teion resided in his bed. Ryo gave a small grin as he changed into sleepwear and lied down beside his love. He reached over to his lantern, turning it off completely, letting the pin he had found sit on the nightstand. Ryo then drifted to sleep Lowenthal had been awake for some time now and had already made great headway into the day. "Let's see, Hikoru should be here by now." He said to himself, his white jacket blowing gently in the breeze. Hikoru wasn't late, but it was getting close to the meet up time that they had agreed on. He was on the third floor, the elven forest where a solider had appeared and was desperate of help. If either of the player didn't have a unique skill, then perhaps they would've been ignored. But that wasn't the case. The solider had approached them, and nearly pleaded for their help. "Please adventurers. Lend the king your aid." The Elvish solider asked. "With what, if I may ask?" Lowenthal inquired. "A bit of spy work. We believe a man by the name of A'Lan is working against the crown and is planning a terrorist attack against our people." The soldier said. "Please, sneak into his room and find evidence of his crimes and deliver it to me so that they crown may thwart this attack." Lowenthal rubbed his chin. Perhaps this was up their ally. After all, they were the 'Master of Shadows'. This stealth mission seemed right up their ally. "Alright. Done." Ryo said, accepting the mission. "C'mon Hikoru, I'm starting to get bored." Lowe said to himself again, his foot tapping. He drew his kunai, and spun it on one finger. "And also kinda hungry." He whined, his stomach making an audible groan. "You hush." Lowe said, re sheathing his dagger. Looking up he could see a tuft of dark hair atop of darker clothing bounding his way. "Haha! There's the man of the hour!" Lowenthal said, beaming from ear to ear. "About time you showed up. Ready for your first stealth mission as the new Master of Shadows?" Lowenthal said, giving the boy a light tease.
  14. Didja' ever wonder what would happen if you never met someone? Yeah, Kirbs did. Her life would be so much damn easier if she hadn't met a couple certain people. She wouldn't have gone so much damn pain if she hadn't ever met Bell, but the same goes for that bastard, Pinball. In all of the times she had spent with him, she never enjoyed any of it. First time, he bloody stunned her. Second time, he cut her friend's bloody arm off. Third time... he might've saved her life the third time she saw him, but that all went down the frekin' drain when she found out that he murdered Bell. That bastard couldn't have made her life any frekin' worse, right? Wrong. Every time she even thought about him, it made her want to kill him even more! She wanted that, right? She wanted to see her best friend's murderer go down to the pits of effing' hell, right? Damn right she did. The silent redhead made her way out of town as she stalked silently to the barren fields just outside of the walls. It was here, she was sure of it. It was here that she first met that sad excuse for a human. Why was she so calm around him? She hated it. She hated being reminded that she had once acted so casually around a murderer. Around her friend's murderer. @Pinball
  15. Ghost

    [PP-F1] Morning Routine

    Early morning sunlight entered the Inn’s windows, cutting through the darkness. The small particles in the air visible in the beams of light. “Ah, no.., It can’t be morning already…” Jade said, throwing a pillow at one of the windows. Jade got upright and groaned as she got to her feet. She quickly went through her morning routine: Shower, Brush, Get Dressed, etc. After this, she has some time on her hands to think about the previous day or the day ahead of her. Then she goes to get some breakfast from one of the restaurants or shops nearby. She reluctantly left the room and went out the front doors of the Inn, heading to the closest source of available food. This place was so comforting the first day, then everything took a turn for the worse. She let out a long sigh. Thats went she saw one of the restaurants workers walk out with a sign. “Wait, what time is it?” She quickly opened her menu to see eleven twenty-nine staring back at her. Her eyes widened. Looking up she began running towards the restaurant. “It's not too late, it's not to-ahHH!” She yelled, running into someone, Jade face planting in the process. She looked up at her still open menu. “11:30”. “It’s too late…” She whimpered, immediately remembering the person she ran into, her face turned bright red, she swiftly got to her knees and faced them. “O-oh! I-I’m so sorry! A-Are you ok?” @Kyot0
  16. Kirbs has recently found a new thinking place; the bitter snow covered fields of floor four. She just kind of happened to come here after being cooped up in her shop for so long. Sometimes she would just walk around and sometimes she would just lay in the snow, contemplating her life choices like a typical teenager would. The place just so happened to be where she met Sey and Leru, too, so she supposed it held some kind of sentimental value or something. She hasn’t seen that bastard in a while. Not since he invited her to his wedding, at least. Damn, that bastard is really going to get it from her if she ever sees him again. The redhead groaned as she felt backwards onto the bare snow. The cold didn’t bother her much anymore now that she had that survival skill or something. She pulled down the skin of her face with her palm as she let out another groan. Damn, her life was a bloody mess. @Sey
  17. Shortly after I had handed the package to the old and bearded Blacksmith Tealeaf he asked me to help him with acquiring some rare materials he needed for his crafts. As Saphira hadn't done the quest on her own, he also asked her if she was willing to help with this. We had talked about it on our way to his workshop, and had agreed that we would do the quest together, right now. So with this in mind I nodded and smiled at the blacksmith and said "Oh yeah, I would love to help you with this. Miss Saphira, are you ready to get some mats?" after that I realized, that his mission was just the same as the first and I was a little worried about it being boring, until I opened the quest menu and skipped through the quests description. It wasn't boring gathering, but instead it was hunting small mobs to obtain the materials we needed. I loved the thought of it, but then I had never really used my weapon, so now I had to learn, and maybe prepare for it. I wondered how much damage the mobs would be able to deal, and it it would hurt, so I simply turned to Saphira and asked her, as she must have fought and also gotten hit a lot to be at such a high level. "Uhm... Miss Saphira, you must have much experience, so would you please tell me how strong those mobs will be. Will I need my shield, or do you think my uniform will be enough? And would you be okay with showing me how to fight on one of them before I try myself?" OOC: @Saphira
  18. It had been a some time since the leaders of the Guardians of the new Dawn had decided that they needed a place for them to meet and gather around. The guild was nice and they had done a few things together, but without a guildhall they weren't a real guild. After Eatos had died the progress of gathering col for it had nearly stopped, but today Hei would change that. It was still early, but the sun was shining bright on the first floor when Hei left the hanger with his small Raptor at his side. He had prepared for this, and his backpack was filled with useful items when he headed towards the teleportation plaza with a sandwich in his hand. He had had some tea, but he wanted to be early, so Stryder would sure be at home, so he was eating on his way towards him. Once he reached the teleporter, he quickly teleported to the twenty second floor and made his way to the stone house Stryder was living in. He knew he had his shop in there too, but if you didn't knew, it was hard to find it without any signs telling about its presence. Once he was there, he walked to the simple door and knocked a few times, then stepped aside and waited for Stryder to open it. While he was waiting in front of the house, he thought if there were others that would want to help, and he remembered that Dustin had joined the guild on a hunting trip, so hi might be one to ask if he would want to tag along. Quickly he opened the menu and typed a message @Dustin Hey friend, I'm at Stryder's and am planing to go out to the eleventh floor. I heard, somewhere in the forest, there should be a ruined castle where living armours spawn and that they have better loot than most other mobs. Also there should be a good amount of materials waiting for everyone who enters the castle. Hei OOC: @Jinx
  19. How many days have I repeated this cycle? This cycle of doing nothing but standing here...I lost track a long time ago. Drayna thinks to herself as she stands in front of the gate leading out from the Town of Beginnings. "A single step...why can't I at least manage that much?" She whispers to herself, trembling slightly as she slowly takes a step forward. "Just a step...just one..." As her foot touches the ground her vision blurs slightly and she begins shaking as she remembers how she felt that fateful day 2 years ago. "I just want to go home...I don't...I DON'T WANNA DIE!!" She stands there frozen in place, one foot outside the safe zone, tears beginning to stream down her face. Yet, she doesn't move, she just stares. She stares at the world beyond the safe zone like she has done each and every day, for 2 years. Except this time, this day, she won't run away. Today is the day she leaves the Town of Beginnings, today is the day she plays the game she travelled all this way to play. Naturally, Drayna being Drayna, she forgot to even grab a quest. [OOC] If anyone wants to join in on Drayna's first adventure outside the gate, that'd be great :) the next post will probably be either later tonight (06:04pm is my time as of this post) or some time tomorrow, as I'm posting this then going out. I'll see y'all on the field :)
  20. Kirbs

    [PP-F01] Fist to Face

    Kirbs leaned back against a stone wall and sighed. Boy, was this going to be a long day. It was Bell's birthday after all! Oh ho~. He probably thinks that she forgot, but dear ol' Evelyn never forgets! She was sitting with crossed legs. She had planned this out for a full day and she had everything prepared! Well, she worked with what she had. She might or might not be pretty broke at the current time so she had to work with what she got. The girl had just bought him a small and simple and authentic Japanese pancake, since it was still relatively early in the morning. And boy, does she know how much Bell loves his tea so she brought a small canister for that too. It wasn't much, but damn, was she proud of herself. She had quickly typed up a message for the other redhead and grinned at her work.
  21. Kirbs

    [PP-03] Secrets

    The redhead yawned as she exited from her shop's doorless building. She was going to do some early morning gathering! With her shop being closed for now, she wanted to spend the extra time either leveling up or gathering. Oh, how fun that absolutely sounded. Not. She sighed and scooted out of town quickly, with her familiar- unfortunately- on her shoulders. Was it too late to make amends with Scarfy? I mean, he's been a jerk ever since she quote on quote, 'befriended' him. Was it so hard to ask for some damn respect from this legless thing? She rubbed her eyelids with her fingers and internally groaned. She was stuck in a video game and all she was worrying about was her virtual fox-snake pet thingie. Oh, must the world be so cruel to her? Kirbs stepped on to the fresh green grass with a faltered smile. It could've probably been more genuine if she didn't have a ten pound Nguruvilu around her damn neck. There was an odd feeling she had, however. Like a gut feeling when you know something bad was going to happen. Great.
  22. After the unfinished business in the sixth floor was taken care of, Vigilon, Krysta, and Vigilon's real world friend, Amelia(known in the game as Kanari_Kakaze) headed over to the eleventh floor, and entered one of the floor's restaurants to discuss what they were going to do next. The day was still young, after all. There was still time to do something else. "Who knew that Wyvern Fangs could pass for Dragon Fangs? Well, in some cases, that is, from what Scilla told me." The potion had finally been made, and he was told that it could cause certain things to be clearer, depending on the situation. Vigilon guessed that it would apply to things like being in his mind while resting at the Waterfall of the sage, or even make it possible for these weird dreams he's had to make sense. Either way, he wouldn't be drinking the potion until later. Much later. "Maybe, these weird dreams I've been having could finally make sense...then again, when have my dreams ever made sense?" Kanari shrugged. "Beats me." @Krysta
  23. Roulette calmly left the shop, although he was pretty sure he was going to lose that damn facade once he actually starts gathering. Seriously, what had he been doing for the last two years? Everything seemed quite a bit fuzzy to him and he couldn't explain why. Although, he was sure that the NerveGear was messing up his head... in more ways than one. Never had he ever felt so stooped in his life. There were frontliners with two years worth of progress under their belt and where was he? Doing the damned beginning fetch quest on the first floor when there are already more than twenty discovered. He didn't doubt himself, surely. He was most certain that he would join their ranks eventually. He was lacking time, though. Much of it. If he was going to be on top, he's going to have to finish things twice as fast. He pushed up his glasses and pressed his lips into a thin line. Did he really need glasses right now? They were useless now that his vision was as clear as day. He shooed the thought away and looked at the sun in the sky. It was smack dab in the sky. Noon. That should be enough time to gather a few materials and make a stupid potion. He didn't waste much time staying in that spot for long since he was already nearing the town exit. Roulette ran a hand through his tousled orange hair and sighed. There was a gut feeling he had and it made him feel uneasy. It's going to be a long ass day. @Arabelle
  24. Roulette

    [PP-01] <<TSLIAF>>

    Roulette stretched his arms out in front of him as he descended down the stairs in front of Lyle's workshop. Killing a couple of baby pigs shouldn't be such a big problem, surely? He was never one to actually fight but this couldn't be too hard to do, right? Just to kill a few pigs and bring their tusks to a blacksmith? He was stumped. How was this guy supposed to turn tusks into armor? In a world of a floating castle, he'd expect at least some form of actual logic in here. But what was this bullcrap?! Roulette sighed and ran a hand through his auburn hair. It can't be too possibly hard, correct? He just needed to stab them! He had done a few calculations and researching with this quest and he should be able to at least bring down their health to less than half... if he hits it, that is. @Holchu