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  1. Today was a very rare day for Itzal. It was his day off. There were no reports, rumors, or trails of player killers for a few days actually. Not even the info brokers had anything for him. Either they'd found ways to kill without it being noticed, which was unlikely due to the monument, or they had finally died down a bit to where he could actually take a breather. It was surprising how many players shifted to such a lifestyle on hearing that their lives were in danger. Instead of taking a safer route they jump straight into the thick of danger. Unlike other days however he didn't allow his thoughts to linger on this subject for long. He was currently leaning against the corner wall of a tavern a player had made to earn some col without risking their life out in the field. All he purchased for himself was some jerky as this was only a pit stop on his way to another destination. Once there he'd have a proper meal. The owner of this establishment of course, had cast lots of glances at him when he had picked up his meal, and even glared at where he'd went once he activated his stealth skill. Becoming invisible to all in the tavern, which was mingling with both players and npcs. While he ate some of his jerky, his face obscured by a shadowy mist, he watched as Aldion sat on one of the shelves next to a table where a single player sat. The raven was watching the entire tavern for the most part, as Itzal trained him to be aware of everything in his surroundings, so neither of them were paying attention to the woman. Though, that would change in a moment or two. @Nightingale
  2. It was a beautiful sunny day on the fields of crossing the sun was high in the sky and the patches of flowers that grew there were in full bloom bathing the field in a sea of colors and filling the air with a sweet aroma. It was in one of these flower patches that Zuekin had decided to take a nap his body mostly hidden amongst the roses and dandelions that surrounded him. Due to the fields being a safe zone he didn't think that he would need to wear his armor so he was just laying there in his usual workout shirt and sweat pants. But for as peaceful as it seemed outside there was a storm raging inside of zuekins head as he dreamed. He was back in the real world in the backseat of a car he could hear rain pounding against the roof and the howling of the wind outside, and in the front of the car there were two older people a woman who was driving at the moment and a man they were arguing he couldn't understand what they were saying their voices sounded muffled but he could tell they were yelling about something important he was about to ask who these people were, when out of nowhere a crack of lightning shot down hitting a tree infront of them causing it to fall into the road the car swerved out of the way and of the road into the tree line they were about to impact another tree but just before they did zuekin woke up sitting straight up abruptly in a cold sweat screaming out in pain as if he had just been stabbed panting like he had just finished a marathon he ran his hands over his body making sure he wasnt wounded but then rememberred where he was. With a heavy sigh he looked down at his hands "what the heck was that about and who were those two people?" @Vigilon @Astralin
  3. Hisa returned to Lyle Tealeaf, the blacksmith she visited during an earlier quest. This time however, it was not about delivering a package. Instead, she wanted to look at equipment and weaponry she could use as decoration, since she thought about visiting the cash shop and spend some money to get a house. The npc greeted her as she stepped through the door "Welcome back Hisa. Listen, I am short on some materials, like Boar Pup Tusks." "Uh huh." she uttered, visibly distracted by her imagination running wild, thinking about furniture ."I was wondering if you could help me collect some." "Uh huh", Hisa replied, wondering if crossed swords would look nice or cheesy should she put them on the walls. "Great, please bring me 3 of them, I'll wait here with your payment once I recieved the materials." "Uh huh." 'Quest accepted' "Wait, what?" The system messaged caused her to snap out of her trying to visualize her future home. Seconds later, the quest objective appeared on screen 'Kill Boar Pups until you've gathered three Boar Pup Tusks'. "Oh, great, fetch quest, yay." she sighed. "But hey, at least I get to relieve some stress, finally something to fight!" she exclaimed before turning around to leave the shop. Outside, she opened up a private chat with Katoka "Hey, how's it going? I've just accepted a fetch quest and I wondered if you'd like to join me and hunt some boars, just like in the other mmorgs we played together." Just for good measure, since the last guild members she met were really nice, she put out an open invitation as well: "Hey, once again, I'm on a quest. If anyone wants to join Katoka and me, feel free to meet us at the city gates in the town of beginnings."
  4. Two full days had passed since Itzal's recent encounter with Zandra. A very much needed encounter at that. While he still felt the pain of losing his wife, it wasn't nearly as weakening as it was. As the sun set that night, Itzal told Zandra about Kasier. About how he had married, but they wanted it to be quiet. He didn't go into depth about how they met, though he did mention how it was thanks to Ulises that the two had a chance to begin with. She had asked who he was, and he told her that he'd tell her all about it later. He finished by stating that one day she went on a trip, and a day or two later he found her name on the monument. And after that, everything just went to hell. He even told her that Velnia, his familiar, had perished. And how even though he managed to get her back after the first time she died, he really didn't want to find her a third time. It just, didn't feel right. Eventually the two retired to their homes for the night, but the next day they met up again. This time, in the sunlight, and with a much more lighter conversation. And now it was officially two days later. Despite him spending time with her partially out of fear of losing someone again, he really did enjoy spending time with her. He missed having a friend to just hang out with. Even before he lost Kasier, he cut ties with his friends for a multitude of reasons. So now, Zandra was the only friend he really had left. He would always wear his black outfit every time they went out of course. He wasn't about to come back as Itzal publicly, just as Are. So here he was, sitting on a branch of a massive tree in the middle of a field. They chose this as their next meeting place, so he just sat there eating some curry while waiting for her. @Zandra
  5. Feeling a little more comfortable after venturing out of the city on the first and second floor, Hisa's confidence rose, maybe a little too much. She figured that she can probably take on greater challenges and ventured all the way up to the fifth floor. With each floor, the zones got harsher and harsher, turning from lush green plains to barren lands and finally into a desert. Taking her first few steps into this level, a heatwave immediately hit her. While nice at first, the heat soon tired her out. Sweaty and exhausted she sought shelter in a nearby tavern. As soon as the moon drove the sun out of the sky, temperatures dropped rapidly. She went from multiple cold showers in a row to wrapping herself in blankets in a matter of hours. The next morning, the cycle began anew. When her room started to heat up, she shoved all the blankets away and changed clothes into something lighter that allowed her to venture outside without dying of a heatstroke. As she approached the gates to leave the safe area, a woman, fully wrapped in a thick cloak that covered every inch of her body, stopper her. "Excuse me, are you an adventurer?" the misterious figure asked. A little bewildered, Hisa replied cautiously "Yes, I am." "I have an important favor of you to ask." the woman said before caughing "I had to leave precious cargo behind because I fell sick and had to save myself. Could you venture out and retrieve my cargo for me?". "I, uh" Hisa started before being interrupted by a system message 'Quest Accepted'. "Okay now you're just bullying me!" she yelled at the menu before realizing that all of the npcs started staring at her for shouting at her wrist. Her face turned bright red before she regained her composure and reluctantly accepted her fate "I will retrieve your cargo I guess." "Thank you." the figure replied "But be careful, the desert is a hostile place. Prepare for sandstorms and massive temperature changes." before leaving, entering the nearest inn. 'Survive the Desert' appeared as her new quest objective. "This sounds kinda dangerous, I should probably not do this alone" Hisa figured. After opening the guild chat, she sent the following message.
  6. Stretching his arms across his body Kyoto would look around for any known players near-by. He was standing in front of the quest giver for a quest. It was only a matter of time he'll be able to find a partner for the quest. It wasn't the fact he wasn't strong enough to do it, but he prefers to be with someone, so he has someone to talk to and get to know while on adventures. The last adventure he went on was with one of his old clan members just for a meet up and to catch up. Since the guild has broken up Kyoto been running solo but has been thinking about joining a guild but just wasn’t sure who to go to. Eventually he turned around and there she was. The strange thing is she was a lot stronger than Kyoto and seems to be part of the frontlines by the way she looked. “Hello.” He said before continuing with what he has to say. “Are you planning on taking on this quest?” He felt kind of embarrassed asking since this quest could be fairly simple, or I could actually be challenging for the young boy. But only time will tell once he hears back from the girl. @Cordelia
  7. Having finished her first quest, Hisa was ready for the next challenge. She read something about breaking a boulder to unlock the martial arts skill, so she decided that this was the task she should do next, how hard could it be? Selecting the quest in her available quests list, led her up the the second floor. Upon arriving, the questmarker moved to a mountain peak. "Oh, great, gotta climb again." she sighed before venturing southward. During the walk along the trail to her destination, she realized that the zone is slightly different to the first floor. The terrain was rough and barren, instead of trees the landscape was filled with rocks and boulders. Yet, there were no enemies in sight. "Maybe they really only spawn at night , at least on the lower floors" she thought before finding herself facing a steep incline as the road stopped. With the quest marker straight ahead she had no choice but the hike and climb her way up. It was a fairly long ascent but she was sure that at the top, something amazing had to wait for her. It was the quest to unlock martial arts afterall, maybe a monastery of monks. Her imagination went wild as the final edge was just an armslength away. As she grabbed it and pulled herself up, her disappointment was visible. It wasn't a monastery, nor a training ground filled with fighters, but a single, small hut. Still, this quest in was marked as 'Very Hard' for her level. She wondered if the path to the boulder would be filled with enemies, or that there might be a bossfight in that building. Unsure of what to do next, the quest objective only stating 'Knock on the door of the hut' and with the danger of dying being ever-present, she decided to ask for help. Thankfully, her friend Katoka convinced her guild leader to invite Hisa back when the game started out. Having mostly been inactive and spending time in the city, she never actually talked to any of the members. Reluctantly, she typed a message in guild chat, asking for anyone to help her with this quest as she was unsure of what she would confront her if she opened the door.
  8. Shell stepped off of the Teleport Gate and into the central plaza of the Town of Beginnings, taking in his surroundings and noting the hustle and bustle of other players therein. As he made his way through the crowd with little issue, he took a quick inventory of what little gear he had, caressing the hilt of his Curved Sword, taking note of the few potions in his bag and grimacing at what Col he had to start with. Knowing very little of his newfound environment with none of his friends having accompanied him here, Shell began to scan the crowd for anyone who seemed knowledgeable enough to point him in the right direction and heading towards the first landmark he could identify, spotting the spires of what he could identify as Black Iron Palace in the distance. The journey there was a relatively short one, and given his unfamiliarity with his surroundings, a rather uncomfortable one as well, with none of his old social crutches to fall back on due to lacking his companions of Reigen and Soryu, hell he'd even had to set up his NerveGear by himself as the two had been caught up in family business. While Shell was in fact happy that they hadn't been trapped as he was, he still would've appreciated someone to act as a buffer to his social ineptitude. After arriving at the Palace, Shell did a quick sweep of the crowd to spot any users that caught his eye, settling on a rather tall lad with striking blue hair and glasses, and making his way towards him.
  9. quest Stats
  10. The fountain outside of what used to be Catfish Sundries and Forge was one of Baldur's most common resting places. It was an oasis in a desert of people. Though his shop had not been open in what felt like years now, there was something familiar and calming about the fountain. The wide stone basin was large enough that he could sit on the edge comfortably, and couldn't hear the conversations being had on the other side of the fountain. It was large enough that the volume of water it spat out created enough white noise to wash out the thrum of conversations surrounding such a busy intersection of streets. It was also a busy intersection of streets. It allowed Baldur to feel the heartbeat of the city, as people flowed up and down the arteries and veins with adventure stories, wares, new and lost loves. It made him feel connected to the life of Aincrad. He could get lost sometimes in his ivory tower. Well, figuratively speaking. Baldur didn't have an ivory tower, he had an island that was impossibly suspended in the air by a teardrop shaped stretch of land. And on that floating island was a Japanese style paradise. Before that, however, he had the seclusion that came with always being on the upper floors. Down here, the majority of the survivors lived safely within the protection of the <settlement>> status. When a new floor was unlocked, people rushed to the upper floors to check out the new settlement, but once the novelty ran out, they returned here. No one wanted to be near the level of danger that came with the highest floor. And floor 25 was a doozy of a floor. The Fort of the Iron Fist was not a vacation settlement like you might find on floor 22 or 24. And now, with the boss freed from it's prison, the floor was cast into perpetual darkness. And so Baldur came here. Away from the frontlines. Away from the stress. Away from the burdens he carried, so that he could relax and be reminded of the life flowing around him and the people he fought for. There were more people in the Town of Beginnings than on all the other floors combined. He needed to be reminded of that sometimes. @Inanna
  11. Quest: Baldur: Baldur, the gaijin samurai, azure kensei, stood amidst the snow and lights of the fourth floor. The once sky blue haori was now developing a snow capped appearance, and the white flames that rose up from the hem now seemed more ice than fire. In spite of wearing armor, he appeared formally dressed. It was nothing different than he usually wore, but with his feet burried in the snow he seemed more an immovable statue of a some long dead hero than a man about to take a quest with his oldest and closest friend in this world. Though the two years that had passed since they had been trapped in the game was a low bar to clear, Baldur knew Lessa better than many people he had known in his previous life. The world outside. The real world. He may not bleed if pricked here, but if he died, he died. If his loved ones died, they died. It put them in a weird sort of, pseudo-world. Theirs were the only lives that wouldn't respawn. No one could reset something and bring them back. The entire experiment would have been interesting to study in some ethics and philosophy class, if it weren't for the fact that these were his friends and... people group. It would be a tragedy that defined a generation. With his arms crossed, and his hands buried in his armpits against a cold he felt more mentally than physically, Baldur waited for the blond to return. She had had the foresight to message him and asked if he wanted a hot coco before they headed out to the tundra of the fourth floor. I should have thought of that. Baldur considered, more angry at himself for thinking that she would be ready to join him at the drop of a hat at the gates of the town. It's been a long time since we were last here. This place had always been special to them. They had bonded here. Grown together as people here. Cried together here. Yet it had been a long time since Baldur had spent what felt like a summer in Lessa's small cabin. Teaching children, and just... being. Baldur missed just being beside her. He had never been able to make a move forward though. The memory of Tyger still held him back. She wasn't the only reason he needed to push forward to clear the game, and while Baldur finally realized his heart had moved on, waking up in the real world and going from living with her to being in... infatuated with another women may be too strange to bear. Relationships in this game may only exist in this game. The world outside would be different, and the confines of reality would fall on them all. And so Baldur stood grounded, snow covered, and immobile while the world whipped flurries of snow all around him. Immortal compared to the short lived lives of snowflakes. He had experienced so much here, and if they didn't finish clearing the tower they would be lost, like snowflakes in the tundra.
  12. The sound of the forest. <<Floor 22>> <<Summer of the second year>> An ancient Chinese emperor once said: The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all. Perhaps it had to do with the strength of the flower triumphing over all odds, everything that would kill, destroy, or hold it back fails, and so only the most strong and beautiful flower reaches through towards the life giving light of the sun. Another perspective would be that in the midst of so much death, darkness, and gloom, that little bit of beauty seems all the more brilliant because of its situation. Whatever the actual truth the emperor meant, Baldur couldn't help but see the later. Perhaps it was because Aincrad was a castle and a prison. It was life and death, and there were some says when there was just so much death, but then there were perfect moments like these. The gaijin wanna-be Samurai was tall compared to most people, but he was taller when specifically compared to the Japanese. There were always people taller than him, but he rarely had to crane his neck to look up at anyone as he did the trees that comprised the Forest of Memories. He didn't know why it was called the forest of memories, but for him it was true. The forest, the lake, there was something about this entire floor that reminded him of his childhood summers. Packing his camping stuff into the car, with his best friend and his parents, and they would leave to go deep into the mountains. There, they would find a spot on the side of the road where the trees were just barely wide enough to get the truck through, and then they would go until they found a lake. Set up their tent and campfire, and they would not see another living person for the next two weeks save for supply runs to the town an hour away with less people than his high school class. The lake was all snow melt, and the trees were all giant evergreens. They were so remote out there, that the forest service actually stocked the lakes with fish by plane. They created salt-glass bottles, and filled them with water and baby fish, and would release them from the air. The salt bottles would dissolve, and the fish would escape and survive in the ponds for them to fish. He put one large hand on such a tree, and his steel blue eyes slowly pulled back from the far away memories he was reliving. This entire floor, and forest, reminded him of home that strongly. Home. It was never home, but for some reason, being here in Aincrad, home became the memories that would draw him into the other world it was the feelings, that reminded him of the peace he had known before this world. Giving a little extra tug on the blue sleeves of his formal montsuki haori, he pulled it free of the branches where it was caught, causing the fight flames on the hem to ripple slightly, making them look as if they were living flames. The red silk wrapping the handle of his sword was guided by his hand like a rudder, helping the dark lacquered wood of the saya not hit any trees or get caught, but the haori was only held closed loosely by a burnished orange cord, so it spread out behind him, catching in branches until the full heron-wading-in-the-rushes symbol on his back was splayed out behind him. He had been holding the emerald teardrop shaped Matagama in his hand idly while he reminisced about home, as if it were a magical talisman against the past... or perhaps against the present. He could never be certain here. The days were he felt more like Jason were fewer and fewer these days, and the ones where he was Baldur became more firm and more... real. Baldur was who lived here in the castle of Aincrad, and Jason was someone he fought to save. Jason belonged to the other world. The world that remembered a forest like this as home. How long have I been wandering here? He couldn't quite see the light of the sun here, but the floor above could be blocking it, or the trees. The crepuscular rays that filtered down through the branches of the trees were not enough to give him the time of day, and it didn't feel right to open up his UI and look for the clock. Not here. Instead, he guessed it to be somewhere around mid afternoon, based on how long he had remembered walking. He often was lost in his thoughts, but not for that long. Purple? He didn't remember seeing any purple flowers before, but that was definitely a shock of purple just beyond those trees, in what appeared to be a small clearing. Slowly, the large gaijin samurai wanna-be pushed through the foliage until he reached the purple flower. A young woman, standing over what appeared to be a stone staircase leading deep into the earth. @Teion
  13. With Zackariahs’ package in hand, Null heads to find the blacksmith, Lyle Tealeaf. After a few minutes of searching he finds the building and walks inside to see an older gentleman with a beard hammering away at an anvil. Lyle: “Oh! Hello there young man! What can I do for ya?” The man says in a powerful tone. Null flinches a little at the volume, but takes out the package. Null: “Hello sir, I assume you are Mr. Tealeaf? My name is Null, and I have a package from Mr. Zackariah that he requested I bring to you.” Lyle: *Laughing* “Ahhaha, perfect! These must be the crafting materials I requested. Thank you young man.” He opens the package and looks facepalming. “Oh darn, I forgot to ask for the boar tusks! Excuse me young man, I seem to be missing some important materials in this box, could I ask you to go out and collect some for me?” Null: “O-of course sir!”
  14. [Level 5 || 3 EVA || 3 ACC || 4 DMG || Hidden Blade || Assassin's Armor || Strange Sigil || 1 Safeguard || x2 Tier 1 HP Potion] Akio walked through the town of beginnings as he usually did. His hood was up, obscuring his face. He set his armor's color scheme to blue at the moment since most of the npc's around him were wearing either blue, brown or green clothing, and of course the leather bag he had hanging over his shoulder for storing stolen goods. He'd already took a few things of interest and sold them, and had used the col to purchase some food from an npc. He was told that food made by players, especially in their shops, was a hell of a lot more delicious than the npc foods, but he didn't want to risk becoming well known. The less people who had met him and knew who he was the better. And if that player Hei had taught him anything, it was that he should never ever trust any players on the first day. If he was forced to work with one, he couldn't just open up and tell them about himself or information he knew. And, regarding his orange cursor, he had his cover story: He just stole and got the cursor on a daily basis. At any rate, he was in the middle of eating an apple he purchased when he noticed some of the guards staring at him... Please don't recognize me, please don't recognize me. He kept walking as if he hadn't done anything wrong, but their eyes still stared at him as he approached the gate of the city. Come on, don't throw me out. I'm leaving anyways, don't make this embarrassing for me. Just as he made this silent prayer, he felt two strong hands grab him firmly. Suddenly he stopped walking and just let himself slump to the floor as the dragged him to the gate's entrance. He could feel himself sweating with embarrassment as they yelled stuff about him being a 'criminal' and 'scum' and other things like 'and stay out', 'don't come back'. He even heard the npc's whispering to each other as all this happened. To make the embarrassment worse, they picked him up and threw him out of the town, crashing onto the floor. Akio lay there for a second or two, a look of embarrassment, frustration, and other emotions on his face. "I WAS ALREADY LEAVING DAMNIT, YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO DO THAT!!!" He sighed and stood up. "Maybe I'll just skip the dagger skill and master hiding first...." [Iron_Lion] [DMG:_04//EVA:_03] HP: [ ] (100/100) EN: [ ] (10/10) XP: [ ] (0/2) @Teayre
  15. [Lv. 5; Hidden Blade {3 DMG}; Assassin's Armor {3 EVA}; Strange Sigil {3 ACC}; 1 Tent {-1 EN on 1st/2nd C.P.}; 2 T1 Potions {+40 HP}] Akio held out his hand and took the parcel Hannah gave him. Evidently it was a fishing pole. He stared at it for a bit. "...Riiiight. So, how does an artisan make a fishing pole? I thought artisans in this game made jewelry and art and stuff, not tools. Wouldn't a blacksmith or merchant put this together?" There was no response from the npc and he sighed in frustration. "Whatever... I take this to some guy named Ol' Pete right? Where on earth is he?" "He'll be on his boat in the lake by the town~" Hannah replied. Akio scratched his head. 'Well at least it's close by this time...' He still needed to get past the army of guards out there, but he'd been getting pretty good at it... That being said, he didn't want to get too cocky again like the last time. Getting thrown out of the town, being yelled at.. His face flushed at the thought. So embarrassing... He threw the fishing rod into his inventory. "Alright whatever... I'll take it to him, but if this isn't the last quest in this questline so help me I'm going to... Well, I guess I can't cause of the safe zone, but I'll yell at you a lot!" And with that he pulled his hood up and slipped out the door. As he made his way through the town, he'd learned where to avoid and where to take his chances. The main road was too guarded, so he'd need to slip through alleys and such... How he didn't figure this out sooner was beyond him. He kept making detours to learn the best route when he chanced upon the orphanage that took him in when all this started. He froze when he saw the building. And under his hood his eyes narrowed and left the town without another word. Once he was outside however, and nearing the lake he started muttering. "...Tsk... That's one sight I never need to see again... Curse that place." He started to walk faster towards the shore, his head lowering, causing the hood to shadow his face. "Curse every damn orphana-oof!" In his bitter thoughts, he ended up running into somebody. He was a bit shocked and dazed, so he didn't really have a golden chance to run away... He really hoped this wasn't one of those players who threw him at the guards to get thrown out. [Iron_Lion] [Lv. 7] [DMG:_06//EVA:_03] HP: [ ] (140/100) EN: [ ] (14/10) XP: [ ] (0/2) @Mari
  16. Rain? No. It was merely sweat which rolled down his cheeks and drenched the equipment that clung to his slender form. A hand rose to wipe his brow. Seul had been walking for about a watch and it was evident the hellish temperature of this particular floor was beginning to take its toll on his sanity. The eyes were even playing tricks on him now, as he could have sworn the small droplets flung from weary fingers evaporated before ever hitting the red dirt. It was time for a break. Many lovely stones marked the mountain trail. He chose the flattest as his improvised throne and sat crossed-legged. Looking down the slope he could make out the silhouette of Yōgan Village and couldn’t help but flash a wry grin at how far he’d come. That tailor had better have been right about this. The trek up the mountain wasn’t exactly a walk in the park and there was still quite a bit of distance that needed to be covered if he was to reach the nest before dark. The Phoenix was a creature of myth in the real world. To hunt for one now had been almost poetic. His time in Aincrad had killed a part of him. He shambled from place to place; universally hated and feared by those he encountered. But continued on nonetheless in the hopes of seeing the day they would all be free. From the ashes of his past Seul has returned and it is for that end he wields his blade once more. @Oikawa
  17. Another long day in the Town of Beginnings. Although she had gained some decent levels, Yuurei had found a liking to the first town in the game. It was familiar and full of life every day no matter what was going on. She was enjoying her newly made armor too. It was enhanced to allow her to deal more damage as she hit her enemies. Beyond that, she was a bit bored. There wasn’t much for her to do at the moment. Walking along the outskirts of the Town of Beginnings, Yuurei encounters a woman dressed in some odd clothing. It was a nice change of pace from the stagnant day-to-day. The woman explains to Yuurei what ‘familiars’ are and how she can obtain one for herself. This was a cool idea. It would be pretty fun to have a companion for lonely trips with other players can’t join her. Yuurei opened her HUD and pulled up her friends-list. Only one name shown through the opaque menu ‘Shield’. “Hey, I’m questing for a familiar, wanna tag a long?” She messaged him.
  18. On the floor with the main city of Taft, Yuki decided to go mob hunting. She was edging closely to the level of Tier 2 players now and she needed to try and find some unique equipment to use while she made her way up to Tier 3. Bosses and quests would be much more difficult and if she could find some good unique-enhanced items they would be quite the boon to her leveling up. It would be as simple as just taking the time to beat a bunch of mobs up and get some rare and perfect unidentified equips. She headed out of the safe zone to find a good spot to fight mobs. It shouldn't take too long to find a good spot since she was doing the Nature's Treasure quest this time around and would be able to find a courtyard on floor 11. She stepped inside and took a look around for any mobs to start the combat. @NIGHT @Azhoda
  19. Quest Current Stats Violet was standing within the cavern that the quest had guided her to, a bemused look on her face. Apparently the cavern was well known for being a popular place to grind materials, and as of recently, a great place to grind for the new event items. Chocolate eggs. It was apparently a brand new currency used in the easter shops to purchase rare items, including a rather unique dungeon map. She needed to stock up on Tier 3 materials in order to finally get her shop going, and get it stocked with stuff that frontliners would be purchasing. She stood perched on a rock that was jutting out of the underground lake, an amused look on her face. there were players fishing left and right, searching for as many eggs as they could. Her familiar chirped, before nuzzling her face into Violets, eliciting a laugh from the usually stoic and silent pinkette. @Cordelia @Alec
  20. Baldur put on his straw hat. He hadn't worn one since he was a kid, and he picked up his brand new fishing pole. He hadn't been fishing since he was a kid either. Probably since his feet hadn't touched the floor boards of his dad's truck. But it didn't matter here. He had the <<Fishing>> skill, which meant he was just as good as everyone else... at least, mechanically speaking. He didn't know if there was some special way to choose locations, but that's what the quest had picked up was for. <<Nature's Treasure>> was supposed to make it easier, and cut out some of the annoyance, like fishing up monsters. He tied up the sleeves of his kimono, and in an almost unique exception, wasn't wearing his trademarked blue and white haori. Floor 21 was also not a floor he frequented. He didn't care for the grim dark edge lord, or underground floors. But this is where the magic happens. The gaijin fisherman made his way out of the settlement and tried to follow some underground rivers had had seen on his map. Eventually he came to a cavern that seemed remote and unoccupied. A waterfall fell into a pond, and it seemed big enough and deep enough that he could fish there all day and not deplete the pond. Better than that, while he was scouting it, a fish jumped. "Well, this looks about like the perfect spot." He set down his tackle box and interacted with it, loading the <<Bait>> onto the pole and casting out into the pond. "Winner winner chicken dinner." ID#139041 CD: 6 LD: 2+5=7 Materials +1, Eggs +4, +1 Mat from housing bonus Baldur's Haul: Eggs: 4 Mats: 2 @Shield Quest: Baldur: Event: Fishing:
  21. It’s been years since it began. Even still the events of her first day in Sword Art Online, the virtual prison, were clear in her mind. The terror of being trapped in such a dangerous game with your first death being your only death. She had no idea how to play a game like this, she merely wanted to experience a game in virtual reality. She had feared that her inexperience with these systems would get her killed on the first floor, so she refrained from stepping out of the Town of Beginnings. There the invisible barrier protected them from mobs. She had hoped the game would be finished easily. A lot of great MMO players had to have joined the frontlines and it wouldn’t take them long to cut through the floor. Yet more and more people die with every passing day. No more. She won’t stand idle any longer. The young girl passed through the Town of Beginnings to find the beginner's quest she had in her log since the first day. It was time to get started and shape her own future.
  22. After the swift defeat of the snowy dragon, Macradon would look over at Mari “Time for the next?” he asked and began walking towards the 4th floor’s boss room “It’s probably gonna be just as difficult as this one, which doesn’t say a lot.” he said with a chuckle and traversed through the icy cold snowy wilderness. His armor as well as padding underneath helped a lot of keeping his temperature stable, and with his Survival skill, it only made it easier for him to keep his health from depleting in any weather of sorts. Macradon would switch out his frost resistant armor for his trinket again, making sure that his hits were indeed gonna hit his opponent if anything were to happen when they would engage upon the small dragon. The next dragon was located on the 5th floor, the desert floor. “From what I’ve gathered of intel, the dragon will summon a small sandstorm in its vicinity when anything approached it, making it a bit more difficult to get a good look as well as hit on it, so we should be prepared for that.” Macradon explained to Mari as they walked. @Mari Stats
  23. It hadn’t been long since they last saw each other, only … about 2 days has passed since they took down that evil cult with their dragon, and now they were going up to the next. The location as well as the description would pin it to the fourth floor, a cold floor. With that in mind, Macradon began writing a message to Mari. He would send the message and proceed to think over what to wear. His armor would be standard, plate over plate, ice cold to mimic the weather. An additional piece of plate armor over his chest, a special drop from an Event Boss … that would probably be helpful in this fight if Macradon would fail to get his Alpha Strike in. With the equipment set, Macradon began to venture to the fourth floor. @Mari Stats
  24. <<Riker's Edge, Floor 19>> Mina's POV Violet was currently resting at Rosa's bar, enjoying a few drinks with her friends. there was loud, boisterous music playing around the area, making it much more lively than usual. Both Fengor and Kuran were doing a rather ridiculous dance off to the side, eliciting laughter from everyone around them. There were a group of people in a circle around a pair of players dueling each other, the occasional cheering echoing through the room. Meanwhile, Shireen and a pair of her fellow guild-mates were singing an old fashioned ballad alongside a few people who were there to gather some extra information about things that they were researching. meanwhile, Rosa was sitting on the actual bar itself, next to Mina, and drinking straight from one of her wine bottles that she kept around. Violet looked up at the older woman, a grin on her face. "It's a hell of a lot more lively than usual, any reason for that?" she asked, a curious glint in her eyes. Rosa shrugged, looking over at Shireen. "Shireen dealt the final blow to the pricks that attacked Mi Familia, that's why. She's officially become a member of our Enforcer crew." she said cooly, her expression somewhat guarded as she drank from the bottle. Mina shuddered at the idea that her friend was condoning murder, wincing at the idea that her friend would actually be WILLING to kill someone made her nervous to say anything that she might take as an insult. "So, Shiri-chan is an enforcer now? That's kinda scary.." she said quietly, looking down at her mug. "She's still practically a kid compared to the others, Even Kuran for crying out loud!" Violet would have continued speaking, but she heard the door open with the signature chime, causing her to look up to see who the newcomers were. Rosa's POV Rosa was still deep in thought from what she had done the past few days. She'd arranged for her "Arbiters" and "Enforcers" to try and get ahold of the three players that had targeted her own guildmates, her Family, and make them suffer for the sins that they had committed in that regard. Now, however, she was focused on celebrating, even though they had lost two members of her guild due to an ambush. the thought had her looking up at her cursor, her eyes narrowing at the still-green color of it, despite the fact that she was responsible for 2 of the 5 deaths that had happened to that group. She responded to Mina's question about the celebration, lying through her teeth about her being happy that Shireen had gotten her first few kills, which was far from the truth. She was actually disgusted with herself for letting it happen in the first place. No kid should have to kill to protect themselves, let alone just to avenge someone. She was broken out of her thoughts when she heard the door open, and she narrowed her eyes at the group of orange players. She put down her bottle, and equipped her armor, her posture tensed up and making it look like she was ready to fight. Her guild-mates took similar stances once they realized that she had done so. She scowled in their direction, her eyes narrowing further. Her voice when she spoke was frosty cold. "What the hell do you lot want from me and my guild. she said icily, her brow furrowed. @Hidden
  25. Yuki took a deep breath. It took a moment to get used to the difference of the air here on Floor 2 compared to Floor 1. Murky, musty and wet filled the atmosphere. Urbus looked wildly different than the Town of Beginnings as well. It was hard to believe she was actually taking on this challenge. She kind of felt like a questing hero! Her boots clicked against the cobblestone roads as she investigated the area for any possible quests to take and get herself leveled up. She couldn't help the frontal fight if she was a low level forever. It was nice to get out of her armor as well. It was the first time she had worn real clothing since she got ahold of her starting equipment that Macradon had made for her. She was sure she'd be putting it back on soon though, she wanted to get used to the combat in SAO so she could be ready for anything. Starting <<Long Live the Queen>> with @Luna