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Found 347 results

  1. DraynaRue

    [PP-F2] <<The Venomous Warg>>

    Quest <<The Venomous Warg>> Receive item <<Antidote>> for starting quest After Gatsly finished explaining the details of the task that Drayna and Kityuisa were to embark on, they begin heading towards the point that was now marked on their map. Drayna, having never been to Floor 2 before, or anywhere else besides the areas around the Town of Beginnings for that matter, cannot help but gaze around at her surroundings like a kid in a candy store. "Wow, I would never've seen stuff like this if hadn't left the Town of Beginnings" she says to herself with seemingly endless energy, almost as if she'd forgotten the fact that the quest they had accepted was, in fact, a kill quest. Still looking everywhere but the direction she's going Drayna starts talking to Kityuisa at a very fast and energetic pace "So, Kityuisa- er, Yui- Can I call you Yui? How much of Aincrad 'ave you seen? What kinda stuff's on this floor? How many floors have you been to? *Energetic Squeal* I've got too many questions" Inventory @Kityuisa
  2. How many days have I repeated this cycle? This cycle of doing nothing but standing here...I lost track a long time ago. Drayna thinks to herself as she stands in front of the gate leading out from the Town of Beginnings. "A single step...why can't I at least manage that much?" She whispers to herself, trembling slightly as she slowly takes a step forward. "Just a step...just one..." As her foot touches the ground her vision blurs slightly and she begins shaking as she remembers how she felt that fateful day 2 years ago. "I just want to go home...I don't...I DON'T WANNA DIE!!" She stands there frozen in place, one foot outside the safe zone, tears beginning to stream down her face. Yet, she doesn't move, she just stares. She stares at the world beyond the safe zone like she has done each and every day, for 2 years. Except this time, this day, she won't run away. Today is the day she leaves the Town of Beginnings, today is the day she plays the game she travelled all this way to play. Naturally, Drayna being Drayna, she forgot to even grab a quest. [OOC] If anyone wants to join in on Drayna's first adventure outside the gate, that'd be great :) the next post will probably be either later tonight (06:04pm is my time as of this post) or some time tomorrow, as I'm posting this then going out. I'll see y'all on the field :)
  3. Shortly after I had handed the package to the old and bearded Blacksmith Tealeaf he asked me to help him with acquiring some rare materials he needed for his crafts. As Saphira hadn't done the quest on her own, he also asked her if she was willing to help with this. We had talked about it on our way to his workshop, and had agreed that we would do the quest together, right now. So with this in mind I nodded and smiled at the blacksmith and said "Oh yeah, I would love to help you with this. Miss Saphira, are you ready to get some mats?" after that I realized, that his mission was just the same as the first and I was a little worried about it being boring, until I opened the quest menu and skipped through the quests description. It wasn't boring gathering, but instead it was hunting small mobs to obtain the materials we needed. I loved the thought of it, but then I had never really used my weapon, so now I had to learn, and maybe prepare for it. I wondered how much damage the mobs would be able to deal, and it it would hurt, so I simply turned to Saphira and asked her, as she must have fought and also gotten hit a lot to be at such a high level. "Uhm... Miss Saphira, you must have much experience, so would you please tell me how strong those mobs will be. Will I need my shield, or do you think my uniform will be enough? And would you be okay with showing me how to fight on one of them before I try myself?" OOC: @Saphira
  4. Kirbs

    [PP-F01] Fist to Face

    Kirbs leaned back against a stone wall and sighed. Boy, was this going to be a long day. It was Bell's birthday after all! Oh ho~. He probably thinks that she forgot, but dear ol' Evelyn never forgets! She was sitting with crossed legs. She had planned this out for a full day and she had everything prepared! Well, she worked with what she had. She might or might not be pretty broke at the current time so she had to work with what she got. The girl had just bought him a small and simple and authentic Japanese pancake, since it was still relatively early in the morning. And boy, does she know how much Bell loves his tea so she brought a small canister for that too. It wasn't much, but damn, was she proud of herself. She had quickly typed up a message for the other redhead and grinned at her work.
  5. Kirbs

    [PP-03] Secrets

    The redhead yawned as she exited from her shop's doorless building. She was going to do some early morning gathering! With her shop being closed for now, she wanted to spend the extra time either leveling up or gathering. Oh, how fun that absolutely sounded. Not. She sighed and scooted out of town quickly, with her familiar- unfortunately- on her shoulders. Was it too late to make amends with Scarfy? I mean, he's been a jerk ever since she quote on quote, 'befriended' him. Was it so hard to ask for some damn respect from this legless thing? She rubbed her eyelids with her fingers and internally groaned. She was stuck in a video game and all she was worrying about was her virtual fox-snake pet thingie. Oh, must the world be so cruel to her? Kirbs stepped on to the fresh green grass with a faltered smile. It could've probably been more genuine if she didn't have a ten pound Nguruvilu around her damn neck. There was an odd feeling she had, however. Like a gut feeling when you know something bad was going to happen. Great.
  6. After the unfinished business in the sixth floor was taken care of, Vigilon, Krysta, and Vigilon's real world friend, Amelia(known in the game as Kanari_Kakaze) headed over to the eleventh floor, and entered one of the floor's restaurants to discuss what they were going to do next. The day was still young, after all. There was still time to do something else. "Who knew that Wyvern Fangs could pass for Dragon Fangs? Well, in some cases, that is, from what Scilla told me." The potion had finally been made, and he was told that it could cause certain things to be clearer, depending on the situation. Vigilon guessed that it would apply to things like being in his mind while resting at the Waterfall of the sage, or even make it possible for these weird dreams he's had to make sense. Either way, he wouldn't be drinking the potion until later. Much later. "Maybe, these weird dreams I've been having could finally make sense...then again, when have my dreams ever made sense?" Kanari shrugged. "Beats me." @Krysta
  7. Roulette calmly left the shop, although he was pretty sure he was going to lose that damn facade once he actually starts gathering. Seriously, what had he been doing for the last two years? Everything seemed quite a bit fuzzy to him and he couldn't explain why. Although, he was sure that the NerveGear was messing up his head... in more ways than one. Never had he ever felt so stooped in his life. There were frontliners with two years worth of progress under their belt and where was he? Doing the damned beginning fetch quest on the first floor when there are already more than twenty discovered. He didn't doubt himself, surely. He was most certain that he would join their ranks eventually. He was lacking time, though. Much of it. If he was going to be on top, he's going to have to finish things twice as fast. He pushed up his glasses and pressed his lips into a thin line. Did he really need glasses right now? They were useless now that his vision was as clear as day. He shooed the thought away and looked at the sun in the sky. It was smack dab in the sky. Noon. That should be enough time to gather a few materials and make a stupid potion. He didn't waste much time staying in that spot for long since he was already nearing the town exit. Roulette ran a hand through his tousled orange hair and sighed. There was a gut feeling he had and it made him feel uneasy. It's going to be a long ass day. @Arabelle
  8. It had been a some time since the leaders of the Guardians of the new Dawn had decided that they needed a place for them to meet and gather around. The guild was nice and they had done a few things together, but without a guildhall they weren't a real guild. After Eatos had died the progress of gathering col for it had nearly stopped, but today Hei would change that. It was still early, but the sun was shining bright on the first floor when Hei left the hanger with his small Raptor at his side. He had prepared for this, and his backpack was filled with useful items when he headed towards the teleportation plaza with a sandwich in his hand. He had had some tea, but he wanted to be early, so Stryder would sure be at home, so he was eating on his way towards him. Once he reached the teleporter, he quickly teleported to the twenty second floor and made his way to the stone house Stryder was living in. He knew he had his shop in there too, but if you didn't knew, it was hard to find it without any signs telling about its presence. Once he was there, he walked to the simple door and knocked a few times, then stepped aside and waited for Stryder to open it. While he was waiting in front of the house, he thought if there were others that would want to help, and he remembered that Dustin had joined the guild on a hunting trip, so hi might be one to ask if he would want to tag along. Quickly he opened the menu and typed a message @Dustin Hey friend, I'm at Stryder's and am planing to go out to the eleventh floor. I heard, somewhere in the forest, there should be a ruined castle where living armours spawn and that they have better loot than most other mobs. Also there should be a good amount of materials waiting for everyone who enters the castle. Hei OOC: @Jinx
  9. Roulette

    [PP-01] <<TSLIAF>>

    Roulette stretched his arms out in front of him as he descended down the stairs in front of Lyle's workshop. Killing a couple of baby pigs shouldn't be such a big problem, surely? He was never one to actually fight but this couldn't be too hard to do, right? Just to kill a few pigs and bring their tusks to a blacksmith? He was stumped. How was this guy supposed to turn tusks into armor? In a world of a floating castle, he'd expect at least some form of actual logic in here. But what was this bullcrap?! Roulette sighed and ran a hand through his auburn hair. It can't be too possibly hard, correct? He just needed to stab them! He had done a few calculations and researching with this quest and he should be able to at least bring down their health to less than half... if he hits it, that is. @Holchu
  10. “Huh… I guess even SAO’s got fetch quests.” Hyousuke wasn’t especially fond of quests that had him traipsing around the countryside, looking for whatever it was that some NPC needed, but couldn’t get for some convoluted and/or contrived reason. He only tended to tolerate tutorial quests for the promise of what was essentially free experience and starter items. But that was when the only thing that he stood to lose was his time. Now that his life was quite literally on the line, and every bit of information he could scrounge together could make the difference between making it out the other end and becoming a struck-through name on a stone slab, learning the basics virtually risk-free sounded pretty appealing. He looked around at the open field, hand above his eyes to shield them from the sun. He had his objective, he didn’t need any tools, and he was sure that any enemies that he came across probably wouldn’t be anything to worry about - even with his gear being about as basic as it could get. Eager to get things over and done with, he strode towards the forest, sword at his side and a slight smile on his face. Hopefully he could get the jump on a few weak enemies on the way, and get some loot worth wearing - or, at the very least, the Col to buy it. @Kirbs
  11. It was early morning when I decided that it was time for me to become stronger. Sure training with Saphira was all fun and the rewards weren't that bad, but I wanted to level up a little quicker than from just doing those boring tutorial quests. So what was it I should start doing right now? I could leave the town and just start fighting, but why would I do that, the mobs exp wasn't that great, and I had already learned that fulfilling quests was the better way to get lots of levels in a short time. With that in mind I started walking around the town of beginnings, looking for another quest I would be able to complete, probably on my own, as it looked like most players that had stayed here with me still weren't going to leave the town. After a short while of walking I met with another player that had just started leaving and he told me, that there was a quest where I could help a village by providing them with a medicine that would drop from rare mobs. Killing mobs to get something sounded fun, and it would be a good training for my fighting, and a rare mob sounded like it would give a little more exp that the normal ones. So I started looking for the person who had the quest, and after I found them I opened the quest log to find out some more about it. The quest was all about fighting normal mobs until the rare one would spawn, and then killing and looting it for the item that was needed. This wouldn't be to difficult, but if I got a chance to get some more equipment, it wouldn't hurt, so I made my way through the town, looking for some shop I could get what I needed. After some time I noticed a huge Estate, that housed a smithy right next to it. Looking into the windows I noticed lots of cool items and so I entered the shop to have a better look. The items this smith had hanging around looked good, but on the first glance I wasn't able to find any armour that would suit me, so I walked to the counter where a player was sitting and looking at me. I smiled as innocent as possible, once again trying to look as much as a small girl as possible and asked "Hey, are you by any chance the owner of this cool store? I was looking for something that would fit my style and maybe increase my defence, but I haven't seen anything like that. Could you please have a short look with me?" @Macradon
  12. Kirbs pulled on the roots of her red hair as she groaned out loud. "I'm gonna be so screwed at that wedding!" She internally sobbed. What was so bad about her that practically made her guy repellent? Was it so hard to find love in this damned world?! She ruffled her bright red hair and internally sighed. Looking over her shoulder at her familiar, her lips pursed. Was it her familiar's fault? It is possible that the Nguruvilu himself scared away players. I mean, look at it! It's a snake with arms... and a fox face! If she didn't know that Scarfy didn't actually have the power to hurt her, she could be pissing her own pants right now! She gripped the side of her head and shook it wildly. Now was not the time to sulk about her loneliness-- okay, maybe it was. But! She was here to get a wedding gift for Sey! She can't come to the wedding empty handed after all! @tricolor_mina
  13. Domarus sat in front of the pool and waterfall of floor six. Specifically he sat on a carved stone meant for meditating in front of it. People didn't usually come here unless they were trying to complete the quest itself. That was actually Domarus' original plan when he came here. To try and see if he could take the 'Calming the Soul' quest again. Not for rewards, but for the actual hands on experience... There was much he had to work on. However the system didn't seem to be in his favor. And thus, he figured he may as well take the time to try and find some peace while he could. Before he got to work. He had placed a photo of his mother he gained from the quest 'What We Fight For' in front of him. If he lost focus, or became unsettled at all, he'd just look at the picture and relax. It was difficult for him to get to a state where his mind quieted. He still hadn't mastered it. However he was hoping that one day. He could learn to quiet the raging voices in that stormed through his mind. Unfortunately, today would not be that day. Even his practice would be interrupted very soon... @tricolor_mina
  14. Ghost

    [PP-F1] Being Normal

    The sun's rays shimmered over the trees, the wind soft but present. Causing the leaves to move in a hypnotic pattern as they tried to pull away from the branches. Jade walked down the dirt path leading to her quiet place. She didn't own it, it was just so isolated, that she thought no one would find it. She made a swift ninety degree turn off the path and into the underbrush. She continued this direction for a little while until she came across clearing, it was a small hill with short grass, and a tree at the very top. Jade got out a checkered blanket and laid it down. She sat down on the blanket, her back against the tree and began reading a book. "I wish I had a normal life..." She said outloud, which she tends to do when she thinks she is alone. "...just like the characters." Jade continued, enving the book she was reading. She looked up from the book and let out a long sigh, then resuming reading the book. @Ennakai
  15. I decided to attempt the dragon related quest everyone was talking about just to see what it was capable of. After accepting the request i got a notification in the form of a message stating that a mysterious door had been found on the tenth floor. Not even the masters of the scouts had any idea how to open the door. That was until they examined the door a little more and notice 9 similar shaped slots encircling that of a dragon emblem on the door. There must have been something to it involving that emblem and those slots. Not too long after the reading concluded i got sent a message about some scouts noticing a dragon had spawned with gem stone that looked exactly like the slots on the door. How strange, it looks like we are going to have to fight a few dragons to see whats behind that door. I sent a message to all of my guild mates including Symphony whom i had only met back up with a few days ago. And with that the message was sent and i hoped it would be a short response time but with how busy everyone was they might get caught up doing something else
  16. RyujinSeaLord

    [F11] Natures Treasure

    Today was a very strange day going on here. The sun was definitely high in the sky but it didn't quite feel like noon. I grabbed my fishing poll from my inventory and I activated the natures treasure quest and walked out into the field knowing not a single monster would harm me on my day off. Today i was wearing my KoC outfit (OOC: See Journal) because well i really liked the color scheme. I found my way to one of my favorite fishing spot on this floor. A nice big flat rock, that kind of looks like Pride Rock from the Lion King but not nearly as big and also missing the cave behind it. I took a seat on the edge of the rock and tossed my line into the water and i waited for a bite. I felt something tug on the string and i reeled it in. ID# 114633 LD = 10 Nothing found. Hmm i swore something was biting. It must have let go just before i pulled it up. Oh poo, well you win some you lose some. I tossed the line once again and waited for something to happen. @Kirbs
  17. RyujinSeaLord

    [F1] Passing of Knowledge

    I sat in a corner booth of a local bar with a glass of scotch on the rocks in front of me on the table. It was a rather rough day for me considering how things have been lately. The meeting didnt go so well nor did a lot of the quest I went on but there was one good thing that came out of this whole ordeal. I was able to find my best friend Shark and his old guild back up and running. I had become the vice commander of the KoC guild immediately as it got set up, but there seemed to be something missing. I was remembering getting a message from the woman at the meeting with the notebook to respond when I was available for questioning. I opened up my messaging system and began to type something up as there wasn't much more i could do today.
  18. I was getting back into the groove of things however I was neglecting one entire thing, my forge. I had opened a shop on the 9th floor a long time ago and realized that i needed more materials in order to forge my own weapons and armors. I noticed that the quest board in the center of town was advertising a specific repeatable quest for material gathering. I sent a message to my good friend Shark telling him to meet me at a nearby cavern on the 11th floor where i will be already looking and to just find me inside. I made my way to the cave and began searching immediately seeing as there were plenty of metal ores lying around. ID# 113835 LD = 17 +2 T2 materials Immediately inside the cave it looked as though the chunks or material were too big for someones back. Welp finders keeper it works for me. I decided to start looking deeper inside the cave until Shark showed up. Im sure the promise of making him new gear will be enough for him to show up and help me.Since the guild will need a black smith i should start working on my level so that i can compete with the other black smiths and make my guild proud. @Shark
  19. Today was was beautiful day on the 8th floor of castle Aincrad. I was enjoying a cup of Earl Grey tea in a local cafe and scrolling through the new articles about game updates and extra events coming up. It is Noon and about 28C outside which it rather regular for this time of the day. This was the first time that i had thought about doing quests since i cam back into the works. When the waitress came over and asked if where the nearest quest board was and she pointed to the town center...of course it was there. I got up from my seat and headed towards the board. I walked on over to the board and began to browse the quest options. I had decided on a field boss quest seeing as i felt i could take care of it on my own. I reached out to take the quest paper and the most peculiar thing happened..... @Neopolitan
  20. Jade took in a deep breath, and exhaled. She looked up at the familiar building. She just couldn't finish the quest on her own, could she? Whoever leaves, just seems to, leave. Was she really that unlikable? They never said it to her face, maybe they just wanted to leave without hurting her. That might be why they never said it directly. She took slow steps into the building. "Hi again..." She muttered nervously as she approached the NPC. Zack looked up at her, and repeated the same dialog line as the attempts she tried before. She had to come back to re-enable the quest due to its reset period if left incomplete. 5 Materials. Jade thought to herself. Just five. But for some reason, mustering three is extreme. She also came to get help, hopefully they would remain. She walked back out of the building taking a seat on the steps watching the busy players moving around. @Davidranger
  21. Kirbs had just arrived on floor five, and as promised she had typed up a quick message for Sey: She clicked the send button and sighed. It was hot. Stupid hot. It was almost as bad as floor four. How could a floor where it went below zero go to a floor where it's practically boiling point every day? Scarfy hung around her arm and flicked his forked tongue in and out. "Right, this is where you came from. You should have no problem with this then!" She smirked at her familiar, who only gave her a sideways glance before turning his head back to the outskirts of the town. This quest shouldn't be too terribly hard. I just had to find some cargo in the middle of the desert, right? Simple! She was starting to regret her thoughts as she stepped into the bare sun. Yelping, she ran back to the shade and frowned. Okay, this might not be such a good idea. @Sey
  22. RyujinSeaLord

    [F05] Butcher of the Sands

    I made my return trip to the 5th floor, the same floor i had rescued my best friend Shark from. I could hear the people talking about a major dust storm that had happened. It was so bad that everyone had to take cover from it and when it had passed it had uncovered something that might soon be regretted. Information brokers have been talking about an arena filled with spears which seemed to threaten anyone whom might try and escape whatever death trap might lie in wait on the circle. I was practically throwing my life away at this point deciding that maybe i would be able to take this quest on my own. Who knows what might be lying in wait out there but apparently its not pretty. Apparently this is one of those field bosses and its taken a few players lives because they weren't prepared for it. I know i was. I sent a message to my buddy @Shark telling him to bring his butt up to the fifth floor just on the edge of town we have a boss to take down. @Dustin @Sey
  23. Every floor was massive. They had obvious paths and locations of interest. They had hidden dungeons and caverns, buildings and structures that players could explore. Then there were the sections of the map that were ignored, or unseen by all but a few. Secret passageways. Mob spawning areas that quickly became grinding zones. Treasure groves that gave players who found them much rewards. One could say it was impossible to find everything on every floor. But Itzal, being a master scout, and utilizing his free time, had managed to map out the entire first floor. He now stood on one of the uncommon areas. Not unnoticeable but not important either. The wind blew past him, pulling at his purple trench coat, ripping through his hair. His hands were in his pockets as he stood there, his face void of any emotion as he stared down at the ground. Specifically, the verbana flowers he was in front of. Out of all the flowers in this field, the verbana flowers held the most weight for him. They were his adopted sister's favorite flower, and purple was her favorite color. Because of this he had tried to keep them around his house as a reminder of what he fought for on a personal level. Velnia was sleeping in a bed of flowers currently. Itzal had asked her to stay out of this conversation if possible, and knowing how he was feeling helped convince her to just wait it out. It was reaching dusk. The sun slowly descending the stairs of the heavens. Darkness slowly but surely creeping into the sky, and eventually, the land around. It would be a while however before darkness took them. He had messaged Zandra, asking if he could talk to here. He could have chosen anyone. Hestia, who was a very kind soul. Kind enough to want to save Domarus from himself. He could have chose to speak with Shield, who was understanding. Or spoken with Jonathan to try and make amends, bridge the gap. He could have sent for anyone he personally knew... But he didn't. He didn't message Hestia, because she would try and fix the problem immediately and get him to rejoin the front lines. This however.. This wasn't something that could fix overnight. It needed time. Shield was understanding, but he didn't seem strong in the sensitive and emotional department, and thus would probably just make this hard for Itzal rather than better. Jonathan was having his own issues he needed to go through. Zandra... Zandra had a hard time as of late. She was judged because she sided with Ariel, who had clearly murdered Lowenthal. She used to be a very sweet person but then became more twisted and dark. She was a dangerous individual. Zandra however, was not. And he needed to stay in touch with someone active. Kasier took many breaks due to fatigue. Itzal needed someone active to be with. His skills sensed the approach of an individual and he knew who it was. "...Thanks for seeing me so last minute @Zandra. I really appreciate it."
  24. I stood on the edge of town on Floor 21, this is the highest floor I've seen...its dark and damp 12˚C but I had never seen this floor before. It was impressive that we had even made it to floor 24 already. I stared at the dark cave town and before I set out I lit a torch hoping my new friend would meet me at the cave as he previously agreed to do. As i entered the caves entrance i began to look around, just i have done many times before ID# 113864 LD =15 (+2 T3 materials) Just as i had predicted players seem to dump materials right at the beginning of the cave entrance because they are either carrying too much or maybe.....maybe a player was killed here and was looted. Or probably the first option, I very much doubt players have been killed in this mine considering its pretty much directly under the town. I wouldn't know how safe this area is seeing as ive never been up here before. @Ragnarok
  25. It had been a long slumber.A longer slumber than I could have ever asked for. I had missed so much trying to pretend I wasn’t a player on a set pathway. But everyday I went to visit the Mounment of Life and I counted the amount of friends I had left....I was down to 3. Heathcliff, Clarence and Shark. Shark and I had been good friends since this game began. I had recently heard rumors that the “Holy Swordsman” has gone missing. I was sitting eating a normal lunch when I heard the rumors go around. I could only ask so many questions. He hadn’t gone missing did he? I can still see him on my friends list. Then a few days ago I heard that some people say they were going to go look for him. I consistently thought to myself “What is there to look for, he’s in the same spot as always” and then it hit me...:he hasn’t moved in weeks. Is he stuck? Is he trapped? This meant it was time to rejoin the fight. My best friend is out there “missing” and I needed to find him. I returned home and packed my gear and got dressed for action. There was nothing that would stop me from saving my friend this time.