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  1. It had been a dreadful guild meeting, a meeting that had struck a spot in everyone who had attended it. The death of one of the most well-known players on this game had brought everyone's head and spirit down in unison. It was almost as if everyone had lost some bit of hope within them the moment that the truth had come flooding out of the gates like water pouring out after being restrained for a long time. While Kasier had not been as affected, it was obvious that Itzal had been affected most by the passing of his blonde guild mate and comrade, Beatbox, who had been a personal friend that meant a lot to him. It was a shame that Kasier had not been able to take Itzal to a private room for him to calm down and clear his mind as he was needed in the actual meeting, but there was no way she would let Itzal go off on his own without talking to him about recent events first. Also, she wanted to make sure that Itzal doesn't do anything stupid out of anger and without logic. Indeed, the responsibility of this would fall on her, the most insignificant player in the entire guild - yet, she would prove to be one of the most significant characters in Itzal's life. Kasier tugged Itzal's shirt, getting his attention before whispering to him that they should leave as soon as the guild meeting had come to a conclusion. She allowed him to get up on his own and walk without assistance for him to keep his dignity before she finally held onto him once they were far away from the guild hall that held so many bad memories that had been created by the meeting. "Alright, let's go to my shop on the first floor. We should talk about some things." Kasier exclaimed, walking close to Itzal in case he passed out or anything of the sort. If Kasier was not sure of Itzal's willpower and strength, Kasier would've definitely helped him the whole way, but she knew that Itzal would be able to walk on his own despite the news of tragedy that he had just received. Soon enough, Kasier opened the door to her dusty shop before walking upstairs into the single room that she had in her shop with a basic bed and nothing else. It was a basic room with pretty much no furniture, but it would definitely do for a good conversation on the bed. Kasier motioned for Itzal to sit down before sitting down next to him, remaining silent and preparing herself for anything that Itzal might say or pour out. "Alright. We're alone." @Itzal
  2. Spencer sighed for a moment, he didn't really have much that he could do at the moment. He decided to walk around the fourth floor, the snow always made him smile. He was wearing his new fur cloak that Jomei got him, and the little penguin chain was attached to his umbrella, decked out in his christmas gifts. He leaned against a wall and twirled his umbrella slowly, the snow falling off to make small piles on the ground, before dissipating into the ground. "I'M BORED." He whisper-yelled to himself. He had no idea what to do, he had already hung out with Ruby earlier, so he was wondering what to do. He was tempted to do the next quest in the lessons quests, but he couldn't make himself do it, not yet anyways. He began to scroll through his friends list, and decided that he was finally going to ask Jomei to hang out, it's nothing against the man, it just seemed most of his time he was with Telrenya, cuddling and be cute and stuff. Might as well try, the worst he could do is say he was busy and that would be all. Might as well ask him. Dear Jomei, Hey! Would you possibly want to do a quest together? I've been meaning to do Avalanche for a while, and I might as well get it done, but I'm only barely above the level requirement and I'm slightly worried that it could be too strong for me, would you mind helping me out? Sincerely ~ Spencer @Jomei
  3. Although it lifted Veriost's spirit to return to her home floor once in a while, Vigilon didn't appreciate this floor as much as his small white frost dragon did. "Right, so you're laid-back and often sleeping when on any other floor, but you seem wide-awake and nostalgic whenever we are on this one." He was walking in the town of Snowfrost, hoping to find someone who could tag along with him to take on the quest where he would face an ice monster known as Avalanche. He could have tried taking on the creature on his own, but he couldn't be too sure with what he heard the monster's damage was. He knew he had to become stronger and all, but he also needed to do so without getting himself killed in the process. He decided to wait near the bulletin board, and sat on a bench. He remembered all the times in which he was stuck sleeping on benches like a homeless guy. Not anymore. @Mars
  4. Most players above level twenty had already cleared out every single first floor quest available to players. Hence, Kasier resented the fact that she had yet to clear out a lot of the lower-leveled quests despite the fact that she had already reached the level that she was at. After days and days of looking over quests that were meant for beginners, Kasier finally set her eyes on one that seemed quite easy. Perhaps it was quest that she could complete with someone low-leveled who could deal enough damage to not have to suffer through this quest. It was a good day for a quest as well, with little to none clouds in the sky that blocked the sun's radiant rays. Although it was winter, the first floor was still quite warm, with an occasional chilling winter wind that passed through, sending shivers to Kasier who had just walked out of the shop that she had spent so long in. Kasier sighed - she couldn't stand the cold, which was also a shame, considering the fact that she would've loved to spend more time on the fourth floor - the floor that was most beautiful in Kasier's eyes, but the coldness limited the amount of time that Kasier could stay there. Soon, after mindless thinking, Kasier found herself standing near a ramen stand. It would be good to get something to eat first, I suppose. Kasier thought, ducking beneath the cloth that hang from the stand and sitting down at the right end of the four-seat stand. Kasier flinched a little bit, however, when she immediately heard an NPC greet her, reminding her of a peculiar event which happened not that long ago. "Morning, what would you like to have on this fine morning, player?" The ramen maker asked, to which Kasier stared at him blankly, before asking for ramen with some beef and other vegetables mixed within. As the ramen maker began to make the ramen, Kasier yawned, leaning her face against her right hand, supporting her face above the table. @Thorsten
  5. Kasier put her hands above her head as her instincts kicked in. The sun on the second floor was blaring down like always, it was no surprise. However, it was a surprise that despite the fact it should be winter season, this floor was considerably hotter than the other floors at the very moment. Normally, it would be pretty cold, but today, it was a warmer day. Not too warm, but warmer than the other floors, Kasier supposes. Kasier had come to the second floor, wanting to experience the gigantic, festive market place that the floor was well known or. She wanted to possibly get her hands on some new materials, or maybe purchase some exotic forest-themed food items if she found anything of interest. She'd never really spent very much time on this floor, so she didn't know what she might expect, but from what she heard from other players, she should prepare for a lot of delicious foods and a lot of people, both players and NPCs, enjoying themselves, looking through the items available for purchase. As she walked into the market place, she noticed that the NPCs were just preparing to set up their booths for the day and already there were people calling out for players to visit them. Although the place was not that crowded yet, it should fill up pretty soon. "Sushi, sushi! Sushi in the morning is always healthy for the body!" Kasier heard next to her as she walked through the market place. She glanced next to her, finding an elderly Japanese man standing behind a long table with four seats in front of him. He was making sushi live, which definitely got Kasier curious. Kasier smiled, sitting down in one of the middle chairs and ordering ten sushis, and any flavor would be fine as long as it wasn't spicy, she told him. @Taka
  6. Itzal had heard a rumor that Avalanche had returned as a more powerful boss. He read up on it's stats and decided it would be best if he did this with Jonathan, since nothing would ever get past the master tank. Itzal could deal decent damage of course so the two should be set. However when he opened his messenger to notify his friend of this new quest and challenge, he went ahead and messaged Aster as well. After all, he had promised to pull her through a few quests had he not? After sending her the message he looked at Velnia who popped out of the snow, shook it off of her, and flew back over to Itzal. When she did he chuckled as she shivered a little bit before releasing a field of electricity to evaporate the remaining snow as well as warm herself up. She gave off a long sigh to which Itzal laughed and shook his head at. He was wearing Niger Natio as well as Beauty Incarnated and had Dragon's Soul sheathed on his hip. They were here to do combat, not reap rewards from monsters. Besides, Aster would be meeting Jonathan anyways so they probably wouldn't be doing any extra combat. Though Itzal didn't mind searching for extra materials. He saw four materials and inserted them in his inventory. First find of the day he thought. ID# 83576 LD: 9+8 +4 MAT @Aster @Morgenstern
  7. Itzal was on the fourteenth floor wearing his loot clothing, Twilight Cloak, with the black sword Faithkeeper in his hands that provided accuracy, along with a ring that gave him a bonus col multiplier. He was stronger now than he used to be, particularly with the mod he had obtained after unlocking the third rank in light armor. However he was far from done. He needed go get stronger. Strong enough to defeat Fearx. And strong enough to avenge Beatbox for being killed by a player known as Death Adder. However along with getting stronger, he needed to gather col for not only his guild but so that he could purchase his house once more for he and Kasier. With the revamped system, his discount had been lowered, requiring him to rake in more col to purchase what they needed. He had been fighting mobs but they hadn't been the required level... Yet. Itzal was approaching an area where he saw an undead champion and drew his sword, ready to take it on. Velnia flew over to it, harassing it to keep it distracted while Itzal walked over. When it turned around, Itzal shot forward and released Meteor strike on it multiple times, causing it to perish. His tactics were quick, but the result was still null. @Macradon
  8. "I NEED to get this quest done, but I literally don't know what to do for it. Ugh. Maybe someone will do it with me?..... Who could I ask." He thought for a moment and started to scroll through his friends list. First, Jevi. Hmmm, I've already hung out with her, I think I might want to hang out with someone else. Telrenya and Jomei, Probably with each other and cuddling somewhere, they're so cute it's sick sometimes. He laughed at himself and scrolled through some more people. He didn't have a whole lot on his friends list, so he was trying to figure out who exactly he wanted to do this quest with. He thought back to the Christmas party and who he hadn't seen in a while, or really hung out with. Ruby? I haven't really ever hung out with her, and she seems like a high level, high enough to be able to be on the front lines, maybe I'll invite. He shrugged and selected her profile. Dear Ruby, Hey! I was wondering if you wanted to hang out for a little bit and do a quest together? Long Live the Queen has been in my sights for a while, so I was thinking that I should get around to it, and thought that maybe you would like to join me, what do you say? Sincerely ~ Spencer With that, Spencer closed his HUD screen and waited for a response. I hope it's not weird to her that I'm out of the blue asking her to hang out. I did that with Jevi and we had an interesting time, not that boring too which was nice. He thought to himself as he waited for the time of her arrival to arrive. @Ruby
  9. Silver sat in the trees surrounding Frostbite Lake. He was watching for a snow owl, wondering if it were to be possible to acquire one as a companion. He recalled how he had seen others with companions and wondered as to their origin. This was his favorite place to be, the area was reminiscent of his hometown. He thought to the days he spent wondering as to what it was his mother did, where she went. Others he spent wondering where his father would take him next. His life was non-stop travel. It was amazing to him that it all started for him in that British town. The life of someone like him was a quiet one, so he swiftly learned how to be at peace with himself. Not much bothered him anymore. It was hard to be bothered when in his line of work. Silver’s heterochromatic eyes glistened in the light reflected off the lake. He heard the sound of an owl, getting silently excited. Soon the bird flew before him, the blackish specks of the wings captivating his attention. He swiftly recalled the sight and started to draw an exact replication in his journal. @Benjamin Bookworm
  10. Silver sat atop a building in the town of Urbus. He observed the rising sun and marveled in its beauty. He began to think of the strange things he had heard and witnessed in the strange realm he currently resided in. One thing came to mind, a strange man named ‘Hikoru The Master of Shadows’. He decided that he should contact this man and inquire about the strange rumors. Whilst he was opening his messenger he also noticed another strange aspect. Someone he had yet to meet, a player named Saphira who was in his guild. He elected to contact them both. Silver building hopped for a bit until he found a tree he could use to swing down. He landed harder then he would have liked. Finding a bench to sit upon he sent a message to @Saphira “Greetings my guild mate, I am Silver ‘Thorsten’ Zevulum. The Guiding Aroura of the Guardians of the New Dawn. I wish to speak with you if you find yourself with the time. I am on the second floor in Urbus close to the center of town on a bench. Please come if you can” Next he sent a message to @Hikoru “Good morning Master of Shadows. I am Silver ‘Thorsten’ Zevulum, I am absolutely inriuged by the rumors of you abilities and would like to make your aquantance as to potentially inquire further as to their origin and their function. If you find the time I am on the second floor near the center of the city of Urbus. You will be able to identify me by my heterochromatic eyes and pinkish hair. I sincerely thank you for your time.”
  11. Silver walked the third floor of the castle Aincrad. Though it was more of a wander then a walk. He observed the many different observations to be had in the forest town. It seemed to be quite a bustling place something Silver enjoyed. The man had much he could observe in this place and much he could surely learn from the players and psudopoeple who he would find without a doubt. He climbed atop a nearby building and perched, looking out at the town square., his heterochromatic eyes glistening in the light of the morning sun as he did so. He wondered as to what the day had in store for him. It had been some time sense he last set foot on this floor and was happy to have the ability to look out and be in awe of that which was around him. He remembered back to the time that his father had taken him to China on business, he had climbed on top of one if the shops in the small town to do the same thing he was doing now. How much different it was now than it had been, and yet he found himself in the same scenarios as he had before. @Hestia
  12. "They should be comeing any minute now." Outlander said looking around the Town of New Beginnings. "I even bought food, well, drinks. Nothing much, just some coffees." Outlander looked up into the night sky. "They sure didn't waste any high Definition going for that now did they." He opened his menu, unequiped his sword, then read the message he sent to those he invited. -To whom may concern, Hello, I'm Outlander. I'm sending this letter to you because you are my only living friend(ish). Come join me at the New Beginnings Town square. I'll be at the water fountain. -Outlander, professional Bada** @Benjamin Bookworm @Novafire @Trusty_Patches @H3LL0
  13. It wasn't to long ago, that Hei had thought, all those players using their time on something like a familiar where kind of silly. There was no reason to get one of those, they would just need attention and food and what else he did not even know, but when he had paid Eatos and her Husky Angel a visit, his opinion had changed. A pet was a good way to not be alone all the time, and besides that, there was a possibility that a familiar would be able to help in combat or the daily life. Angel for example helped Eatos by protecting her, and so Hei decided that it was time to finally get his own pet. He had talked to Stryder who had been on the hunt for one himself, but who hadn't been able to find one, and he had told him, that it wasn't to easy taming one, so Hei prepared and visited Pinball, to order some meat balls he could use to tame his familiar. He also had used some time to find out what kind of familiar he would like to tame and where to find it, and after talking to many players who already had their own familiars and some NPCs who had helpful information, he was sure that the sixth floor was where he had to go. He was just getting ready to teleport to the sixth floor, when a thought crossed his brain and he opened his menu to send a message to Saphira: Stats and Equip:
  14. Krysta was ready to step outside the safe zone again. She had grown a little fond of the third floor. It was truly a fascinating floor. Sure, it's wilds were mostly consisted of plains and the like, but the settlements, rivers, and even the forest...such lovely sights they were. She was ready to leave the settlement known as Delilah, and she had been thinking, when would she start a shop? She would need to do so in order to make a living, help others by crafting what they would need...things like that. Which profession to settle for was the next question. There were two options remaining for her, from all that she could discern by what skill she had back in the real world. Preformer or Tailor, that was the question. She could sing, and she could sew. "Hm, while it is true that I sing, I don't take an interest in every song, nor do I sing that often...Well, that question was easier to answer than expected. Tailor it is, then. So, What would I need?" @Vigilon @Kaya
  15. Time, had been slipping through his fingers... Yet it hadn't fully been wasted just yet. He had locked himself up in his shop for quite some time and for a very good reason. The last time he had encountered the player known as Hestia, he discovered that she could read Greek if she had enough time. All of his notes, his journals, his schemes, plots and plans were all written in ancient Greek and lay on his desk at his shop. He had spent weeks copying them all, still in Greek but completely different from the originals. These made him seem to be a good person. Like he was writing a normal journal in Greek to escape prying eyes. His plan was to drop one of these falsified sheets somewhere Hestia would discover it, read it, and further solidify her her trust and bond in him. Once everything was finished, he'd burn his originals. Of course at the same time, he wasn't wasting his time either. He'd been working on guild operations as well. Overall it was Keres he'd been using, sending her out looking for players to bond with and draw into the guild, while he himself was working on his journals and guild details. Today, he finished the last of his journal entries. Sighing from the amount of effort it took, surprised at how many entries, plans and work he had to begin with, he began to burn each original manuscript until all that was left was ash and the revised versions. He'd need to think of alternate methods to- He stopped when he received a message from Hestia. He glanced at it and smiled. Perfect timing. He needed to get the twins out in the field for a test run. They'd be shadowing him for now, but it was important nonetheless. He replied to Hestia stating that he was on his way, followed by messaging the twins, giving them the location to meet him at. With that, he headed to floor seventeen. When he appeared, he, Keres, and the two familiars walked over to Hestia, Domarus dressed in his silver armor. This time however, there was a little bit of gold on his two gauntlets. Not enough to be overkill by far. In fact it would take a good eye to notice it. "Hello Hestia! It's been a while hasn't it? I hope you don't mind, but I invited one or two others to join us today." Keres bowed to Hestia with a smile. "How are you today my goddess?" @Hestia
  16. "Sent I hope people come." Kaya says as she pulls her coat closer to her face. She never been to this floor before so she never really had any idea just how cold it got. The only reason she's hear is cause she wants to get a specific familiar. A Snow Ferret to be exact. She's always one of those balls of fur and this game was a great way to get one. That said, she had heard that you could tame one on this floor. The only problem was finding one. Their furs help them blend into their snowy backgrounds it's almost impossible to find, unless with help. That said, Kaya began to pace back and forth in front of the portal, trying to keep warm and also trying to keep her mind from wandering off into abysmal places. Every few minutes she looked to portal hoping someone's come looking for her, but as she raises her head to look, she notices people somewhat talking about her. It made sense, she was acting somewhat paranoid, but this was an important quest to her. @Kimi @Teion @Morgenstern
  17. "I'm going to make a speakeasy!" Outlander stated to a player "Uh-hu... I believe you." Outlander stared at the player and said "You dare question me, ya street nerd." Outlander smiled as he walked away. He started think were he would call it. Got it, the 'The Outland Speakeasy'. He thought of something to scam the idiots. Hmm, how about: 'Get one drink for the price of two, and get a second absolutely free!' He laughed at his own cleverness. Perfect. He ran into an NPC, a cook. "Perfect, I've been looking for you." Outlander said looking into the NPC's soulless eyes. "Hey, I'm looking to train someone to be a cook? I can help. Interested?" Outlander laughed "S-S-SureHaHaHaHahahaha, ah... THIS IS AMAZING, YOU SOUND LIKE GORDON RAMSEY!" Outlander continued to laugh. "Follow me to my kitchen." "W-Whatever you say," Outlander said, trying to hold in his laugh "Ramsey" Outlander burst into laughter once more.
  18. It was finally time to begin Sakoda's training. However there was more than just her training that he needed to prepare for. While Sakoda gathered what scraps she had, which Keres 'helped' her with in order to distract her, Domarus was writing a message to Domarus in his crafting room. Sakoda had proven to be far less than sane, even with this game's cardinal attempting to repair brain damage while in the game. Either the system was failing, or Sakoda was far more determined than the system ever was. When she snapped she would typically challenge Domarus' authority, acting snark and smug towards him and his words. This attitude needed to change to respect, determination. Fear, would aid him in that area. Once this message was sent he would have that advantage, and he had no doubt in his mind that Sakoda would change the way she thought soon enough. He finished the message and pressed send. The moment he finished this message and sent it, he heard footsteps from behind him. He turned around and saw Keres who had come to inform him that Sakoda was ready. He nodded and walked out of the room, Keres following him closely. Keres had gone through a drastic change with the lack of pain in Aincrad now. She was far more quiet, determined. It seemed she had a goal of some sorts now. What this goal was he was unsure of. He didn't like it. He walked into the main area of the shop to find Sakoda there. Domarus wasn't in his armor, but his casual clothing. Even so, his eyes held a fierce passion that never bowed down or bent. @Aereth, You can post any time you want in between character's posts. @Floofy
  19. Crozeph got himself pre-occupied at his store. He has already sent a message to Hestia to meet him in his shop at floor ten. Crozeph tidied up the blank maps lying on the table, fixed the positions of the lanterns and arranged the few items he has on his shelf. They are going for another quest again and this time it'll be no cozy quest where they can talk with confidence about killing the enemy. He scanned his inbox again for the sent message. He then closed his user interface and returned to cleaning his shop. They are setting out on a floor with much more powerful monsters. even with Hestia having an impressive defense, Crozeph's damage and hard hitting is what will complete the battle. They can't just defend all the time and he can't risk someone safety just because she's a tank build player. Crozeph picked up the things they'll be needing and a after that he picked up a rug and dusted the shelves of his shop. @Hestia
  20. The Manor creaked as the autummn wind blew, shaking the shutters and curtains. Again Penny worth was called upon to send a letter, an inventation. The elderly man, donned his travelers cap. He stepped onto the teleporter and said his destination. The desert floor was hot, but not as hot as the kitchen was back in his day. His destination was a blacksmith. He rapped his knuckles on the door, the opening under his light touch. The first thing that came to his mind when he entered was that the place could use a good dusting. The sands had not treated the wood fairly. He wiped his feet clean, as best he could before entering fully, and introduced himself. "Greetings, Master Teion." He said, with a bow. "I am Pennyworth, Master Ryos butler. He has sent me here with this." He said, producing a fine letter. "It's a written inventation, that much I know. I would love to serve you dinner, if you're able." Pennyworth said bowing his head, bidding his leave as he left again. @Teion
  21. Floor thirteen. Location: North of the safe zone of the main settlement. Today, Aereth would be tackling the hardest quest in the whole game. Of course he wouldn't do it alone, no, he had asked the best tank he knew, and most probably one of the best tanks in whole Aincrad to help him with this one. The brunette had been doing intense research on a special item he wanted to grab ever since he first saw it from Zandra and Ariel. A special damage boosting banner. The sh*tton of experience and the Col rewards were just a bonus to him. And additionally he would finally be able to catch up with his old friend Jonathan. Aereth hadn't seen the blonde tank for some months now, and ever since he had parted ways with the Celestials a bunch of stuff happened to the killer of killers... His increase in strength and special equipment were just the tip of the iceberg... @Morgenstern
  22. What a nice day... Nova was looking up into the sky thinking how nice the wind feels ...in order to help others. I need to help me. She opened here menu looking for where the quest giver is supposed to be. Then she got an itch on her shoulder, behind an steel pauldron. She immediately regretted wearing heavy steel armor. She thought she needed to buy some clothes, some actual clothes. She approached the building her map said the quest giver was inside of. The quest giver is a man named Zacorath, or something along those lines. It says I'm supposed to gather stuff for him? Ok, seems simple enough. She stood outside the building, knowing that she would have to leave the safety of the town to get what she needed. @Benjamin Bookworm
  23. "I'm going to make a speakeasy!" Outlander stated to a player "Uh-hu... I believe you." Outlander stared at the player and said "You dare question me, ya street nerd." Outlander smiled as he walked away. He started think were he would call it. Got it, the 'The Outland Speakeasy'. He thought of something to scam the idiots. Hmm, how about: 'Get one drink for the price of two, and get a second absolutely free!' He laughed at his own cleverness. Perfect. He ran into an NPC, a cook. "Perfect, I've been looking for you." Outlander said looking into the NPC's soulless eyes. "Hey, I'm looking to train someone to be a cook? I can help. Interested?" Outlander laughed "S-S-SureHaHaHaHahahaha, ah... THIS IS AMAZING, YOU SOUND LIKE GORDON RAMSEY!" Outlander continued to laugh. "Follow me to my kitchen." "W-Whatever you say," Outlander said, trying to hold in his laugh "Ramsey" Outlander burst into laughter once more.
  24. Kasier coughed, reinforcing the scarf that hung around her neck loosely as she walked a couple of steps into the fourth floor. The last time that she had been here was with a player who she hadn't seen for a long time. That time, she had attempted this quest as well, but for some reason, she and the other player couldn't complete it. This time, however, she was determined to finally get this low-leveled quest completed so she can progress with her recently found inspiration to grind levels. It had been a while since she last did anything in this game, and the guilt had been building up that she wasn't helping the front lines at all. She was not high-leveled enough to actually participate in the front-lines, but she definitely would've been there by now if she continued at the rhythm that she had far before she had gone completely inactive from anything. Kasier looked up, her eyes reflecting the white snow that was gently pouring upon the fourth floor like always. This was both the reason that she loved this floor... and hated it. It was cold, way too cold for her to be able to actually live on this floor, but the scenery here was beyond describable, far superior compared to the rest of the floors that she had been to. The white sheet that covered everything seemed to not only hide the ugliness of the wooden buildings and cabins, but also the fact that it was all a prison. If Kasier's hand didn't turn blue from an extended period of standing there, Kasier would've still stood there, staring into the horizon - into the blue sky that cried white tears. Kasier ripped her eyes from the distance and blew on her hands, although it wouldn't do anything... Not even the red wool gloves could protect her from the temperature that haunted this floor. Kasier took a step, then another, and finally, she found her way to the cafe that she had come to when she first came here. Kasier walked up the three stone steps and took off her gloves, putting them back into her inventory before pushing open the glass doors and sitting in the corner of the cafe. The place was rather empty, and a lot had changed since she last came to the place. Lights were hung everywhere - blue, red, yellow, all sorts of colors, mainly Christmas colors, blinded Kasier, causing her to look down on the wooden table in front of her instead. "Welcome to Winter Wonderland, what can I get you, today?" Came a voice from her right. "Special day today, isn't it? Holidays and everything. Would you like to try our new Christmas special?" Kasier looked up at the brown-haired NPC. Her eyes were huge, and tireless. It was big and excited for another day, although it has been doing the same thing since the beginning of the game. Makes Kasier think that if the players were like that as well, this game would go by a lot faster. Nevertheless, she smiled, as a routine, before answering, "Sure. I wouldn't mind." Kasier responded, sitting back on the soft sofa chair and bending her head so she was looking at the ceiling, except she closed her eyes. Another day. Wonder how I am going to find someone to do this quest with me this time. @Hestia
  25. Silver found himself in Lazaro. He was observing the fish in the river water and reminisced on how advantageous it was for him to fish and calm his mind doing so in the realm in which he came from. He wondered how Kathrine was holding up and remembered the times that she would find him on the lakeside when she needed help. Silver sent her a message. “My dearest Kathrine, I find myself today on the twelfth floor of the Castle Aincrad. I have observed this place to have some striking resemblances to the woods near our hometown. It would be fantastically wondrous for you to join me here. Perhaps we can talk about the times long passed or begin to create new journeys in the present. You may find me on the shore of the river, 500 meters south of the transport. Best wishes, Silver” With that, he made his way to the location and sat down, happily awaiting the arrival of his friend. @Eatos