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  1. Ryo has been walking around with her new weapons around her hands as she was walking on floor one, the hand wraps are good to use in combat for hand to hand, but useless while she was using her war hammer. She then puts the hand wraps into her inventory and walks around again. Ryo seemed to have a good time walking around without doing stupid in her eyes, Her pink and yellow air flows on the wind that came around and Ryo lets out a small giggle. The time on floor one was getting better and better for her but she was more likely to be ashamed by her actions than anything else. She took out a food item and started to eat it while walking around, It was good to have food around at all times. She wanted to find a spot to start singing undisturbed and peaceful but, Then she hears Music being sung, Where is this coming from I have to find out, Where, where is it. She started walking to the music and came to a house that looked like a studio, she walked in and started to listen to the singing. there was no one in the front of the shop but the singing happened in the back Ryo wanted to know who was singing and moved up to the door at the back. However, she did not go inside and just stood there putting her ear on the door wanting not to disturb the lady behind the door. @Katagawa
  2. Kirbs whistled as she twirled her dagger as she exited the blacksmith's shop. Woowhee, well, at least we got that down. She stopped and sheathed her dagger, opening up her quest menu along with it. Just to kill a few baby pigs? No problem! She grinned foolishly to herself as she closed her menu. Well! She clapped her hands together and inhaled a sharp breath. Time to start heading off! Kirbs was just about to start leaving before she rams into something. She jumped back a few moments after the impact and frowned, "yo, dude. What's your problem?" She mumbled, blinking. She looked up at the figure and her lips tugged upward a few millimeters. "Oh hey, you're that dude from the..." she snapped her fingers, trying to come up with the scenario. "From the sand shark thing, right?" She chuckled to herself. "Yeah, sorry. Forgot your name. Uh, Whoopsies?" @Dustin Battle Ready:
  3. Hei had been questing with Saphira since he had met her, and so he knew about her equipment and her level. To be honest, it wasn't just that, he had made nearly all of what she used, and what he didn't make, he got for her. Now that she was level 12 or so, Hei thought she needed some kind of better equipment, the dagger he had found in the endless frost of the fourth floor was okay, but not good enough to compete with monsters her level. - I surely could buy her a new weapon, but I don't think she'd like getting all that just as a present, she probably wants to work for it, how about we go and take on the monstrous snow beast, that drops the essence of steel, so she can simply upgrade the weapon she is used to? - he wondered, and after deliberating about it, he thought it was a good idea, and that he could invite her over for it. Hey @Saphira, Do you still remember when we fought the wasps and I told you you can have my accuracy once I get my familiar. Thanks to you I got a familiar, and so I want to hand you a present. Please come and meet me in the hangar. And bring warm cloth, we will head out to the fourth floor afterwards. Yours sincerely, Hei
  4. Finding it somewhat odd that he was in the middle of a busy town in Aincrad's third floor, Ptolemy cursed at himself for being such a forgetful idiot. Hell, what am I doing here? Hell, why am I saying hell? He 'tsked' himself and sighed, I can imagine the frowns mother and father would be sending me if they saw me now, he thought in a somewhat bitter tone. Shaking off the feeling, he scanned the area around him. A lot of people, he noted, taking sign at the number of people rushing by him. I've seen more in Berlin though. Trying to untangle himself from the massive web of players on the street, he eventually found himself next to a stone cobbled building. He pressed his head against the building and sighed heavily, I guess I can just wait for the people to die down, not anytime soon from what it looks like though. @Dustin
  5. Ptolemy sighed, just leaving the artisan workshop with his quest. The man seemed... rushed. He commented, remembering the Artisan who rushed him to find materials for a shot at becoming an artisan. Hell, what am I supposed to do now? He frowned, massaging the bridge of his nose. What am I supposed to find again, crystals? Jewels? I can't even remember anymore. He heaved nonchalantly, waving off the feeling of anger a few seconds before. Perhaps I can find something in the forest, or perhaps the fields? I suppose those places would be an okay place to start. He scratched the back of his neck and sighed. This is going be a very, very long day. If this is what it takes to be an artisan, I suppose I will no problem with it. I haven't completely failed just yet. He bit the inside of his cheek irritatedly, To hell with this, I need some bloody help. He finally decided, scanning the crowds of people around him. @Mutsu
  6. Ptolemy felt like he had just been run over by an eight wheeled truck. I hate bloody mornings. He inwardly groaned, rubbing his eyes with a grin look. Blasted sleep schedule and whatnot. He yawned and blinked a few times to get adjusted to the morning light. He pulled his scarf closer to him and sighed. What was I going to do again? Oh yeah. That quest I never finished. He grimaced as he remembered spending almost half the day in the forest, replaying a bunch of stories in his head. I am certain that I was going crazy at the time. He looked at the entrance of town, feeling his confidence go down the drain. What if I’m out there for another four hours doing nothing? Blasphemy, maybe I should actually find someone to help me with this. He scanned the crowd of players and NPC’s that occupied the town. His brows furrowed as he spotted a familiar shade of hair and a dark skin tone. Wait I minute... is that Black? @Black
  7. Hunter Yagami

    PP,F1-The woodsmen gains experience

    Hunter Yagami was fresh out the gate when it came to the game pretty much; his knowledge on the world was somewhat limited due to being stuck in the damn forest for two whole years. Since he has been out, however, he has found that there are plenty of people ready to help newbs such as himself and quests designed to improve those with limited skills, much like tutorials in old-school console games. So he stood there at the blacksmith's shop in the town of beginnings to see if there was anything he could possibly do to improve his armor or weapons. Everything so far was still out of his price range, but it was worth it to figure out alternatives to hunting for rare loot drops. "I guess I really should just stick to loot hunting after all..." Hunter said with an aggravated tone before looking around the area. Perhaps there was someone looking for an additional party member for a hunt or something.
  8. Kyoto stops and thinks. Trying to figure out if he wants to gather materials or do another quest beside the point he's on floor 2 on the lower part of a mountain. He doesn't think there's anything out here that going to offer a quest. Walking on this path he finds himself walking up to a small hut. Kind of surprised that there was something out this far he walked up to it and found an NPC that is giving out a quest. 'Huh that’s kind of ironic that this has a quest when I was thinking about doing one.' Kyoto talks to the NPC and see what the quest is all about. Finding out that the quest is basically saying that he needs to break a big rock. Kyoto Smirks and accepts the quest thinking this would be easy. Kyoto walks away from the hut and continue to proceed up the mountain not thinking about where he need to really go for this quest.
  9. It was a cold breeze flowing over Floor two, Hazado has been to this floor multiple times and almost everytime he had fun while being here, even if it was for quests he always ended up having fun. But this time he was not here for some normal quest but for the field boss that would spawn very easy if you wanted it to, Hazado wanted it to do it all alone but one thing echoed inside his head 'you can't do things alone all the time' it was true because Hazado has been near death almost once. Opening his menu he looked at people who he had met and probably wanted to help him with this even if he could tank all the damage of the monster. His eyes came to the name of Arabelle who he hasn't spoken to in some time. He pressed Send and waited at the fountain in the middle of the town he was at, it was really nice and things looked calm from this point, Hazado's Armor rather big and was green and was made as the old Japanese style armor, while on his left arm were multiple smaller spikes to protect himself from incoming hits. Looking into the fountain he saw some Col in the fountain probably from someone who made a wish, Hazado smiled and took out one Col coin and threw it into the fountain. I Wish for me and my friends in this game to make it out save, and one day meet In real life. his wish was as he then looked into the fountain waiting for Arabelle to show up.
  10. It was a grim day... A very impact time. Only yesterday it had happened, they had lost there first member... A fair few had left the guild so far, but none had actually died. Sky knew he should be great full that so far he hadn't actually lost anyone important to him, but.... Yesterday changed everything for him. He had gone the entire two years without losing anyone he cared about in this game, and then, someone who mattered to him more than anyone had just... perished. Eatos, someone he had known for nearly his entire time in this game, someone he had grown to care about and really admire, had jumped off the edge of Aincrad... He had seen this coming, if he was being honest with himself. He knew that she had so many demons she was trying to fight, and he had tried to help her, but had failed. Ever since Thorsten came back into the picture... She had changed, and all of those memories had flooded back to her. He opened his message from her, not even attempting to hide the tears that were flooding down his face as he added it to his saved messages, opening his friends list, seeing her name there, with a mark next to it saying <Dead>. He refused to remove her from the list, even if she was dead, she was important. She said that it wasn't his fault... Yet, like she said, he fully blamed himself. She was his best friend, someone he could always count on, and now she was gone. Sky couldn't help but collapse onto his knee's in front of the spot her store, and home, stood. Still there, not having yet despawned.... And it never would. He had made sure to purchase the spot with some of the col she had given him, so he could leave it here as a memorial to her. Why couldn't i save her, why didn't i notice sooner... Why couldn't i do anything... His tears were flowing, streaming down his face like a waterfall, his being breaking down. Silver sat down next to him, her own tears slowly falling down her face, howling a little bit. He blamed himself... He couldn't not. He had made this guild to protect everyone in it. He was in charge, it was his job to keep all of them alive, including her... Yet he couldn't save her. He didn't know if he was going to be able to get back up from this one... It.. easily was the most pain he had ever had to endure... Worse than any of the monsters he had fought, worse than when he had found out Fae had become a killer... H..how can i get up from this one... He opened his guild list, having a look down the list, looking at everyone else that was in there. She said they needed him.. Which they probably did... But he needed her. She was his co founder, best friend, and it was because of her he had gotten to where he was. Without her, none of it would have happened... And he didn't know if it could without her... He used the last of his energy he had to stand up, opening his inventory and pulling out <<Celestial Sword>> and <<Guardian Angel>>, the equipment Eatos had used. He had even made the outfit, Guardian angel for her... He collapsed again, before forcing himself back up, walking into the remantants of her store. He pulled out a table, placing it next to a tree that was inside her Shop zone, meaning what he placed here would never vanish, adn thanks to him owning the area now, no one else could take it. He opened his inventory, pulling out a picture of her. He hung it on the tree, and on the table he placed down the two items he had taken from her gift to the guild. His tears splashed against the Oak wood table. He then pulled out some incense candles, and an urn. He knew she was gone, and this game had no cremation, or anything like that, but... It still just felt right to have that here. He knew how creepy some of this might seem, but... This what you did at funerals, right? When that word, Funeral, went through his head, he fully collapsed, unable to even muster the strength to breathe, all that was going through his head the memories the two of them had as his tears melted the snow beneath him. He laid there in the snow, Silver putting her head on his chest in an attempt to help him calm down, but it didn't help, he just cried. After a few minutes he mustered the strength to send a guild wise message. After he sent that off, he simply collapsed into a mess. He was crying more than he had ever before, blaming himself. He had no other way to cope right now, he just had to... cry. "My... My real name is Sky... Sky Vale... you know Katherine, if you ever wanted... to know... you could have asked..." He said to the deceased Blacksmith, before hugging silver. If, and when, anyone showed up all they would see would be the funeral preperations along with a broken down mess hugging a wolf, crying into its fur.
  11. (OOC: Sorry it took so long, I was busy...) The sky shattered in shards in a orange tint as the sun falls under the horizon, the moon was rising up to take its place. The buildings were made of small adobe slabs, and they looked fairly new, considering they looked almost identical as they did over two years ago. They building looked well decorated and had few cracks and abrasions in the brick. The wooden stalls lined the stone brick streets, the stalls sold items from desserts and delights to trinkets and potions. There were stores in the buildings behind the stalls, there were cafes and restaurants, labs and alchemy shops, there was even a weapon shop called “The Black Dagger: Weapons and Armor”. Which looked promising. Most of the shops were empty and or closed, the only ones open were usually run by NPC’s or high demand players, though none of the players appeared to be out and about. Ghost walked through the district looking for something in particular. Though the item in question isn’t important. She was wearing her black cloak and garb simply because she had nothing formal to wear, though her hood was off. This did mean she was armed, but her current level left her feeling uneasy when it came to interacting with players far higher than her. Eventually, she got tired and sat down at a bench letting out a sigh. “I’m never gonna find it here, this place is like a labyrinth.” Her eyes drooped, both out of being tired, and out of sheer disappointment in herself. “I guess my dad was always right… I’m worthless.” @Pinball @Grimm
  12. Invitations (Invite sent to @Hestia, @Adhaerere, @Kooh, @Morgenstern, @tricolor_mina, @Sey, @Aereth, @Stryder, @Hikoru Hikoru's Invite has a PS: Itzal's Clothing Itzal was both nervous, anxious, excited and overjoyed all at the exact same time. He hadn't seen Jenna just about all day even though that was the point. She was getting ready with the help of npc's who were designed to hold very great and fluent conversations. These npc's wouldn't be attending the actual ceremony of course, only the players they invited. But it was still interesting to talk to them. Itzal found the priest himself, Adrian, to be particularly interesting. At any rate he was too full of emotion to sit down still, and thus he was moving around the room at a rather fast pace. His heart was beating fast despite the fact that they hadn't come anywhere near to being ready for the wedding... Well they still had some time of course but not much time if he was being honest. The wedding was designed to allow player killers in case Aereth was still an orange player. He just hoped everyone was able to make it. He was especially concerned that Adhaere and Kooh wouldn't make it but he hoped they did. His original allies. It had seemed that the first player he ever met, Trent, would never pop up again. It was unfortunate but a fact it seemed. He sighed and continued to walk around. The priest kept smiling as he watched Itzal. "You should sit down and rest you know." "I can't rest, and I can't sit. I've got way too much anxiety at the moment. I'm excited and all but this is really nerve racking you know? It's like, I know it all goes away the instant I see her but this is the biggest thing I've ever made in my life! And I spent all my life in the real world playing pointless video games instead of actually doing something with it!.. No offense." Adrian chuckled and shook his head. "None taken front liner. I understand you perfectly. However think of this as your chance to make things right. Protect her, love her. Get out of here and get home alive. And live like never before." Itzal listened to him and sighed, trying to relax a little more. "Yeah that was the plan. I just. I know what's going to happen, but I still feel nervous you know?" The priest smiled and nodded. "Yes I understand." @Kasier
  13. Silver found himself in Lazaro. He was observing the fish in the river water and reminisced on how advantageous it was for him to fish and calm his mind doing so in the realm in which he came from. He wondered how Kathrine was holding up and remembered the times that she would find him on the lakeside when she needed help. Silver sent her a message. “My dearest Kathrine, I find myself today on the twelfth floor of the Castle Aincrad. I have observed this place to have some striking resemblances to the woods near our hometown. It would be fantastically wondrous for you to join me here. Perhaps we can talk about the times long passed or begin to create new journeys in the present. You may find me on the shore of the river, 500 meters south of the transport. Best wishes, Silver” With that, he made his way to the location and sat down, happily awaiting the arrival of his friend. @Eatos
  14. This was the message Macradon would send to the only one he could get to trust for this mission, it was dangerous, but he was sure Zandra was more than capable of taking on Death_Adder together with Macradon, the time was now, it had finally come. Macradon’s heart would beat stronger and stronger. As he awaited Zandra’s appearance at the chosen spot on top of a hill south of the main settlement. This would probably be the best place to start out together, as they can prepare in secrecy before they would venture out. Macradon would look through his inventory and chuck down as many consumable he could to be prepared for what was to come. < Used Yui's Grace > < Diamond Skin Potion Consumed > < Damage Potion Consumed > < Mitigation Postion Consumed > < Protein Food Consumed >
  15. (OOC: If anyone wants in, just PM me.) "I'm so, close, I can feel it. " Ghost said, determination in her voice. She ducked under branches and avoided some bushes, cutting through the plant life, figuratively, to get to her destination. "Ah. Finally some peace and quiet." She said. She was in the middle of the woods, in a small clearing with short grass and flowers. She opened her inventory to get a basket. She then set up a black and white checkered blanket. Placing the foods in three separate spots. After she sat down in one of the three spots, after placing down small holdible wooden statues in two of the spots. "Ah... Lovely day for a picnic... Isn't it?" She asked no one, looking at one of the two carved statues. "Yes it is! This was a great idea Jade!" She said to herself. "I wished I thought of it myself!" She added, imitating different person. "So, what do you guys want to talk about?" Ghost said to herself again. "Well, you look like your hiding something Jade what is it?" A wide grin formed across her face. "Nothing..." Ghost said to herself. "Jade..." She repeated. "Ok... Ok... I'm starting to feel better. Because of someone, he helped me out, hopefully I can return the favor." She smiled, but it slowly faded away into a frown upon realizing just how lonley she was. "Maybe, I'm not supposed to have friends?" She asked herself. She heard something, it sounded like a twig snapping. She grabbed the two statues and stuffed then in her basket. Hopefully whoever it was didn't see her, or better yet, hear her. @Aspect @Dustin @Pinball @Hydravion
  16. Hydravion

    [F1-PP] Teaching a Teacher

    Toshiko was on floor one at a restaurant eating something as she had a book in front of her, the book was about the game and out to work in the game. She was quite new to the game even if she was a gamer herself back in the day. "Ha, So that is how it is, well... Um, so fighting is a big part of this game isn't," she said with a low voice. while she was eating from the plate next to her, "Let's see, So in order to get somewhere you need to fight most of the time, Seems like there is not much for me there other than to find someone to help me. I think I heard people also talk about guild maybe it is handy to join one," as she says this to herself with a low voice. This was a common thing to do for her as she never thought inside her head and would literally say what she was thinking. She looks up into the sky and leans back a bit into her chair, "Wonder If the students of the gaming Club made it in, Maybe if I go to the wall I can see if they are still around somewhere. Hopefully, there are not dead yet they are really lovely kids," she said again with low voice while looking up into the sky. She stood up from the table and started walking to a plaza not far from the restaurant she was sitting at and started looking around for people that were interested to ask for help. @Neopolitan
  17. Macradon had finally taken his time to get his estate furnished that he had acquired quite some time ago. He still had a lot of work to do, but for now, this was all he needed. Locking up the front door of his house, Macradon smiled in glee as he took off his shoes and entered the house. Walking into the kitchen and living room, Macradon couldn’t contain his smile. “This is fantastic” he thought for himself. His work place wasn’t even far, just a stone’s throw away, nearly right besides his house. The two bedrooms were great, furnished like he wanted it to be like. Quickly rushing back to the main entrance, Macradon would ring the doorbell and hear the soothing tones of the bell from the inside of the house. It was his own house, he finally had a place to call home. Belphegor hesitate walking into the big house, as it hadn’t been close to many buildings before, and never inside one ever. Macradon smiled and gestured the large three headed hound to come in, and after some thinking it did. Macradon would sit back at the desk inside his room and relax, taking all the paperwork he had for the guild out and would begin to scribble a lot, just to get the feeling of how it was to work from home. “Ahhh …” he said with a relaxed happy tone. As he sat there and took in the bliss of his home, Macradon thought of something “Oh yeah, that’s right” he thought and opened up his friends list. He would find Kairi and send her a private message.
  18. It feels good to be back again. Kasier had spent way too long in that sheltered shop of Itzal's that she had forgotten what the outside world was like. And now, she was ready once again to be part of the front lines. It had been quite some time since she had completed a quest and now it was finally time for her to head out and get those skill points. Before she had gone inactive, she had quite a bit of catching up to do. Now that she had gone inactive, the distance between her and the front lines was only furthered. Kasier sighed, debating which quest to do when she saw the quest <<Avalanche>>. Considerably, this quest was rather easy as it was on the fourth floor. However, as a tank/healer mix, she really couldn't do much except take damage and heal. She needed someone else with her who can deal damage. A DPS - that's what they are called. Damage dealers. Most of them can complete these quests solo. Life of a DPS is so easy. Yet so fragile. Kasier thought, switching her gear to a tanking build, deciding to try out the build for the first time. Soon, she reached the fourth floor and sent an area message, asking the nearby people if anyone wanted to complete the quest with her. Before anyone could show up, she fixed her hair up. Public image. I gotta keep that up as a paladin. She thought. @tricolor_mina
  19. Aspect

    [PP-F1] Silence

    (OOC: Signed = Sign Language) "Alright, just, don't do anything stuipid while I'm gone alright. Better yet, don't do anything." I said jokingly toward Athel, who formed a smirk in response. He signed: "Did you think I'm easily prone to disaster?" Athel signed at me, expecting the worse out of the response. "Eh..." I tilted my head side to side as I said it. "Ok, got me." He responded. Turning around and heading to the Market District, but he immediately made a one eight degree turn as soon as I was out of sight. He left the town of new beginnings and went towards the forests. Athel, upon reaching the treeline, climbed up the tree to one of the highest branches. Then he stayed in a silent state watching the town, the people, the sunset. Not many people knew this about Athel, not even I did. But he liked to sit back and watch everything unfold from a distance. @Neopolitan
  20. "I'm going to make a speakeasy!" Outlander stated to a player "Uh-hu... I believe you." Outlander stared at the player and said "You dare question me, ya street nerd." Outlander smiled as he walked away. He started think were he would call it. Got it, the 'The Outland Speakeasy'. He thought of something to scam the idiots. Hmm, how about: 'Get one drink for the price of two, and get a second absolutely free!' He laughed at his own cleverness. Perfect. He ran into an NPC, a cook. "Perfect, I've been looking for you." Outlander said looking into the NPC's soulless eyes. "Hey, I'm looking to train someone to be a cook? I can help. Interested?" Outlander laughed "S-S-SureHaHaHaHahahaha, ah... THIS IS AMAZING, YOU SOUND LIKE GORDON RAMSEY!" Outlander continued to laugh. "Follow me to my kitchen." "W-Whatever you say," Outlander said, trying to hold in his laugh "Ramsey" Outlander burst into laughter once more.
  21. Stretching her arms and giving a small sigh, Artemis blinked tiredly. What am I here for again? She looked up at the tailors shop sign. Her eyes widened with realization, she blamed a fist down on her palm and nodded, "oh yeah! I was gonna be a tailor or whatever!" She sigh happily, pressing her hands against her cheeks, swaying from side to side. "This is gonna be so awesome! I can make clothes for people, and make them happy.. which makes me happy!" Rubbing her hands together, she grinned cheekily. Being a tailor must be so awesome! She tugged on a loose strand of her strawberry blonde hair out of hair face and entered the shop. "Why Hello there! My name is Rufus, and I'd love to show you around if you got the time." The man seems to know how to dress, Rufus' clothing scream fashion, and you can't help but notice the expert sewing that went into the clothing he is wearing. He beckons you back to his work station, hoping you would follow. "Now, this is where I make my latest in fashion, maybe you could use some help with it yourself," He says and gives the player a quick look up and down, "Blast it! I have completely run out of materials to show you what I am talking about, the process is so beautiful, and the clothing that comes out is amazing... Wait! You seem like you can take care of yourself, would you mind searching for some for me? I can even show you how to craft the best fashion around the world! I would just need five materials, sounds easy right?" Before she could etch a reply out of her mouth, she was already out of the shop with a quest notification on her screen. Well! That was something. @Dustin @Pick
  22. After the unfinished business in the sixth floor was taken care of, Vigilon, Krysta, and Vigilon's real world friend, Amelia(known in the game as Kanari_Kakaze) headed over to the eleventh floor, and entered one of the floor's restaurants to discuss what they were going to do next. The day was still young, after all. There was still time to do something else. "Who knew that Wyvern Fangs could pass for Dragon Fangs? Well, in some cases, that is, from what Scilla told me." The potion had finally been made, and he was told that it could cause certain things to be clearer, depending on the situation. Vigilon guessed that it would apply to things like being in his mind while resting at the Waterfall of the sage, or even make it possible for these weird dreams he's had to make sense. Either way, he wouldn't be drinking the potion until later. Much later. "Maybe, these weird dreams I've been having could finally make sense...then again, when have my dreams ever made sense?" Kanari_Kakaze shrugged. "Beats me." @Krysta
  23. Objectives: Accept the quest and form a party Defeat the Wasp Queen (Wasp Queen: 50/50 | DMG: 20) Socialize/Material Gather/Plot Pick smiled - he was eager to try out his new cape that he had obtained from Hei just a couple of minutes ago, and what was the best thing to try it out on? In the wilderness of the second floor. Here, there were a plentiful of materials, and they would prove to be useful for him eventually, not that he was short on them at the moment of anything. Material gathering wasn't the main reason that he was here, though. No, he was here to complete a quest as well, to be exact, he was here to defeat the queen of the second floor and take her crown as a price. Pick grinned, checking his inventory and equipping everything that he needed. Like always, he would post on the player request boards for anyone who wanted to tag along. Pick could definitely just solo this quest and defeat the queen with ease now that he had added a rank to his weapon skill, but what was the fun in that? It's quite boring soloing quests - he had learned that from experience. The more the merrier - that was his philosophy, and he could spend this time establishing relationships and bonds with other players that might come useful in the future. Pulling out his menu, he began to write: @Cosi @Artemis
  24. "Come on Luros!" Artemis beckoned her familiar with a grin as she entered the town of beginnings. "Where do you wanna go, hm?" The player scooped up her cat and placed her on her shoulders. "Maybe a café? We both know you love that shop that gives you free cookies," she stifled a laugh and grinned. "Or do you want to go shopping for gear? I could really use some new armor or some accessories," she mumbled, scanning the clothing she was wearing. Her cat gave a small meow of agreement and the player huffed, "wait, I'm broke though..." her shoulders slumped in disappointment, a groan escaping her. "Gosh darn it! What do I do now?!" She shouted hotly, pulling on her strands of strawberry blonde hair. Maybe I can go hunting for a little bit? Agh, I'm too lazy right now. What do I do?! Artemis blinked, a small frown forming on her face. @Ryoko
  25. Pick, like the previous few nights had been wandering around the wilderness of the first floor, seeking for players who came out at night with a venomous desire to join him in his cause. He had recruited a few already, and some others that won't be important to him in the future - just henchmen to be completely frank. Pick was looking from either extreme intellects - people who are tactical in combat, or extremely powerful, aggressive players who won't back down from a fight. Pick wanted an assembly of the best of the best, and he knows exactly how to approach the recruitment process. People came out at night - and these people were usually the ones that he would like to recruit. Pick fixed his mask, making sure that it covered his face completely before standing under the direct rays of the moonlight. He was standing on the top of a slope, and as he looked around, there weren't anyone else on there except for the moon as his only companion. It shined down at him, making him appear pitch black to the normal human eye to those underneath him - if there were any individuals. He chuckled, knowing that his plan had already started. The domination game had already begun, and he was the player controlling the pieces on a chess board. He just needed more pieces, and those willing to over come this world of Aincrad with him. The game was over as soon as it started - Pick was sure of it. @Prometheus @Artemis