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  1. Pick, like the previous few nights had been wandering around the wilderness of the first floor, seeking for players who came out at night with a venomous desire to join him in his cause. He had recruited a few already, and some others that won't be important to him in the future - just henchmen to be completely frank. Pick was looking from either extreme intellects - people who are tactical in combat, or extremely powerful, aggressive players who won't back down from a fight. Pick wanted an assembly of the best of the best, and he knows exactly how to approach the recruitment process. People came out at night - and these people were usually the ones that he would like to recruit. Pick fixed his mask, making sure that it covered his face completely before standing under the direct rays of the moonlight. He was standing on the top of a slope, and as he looked around, there weren't anyone else on there except for the moon as his only companion. It shined down at him, making him appear pitch black to the normal human eye to those underneath him - if there were any individuals. He chuckled, knowing that his plan had already started. The domination game had already begun, and he was the player controlling the pieces on a chess board. He just needed more pieces, and those willing to over come this world of Aincrad with him. The game was over as soon as it started - Pick was sure of it. @Prometheus @Artemis
  2. (OOC: Takes place the night after Pick's encounter with Slayer) Pick grinned under the mask that he had worn once before. He had wandered around the wilderness of the first floor but yielded no results. At the moment, he was staying safe - not going around terrorizing people or making a huge name for himself. It was actually fortunate that not many people roamed the streets at night - at least not in the first floor at least, since his costume would get a bit of attention. Pick sighed, walking into a bar that is open all through the day and night. He frequents this place, and has even thought about making it a gathering place. The bar was worn-out and was well-known for being visited by a lot of shady characters, even some PKers since it was outside of the safe zone. Not many players come here, making it highly secretive, and the perfect place to house meetings and hide players. He walked in and was immediately greeted by the NPC waiter, who had seen him a few times before. He looked up, stared at the man before ordering a glass of wine and then sitting down at a two-seat table. Pick was looking forwards to a calm night between himself and the cup of wine. Little did he know, his plans would become one step closer at the introduction of one more potential member that may prove to be crucial in the final outcome of things. @Mars
  3. The night time had fallen, and it was thus time for Pick to begin his nightly walks in the streets. Of course, this wasn't any walk - this was the sort of walk where you scout around and check for any potential victims that would fall to give him Col. Pick grinned, pulling out his night gear from his inventory and equipping it. The black robe, the mask, the wig, everything was set into place, everything except the axe that he had yet to receive from Dustin, of course, but this was enough to begin his plan of dominating this world through riches. Pick had made sure to delete all the players in his friend's list - he'll come up with an excuse later - something like not wanting to have to commit fully to something. However, he was ready to commit to something far greater. He was definitely unnoticed by the players up there, which is exactly what he wanted. Pick desired not for anyone to know who he really is until the last moment, when he would reveal himself and take his mask off as the one who dominates Aincrad. "Huh. Red moon." Pick whispered, looking straight up at the sky which was brightly lit up with a red hue accompanied by the small little stars around it. It was a beautiful sight, so even Pick would have to admire it. If it had been morning, Pick would've probably sat down and spent half the day there, but no, it was night, and this was the time for true business. Pick smiled under the mask, looked down, and took a few steps. @Slayer (OOC: See night gear in signature to get a feel of Pick's appearance)
  4. Stretching her arms and giving a small sigh, Artemis blinked tiredly. What am I here for again? She looked up at the tailors shop sign. Her eyes widened with realization, she blamed a fist down on her palm and nodded, "oh yeah! I was gonna be a tailor or whatever!" She sigh happily, pressing her hands against her cheeks, swaying from side to side. "This is gonna be so awesome! I can make clothes for people, and make them happy.. which makes me happy!" Rubbing her hands together, she grinned cheekily. Being a tailor must be so awesome! She tugged on a loose strand of her strawberry blonde hair out of hair face and entered the shop. "Why Hello there! My name is Rufus, and I'd love to show you around if you got the time." The man seems to know how to dress, Rufus' clothing scream fashion, and you can't help but notice the expert sewing that went into the clothing he is wearing. He beckons you back to his work station, hoping you would follow. "Now, this is where I make my latest in fashion, maybe you could use some help with it yourself," He says and gives the player a quick look up and down, "Blast it! I have completely run out of materials to show you what I am talking about, the process is so beautiful, and the clothing that comes out is amazing... Wait! You seem like you can take care of yourself, would you mind searching for some for me? I can even show you how to craft the best fashion around the world! I would just need five materials, sounds easy right?" Before she could etch a reply out of her mouth, she was already out of the shop with a quest notification on her screen. Well! That was something. @Dustin @Pick
  5. Objectives: Accept the quest and form a party Defeat the Wasp Queen (Wasp Queen: 50/50 | DMG: 20) Socialize/Material Gather/Plot Pick smiled - he was eager to try out his new cape that he had obtained from Hei just a couple of minutes ago, and what was the best thing to try it out on? In the wilderness of the second floor. Here, there were a plentiful of materials, and they would prove to be useful for him eventually, not that he was short on them at the moment of anything. Material gathering wasn't the main reason that he was here, though. No, he was here to complete a quest as well, to be exact, he was here to defeat the queen of the second floor and take her crown as a price. Pick grinned, checking his inventory and equipping everything that he needed. Like always, he would post on the player request boards for anyone who wanted to tag along. Pick could definitely just solo this quest and defeat the queen with ease now that he had added a rank to his weapon skill, but what was the fun in that? It's quite boring soloing quests - he had learned that from experience. The more the merrier - that was his philosophy, and he could spend this time establishing relationships and bonds with other players that might come useful in the future. Pulling out his menu, he began to write: @Cosi @Artemis
  6. Artemis sneezed as she made her way through the snow covered town. "It's so pretty, but it's so cold!" She sighed, "why are the prettiest things to most dangerous?" The short player mumbled, rubbing her arms with her hands. "This totally sucks balls, where's that quest giver? I heard she was here somewhere.." she trailed off, spotting a short figure next to a small cafe. Is that her? I mean, it looks like an old lady. Unless it's a child.. Even I'm taller than it! Sneezing one last time, she made her way over to the figure. "Uhm.. hi there-" She was cut off by the old lady. The NPC blabbled about a few things before giving her a pouch and the quest. Well this escalated quickly. She thought as the old lady rambled on some more before saying her goodbyes and walking off. Well! That was that I suppose.
  7. Hazado moved around on floor sixteen, He came here once before and got tricked into coming here that day. He looks out to the water and thinks about what happened that day. The beach was quiet and empty people would normally be here but as it seemed like not today. Hazado was mostly alone not that he is trying to get a distance between him and people, it just that he does not really is know how to talking to people. The Beach always seemed to calm him down and the things that he wanted to do now was to go for a swim or relax near the sea. He opened his inventory and walked out with his swimming trunks and his orange summer jacket. "Aah Best way to calm down is at the water," he said to himself as his feet touched the sand again. The sand was warm and the water looked very clear, the only thing he needed was a boat and he could do what he always did at the beach. He then looked at his Right leg as a big scare ran all the way down from his leg, he still remembered the accident before he came to the game. He shrugged it off and walked over to the water as he was with his feet in the water. "This feels great, I'm happy that there is at least a beach here," he said looking out into the sea as some birds flew past. he sat down close to the water so the small waves kept hitting his feet with water, it felt nice to be on the beach and it was a good way for him to relax as he had more water legs then land legs. @Froppy Hazado's Beach outfit.
  8. Sighing to herself, Artemis put on a determined face. I'm going to find that shop! But.. why is this town so big?! She looked left and right, only to be faced with crowds of people and shops she wasn't looking for. It can't be that hard. If other people did it, so can I. The strawberry blonde laughed nervously to herself and started walking aimlessly. I'm pretty sure someone said it should be right around.. here! She turned the corner and gave a joyous chuckle. "Finally! I've been looking for.." she trailed off, hours? Minutes? I don't care anymore! Stretching her arms, she released a small yawn, "I heard this quest is relatively easy.. just my kind of quest!" she mumbled to herself, a smile creeping on her face. Trembling with excitement, she clapped her hands together and sighed happily. This is going to be. So. Much. Fun! Skipping happily towards the shop, she didn't realize her feet were slipping below her until she was already face flat on the ground. She stayed like that for a while, having her daily dose of day dreaming. How does that work? I mean it's not like the path is made out of ice. The real question is, why am I still laying down like this? Useless thoughts! @Prometheus
  9. Asakku gave a light breath as she wondered aimlessly through the town. What am I doing here again? I think I was buying something.. She huffed, glancing at a few directions. God dang.. what was I going to buy again? She shook her head, face palming herself. How could I be so stupid? Looking up, she saw a familiar face. Oh sh- Her eyes widened, why is he here? Why am I here?! She looked around frantically, spotting another yet familiar face. Holy fudge noodles. It’s the Armageddon! She gave a nervous gulp, accepting her fate. I thought you were starting to like me God, but you put these two idiots in my face. She sighed, running a hand through her hair. This sucks.. a lot. Looking over are Dustin, and then over to Pick, a lacy breath escaped her. This is going to be one hell of a day.. and that’s just a hunch. @Dustin @Pick
  10. It was time for hey to take a day off and get some excitement, as he had been working in his shop lately, and there hadn't been to much up besides that. So he had decided, that it was time he went to go and do some hiking on the second floor. Of course he had thought about going to the higher floors, but he wanted to just chill and hike, have a good look at the beautiful nature without having to fear the mobs on the floor. After he had a great Breakfast with Fae and his little raptor Huatli, he had equipped his free time gear consisting of black shorts, a dark green sleeveless shirt and his cloak, depicting his guilds sigil. With as little equipment as that, and of course his trident, he made his way to the teleporter within the town of beginnings to get up to the second floor. Once he was in Urbos, he searched for a place where he could see the mountains to plan where to hike to, while Huatli the little raptor started walking around, looking at NPCs and Players alike and once or twice hissing at children that wanted to touch her. OOC: @Kioshi you can come and meet me anywhere in the town, or wait for my next post after you, to meet with me and the crying mother (if you don't want to "summon" her in your post)
  11. Hei had been at Stryder's shop to get the few unidentified Items he had collected over the time, and once he had heard, that one of them was a spear with unique enhancement, that would make a devastating weapon once he could upgrade it to a perfect weapon, he was eager to do that. Since he had been busy crafting some pieces of armour for all the people that had ordered in his shop, today was the first time he had time to have a crack on the task. Knowing, that he could easily kill the monster on his own, he didn't have to ask anyone for help, but he always enjoyed some time with his friends from the guild, and so he sent a message at Stryder, who had told him that he should upgrade the spear in the first place. Hey @Stryder, how are you today? I was just wondering if you would like to tag along, when I once again enter the icy cave of the snow beast, looking for the essence of steel? It would be nice to have you around. Once he had sent the message, Hei walked through his workshop, to tell Fae that he would leave soon, and to find out where Huatli was hiding. It seemed the small raptor liked it to hide from him everytime he was in the workshop. So Hei had to go and look for her before he could leave.
  12. Hei had been questing with Saphira since he had met her, and so he knew about her equipment and her level. To be honest, it wasn't just that, he had made nearly all of what she used, and what he didn't make, he got for her. Now that she was level 12 or so, Hei thought she needed some kind of better equipment, the dagger he had found in the endless frost of the fourth floor was okay, but not good enough to compete with monsters her level. - I surely could buy her a new weapon, but I don't think she'd like getting all that just as a present, she probably wants to work for it, how about we go and take on the monstrous snow beast, that drops the essence of steel, so she can simply upgrade the weapon she is used to? - he wondered, and after deliberating about it, he thought it was a good idea, and that he could invite her over for it. Hey @Saphira, Do you still remember when we fought the wasps and I told you you can have my accuracy once I get my familiar. Thanks to you I got a familiar, and so I want to hand you a present. Please come and meet me in the hangar. And bring warm cloth, we will head out to the fourth floor afterwards. Yours sincerely, Hei
  13. Log Entry Three I kill some boars and some friends! I mean I made some friends... I still killed the boars though. ——————————— Cosi decided to stop waiting around the Blazing Typhoon- it looked like his order would take longer than expected- and headed back to the Town of Beginnings. He still hadn't fought any monsters and was itching to test his skills. Besides he needed a lot more experience, in game and literally, before he wanted to take on the higher floors. He also should try to get a friend to team up with... While Cosi was mulling this thought over as he headed to the towns gate he was broken from his reverie. He turned, someone was calling his name. Cosi looked left then right and saw Lyle Tealeaf, the old blacksmith, waving at him. Surprised, Cosi headed over to the smith. "Lad! Could you give me a hand with something?" Lyle said, "I need better materials for my crafting, specifically boar pup tusks." "uhh.. Sure how many do I need to get?" Cosi responded. "just three, Lad" Cosi nodded and started to head out of the gate and into the wilds to kill some baby boars.
  14. Kasier yawned. She remembered the last thing Itzal said before he went out on his early exercise routine. He wanted her to get to know her fellow guild mates a bit more, and maybe form some more friendships now that she had kind of come out of that shell that she had on from a very long time ago. Honestly, Kasier didn't mind going out and talking to a few more people, but it's gonna take a whole lot of communicating for someone to really get to know Kasier and understand why she seemed so serious all the time. Kasier sighed, standing up from the bed that she had slept in for the past few days. Although it had already been a couple of days, Kasier was still getting used to it slowly. At least the nightmares were starting to slow down now, and there weren't nearly as much as there used to be when she first moved in. Getting back on track, Kasier was encouraged to spend some time with Kyot0, one of the newer members of the guild who had just come in as an apprentice. Kasier could understand why it is encouraged to have a closer relationship amongst the current members of the guild, especially since the guild activity has been low ever since Beatbox's death. Surely, there would be a time when everyone forgets about the tragedy, but that time would come slowly. For now, little to no new members were joining the guild... it would be crucial for all the current guild members to know and develop a relationship with each other, so if a time comes when the entire guild must take action, everyone knows that they can trust each other. "A small guild has its pros, doesn't it?" Kasier asked herself, nodding as she stared at the mirror before pulling up her menu and sending a message to her fellow guildmate. Kasier wrote the message in about ten minutes... which was a long time. It was the first time that she had really sent a message like this, and it was too casual for her likings. Whatever. She thought, shrugging and pressing the send button before laying back down on her bed. @Kyot0
  15. I guess I’ll have to go find that Kyle guy again.. she mumbled, turning a corner. I think his shop was right here.. I remember it when I gave him that package from Zackiriah.. she shrugged, shaking her head. Whatever. I’m almost there anyways. Turning one final corner, she found herself at the blacksmiths shop. Here it is.. same old.. ragged place I guess. Mumbling, she pushed her way through the shop doors, her familair padding alongside her. “Kyle?” She called, looking around the shop, “I’m here to take the quest!” She rolled her eyes, venturing deeper into the shop. There he is.. “Hey Kyle,” she muttered, walking up to him with a frown. He turned around and gave a small smile, “oh hey Asakku! What is it that brings you doing here?” Her shoulders dropped and she stifled a long sigh, this is gonna be one hell of a day. @Dustin
  16. This was the message Macradon would send to the only one he could get to trust for this mission, it was dangerous, but he was sure Zandra was more than capable of taking on Death_Adder together with Macradon, the time was now, it had finally come. Macradon’s heart would beat stronger and stronger. As he awaited Zandra’s appearance at the chosen spot on top of a hill south of the main settlement. This would probably be the best place to start out together, as they can prepare in secrecy before they would venture out. Macradon would look through his inventory and chuck down as many consumable he could to be prepared for what was to come. < Used Yui's Grace > < Diamond Skin Potion Consumed > < Damage Potion Consumed > < Mitigation Postion Consumed > < Protein Food Consumed >
  17. Sky caught the blade, his cursed glove making sure he took no damage as he disarmed the player. He grinned, laughing a little as he won the duel, his wolf, Silver, howling happily. She was starting to get a ltitle more comfortable, she could sit on her own for a bit, as long as Sky was in sight. The player laughed with him, grabbing the spare hand and hauling himself up. Sky didn't fight with players much, well, ever. But this guy had asked him for a quick spar, but had lost. He waved him off, walking away as he headed towards the Town Of Beggingins square, well... technically where this whole mess had started. He remembered quite a bit about that, he had been scared for a fair bit... But he was over thatnow. His entire personality had changed, and now. He was his own man. Huh.... i usedto be so shy. Now, look at me. I run my own guild... Lucky me. @Aspect @Hei @Eatos
  18. Enna was sitting at a table just outside a restaurant he was getting to lately, with an empty cup of coffee in front of him and his head down on the table he was thinking about the things that happened, First of he gets stuck in a game second thing he was bored and did not know what to do, nothing interesting seemed to pop up. he wanted to do a Quest but didn't want to go outside because he wanted to be with someone at this point. Bleh It no fun doing Quests alone, why can't no one want to hang out with me, he thought as he looks at his feet. At that point, a guy walks past and starts to talk with him "Hey there beautiful lady, you look quite bored want to hang out with me?" the guy asked. Enna had a small giggle and looked up remembering that he did kind of look like a girl, "Hi there person," he said and looked up at the guy who did not look interesting at all "Can you leave, you are boring me," he then said with a grin on his face. The guy looked a bit shocked about that reaction and then walked away saying "Girl you are wasting my time anyway," and walked off a bit grumpy. Enna giggled a bit as he walked away and looked at his empty cup again thinking about what person would come next and bother him. He liked the way that NPC knew that he was a guy but most players did not see it because of his long hair and how he acted most of the times. @Ruby
  19. Pick found himself waking up whistling to a Drake song. Shaking his head as if he could simply shake out the dream that he had lived in the previous night regarding himself in a chocolate factory being rejected by all the chocolate ladies who lived there. He sighed, I always knew I wasn't that good with different species. I might just get myself a human familiar later. Pick thought, shaking his head as he sluggishly got out of bed, put on his fancy suit and gloves before heading down to the first floor of the inn which provided free coffee for its customers, not that it actually had an effect on players' body. At this point, it had become a routine, and his day would not feel right if he didn't have a sip of the black drink of goodness before starting off the day. Sitting down near the counter, he began to slowly feel the warmth of the coffee with his lips when the owner of the inn began to talk to him. "Hey, would you like today's news?" The inn keeper said. He was a short, little man, with a mustache that curled all the way up to his eyes. If he had one of those Mexican hats, it would've definitely confirmed his heritage. Pick smiled, Mexico is close enough to Spain... so he's practically another brother. "Sure thing, fella, so do you have any rumors around this floor? I haven't explored this floor that much," Pick requested, watching as the man whipped clean a few dry coffee mugs before fixing his eyes on Pick and gesturing for him to come a bit closer. Pick leaned over the counter to listen. "Rumor has it that a few players got attacked by some sort of a queen bee in this floor. I hear if you manage to kill it, it yields some pretty nice rewards." Both Pick and the innkeeper returned to their original position. Pick smiled, finishing up the rest of the coffee walked out. "Oh, wait, here... have some tip." Walking into the streets of the second floor, it felt like a different world from the first floor. The streets were not filled with random players hurried walking from one place to another, but it seemed to be enjoying themselves as they walked. Without hesitation, he posted a message on the player request boards so anyone could see that he would like assistance for this quest. @Arabelle
  20. Domarus had recently acquired an uncommon item with the bloodclot enhancement on it. A unique enhancement that nullified the bleed effect entirely, preventing it from landing on him. The goal of doing this quest, again was to get his hands on the essence of steel. This material was going to turn his item from an uncommon to a rare, and then after another round of this quest, a rare into a perfect. The idea was to add the recovery enhancement to the item, allowing him to use it with his silver armor. It was a fur cape at the moment, but he knew of an item called a name tag which he intended to use on the blood clot armor, turning the name, description, and appearance of the item into whatever he wanted it to be. When that happened it would match his armor perfectly, allowing him to walk in public without looking like a fool, and retain the power of the enhancements at the same time. He was currently standing on the fourth floor waiting for Embers to hurry and join him. The reason he called for her wasn't because he needed her help, far from it. It was to help him pass the time and the boredom of after he finished it. Maybe they'd head to a higher floor and take on a few loot monsters, Lord knew he needed the col. @Embers
  21. Now that Pick has obtained his first skill on his step to becoming both the richest and most generous man in Aincrad, he was prepared to complete his second quest and obtain some more skill points as a result of it. Now that he had the ability to obtain more materials, he'll be able to craft and use his materials in ways that are different to other people. The number one way to obtain wealth was to get a job, a profession that could earn you cash. Now, Pick was not into all the other normal, boring jobs like being an alchemist or blacksmith. Instead, he wanted something different, something unlike the rest of the professions. Indeed, he wanted to become a merchant. Through trading and obtaining cheap weapons or armory through different ways. Pick was a social animal, though, so there is no way that he would complete this quest on his own even if he had the ability to do so. Instead, he would post a notice looking for someone to accompany him on this quest of getting himself a job. After drafting the message real quickly, he went to a nearby coffee shop and posted his location in case anyone was willing to show up and help him out. @Hazado
  22. As he sits on the side of a bench he looks to see if there was something to do as he opens the menu he has, he got a message from an info breaker he contacted about a quest that gave good loot in Materials. "Ooh yes this is interesting to get... wait I'm doing this alone aren't I," he says to himself, looking up from his feet a guy walks up "How you doing miss, see you want to do a que.." before the male player could end his sentence Enna cut him off "No I'm not doing this with you, you seem boring," he said with a small giggle. The male player looked grumpy as he walked off saying something like "That Girl looked so nice too, and she is not even interested in me?" as Enna heard this he giggled a bit and looked at the man walked off again. Still not a girl but okay, he thought, looking after the guy. He always liked how people would confuse him with a girl even if he has grown out of denying it he still was not completely calm being hit on my guys like that. He then hits his long purple hair back and looks back at the message he got. He then began to hum a bit an of a song and was reading the message very calmly. A garden full of materials, It sounds romantic if I had someone to go with but most people seem boring here, as he hums a song from his past. Some people walked passed and some looked at him like some hungry wolf but he just sat there reading the message while humming to his song in his head. @Pick
  23. It was a cold breeze flowing over Floor two, Hazado has been to this floor multiple times and almost everytime he had fun while being here, even if it was for quests he always ended up having fun. But this time he was not here for some normal quest but for the field boss that would spawn very easy if you wanted it to, Hazado wanted it to do it all alone but one thing echoed inside his head 'you can't do things alone all the time' it was true because Hazado has been near death almost once. Opening his menu he looked at people who he had met and probably wanted to help him with this even if he could tank all the damage of the monster. His eyes came to the name of Arabelle who he hasn't spoken to in some time. He pressed Send and waited at the fountain in the middle of the town he was at, it was really nice and things looked calm from this point, Hazado's Armor rather big and was green and was made as the old Japanese style armor, while on his left arm were multiple smaller spikes to protect himself from incoming hits. Looking into the fountain he saw some Col in the fountain probably from someone who made a wish, Hazado smiled and took out one Col coin and threw it into the fountain. I Wish for me and my friends in this game to make it out save, and one day meet In real life. his wish was as he then looked into the fountain waiting for Arabelle to show up.
  24. Pick smiled, the day was beautiful, and it would only get better the more materials that he obtained for himself. He had run out of material gathering items, though, so he would have to go purchase some later. After all, he had gotten quite a bit of materials from that day he spent in the garden for <<Nature's Treasure>>. However, all that material gathering is only gonna get him wealthier, but it's not necessarily gonna help him become a better material gatherer or a treasure hunter. If he wanted to become a better searcher, he would need to go on quests and get more skill points that way. Pick had posted a notice several days ago wanting to make business arrangements with people, but it seemed that no one was interested in his soon to be ability of gathering materials. Nevertheless, Pick would not be discouraged, because his luck would come through one day or the next. Today, Pick would take a break from material gathering. Instead, he would go on the quest, but he had no damage on him, so naturally, some assistance was required. Instead of attacking these mobs by himself, he would ask for assistance in the global chat and the bulletin notices around the world of Aincrad. Asking for anyone interested to meet him in the village that the quest would start, he soon began to make his way there, fixing his suit and putting on his lucky gloves in the mean time. @Vigilon
  25. Pick smiled, walking through the door of the cafe in the main village of the fourth floor. He had heard that this was a good floor to spend some time in because it was completely different from the first floor. After staying on the first floor for quite a long time, it was great to come to the fourth floor and enjoy himself some nice hot chocolate instead of all the cold drinks offered on the first floor. It was good that the casual suit that Pick always had on provided enough warmth so that he could get into a shop without freezing to death. Breathing out and seeing his own breath, he walked into the cafe and found himself a seat near the middle of the cafe which already had a menu on it. With a smile, he picked it up and his eyes were immediately directed to the coffee section. "Waitress, can I please have myself a hot cup of expresso? Also, keep another one ready in case someone decides to join me." Pick exclaimed, smiling at the waitress before handing her the menu, and staring at the table in front of him. It was good to relax, but he should be out finding materials and earning Col. His laziness will not pay off in the end, and he should only be living a luxury life when he actually masters all his skills. Since he was a child, he had been poor, until he became a thief... and that changed his life. Now, he can't really steal anything in this game, so he's just gonna have to steal things from the environment around him. Steal the materials, at least. He thought, waiting for the coffee to arrive. @Dustin