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  1. Evening in Aincrad was already coming upon her. Dazia began walking toward the safe zone's edge, wondering if there would be another fateful night, but with a better outcome. "Yinangi, why don't you sit this little venture out? I'm not sure the night will be peaceful for you whatsoever." "Hmm, let me think... Pfff, nah, I'm too curious at the moment." Dazia sighed. "Then if something happens to you, it'll be your fault. Got it?" Someone came near to Dazia. "Hello there, miss. Perhaps you might like another companion for your exploits?" Dazia looked at the NPC who had just arrived. "...I'm not sure an elderly woman would fare so well out there in the night." "Ohoho, not me, silly! I was speaking of a tamable monster..." The NPC explained a valuable secret about taming monsters, then walked away, leaving Dazia there with a quest notification. She looked at Yinangi. "That was useful information, but rather unexpected." "Maybe you should get some help. I'm sure I know a few players who could help..." Yinangi replied with a wink. "...No." "Oh, really?" "I'm not sure Benjamin is into going out at night..." "It's worth a shot." "....Fine." She pulled up her messenger, and decided to message two players. She knew that although the moon was risen at this point, and it shone over the wilds, the search would be far from easy. To make things a bit easier for herself, she pulled out one of the food items she received by killing Wardege. It was two halves of an apple, with jam in place of the apple core. For a dead guy, he was a fair cook. @Lee - Jam-filled Apple Dazia has received a +1 to LD for remainder of thread. <<Nighttime Effect Active: -1 to Visibility>>
  2. It was that time of the day again. The first thing in the morning when the rays of the sun seeps through the blinds to blind you until you simply cannot keep resisting the callings of the day's potential events. Recently, Kasier has been waking up with a lot more enthusiasm than usual. Perhaps it was because of the recent marriage with Itzal that had suddenly fueled her to continue the grind that she had swore she would commit herself to months ago. Of course, that urgency to grind had already fallen through, but now, she had found the urge to continue once again, and this time, she would take advantage of this period of enthusiasm. Waking up, Kasier looked at herself in the mirror, figuring that it appeared to be a good day just from the lack of dark circles around her eyes. The previous night had been a night free from the frequent nightmares that she had been facing since moving in, and Kasier was relieved that the sequence of dreams might disappear now. It's still hasn't been that long since she moved it, has it? Kasier sighed, putting on her slippers as she yawned her way down into the kitchen where she prepared two hot cups of coffee and three slices of cheesecake. Plus an extra large cherry on the top of the one that she made for Velnia. She had already decided that today, she would go out and complete a quest, but she didn't know exactly what quest, yet, and whether Itzal will have the free time for her that day. Guess I'll find out during breakfast, Kasier thought, setting the food on the table, expecting Itzal to come at any moment from the front door. @Itzal
  3. Floor 15, Kachirho Mid-afternoon "Please, Sir! My merchandise!" Some NPC prattled on for the 5th time. Baldur wondered again if this was some kind of event, but the fliers were posted throughout the settlement. A settlement that reminded him a lot of an ancient movie's Ewok village. But there were few people alive now who would get a 50 year old movie reference. Baldur would normally avoid floors like this one, but he was after materials, and this quest, according to his info broker, had the best loot he could ask for. The quest, however, did not fit within Baldur's rigorous safety-factor scheme for soloing. If he had an unacceptable chance of dying, that meant he had to party up. In this case, he would probably need a tank ads well. Normally that meant Cardinal would upscale the difficulty, but since Baldur was almost to the point where he felt he could solo the quest, then another party member or two wouldn't do much harm. Better to get some of the loot and none of the risk, than find out they ran out of cake and only had death left. As Baldur hit send, he hoped the rival merchant would show up. Hirru and Baldur had good luck grouping together when it came time to farm for materials. Sure, they could have gone their seperate ways, but it's always better to work together, and they both had decent bonuses to loot. Plus, they got along well, and he knew from experience that he could trust Hirru to put their lives above loot, and that he wouldn't run away when it came to a tough fight, and Hirru knew that Baldur could carry his weight. But who should they get as a tank? Thinking back to his conversations with Calrex and Shield, Baldur ran through the list in his head. There were a couple of options he could try out, but Hestia was a name that kept coming up, and it was one he wasn't familiar with. If he was going to rejoin the raid force, he should get to know all the players, especially the tanks. Well, we'll see how she responds to an unknown caller. Opening up another private message, Baldur began to type on the floating keyboard. Once the private message was sent, Baldur rubbed his thumb over the karshira, the pommel, of his katana <<Fudoshin>>. He would normally like to use his paralysis sword to avoid damage, but if they went with a tank he'd use the bleed weapon. The gaijin samurai wanna-be refused to use the cursed blade <<Muramasa>> outside of boss fights. Everyone who used the weapon seemed to be corrupted by it. Baldur wasn't a superstitious player, but you never knew in Aincrad... and he mostly just assumed it was the lure of power. The sword broke the rules of this world, and gave more power than any other weapon. At least in terms of raw damage. If he used the wicked sword, he could probably solo the quest with no trouble, but such was the lure of its power. Complacency, arrogance, pride. It would be his downfall as surely as anything else, and if he got used to the power of the sword, then when it was no longer the cutting edge weapon it was, he would be left used to scale of power he could never match again. So he practiced with his 'lesser' swords. "I beg you! I will reward you greatly! You must hunt down and destroy those filthy beasts for what they did to my caravan!" The NPC looked like he probably spent his life selling cabbage, and didn't have a dime to his name. But then, he supposedly just ran for his life after a pack of wolves attacked his baggage train. And again, Baldur wondered if this was some kind of event. Was the baggage train ever attacked? Could you actually save it? Baldur folded his arms into the sleeves of his blue haori, the white flames rising up from the hem and the sleeves as he waited near the teleportation portal, the quest window up but off to the side and out of his line of sight while he waited. The Samurai wanna-be's orange light armor was well worn and comfortable, but even he was not going to wait around all day. He would give them a chance to join, or he would move along to another quest.
  4. Outlander had sent a notification throughout the entirety of his guild, the Outcasts Pact, which can be labeled as a terrorist group if others so feel like it. He outside the town of new beginnings, resting under a tree. He didn't want to go in, he didn't want to run into any individuals who might recognize him. "Ah... Broad daylight, how you irritate me." He said, looking directly into the sun. He was trying to shifted his head to the position that was just right, also, because he had the sun in his eyes. "Well, they should be here any minute now. If not, I can take a nap, grab a bite to eat..." He continued. He looked down the road that lead into the town of new beginnings. "But, whats taking them so long?" Outlander winced at the trail looking both ways before lounging again. "It seemed like just yesterday, I my recruitment station was attacked by those jerks. Well, hopefully not this time. Right?" He said to no one. @Fae @Mr.R @Sharr
  5. Invitations (Invite sent to @Hestia, @Adhaerere, @Kooh, @Morgenstern, @tricolor_mina, @Sey, @Aereth, @Stryder, @Hikoru Hikoru's Invite has a PS: Itzal's Clothing Itzal was both nervous, anxious, excited and overjoyed all at the exact same time. He hadn't seen Jenna just about all day even though that was the point. She was getting ready with the help of npc's who were designed to hold very great and fluent conversations. These npc's wouldn't be attending the actual ceremony of course, only the players they invited. But it was still interesting to talk to them. Itzal found the priest himself, Adrian, to be particularly interesting. At any rate he was too full of emotion to sit down still, and thus he was moving around the room at a rather fast pace. His heart was beating fast despite the fact that they hadn't come anywhere near to being ready for the wedding... Well they still had some time of course but not much time if he was being honest. The wedding was designed to allow player killers in case Aereth was still an orange player. He just hoped everyone was able to make it. He was especially concerned that Adhaere and Kooh wouldn't make it but he hoped they did. His original allies. It had seemed that the first player he ever met, Trent, would never pop up again. It was unfortunate but a fact it seemed. He sighed and continued to walk around. The priest kept smiling as he watched Itzal. "You should sit down and rest you know." "I can't rest, and I can't sit. I've got way too much anxiety at the moment. I'm excited and all but this is really nerve racking you know? It's like, I know it all goes away the instant I see her but this is the biggest thing I've ever made in my life! And I spent all my life in the real world playing pointless video games instead of actually doing something with it!.. No offense." Adrian chuckled and shook his head. "None taken front liner. I understand you perfectly. However think of this as your chance to make things right. Protect her, love her. Get out of here and get home alive. And live like never before." Itzal listened to him and sighed, trying to relax a little more. "Yeah that was the plan. I just. I know what's going to happen, but I still feel nervous you know?" The priest smiled and nodded. "Yes I understand." @Kasier
  6. This was the message Macradon would send to the only one he could get to trust for this mission, it was dangerous, but he was sure Zandra was more than capable of taking on Death_Adder together with Macradon, the time was now, it had finally come. Macradon’s heart would beat stronger and stronger. As he awaited Zandra’s appearance at the chosen spot on top of a hill south of the main settlement. This would probably be the best place to start out together, as they can prepare in secrecy before they would venture out. Macradon would look through his inventory and chuck down as many consumable he could to be prepared for what was to come. < Used Yui's Grace > < Diamond Skin Potion Consumed > < Damage Potion Consumed > < Mitigation Postion Consumed > < Protein Food Consumed >
  7. Hei had been questing with Saphira since he had met her, and so he knew about her equipment and her level. To be honest, it wasn't just that, he had made nearly all of what she used, and what he didn't make, he got for her. Now that she was level 12 or so, Hei thought she needed some kind of better equipment, the dagger he had found in the endless frost of the fourth floor was okay, but not good enough to compete with monsters her level. - I surely could buy her a new weapon, but I don't think she'd like getting all that just as a present, she probably wants to work for it, how about we go and take on the monstrous snow beast, that drops the essence of steel, so she can simply upgrade the weapon she is used to? - he wondered, and after deliberating about it, he thought it was a good idea, and that he could invite her over for it. Hey @Saphira, Do you still remember when we fought the wasps and I told you you can have my accuracy once I get my familiar. Thanks to you I got a familiar, and so I want to hand you a present. Please come and meet me in the hangar. And bring warm cloth, we will head out to the fourth floor afterwards. Yours sincerely, Hei
  8. Domarus had recently acquired an uncommon item with the bloodclot enhancement on it. A unique enhancement that nullified the bleed effect entirely, preventing it from landing on him. The goal of doing this quest, again was to get his hands on the essence of steel. This material was going to turn his item from an uncommon to a rare, and then after another round of this quest, a rare into a perfect. The idea was to add the recovery enhancement to the item, allowing him to use it with his silver armor. It was a fur cape at the moment, but he knew of an item called a name tag which he intended to use on the blood clot armor, turning the name, description, and appearance of the item into whatever he wanted it to be. When that happened it would match his armor perfectly, allowing him to walk in public without looking like a fool, and retain the power of the enhancements at the same time. He was currently standing on the fourth floor waiting for Embers to hurry and join him. The reason he called for her wasn't because he needed her help, far from it. It was to help him pass the time and the boredom of after he finished it. Maybe they'd head to a higher floor and take on a few loot monsters, Lord knew he needed the col. @Embers
  9. After the unfinished business in the sixth floor was taken care of, Vigilon, Krysta, and Vigilon's real world friend, Amelia(known in the game as Kanari_Kakaze) headed over to the eleventh floor, and entered one of the floor's restaurants to discuss what they were going to do next. The day was still young, after all. There was still time to do something else. "Who knew that Wyvern Fangs could pass for Dragon Fangs? Well, in some cases, that is, from what Scilla told me." The potion had finally been made, and he was told that it could cause certain things to be clearer, depending on the situation. Vigilon guessed that it would apply to things like being in his mind while resting at the Waterfall of the sage, or even make it possible for these weird dreams he's had to make sense. Either way, he wouldn't be drinking the potion until later. Much later. "Maybe, these weird dreams I've been having could finally make sense...then again, when have my dreams ever made sense?" Kanari_Kakaze shrugged. "Beats me." @Krysta
  10. Dazia asked that Yinangi stay put for a small bit while she would talk to the NPC Artisan who might be able to teach her in the ways of crafting. "Just...stay here until I come back, alright?" "....Fine..." Dazia came up to the door of the shop, entered the building. "Malachi Ringly, I hear you can teach me how to be an Artisan." The NPC Artisan seemed to be in a rush. "Finally, got that done- Oh hello, what do you want? Oh! You want to learn how to be an Artisan? I'm on a very tight schedule, but I suppose I can take time out of it to help you, but you must be a quick learner." Dazia would be fine with this, for she was known to be an intelligent person. She followed him to the back, and saw all the gemstones sparkling in the light that came through. Malachi noticed that Dazia was looking at them, and he considered actually teaching her. "Listen, I can spare sometime to help you out, watch me very carefully, I will only do this once." He reached for a gemstone in a specific bin, but it was empty. "What! I'm about to be behind schedule! What am I going to d- You! If you want to learn about being an Artisan, go out and get me five materials for my crafts. And Hurry!" "A-alright, alright! Don't stress yourself, I'm going to get them now!" She walked out of the building. Yinangi noticed the look on Dazia's face. "Hm, that well, huh?" "Nope, I just have yet another wall in my way. Material gathering. Let's go." She started towards the safe zone's edge. She knew of a small cavern in the floor that had a fair amount of gemstones to be found, so that would be her destination. @Vigilon @Reinka @Stryder
  11. Spencer found himself back on the Fourth floor, walking around and kind of just chilling on the chilly floor 4. He was tempted to start looking for a familiar, hopefully a penguin, but he decided against that, thinking that he would just do it when he was a higher level, not wanting to really risk it. He sighed a bit and opened his umbrella when it started to rain, the snow drifting off of his umbrella onto the ground below him."Hmm, what to do?" He spoke to himself as he walked through the forest. He was getting a lot better at talking to other people and making connections with them, but it still scarred the hell out of him every time that he did it. Wish I could just make friends with someone who understands that being a loner sucks but is also apart of you He thought to himself and sat on a bench. @Shi
  12. Hei had been at Stryder's shop to get the few unidentified Items he had collected over the time, and once he had heard, that one of them was a spear with unique enhancement, that would make a devastating weapon once he could upgrade it to a perfect weapon, he was eager to do that. Since he had been busy crafting some pieces of armour for all the people that had ordered in his shop, today was the first time he had time to have a crack on the task. Knowing, that he could easily kill the monster on his own, he didn't have to ask anyone for help, but he always enjoyed some time with his friends from the guild, and so he sent a message at Stryder, who had told him that he should upgrade the spear in the first place. Hey @Stryder, how are you today? I was just wondering if you would like to tag along, when I once again enter the icy cave of the snow beast, looking for the essence of steel? It would be nice to have you around. Once he had sent the message, Hei walked through his workshop, to tell Fae that he would leave soon, and to find out where Huatli was hiding. It seemed the small raptor liked it to hide from him everytime he was in the workshop. So Hei had to go and look for her before he could leave.
  13. Hazado

    [PP-F03] Friendship Bond

    Walking around on floor 3 Hazado looked around in the settlement of <<Town of Flora>> It was calm and very fantasy. It almost looked like this came out of a fairytale with Elven walking all around on the floor. It was a great thing to see, but somehow Hazado felt a bit down, This came because he was alone and because he was with his friends so many times this became a thing that he liked being around them. But one of the friends he didn't really speak to was Arabelle, The two always where hitting each other with words, yes they were friends that can be said but he wanted to go talk with her about things they both liked and knew from each other. As he pushed send he laughed a bit at his own pun he had put in. "Now we wait for the little purple-haired girl to pop up from somewhere." Yes compared to him Arabelle was small, this was one of the things Hazado always said if he had the change. As he waited for Arabelle to show up he took off his chest plate and his spear. It was really not needed to have his Armor on right now and his spear was also not needed for just a talk and fun. At this point, he was wearing an Orange tank top with a black logo of a shield on it, And he was still wearing his armor around his legs but nowhere else. It looked good on him and his muscle was showing to everyone that walked past, Some of the female players even looked at him as he waited in the sun on some bench at the side of the settlement at the entrance of the gate. @Arabelle
  14. Vivlia sighed tiredly and groaned, rubbing her eyes. “Why is it so cold in floor four?” She whispered, shuddering at the extreme chilliness. Rubbing her elbows she looked around her surroundings. “T-there has to be some kind of restaurant or shop around here right?” She muttered, pushing her glasses up to see a more clear view. Spotting a nearby tavern, she quickly strides over to it. I’m not the type to go in bars but this is what’s around, she sighed heavily, “Hearth and Harrow huh?” She tilted her head at the sign. Odd name.. agh! What are you still standing around for Vivlia?! She huffed, quickly entering the tavern. A fresh wave of warm air blasted in her face. “Ah.. that feels nice,” she smiled happily, rubbing her hands together. Maybe they have some drinks here.. she walked over to a couple stools in front of a counter, I guess I should stay here a bit until it gets warmer. She sighed, sitting down on the stool. “Uhm..” she spoke in a voice barely above the whisper. “Do you have any coffee? Any kind will do,” she smiled warmly at the tender, who gave a gruff nod and walked off. As she was waiting, she scanned the tavern. It was decent sized, but there wasn’t anybody there except her, the bartender, and a guy sitting at a table in front of a window with a cat, most likely his familiar. As she looked closer at him, she could see that he was scribbling something down on a small book. A book? A notebook perhaps? I have to ask where he got it.. ugh, but how? Darn you social awkwardness! She looked left and right before sighing and muttering to herself. “Here goes nothing..” she stood up from her stool with shaky legs and walked over awkwardly to the player. She nervously tapped him in the shoulder, “Uhm.. so I was over there,” she said in a hush vice pointing over to her seat. “A-and I saw you writing in a book, I was wondering where you got that? I would love to have on myself,” she gave a sheepish smile. @Pinball
  15. It wasn't to long ago, that Hei had thought, all those players using their time on something like a familiar where kind of silly. There was no reason to get one of those, they would just need attention and food and what else he did not even know, but when he had paid Eatos and her Husky Angel a visit, his opinion had changed. A pet was a good way to not be alone all the time, and besides that, there was a possibility that a familiar would be able to help in combat or the daily life. Angel for example helped Eatos by protecting her, and so Hei decided that it was time to finally get his own pet. He had talked to Stryder who had been on the hunt for one himself, but who hadn't been able to find one, and he had told him, that it wasn't to easy taming one, so Hei prepared and visited Pinball, to order some meat balls he could use to tame his familiar. He also had used some time to find out what kind of familiar he would like to tame and where to find it, and after talking to many players who already had their own familiars and some NPCs who had helpful information, he was sure that the sixth floor was where he had to go. He was just getting ready to teleport to the sixth floor, when a thought crossed his brain and he opened his menu to send a message to Saphira: Stats and Equip:
  16. Darn it. Kasier thought, her red eyes drifting at the silhouette who stood by her hand as she hang from the edge of the cliff. The brilliant white teeth which the woman possesses reflected the light of the moon perfectly, but Kasier was still unable to unmask who the person truly was. The woman declared victory with a venom-like grin, and her long, dark hair was almost a symbol of the raven that she so resembles. I was so close, as well. Kasier thought, grunting as she kept hold of the cliff side, holding on for dear life. She was in the grasps of the hands of death, and in more than a second, death would invite her into the darkness that Kasier so dreaded since coming into this game. At the bottom of the cliff, she would be sent into oblivion into thousands of crystal-blue pieces. Kasier looked down at her dangling feet as a few pebbles dropped into the blackness below her. She awaited the sound that would come as the pebbles hit the floor, but it never came to her. Kasier held her breath, looking once more at the person who had caused her current position. "Who are you?" Kasier managed to choke out from her malfunctioning throat, before she felt herself falling, falling.... falling away into the unknowns of the bottom of the cliff. Closing her eyes, she embraced what appeared to be her fate. Kasier jolted up from her empty bed, sweaty all over. She had been having these bad dreams since moving in with Itzal, but she had no idea what was causing them. Perhaps it was just the fact that she had moved into a new house and everything seemed so different. Kasier put her hand by her heart, feeling it as it calmed down. I'll go out to eat. Itzal's probably going about with his morning routine already. Kasier thought, putting on her light blue dress that had become her casual wear at this point. Like always, she would go to the sushi shop on the first floor when she didn't feel like cooking her own breakfast. It was often in this popular sushi shop that adventures truly start, but often times it was the adventures that come to her, instead of her seeking out for them. Kasier shrugged, although a lot of troubles have started from the sushi shop, it was still the best restaurant around. Walking into the shop, she heard a jingle of the bell, before sitting down near the window of the place, awaiting the waiter to come with a menu. @Sunova
  17. the Quest link is above ^ I was sitting underneath a blossoming tree on the outskirts of the Town of beginnings, my eye closed. It was a beautiful day in this part of Aincrad, and I was determined to enjoy every last second of it. I opened my eye a tiny bit, and glanced around the fields. the only things that I could see were stray mobs, and players brawling with said mobs. "Naa... I miss you, Akame..." I wasn't wearing my cloak, having left it at my shop in the town of beginnings at the hotel room I stayed at, so I only had my usual tunic and skirt on. I started humming to myself. "Naa... I wish something interesting would happen to me today." @Aspect
  18. (OOC: Sorry @silver crow, Vivlia happened to be on at the time, and the max amount of players in this quest is 2, once again, sorry.) “Athel. Where are we going?” I asked in a slightly annoyed tone, he never tells me anything, thanks Athel. Maybe it's because he is mute that he doesn’t actually say anything but, we both know sign language. At the moment, he was wearing a open tan trench coat with a light brown scarf around his neck and black fingerless gloves on his hands. Underneath the coat was chainmail armor which only covered the top half of his chest. Underneath the chain-mail you could tell he was wearing a black shirt, for his lifestyle, you’d be surprised it doesn't have any obvious stains or spills on it. He had a few small satchels on his belt, of which were nothing but cosmetic. The belt was dark brown which matched the color of the pair of pants they were holding up, the only difference between the two was one had a slightly different color tone. His leather shoes were also black. This whole thing makes me wonder where he gets this wardrobe I don’t know about, I mean really, It seems like he has an outfit for every scenario possible. “Adventure.” He responded with in sign language. Great, I loved adventure, especially if the person you going with is silent and refuses to tell you where we are going. Eventually we arrived at an old, run-down building. It looked like it would collapse under its own weight at any moment. “Athel, what is this?” I asked. He grinned in response then made a few gestures in sign language: “First adventure.” Well, that's not technically true, we got lost in a forest once looking for materials, and spent a whole week out in the wilderness, which were full of monsters, creepy abandoned structures, and a really weird stalking silhouette. Good times. I didn’t want to ruin the “first adventure” thing so I stayed silent and walked in. Inside was a little laboratory, I didn’t think it was very safe to keep alchemy equipment inside a building that probably failed its safety tests. “Excuse me…” I said to the old man at the counter. His face had an odd relation to Santa Claus. I looked behind me to see a wide grin form on Athels face. “...I’m looking for Adventure? You sell any of that here?” That is my glorious attempt to confuse the NPC, unfortunately, it just made me look like an idiot. Thanks Athel. @Vivlia
  19. Kasier yawned. She remembered the last thing Itzal said before he went out on his early exercise routine. He wanted her to get to know her fellow guild mates a bit more, and maybe form some more friendships now that she had kind of come out of that shell that she had on from a very long time ago. Honestly, Kasier didn't mind going out and talking to a few more people, but it's gonna take a whole lot of communicating for someone to really get to know Kasier and understand why she seemed so serious all the time. Kasier sighed, standing up from the bed that she had slept in for the past few days. Although it had already been a couple of days, Kasier was still getting used to it slowly. At least the nightmares were starting to slow down now, and there weren't nearly as much as there used to be when she first moved in. Getting back on track, Kasier was encouraged to spend some time with Kyot0, one of the newer members of the guild who had just come in as an apprentice. Kasier could understand why it is encouraged to have a closer relationship amongst the current members of the guild, especially since the guild activity has been low ever since Beatbox's death. Surely, there would be a time when everyone forgets about the tragedy, but that time would come slowly. For now, little to no new members were joining the guild... it would be crucial for all the current guild members to know and develop a relationship with each other, so if a time comes when the entire guild must take action, everyone knows that they can trust each other. "A small guild has its pros, doesn't it?" Kasier asked herself, nodding as she stared at the mirror before pulling up her menu and sending a message to her fellow guildmate. Kasier wrote the message in about ten minutes... which was a long time. It was the first time that she had really sent a message like this, and it was too casual for her likings. Whatever. She thought, shrugging and pressing the send button before laying back down on her bed. @Kyot0
  20. Secret Medicine of The Forest : Spangie walked peacefully around the small village. It feels nice.. she told herself happily. Only a few minutes ago she had accepted a ques from an old NPC that requested her to get this sort of item that's supposed to be medicine, and the only way to get it was to kill a thing called a 'nepent'. Whatever that was.. she said to herself soon after she had gotten the quest. Her familiar was resting peacefully on top of her head, ruffling the blondes hair, but she didn't care. "Maybe I should get some help.. it is a quest to kill sometching after all.." she spoke to herself. She peered around the village, it certainly wasn't much. Few players an NPCs were scattered across the area. She sighed and continued to skip around the settlement, not finding much luck. After a few minutes of looking, she stumbled upon a familiar violet haired girl. "Is that really you?" she squealed excitedly, clapping her hands. Apricot gave a shake of her head and tilted her head at the unfamiliar player. @Arabelle
  21. Walking around on the 2nd floor Hazado heard the thing about a quest, A field boss or something like that. Normally he would take on a boss but this boss somehow got his attention, there was only one problem he could do it alone and he being a tank is not much to take down a boss on its own. He was thinking of who to bring and as he looked into his friend list he saw both Spangie and Arabelle, the two girls he met during an event. he clicked send and went to sit somewhere in Taran Village, Mmm that fountain looks nice to look at, It looks so calming how the water moves down. He walked to the fountain and looks to the water, and how it flows down to, he gets out one coll and throws it into the fountain. Well, I think I need to make a wish now. He laughed a bit and then closes his eyes and lowered his head If I have to make a wish well, Then I wish that I will keep going and survive. Let's hope my father doesn't do anything stupid, he maybe is a Seargent in the Japan military, but i'm still his son. He would be proud if he saw me now fighting for my freedom.
  22. - 2nd floor, Outskirts of Urbus, 2022 Cage Bar, 0324am With one smooth movement Aereth set down a small, now empty, glass on the table. He was sitting in a dark corner of his usual bar at the outskirts of Urbus. It was once again that time of the day where Aereth would retreat from his daily duties of gathering information in the underground. It was a pretty rundown bar with mostly orange players walking in and out. Usually pretty dangerous, but Aereth could care less. While very well being capable of proving his strength in a fight, he knew exactly that there were many players that could easily smack his face in if they wanted, but the fact that he was the person with the highest kill count on the monument in combination with the rumors that he was working with the Laughing Coffin made them respect... no, fear the consequences of what might happen if somebody wanted to try his luck with him. Lately he had only worked to rebuild his information broker network, that had been infiltrated and effectively destroyed by members of the laughing coffin. Nowadays he wasn't relying on others as much as before, and did most of the research about matters of interests on his own. Ever since Thea decided that she didn't want to see him anymore, for reasons that he didn't completely knew and understood, Aereth was simply trying to keep his mind occupied with other things. He of course had at least... a sh*tton of guesses as to why she left so abruptly without even talking to him once. Sure, their relationship was by no means a healthy one, with: both of them relying on the other to keep themselves going forward, him being the most feared and dangerous player in Aincrad, still not being over Alice's death, still not being able to let anybody else completely into his heart, (wow, he really was a sh*tty person) but leaving without even one word... He lightly shook his head, feeling how anger and disappointment started getting the better of him. That was the past. Quite some time passed since that, and he had once again pulled up the high walls around his heart. He was back on the path of revenge, and he would never again let anything distract him from his goals. @Hestia
  23. As Sunova was skipping around on the first floor in, the town of beginners waving at players and NPC's that walked by, She looked so happy and calm this day. She knew she could sit around forever, and sitting on her ass didn't help her. So she went out looking for something to do, As she skipped along the side of the road. She then heard this thing about a quest that helped beginning adventurers on there way. That sounds interesting, I know how to handle something now, so maybe that is something I can do. As she was trying to find a way to start the quest. She walked passed houses and many players, some of them looked happy while others looked really sad even some looked really angry for no reason, as she watched this, people started looking at her some of them even pointing at her. She didn't hear what some were saying about her she just walked on starting to hum a bit to herself, slowly moving into a kind of dance. I ..'.I don't what they say, I don't She thought to herself moving about in a few dance moves As she walked around for a bit things started to pop up in her head I ... I think I'm a bit lost. She walked around trying to ask people the way but they just ignored her, even one of them said something like " Begone you, White-haired witch," And after she heard this she started crying and took a fast turn and ran somewhere not knowing what just happened and why would people call her a witch just because she has snow white hair. She ran and ran, but then she bumped into and @Kyot0 fell to the ground still crying
  24. Krysta began hearing of a place in the third floor said to hold a pendant that can appear as one of many different kinds and styles, yet it always remained a pendant. She wondered, what would it's form be if she approached the mystical treasure? There would be one way to find out, but she would never expect the events that would take place within the tomb where the pendant rested. She pulled up her messenger. She sent the message, and was on her way to the safe zone's edge, and would reach the area shortly, to wait for Vigilon's arrival. "I do hope he arrives soon..." She thought to herself.
  25. Itzal was on the fourteenth floor wearing his loot clothing, Twilight Cloak, with the black sword Faithkeeper in his hands that provided accuracy, along with a ring that gave him a bonus col multiplier. He was stronger now than he used to be, particularly with the mod he had obtained after unlocking the third rank in light armor. However he was far from done. He needed go get stronger. Strong enough to defeat Fearx. And strong enough to avenge Beatbox for being killed by a player known as Death Adder. However along with getting stronger, he needed to gather col for not only his guild but so that he could purchase his house once more for he and Kasier. With the revamped system, his discount had been lowered, requiring him to rake in more col to purchase what they needed. He had been fighting mobs but they hadn't been the required level... Yet. Itzal was approaching an area where he saw an undead champion and drew his sword, ready to take it on. Velnia flew over to it, harassing it to keep it distracted while Itzal walked over. When it turned around, Itzal shot forward and released Meteor strike on it multiple times, causing it to perish. His tactics were quick, but the result was still null. @Macradon