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  1. Kirbs plopped a sushi roll in her mouth groaned as she stepped out of the inn. What is this, my third time trying to get a bloody familiar? The last time I tried, I was stuck in a bloody cave for a day. She looked around and groaned again. I need time to bloody pass this thing, I can’t do this by myself all over again! She mentally shrieked, putting the pouch of food inside of her inventory. Ugh, screw you social awkwardness! I don’t want to go anywhere! She kicked the hard ground and sulked. I’m never gonna go anywhere... why can’t the universe just give me a bloody familiar already?! Screw you universe! I call blasphemy! She went back to sulking and sighed. Wait, why the hell am I back on this floor?! Wasn’t I dying if frekin’ heat stroke last time I was here? Oh no, no. No! I call bull! I don’t want to do this quest anymore. Dang it! +1 Super Lucky Sushi Roll @Hazado
  2. After the unfinished business in the sixth floor was taken care of, Vigilon, Krysta, and Vigilon's real world friend, Amelia(known in the game as Kanari_Kakaze) headed over to the eleventh floor, and entered one of the floor's restaurants to discuss what they were going to do next. The day was still young, after all. There was still time to do something else. "Who knew that Wyvern Fangs could pass for Dragon Fangs? Well, in some cases, that is, from what Scilla told me." The potion had finally been made, and he was told that it could cause certain things to be clearer, depending on the situation. Vigilon guessed that it would apply to things like being in his mind while resting at the Waterfall of the sage, or even make it possible for these weird dreams he's had to make sense. Either way, he wouldn't be drinking the potion until later. Much later. "Maybe, these weird dreams I've been having could finally make sense...then again, when have my dreams ever made sense?" Kanari_Kakaze shrugged. "Beats me." @Krysta
  3. Kirbs whistled as she twirled her dagger as she exited the blacksmith's shop. Woowhee, well, at least we got that down. She stopped and sheathed her dagger, opening up her quest menu along with it. Just to kill a few baby pigs? No problem! She grinned foolishly to herself as she closed her menu. Well! She clapped her hands together and inhaled a sharp breath. Time to start heading off! Kirbs was just about to start leaving before she rams into something. She jumped back a few moments after the impact and frowned, "yo, dude. What's your problem?" She mumbled, blinking. She looked up at the figure and her lips tugged upward a few millimeters. "Oh hey, you're that dude from the..." she snapped her fingers, trying to come up with the scenario. "From the sand shark thing, right?" She chuckled to herself. "Yeah, sorry. Forgot your name. Uh, Whoopsies?" @Dustin Battle Ready:
  4. Hei

    [F7-PP]Calming Soul

    The quest for the essence of steel, and all that had happened that day had been three weeks ago when Hei woke up late and knew what he wanted to do with his girlfriend. Saphira had gone home to her shop the day before, so Hei was alone and it felt cold. Not the kind of cold that made one shiver because of temperature, but the cold of heart. Even with them being together for weeks and nearly always walking sticking to each other he didn't know much about his love, and that made him feel a little angry. He knew she would talk to him, but he never knew how to ask her anything, as soon as she was around. - Today will be different. I'll finally make a move and learn about her. But how will I do this? - this was what he wondered about all morning, and when he had lunch he finally had the idea. As he always had loved hiking, and it was the perfect opportunity for talking without anybody being close by. He remembered that he had been to the seventh floor once and that it was the perfect mountainous range for hinking without many others disturbing them. As soon as she had decided that he wanted to do this, he opened the message tab of his menu and typed: Hey my Darling, I hope you have slept well and are rested. I wondered if you'd want to share some precious memories with me and learn about what I like. If so, meet me at the teleporter in two hours. Yours Hei @Saphira
  5. Every floor was massive. They had obvious paths and locations of interest. They had hidden dungeons and caverns, buildings and structures that players could explore. Then there were the sections of the map that were ignored, or unseen by all but a few. Secret passageways. Mob spawning areas that quickly became grinding zones. Treasure groves that gave players who found them much rewards. One could say it was impossible to find everything on every floor. But Itzal, being a master scout, and utilizing his free time, had managed to map out the entire first floor. He now stood on one of the uncommon areas. Not unnoticeable but not important either. The wind blew past him, pulling at his purple trench coat, ripping through his hair. His hands were in his pockets as he stood there, his face void of any emotion as he stared down at the ground. Specifically, the verbana flowers he was in front of. Out of all the flowers in this field, the verbana flowers held the most weight for him. They were his adopted sister's favorite flower, and purple was her favorite color. Because of this he had tried to keep them around his house as a reminder of what he fought for on a personal level. Velnia was sleeping in a bed of flowers currently. Itzal had asked her to stay out of this conversation if possible, and knowing how he was feeling helped convince her to just wait it out. It was reaching dusk. The sun slowly descending the stairs of the heavens. Darkness slowly but surely creeping into the sky, and eventually, the land around. It would be a while however before darkness took them. He had messaged Zandra, asking if he could talk to here. He could have chosen anyone. Hestia, who was a very kind soul. Kind enough to want to save Domarus from himself. He could have chose to speak with Shield, who was understanding. Or spoken with Jonathan to try and make amends, bridge the gap. He could have sent for anyone he personally knew... But he didn't. He didn't message Hestia, because she would try and fix the problem immediately and get him to rejoin the front lines. This however.. This wasn't something that could fix overnight. It needed time. Shield was understanding, but he didn't seem strong in the sensitive and emotional department, and thus would probably just make this hard for Itzal rather than better. Jonathan was having his own issues he needed to go through. Zandra... Zandra had a hard time as of late. She was judged because she sided with Ariel, who had clearly murdered Lowenthal. She used to be a very sweet person but then became more twisted and dark. She was a dangerous individual. Zandra however, was not. And he needed to stay in touch with someone active. Kasier took many breaks due to fatigue. Itzal needed someone active to be with. His skills sensed the approach of an individual and he knew who it was. "...Thanks for seeing me so last minute @Zandra. I really appreciate it."
  6. The sound of the forest. <<Floor 22>> <<Summer of the second year>> An ancient Chinese emperor once said: The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all. Perhaps it had to do with the strength of the flower triumphing over all odds, everything that would kill, destroy, or hold it back fails, and so only the most strong and beautiful flower reaches through towards the life giving light of the sun. Another perspective would be that in the midst of so much death, darkness, and gloom, that little bit of beauty seems all the more brilliant because of its situation. Whatever the actual truth the emperor meant, Baldur couldn't help but see the later. Perhaps it was because Aincrad was a castle and a prison. It was life and death, and there were some says when there was just so much death, but then there were perfect moments like these. The gaijin wanna-be Samurai was tall compared to most people, but he was taller when specifically compared to the Japanese. There were always people taller than him, but he rarely had to crane his neck to look up at anyone as he did the trees that comprised the Forest of Memories. He didn't know why it was called the forest of memories, but for him it was true. The forest, the lake, there was something about this entire floor that reminded him of his childhood summers. Packing his camping stuff into the car, with his best friend and his parents, and they would leave to go deep into the mountains. There, they would find a spot on the side of the road where the trees were just barely wide enough to get the truck through, and then they would go until they found a lake. Set up their tent and campfire, and they would not see another living person for the next two weeks save for supply runs to the town an hour away with less people than his high school class. The lake was all snow melt, and the trees were all giant evergreens. They were so remote out there, that the forest service actually stocked the lakes with fish by plane. They created salt-glass bottles, and filled them with water and baby fish, and would release them from the air. The salt bottles would dissolve, and the fish would escape and survive in the ponds for them to fish. He put one large hand on such a tree, and his steel blue eyes slowly pulled back from the far away memories he was reliving. This entire floor, and forest, reminded him of home that strongly. Home. It was never home, but for some reason, being here in Aincrad, home became the memories that would draw him into the other world it was the feelings, that reminded him of the peace he had known before this world. Giving a little extra tug on the blue sleeves of his formal montsuki haori, he pulled it free of the branches where it was caught, causing the fight flames on the hem to ripple slightly, making them look as if they were living flames. The red silk wrapping the handle of his sword was guided by his hand like a rudder, helping the dark lacquered wood of the saya not hit any trees or get caught, but the haori was only held closed loosely by a burnished orange cord, so it spread out behind him, catching in branches until the full heron-wading-in-the-rushes symbol on his back was splayed out behind him. He had been holding the emerald teardrop shaped Matagama in his hand idly while he reminisced about home, as if it were a magical talisman against the past... or perhaps against the present. He could never be certain here. The days were he felt more like Jason were fewer and fewer these days, and the ones where he was Baldur became more firm and more... real. Baldur was who lived here in the castle of Aincrad, and Jason was someone he fought to save. Jason belonged to the other world. The world that remembered a forest like this as home. How long have I been wandering here? He couldn't quite see the light of the sun here, but the floor above could be blocking it, or the trees. The crepuscular rays that filtered down through the branches of the trees were not enough to give him the time of day, and it didn't feel right to open up his UI and look for the clock. Not here. Instead, he guessed it to be somewhere around mid afternoon, based on how long he had remembered walking. He often was lost in his thoughts, but not for that long. Purple? He didn't remember seeing any purple flowers before, but that was definitely a shock of purple just beyond those trees, in what appeared to be a small clearing. Slowly, the large gaijin samurai wanna-be pushed through the foliage until he reached the purple flower. A young woman, standing over what appeared to be a stone staircase leading deep into the earth. @Teion
  7. Ryo has been walking around with her new weapons around her hands as she was walking on floor one, the hand wraps are good to use in combat for hand to hand, but useless while she was using her war hammer. She then puts the hand wraps into her inventory and walks around again. Ryo seemed to have a good time walking around without doing stupid in her eyes, Her pink and yellow air flows on the wind that came around and Ryo lets out a small giggle. The time on floor one was getting better and better for her but she was more likely to be ashamed by her actions than anything else. She took out a food item and started to eat it while walking around, It was good to have food around at all times. She wanted to find a spot to start singing undisturbed and peaceful but, Then she hears Music being sung, Where is this coming from I have to find out, Where, where is it. She started walking to the music and came to a house that looked like a studio, she walked in and started to listen to the singing. there was no one in the front of the shop but the singing happened in the back Ryo wanted to know who was singing and moved up to the door at the back. However, she did not go inside and just stood there putting her ear on the door wanting not to disturb the lady behind the door. @Katagawa
  8. It was a cold breeze flowing over Floor two, Hazado has been to this floor multiple times and almost everytime he had fun while being here, even if it was for quests he always ended up having fun. But this time he was not here for some normal quest but for the field boss that would spawn very easy if you wanted it to, Hazado wanted it to do it all alone but one thing echoed inside his head 'you can't do things alone all the time' it was true because Hazado has been near death almost once. Opening his menu he looked at people who he had met and probably wanted to help him with this even if he could tank all the damage of the monster. His eyes came to the name of Arabelle who he hasn't spoken to in some time. He pressed Send and waited at the fountain in the middle of the town he was at, it was really nice and things looked calm from this point, Hazado's Armor rather big and was green and was made as the old Japanese style armor, while on his left arm were multiple smaller spikes to protect himself from incoming hits. Looking into the fountain he saw some Col in the fountain probably from someone who made a wish, Hazado smiled and took out one Col coin and threw it into the fountain. I Wish for me and my friends in this game to make it out save, and one day meet In real life. his wish was as he then looked into the fountain waiting for Arabelle to show up.
  9. Kirbs tossed the pouch up and down. The old gypsy NPC has probably disappeared by now. Aw, sweet. Hours of research have finally come into play! I heard there was a bloody NPC here that gave you the quest for the familiar. My facts come out correct! Oh, I wonder what kind of familiar I can get. This is gonna be so awesome! She felt giddy at the thought of getting a magical pet. I wonder what it’ll look like! Or what kind of familiar it will be. What should I name it? Where will I find it? Oh hell, I’m just gonna bloody wing it! She caught the pouch and grinned. I’ll get a wee little pet and it’s gonna be bloody adorable! I know of it! I should probably eat something before I leave. She scrolled through her inventory and found something that she had bought from Black a while ago. Oh well, I guess this is a good time to eat. It does give me luck, I guess. @Dustin
  10. That light armor will be really useful. Weird name though. Kirbs had just exited the blacksmith's shop before she ran into a stiff wall of armor. She didn't fall back but sighed instead. "What kind of person covers their whole body with armor. Live a little, man." She took a step back and frowned at the plate covered player. "And why are you just standing there, sheesh." She crossed her arms and gave him a look that demanded, 'I want answers'. I... think that this was a bad idea. I don't even know what his bloody face looks like, gosh darn it, much less his bloody level. Good job, Ev! You try to be tough for once, but you be tough for the wrong person! She chuckled sheepishly and waved her hand at him. "Actually, nevermind. I'm just... really cranky, yeah. I'm cranky! Eheh..." she touched the tip of her fingers together. "Sorry for bothering you... or whatever. Weather is lovely, right?" @Prometheus
  11. "Come on you overgrown bug if you don't attack then you'll never win" Zuekin laughed as he said knowing full well that his thorns would take care of it, but they required a direct attack to activate so in short if it attacks it dies "well if you won't come to me then I'll go to you" he said as he charged the poor defenseless insect. As he reached the side of it Zuekin brought his fist above his head and brought it back down with enough force to tear it's head from it's body effectively killing the giant waspand causing it to shatter into pieces. "Welp thanks for the fight hahaha" laughing again for the millionth time today he loved a good fight more than anything. That's mostly the reason he was out here to have some fun, but to also finally find this quest he had been looking for. Supposedly there was an NPC on top of one of the mountains here on the second floor but wouldn't you know it there were dozens of mountains on this floor but that was fine by him that just meant more fights which equals more fun. He wasn't paying any attention to where he was stepping as he looked around at the surrounding area and one thing caught his attention there weren't any mobs to be seen unbeknownst to him he had stumbled onto the fields of crossing "huh that's weird I guess I've wandered into a natural safe zone" pausing only to notice smoke coming off of one of the numerous mountain tops "that's gotta be the..... ahhhh" his sentence getting cut off as he tripped over what seemed to be a player laying in the tall grass and land face first into the dirt "tch tch, aww my face..... Dang that hurt what the heck did I trip over"
  12. Crowds of people wished by as the brunette rushed her way through the Town of Beginnings. He could’ve just asked for a simple task but noo... the bloody bastard had to send me on a senseless goose chase! I swear to god, I might as well quit this bloody quest right now. The girl fumed as she rounded the corner. Honestly, a simple fetch quest could’ve done it. For all I know, this could be a bloody- Her thoughts were cut off as she collided with something solid. When did they put a wall here? She recoiled backwards and frowned. This isn’t a bloody wall. “Uh, sorry. My bad, I guess...?” She raised a brow quizzically. Wait a second, how is this my fault? I’m not standing behind a corner! This should be his fault, not mine. The player groaned inwardly and massaged her forehead. I’m getting another pointless headache again. I curse thee universe! @Jun
  13. Kirbs tugged on Dustin's sleeve. "Okay, let me cut to the chase here." She led him through crowds of people, making sure she was tracing steps from the exact day. "So a few days ago, I was here, right? And I met this dude, right? Let's just call him Richard. Okay, so I met a guy named Richard outside of town. And guess what? He was an orange player! So Iike, I wanted to tell you, but I was too lazy, y'know? So skip all the boring stuff. He went into this cave, and I followed after him. Blah, blah, fighting a bunch of bats. And get this, he stunned me! The bloody fool frekin' stunned me! I mean, I thought it was all over, but I think he just wanted me to shut up... but I demand justice! So can you please, please, please help me?" She turned to face him and pouted. "He should be just outside of town, though." @Pinball @Dustin
  14. Hei had been questing with Saphira since he had met her, and so he knew about her equipment and her level. To be honest, it wasn't just that, he had made nearly all of what she used, and what he didn't make, he got for her. Now that she was level 12 or so, Hei thought she needed some kind of better equipment, the dagger he had found in the endless frost of the fourth floor was okay, but not good enough to compete with monsters her level. - I surely could buy her a new weapon, but I don't think she'd like getting all that just as a present, she probably wants to work for it, how about we go and take on the monstrous snow beast, that drops the essence of steel, so she can simply upgrade the weapon she is used to? - he wondered, and after deliberating about it, he thought it was a good idea, and that he could invite her over for it. Hey @Saphira, Do you still remember when we fought the wasps and I told you you can have my accuracy once I get my familiar. Thanks to you I got a familiar, and so I want to hand you a present. Please come and meet me in the hangar. And bring warm cloth, we will head out to the fourth floor afterwards. Yours sincerely, Hei
  15. Shrill laughter filled the air as a group of about five children ran around the orphanage playing a thrilling game of 'freeze tag.' Sitting against a nearby tree was another young girl. Clear, ocean blue orbs observed as the other children ran around without a care in the world. A small grin would appear on the girl's face every time one of the kids would become unfrozen and continue the game of tag. it was all going well until suddenly one of the smaller children--named Amara--split away from the game and ran toward the other girl sitting peacefully under the tree. Amara was breathing heavy, her little face had turned the color of beet, but she was grinning from ear to ear. "Theo," her small voice shrilly cried as threw herself next to the other girl, "Would you hold my teddy bear? He is getting too tired to play." Innocently Amara held the brown patchy teddy bear an arms length away in Theo's direction. Without hesitation the other girl, now known as Theo, gently grabbed the teddy bear and placed it in her lap. "Don't worry. I'll look after him." Without waiting any longer Amara hopped up like a rabbit and joined the group once again. Sighing, Theo stroked the teddy bear's ear mindlessly. Sometime she wished that she could be like them. So carefree. So happy. So innocent. Only she wasn't. As much as the girl hated it she was fully aware the situation they were in and what was happening in the world they now lived in. It had taken years for Theo to come to this conclusion, but she needed to joint the fight. She needed to venture out into this world and do what she could for those she cared about. And today was the day to do it. Today was the day that Hydra was coming to the orphanage. The multi-colored haired women was an adventurer who had seen the world and what it had to offer. Not only was she experienced, but she was a great teacher. If someone could start Theo's path to adventuring it was Hydra. Despite those thoughts Theo was still nervous. She had never left the orphanage and was ill equipped for an adventure. There was still a glimmer of hope though. Through some of the takings around town the blonde had heard of a quest that was more about looting that about fighting. It was the perfect quest. Now to wait until Hydra arrived. [OCC: @Hydravion]
  16. Mina glanced out at the area around her. There had been a rumor of a quest that occurred on various places throughout the floors. The floors were 1, 11, and 21, the starting floors of each tier. She was smiling a bit at the vivid scenery surrounding her in the lovely garden. her smile grew in intensity when she saw the gigantic Yoshino cherry tree that was at the middle of the garden's fountain. Despite it nearly being winter in the real world, the tree was still in full bloom, bright pink blossoms and leaves swaying with the branches in the wind. Mina skipped over to the fountain, before hopping onto the fountain, and skipped across the elegant pathway that was made in a cross-shaped pattern. She held up her hand to grasp one of the blossoms, and sighed in ecstasy when she saw the beautiful blossoms in stunning detailing. The sheer detailing that the NERVGear produced for small objects, the <<Digital Focusing System>> worked wonders for the gorgeous garden here. She sighed, before letting go of the pink blossom, allowing it to shatter in the wind. She paced around the tree, watching a few birds weave in and out of the tree, sounds of chirping echoing about in the field. She knelt down before glancing at the gorgeous mossy pillars that were interwoven with Ivy and climbing roses. She walked around for just a little bit more, before settling down at the large fountain that surrounded the center of the garden, and very nearly fell asleep at the foot of the fountain. It was just so warm that day. "Na, naa... this is such a beautiful day... I'm so glad I took this quest~!" @Neopolitan
  17. Kyoto stops and thinks. Trying to figure out if he wants to gather materials or do another quest beside the point he's on floor 2 on the lower part of a mountain. He doesn't think there's anything out here that going to offer a quest. Walking on this path he finds himself walking up to a small hut. Kind of surprised that there was something out this far he walked up to it and found an NPC that is giving out a quest. 'Huh that’s kind of ironic that this has a quest when I was thinking about doing one.' Kyoto talks to the NPC and see what the quest is all about. Finding out that the quest is basically saying that he needs to break a big rock. Kyoto Smirks and accepts the quest thinking this would be easy. Kyoto walks away from the hut and continue to proceed up the mountain not thinking about where he need to really go for this quest.
  18. Ghost

    [PP-F1] Gathering

    The sky was clear and blue, the sun bathing the fictional world in its bright rays of light. The town of new beginnings were as busy as ever. Players and NPC’s alike, running right and left., some calling out to eachother, others silently walking the stone streets. Ghost took a turn off the streets into an alleyway, at the end a park, an Inn next to it. It was here where she was hoping she’d find him. She need help with something, and he was the only friend she actually had. She walked down the parks cobble road, sitting down at the same bench as before, staring into the trees. She started thinking: What if he doesn’t care? What if he just was pretending to be nice? Jade slapped herself out of it. “No, don’t think like that.” Jade waited patiently, looking around curiously. After a short while, her patience began growing thin. She opened her menu, then her social sub-section, then her friends list. Selecting Kimihito: To: Kimihito From: Ghost Subject: I Need Some Help Description: Hey Kimihito, I need some help with something, I was wondering if you could help me out. I’m at the park, hopefully I’ll see you soon. Sincerely, Jade Tapping the “Send” button she returned to staring off into the trees, watching the trees leaves move elegantly. Almost no one was around. @Kimihito
  19. Ghost

    [PP-F1] Daybreak

    Early morning sunlight entered the Inn’s windows, cutting through the darkness. The small particles in the air visible in the beams of light. "Mmrrr..." Jade grumbled, throwing a pillow at one of the windows. Jade got upright and groaned as she got to her feet. She quickly went through her morning routine: Shower, Brush, Get Dressed, etc. After this, she has some time on her hands to think about the previous day or the day ahead of her. Then she goes to get some breakfast from one of the restaurants or shops nearby. She reluctantly left the room and went out the front doors of the Inn, heading to the closest source of available food. "Yaaawwnnnn... I woke up... To early..." Jade opened her menu checking the time. "9:34 AM" Jade tilted her head. "Yep, too early." Jade lumbers over to the local cafe and sits down in one of the seats, waiting for a waiter of waitress. It's oddly packed today, almost all the seats and tables are full. Jade realised she was the only one in the resturant at a table with no one else at it. She crossed her arms on the table and placed her head on top. Trying to savor lost sleep, or just the though of staying on bed all day, it's not too late for that, is it? @Huginn
  20. Ghost

    [PP-F1] Being Normal

    The sun's rays shimmered over the trees, the wind soft but present. Causing the leaves to move in a hypnotic pattern as they tried to pull away from the branches. Jade walked down the dirt path leading to her quiet place. She didn't own it, it was just so isolated, that she thought no one would find it. She made a swift ninety degree turn off the path and into the underbrush. She continued this direction for a little while until she came across clearing, it was a small hill with short grass, and a tree at the very top. Jade got out a checkered blanket and laid it down. She sat down on the blanket, her back against the tree and began reading a book. "I wish I had a normal life..." She said outloud, which she tends to do when she thinks she is alone. "...just like the characters." Jade continued, enving the book she was reading. She looked up from the book and let out a long sigh, then resuming reading the book. @Ennakai
  21. Ghost

    [PP-F1] Broken Sunsets

    The suns rays dimmed as it descended below the horizon, shattering the colors an creating a orange tint to everything. The moon’s silhouette could be seen through the clouds, almost as if patiently waiting for the sun to fall so it could take its place. Jade admired the moon when she was younger, it was free to do what it wanted without restraint, something she used to yearn for, but now, she felt empty, no, more empty than usual. The walks were barely helping anymore, if anything, given herself time to think only worsened her. She needed something to occupy her, to keep her busy. Jade sat down on one of the nearby benches that littered the streets. She stared blankly at the ground, her eyes glassy and glazed over. “Where was I…” Jade spoke softly to herself. “...just going…” Silence returned like a fog, not a single noise not even in the streets of the the town of new beginnings was heard. Jade took note of this and looked up, seeing almost no one, almost... @Neopolitan
  22. Ghost

    [PP-F1] Morning Routine

    Early morning sunlight entered the Inn’s windows, cutting through the darkness. The small particles in the air visible in the beams of light. “Ah, no.., It can’t be morning already…” Jade said, throwing a pillow at one of the windows. Jade got upright and groaned as she got to her feet. She quickly went through her morning routine: Shower, Brush, Get Dressed, etc. After this, she has some time on her hands to think about the previous day or the day ahead of her. Then she goes to get some breakfast from one of the restaurants or shops nearby. She reluctantly left the room and went out the front doors of the Inn, heading to the closest source of available food. This place was so comforting the first day, then everything took a turn for the worse. She let out a long sigh. Thats went she saw one of the restaurants workers walk out with a sign. “Wait, what time is it?” She quickly opened her menu to see eleven twenty-nine staring back at her. Her eyes widened. Looking up she began running towards the restaurant. “It's not too late, it's not to-ahHH!” She yelled, running into someone, Jade face planting in the process. “She looked up at her still open menu. “11:30”. “It’s too late…” She whimpered, immediately remembering the person she ran into, her face turned bright red, she swiftly got to her knees faced them. “O-oh! I-I’m so sorry! A-Are you ok?” @Kyot0
  23. This was the message Macradon would send to the only one he could get to trust for this mission, it was dangerous, but he was sure Zandra was more than capable of taking on Death_Adder together with Macradon, the time was now, it had finally come. Macradon’s heart would beat stronger and stronger. As he awaited Zandra’s appearance at the chosen spot on top of a hill south of the main settlement. This would probably be the best place to start out together, as they can prepare in secrecy before they would venture out. Macradon would look through his inventory and chuck down as many consumable he could to be prepared for what was to come. < Used Yui's Grace > < Diamond Skin Potion Consumed > < Damage Potion Consumed > < Mitigation Postion Consumed > < Protein Food Consumed >
  24. Finding it somewhat odd that he was in the middle of a busy town in Aincrad's third floor, Ptolemy cursed at himself for being such a forgetful idiot. Hell, what am I doing here? Hell, why am I saying hell? He 'tsked' himself and sighed, I can imagine the frowns mother and father would be sending me if they saw me now, he thought in a somewhat bitter tone. Shaking off the feeling, he scanned the area around him. A lot of people, he noted, taking sign at the number of people rushing by him. I've seen more in Berlin though. Trying to untangle himself from the massive web of players on the street, he eventually found himself next to a stone cobbled building. He pressed his head against the building and sighed heavily, I guess I can just wait for the people to die down, not anytime soon from what it looks like though. @Dustin
  25. Ptolemy sighed, just leaving the artisan workshop with his quest. The man seemed... rushed. He commented, remembering the Artisan who rushed him to find materials for a shot at becoming an artisan. Hell, what am I supposed to do now? He frowned, massaging the bridge of his nose. What am I supposed to find again, crystals? Jewels? I can't even remember anymore. He heaved nonchalantly, waving off the feeling of anger a few seconds before. Perhaps I can find something in the forest, or perhaps the fields? I suppose those places would be an okay place to start. He scratched the back of his neck and sighed. This is going be a very, very long day. If this is what it takes to be an artisan, I suppose I will no problem with it. I haven't completely failed just yet. He bit the inside of his cheek irritatedly, To hell with this, I need some bloody help. He finally decided, scanning the crowds of people around him. @Mutsu