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[Party Sign Up] Kityuisa's Beach Party

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Kityuisa's Beach Party

Kityuisa is hosting a Beach Party and has contacted all info brokers to announce
and advertise her party. The party will be on floor twenty-four, outside and inside
her beach mansion. For more details on her beach mansion, click here.

Side Note: You MUST sign up below, sign ups will be open until
the party starts in one-two weeks. For easier communication, I recommend
that you have and post your discord, for those that don't know it.

Extra Side Note: You do not have to be invited by Kityuisa in a thread with her
in order to go, info broker across all of the floors on Aincrad are releasing info
about her party to everyone that passes by them.


An Info Broker approaches you, "There's a player hosting a party on floor twenty-four at the Ocean Waves Manor. You should go! It's on floor twenty-four near Raitoburū Bay. The player goes by the name of Kityuisa. She has advertised that there will be competitions held, along with prizes. You should go. Bring your best swimsuit, because there will be a swimsuit competition!" The info broker materializes a flyer and hands it to you.

Fill Out The Form Below:


Build: (If you don't have one, leave it blank)
Discord (Must have ID #): 



For My Own Reference:



Tier One Attendants


Aeolus: Build
Krysta: DPS Healer
Solei: Support
Arabelle: AoE DPS
Mishiro: Build
Andromeda: DPS/Tank
Fuyuno: Build
Hydravion: Healer
WingedAngel: DPS
Dazia: Build
Huginn: DPS
Ryoko: DPS
Sunova: DPS Healer
Astralin: Healer


Tier Two Attendants


Kityuisa: DPS
Dustin: DPS
Vigilon: DPS
Kirbs: DPS
Alec: MIT Tank
Hazado: MIT Tank
Bahr: EVA Tank
Teion: DPS (Stan/AoE)
Ryo: DPS
Lessa: DPS / Tank
Vesuvyan: DPS


Tier Three Attendants


Hikoru: Crit DPS
Macrodon: Crit Off-Tank
Ruby: Healer / DPS
Jomei: EVA Tank / Glass





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