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Jack The Ringleader

[EVENT-F1]Halloween Event '19 - 'Something Wicked This Way Comes'

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Yukiro finally walked up to Jack's table, glancing over the goods laid out in front of him. 
"Pardon me," he said, handing the bingo book to Jack, "I'd like to exchange this for a Halloween Sticker." He looked over the large assortment of objects and goods before him and he ended up noticing that there was a few items up for free. Specifically, two of them stood out. 
"I'd also like to get that weapon there and the Ghost Treat, if that's possible."
Jack handed Yukiro all the items he requested, taking the Bingo Book for himself. He cackled and said something along the lines of bewaring something and something else; he was saying something to give a more Halloween-like mood. But Yukiro wasn't listening. He flipped through his items, looking at what each one did. The Ghost Treat would prove to be very useful, and the Halloween Sticker was certainly a force to be reckoned with. But the thing that caught his attention the most was Jack's Purgatory. The weapon had some impressive abilities. 

Once Jack was done his brief warning Yukiro thanked him and turned to leave. As he did, he unequipped 'Edge' (finally) and equipped 'Jack's Purgatory'. 

Total Achievement Points: 3

Remaining: 0/3

Received: Halloween Sticker, Jack's Purgatory (2H Straight Sword) (Burn/Blight/Cursed), Ghost Treat

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Koga had heard Jack's initial cries of a circus and immediately sent @Noctua a message telling her they should go. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) for the man, he'd had to wait quite a while for his partner. His mouth had stood agape as the hordes of undead had swarmed the tent and sounds of combat soon broke out across the grounds. Welp...not going in there...by the time Noctua had appeared, however, the battle was slowly shifting towards the side of the living. Thankfully. And hey look at that! A concessions stand!

Koga walked up to the stand and browsed a bit as a zombie ran past him chasing some poor NPC. Stupid clod. "Oh, hey, could I get that katana right there, please? Oh, and that ghost treat." Jack made some spooky comments about the nature of the blade, and how Koga should be careful with it, but the man was too entranced by the midnight wrap on its handle and the black rayskin beneath it...something about it called to him. Once Jack had handed the weapon over, Koga thanked him and took a few steps back to allow Noctua a look. As he waited for his friend, he equipped the new weapon. Nice.

Obtained This Thread


>> Jack's Kuiaratame [Katana // Burn // Blight // Cursed]

>> Ghost Treat


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She knew that the event was going on. She hadn't been sure that she wanted to do it though. Why would she want to risk it? Wasn't that going to end up killing her? She sighed and was about to call it a night, early at that, when she heard a ding. The same ding that told her she got a message. Looking at it, she sighed and equipped her Rapier. She was going to go if Koga wanted her, it wouldn't be nice of her to not only ignore it, but leave him alone to possibly die. So, late as always, she made her way to the event. When she got there she was handed things, because the living were already winning. She looked around and found Koga, and immediately, they went to the concessions stand.

She watched as Koga grabbed a katana that was there and she smirked lightly. She figured that he would go for that. But once it was her turn, she walked over and looked at the table. "I'll, um, take the Ghost Treat and the Rapier please." Okay, so she just mentally joked about Koga taking the katana, but here she was, taking the rapier. It was a perfect weapon, she wasn't about to pass that down. Especially while she listened to Jack talk about it. She smiled weakly as she took her items and turned to Koga, "Whelp, let's go kill some skeletons?" That was when she equipped the new weapon, and nodded lightly at the boost that it gave.



Jack's Graceful Repose [Rapier [Burn - Blight - Cursed]]

Ghost treat (1)


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The onslaught of zombies began to reach a precipice, almost overwhelming. But with perseverance, coordination, and expertise you all dispatched of the zombies in due time. A few stragglers remained, but nowhere near the numbers of the horde that had plagued beforehand. Before a victory rally could be shouted, or applause from bystanders hiding within the seating the lights cut out. Standing in complete darkness, you hear shuffling but not that of a zombie. As the lights cut back on, flickering quickly before staying lit permanently. An eerie silence hangs in the air. Jack is now standing upon a podium his beaming smile as wide as before.
"CongratuLAtions!" He cries out, his voice sounding much more manic than before. "HOw NicE to SEe that you fiNe folK of Aincrad didn't get all RUSTY in my abSENcE," Jack says, as his gloved hands begin to clap. "Bravo! Bravo!" Looking at Jack you notice that not only has his demeanor changed, but his appearance has altered slightly as well. Vines hold his feet to the ground, leaves peek from under his clothes, and his normal skin tone now resembles that of a pumpkin rind.
"Now then? Shall the real show begin? BWA HA HA HA HA HAAA!"
The voice echos as vines erupt from Jack's body, snaking in and out of the ground covering the area in a green mess. Jack's body floats in mid-air, suspended by vines a horrific grin across his face as his body contorts and expands. The laughter continues as the body no longer represents a man, but a monstrous pumpkin complete with a toothy grin and adorned with a tiny crown.





New Tiered Boss Fights are Unlocked! Find the sign-ups for these events below!
Tier 1: The Scarecrow
Tier 2: The Countess
Tier 3: The Pumpking

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It seemed like everyone had killed a bunch of zombies. Well, it was more stuff for her, she guessed?

She walked over to the stand and beamed, "Hi, can I get that armor and treat thing since you know. I can, I guess?" She shrugged, not really sure if she was really doing this right or not. . .

Whatever, if it worked, it worked!

Jack handed her the items and she almost bounded with utter joy. It might just be her day! All of her damn hard work has paid off. Maybe she could get a nice vacation after this or something because she certainly deserved it. "Also, I'm going to buy some funnel cake and that gross energy drink, thanks!"

She literally just walked away before Jack the almighty himself screamed out. "What the bloody hell-" She jumped, turning her head back around as Jack announced- oh my God, what the heck was that.

He was a. . . pumpkin. Kudos to whoever made this jacked event.

Ha-ha, get it?

-Jack's Aegis [Burn - Blight - Cursed]

-Ghost Treat


-1,150 Col

+1 Funnel Cake, +1 Offbrand Energy Drink

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Minako peeked from behind a seat. Was that it? Was it all done? Was that all that needed to be done. The bulk of the zombies seemed to have died down, and she had lost sight of her friends. The group that Jevi had gone with was missing, and Vandrinn was missing as well. She swallowed hard, seeing a few players still slaying a few zombies as she climbed out of her hiding spot. And as she did, she jumped as a choice of rewards appeared on her HUD. Some free prizes for not doing anything? Perhaps this was a handout from the game gods. She made her selections and claimed her prizes. Armed with a new weapon, she felt a bit safer to start engaging with the area and try to leave.  Summoning the new weapon she inched closer and closer to the exit. But all too soon, her thoughts of a clean getaway were dashed, as heavy thick vines entangled the ground and the exit. Being tossed onto her back, she looked up just wanting to leave.

+ Jack's Naginata [Burn - Blight - Cursed]
+ Ghost Treat

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Jinx has managed to get away from the fighting, after all, Stryder may have hurt her but…he was right. The undead were simply too powerful for her to handle, they slammed into her shield over and over again, sometimes so hard they knocked her onto the ground.

She let out a sigh, maybe she wasn’t nearly as capable in a fight as she believe she was. Well, she supposed it didn’t matter given that she’d managed to get away from all the fighting, and found herself in the main tent. She knew what she came here for, the items she wanted to pick up. A brief look, and the girl knew exactly what she was picking up. Mostly. She didn’t have enough for what she truly wanted, that being the unique shield that sat before her…But maybe she could pick up the next best thing for her equipment.

“Excuse me…but I’ll be needing these items please” She said extremely respectfully, even bowing after picking up. The arrival of the ‘boss’ of the event had a very different reaction from Jinx than to many, fear. Jinx hadn’t liked Halloween to begin with, nor did she enjoy fighting monsters much bigger than her! Both of those combined, made the girl send a message to her guild leader before backing up, and looking at the people fighting...Could she...?


Items acquired:

Using Vouchers 

11Diet Soda (1650 Col)


-  Concession Stand Voucher (UNLOCKED)
 200 Col's worth of items may be purchased for free! 

-  Concession Stand Voucher (UNLOCKED) 
 500 Col's worth of items may be purchased for free! 

- Concession Stand Voucher (UNLOCKED) 
1000 Col's worth of items may be purchased for free!

Halloween Sticker (1) – 3 Achievement Points Taken from: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/18227-event-f1-protecting-whats-important-t2-stryderxjinx/

Familiar Item: ‘Ghost Treat’

Unique Perfect Item:

Jacks <Heavy Armour of Choice>: [Flame Aura – Mitigation – Cursed]

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NIGHT had been eyeing the circus tent from a safe distance these past few days, but she'd always seen players going in empty-handed and coming out with stuff.

This called for an investigation. Unfortunately it would cost her 500 col to even begin.

Sauntering in after having paid her fare, she lounged around the sides of the tent, watching players enter and pick up items from the table whilst she checked the event details.

... A lot of this is way over my capabilities, but... It should be a given, really...

Her judgement from the players was this: a few had exchanged col, but two items constantly being taken seemed like a steal to get, from the amount of players taking it home. NIGHT confidently strode over to the table, cautiously making eye contact with Jack as she laid her hands on a Ghost Treat and a large sword. She was half hoping Jack would say something, but he only gave her a glance -- for a moment, it seemed knowing, spiteful and smug all at the same time -- before tending to another person at the booth.

NIGHT walked out the tent with a new weapon, a consumable, and a vague sense of dread, one befitting the event.

+ [T1E3] Jack's Executioner (Two-Handed Straight Sword) [Burn | Blight | Cursed]
+ Ghost Treat

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"Nice to see you again!" The small scythe-wielder stopped by the concession stand with a smile akin to a little kid waiting for a treat. She didn't remember how many hours she spent running around and killing mobs with her new teammate and the time they spent together was starting to get a little bit hazy, like none of it ever mattered. But she did know she was here for the event-limited goodies!

One voucher for a Fallen weapon and something called a Yui's Grace. Oh, and they were giving away freebies too. Arabelle took one look at the light armor and then the heavy armor, and went straight for another weapon.

Overall, it made for a good mood. She patted herself on the back for her first Demonic weapon and a job well done.

But, god, what was that noisy thing at the stage? It was bringing back her headache. Arabelle looked past An and gleaned the ringleader - now a lot bigger and scarier than he was earlier - covering the audience area with... some green goop or whatever. 

Clearly a boss fight.

Arabelle met Mishiro's gaze. They hadn't gotten to talk yet after all that fiasco earlier that was resolved in the most anticlimactic of ways, but for now... the tier one boss took bigger priority. Without a single word being exchanged between them, Arabelle caught a paper bag containing some consumables that the girl tossed her way. Turning back to the concession stand, she cashed in her vouchers.

Offbrand energy drink... we meet again.



  • 2H Battle Axe - Fallen|Cursed|Accuracy|Accuracy [4 AP]
  • Yui's Grace [1 AP]
  • [x1] Funnel Cake [1,000 Col - paid with voucher 3]
  • [x7] Offbrand Energy Drink [700 Col - paid with vouchers 1 & 2]


  • Ghost Treat
  • Jack's <Weapon of Choice>  -- [Burn - Blight - Cursed]
  • From @Mishiro's treasure chest:
    • [x1] Obnoxious Corndog
    • [x1] Spider Cider


Edited by Arabelle

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"You're safe!" Captain Obvious An walked straight up to Mishiro as soon as they reached the concession stand. She stayed a slight distance from the girl, brow creased with worry at the girl's ruffled appearance. "You fell into that opening, did you? Did you have to get out of there yourself? What was it like? Did someone..." She stopped herself before she could bombard the already overwhelmed girl with more questions. "We're just glad you're okay, me and Arabelle both! Let's tell each other about our experiences when I'm done buying some stuff, okay?"

She walked up to the stand after Arabelle was done and looked at the items. With the free Perfect weapon, it was a no-brainer at this point. Crimson eyes shone with interest at the other useful items in the shop list, but she was firm on her decision to pick the voucher for the shield. With that safely in her inventory, she picked up a Ghost Treat and curiously held it up in front of her, turning it over to look at it from every angle.

An didn't know what they were going to do at this point. Probably, she was going to follow Arabelle's lead. Probably, they were going to team up again and eliminate the zombies remaining. There were even less than before but still too many and other players were still struggling. 

The answer presented itself in the form of the ringleader rising up as the event boss. Vines stretched out from the center stage, creeping towards them gradually, and Arabelle asked her to stay behind.

That was fine. But she was going to help in her own way!

An quickly reopened the shop's catalog. Consumables... consumables... what did Arabelle use the most when they were fighting earlier? At the corner of her eye, she saw the girl phase into her light armor. She withdrew as much as she could with the vouchers she wouldn't have used anyway, stuffed them all into a paper bag, and ran up to the small purple-haired girl - pushing the bag of treats into her hands with a blush reddening her cheeks. "For the boss fight. Good luck!"



  • Shield - Frost Thorns | Frost Aura | Cursed | Mitigation [4 AP]
  • Paid with Vouchers 1, 2, & 3 and traded to @Arabelle
    • [x8] Offbrand Energy Drink [800 Col]
    • [x4] Spider Cider [600 Col]


  • Ghost Treat
  • Jack's <Weapon of Choice> -- [Burn - Blight - Cursed]


Edited by Andromeda

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Of course, OF COURSE there was another part of the event. Why hadn't he NOT expected this! Goddamn it!! He should have known. Before he even had the chance to exit the tent, the goddamn Jack, he oof course would be setting up bosses. OF COURSE! WHAT EVENT WOULDN'T HAVE A- Wait... Alisea... M-Alisea!? She was here.... He saw his screen pop up, the message from her? He looked around, seeing her backing up from the fight. He had to help her! He walked right over to her, punching one zombie so hard it exploded. He got right up next to her, putting a hand on her shoulder as he came out from the crowd.

"Alisea, follow me" He says, his hand moving from her shoulder to her hand as he pulled her back to Jack, the bastard at the concession stand. Once there, he went straight for the items.

"Okay, nine more diet sodas and five off brand energy drinks" He said buying them with his own Col. (1850), and he IMMEDIATELY transfered them to Jinx, along with a TP crystal. Luckily he had two of them on him, so he gave her one.

"Alisea, i need you to do me a favor, go look after all the T1 players in this event... That boss, is probably going to target te shem. Your strong, and with these you can survive and help them. I have to go deal with another one of these creatures, so, lets make a deal. After we survive this, we meet back up in the shop and i'l cook us some yummy curry! Alright?" He said to her with a smile, putting a hand on her head. He really wanted to... But now wasn't the time. 

After that he turned back to Jack, and bought himself some more stuff. He bought 15 energy drinks, though these seemed to be free with the coupon. He bought himself an obnoxious Corn Dog,  and a funnel Cake. THose he had to pay for. (1700 Col) (200 paid through coupon).... He also saw a shield. He grabbed it (Btw this is all once Jinx is gone so she no see him grabbing the shield). He also grabbed the familiar treat, and the heavy armor.

He opened his messenger.... He needed a favor from someone.


@Dustin Hey theres an event on Floor One, theres a boss here as well. It would be a great help if you could come along and fight alongside me!


Items gained


Jack's <HeavyArmor of Choice>
[Flame Aura - Mitigation - Cursed]
Shield - Frost Thorns | Frost Aura | Cursed | Mitigation
Familiar Treat

15 energy drinks

Funnel Cake

Corn Dog

Given to Jinx 


Five off brand 
9 Diet Sodas

1 TP crystal

Total of 3350 Col to jack

Edited by Stryder

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Jinx was kinda surprirsed Stryder came right up to her, she had sent him a message sure! But for him to come up to her! Was he going to tell her to get out again? To remind her that she had no place on that battlefield? Her heart began to sink instantly as he took her to...the stand?! That act in of itself confused the girl, leaving her utterly baffled when he traded her a ton of items, including a crystal she'd never had before.

The next part left her stunned. He, wanted her to go to the main fight and, be the front line?! Part of her was extremely worried, until she realised...he was right, she had to do this. It was HER job.

"You got it Stryder...I promise, i'll...i'll get it done!" With her new items in her inventory, the girl double checked her equipment and headed off! 

Trade accepted from Stryder

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Dustin sat and watched his slimes, chewing on a piece of straw and waiting for this day to pass. It had been a common occurrence for him as of late, until suddenly a message pops up and Dustin turns around to read it. It was from his guild leader and an audible sigh makes itself apparent. “Probably another bs meeting or something.” He says leaning against the fence and opening the menu to see what was up. A sense of purpose and joy began to creep up his spine as he pushed himself off the fence post and walking towards the town.

Teleporting down two floors to his guild leader’s location and making his way to the ticket booth. 500 col for a ticket? Hot damn. He pulls up his transaction menu and transfers a few col to the ringleader before making his way into the tent and over to his guildmate. The boy who called himself leader was always commanding Dustin around and if he was being honest it got on his nerves. “Where’s this thing we get to kill?” He asks before he realizes he had missed the introduction to all these enemies and missed a large fight as well.

items purchased


12x Diet Sodas (1800 col)

30x Off-brand Energy Drinks (3000 col)

1x Funnel Cake (1000 col)

ticket (500 col)

(5800 total)

Items gained


Jack’s <<Weapon of Choice>>

[Burn - Blight - Cursed]

12 Diet Sodas

30 Energy Drinks

Funnel Cake


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Lonzo made his way to the tent. There were still people milling about and buying things. He wasn't sure what the excitment was about but he figured he'd stick around the area and see what other people were getting. He eyed up the food at the stand and sauntered over to it. He heard about tickets and weapons and seemed a little confused as to what everyone was buying at the moment. Still he was a little jealous at the prices of the items and crossed his arms. He may have just started as a cook but he wasn't sure he could content with this NPC if the prices were always like this. Then again he couldn't craft all the time either, not that he wanted to.


"Hey there handsome mind fillin' me in on what this is about?" he asked with a southern drawl as he kept his arms crossed. 

Everything was strange to him these days. He heard stories of zombies and wondered if they were once people.

"Sorry I'm a bit behind it seems." 

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"Sorry! Coming through," NIGHT called out as she rushed through the crowd of players ahead, swarming the tent's entrance. If there was a boss fight, she wanted in --- albeit, she was still a bit worried about falling to it. But, with this many players, she guessed she'd have a good chance of survival.

From her previous investigations, she'd spotted a notice for a few vouchers, a total worth of 1,700col. Was that enough for her? ... She'd hope so. But how difficult could an event boss be?

Grabbing a handful, she rushed up to the concession stall to redeem their worth, along with a fistful of col. She picked up several choice items after mulling over their descriptions, and was carefully attempting to avoid eye contact with the stall keeper while she did it. After grabbing the items she wanted, she sprinted through the crowd, taking off as quickly as she came.


  •   700col | Obnoxious Corn Dog | Voucher Used
  • 1000col | Funnel Cake | Voucher Used
  •   250col | Spider Cider (5)


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“Booh! I want a refund! I’ve already seen all this zombie havoc before! This is a scam! Give me my expensive ticket fee back!” Macradon yelled at the ringmaster after he had slain a good amount of zombies “This is just a rehashed event from the 13th floor! This isn’t new!” he yelled again until he saw everything begin to unfold “Oh … I take that back!” he yelled back, “Why can’t this just be a normal circus?!” he yelled now angry again “This is a scam! This isn't like a circus at all! The only circus act is you!” Macradon complained at the big pumpking like thing that was about to wreak havoc in this circus tent. Sighing deeply at what he anticipated to be a boss fight, Macradon would quickly get to the concession stand and grab a few items again “I’ll need all these again …” he said and went on to the battle.

3 Diet Soda
1 Obnoxious Corndog
1 Funnel Cake
10 Offbrand Energy drink

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Not much time had passed since she took refuge in the safe area near the concession stand, but she was feeling better now. Wrapped up in a larger, fluffier coat, the girl pulled her legs close to her chest and ran a brush through her hair, undoing the tangles and the mud that had clung onto it from falling to the ground more times than she would have liked. Mishiro was content with letting the others fight for now; they had it all handled and the terrible fatigued state she had been in during the majority of her ordeal reminded her that she needed to get some proper rest.

Or coffee. Three espresso shots would work, too.

One gray eye blinked open as she heard a familiar voice by the stall. Arabelle? She hadn't seen her friend and their new teammate since they got separated. Reluctantly leaving her comfortable position, she rose to her feet and quietly walked towards the two. An was the first to approach and she was glad the girl's red eyes were as bright as ever. Apparently, the two hadn't split up since then and Mishiro thought they would make good friends at the very least. "It took much more fighting than I would have wanted, but I managed to leave the area before things got too bad," she summed up. The longer version would come later. For now, An's curiosity with the concessions stand was contagious.

Achievements... She navigated to the special 'event' section of her quest submenu and gave it a quick read-through. Somehow, she had earned three which was enough to purchase a special event-limited consumable.

"One of those, please." Mishiro pointed to a Halloween Sticker. It didn't look as impressive compared to the equipment vouchers, but she wasn't too concerned. Along with that, she found that An had been taking items from a nearby table as they so pleased and she would naturally follow after them and pick up a Ghost Treat and a free weapon voucher herself.

She was just making her way over to Arabelle when the lights cut out.

Mishiro froze, tugging the ends of her coat tighter around her.

--Not again?

Jack the Ringleader appeared on the stage, laughing maniacally, declaring war and as Arabelle called out for them to stay behind, Mishiro knew exactly what to do. She dropped a corndog and a bottle of cider (both she had retrieved from the treasure chest earlier) into a paper bag and tossed the object in Arabelle's direction.

She drew closer to An and watched as the scythe-wielder disappeared behind a wall of vines.

May the fight go in their favor.



  • Halloween Sticker [3 AP] - Allows the user to upgrade the quality of a single item to the quality above it. ie. Rare to Perfect. This can make an item demonic. Doing so allows them to choose any enhancement they can normally get on that item or(not both) roll for a random unique enhancement that is applicable and add that. -- Trading to @Andromeda


  • 'Ghost Treat' - If you already have a familiar, the treat can be fed to it to change its appearance to a ghostly form of itself. If you do not already have a familiar, it allows you to skip the searching portion of the <<Feeding your Enemy>> quest. If you fail to tame the creature, you will have to find it again by the searching rules in the quest.
  • Jack's <Weapon of Choice> -- Burn | Blight | Cursed


Edited by Mishiro

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There were rewards to be had and consumables to stock up on. Since he'd used all of them while he was culling the zombies, he knew that he would need to replenish his stock for the next part of the event. So, Oscar purchased an Obnoxious Corn Dog, A Funnel Cake, and Five Diet Sodas to curb his appetite. He also took the time to collect on his event rewards. He turned in his achievement points for a <<Shining Battleaxe>> and then collected <<Jack's Curved Sword>> for his zombie-hunting efforts. After transferring the Col for his purchases, Oscar strolled off. Now, it was boss-hunting time. With the prep phase for the second half of the event now in full swing, Oscar meandered over to the level-specific boss. There was a throng of people assembled in front of the target, which Oscar then joined. This was his first time fighting a boss with this many people. He didn't imagine it would last very long.

<<Jack's Curved Sword>> Burn/Blight/Cursed Collected
<<Shining Battleaxe>> Collected
Obnoxious Corn Dog Purchased
Funnel Cake Purchased
5 Diet Sodas Purchased

500 Col Voucher Redeemed
1000 Col Voucher Redeemed

950 Col Sent to Jack

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As the light of the sun began to poke through the openings in the tent, Jomei let out a sigh of relief. This event was nearly over, and they would be able to exit the circus, and not have to deal with these zombies anymore. As the lights that hung high above their heads clicked back on with a blinding gleam, the fighting seemed to fall silent. Hardly any zombies remained, those that did were being easily taken care of by surrounding players. Center stage stood Jack, yet again, congratulating the players on a job well done. Jomei's shoulders slouched forward with a sigh of relief.. before Jack's words rung in his ears. 

Olive eyes shot up to meet Jack, who's form was slowly changing. Vines grew from under his coat, lifting him off of the ground, while his skin began to turn orange. Soon, the form that stood before them was not the same Ringleader they had met before.. no, this was hardly a man at all. Jomei remembered the form of the PumpKing very well, from an old event boss. This time, he looked much stronger and more dangerous. "Oh no.." Jomei said under his breath, before rushing off to purchase yet another round of items to put this thing back in the ground. 

Picking up:
- Ghost Treat
- 500 Col Voucher
- 1000 Col Voucher
- Jack's <Weapon of Choice>
[Burn - Blight - Cursed]

- Funnel Cake 100 Col
- Corndog  700 Col
- 3 x Offbrand Energy Drinks
2000 Col
- 500 Col
- 1000 Col

500 Col Sent to Jack

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Kagami’s infamous ability to oversleep and arrive just before any cut-off time was unprecedented. Although she had planned to arrive at the earliest time possible so that she could finally reveal the person behind the misty veil, her bed was too comfortable, preventing her timely escape. Her debut would also be masked in its own similar obscurity, as this was her first social event in a long time since she had lived most of her time stuck in Aincrad as a recluse obscuring her presence from the player’s community. Even if she had met someone she knew, Kagami’s face was hidden underneath her mask, something that she had grown to enjoy wearing, which was white on one half and black on the other with the only meaningful feature was a black eye and smile displayed on the white half.

As she pushed through the tent flaps and paid the measly entrance fee, Kagami was handed a goody-bag that seemed heavier than your average goody-bag normal and noticed that everyone seemed to be exhausted. “It looks as if everyone turned into zombies or something.”

«500 Col paid to Jack.»


  • Housing Items - TBA

  • Familiar Item - Ghost Treat

  • Jack’s Latercomers’ Battle Axe - 1H Battle Axe [Burn - Blight - Cursed]

Edited by Shin Kagami
Better grammar

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