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Floor 15 Boss Raid Signups


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This is the official sign up for the Floor 15 Boss Raid. Discussions and planning have occurred in this thread.


It is strongly recommended you do not signup unless you are at least level 25.




"Plainly put, a giant spider. The spider, once seen, is a solid black where detail is almost indescribable."


Room Description

The room is barren, save the silver threads which line the entirety of the room. The thread covers the floor, walls, and ceiling. If one looks close enough, human sized bundles line the walls and floor.



If your guild has rules regarding participation in boss raids, it would be recommended you speak to the adequate authority within your guild before signing up. Otherwise, everybody is welcome to participate.

Participants are given 24 hours to post before they are eligible to be skipped.

If a player is skipped, they will sustain 10 damage.

If a player is skipped a total of 3 times, they forfeit any potential rewards and will continue to take damage.


Projected date for the beginning of the boss raid is Tuesday, April 5th.


sign up quickly pls zelrius has my family and he won't let them go until we fight the boss

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T2 Bloodrage Crystal Activated

T2 Alcholic Food Activated

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Zelrius Blackfyre - Commandant of the Azure Brigade - Blamed for Rohk


208 HP
52 Energy
4 Accuracy
0 Evasion
8 Fallen Damage
16 Holy Damage

Blade of Michael - +16 Holy Damage
Sword of Lucifer - +8 Fallen Damage
Commandant's Pendant - +2 Accuracy, +2 Evasion

+6 Damage (T2 Bloodrage Crystal)
+6 Damage (Alcholic)
-3 Evasion (Alcholic)
+1 Damage

Dual Blades | Rank 5
Charge | Rank 5
Curved Blade | Rank 5
Search & Detect | Rank 5

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Manta walked up the the area where the boss fight would be taking place, looking over her gear and equipment. She looked over her stats and equipment as she waited for others to arrive, wondering if this boss fight would turn out like the last one, with her almost dying multiple times. She sincerely hoped it wouldn't.

Toxic Venom, Perfect Tier 2 Alcoholic Food, Perfect Tier 2 Damage Crystal, Tier 2 Rare Mit Potion


Manta's Stats (Subject to Updates before Event Starts):
HP: 148
Energy: 38
DMG: 23 (1 Base+ 5 Sword Skills+ 6 Equipment+12 Enhancements)=24 DMG+5 Charge= 29 DMG first attack 
ACC: 3 (Equipment+Mod)
EVA: 0 (Equipment) (3-3)
MIT: 43 (7+36(Potion))

Toxic Venom

Battle Skills:
Rank 1-5 One-Handed Rapier Arts
Rank 2 Heavy Armor (7 Mit)

Rank 2 Light Armor
Rank 5 Charge
Concentration: +1 to BD 

Active Mods:
Rank 5: Precision

Kitsune Kimono: +3 EVA

Pinpoint: 2 Accuracy, 1 EVA

Rapier Thingy: +6 DMG

Crusher: Vanity (Gauntlets, Heavy Armor)

At Ready Item:

Banner of Inspiration

Potion of Heavenly Mending

x 2 Uncommon Health Crystals



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All the usual front liners were here. Nearly everyone ... He would grab his damage enhancing potion as well as smearing a red, hot liquid all over his sword as he drew it, he was ready and the teams were set as Mack described at the meeting. Macradon was ready to take out the small critters and maybe take a few shots and the big burning spider that would be the boss. With everything set for him, he would walk over to his Team Leader, Mack, and get into position as they were soon to enter the boss room and take on the fight to clear the floor.

+4 Damage potion Consumed
Cerberus Soul Consumed

Stats, Skills and Equipment:


- Macradon -
Health: 161
Energy: 39
Mitigation: 66
Damage: 13+4=17
Accuracy: +1
Regen: 1 (Regenerates 18 health when hit on a roll of CD 6+)
Recovery: 2 (Recovers 2 Energy on a roll of CD 10+)

- Skills -
Two handed Straight Sword: Rank 5 (+5 Damage)
- Finesse on First rank Sword Arts
- Precision (+1 Accuracy)
Heavy Armor: Rank 3 (+ 12 Mitigation)
- Athletics: +5 Health, +1 Damage
Charge: Rank 2 (+2 Damage on first attack)
Fighting Spirit: +1 Hate generation
Search and Detect: Rank 2

- Equipment -
Scarecrow's Sickle: +6 Damage, 1 Bleed (Added Burn 1 from Potion)
Blood Crusader's Halfplate: (+ 54 Mitigation)
Blood Crusader's Bracers: (+2 Recovery, +1 en (Regenerates 18 health on a CD of 10+ after getting hit))

- Inventory -
+4 Damage Potion
Cerberus Soul

2 x Antidote
Teleportation Crystal


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