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[BR-F18] Paving the Way to Floor 19


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Wooden doors loomed from atop the mountain the cave was perched upon. Ominous fog settling into the foreground as one ascended the steps of the labyrinth. Chilly winds whipped every so often, reminding players this wasn't the place to be if you weren't prepared for death. Thudded steps would echo with each pair of boots that climbed the crooked stone steps, continuously reverberating until the entire raid party rested upon the crest. As those who needed last minute changes prepared, the enormous oak doors would eerily swing open. Groaning until they stopped with a sudden thud as they latched into place. Upon entering, a dimly lit cavern awaited them. Within moments, several torches lit up; lining the walls of the room and allowing those within to see several pools of green liquid splattered about. With further inspection, one would notice the ceiling of the cave opened ever so slightly to reveal what seemed to be an artificial moon above.

Snarling from the depths of the cavern, a wispy necro-colored over-sized wolf paced into view. What appeared to be poisonous liquid, could be seen secreting from various orifices; most of them being one of many eyes layering the creature’s body. Vicious fangs protrude from his massive maw, as acidic saliva dripped and pooled beneath him. With five enormous health bars hovering overhead, Malethis the All-Seeing made its appearance.

While players soaked in the sight, slowly but surely each torch's flame burned from red to blue; and once the last torch changed colors, the floor eighteen boss fight would commence.


All players have 72 hours to reply to this thread to be included in the boss fight. After 72 hours, the boss raid will begin.

All participants must list their stats, equipment, battle-ready inventory, skills, buffs, and consumed items in their post.

(Planning Room)
Any participating members belonging to a guild that hosted their own meeting, within their own meeting hall, receive immunity to corrosive effects (Corrosive Safeguard) for 1 turn.
(Note: This buff replaces the +1 Accuracy buff you get from the Planning Table.)

Remember to adhere to the current PK/PvP Rules.

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Hikoru breathed and met at the meeting area of the boss fight, the first to arrive out of all of them. He was quite surprised that he had made it here that fast compared to most of the other players. He chugged his damage and Mitgation potion in silence as he waited for the others to arrive, sitting on the ground and making sure that he had everything, and doubled checked his stats. He was lacking in evasion, and he knew that if he took a Alcoholic item, he would be giving the boss an advantage on him, which wouldn't be good on his department. He searched through his inventory until he found his vial of <<Bandit's Guile>>, making it appear before him and chugging it, feeling his evasion hit it's normal number of twelve one more. He breathed and stood, waiting for the other players to appear and hoping that he wouldn't have to try and solo this creature, or he was out of there in a flash


Hikoru, Master of Shadows

915 HP
90 Energy
+3 Accuracy
+3 Evasion
19 Base Damage
110 Mitigation

Yamkima (Weapon) +2 Paralyse +2 Bleed
Master of Shadows (Light Armor) +1 Evasion +36 MIT
Eclipsed Pendant MK. 2 (Lucky Charm) +1 Evasion +2 Accuracy
Sutetchi (Familiar): +6 Damage 

Battle Ready Inventory:

Tier 2 Perfect MIT Potion (+54 MIT) [0 Remaining]
Tier 2 Perfect Damage Potion: (+6 Damage) [1 Remaining]
Bandits Guild (+1 Evasion) [0 Remaining]
Safeguard from Opal (First Attack deals no damage)


Rank 5 Dagger (Max Rank)
Rank 4 Light Armor
Rank 4 Sneak and Hide
Rank 1 Search and Detect
Rank 1 Shadowed Path
Rank 3 Familiar (Max Rank)


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Having kept himself out of the loop of the Boss Raid happenings, it was a miracle Takao had even found the rendezvous point. Although at the same time, finding things was his specialty, so perhaps it wasn't such a feat after all. Green eyes set upon the door with familiar aversion, knowing firsthand and fully well what hells and horrors would lay behind. Some massive monster, stronger than the last, standing in the way on their exhausting trek to freedom. To some the task was daunting, outright impossible even, and had resigned to living the remainder of their lives on the floating castle. Cardinal had told them to sit and dared them to fight, throwing each obstacle at them in an attempt to keep them down. But that was just a challenge, and nothing motivated Takao like being challenged.

"Well, if nothing else I get to see how it feels to deck a boss in the face." He muttered quietly to himself, raising and flexing his glove-clad right hand. He had foregone the usual jacket worn with his getup and settled for wrapping it around his waist, leaving his torso clad in only the vaguely skin-tight undershirt of the set. Simple, comfortable, nimble, and not nearly as flashy or bulky as some of the other armours and clothing that some chose to wear. It suited his role of mobility well.

A sidelong glance had revealed the arrival of Oikawa and Teayre first, followed by Calrex, Baldur, and then others. His attention was focused mainly on the group he'd been placed in, to which he regarded with a wave and swipe of his hand to open the menu. Three items were procured from the list, each in the shape of a metallic flask. He tossed one to Oikawa, Teayre, and Baldur. Vodka in the system's strongest form allowed, sans the actual alcoholic effects of the drink. Another five were brought from his inventory and set nearby, open for the taking.


Takao, the Vodka Goblin

Level 69
1495 HP
138 Energy
28 Base Damage (33 w/ Charge)
4 Accuracy
1 Evasion
120 Mitigation

Underworld Set - +36 MIT / +1 EVA
Huntsman's Shirt - +18 MIT / +2 EVA
Steel Aegis - +3 ACC
Dimensional Pouch

Battle Ready Inventory
Recovery Crystal III (T2) - +240 HP -- x5
Recovery Crystal II  (T2) - +160 HP -- x5
Recovery Crystal III (T1) - +120 HP -- x5
Energy Drink - +9  EN -- x5
Energy Drink - +9  EN -- x5
Teleport Crystal - x1

Rank 5 | 2H Straight Sword
Rank 5 | 1H Straight Sword
Rank 5 | Martial Arts
Rank 5 | Search & Detect
Rank 5 | Charge
Rank 3 | Light Armour
Rank 3 | FM: Fighter
Rank 2 | Battle Healing


Rank 5 | Ferocity - Martial Arts

Items Used
Vodka (Damage +6/Evasion -3)
Perfect Tier 2 Damage Potion
Daifukumochi (Mitigation +56)
Grilled BLT (+100 HP)
Bandits Guile (+1 Evasion)
Herbal Tea (+1 Accuracy)


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Like little fires crackling in the dark of night, Oikawa's gaze danced about the scene before him. Though not everyone had arrived yet, the majority were not far behind and his guilds very own scout, Takao had managed to arrive before the blonde himself; despite the brunette not be present for the meeting. 

Makes sense given his title, he mused. Stealing a glance at Tak, he caught the item that was tossed to him; his hand smoothing over the metallic flask as he unscrewed the top and indulged in the liquid confidence the item produced. Nodding his thanks to Takao, he felt his avatar glow with yet another effect as Teayre and Calrex approached. The former donning her banner and apparently selecting the blonde as a recipient. Nodding her thanks as well, he reached into his own inventory and produced a few more items for use. Downing them, he sifted through his inventory, unsure of what to wear against this beast.

From what I remember, this room plays a large part in his abilities. Lets go for sustain and damage if nothing else.

Clicking on the three items, Oikawa watched as <Akuma's Vain> gripped his shoulders once more, followed by the familiar handle of <Amphibian Teeth> clutched within his grip, and lastly the the silver of the <Ring of Satan> encompassing his right ring finger. Flexing his hands, he planted his blade into the earth and awaited everyone's arrival. This fight would be a good one he hoped. No casualties was the plan.



HP1,215 | EN: 120 | D: 25 | M: 120 | A: 4 | E: -3


Amphibian Teeth: +4 Damage/+2 Paralytic Venom

Akuma's Vain: +2 Light Momentum/ +2 Flame Aura (+36 Mitigation & +48 Burn Damage when non-critically hit)

Ring of Satan: +3 Accuracy

Battle Ready:

[1] Banner of Support (3 Charges)

[1] Teleport Crystal


Two-Handed Straight Sword [Rank 5] Mods: Precision, Rank 5 Ferocity

Search and Detect [Rank 5] Mods: Reveal

Light Armor [Rank 5] Mods: Athletics

Charge [Rank 5]

Martial Arts [Rank 2]

Battle Healing [Rank 2]

Picking [Rank 1]





Alcoholic (+6 DMG/-3 EVA)


Major Damage Potion II (+6 DMG)

Major Armor Crystal II (+54 MIT)


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Zandra opened her eyes as she woke up in the bed at her beachhouse on floor sixteen. She sat up and looked to the left where the other owner and her most precious one was sleeping. She gently placed a hand on him. ‘’@Jomei its time. We have to prepare for the boss raid.’’ A kiss later she stood up from the bed and started to walk to the bathroom. ‘’I jump into the shower first.’’ She said and then entered the bathroom. There she unequipped her pyjamas and turned on the warm water. Twenty minutes later she stepped out of the now mist-filled bathroom.  ‘’Im done now.’’ She said to him and then walked down to start preparing herself. She took down several potions from the shelfs as well as some food she had got from Takao. Then she sat there and waited for the Irishman to join her.


She met him with a smile as he walked down the stairs. She rose and walked up to him. She hugged him tight. ‘’Remember, just as we agreed before, don’t die okay.’’After all, this could be the last day they spend together. There have been several deaths in the previous fights.


The couple exited their beachhouse and went up a couple of floors where the boss fight was gonna take place. As they exited the teleportation gate, Zandra started to gear up and make sure she had her right items in at ready inventory. When fully geared, she looked at Jomei. ‘’By the way. As you herd in the meeting, the Spectrum Coalition dosent have any support player. So I maybe going to be there. And its only one spot open. If they have already decided to either skip a healer or found another one, we are going to be in same team as Ariel. And then probably Hikoru too.’’ Then they arrived at the scene.


After awhile, @Hirruarrived and Zandra walked up to him and dropped of some potions to him. ‘’Here you go.’’ Then when the lioness appeared. ‘’Heya @Ariel - The Crowned Lion. I have your stuff here.’’ She said and handed them over.



Lvl: 56
HP: 1235
Energy: 112
Dmg: Battleaxe: 28
           Curved sword: 25
Mit:    Battleaxe: 120
           Curved sword: 133
Acc:   Battleaxe: 4
           Curved sword: 1
Evasion: -3
CC: +3

Over-health +100 HP
Damage potion +6 Damage
Damage mitigation potion +54 Mitigation
Alcoholic +6 Damage -3 Evasion
Herbs +1 Acc

Banner of command (used by Ariel) +1 Dmg

Grandmaster First aid (rank 5)
Grandmaster 2-handed battleaxe (rank 5)
Master Charge (rank 4)
Expert Heavy armour (rank 3)
Journeyman Block (rank 2)
Journeyman 1-handed curved sword (rank 2)

Field medic

Malindrina, Violet death. 2-handed battle-axe +3 Acc
Dark angel armour. Heavy armour +54 Mit
Ice-braclet. Lucky charm +3 Combat Craft

At ready:
Mass-heal crystal x5
Amphibian war rally
Banner of command
Shield of Darkness
Armour of Darkness
Vanity curved sword
Dimensional backpack


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Teayre was back on the eighteenth floor outside the boss room. Shuddering at the thought of what lay before the wooden doors. She smiled her fingers starting to snake around her blade as she looked at the other players. Heavy breathing reaching her ears. Her eyes flicking to Hikoru she sighed. Swallowing. “Now’s not the time…”  Her eyes went over the three other people that were there ready. Waiting. Oikawa. Takao. Zandra. She began to move towards Oikawa nodding at the blonde. Taking a cheesecake out of her inventory she quickly eats it, the brandy hiting her head. The girl chokes slightly. Quickly taking two potions of orange liquid out, one with silver floating int Teayre downs them in two swigs. “Oikawa.” She mutters to her friend and guild mate. Leaning in she goes to place her hand on his chest. “Stop me if it gets to much. Please.” She states to him quietly out of ear shot of everyone else. Taking a step back she equips her curved blade, the red coat begins to swirl around her. The black and white stones hanging from her neck. A single tear rolling down her red cheek. She brings out the Banner of Command, raising it above her head and planting it into the ground letting its effect wash over herself, Oikawa, Takao and Baldur Once the had all arrived.



Teayre Stats:

Level: 50 // Health: 1015 // EN: 100 // DMG: 26 // MIT: 30 // EVA: 0 // ACC: 4  // LD: 3


  • Ketsueki Kanashiki – DMG +6
  • Hidden Stone – EVA +3
  • Finding Stone – ACC +3
  • Basic Light Armour


  • One Handed Curved Sword – Rank 5 - DMG +5
  • Light Armour – Rank 3 – MIT +12
  • Charge – Rank 4
  • Battle Healing – Rank 1
  • Search and Detect – Rank 3 – LD + 3

Extra Skills:

  • Katana – Rank 1
  • Battojutsu – Rank 1
  • Concentration
  • Survival

Skill Mods:



Athletics – Health +15, DMG +1

Precision – ACC +1


Night Vision

One Handed Curved Sword Rank 5 – Ferocity – DMG +1 with Rank 5 SAs





Mascarpone and Brandy Cheesecake – DMG + 6, EVA -3

Damage Potion – DMG +6

Damage Mitigation Potion – MIT +18

Banner of Command – DMG +1





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As the bluenette arrived at the location for the boss raid he gave a small sigh as he swiped on his menu. After being through so many, these things were starting to become like clockwork: Arrive at the location, have all gear ready, Howl or do something to get maximum Hate for his group, prepare for someone to throw a wrench in the works, piece together what remains and proceed to the next floor. The second to last step had only occurred a few times in the past, but enough for him to assume there was a definite chance of something happening that would force the frontliners to have to change tactics in order to make up for it. Unnecessary lives were lost in the past, and while he would do his best to make sure it didn't happen again, he was prepared for the chance it could occur.

He gave a nod to the people that were there, giving a warm smile to his fiancee before his entire avatar was encapsulated in the full-body heavy armor of the Grand Chariot II. As he slowly opened his eyes, the light blue slits giving some semblance of a face lit up. The Grand Blade II was already strapped to the back of his hip, ready to be drawn when the encounter started. Lastly, the Grand Guard II appeared in its two separate pieces attached to his forearms. He was going to be tanking for the Spectrum Coalition team, so he needed his mitigation to be as high as he can, even though <<Achilles>> could take another chunk of the damage off of him.

Producing a Safeguard from his inventory he crushed it in his hand as the potion took effect. Whether someone or something tried to ambush before the raid started, he would be ready.

Calrex Stats:


HP: 1595
EN: 150
DMG: 13
ACC: 1
EVA: -1
MIT: 134
Thorns: 36
Heavy Momentum: 2

OHSS: Rank 5
Heavy Armor: Rank 5
Search and Detect: Rank 2
Charge: Rank 5
Battle Healing: Rank 1
Block: Rank 5
OHCS: Rank 1

Martial Arts: Rank 5
Meditation: Rank 1
Achilles: Rank 2
Katana: Rank 1

Skill Mods:
R5 OHSS Ferocity
Safe Guard
Vengeful Riposte

Grand Blade II: +6 DMG (Tier 2)
Grand Chariot II: +18 MIT / +36 Thorns (Tier 2)
Grand Guard II: +36 MIT / +2 Heavy Momentum

At Ready:
Banner of Support (3 Charges)
5x Safeguard
1x Basic Teleportation Crystal
1x Tiger's Rage Potion
1x Serpent's Tongue Potion
1x Woodland Armor (3 Charges)
Grand Gauntlets II: +6 DMG (Tier 2)

Roc: +1 ACC


Consumed 1 Safeguard

Active Consumables:
Safeguard (First successful hit is negated)


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Im here. 

Level: 47

HP: 940 /(946)

En: 94

SP: 7/191

DMG: 13
EVA: 4

ACC: 4

Light Momentum: 2
MIT: 30



Grandmaster Rapier Skill (+5 DMG)

Grandmaster Light Armor Rank 5 (+30 mit)
Charge Rank 3 (+3 Dmg)


Extra Skills:

Concentration (+1 BD when used)
Martial Arts Rank 0
Survival (+6 HP Out of battle & Not effected by environment)
Meditation Rank 1 (+1 EN on natural CD rolls of 10+)


Rapier Ferocity Rank 5 (+1 dmg to Sword Arts Rank 5)

Athletics (+1 DMG, +5 HP)
Precision(+1 ACC)

Sprint and Acrobatics(+1 EVA)



Weapon: Saint Andrew's Bane (+3 DMG x Tier 2)(6 Dmg)

Armor: Leather Vestment of Cunning (+2 EVA, +1 LM)

Accessory: Erin's Favor (+1 EVA, +2 ACC)

Familiar: Adere the Tawny Owl (+1 ACC)



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Baldur arrived on the scene as prepared as he possibly could be. He had worked himself to the bone to gather up as many materials for raid potions and equipment as he could. He pulled out his assortment of food and drinks and begins to consume them all in preparation of the boss fight.

"Ohayo, everyone."

Baldur placed his Banner of command next to he and Calrex with the symbol of the Spectrum Coalition guild on it.

"Hey Cal, Takao, Oikawa, Teayre." He nodded to each in turn and took the drink that Takao had offered him to boost his damage even further. "You guys ready for this party? I bought as many healing items as I could carry since we don't have our own support yet. I think I've got a full compliment of buffs too."

Resting his hand on the demonic blade <<The Muramasa>>, Baldur looked around at everyone who had shown up so far. It was almost the appointed time, and not everyone was there yet. Would they really have enough to pull this off? They would need everyone to be organized and ready to go. Still, while they weren't quite there yet, Baldur was confident they would pull it together in time.


Baldur, The Azure Chevalier

Combat Stats:
975 HP
86 Energy
30 Base Damage (3(Two hand)+5(skill)+8(weapon)+1(athletics)+12(buffs)+1 (banner)) = 30
102 Mitigation
+0 Evasion (+3 Evasion/-3 from alcoholic)

Equipped Items:
Muramasa | Demonic Katana | +8 Damage
Ronin Uwa-Obi | T2 Perfect LA | +36 MIT +1 EVA
Emerald Teardrop | Perfect Trinket | +2 Accuracy +1 EVA
Dimensional Backpack | Merchant | Carry 1 extra Battle Ready item

+6 Damage (Perfect Tier 2 Damage Potion)
+6 Damage/-3 Evasion (Perfect Tier 2 Alcoholic)
+54 Mitigation (Perfect Tier 2 Mitigation Potion)
+100 HP (Perfect Tier 2 Overhealth Potion
Toxic Venom (Perfect Tier 2 Potion) [BD 9-10 deal 12 poison damage for 4 turns)
Safeguard [damage from the first attack is negated]
+1 Evasion (Monkey Agility)
Paralyze (Bottled Banshee Scream)
+1 Damage (Banner of Command )

Battle Ready Inventory:
(5) Major Mass Life Crystal | Perfect T2 Item | +X HP
(5) Major Life Crystals | Perfect T2 | +X HP
(1) Antidote | Rare T2 | 
(1) Safeguard Potion
(2) Energy Drinks | Perfect T2 | +9 Energy
(1) Teleport Crystal | Merchant | Returns the player to the main settlement

Meditation | 0 Ranks
Search & Detect | 3 Ranks
[Extra] Survival | Rank N/A
Light Armor | 3 Ranks
Battle Healing | 2 Rank | 20 HP per turn
[Extra] Concentration | Ranks N/A
Charge | 2 Ranks
One-Hand Curved Sword | 1 Rank
[Extra] Katana | 5 Ranks
Familiar | Fighter T2 | 1 Rank (+2 Damage)

Katana Ferocity, Rank 5


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Opal stood among the familiar faces of the Boss raid. After the meeting, she probably didn't make the greatest impressions after threatening the orange players there among the others that were present. She stood before them before taking a rather dry throated gulp and strode forward with a confident look about her. She did not nod to anyone, she simply walked and made her way to the forefront of every that would be of attendance. 

"I had made a promise that I would not do anything mischievous during the boss raids, and I have kept my word. Therefore I wish to tell you all now, I remain a Frontliner even though I am part of a Player Killer group. I once again vow and make promise that no one shall die from my blade today while you all are fighting to save everyone in Aincrad from this prison." Opal had to chose her words carefully, there were two among the group that knew of her true intentions to destroy Laughing Coffin from the inside out, but that was only part of her plan. She would destroy every Orange Crystals player as well for revenge of the fallen innocent lives that have been taken from this game by their hands. Only a Monster such as her can kill another monster. Only a murderer can kill another person. 

With her violet eyes on everyone, she stood once more with their attention, "Ugh, that is all I have to say. Should you need any items from me, I shall give what I have to offer. I have two Safeguards at the moment. Should you need one.." 

Opal sat two safeguard potions down next to her from her inventory, "You have no reason to trust me and my potions. I have lied to all your faces and some of you felt betrayed by my actions when I took a player's life. And then had a hand in the course of taking another's, I acted as a Puppet Master to Oikawa. I don't seek forgiveness, just a chance once again help you all out. Whether you wish to trust a player killer or not is up to you." 

A silver vial of her Safeguard Potion now worked its way through her armor, giving her an temporary silver aura before it slowly faded away. She should take this time now and prepare for more. 

"Jaken, let's not disturb anyone else. Come with me." The familiar that had been walking with her now began his forward motion as they took a desolate area of the area and made preparations.


-Dropped x2 Safeguards [First come, first serve]
[Used by Hikoru]




Stats: Level 56 || HP: 1,120 || Energy: 112 || Tier 3 
Dmg:+18/+20**  || Keen: + 1 || Acc: + 3 || Mit: + 66 || 

Masamune X [+6 Dmg] 
Vambraces of Eternal Slumber: [+54 Mitigation] 
 Ring of the Blood [+2 Acc, +1 Keen]
 Jaken [Familiar +1 BD] 
Vanity Light Armor: [For the L.Armor Skill] 

Rnk 5: Katana: [+7 Dmg] 
Rnk 2: Charge: [+2 Dmg] 

Passive Skills

Rnk 5: Sneak & Hide
Rnk 4: Search&Detect: [+4 LD]
Rnk 3: Battle Healing [30 HP] CD+6
Rnk 3: Light Armor [+12 Mit]


Surprise Attack
Justified Riposte.

+4 Dmg Pot

Battle Ready Items: x2 Mass Healing Crystals [+90 HP to the Team] ||  
Subject to Change


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Hikoru looked as a small group appeared before him, and then Opal arrived. She never apologized as far as he could tell, but it didn't matter. She promised to no longer kill players here, and she promised to do her best to help protect all of them. He gave a gracious nod as she set down a few Safeguards nearby, and he came close and picked one up, knowing that she could trust her. Although her ideals were not his own, he respected her in some way. After he had coped with the death of Ssendom, he knew that she had her own reasons for killing him, and he knew that he couldn't be angry at her, it wasn't him. He took one and poured it over his armor, and made eye contact with her for a moment, before she took away

"I don't care what the other's say Opal, I trust you, and i'll be the first to prove it. May luck be on your side, and I hope that no lives are lost in this fight, including yours." He said, loud enough for everyone to hear. Once things were done, he breathed and appeared at the front, ready to strike with his team. He breathed and awaited to see what would happen next, but only time would tell at this point. He hoped that the potion he took wasn't faulty, or had something hidden about it, but he couldn't know, and he didn't care at this point. He wanted her to trust him, and he would do his best to prove so.

+1 Safeguard

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Arriving at the giant wooden doors he had found right after Teayre had been there. He would be gathered with many people, most of them which he was fond of, one in particular made him cringe in disgust, but that was tale for a later moment. Scouting over the players who had arrived at the raid's beginning, he would note down Hikoru, Takao, Oikawa, Zandra, Teayre, Calrex, Jomei, Baldur and she who shall not be named. A big group indeed, but what he wasn't too fond of was the lack of KoB members present, but hopefully that would change very soon, at least he hoped so. Grabbing out the potions he needed for today to make sure he was 100% A-OK when the boss raid would be finished, he would crash one of the potions onto his white and crimson armor, hardening the steel as it would also gain in gauge. He would chuck down a single damage potion he would have on him as this would be needed gravely if he were to compete in the damage apartment of this raid, be it the boss or smaller creeps.

"I hope the guys will arrive soon" he thought as he would look back over his shoulder, awaiting the other's entrance, but for now seemed to be futile. Looking at the ones that had gathered for now, he was happy that it was them he was with, most of them were trust worthy and would be in a good spot in Macradon's sight, which would make him feel much more comfortable fighting along their side. He would look at how the different parties would be joined together as he would look at the players, no, people, there were standing here. From what he remembered, the "newer" guild would form their party with a slot or two open, the same with the KoB party. "We might actually be able to lead out 2 parties ..." Macradon thought, hoping for the commander to arrive at any given moment.




1015 HP

100 Energy

2 Accuracy

0 Evasion

21 Base Damage (25 w/ Charge) (22 w/ Ferocity) (26 w/ Ferocity+Charge)

120 Mitigation


Scarecrow's Sickle .......... // +6 Damage, +1 Bleed

Blood Crusader's Halfplate .. // +54 Mitigation

Blood Oath Necklace ......... // +2 Recovery, +1 Accuracy

Battle Ready Inventory

<Perfect Damage potion> ..... // +6 Damage

<Perfect Mitigation potion> . // +54 Mitigation

<Banner of Command> ......... // +1 Damage to 4 targets

<Antidote Potion> ........... // Negates a debuff (Toxic Venom, Paralysis and Bleed) by 1 turn


+54 Damage Mitigatino

+6 Damage
< Corrosive Safeguard > ..... // Immunity to corrosive effects (1 post) Thread


Two Handed Straight Sword  | Rank 5: +5 DMG. +2 DMG (Two-handed)

Heavy Armor                | Rank 3: +12 MIT

Search and Detect          | Rank 4: +4 LD

Charge                     | Rank 4: +4 DMG on first hit

Fighting Spirit            | +1 Hate generation

Disguise                   | +1 to your BD and +1 to your opponent’s BD/MD. 12 Post CD.

Survival                   | Heal 6 HP when out of battle each post

Skill Mods

Finesse                    | Rank 1: -2 Energy-use on Rank 1 Sword Arts

Precision                  | +1 ACC


Athletics                  | +1 DMG, +5 Health

Ferocity                   | Rank 5: +1 DMG when using 5th rank Sword Arts


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The hunter followed behind his brethren and tank, Xion.  This was his first time going through a floor boss fight, and he was striving for it not to be his last.  Before the battle, and even during planning, the hunter had already had his mind on specific strategies.  Unfortunately, the information wasn't much, as their scout had been Macradon, whom didn't reach the boss room before it could be closed for some time.  Apparently, the Crimson Maiden, Teayre, had beat him to it.  It didn't matter in the end, as their Vice Commander, Lowenthal, was invited and was given the true information, whom sent the information to everyone else.

Everything collaborated together into one truth: the green pools of sludge were an issue.

After grouping together with everyone else, and standing beside Vanguard Captain, Macradon, the hunter spoke up to everyone in the room.  His tone sounded a bit more like Mack's commanding voice; stern and commanding, but showing a bit of the hunter's own heart.

"Good day, everyone!  I'm Hirru of the Knights of the Blood Oath!  I would like to announce that we are splitting our ranks into two teams, so that we can accommodate solo players, and those from other guilds."  

The hunter then turned his head towards Calrex and his group.  

"Spectrum Coalition, I suspect that your guild will take up the majority of your party, so we can have one join you, unless you have already chosen someone."

Back to everyone else,

"That makes three teams in total!  Calrex, of Spectrum, will lead team one with his guild.  Team two will be headed by our Commander Heathcliff, and team three will be headed by our very own Xion."

"Come to me, if you do not have a party assigned, and tell me your current stats.  If you wish to be in a specific group, let me know too."

The hunter finished as he opened his menu before a flood of screens opened from within.  Each one belonged to one of the front liners, but the information was mostly outdated for everyone outside of the Knights of the Blood Oath.  While looking through those, and updating them, he would start placing people in their respective groups.

The first of which would seem to be Zandra, the Berserk Healer, whom came to give him the potions that he ordered from her.  He would trade her 30 mats for her troubles.

"Thank you, @Zandra.  With your support status, we would rather you be in either team 1 or team 2.  Team 3 will be primarily speed runners that will keep the corrosive pools from acting up.  If there are any biases, let me know."




680 HP
68 Energy
2 Accuracy
1 Evasion
18 Base Damage
115 Mitigation


Oath of the Unknown Knight ....... // +6 Damage
Pride of the Guardian ................. // +54 Mitigation
Spirit of the Jade Dragon ........... // +2 Accuracy, +1 Evasion

Battle Ready Inventory

<Perfect Damage potion> ..... // +6 Damage
<Perfect Mitigation potion> .. // +54 Mitigation

<Safeguard> x1.................... // Negates damage from next attack upon user [1 used]
<Antidote 3 Potion> x1.......... // Negates a debuff (Toxic Venom, Paralysis and Bleed) by 3 turn [1 used]
<Wasp Energy Drink> x4....... // +9 energy


+6 Damage
+54 Damage Mitigation
+1 Safeguard
+1 Corrosive Safeguard --> Meeting Thread [One turn]
+1 Antidote 3 ---------------> Negates a debuff (Toxic Venom, Paralysis and Bleed) [Three turns]


One Handed Straight Sword  | Rank 5: +5 DMG
Heavy Armor                          | Rank 2: +7 MIT
Search and Detect                 | Rank 3: +3 LD
Concentration                        | +1 to your BD / 5 turn cooldown
Survival                                  | Heal 40 HP when out of battle each post / Negate environmental damage

Skill Mods




Will update this post so that I don't have to make multiple posts for each person.

Team 1

  1. Calrex
  2. Takao
  3. Teayre
  4. Oikawa
  5. Baldur
  6. Opal

Team 2

  1. Heathcliff
  2. Macradon
  3. Ariel - The Crowned Lion
  4. Zandra
  5. Jomei
  6. [Open]

Team 3

  1. Xion
  2. Hirru
  3. Lowenthal
  4. Hikoru
  5. Seul
  6. [Open]


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"Was about time!" came a loud complaint right after the KoTB representative finished telling them the battle plan and... at least in the blonde's eyes, assuming himself the unearned tittle of raid leader. Tittle rightfully belonging to Teayre; it might be a part of her old supposedly 'elitist' mentality from her time in the Azure Brigade but she wouldn't listen to the plans of someone who didn't even participate at the planning before this boss fight. 

She went directly to @Zandra and traded 11 Materials for the following items, that she immediately used on herself right away:


1x t2 perfect damage potion ,+6 damage (used)
1x t2 perfect mitigation potion (used)
1x t2 perfect overhealth potion (used)
1x t2 perfect toxic venom potion (used)
1x t2 perfect mass HP recovery crystal (added to battle ready inventory)

"Thanks for taking care of me in such a short notice." she said to the girl with a broad smile. She then turned around and faced @Teayre: "So lil'sis, you're okay with the KoTB taking over the raid leadership position?" she paused for a second to release a sigh before continuing:
"The only people I trusted in that guild were the former Vice Commanders and the MIA one, people who fought by my side in the past. @Lowenthal gives off a good person vibe but he's a bit too laid back for my taste." she turned towards @Hirru with a half smile and continued "No offense to anyone but I'm not willing to put my life out the line just based on the 'good reputation' you guys have. To be clear, I'm not saying that I hate your guild or anything but my trust and respect has to be earned, unlike others who just blindly follow as their told." Her expression became a bit more serious, her words sharp that they might've struck some people's nerves but Ariel meant nothing more than to stay stay true to her straightforward nature, exposing her thoughts without filter. She turned her gaze towards Teayre again and spoke in a soothing tone:

"But, if you're okay with this battle plan I can abide to it as well. " She spotted some familiar items near @Takao's side and went for one of them. A small tingly feeling went throughout her body as she consumed the Vodka. "Thank's chief... I really owe you this one!" she stated with a smile before going next to a different group of people. With a couple of hand gestures, she materialized the <<Banner of Command>> in her possession and was ready to use it. "I could join the 2nd team as my pure DPS build would be most useful against the boss itself."

After using the banner on the designated 'Team 2' members she replaced the normal looking item with her main weapon. A pitch black 10 feet 2-handed assault spear with a flag near the top sharp end. The flag had a swallowtail form with her personal logo on a dark blue background; it towered pridefully over all the raid participants, swaying in the wind. "Let's get the party started already!" she claimed, a small battle thirsty grin appearing on her expression.

Used most of the item traded with Zandra.
Used 'Vodka' from Takao.
Used <<Banner of Command>> on Team 2.


Battle Stats:
1,175 HP
106 Energy
+3 Accuracy
-1 Evasion
28 / 32 Base Damage 
120 Mitigation


HP: 1060 (lvl. 53 x20) + 15(Athletics) +100(potion)
Energy: lvl. 53 x2
Accuracy: 1(lucky charm) +1(precision) +1(weapon)
Evasion: 2 (lucky charm) -3 (Vodka)
Base damage = 3(2-handed base) +1(Athletics) + 5(weapon skill) +6(familiar mastery) +6(Vodka) +6(damage potion) +1(banner of command) / +4 Fallen Damage (non-crit)
Mitigation: 30(LA skill) +36 (armor item) +54(potion)

Battle Ready Inventory:
» 4x Rare T2 Healing (+160 HP Recovery) [Crystal]
» 5x Perfect T2 Healing (+90 Team HP Recovery) [Crystal]
» 5x Uncommon T2 Healing (+80 HP Recovery) [Crystal]
» Basic Teleport [Crystal]
» 1x Safeguard [Potion]
» *Banner of Support (+80 HP heal for all (up to 6) party members, 3/4 charges remaining)

Equipped Items:
» «Omamori: Feline Eyes» (+2 Evasion +1 Accuracy) (lucky charm)
» «Apoyo del Leon» (+36 Damage Mitigation +1 Light Momentum) (light armor)
» «Darkened Blade» (+2 Fallen Damage, +1 Accuracy) (2h assault spear)
» *«Dimensional Backpack» (+1 Battle Ready Inventory extra slot)

» +54 Damage Mitigation
» +6 Damage 
» +100 Overhealth 
» +6 Damage/ -3 Evasion
» Safeguard





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Lowenthal entered the fray, late as usual.The last minute indecisiveness ruining his timing yet again. When he did arrive, he waved tot he people who were already there. "Alright, I'm here. Where we standing?" He asked to @Macradon, another member of the Knights of the Blood Oath. He was the mind behind the boss fights, while Lowe was behind, everything else that didn't require Heathcliff. Lowenthal rubbed the back of his head. "Well, let's get this party started." Lowenthal said, cracking his neck and knuckles. He was excited for this boss fight, more excited to see what it actually was more than fighting it. All he had was 'dog thing, that was kinda green goop covering it.' It sounded cool at least. Lowenthal also saw @Zandra. He apprioached the woman, and spoke. "I'm sure you get a lot of flak at around this time for potions. But I'm looking for another damage potion if at all possible." He asked his former guild member.





640 HP
64 Energy
3 Accuracy
3 Evasion
17 Base Damage
7 Mitigation


Super Kunai ....... // +4 Damage, + Accuracy
Light Jacket (KotBO) ................. // +3 Evasion
Ring of Accuracy ........... // +3 Accuracy

Battle Ready Inventory


+6 Damage
+7 Damage Mitigation
+1 Safeguard
+1 Corrosive Safeguard --> Meeting Thread [One turn]


One Handed Dagger                | Rank 5: +5 DMG
Light Armor                           | Rank 2: +7 MIT
Concentration                        | +1 to your BD / 5 turn cooldown

Skill Mods



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The red head’s hand grips her wakazashi tightly as Hirru speaks. “Seriously?” She took a step forwards before stopping. “Remember.” The image of her husband laughing, the flowers of the second floor. The snow of the fourth floor. She took a couple of deep breaths before moving to stand next to Hirru, her blade, securely in its sheath held firmly in her right hand. “Hirru.” She says nodding at him just before Ariel whispered to her. The red head waves a hand at her blonde sister. Mouthing to her, “It’s the plan anyway.”.
Looking back at Hirru the member of the Knights of the Blood Oath. “We will be going through in soon. You’d better hurry your guild and so called commander up.” Her words were harsh, but they lacked the usual anger that seemed to be behind them. “Besides Hirru, I don’t remember when I made you the leader of the raid.” Using her left hand she brought the menu up, before pressing at a few bits on her own menu, passing leadership of the raid to the person.  "So you all know me. I'm the little girl who gives you dreams and makes you furious. Perhaps more so than Opal and her Laughing Coffin group. Because of that... Hirru's going to be taking over the leadership, since he wants the responsibility for you all."





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The hunter sighed.  He knew this would happen, but it still gave him problems.  Even more so now, than before.  He had apparently earned the wrath of two of the strongest women on the front lines.  Him speaking out seemed to undermine everyone else, which he didn't mean about it.  The hunter would look towards Ariel with a look of understanding.

"That is fine.  I'm only trying to consolidate all of the lone players into groups, to maximize our performance.  I'm not the raid leader, nor did I ever claim to be."

He said calmly before he placed her stats in notes.  They would be used more during the fight, as she chose to be apart of team 2.  

"That's good.  You've fought with Macradon before, so I'm sure you'll be fine."

The real trouble came when the Crimson Maiden came to him.  She didn't seem to like the hunter's outburst, and had come to berate the hunter for his insubordination.  It wasn't helped that Ariel also egged her on more than that.  Though, it was the correct thing to do.  The hunter was out of line.

"You're right.  I was out of line.  I shouldn't have spoken over you, or anyone else here.  I'm only trying to consolidate everyone into groups better fitted to fighting this enemy, and overstepped my position.  I apologize and will take my punishment when it comes."

The hunter said as Teayre was done speaking and nominating the hunter as the raid leader.  That would be the worse mistake ever.  Not because the hunter was the lowest level player there, or the most inexperienced, but because no one would follow his orders.  Teayre had basically set him on a downhill course, but he had already done when he spoke up.

"I don't want the responsibility, nor did I ask for it.  If it would please you, I do not accept leadership, and relinquish it back to you and the Spectrum Coalition.  We do not want any hate between our guilds, nor to the individual members within."

He said in lowered voice.  His eyes not removing themselves from the fire that he could see from within Teayre's, were stern and unmoving.  Everyone else would be pointing their attention towards them, but how they felt, he did not know.  He would feel the pressure from everyone.  Not only the eyes and expectations of the front liners, but everyone that was alive on Aincrad to this day.  No, everyone that died also had these expectations.

Ten thousand people all screaming for freedom.

"But this is your decision, not mine."

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Zandra turned around from Hirru and met @Lowenthal. He asked her for a damage potion. A few swipes later, Zandra held one and handed it over to her former guildleader. ‘’Yeah, now finally have my businesses started to roll. It have been close to zero playe… persons that was ordering potions or crystals from me. Also, you should plan and get the damage potion some time in advance. I maybe not gonna be here next time.’’ She said the last one with a wink.

Then  she walked over to the master of shadows. She herd behind her that it seemed Teayre had started a conversation with Hirru and Ariel. Sounded like it was soon time. She better hurried to leave all her orders. ‘’Here @Hikoru. Your order.’’ She quickly gave the potions and crystals to him before she looked around until she spotted @Seul that seemed to just arrive. With a small jog she gave him the three potions he wanted without a word and then walked back to Jomeis side. ‘’Phew, there. Now Im done and ready.’’ She held Jomeis hand in a tight grip as she waited for the order to enter the boss room.

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It would seem that he would be among the last of the players to arrive, and not a moment too soon either since things would be underway in a few minutes. Zandra came over and handed over a bunch of items which he graciously accepted before sending col her way to pay for them. After dowing each of the potions he looked around for his fellow knights and made his way toward them in a casual manner. "Greetings gents! Hopefully we all get through this as easily as the last fight." He would say with a sheepish grin. Of course he didn't want anyone to die and as far as he knew there hadn't been any casualties for a while now. With many players going through recent changes to their equipment he was not sure if that would remain the case this time around. Did they even prepare for the fight enough? Only time would be able to tell he supposed. 

[2,400 Col sent to Zandra]

[+1 Safeguard, 1 T2 Perfect MIT Potion, & 1 T2 Perfect DMG Potion]

[Consumed: 1 Safeguard, 1 T2 Perfect MIT Potion, & 1 T2 Perfect DMG Potion]



795 HP

78 Energy

21 Base Damage

66 Mitigation

24 Holy Blessing

10 Battle Healing

1 Recovery  

0 Accuracy

3 Evasion

5 Picking

1 Search & Detect



Crusader MK II......... // +6 Damage

Regret................. // +24 Holy Blessing | +1 Recovery

Generic Armor MK.9..... // +3 Evasion



Two-Handed Straight Sword.| Rank 5

Light Armor...............| Rank 3

Picking...................| Rank 3

Search & Detect...........| Rank 1

Battle Healing............| Rank 1

Howl......................| No Ranks


Extra Skills

Meditation................| Rank 0

Concentration.............| No Ranks

Survival..................| No Ranks


Skill Mods





DMG Potion........ | +6 DMG

MIT Potion........ | +54 MIT

Safeguard......... | +Safeguard

Guild Meeting..... | +Corrosive Safeguard | Thread



  1. The Hoya of Minos (Vanity)

  2. Basic Teleport Crystal - x1

  3. Banner of Support - 3 Charges Left

  4. Snowfrost Potion

  5. Lucky Coin (+3 LD)


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