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Sword art Poll and Debate

Hello members of the SAO RPG forums! Welcome to a debate topic that the system's dev team put together (along with a few others) to get you guy's opinion! This topic involves the weapons system! The main star of this particular debate topic are sword art cooldowns! essentially, there's a bit of a dilemma that we're currently having in regards to that, which is the type of cooldowns we're going to have for sword arts, and whether or not they should change from sword art to sword art. We also plan to make the amount of sword arts gained by ranking up the skill more uniform, and make sure there isn't such a major discrepancy like there is now.  We're also throwing around the idea of potential additions to effects and changes in multipliers so that each weapon fits into their respective niches. Our aim with this is to get you guys (the player base) to add strategy to your attacks, instead of just mindlessly going attack this! attack that! etc, etc... BUT! Please bear in mind, this is currently something that we staff members are currently hard at work with, and something that we're hoping for you guys to give us feedback on! Continue down in order to see the next section of the Debate/see the poll options! NOTE: Before reading our proposals, we highly urge you take a few moments to think about what solution you would implement for the cooldowns (if any) and write them down you can keep them in mind. This is so that it doesn't seem like a simple vote between either proposal, and rather more of an open discussion where you can pitch your own idea (or dissenting opinion)." (Seriously though, form your own opinions before you read the rest of this. We want you guys to give us your own suggestions in regard to this!) Proposal A is that we should have a flat cooldown for all Sword Arts. The idea would be that one-handed weapons would get a 2 turn cooldown, whereas two-handed weapons would get a 3 turn cooldown. The benefit to a system like this is that it is very straightforward and predictable, leaving less for the roleplayer to keep track of and ultimately making the system a bit less confusing. The con to this is that we run into conflicts like Rank 1 2H users having to go a turn without using a Sword Art, and a general lack of a feeling of progression outside of higher multipliers (highest tier Sword Art has identical cooldown to lowest tier Sword Art). Proposal B is that we should see variety in the Sword Arts with lighter cooldowns, only 1 or 2 turns in general. As a general rule of thumb, one-handed weapons would favor 1 turn cooldowns more, while two-handed weapons would favor 2 turn cooldowns. When approaching Rank 4 we could see these cooldowns ramp up a bit into the 2 or 3 turn territory, with the lower side of these cooldowns favoring one-handed weapons. Once breaking into the Rank 5 Sword Arts, we see another bump into the 3 to 5 cooldown territory, and make the final Sword Art big. The benefit to a system like this is more freedom of control over making every weapon unique, as well as more in-depth control over balancing between one-handed and two-handed weapon types. We also get that sense of progression I mentioned earlier. The obvious drawback is this gives the roleplayer a lot more to keep track of, and can be confusing until you've memorized what your Sword Arts are, what your optimal succession of Sword Arts is for the best damage to cooldown ratio, etc. It also makes the system more complicated for us to manage while deliberating on how to structure each weapon and balance them against one another, which leads to a longer process in getting these Sword Arts fleshed out. The current Compromise idea would be having a standard cooldown convention like suggested in Proposal A, while each Rank gets a Sword Art with a reduced cooldown to ensure there can be a steady flow of Sword Art use. Guys, we genuinely want for you to share your opinions, and to encourage debate among yourselves! Give us your opinions, give us your feedback!



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