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  1. Logging in for the first time in nearly two years really is something else..

  2. Can a staff member unarchive my journal please? http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/1798-ethereal/


    1. Hydra
    2. Baldur


      Only the great white @Shark can do that. We have requested he do so :)

    3. Shark


      I have unarchived it. May not be done right away so give it a few minutes.

  3. :3 herro again....

    1. Hydra
    2. Sey


      Ohiyo! :3 (I royally messed that one up)

    3. Hydra


      I sey you. (okay that pun was awful)

  4. Just returned after a literal year's absence, now at university ayyy. Need to do some catching up and book-keeping but hiya again all!

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    2. Hirru


      Long time, no see!

    3. Ethereal


      Hello all! Also if any staff could unarchive my journal that'd be sweet :3

    4. Lessa


      Welcome back.

  5. Whoa, seems like things have changed once again since I've been away.

    1. Ethereal


      Also, feel free to hit me up for threads and that everyone :)

    2. Life


      Don't blink c;

    3. Baldur
  6. Ethereal

    Re-Evaluations Topic

    From Mac's: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/8010-macradon-the-blazing-typhoon/?do=findComment&comment=454102 -- TO --
  7. Is there anything that you can actually do with Good potions..?

    1. Macradon


      Fancy showoff stuff

    2. Hakai


      All sorts of things. Love potions, potions that give you cat ears.... The list goes on.

    3. Jomei


      ^ What they both said. Vanity potions are fun, because you can do fun things with them, as long as they do not affect battle. So like Hakai said, you could make love potions, for Halloween I had potions that changed my hair and eyes temporarily. You could make potions for pranks like stink bombs.. its really whatever you want as long as it does not alter your gender, stats, or affect combat. 

  8. Happy Birthday Ethereal.

    1. Grave


      Bappy Hirthday, mate.

    2. Ethereal


      Cheers guys :P

  9. Ethereal grabbed a small scroll from a pocket of his flowing Crimson Blades cloak, slapping it down on the now-splintered wood. "Welp, fair enough. It was OOC i.o.u one finished post. +1 Crafting Attempts, Perfect, Some alchemist's goggles or something, will pay in Col.
  10. ID# 51331 Battle: 9 (Crit!) A muffled battlecry could be heard from the other side of the heavy door, before a crashing could be heard. Eth comes barreling through into the storefront, shouting at the top of his lungs "I FOUND YOU!" The swordsman jumps up into the air, bringing his huge greatsword down onto the counter with a loud CRACK, embedding it into the wood. Leaning forwards so he was face to face with his friend, Ethereal grins. "You thought you could hide your shop from me?! Think again buddy! I want a crafting attempts item, got it?"
  11. That moment when you technically have a unique skill from 2014 xD

    1. Macradon


      I have a Unique Item from 2014 <,<

    2. Amira


      What technically unique skill is that? O_o

    3. Ethereal


      "Ghostly Guides" - Permanent +1 LD and I can talk to ghosts lol

      It was a skill earned from a event and I was the only one that got it so now it's mine alone xD

  12. Ethereal

    Cross Syndrome Raffle


    count me in boi