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  1. Logging in for the first time in nearly two years really is something else..

  2. Eth sighed lightly, his legs dangled lazily into the largest lake in Aincrad, ripples danced out across its surface. Across the shimmering body of water, he gazed at the other people enjoying themselves on the opposite side bank. It had taken him a long, long time and he was definitely healing but you can never fully recover from the friends and loved ones you've lost. He lowered his gaze as his eyes tracked a golden scaled snake slinking around nearby his left foot. The laughing players on the other side of the bank looked like they had never fought, never felt what the world could be. The wizened warrior envied them. As the reptile lost interest, speeding away into the dark depths Eth pulled his hood down from his simple clothes. For all intents and purposes he didn't look like a fighter, there was no reason to down here unless you were trying to be flashy. A memory sprung to mind, himself showing up some spoiled brat strutting around the Floor 1 markets many moons ago. He smiled, genuinely, something that used to be rare but now he had grown to appreciate more, waiting for nothing in particular.
  3. Can a staff member unarchive my journal please? http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/1798-ethereal/


    1. Hydra
    2. Baldur


      Only the great white @Shark can do that. We have requested he do so :)

    3. Shark


      I have unarchived it. May not be done right away so give it a few minutes.

  4. Ethereal

    [OP-NK-F7] Lost Soul

    As Eth perched motionless on the edge of a mirror-like lake, staring at his own reflection in silent judgement, a message flashed up before his eyes. He couldn't remember the last time he'd received one after he dropped off the face of Aincrad as he occasionally did - he wondered what on Earth it could be about. Waving a hand to open the message, the air current disturbing the water beneath him for a moment as he did so, the green-clad man's curiosity grew. A spark of initiative came over him as eyes darted over the contents of the message. "A event, eh? It's certainly been a while.." he muttered to himself as he leaned back onto the grass behind him. The message read something about the finest food and drink in Aincrad, but they all just seemed like squiggles to him right now. Memories began to float back from everything he'd seen in his time here, the rise and inevitable fall of so many he once followed and later led. Grim, Keith, Ssendom, Zelrius, Daeron, Dirgun, Ruri. Ruri.. So many tragedies, so many reasons why he chose to go on these absences to calm his soul. It was a wonder he hadn't gone mad long ago, having lost the majority of his friends to this death game.. Lying there, he stared up at the sky and eventually settled his gaze on a road that peeked over the horizon.
  5. :3 herro again....

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      Ohiyo! :3 (I royally messed that one up)

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      I sey you. (okay that pun was awful)

  6. Just returned after a literal year's absence, now at university ayyy. Need to do some catching up and book-keeping but hiya again all!

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      Long time, no see!

    3. Ethereal


      Hello all! Also if any staff could unarchive my journal that'd be sweet :3

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      Welcome back.

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    Oikawa always in our hearts
  8. Whoa, seems like things have changed once again since I've been away.

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      Also, feel free to hit me up for threads and that everyone :)

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      Don't blink c;

    3. Baldur
  9. Is there anything that you can actually do with Good potions..?

    1. Macradon


      Fancy showoff stuff

    2. Hakai


      All sorts of things. Love potions, potions that give you cat ears.... The list goes on.

    3. Jomei


      ^ What they both said. Vanity potions are fun, because you can do fun things with them, as long as they do not affect battle. So like Hakai said, you could make love potions, for Halloween I had potions that changed my hair and eyes temporarily. You could make potions for pranks like stink bombs.. its really whatever you want as long as it does not alter your gender, stats, or affect combat. 

  10. Happy Birthday Ethereal.

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      Bappy Hirthday, mate.

    2. Ethereal


      Cheers guys :P

  11. That moment when you technically have a unique skill from 2014 xD

    1. Macradon


      I have a Unique Item from 2014 <,<

    2. Amira


      What technically unique skill is that? O_o

    3. Ethereal


      "Ghostly Guides" - Permanent +1 LD and I can talk to ghosts lol

      It was a skill earned from a event and I was the only one that got it so now it's mine alone xD

  12. Ethereal

    Cross Syndrome Raffle


    count me in boi
  13. Do we not have a rule-of-thumb posting order anymore? Seems people aren't waiting for others to post before posting again :S

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      It's also depends on what makes sense. Like if you have nothing to go off of then you can't post. Besides, if it's an OP then it's going to be chaotic. Oh and wb !

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      Generally, I've been mostly playing off of post order for combat only.  If there are more than three in a thread, and no combat is initiated, then I don't expect anyone to keep post order.  Especially since I sometimes don't post for a day or two, because of work.

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      Yea, post order IMHO is really only important for combat.

      Besides, when you're in a group conversation IRL people interject all the time :P