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  1. Happy SAO Day! 6th Nov 2022 was the day the game came online in canon iirc!

    1. Skyskim50



    2. Skyskim50



  2. I just popped by after many years absence. Glad to see this site still exists. Kudos, keep up the good work

  3. Logging in for the first time in nearly two years really is something else..

  4. Can a staff member unarchive my journal please? http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/1798-ethereal/


    1. Hydra
    2. Baldur


      Only the great white @Shark can do that. We have requested he do so :)

    3. Shark


      I have unarchived it. May not be done right away so give it a few minutes.

  5. :3 herro again....

    1. Hydra
    2. Sey


      Ohiyo! :3 (I royally messed that one up)

    3. Hydra


      I sey you. (okay that pun was awful)

  6. Just returned after a literal year's absence, now at university ayyy. Need to do some catching up and book-keeping but hiya again all!

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    2. Hirru


      Long time, no see!

    3. Ethereal


      Hello all! Also if any staff could unarchive my journal that'd be sweet :3

    4. Lessa


      Welcome back.

  7. Whoa, seems like things have changed once again since I've been away.

    1. Ethereal


      Also, feel free to hit me up for threads and that everyone :)

    2. Life


      Don't blink c;

    3. Baldur
  8. From Mac's: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/8010-macradon-the-blazing-typhoon/?do=findComment&comment=454102 -- TO --
  9. Is there anything that you can actually do with Good potions..?

    1. Macradon


      Fancy showoff stuff

    2. Hakai


      All sorts of things. Love potions, potions that give you cat ears.... The list goes on.

    3. Jomei


      ^ What they both said. Vanity potions are fun, because you can do fun things with them, as long as they do not affect battle. So like Hakai said, you could make love potions, for Halloween I had potions that changed my hair and eyes temporarily. You could make potions for pranks like stink bombs.. its really whatever you want as long as it does not alter your gender, stats, or affect combat. 

  10. That moment when you technically have a unique skill from 2014 xD

    1. Macradon


      I have a Unique Item from 2014 <,<

    2. Amira


      What technically unique skill is that? O_o

    3. Ethereal


      "Ghostly Guides" - Permanent +1 LD and I can talk to ghosts lol

      It was a skill earned from a event and I was the only one that got it so now it's mine alone xD

  11. Ethereal

    Cross Syndrome Raffle


    count me in boi
  12. Do we not have a rule-of-thumb posting order anymore? Seems people aren't waiting for others to post before posting again :S

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    2. Kiru


      It's also depends on what makes sense. Like if you have nothing to go off of then you can't post. Besides, if it's an OP then it's going to be chaotic. Oh and wb !

    3. Hirru


      Generally, I've been mostly playing off of post order for combat only.  If there are more than three in a thread, and no combat is initiated, then I don't expect anyone to keep post order.  Especially since I sometimes don't post for a day or two, because of work.

    4. Baldur


      Yea, post order IMHO is really only important for combat.

      Besides, when you're in a group conversation IRL people interject all the time :P

  13. Ethereal makes his way back into the store, waving to the proprietor as he entered. "Hey Mac. I got your PM about my item being ready? Nice one." the swordsman would browse the wares on offer before making his way over to Macradon. He waits patiently as the custom-made Perfect item was brought out and offered to him. "Gonna save this puppy for later. It'll leave a nasty mark on anything that hits me, eh?" + "Crimson Palisade"
  14. All my threads being locked in Beginners - the SP is rolling in :)

  15. What is the actual upside of using two handed weapons? You're giving up all the max 50 MIT a shield gives you for..? I chose to use them so long ago I've forgotten the reason.

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    2. Seul


      That's true-

      Shields are great and I loved them from the start. The light armor mods are kinda... Lackluster in comparison to the heavy armor ones. 0-0 But, idk what they could do if they wanted to revise these things other than nerf shields, increase two handed weapon damage or add more exclusive enhancement options for the armor types.

    3. Seul


      Also need to keep in mind that the mobs are only going to get stronger with each cleared floor. Right now everyone looks OP because we're on 14/100. But once we start getting into the really high floors we'll be happy we have access to the mitigation-

      I think. Maybe. Idunno.

    4. Macradon



       You're giving up all the max 50 MIT a shield gives you

      I have armor doing that for me.

  16. Ethereal enters the store, stepping over to the counter or equivalent. "Looking to buy a big-ass thorny block for the upcoming boss.." He slaps down an order form onto the table, then deposits a stack of Col upon it. "Tier 2 Perfect, please." Name: Crimson PallisadeYour Profession: BlacksmithYour Rank: 6ID: [Leave blank]Roll: [Leave blank]Item Type: Heavy ArmorTier: 2Quality: PerfectEnhancements: 54 ThornsDescription: These black bracers are coated in red spines, tipped with sharp tooth like gold caps.They seem easily adjustable and can fit snugly over heavy armor and regular clothes ali
  17. That moment you wish you'd picked a one handed weapon so you could get a shield and actually tank ;_;

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    2. Ethereal


      My new idea:

      1 - Get a big ass shield.

      2 - Make it cap Thorns and MIT when you equip it with your equipment.

      3 - Fight with two handed weapon until you need to tank (Parrying here).

      4 - Switch to your shield, turtle and howl.

      5 - Profit.

      6 - Max out Block and Safeguard at some point in a million years.

      7 - Max out a one handed weapon so you actually fight back.

    3. Zandra


      You know you can have more then one heavy armour piece. Like a chestplate and a helmet. That way you get both enchantment :)

    4. Mack


      I opted for a max. regen. instead of max. thorns on my other heavy armor piece. If I had Howl I could be a fairly nasty tank... especially once I top out the heavy armor skill.

  18. If you change your profession, can you switch back to your old profession and return to your old rank? Just wondering.

    1. Takao


      I don't believe changing professions is allowed.

    2. Ethereal


      Dang, you're right.. I was hoping to try my hand as a Merchant for a while.

    3. Hikoru


      Yeah no, thats my place of experteice, sorry XD


  19. Is there any way I can buy a tavern? Seems like a good place that players would be able to hang out at.

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    2. Takao


      If you do it through the housing system, I don't see why not.

    3. Ethereal


      Woop woop! *frantically counts up Col*

    4. Zelrius


      I do know that it will be a several hundred thousand col investment. Rooms, Floors, Furniture, And extra stuff. Them Houses/Guild Halls ain't cheap

  20. Just had a look at the Enhancement Guide - seems Accuracy doesn't scale to T2? As in, using all 3 slots on a T2 Perfect will still give +3 BD only?

    1. Azide


      Yep. Accuracy doesn't really need to scale, since evasion doesn't scale either.

    2. Teayre


      What the scrub said.

  21. Lookin' for threads to join :3 if ya need an extra LV.30 dude look no further. Honestly, any RP is fine on any floor :P

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    2. Macradon


      No problem!

      Also. This helped me a lot when grinding:

      Buy a bunch of +1 damage potions and use them when starting a thread. Your combat should be something along the lines of:

      Fight and kill 4 mobs
      Fight and kill 4 mobs
      Rinse repeat.

    3. Ssendom
    4. Amira
  22. Damn how do you guys make them fine signatures?

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    2. Ethereal
    3. Macradon


      Also, some people are selling the design for Col somewhere on the site.

    4. Takao


      Calrex sells his design, and you can get mine for free somewhere in the OOC section. It's titled "ALO Signatures" or something.

  23. Anyone know of an easy way to find any closed threads you've been in? It'd be a big help.

    1. Takao


      There's a "See their activity" button on your profile that you can click. Then on the left hand side, you can select "Topics" to display all your topics. I'm not sure offhand if it only displays topics you've both created and participated in, or solely the former.

    2. Azide


      I would use that, in conjunction with pasting the following into Google search and going through the various results:
      site:http://sao-rpg.com ethereal

    3. Baldur


      Or use see activity, look at the "posts" (topics only shows ones you've started) all closed threads should have their subject named changed to reflect being closed

  24. Hello everyone! After a year of inactivity I'm back :D

    One thing - the contents of my character sheet have been deleted :S

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    2. Ethereal
    3. Azide


      I remember searching for cached version of your journal before, but there weren't any which existed. How'd it get deleted anyway?

    4. Ethereal


      This quote is from a few months ago where I asked that very same question. I can remember most of my equipment anyway, considering I went on quite a few farming sessions to get the materials for my dragon armor and weapons.


      It probably got deleted when Erron decided to do a site cleanup. 

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