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  1. Pass my trials and my puzzles to get the noses of your idols back!

    1. Ryo


      Idols they are not, but I will complete your questions, and answer your trials.

      The no nose thing scares me....

    2. Amira
  2. "Sniping at the fact that he's a child being called a hero, - rather than the actions he took to be so called - makes you a coward."

  3. Zelrius

    The Decision Committee

    Have they been collecting our ideas and suggestions? If so, from who and how often?
  4. Hey, for those of you kids who think you can, Staff cannot retroactively enforce rules. It's been stated before. Another thing, Good job on waiting until Tristan left Staff to pull something like that. Anyways, Pendant goes to Manta, Cloak goes to Kiru, because that stuff already happened before you decided it couldn't :)

    1. Zelrius
    2. Lycan


      The actions taken by Tristan were in violation of the current rules. The posts with said actions are invalid. I have reached out to Kiru and Manta with a reasonable compromise. If the players involved continue to violate the rules, staff will decide on appropriate actions to be taken.

  5. The end of an Era:


  6. @Takao When you get the chance, there is something I'd like to talk about on Skype

  7. Was fun kids, I had a good two years, Peace Peace

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    2. Takao


      goodnight, sweet prince.

    3. Ratatosk



      You will be remembered Zel.

    4. Piera


      Nobody will ever forget Zelrius the Blood Buccaneer, or you yourself.
      Your last post was a wonderful read and very fulfilling.
      I hope life treats you well.

  8. Only 4 more votes needed, At first I didn't care, but now I do. If you voted for Calrex and for some reason your Fourth pick was me, Make sure to reassign that vote to myself for Player Reps!

  9. @Mack Yo, Boss Fight, Let's go. I had mine up under a week from Avarious' death. Get with the program.

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    2. Mack


      I'm staying out of this one, by dint of my RL Swiss Heritage.

    3. Zelrius


      kek, Nah, Takao and I talked it over, sorry booboo

    4. Takao


      he has my family pls help

  10. claps Woo, Lame April Fools joke over.

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      Ratatosk, I believe I've told you to stop commenting on any of my status updates. Stop, or I will consider it harassment 

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      The second one, Thanks for Copying and pasting the Definition for me as if I didn't know. That's a report right there, because I've already told you to stop

  11. ish byebye for zel, been fun kidz. i will post often enough to keep my unique, that it

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      My god, are you Kayaba Akihiko?

      Bows down to lord Kiru

    3. Kiru
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      Har har har

      Dies because of the terrible pun

  12. Zelrius

    [PP-F1] Easter Event Boss

    (Writing post now that I am no long Salty) Zelrius grinned, Boss fights were what he lived for afterall and a Field Boss of all things stood no chance against him. Though he had always known that, it was emphasized in his latest adventure with Dawn, The now Wolfgirl person. Still, A Boss was a Boss, and whether or not it could survive a hit from Zelrius didn't matter, so long as the Loot was good enough to reap. After Tristan rushed in and pulled the Bunny's Aggro, The golden Haired boy charged in with his swords, Slashing and cutting furiously at the Rabit, kicking off from it, and landing back behind The Invincible Warrior, A shield he knew he could count on to stand throughout the entire fight. ID 54570 BD 10 6 Base + 16 Holy = 22+5 charge = 27+1 Banner = 28 + 12 Consumables = 40*27 = 1080-30 = 1050 Boss Stats: «HP»: 750 «Mitigation»: 30 «Evasion»: 2 «Accuracy»: 2 Tristan 281/281 Hate : 5Zelrius 220/220 E: 25/52 Hate : 2Takao 205/205Manta 148/148(Boss)
  13. Seeing everything in their full brightness again was foreign to him. Under tracking, the world darkened, and only small footsteps of whomever it was you were tracking and the person themselves had any luminosity to them. It was strange to Zelrius, and he had to keep blinking, hoping his eyes would adjust more quickly to the shift of lighting. Her words only made him want to cry more, Even as much as he though he paid attention to Kiru and thought he cared, Zelrius was oblivious to her dwindling strength and wasted time. He hated himself for not telling her, Hinting at her, something so that she would atleast be out grinding and doing quests. No instead, she worried about him, while he selfishly followed his own plans. Another sniffle, and now he tried to hide the slight shaking in his voice. "Kiru, I didn't mean- I want this to be the result. I was- I wanted to just help you. I wanted you to carry on to continue to be one of the strongest in Aincrad. I wanted you to not be so damn lonely and afraid. I took it upon myself to find and kill Dai, hoping you'd let the whole thing go, and live a normal life. I tried to stay busy and act normal the whole time, trying to get you to stop worrying about me. And yet you kept caring because I was too dumb to realize that I wasn't helping at all. I didn't want to tell you 'It will be alright' I was afraid that'd make you more suspicious, I was afraid you'd waste more of your time carrying about things I already had handled. I am so so sorry that I didn't tell you I had it handled. I should have trusted you more, but I didn't want to trust anyone. My friends drifted away from me, one by one, and it felt like you were too. And rather than try to restore any friendships or mend ours, I only wanted to get rid of this guy, find out what happened to Keith and let you live Happy." He shuddered still trying to fight back crying in front of Kiru "And even after all that, It was for naught. Despite me spending every waking moment, cutting DAYS in between sleeping, and even then for only a handful of hours at a time. Even after all my effort, I still ended up hurting you, and I hate myself for it." He stopped for her final comments. That was even more she pointed out. He gave up everything and now felt like he put way too much of everything into it, that he ended up doing more harm than good with this whole thing. "I don't care if I didn't finish it. That wasn't my goal. My goal was to make sure that once he was dead, you could take a walk in the wilderness without having to peer over your shoulder every three seconds. My hope was that you could leave Aincrad one day, and not be completely ruined by it. That you could finish this game running, and still go on to be a completely Normal person, without any sort baggage. Y'know, Emotional Baggage. But it seems I failed at that too. I've never doubted myself in my life, but right now, I am really hating everything I am, and for that, I am so very terribly sorry."
  14. The events following his kicking of the spear were what brought a smile back the boy's face. Zelrius was glad Kiru had the piece of mind to atleast settle down and think for a second, even under pressure. It was this ability that reminded Zelrius why she and all the others were Commandants. Not simply because of their levels (Or Kiru's lack there of) but because of their substantial mindsets which easily set them apart from everyone else in all of Aincrad. Though her words before attacking Dai were slightly unsettling and made him frown. "Should've warned me years ago..." He remarked more quietly to himself more so neither of them would hear it. There was another reason he went for Manta, it was obvious that Kiru didn't want anything more than the two had between eachother, and Zelrius was more than okay leaving it that way so long as it caused no emotional damage to either. The scene between Kiru and Dai reminded Zelrius was he was originally afraid of Kiru. She had been a higher level than him, that and she was nothing but cold-hearted ruthlessness. The kind Zelrius emulated while he was orange but never even came close to achieving. The Golden haired boy had always been far too soft at heart, and it was one of the many reasons he hated himself to this day for ever going Orange. But Kiru was different, she had no issue stabbing that man to death, and to Zelrius the apology sounded half fake, once again reminding Zelrius why he had always though of Kiru as a Maverick. Of course, even after all of that, for some reason he still loved her, even after all his fear and discontent with her coldness, he still couldn't bring himself to ever cause her harm or let someone else do so intentionally. The worst part; He didn't know why. There were no words for it, and Zelrius himself wasn't even sure when those feelings began. Now Dai was gone, and Zelrius quickly rushed over to where Kiru was before she started collapsing, simply sitting down and trying to hold her up, putting the sword away."Better get that weapon back in my shared Inventory with Dom before he realizes it's missing. Don't tell him you used it." That bit was more joking, knowing Dom wouldn't care, especially after the situation would be explained to him. But unless they asked, Zelrius intended to keep the events of today on the down low. He used his hand to Lower Kiru's from her inventory, merely pulling out an HP crystal and handing it to her. "Kiru, Listen to me for a second." And for the first time since he rushed getting the Skill, Zelrius turned off his search and detect, his eyes no longer glowing faintly and being their full dark blue instead of the silver-azure color that they were for the longest time. He began talking, looking up to the sky and more to himself than to her. "Everything over the past 6 months to a year happened for a reason. Let me break it down for you. Me going green wasn't just waking up one day and going 'I need to be green.' Being Orange didn't bother me all that much. About mid April last year, I disappeared, not because I wanted to run away or anything, but because I got a lead on something I was looking for. Then, Keith was gone, and I knew days before you saw me next and told me. The first thing I did was ask all the info brokers and shadow watchers I could if they knew anything. For a few months I came up with nothing, until one of them told me there was someone asking questions about You, Me, Tristan and Oikawa. I began looking over my shoulder and caught sight one time of a player following me through the deserts of Floor 5. That was the moment I invested in Search and Detect and began to throw all my points into it. At first, the Skill was useless, and did next to nothing." He took a breath and looked back to her. "At that moment I needed two things; To get behind him and see if he could follow well enough, and to be able to get lost in cities while still having vision on this stranger. Along with that, I needed SP, so a Quest was in order. There was one quest that could accomplish those three things; Redemption. So, to avoid any questions or suspicions why I did it so suddenly, I just called you guys together, and told the Commandants I wanted to be Green, and that was it. I was Green and Hunting Season was in. For the next few months I studied the Stranger, followed him and even got his username. Once I got his user, This being about mid October, I turned on my tracking skill and left it on until about three seconds ago. My eyes hurt immensely, but I did it for you. A few days later, the moments leading to the Crusader on Floor 11, You said you had leads. and Rather than explain all of this then and possibly have one of his brokers hear me, I lied and told you that I didn't care anymore, and after that, you left me alone about it, just as I had wanted. I did boss fights as normal, but most if not all of my free time was spent stalking and planning. The next instance of importance was the Christmas party. I had seen a blip moving towards the Guild Hall, and while I am sure we could have slain him out there, that neither the time nor the place to kill him. So I left the Guild Hall with haste after giving you a hug, making sure the man was following me." Another short break and gaze away from the two-tone haired girl "I began to bait him, intentionally handing out information to anyone who asked, but on a low enough key it was suspicious. Soon enough, Dai knew who my friends were, and who weren't. Eventually it led to you, and on this day. He baited you out on a day he though I'd be far too occupied with Scouting the next floor after Rohk, but instead, I went home, leaving Takao to handle the scouting in my stead. That was unplanned, but worked in my favor. And here he was, of course, what wasn't planned and I really hate myself for was you getting hurt and having to be the one to kill him. and for that," He sniffled choking back tears and hugging her "I am extremely sorry."
  15. Side note for those of you ignorant kids still blaming me OOC for the 14th floor boss fight;

    The moment you can come up with a Strategy that everyone could have survived Hurricane Beat, I would LOVE to have it messaged to me

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      guys i don't wanna point fingers, but i saw zel fiddling with the dice roller during the boss fight. i saw him hack into the mainframe and manipulate the rolls.

    3. Ssendom
    4. Mack


      Did he look like this while he was doing that, Takao?