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    Running from the Fan club
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    One of his interests include not telling people his interests

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  1. Pass my trials and my puzzles to get the noses of your idols back!

    1. Ryo


      Idols they are not, but I will complete your questions, and answer your trials.

      The no nose thing scares me....

    2. Amira
  2. "Sniping at the fact that he's a child being called a hero, - rather than the actions he took to be so called - makes you a coward."

    1. Ruby


      T.S. Elliot?

  3. Hey, for those of you kids who think you can, Staff cannot retroactively enforce rules. It's been stated before. Another thing, Good job on waiting until Tristan left Staff to pull something like that. Anyways, Pendant goes to Manta, Cloak goes to Kiru, because that stuff already happened before you decided it couldn't :)

    1. Zelrius
    2. Lycan


      The actions taken by Tristan were in violation of the current rules. The posts with said actions are invalid. I have reached out to Kiru and Manta with a reasonable compromise. If the players involved continue to violate the rules, staff will decide on appropriate actions to be taken.

  4. The end of an Era:


  5. @Takao When you get the chance, there is something I'd like to talk about on Skype

  6. Was fun kids, I had a good two years, Peace Peace

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    2. Takao


      goodnight, sweet prince.

    3. Ratatosk



      You will be remembered Zel.

    4. Piera


      Nobody will ever forget Zelrius the Blood Buccaneer, or you yourself.
      Your last post was a wonderful read and very fulfilling.
      I hope life treats you well.

  7. Only 4 more votes needed, At first I didn't care, but now I do. If you voted for Calrex and for some reason your Fourth pick was me, Make sure to reassign that vote to myself for Player Reps!

  8. @Mack Yo, Boss Fight, Let's go. I had mine up under a week from Avarious' death. Get with the program.

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    2. Mack


      I'm staying out of this one, by dint of my RL Swiss Heritage.

    3. Zelrius


      kek, Nah, Takao and I talked it over, sorry booboo

    4. Takao


      he has my family pls help

  9. claps Woo, Lame April Fools joke over.

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    2. Zelrius


      Ratatosk, I believe I've told you to stop commenting on any of my status updates. Stop, or I will consider it harassment 

    3. Ratatosk



    4. Zelrius


      The second one, Thanks for Copying and pasting the Definition for me as if I didn't know. That's a report right there, because I've already told you to stop

  10. ish byebye for zel, been fun kidz. i will post often enough to keep my unique, that it

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    2. Ratatosk


      My god, are you Kayaba Akihiko?

      Bows down to lord Kiru

    3. Kiru
    4. Ratatosk


      Har har har

      Dies because of the terrible pun

  11. Side note for those of you ignorant kids still blaming me OOC for the 14th floor boss fight;

    The moment you can come up with a Strategy that everyone could have survived Hurricane Beat, I would LOVE to have it messaged to me

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    2. Takao


      guys i don't wanna point fingers, but i saw zel fiddling with the dice roller during the boss fight. i saw him hack into the mainframe and manipulate the rolls.

    3. Ssendom
    4. Mack


      Did he look like this while he was doing that, Takao?


  12. @Rebekah Prepares Masterball You're not getting away from me this time

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    2. Sierra


      Desperate to catch em all using masterballs? O.o


    3. Kiru


      what pokeball would be needed to catch a Kiru

    4. Sierra


      I think the master ball is necessary for all, also pleasure to meet you.

  13. Spots a Wild @Piera

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    2. Calrex


      Actually I believe she's newer than you Hik, but she was off the site for a while.

    3. Hikoru


      Ah, alright. Sorry i've never met her so I had no idea who she was.... Since we've been having so many older characters coming back, I just kinda took a guess XD

    4. Piera


      Hello other person *waves*  I'm not new, I can say that xD  Can't remember when I exactly joined but I took a hiatus many months ago because of a car crash, then attempted to come back around December (as you can see from my avi lol) but fell out again and here I am!

      Hope I can get back to being a constant ^^; my poor abandoned shop.... I gave up on being able to fight bosses a while ago, but man I care about my shop xD

  14. Zelrius

    Aincrad's Spring Festival