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  1. I'm totally working up a short story that doesn't actually count towards plot, but gives more insight on the mind of Daeron. The reason for why he chose suicide, the reason he decided to PK, why he did the things he did. Super early in the draft phase, but I'll share via google doc file once I'm happy with it!

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  4. How's it going today everyone? I hope that it's going well for you all because I've been reading through the OOC section for a while and one big subject that everyone is controversial but very iffy is the matter of Player Killing and how it can be done. While some people believe that the site should be more canon, there are some who like it the way it is. Although there is nothing wrong with that, I've feel that I've brought up some valid points and ideas that could change the game as a whole and offer new features to the entire playerbase including Player Killers a minority of the website. This post will be broken up into multiple parts so you can read each one individually even though they are all connected in one way or another. PK Rule Changes With the release of the 2.5 patch, the ability to kill a player anytime was introduced. With that being frowned upon, players have been working on alternatives to trying to balance this or to revert the change as a whole. While I believe that PK'ing should be possible, there should be a form of counterplay or even some sort of protection to lower leveled players. So to start things off it was introduced that there would be Level Protection. This would last you until X level, as that hasn't been confirmed what level it would keep you safe until, but it would allow you to stay safe from death due to another player's direct action up until a certain point in the game. This was brought up so players that come new to the site aren't guaranteed to be killed as soon as they start and to make some friends that would be willing to party up with them. Some people also brought up the idea of removing party tags altogether, which would let anyone join in a thread whenever (Invasion Mechanic) without the need to be invited to the thread. However, just because a player can be in a thread doesn't mean that they should be able to slaughter everyone in there just because they may or may not be strong enough to do that. We as a community to make this site feel more cannon yet nobody is willing to say how we can do this. That's why I'm here today with you. Thread Invasion Mechanic Thread Invasion is the new mechanic being discussed with the upcoming patch that is to cover mostly PKing and changes to the party system. Invasion allowed a player to enter any thread they pleased with a Cooldown of 3 threads that must be logged in their journal. This means that anyone can show up in your thread and pose a threat to attacking you. That's where Level Protection kicks in effective until X levels, making it impossible for a player to invade their thread. However after this protection wears off, this would mean you're fair game right? While some people immediately don't think that allowing this is a good idea I have yet another idea to possibly fixing this. Initially, the invading player could join and if they had enough posts in the thread they could still earn SP, but are restricted from earning Col in that thread with the exception that if the invader chose to attack a player it was RP combat only, meaning there were no dice and there wasn't any way to kill a player through this without permission. When a player is forced to ask another if they can kill them I'm willing to bet most players will deny the request or hands down ignore them. I ask you all this, when was the last time you RP'd with someone stronger than you and were worried they could attack you at any time? Most likely never, you were too focused on the monster that was you were outleveled by, this includes Player Killers. People never fear going on an adventure because there's nothing to fear if you're stronger than the floor unless you're doing a miniboss that you spawned for yourself or a group boss from a dungeon. If we remove the rewards period for invading, this makes it so that your only reason for joining a thread is to invade them and not getting SP where you can. Making it easily able to be abused to just join a thread early on and do enough posts for SP since you can't kill players. If anything this would only prolong the duration of some threads because an unexpected guest is now in the posting rotation. If we add in a new profession such as my idea of creating a Bodyguard profession could be avoided. Bodyguard Profession The Bodyguard profession is my method to try and fix this entire idea while still keeping the Thread Invasion mechanic alive and capable of being implemented without problems. Part of the cannon in SAO was that there were PK guilds and there were also Protection guilds, that would do nothing but protect lower leveled players for a fee of some sort. With the Thread Invasion, this lets PK guilds actually coordinate strikes on a player or a group of players. Upon a player choosing to be a Bodyguard, they are given a new skill that is exclusive to the profession called <<Invasion Defense>>. This does 3 things for players who have hired a bodyguard to join their party: Denies the attacker the ability to one-shot the player, even if they normally could for at least 3 turns their damage is limited. Gives the targets a chance to escape from the scene towards a Safe Zone or fight if they choose to. Limits an invader from stunning, freezing, paralyzing them for the duration of this thread. This buff can only be applied to a person once per three threads, and if they were protected by a bodyguard both the bodyguard AND the players in his party must log it in their journals as (Protected). To make sure the lower leveled players or players being targeted aren't able to engage in combat with the buff on them, if they choose to retaliate by engaging in combat with the attacker, the buff immediately wears off and they are thus "consenting" the player that they wish to engage in combat. To make it so Bodyguards can earn notoriety and actually become better for hire they also have a method of ranking up, as a result improving their <<Invasion Defense>> skill. This should also provide us with the ability to escape or run away now when you are invaded. Upon rolling your LD to run away as you are now in combat that you had not intended to be in, you need at least a 12 to successfully escape from the fight. Meanwhile, the Bodyguard may choose to stall out the attacker or if they are stronger than the PK'er may fight them and kill them without turning Orange as they are killing to protect the person they were hired to keep alive. This amount of information was provided from the entire community and I simply thought of a way to put it all to use and possibly provide an alternative that could potentially please all players and playstyles, as well as adding in a new profession to choose from. I don't want to see PKing become obsolete, but I also don't want it to be too easy, so I felt like something could be done and thought of to improve the site and make it more like cannon while keeping in mind that we are a text based RP community. I would absolutely love to read your feedback and I want to see what we could change or what we could do to make this happen. All credits given to the community because without you none of this would ever be possible. Sincerely, your friendliest Player Killer. - Daeron
  5. If you all could go look over in the New thread invasion mechanic being added and vote and put your input that'd be great! ^-^

  6. While you say that you wish to make this site cannon and keeping it as a RP community, as far as I'm concerned I'm bringing up legitimate solutions. The only opinion you have given so far is that it's because "Players don't wanna die." That's not a fair reasoning, while it may be true, even in CANNON players didn't want to die. In fact I believe I'm being more than fair by offering an alternative to make it so there is methods to avoid being invaded. I get it, nobody wants to lose progress-- However, in SAO players died with no regards to their fears. I believe that I can help develop this system to make it as fair as possible for EVERYONE exactly like you want, but in order for that to happen we have to include PKers. By removing the ability to kill anyone, we are then making it pointless for PKers to have their title. SAO is a real life simulation where you can die if you are killed. I'm not saying that we should allow everyone to die, hence I'm giving an option of avoiding invades by introducing this new Bodyguard profession. Also about the part where you mentioned that players shouldn't be able to be stunned while they are under the effect, that could be arranged. That or we could start the protection aura at 3 turns, and then as the bodyguard levels up the buff could become better, so at max rank Bodyguard, the buff could be extended to a full 5 turns as well as including better roll chances for players to escape, or even giving shields to soak damage up before it actually affects their health. By saying that you don't want to include the dice, we also throwing out the system that we have worked so hard to develop. While I agree that leaving it up to the dice is a gamble, that's why the buff lasts for multiple turns, as well as providing players with dice modifiers that improve their chances at dodging the situation. I'm offering a way to allow many things to happen: We get a new profession called Bodyguard added, that can be used to form Protection Guilds. We allow Player Killers and PK Guilds to organize attacks on a player as well as keeping it balanced so they aren't guaranteed to work on someone. We also offer counter-play to being invaded giving the players being invaded breathing room to decide what their next action is going to be. I really suggest that you read through this because aside from saying "Players don't wanna die and lose their belongings" isn't much of a solution to this. I'd rather work with information given and make a system better and easier to use for the public, and instead allow options for all players and playstyles to work. @Itzal
  7. @Itzal I have added some changes to the buff in bold text. This new option to the buff is essentially a way of saying "I want to run" or "Yes, I agree to fight you." Also, I feel if we added in movement impairing effect limitations such as saying only one paralyze or stun of some sort may be effective on you throughout the entire duration of the effect. Meaning if you got stunned in the beginning, you can not be stunned again until this effect wears off or is removed.
  8. @Vigilon While I do understand your reasoning for saying this I feel that if the player-based community as a whole wants this to truly feel like SAO, I think that this implementation is completely necessary. But as I've seen this site grow for years, one thing hasn't changed, and that was that players never really expressed their fear for a playerkiller at any time. People are adjusted to the idea that most player killers only RP with other PK'ers, thus making them ignored. Even guilds look at PK'ers the same that they killed someone, yet I see people RP'ing with them all the time. In any RPG where you can be PK'ed and Looted players usually squad up in case a player shows up to fight them (Runescape, WoW) on certain servers that's what they thrive for. Of course I see that we are a text based RPG, but still an RPG nonetheless. When was the last time a player you RP'ed with talked about why they don't want to RP in fear of a Player Killer. Now the only thing lower leveled players suddenly feel scared of is fighting higher level monsters with a high level player. Not at all the fact that the player could turn and kill them in one hit, nope it was the monster they feared. That's why if we add this, we can have players with a Bodyguard "Profession" and do nothing but help lower leveled players survive at low stages, and keep them safe from the player killers after their Protection ran out. In fact, Tanks could get Invasion Defense, a new potential skill for tanks to use for protection. In other words, me bringing this idea is not me trying to say "I want players die", I'm simply saying that "Players should always be afraid of dying, though not being in that situation all the time." I doubt even if we release this, that a bunch of players would flow over to becoming an orange player just to kill someone, I believe however that if we want this to feel more lively, we should allow some sort of intrusion.
  9. After catching up about the whole PK'ing situation finally I thought that this would be a good time to put in my own opinion in on the subject. One of the biggest things that I think is necessary, which I like is the protection from being invaded. Having this makes sure lower leveled players don't have to be immediately concerned for someone hopping into their thread. Depending on how many threads this lasts for or levels, it'll give the players hopefully enough time to gather some early levels or even make some higher leveled friends to RP with as the story goes on. For the invasion of a thread, since you're intruding on someone else's thread, I don't think rewards at the end of the thread should be handed out at all to the invader. This is just going to turn into a way to milk extra SP for invading someone one the first or second post to make sure to get the SP, thus adding incentive to do that every 3 threads. So if we remove this, players are going to do it strictly for the sake of story and to actually invade a thread, rather than doing it so they can get some extra SP, leveling up that player faster than usual. RP Combat only is the part that bothers me the most about this entire idea if I'm being blunt and honest. I understand players frown upon losing their progress because they got killed, and that this is to please the public, but what's the fun in invading a thread to "PK" if you have to get permission. That's like going up to a person and saying, "Excuse me ma'am but do you mind if I steal your purse and run away with everything you own?" Nobody would say yes to something like this and I feel adding this is defeats the entire purpose. Isn't the whole point of this patch supposed to be that PK'ing changes? The only thing that changes with this entire thing as far as I can see is that you can intrude someone's thread in the hopes to earn some extra SP to pump into other stats. While protection threads should remain and non protected players can actually hire mercenaries now or bodyguards to keep them safe if they want, meaning protection guilds can actually be a thing with the intrusion feature. The player that is intruding should have a debuff on them called "Invading" upon entering a thread, and for the first maybe 3 posts of invading, they can't attack or have possibly reduced damage for the first players that disables them from one shotting them on the first attack. This way the player has time to respond and can choose Fight or Flight. The ability to run away is always and option and keep in mind that if you attack a player, you immediately turn orange. So if the player enters a safezone in time, they can actually escape the fight itself. Also to prevent one player from constantly being invaded over and over again by other people i.e. a PK guild targetting the player continuously, they should also have invasion protection for 3 threads to allow them a chance to do threads without a fear of being intruded upon again. This being said, RP'ing with a player that has this form of invasion protection does not protect others in the guild. It simply means that they can't be the target of the thread by other invaders. All in all, I enjoy the work you guys are doing for players of all kinds, but making it so you need permission to act upon anything from the other person is counter productive in my eyes and kills the entire purpose of this. Like I said earlier, if I were to hop on my other account, I'd simply invade for the sake of getting some extra SP without having to put in as much work by jumping into a thread early. Feel free to point out if I made a mistake with any of my ideas here, I'm just trying to give my input on the subject. EDIT: The point of SAO was that players were constantly living in fear. They were afraid of either dying to monsters, bosses, or PKers. Since there is no way to be killed with this by a player at all since it's RP combat only, there isn't any fear at all. If someone were to have joined my thread right now, the only thing that I fear is that it would extend the duration of the thread because that's another person I have to wait to post now. I don't have to worry about them attacking me and my character dying. Which is the reason why I added in 1-Shot Protection, this will last for 3 posts of all players that were originally in that thread. This guarantees that they will live for the next 3 posts, and can be left with a minimum of 1 health. If the attacker inflicted a source of DoT effect on them, at the end of the 3 turns, it would remove all negative effects to make sure you don't bleed out immediately upon it ending. Movement impairing effects on another hand do not last longer, they simply stall out the 1-Shot protection, or we can extend it to 5 posts, but then having to keep a player in place for 5 turns clearly is a lot of RNG in their favor. Overall, I think that for this to work we need to enable more protection upon being invaded to make it valid. If this doesn't get added, honestly I don't think we should even implement the invasion system. Thanks for your time everyone!
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  14. This place, looks so familiar. It's almost as if I've been in here a past life... perhaps I might stop back to my past and get into SAO-RPG again. Any opinions?

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