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  1. [OP-F1] Illegal Guild Recruiting

    ...and what a beautiful day that was. How an attempt to recruit lead to threats and unnecessary violence, what is unnecessary violence? It doesn't exist, all of it is necessary. Sooner or later, almost everyone left. The most interesting part of the day, was when Domarus convinced Outlander, me, clearly the most original character, that I killed whats-her-face, or at least convinced her to kill herself. Who knows? I do anything for entertainment. Fortunately Grimm(Alias Golf) was around and monitoring the conversation. He alerted me(Alias Osiris) Please tell me these code names aren't permanent. But that who thing raises a couple questions, who has the alias Echo? Why did Domarus convince Pinball that Outlander killed his friend? And was he right about his comment? Looks like we will have to continue this next week, but in the meantime. F*ck off, and have a nice day. SP & Col stuffs: PENDING- DON'T POST ANYTHING ELSE @Outlander = 1 SP @Fae = 2 SP @Sharr = 1 SP @Domarus = 2 SP @Hikoru = 1 SP @Grimm = 0 SP @Hestia = 2 SP @Vigilon = 1 SP @Embers = 1 SP Oh, Domarus gets another response. SO, ya'll can- *inaudible noises and censor sounds*
  2. Samuel smiled, “Yeah, you’ve told me, he “interfered with the pact”, or “he’s annoying” something like that right? I mean, not repeat yourself, we hear you just fine. It's that sometimes your a little, eh, judgemental.” Outlander squinted at Sam “How dare you…” Sam smiled innocently in response. “As I was saying…” Outlander continued, eyeing Sam as if he was gonna interrupt again. “...after that, things got a little fuzzy, I remember meeting the player @Spangie or something like that while she was looking for help completing a quest to get a real profession.” The same girl with the eyepatch interrupted. “What profession are you going to take Outlander?” He smiled in response and commented “Cook, with a dash of mercenary work sprinkled in there somewhere.” Most of the bar laughed. It died down quickly though. “The next thing I knew I was help a girl by the name of, well, I don't know her name. Unfortunately, Vigilon was there. Which as you can imagine, is just plain out annoying, and it was like negative fifty degrees too!”
  3. “Anyway, he tried to kill me, something about vengeance and stuff. But then Nova ran into the clearing shouting something about peace or unity. Which wasn’t what caused him to stop fighting, you see he was one my side all along!” Some people gasped at this comment. “You see, he wanted into the pact, so, he had to do something for me. That was just to make me look good.” Some people frowned upon this. “Anyway, then two players disappeared around this time . They were @Tressa and some other player I can't remember the name of. I also met a players by the names of @H3LL0, @Dazia, and her faithful NPC twelve year old, whatsherface, she’s not an NPC, I just said it to irritate her. It worked to well. Next thing I knew, I dislike half of everyone there. Oh, yeah, there was also a player named @Pinball, as in the machine he was effy, but Viglion, OH VIGLION. THAT SON OF A B*TCH!!!” Outlander shouted, irritated by his name alone.
  4. “I don’t know what she does now a’days. Judging on her attitude towards life, I’m guessing charity work. Or something like that. Anyway, she was a kind person, unlike the people I met there. Oh yeah, that's where I met my first enemy, of mildly hated acquaintances, I don’t know, their names were @Vigilon and @Krysta, they apparently had a thing going, or like each other, because eventually, they we’re a couple.” Outlander said, Sam followed with: “You just jealous you have no relationship?” THE WHOLE D*AMN BAR WHEN SILENT. “Woah woah woah, I have a kick*ass sense of humor, something you can never get, now, where was I?” Resumed Outlander. “I also made a friend who tried to kill me, it was interesting. Um, heard of a player by the name @The Dark Knight, creepy fellow, I’ve seen his face with his helmet off, HIS EYES ARE F*CKING TERRIFING. He looks blind but can see just as well.” Outlander said, sounding disturbed.
  5. “So I was looking with materials with Benjamin Bookworm, it didn’t last long at all, Litzy was daydreaming the whole time, Ben was to serious all the time, and I was literally grasping at straws. You know, for materials, I also remember tripping a lot. This game hates me.” Sam laughed and commented “It truly does.” “So then the hunt just, fell apart.” Outlander said in whimsy. “What happened next?” Asked a very manly looking patron standing behind Outlander, he looked around to realize everyone was listening in to his tale. “God d*mn…” Outlander said. “I got myself a fan club.” Everyone laughed once again. “Next I remember was the GREAT TREASURE HUNT. It was so peaceful, I loved interrupting the peaceful. Maybe that's why I have so many enemies…” Sam smiled. “Anyway… I arrived a little late to the show, a Girl whom I’ve met before named @Novafire started the whole hunt. Around ten other players showed.”
  6. Everyone laughed at that insightful comment. “You may resume your Outlandyness…” Samuel added. “Please, never call me that again.” Again the laughs. “So… Rescuing Sam I was poisoned, psychologically trama’d, and in a coma, it was like hell but with fluorescent lighting. It can easily be described as the single most painful experience in my life. Anyway, when I came to. I was in Samuels house. With Litzy and Sam, what's strange is everyone was shouting about monsters circling us or something? You never told me what happened Sam.” Outlander waited for a response from Sam “That is a tale, that will never be told.” Sam said sarcastically. "Oh bullsh*t, I'll get it out of you one way or another." Outlander commented back. "Alright, the next thing I remember was going on a scavenging hunt with a player named @Benjamin Bookworm, also, Litzy was there too. Then she disappeared after that, probably dead, or missing."
  7. “But as I was saying, they died, me and samuel survived. I went exploring. I went to a town, forgot the name of it by the way, and meet a young girl, umm… @Litsy? I think that was her name? Anyway, me and her went on a fetch quest to rescue this idiot right here.” Outlander said pointing at Samuel, who chuckled in response, it didn’t help he was drinking straight whiskey at the time, but hey, at least he got a good laugh out of it. “Anyway, we went halfway to the dungeon Sam here was trapped in, then she left me to go save him, unfortunately for me, I wasn’t alone, and it wasn’t a player either…” Samuel’s face turned pale, he was terrified of those things. “What were they called, I can’t but my finger on it… Nightst-” Samuel interrupted. “D-Don’t say it, I lie awake many a’ night looking for some way, to stop them, but nevertheless. A failure…”
  8. “So…” Said Outlander. “We’re to start… Ah-ha! So I was on the first floor. I met up with my friends, Felicity, Samuel, Barrett, and Alfanzo. Yes, he is mexican, and he is hilarious. Anyway, where was I, oh yes, So I was then teleported, as we all were, to the city square. Where we were told about life and death and all that sh*t. We formed a guild, the “Outcasts Pact”.”Outlander told. “Isn’t the pact a crime guild?” Asked a brunette girl with a black eye patch. “Why of course! Why do you ask?” “No reason.” Replied the girl. Outlander resumed. “Anyway, we became a mercenary and petty theft group. Good times. Then they all got themselves killed…” Outlanders voice trailed off at the end. “I still miss you Alfanzo! You and you racist jokes!” Outlander said almost sounding sympathetic. "I actually don’t know if he is dead. I just know that Felicity and Barrett is dead...”
  9. Outlander was sitting at a stool in the Westward Tavern, well, it's more of a speakeasy at this point. Looking up, he notices something. “Ah!” He said as if surprised. “I didn’t see you there. Long time no see Sam.” Samuel approached, grinning as he sat down in the stool next to him. “So, how’s life?” Outlander asked curiously. “Dull and Boring. As per-usual.” Sam responded “Intriguing… Wanna hear a story? It's all… true… Well, at least ninety percent of it.” The eavesdropping bartender dropped in. “A story, eh? Well, don’t mind if I listen in, do you?” The bartender asked curiously. “Is it a story about what happened in the events following being trapped? I already know this one.” Said Sam. “Yes it is, however, the story has continued, and their is more to be told!” Outlander shouted. Sam face palmed as he knew Outlander shouted, a little to loud, and everyone heard it.
  10. Ah-ha *Starts guild recruiting* Yeah, people want to join! *Instantly gets f*ck because I wasn't online for half the situation.* OH WHAT THE-

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  11. [OP-F1] Illegal Guild Recruiting

    Outlander was suprized, not scared by Domarus's actions Outlander didn't fear death, but thanks to that, er, friendly warning. He knows how to deal with them, places to hide, so many options. "Thanks for the head up pal. Now if you'd excuse me... I have other places to be that won't be crashed by a couple of people who are concerned for other peoples "fewlings". Com' on Sam, lets get a drink at Westward, I heard they are serving pumpkin spice mead... Mmm... And *chuckles* to believe I was gonna have some guy come in with tele-crystals to get me out of this situation. Such garbage." Outlander went up the stairs and opened a window, then began climbing through. "As always, f*ck all yall. " Outlander finished falling backward through the window into a straw cart outside. Sam (NPC Character) facepalmed. "Sorry, you know he loves his dramatic exits and entrances... " Sam walks out the front door waving goodbye. Outlander met him outside. "Can you belive those guys? #ssholes, amirite? I mean, I didn't even order a drink yet!" "That place wasn't good anyway. The Westward Tavern is WAY BETTER..." Outlander said, walking away, getting ready to regroup at the tavern. <<Outlander Leaves In Style>>
  12. [OP-F1] Illegal Guild Recruiting

    "Well well well, if it isn't a alpha pack of social justice warriors..." Outlander said smirking. "...Ah and Viglion, I see you back there. Have you ever had one of those situation were a person is mad at you. And you can't help but laugh?" Outlander added as if the whole situation was completely expected. "In case you, didn't notice, we are in the Town of New Beginnings. Outlander said, climbing on top of a table looking like he was about to give a speech while drunk. "Also, that..." Outlander points to the cursor above his head. Its green. "...and that..." He points to the people that casually walked in. Also green. "The fact that we are green, is questionable, yet, maybe none of us have any idea what we are doing. SO, if you wouldn't mind..." Outlander said, waving his hand to dismiss them. "Besides, you really think I'M a high value TARGET? If so, I just common sense just, isn't so common." Outlander said, lying. Then concerned. 'Hey, buddy, CALM THE F*CK DOWN. We wouldn't want anyone getting hurt, would we?" Outlander said, looking at @Domarus.
  13. [OP-F1] Illegal Guild Recruiting

    "Fae, you remind me of small murderous children from those really unsettling horror movies, I like it. So far, that makes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Five of us, there is two other players named The Dark Knight and Grimm that have already joined." Outlander said to everyone at the table. Another player approached telling they about how he wants to join, his agility and speed, and finally, the fact they're was another VRMMO. "Wait, they made another one? Didn't Kayaba "Deep Six" the VRMMO industry? Who thought it was smart to make another?" Outlander said confused. "Anyway..." He continued. "...you remind me of one of my "Shadow Walkers", his name is Nevermore. He wears a Plague Doctor outfit, and moves at the speed of light, I haven't seen him for a while, so I'm wondering if something happened to him. Or if he has just been really busy." Outlander said, his voice trailing off in the end. "Anywho. Lets get down to business. The guild is already up, it just needs more members. I'm sending invites now. Except for you Fae, your already in a guild it won't let me send the invite unless you don't have a guild. Those who wish to join, welcome to the 'Outcasts Pact'."
  14. [OP-F1] Illegal Guild Recruiting

    Outlander looked at the first player, @Fae, as she called herself. She was a small child, however, she seemed to know what death was and hoped the guild was real. "Oh it's real alright, I have to say though. Aren't you a little young to be killing people?" Outlander asked Fae, with a hint of curiosity in his voice. "Also, we aren't just a PK guild, we are a crime guild overall. Meaning, killing, robbing pillaging, raiding, and mercenary work." Outlander heard another player. "Ah, welcome, the names Outlander. I'm the recruiter." Outlander said towards the player. "You want in? I mean, It's a great way to complete the shady parts of your bucket list, it's not like we are getting out of here any time soon either." Outlander said, referring to the game as the "new reality". "If you have any questions about the guild feel free to ask." @Sharr (OOC: 150 word exact!)
  15. Outlander was currently in a tavern, he sent a word out that a crime guild was in need of recruits. His Raiders were spreading the news now. Unfortunately, it's not so simple, you see, you can get arrested for recruiting members to an orange guild. So, a loophole was created. If you were to join you have to ask the bartender, who we had to pay to keep his mouth shut the question, “Have you heard of the Night Raven?” If you ask him this, he will point toward Outlander who will recruit you. Even so, he has two others in the room on his side. For protection, you never know what kind of social justice warrior would walk through the front door. He was resting his back against the back wall. Watching the entrance to the tavern, and waiting patiently for someone to recruit. He flipped a single piece of col through the air, catching it, and flipping it again.