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  1. Outlander

    [OP-FX][MM] A Night in Aincrad

    “Ah, night hours. Clearly the best way to hunt down savage and dangerous players is obviously in pitch black....” Outlander said as he arrived at the meeting point. It was dark, he didn’t think night time would have been “optimal” to search for hostile players. He was currently wearing his blue and silver armor, a leather strap across his chest held his longsword to his back. He held a coffee in one of his hands, he looked sleepy “...Oh right. I should add, me being a leader in this particular situation would probably, if not definitely, get someone killed. I’m not talking about the person we’re after either.” He continued. He took a long slow sip of his coffee after saying this, then mumbled: “Espresso may not be the answer, but it's worth a shot.” He then yawned, and stood there waiting for everything to get settled so he could go stab something, or more likely, someone. [OOC: Outlander chooses not to be a group leader]
  2. <<OOC: This takes place in a safe zone, so don’t get any ideas. Also, no loopholes.>> Outlander stood in the shopping district of the town of new beginnings in one of those many benches that are randomly strewn about the area. He was sitting next to a wooden cart that would looks like it would be used to move heavy wooden crates around with ease, a man was loading it with crates of, alcohol? He got up, and walked up to the man: “Clearly nothing means business like showing up to a liquor store with a shopping cart.” Outlander said with a questionable look on his face. “Hey, you wouldn't suppose, I could, take one o-” “No.” “Dude come on!” Outlander protested. “Want one, but one.” Outlander looked at the man with frustration filling his eyes. “How much?” Outlander groaned. “I’d say, one hundred and fifty col.” “Haha, yeah, no. What is the real price?” The man just stared at Outlander. “Ok, I'm go now, good luck with your future endeavors.” Outlander said, there was only one place that he actually enjoyed going to. The Westward Tavern. He began walking at a moderate pace, trying not to make contact with any unwanted.
  3. Outlander

    [OP - F1][MM] The First Meeting

    Outlander continued to watch the slowly growing group of individuals. He felt a cold stare burn through the back of his skull. He turned around to see another player, in all the commotion of the attack, he thought her name was, Hestia? She gave him a cold dead stare, his reaction? To wink of course! After that he turned back to Vigilon about to continue the conversation. “So, you remember the last time we talked right, ahh… That was a fun tuesday…” He said, obviously referring to Vigilon being in the raid against him and his guild. Suddenly, a wild Krysta appeared, more or less interrupting. “So, looks like your “friend” is here. Between you and me, she's a little much. I mean, she is a little over reactive… See ya!” He tried to walk away from the two but he was to late, Krysta was already here, he knew he couldn’t win an argument with her, she was stubborn about defeat, well, when it comes to simple arguments. The thing about idiots is that you really can’t beat them, they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience. Krysta asked why someone like Outlander was joining in on hunting down a criminal. “Well, two words, turf war. So, I gotta start somewhere. Also, have I mentioned my thirst for blood?” He said turning to face her. Then he opened his menu hoping to use the slightly translucent menu to cover her up and pretend she wasn’t there. He went to messages and typed to his friend Samuel: “Code DEAR FTLOG! I repeat Code DEAR FTLOG!” He typed frantically. Less than fifteen seconds later he got a reply: DEAR FTLOG? Whats that mean? Drop Everything And Run, For The Love Of God. Clearly his friend didn’t know what situation he was in. He closed his menu as Krysta said “You don’t ever think before you speak, do you?” Outlander gave her a stern look in the eyes. “I have a feeling you questioning the way I speak, now, if you think the things I say out loud are bad you should hear the things I keep to myself.” He continued. After that, he left, he had nothing more he wanted to say to the two, well, at least he knows what Vigilons name is now, this information is about as useless as a glass hammer. Afterwards, he noticed Sharr in the group, he approached him. “Wow, I wasn’t expecting you to show up. So, looks like the whole Pact is here. Lemme guess, you came here because it was the only legal way you could kill someone and get away with it. That's totally why I’m here.”
  4. Outlander

    [OP - F1][MM] The First Meeting

    [OOC: You’re predictable. Also, I saw you viewing this thread earlier, I knew you couldn’t resist.] “Great, he just had to show up…” The voice behind him said. He immediately recognized the voice. “Oh god d***it…” He muttered then turned around. “I honestly didn’t expect you to show up, Outlander…” Vigilon said. “Well, when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. Unfortunately, life never gave me lemons, instead it has given me anger issues, anxiety, and a love for alcoholic beverages. Also, I’m in the mood to stab someone, so don’t tempt me. ” Outlander said, gesturing towards the longsword slung across his back. He pulled out a croissant and began chowing down, as if what he said was completely normal to say to someone. “I know you absolutely despise me, but, can we put this aside for later? I have way better things to do, like eating this croissant for example.” He continued. @Vigilon
  5. Outlander

    [OP - F1][MM] The First Meeting

    Outlander stood among the crowd, the speech was appealing and all, but he was in a crime guild himself, though he didn’t care. When the player who said her name was “Lessa” announced that all mercenaries and bounty hunters should help, he figured they were desprate. A wicked grin formed upon Outlanders face. After the speech, he walked up to the quickly forming group of players, many of which he recognized, specifically, one of the players involved in attacking his perfect recruiting station. Along with Fae and Vigilon, oh no, Vigilon. He approached the speaker. “You said Mercenary, correct?” He said, adjusting his longsword on his back. “I happened to be just that. Also, self entitled a-hole. Outlander at your service.” He said with a bow, his longsword almost slipping from its holster on his back. He casually walked over to Fae. “Well well well, fancy meeting you here.” He said with a humorous tone. “So, Laughing coffin? Sounds like someone didn’t have a creative outlook on life. I mean, out of context, they sounds like a low-budget morgue.” #Im on Aereth's Team
  6. Outlander sat bored, at a tree, he was about to take a nap when a familiar figure was walking on the road. She was small, and surprisingly quiet. She honestly scared him, she had all the traits of something that could be potentially hiding under someone's bed before brutally murdering them. She may look all innocent, but she really wanted to kill someone. “Oh, hey Fae.” Outlander said, his face completely calm, well at least until she said Do you need someone taken out. At that point, a grin formed across his face. “Well, as much as I’d want to slay some degenerates that truly have no idea how to swing a sword. We have some pact matters to discuss. Example, one of the current matters are our current level. So, I’m taking up ideas, if anyone wants to go guild leveling. Because we really need it.” Sharr approached from behind where Outlander was saying: "Well at least you have the brains to figure that out Leader. I mean seriously, announcing to the whole world that we are trying to make a group that's up to no good with the possibility to bring death upon somebody else, what a spectacular that is leader!" Outlander only smiled at this insightful comment. “Well, enough of us are here, let's begin shall we? What, should we do. I’m up for any kind of suggestion, even the stupid ones. Be aware that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, I almost never listen to stupid Ideas.” He said in a sarcastic tone.
  7. Outlander had sent a notification throughout the entirety of his guild, the Outcasts Pact, which can be labeled as a terrorist group if others so feel like it. He outside the town of new beginnings, resting under a tree. He didn't want to go in, he didn't want to run into any individuals who might recognize him. "Ah... Broad daylight, how you irritate me." He said, looking directly into the sun. He was trying to shifted his head to the position that was just right, also, because he had the sun in his eyes. "Well, they should be here any minute now. If not, I can take a nap, grab a bite to eat..." He continued. He looked down the road that lead into the town of new beginnings. "But, whats taking them so long?" Outlander winced at the trail looking both ways before lounging again. "It seemed like just yesterday, I my recruitment station was attacked by those jerks. Well, hopefully not this time. Right?" He said to no one. @Fae @Mr.R @Sharr
  8. Outlander

    [OP-F1] Celebration Time

    Outlander sat at the bar stool, he got a message from someone from his Pact. It read: He was interested, he recognized the name Novafire. He meet here earlier in the year at another event. Looks like she is a very social person after all. He sent a message back before arriving near the building. Outlander continued to drink, for he was at his favorite tavern, The Westward Tavern on floor eleven, with his favorite pal Samuel, and no amount of free coffee can replace their pumpkin spice mead. It's truly something to die for. "You know..." Outlander said turning to Sam. "...sometimes I drink water to surprise my liver." Outlander said with a grin on his face. <<Outlander was never in the building or area so he leaves immediately>>
  9. Outlander

    [OP-F1] Illegal Guild Recruiting

    ...and what a beautiful day that was. How an attempt to recruit lead to threats and unnecessary violence, what is unnecessary violence? It doesn't exist, all of it is necessary. Sooner or later, almost everyone left. The most interesting part of the day, was when Domarus convinced Outlander, me, clearly the most original character, that I killed whats-her-face, or at least convinced her to kill herself. Who knows? I do anything for entertainment. Fortunately Grimm(Alias Golf) was around and monitoring the conversation. He alerted me(Alias Osiris) Please tell me these code names aren't permanent. But that who thing raises a couple questions, who has the alias Echo? Why did Domarus convince Pinball that Outlander killed his friend? And was he right about his comment? Looks like we will have to continue this next week, but in the meantime. F*ck off, and have a nice day. SP & Col stuffs: PENDING- DON'T POST ANYTHING ELSE @Outlander = 1 SP @Fae = 2 SP @Sharr = 1 SP @Domarus = 2 SP @Hikoru = 1 SP @Grimm = 0 SP @Hestia = 2 SP @Vigilon = 1 SP @Embers = 1 SP Oh, Domarus gets another response. SO, ya'll can- *inaudible noises and censor sounds*
  10. Samuel smiled, “Yeah, you’ve told me, he “interfered with the pact”, or “he’s annoying” something like that right? I mean, not repeat yourself, we hear you just fine. It's that sometimes your a little, eh, judgemental.” Outlander squinted at Sam “How dare you…” Sam smiled innocently in response. “As I was saying…” Outlander continued, eyeing Sam as if he was gonna interrupt again. “...after that, things got a little fuzzy, I remember meeting the player @Spangie or something like that while she was looking for help completing a quest to get a real profession.” The same girl with the eyepatch interrupted. “What profession are you going to take Outlander?” He smiled in response and commented “Cook, with a dash of mercenary work sprinkled in there somewhere.” Most of the bar laughed. It died down quickly though. “The next thing I knew I was help a girl by the name of, well, I don't know her name. Unfortunately, Vigilon was there. Which as you can imagine, is just plain out annoying, and it was like negative fifty degrees too!”
  11. “Anyway, he tried to kill me, something about vengeance and stuff. But then Nova ran into the clearing shouting something about peace or unity. Which wasn’t what caused him to stop fighting, you see he was one my side all along!” Some people gasped at this comment. “You see, he wanted into the pact, so, he had to do something for me. That was just to make me look good.” Some people frowned upon this. “Anyway, then two players disappeared around this time . They were @Tressa and some other player I can't remember the name of. I also met a players by the names of @H3LL0, @Dazia, and her faithful NPC twelve year old, whatsherface, she’s not an NPC, I just said it to irritate her. It worked to well. Next thing I knew, I dislike half of everyone there. Oh, yeah, there was also a player named @Pinball, as in the machine he was effy, but Viglion, OH VIGLION. THAT SON OF A B*TCH!!!” Outlander shouted, irritated by his name alone.
  12. “I don’t know what she does now a’days. Judging on her attitude towards life, I’m guessing charity work. Or something like that. Anyway, she was a kind person, unlike the people I met there. Oh yeah, that's where I met my first enemy, of mildly hated acquaintances, I don’t know, their names were @Vigilon and @Krysta, they apparently had a thing going, or like each other, because eventually, they we’re a couple.” Outlander said, Sam followed with: “You just jealous you have no relationship?” THE WHOLE D*AMN BAR WHEN SILENT. “Woah woah woah, I have a kick*ass sense of humor, something you can never get, now, where was I?” Resumed Outlander. “I also made a friend who tried to kill me, it was interesting. Um, heard of a player by the name @The Dark Knight, creepy fellow, I’ve seen his face with his helmet off, HIS EYES ARE F*CKING TERRIFING. He looks blind but can see just as well.” Outlander said, sounding disturbed.
  13. “So I was looking with materials with Benjamin Bookworm, it didn’t last long at all, Litzy was daydreaming the whole time, Ben was to serious all the time, and I was literally grasping at straws. You know, for materials, I also remember tripping a lot. This game hates me.” Sam laughed and commented “It truly does.” “So then the hunt just, fell apart.” Outlander said in whimsy. “What happened next?” Asked a very manly looking patron standing behind Outlander, he looked around to realize everyone was listening in to his tale. “God d*mn…” Outlander said. “I got myself a fan club.” Everyone laughed once again. “Next I remember was the GREAT TREASURE HUNT. It was so peaceful, I loved interrupting the peaceful. Maybe that's why I have so many enemies…” Sam smiled. “Anyway… I arrived a little late to the show, a Girl whom I’ve met before named @Novafire started the whole hunt. Around ten other players showed.”
  14. Everyone laughed at that insightful comment. “You may resume your Outlandyness…” Samuel added. “Please, never call me that again.” Again the laughs. “So… Rescuing Sam I was poisoned, psychologically trama’d, and in a coma, it was like hell but with fluorescent lighting. It can easily be described as the single most painful experience in my life. Anyway, when I came to. I was in Samuels house. With Litzy and Sam, what's strange is everyone was shouting about monsters circling us or something? You never told me what happened Sam.” Outlander waited for a response from Sam “That is a tale, that will never be told.” Sam said sarcastically. "Oh bullsh*t, I'll get it out of you one way or another." Outlander commented back. "Alright, the next thing I remember was going on a scavenging hunt with a player named @Benjamin Bookworm, also, Litzy was there too. Then she disappeared after that, probably dead, or missing."
  15. “But as I was saying, they died, me and samuel survived. I went exploring. I went to a town, forgot the name of it by the way, and meet a young girl, umm… @Litsy? I think that was her name? Anyway, me and her went on a fetch quest to rescue this idiot right here.” Outlander said pointing at Samuel, who chuckled in response, it didn’t help he was drinking straight whiskey at the time, but hey, at least he got a good laugh out of it. “Anyway, we went halfway to the dungeon Sam here was trapped in, then she left me to go save him, unfortunately for me, I wasn’t alone, and it wasn’t a player either…” Samuel’s face turned pale, he was terrified of those things. “What were they called, I can’t but my finger on it… Nightst-” Samuel interrupted. “D-Don’t say it, I lie awake many a’ night looking for some way, to stop them, but nevertheless. A failure…”