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  1. @Arabelle Outlander nodded, a smile forming across his face. "I was planning on taking the trash out anyway, I mine as well start with them." Outlander looked at Arabelle like she just asked how to dial 911. "...first bunch of wannabe laughing coffins, blah blah blah." Outlander said in a high pitched voice. " We are determined to steal sh*t for laughs and kill anyone that gets in the way. Laughing coffin on the other hand, they are just a bunch of f*ckboys with mental problems. I'd hardly call that a organization, much less a guild. Didn't anyone tell you what our guild was abou- Oh god dammit, one more broken anything and I'm coming for you b*tches." Outlander walked out from behind the bar to the fireplace. "Enjoy the whiskey." Outlander said as he passed the new guy who just seemed to be enjoying himself (@Frank). Then he walked back and placed the fire poker under the bar counter in preparation. It was at this point the Outlander noticed that Redfeild was no where to be seen. Outlander stared intensely out into the fight. "One more slip up and someone is getting sent to the ER, and it isn't going to be me." @Embers @Prometheus
  2. “Look, I get it, you don’t want some substitute bartender telling you what to do. But just do me a favor and stop while we move the furniture or at the very least go outside so I can make a betting ring.” Outlander waited for a response, which was a threat from tin man himself. Outlander just shakes his head and walks back to the counter. “I try to see things from his perspective, but I just can’t seem to get my head that far up my a**.” Outlander said ignoring the man whom just walked in, then turning to Redfield. “So, what do you think we should do about Tin man and Red head?” Outlander asked, with a look in his eyes that meant let’s get out the iron fire poker. “I think I have an idea sir, allow me to explain.” Redfield said, beginning to explain his plan to Outlander. They both collaberate quietly, occassionally shooting a glace at the two players to see if the situation has changed.
  3. Redfeild stood up, now irritated. "Tu fils de p***." Redfeild spoke calmly, adjusting his tie and placing his cane on the bar counter. Outlander smirked. "I'm glad you asked, just for you we have this delightful special called the "Go f*** yourself". Made by yours truly, oh no! Oh C- Come on not the furniture!" Outlander shouted, turning to his chalkboard, and making a straight line down the center. On one side he put "Tin Man" and another he put "Big Red". Turning back around. "Great, now we have the betting board, the bar fight, and not enough people to make money off of." Outlander said, crossing his arms in disappointment. "Sir, they are probably going to break something." Redfeild replied. "Yeah I know, I know. I'll try to stop them." Outlander approached the center of the room. "Hey buds, could you at least, NOT throw punches at each other until we move the furniture out of the way? If not your going to have to do this outside." @Embers @Prometheus
  4. [OOC: God d***it , @Arabelle. Now you have everyone calling me Outsider. *claps* Congrats.] "Hey! I heard that, and for the record what they did was completely unnecessary!" Outlander shouted down the stairs towards the fiery individual, which was followed by a muffled voice. "I mean really? We weren't even a real threat. What they did was like going to the ER over a splinter! Who does that!" Then he went quiet only to reappear moments later. "I'm back!" Outlander said, dragging a awkwardly large chalkboard down the stairs with an idiotic grin on his face, making a loud SLAM with every step. "Sir?" Redfeild tilted his head out of curiosity. He dragged the board behind the bar and set it up against the cabinets. "Alright... and now we wait..." Outlander sighed, pouring a glass of what he hope wasn't cleaning solution. "Well... How are things?" Outlander asked, entirely unsure of what to say in this situation. He turned to Redfeild. "Looks like none of our buddy's are showing up." Outlander said, taking a swig of what he poured. "I mean, It could be worse, someone I genuinely dislike could show up."
  5. Outlander marched triumphantly into the blacksmiths shop, shouting "Buona giornata!" at the top of his lungs in a raspy voice. "So, I'm looking to obtain a Sheild and or a one handed spear. I'm willing to pay in both Col and T1 Materials, cause I want Tier one stuff. But if you can make it perfect, that be... Just great." Outlander said, clearing hinting what quality he wanted it. "I specifically want the spear to be called, The Furious Toothpick. That is if you can do it." Outlander waited for a response. @Dustin
  6. That's around the time when Arabelle walked in. "Welcome to the Sh** show Arabelle! Enjoy your stay." Arabelle then brought up a moment that made him shudder out of frustration. "Ok, let me explain. I did absolutely nothing wrong. They couldn't touch me or my guild because we didn't commit any crimes *cough* yet *cough*. So they had absolutley no choice but to leave us alone. Speaking of crime..." Outlander looked past Arabelle as Prometheus approached. "Hey bud, when are we going to steal a goat I need an ETA on that." Outlander asked. Redfeild stared at Outlander like he just shot himself in the foot, though Outlander couldn't see his face, he could tell Redfeild looked disappointed. "Sir I still don't thin-" Redfeild was interrupted my Prometheus, who proceeded to insult him. "I beg your pardon?" Redfeild asked, not quite sure he heard what the man said correctly. Outlander, however knew exactly what was going on, and a grin slowly spread across his face. He left to the upstairs, demanding that "Nobody move until I returned!" @Arabelle
  7. "Ooh... That'll be interesting." Outlander said, thinking of who this fiery character could possibly be. "Oh, well, I mean we do have alcohol. It might not be real but, its still alcohol." Outlander shrugged, as he moved a box of bottles onto the counter. Thats when the man implied he was a coward. "Buddy buddy listen..." Outlander came out from behind the counter, like he was about to reveal a new product that he came up with in a dark basement and was now trying to sell it to unsuspecting bystanders. "...how soon do you want that goat?" Outlander said with a grin. "Also, do you have a particular goat in mind, because you seem to have more inside knowledge on goats then me?" Outlander sounded dead serious. "Also, if you have a particular way in mind of how and who we sacrifice set goat too, I'm also all ears. But I personally prefer Cthulhu, but that's just my preference." @Prometheus
  8. "You know Redfeild, I wonder who our first patron will be, I'm going to assume they aren't going to be ver-" The door slams open and a man in full armor enters yelling something about a goat. "Oh, I can tell I'm going to like you already..." Outlander said with a short laugh. "...however we couldn't afford a single goat. Why are the price for goats so high THIS time of year?" Outlander looked over to Redfeild as he asked the question. "I haven't got a clue sir." Redfeild responds. "Anyway welcome to the "Party". Buy one drink for the price of two and get a second for free. All that good stuff. As you can tell, your the first on to show up here, we aren't exactly "popular" with people so it might just be the three of us." Outlander leans over the bar. "And yes, if you invited friends, it just might become a party." Outlander continued. @Prometheus
  9. "I still can't believe he let us run the tavern for the night. I mean, he did say we could if we "make more money then we spend" but I still couldn't believe how easy it was!" Outlander said, wiping off the counter with a rag. "Do you know what this means Redfeild?" Outlander asked, leaning over the bar. "I haven't got the slightest clue sir." Redfeild responded. "It means tonight its our rules! WE can do whatever we want! He really shouldn't have given me this kind of power." Outlander practically shouted. "Then, good sir, may I make a suggestion?" Redfeild said, adjusting his tie. "Sure, I'm all ears." Outlander replied. "What if we hosted a party, to celebrate the new year?" Redfeild recommend. "That idea- Isn't actually half bad. Alright, lets give it a go." Outlander filled out a blackboard sign with chalk. Putting "New Years Party:" and "Special Deals on Drinks" and slapped a bunch of other nonsense on it. Redfeild on the other hand, was lighting the fireplace near the back. "And now we wait." @Mr.R Interior:
  10. I'm back, anyone up for a little RP? No stabbing I promise.

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      Oh, uh. I think I’ve done most of the basic quests... and the other ones will probably kill all of us pretty quickly... Kirbs can just assist you on your first lessons quest if that’s okay, though.

  11. "Ah! Finally! I've been waiting for some unsuspecting peep to walk in." Outlander said to the firey eyed man. "Alright, if you want to join, I've got a few questions for you." He said, pulling out a notepad. "Well sh**. I forgot to write them down. Oh well, let's take it from the top." Outlander folded his arms and laid back. "The names Outlander, professional mercenary and a**hole. At your service." Outlander announced nodding his head. "I'm a "member" of the Outcasts Pact." Outlander continued. "Which is about the- Oh this is painful. Essentially, we are just a really REALLY laid back mercenary guild." Outander said. "Just remember to respect your fellow guild members and worship me like the all powerful immortal being that I am, and your good to go. Though we do have a few rules IF you plan on joining in. Oh, I forgot to mention the office picnics. Those are fun, except the one time, but it still was awesome." He unfolded his arms and picked up his drink. "Interested?" @Prometheus
  12. The sign outside the tavern read: Outcast Pact Guild Recruitment: We need you! Or not, we really don't care. Outlander sat in the corner alone at a booth in the wall, attempting to do coin tricks but failing most of them. "Ugh... This is f***ing boring." He put the coin in one of the few pouches he has around his waist. He then took one of the table knifes and began spinning it like it was a fan in the surface of the table. "Who ordered the- Pumpki-" The bartender shouted. "I did!" Outlander raised his hand. The bartender walked over to his table and placed the drink. "Alright... Hopefully someone comes soon. Or I'm gonna pop a blood vessel out of boredom..." He said with an aggitated sigh.
  13. Outlander

    [PP-F1] Lets Make Some Booze! <<Earn A Living>>

    "Ah, I'm just waiting for that NPC to say where's the lamb sauce." He chuckled. "Alright, let's see... Ah, is that a thing over there? Or are the adrenaline shots I had this morning fading away." He got closer to the bush and plucked something off. "Hey I got on-" The item shattered. "God f###ing d###it..." He let out sigh. "Well, it can't get much worse then failing master Ramsey in a hunt to make some booze..." He said, at this point he was excpecting to look at the ground and see a message going: "I heard that..." -Karma Fortunately, that didn't happen. "Ah... I'm so hitting the sauce after this... Maybe I should visit the Westward Tavern? No, I'll try something different this time." "Ah, I'm just waiting for that NPC to say where's the lamb sauce." He chuckled. "Alright, let's see... Ah, is that a thing over there? Or are the adrenaline shots I had this morning fading away." He got closer to the bush and plucked something off. "Hey I got on-" The item shattered. "God f###ing d###it..." He let out sigh. "Well, it can't get much worse then failing master Ramsey in a hunt to make some booze..." He said, at this point he was excpecting to look at the ground and see a message going: "I heard that..." - Karma Fortunately, that didn't happen. He began walking again hoping to spot and grab something easy to abtain and achieve. Especially if it didn't involve the slightest challenge once so ever.
  14. *considers making magnificent return to Aincrad, 50% less of a bad guy, 50% more of a jack###*

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