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[BR-F22] Paving the Way to Floor 23 (Floor 22 Boss Battle - Bialas)


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The virtual sun that hung high over the peaceful meadow that was the Twenty-Second Floor was slowly removed from sight as dark clouds rolled in from over the mountains where the Labyrinth stood. The overcast cast a shadow over the floor, bringing an eerie silence along with it. Rain was not uncommon for the people of Coral and any other surrounding settlements -- yet this weather was different. The citizens of the floor knew what was to come within the preceding hours, as the players of the Raid Team made their way to the Labyrinth to purge the floor of its wicked Floor Boss. The silence was soon broken by the low rumbling of rolling thunder, though the sound did not originate from the storm clouds above...

The wooden trap door that would serve as the players' entry to the boss' lair rumbled at each boom of thunder overhead. The cool breeze would passed through the small cracks in the wood, traveling down the stairs and through the corridor in which the raid team awaited the unlocking of the door. After preparing for this fight for what seemed like no time at all after clearing the past floor, the players awaited anxiously for the revelation of their next for that stood between them and getting one step closer to finally escaping this death game...


All players have 72 hours to reply to this thread to be included in the boss fight. After 72 hours, the boss raid will begin. (Boss Raid started at 1:30 PM EST)

All participants must list their stats, equipment, battle-ready inventory, skills, buffs, and consumed items in their post.

[ Deadline: Monday March 26th at 1:30 PM EST ]

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The time had come for the boss raid, finally. Having been waiting a while, Macradon was happy that the raid was finally upon the frontlines. Standing at the door towards the boss room, Macradon would seemingly be the first to arrive at the raid, which was fine. With his KoB banner besides him in his right hand by his side, Macradon would face towards the directing of where most would come from, greeting everyone who would arrive at the scheduled raid. In his right hand would be chains going down towards Belphegor, who were fully ablaze with the flames of hell. All three heads eager to bite down into something as Macradon was adorned fully in his KoB uniform, from top to bottom clad in steel plate. His helmet was under his left arm, resting as he wanted to have face to face greetings rather than having a helmet close out everything around him. “Now, when I point out a target, you attack, got it?” Macradon would ask down to his three headed cerberus who just stood there, growling at nothing with all.

Diamondskin-potion consumed >
Damage Potion consumed >
< Tristan's Protection consumed >
< Carrot Salad consumed >



Macradon - Lvl 74
1525 HP
148 Energy
4 Accuracy
0 Evasion
20 Base Damage
 (32 w/ Holy) (25 w/ Charge) (21 w/ Ferocity) (26 w/ Ferocity+Charge)
- (1 Base + 2 Two-Handed + 5 Skill + 1 Athletics + 9 Familiar + 2 Potion)
146 Mitigation 
- (35 Skill + 81 Armor + 30 Potion)

Blade of the Dictator ............ // +12 Holy Damage, Phase
Armor of the Scarlet Templar ..... // +81 Mitigation
Templar's Necklace ............... // +6 Recovery, +1 Accuracy

Belphegor - Familiar ............. // +9 Damage

Battle Ready Inventory
Banner of Command ................ // +1 Base Damage. 1 Charge left.
Diamond Skin Potion .............. // Safeguard
Damage Potion .................... // +2 Damage
Mitigation Potion ................ // +30 Damage Mitigation
Carrot Salad ..................... // +2 Accuracy

+2 Damage
+30 Damage Mitigation
+2 Accuracy

Two Handed Straight Sword  | Rank 5: +5 Damage
Heavy Armor                | Rank 5: +30 Damage Mitigation
Search and Detect          | Rank 5: +5 LD
Charge                     | Rank 5: +5 Damage on first hit
Battle Healing             | Rank 5: Heal 75 HP each post In-Battle
Fighting Spirit            | +1 Hate generation
Gatherer                   | Obtain additional materials after a successful out of combat gathering based on a natural CD result.
Extended Weight Limit      | +3 Spaces for Battle Ready Items

Disguise                   | +1 to your BD and +1 to your opponent’s BD
Survival                   | Heal 20 HP when out of battle
Familiar Mastery: Fighter  | Rank 3: +9(Tier x Rank) Damage

Skill Mods
Precision                  | +1 Accuracy
Athletics                  | +1 Damage, +45 Health
Ferocity                   | Increases Base Damage by 1
Bull Rush                  | A successful Charge also stuns the target for 1 turn.
Finesse                    | Rank 3: Decreases Eneryg Cost of attacks by 3
Reveal                     | +2 LD when searching for dungeons and labyrinths. You may also search for a sub-dungeon or labyrinth once every 15 posts (instead of 20).
Tracking                   | Allows the user to track a previously-encountered monster, NPC, or other player. Negates all bonuses to the target’s Stealth Rating. After tracking, your first attack against the tracked creature cannot miss. Cannot be used in combat.


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Image result for jaune arc symbol


Battle Stats: 
Level: 61 - 291 SP
1475  HP
122 Energy
+3 Accuracy
-1 Evasion
18 Base Damage
156 Mitigation
66 Battle Healing
+47 Thorns
+6 Heavy Momentum

Equipped Items:
» «White Edged Blade» (+9 DMG) (Tier 3, One Handed Curved Sword)
» «Pendant of the Angel» (+3 ACC) (Tier 1, Trinket): 
» «White Edged Protector» (+27 Thorns, +6 Heavy Momentum) (Tier 3, Heavy Armor)
» *«Dimensional Backpack» (+1 Battle Ready Inventory extra slot)
» *«Darksteel» (+81 Mitigation) (Tier 3, Protector Familiar)
» *«Darksteel Pendant» (Tier 3, Vanity Trinket)

Regrets Rage - +2 DMG (Rare)

Endurance of Iron - +30 MIT (Rare T3)
Will of Steel - +90 HP (Perfect T2) 
Immolation Potion - +20 Thorns
Field Rations - +75 HP
Antidote (2x Antioxidants)

Battle Ready Inventory:
Mass HP Crystal
Teleport Crystal


Rank 5 - One-Handed Curved Sword (+5 DMG)
Rank 5 - Block (+25 MIT) <<No Shield Equipped>>
Rank 5 - Heavy Armor (+35 MIT) -------------------------------------------------------------> Mod: Stonewall (+45 HP, +10 MIT, 25% DoT reduced) / Athletics: +45 HP, +1 DMG
Rank 5 - Battle Healing (5% of Max HP per turn)---------------------------------------> Mod: Emergency Recovery (Upon 25% HP, Recover 10%) 
Rank 0 - Howl <<10 EN Cost>> (+3 Hate) -------------------------------------------------> Mod: Focused Howl <<8 EN Cost>> (+5 Hate)
Rank 0 - Fishing
Rank 1 - Two-Handed Straight Sword (+3 DMG)

E - Rank 0 - Survival (Immune to Environmental Effects, 45 HP recovered Out of Combat)
E - Rank 0 - Meditation (Inactive)
E - Rank 3 - Protector Familiar (+81 MIT)

Jonathan arrived with the sound of armor clanking together. His mouth remained a grim line on his face as his eyes portrayed dim lights. There was a lot on his mind as of late, and though he had been still going, everything seemed to have almost lost purpose and life to it. It started when Beatbox died, then moved on as Rin and he had separated, and finally he wasn't even be able to sit comfortably in his position in the guild anymore. He had been keeping himself busy with quests, but that brought an overflux of skill points that for some reason he thought he had the need to spend. Now, he had skill in a two-handed weapon. He wanted to keep that private with distant friends he knew were not going to judge. As he stood in front of the door to the boss room, prevening players from entering, he began to send potions based on what people had ordered, his own team, and the people had shown up to the boss fight. 

"You should all being to receive items based on accordance to me and your attendance to the last meeting. Your Tier is also a factor" 

If one were to pay enough attention they would notice Jonathan carried no shield today.



Item Sends

Players Recieving
1 Rare Antidote (2 Turn Immunity)
1 Uncommon Antidote

@Everyone in the meeting thread 

Players Recieving
An Extra Uncommon Antidote

@Hidden @Telrenya @Teion

Players Recieving
Endurance of Iron (T3-Rare) +30 MIT
Regret's Rage (T3-Rare) +2 DMG

@Hikoru @Sey @Itzal

Player Recieving
Endurance of Iron (T3-Rare) +30 MIT

@Shield @Calrex @Hestia

Hidden's Order

2 Safeguards
(I used it Beat XD) Marble Cake - +30 MIT (Perfect T2 Food)
Will of Steel - +90 HP (Perfect T2 OverHP)
2x Perfect HP Potions - +120 HP
2x Rare HP Potions - +80 HP

Best Friend Package

Will of Steel - +90 Max HP

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Well... today was the day, while she herself didn't really prepare that much, a surprise was given to her earlier in the day... a few potions for the battle! She had felt a little more confident in the battle, and while everything was fine from the last battle... she was still worried about what could happen. However, she had just taken a deep breath and just remembered that things would be alright within time. She had arrived on the scene and looked around, however she was a little worried that not everyone was present. However as time went on more and more people showed up which had made her feel better about this... however she was worried for Telly, this was her first boss raid and worried about how she would fair in the battle. However she could only guess that she was nervous just like Ruby was "Just don't think about it Cecilia..." she thought to herself.

Stats / Skills:


Level: 52 - SP: 222
HP: 1175 - EN: 104
DMG: 17 - MIT: 45 - ACC: 3 - EVA: 3 - LD: 6

3/8 Slots Used:
Rank 5 - First Aid

  • Purify
  • Sharpness
  • Field Medic

Rank 3 - Searching
Rank 5 - Martial Arts

  • Ferocity

Rank 3 - Familiar Mastery: Treasure Hunter
[Not Active] Survival



Steam Blue [T2 Handwraps] - Enhancements: Damage III (+6 DMG)
Mechanical Princess [T2 Light Armor] - Enhancements: Evasion III (+3 EVA)
Focus Bangle [T2 Trinket] - Enhancements: Accuracy III (+3 ACC)
Purobolos [T3 Familiar] - Ability: +3 LD



Potion of Safeguard - +1 Safeguard
Lesser Potion of Damage - +2 Damage
Major Crystal of Health - +135 HP
Wedding Steak - +45 MIT

Battle Ready:


1x Teleport Crystal
5x Standard Potions [Heal 100 HP]


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Hikoru let out a large sigh as he awoke in his bed. He rubbed his eyes, and opened up his HUD to see that today was the raid day. Getting up with a stretch, he went and freshened up in the bathroom, going down to his kitchen to make a small sandwhich, eating it while he opened the back door, opening to a lage, cavernous area that had a skylight and a small waterfall near the back. He went over to a fenced area, where slimes of all shapes and sizes were found. He unsheathed his dagger and relaxes his muscles, warming up for the upcoming fight. They had little intel, and he couldn't get any info from the info brokers, as they had nobody as strong as him to go and check to see what could be found in the boss room. He let out a sigh as the last slime was finished, then sheathed his dagger and turned as it turned to pixels, leaving the farm and feeling prepared. He hoped his ordered buffs would be ready for him, and he went back inside, cleaned up his armor so that no remaining slime could be found, and went to his coat rack. He donned on his iconic blue cloak, pulled up the hood, went outside and locked the door, heading to the floor above him.

He soon appeared at the boss area, and prepared for the fight. He nodded to @Macradon and @Morgenstern, before he looked around for a good hiding spot. There was a small river nearby, and he decided to use the ability of his cloak, going near it and the item soon shimmering, turning him transparent, crouching down on his knees and disappearing from sight. He waited for his items to appear within a trade box or within his menu, and prepared for the fight

ID: 98950 LD: 9+5+2+4= 20 to be found

[Mega-Slime Farm: March used- +2 SP]



Title: Master of Shadows

Level: 72

HP: 1440

EN: 144

DMG: 18
ACC: 2
EVA: 3
MIT: 109


2x  T3 Tears of Tranquility - +120 HP Restore


Grandmaster Dagger (+5 DMG)
Grandmaster Light Armor (+25 mit)
Grandmaster Charge (+5 DMG)
Grandmaster Hiding (+5 to Hiding Checks)
Grandmaster Shadowed Path
Grandmaster Battle Healing (5% Health regen per hit)

Extra Skills:

Concentration (+1 BD when used)
Martial Arts Rank 0
Survival (+15*Tier HP Out of battle & Not effected by environment)
Familiar Handling: Fighter (Max Rank) (+9 DMG)


Sneak Attack [Assassin] (+2 Damage, Auto Attack, No stuns or status affects can trigger)
Athletics (+1 DMG, +10*Tier HP)
Precision(+1 ACC)
Vanish (Return to stealth using a post, automatically enter stealth after killing a foe)
Blindside (Gain +2 Stealth Rating. Natural BD rolls of 9-10 reduce the target's accuracy by 1 for one turn when attacking from stealth.)


Weapon: Dimensional Dagger: (+1 Phase, +1 ACC)

Armor: Shadow's Triumph (+54 MIT, +1 Light Momentum)

Accessory: --- Shadow's Gait (+3 EVA)

Familiar: Sir Rolland the Mini Pumpking (+9 DMG)


Endurance of Iron (T3-Rare) +30 MIT
Regret's Rage (T3-Rare) +2 DMG


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The time had come once again for the floor boss raid, and like clockwork the Ultramarine Knight found himself once again making his way to the meeting area for the teams to gather. Plans and suspicions had already been discussed just like in the past, and preparations were supposedly ready. However, just going from what was passed back and forth in the meeting, Calrex didn't feel quite as prepared this time around. There wasn't as much information about this boss's behavioral patterns or environmental abilities like in the past, so a good amount of their plans were based around speculation. With a small sigh and a single button press the bluenette let the thoughts pass as his human form was engulfed in the armor that is the Grand Chariot III.

Looking down and back he gave a small smile beneath the emotionless expression of his helm at the Grand Blade III, which had served him well for so many battles in the past. Now, it seemed that Calrex felt it was time to change, and as preparations for the battles to come he had already taken the measure necessary to do so, "Maybe one day I'll go back to using the straight sword, but right now that's not what's needed. Maybe even being just the Ultramarine Knight isn't enough anymore...like that old man said..."

Pressing a few more buttons in his menu the straight sword and sheath vanished from the back of his hip as he extended his weapon hand to the side. A single massive beam of light manifested before a gigantic weapon materialized, one that seemed like the merging of a greatsword and double headed battle axe, still sporting the same dark blue color scheme of his equipment, the Grand Legionbane.

Seemingly bending his arm to rest the handle against his shoulder without effort Calrex finished his walk into the gathering area, giving a nod to all that were present as he passed by, taking a guess that Hikoru had already taken to hiding so that he could be in position for the battle. In certain lights, one could see the small reflection against the edge of the Ultramarine Knight avatar's outline representing that a Safeguard enhancement was in effect. The bluenette had consumed one of his store of Safeguard potions from a large past order.

Upon hearing Morgenstern's announcement to the group, the bluenette checked his inventory and saw the trio if items that had appeared, giving a nod and a calm smile that was hidden by his helmet, "Thanks Morg." Calrex took note of the fact it seemed the blonde-haired tank had made a change to his equipment as well, lacking a shield this time around, "Maybe he's going for a more offensive build while still serving as a tank. Guess we're both on a similar mindset for that idea. Hopefully it works out for him."

Walking over to Macradon, seeing him giving battle commands to his familiar, a miniature version of what appeared to be Cerberus from an older quest on the ninth floor, the <<Guardian of Fire>>. "Ready to smash some more monster faces?"


HP: 1765 | EN: 172 | DMG: 16 | MIT: 164 ACC: 3 |  EVA: 2 | ACH: 0.6 (See Achilles in Skills/Mods for details)

Equipped Gear:

Grand Legionbane: +9 Damage

Grand Chariot III: +54 Mitigation

x1 Tide Pendant: +2 Evasion / +1 Loot Dice

Battle Ready:

x5 Safeguard Potion: 1 Attack negated

x1 Grand Gauntlets III: +9 Unarmed Damage

x1 Tide Pendant: +2 Evasion / +1 Loot Dice

Grand Guard III: +28 Thorns & +3 Heavy Momentum

x1 Basic Teleportation Crystal: Upon use, teleport to the nearest town next turn

x1 Rare Antidote: 2 Turn Immunity

x1 Uncommon Antidote: 

Skills & Mods:

Two-Handed Battle Axe [Rank 5]: Quick Change Mod

Heavy Armor [Rank 5]: Athletics Mod

Charge [Rank 5]

Battle Healing [Rank 5]

Block [Rank 5]: Rampart Mod



Familiar Master: Accurate [Rank 3]

Martial Arts [Rank 5]: Precision Mod / Quick Change Mod




Achilles [Rank 5]: 40% Damage Reduction (All Incoming Damage after MIT and Rampart/Parry reduction multiplied by 0.6 (Ex. [150 DMG - 50 MIT] * 0.6 ACH = 60)

Temporary Enhancements:

Safeguard: Negates first successful attack

Endurance of Iron: +30 MIT

Wedding Steak: +45 MIT


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Level 32
64 Energy
3 Accuracy
1 Evasion
15 Base Damage
78 Mitigation
1 Bleed
1 Paralyctic Venom
1 Phase
+1 LD
12 Hide Rating


     <<Shadow's Infection>> // +1 Phase, +1 Paralyctic Venom, +1 Bleed
<<Shadow of Dusk>> // +36 Mit, +1 EVA
<<Shadow's Light>> // +3 ACC
              <<Umbra>> // +6 DMG
Dimensional Backpack

DMG Potion // +3 DMG
Marble Cake // +30 MIT
Field Rations // +75 HP
Will of Steel // +90 HP
Antidote // 2x Antioxidant

Battle Ready Inventory
<<Shadow's Eye>> // +3 LD
Uncommon Antidote // 1x Antioxidant
2x Perfect HP Potions // +120 HP
2x Rare HP Potions // +80 HP
1x Safeguard
2x Uncommon Antidotes // 1x Antioxidant
1x Teleport Crystal



One Handed Dagger | Rank 5: +5 DMG
Search and Detect | Rank 1: +1 LD
                      Sneak and Hide | Rank 1: +2 Stealth Rating
                                                     Light Armor | Rank 3: +12 Mitigation                               
      E Familiar - DMG | Rank 3 +6 DMG
                                                              E Survival | No Ranks: Immunity to Environmental Effects
                                                  E Disguise | +1 ACC to Players - 5 Turn Cooldown

Skill Mods

Hidden nervously walked alone through the twenty-first floor. She herself was quite underleveled, but there was no way she was going to risk Sey becoming hurt. She was lucky, and ended up getting into his team without asking. She had actually been placed within a solid team, a healer being in her team. Hopefully, that healer could spend some of her time bringing back up Hidden's HP. Her grip on her dagger inside of her sleeve caused her knuckles to become a ghostly white. She moved to the meeting point outside the boss room. Several players had already gathered, but she deduced she was in the top third to shop up.The alchemist that had made her potions and made the group lists stood in front of the door. He called out something about potions just as some items were added into her inventory. The buffs she had ordered the other day. She quickly downed the potions like a beggar, dying of thirst. A pounding was heard, and she looked around for the source, only to find it was her own heart. She was scared for the first time in a while in Aincrad. She was scared because she had something to fight for other than her life. She had Sey who was-


He was nowhere to be found. Her hidden eyes darkened as the fact dawned upon her. Had he no showed? flickers of annoyance panged inside of her and she shook her head. "He's coming" she told herself. 'He must be just late or something' she thought. Crouching into the shadows, she activated her Sneak Skill. The darkness surrounded her as she waited for the boss. She didn't have sneak attack yet, but she would rather not be forced into conversation.

Rolling for Stealth

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I take a calming breathe as i stand before the entrance towards the floor boss feeling rather nervous about doing this. Having not been in such a situation before and not knowing what to do with from here. Rather surprised i could make it towards the next floor boss after i set my goal for trying to reach the frontlines. I equip my armor and gear to prepare myself for a fight and takes out the buffs i need and uses the ones i have on me right away as i smile as i my mitigation goes up, my health, and even thorns. All the important stats for myself being provided in this instance as i take my steps into the meeting area seemingly. Able to see cloaked girl who is meant to be in my party along with Jonathan. I look around the area to see if anybody else in my party is here or even HDA members besides Ruby. Not seeing such people, but knows Hikoru's title from Itzal which means Hikoru could be here for all i know, or not at all. I nod my head as i just stand around somewhere between Mogernstern and Hidden till i see some more people that i could be comfortable with talking with or such. Just stay calm Hestia you got this. Just don't lose your cool about this. Supposedly nobody has died form these, so it is easy just don't mess that up as a healer. I say softly to myself.



HP: 1340 | EN: 116 | DMG: 3 | MIT: 196 ACC: 1 |  EVA: -1 | Thorns: 84 l BLD: 36

Equipped Gear:

Twilight's greeting: x2 thorns, x1 regen

Gorgon's stare: x2 paralyze, 1x recovery

Riptide: x2 bleed, x1 ACC

Battle Ready:

Banner of Support

Instant Incarceration (Double DoT damage. Lasts for 1 battle)

Perfect Misperception (lower enemies final damage by 10%. lasts for 1 battle)

Teleport Crystal.

Skills & Mods:

Rank 5 First aid: Field Medic Mod


Rank 2 Curved Sword

Heavy Armor [Rank 5]: Stone wall Mod

Block [Rank 5]:

Howl: Focused Howl Mod

Parry: Vengeful Riposte Mod

Familiar Master: Protector [Rank 3 T3]


Temp Buffs:
Tier 3 perfect Mitigation buff(+45 MIT) from: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/16234-f22-pp-renewing-bields-vows-a-ship-full-of-holes/

+135 HP: Perfect T3 Overhealth crystal from: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/12045-asters-crafts-and-loot/?do=findComment&comment=542552

Immolation Potion: +30 thorns.


+1 safeguard.  from: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/12045-asters-crafts-and-loot/?do=findComment&comment=542552



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Itzal walked over to the entrance to the boss room and waved to his allies with a smile.  Macradon, Jonathan, Hikoru, Ruby, Calrex and Hestia.  So these were the players who had arrived here first then?  He was dressed in his Hardened resolve armor, the tier three version.  He had fifty four mitigation on the armor as well as one point of evasion.  That and he also had a point of evasion with his acrobatics mod which gave him both evasion and mitigation.  Plus since he had maxed light armor out he now had more mitigation than usual...  Then there was the buff from attending Shield and Beat's wedding too.  That was a weird occasion.  As he walked over to the group he used multiple items, including the field rations and immolation potion he bought from Shield, increasing his overall health and giving him some thorns damage.  The reward for the return of the queen quest he used which strengthened his damage more.  And finally a safeguard, for obvious reasons.  When Jonathan sent him the buff items he smiled and nodded to his ally...  Though he'd already received better buffs so he'd probably save them for a dungeon or something. 

Items and buffs used/held



Consumed:  1 T3 Field Rations, 1 T3 Immolation potion, 1 Bees Honey +3 dmg, 1 safeguard

Buffs:  +45 MIT, +3 DMG, 30 Thorns, +120 Health, 1 safeguard

House Buffs:  Bedroom -1 energy for first three expenditures in battle. 

Carried:  1x Teleport Crystal, x1 Rare Lullaby, x1 Instant healing song, x1 Mass healing song,  x2 perfect healing songs

Equipped:  Hardened Resolve:  Tier 3, 2 MIT 1 EVA.  Yakimba, T3 2 bleed 2 paralysis.  Beauty Incarnated, 3 accuracy




Level: 74
HP: 1,590
Energy: 144

DMG: 20 (base 1 damage + 9 dmg (Velnia) +5 sword skill +1 Athletics +1 Ferocity +3 Honey)
Mitigation:  124
Thorns:  30
Safeguard:  Active
Accuracy:  3
Evasion:  2

SP Available:  3

Total SP:  399


Boss Raid Setup

Hardened Resolve (+56 MIT Tier 3)
Yakimba (+2 Bleed +2 Paralysis Tier 2)
Beauty Incarnated (+3 Accuracy Tier 1)



Grandmaster one handed straight sword (+5 DMG) <50 sp>

Grandaster light armor (+25 MIT) <50 sp>

Grandmaster Search and Detect  (+5 LD) <50 sp>

Gatherer (turns each material found into the ammount of 4) <10 sp>

Picking (+3 LD when opening chests) <15 sp>

Velnia (Rank 3 Fighter: +9 dmg) <18 sp>

Grandmaster Charge (+5 dmg first attack) <50 sp>

Grandmaster Battle Healing (+5% total health per combat post) <50 sp>



Reveal (+2LD when searching for dungeons or players.  Dungeons rolled for every 15 posts rather than 20) <9 sp>

Detect (+1 to dungeon searching, +3 to player, npc, mob searching, all player stealth bonuses are negated) <9>
Night Vision (Ignores any penalties from low light or darkness, as well as negating others stealth bonuses from it) <5>
Athletics: +1 dmg +10 * tier HP

Spring & Acrobatics +1 Evasion while wearing light armor

Ferocity:  +1 DMG


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The last few boss raids had been good practice for Shield. While he had fared fine in them, it was not something he was used to. He rarely needed much help in combat other than to speed up the process with real damage dealers. To be powerless to handle a foe without so many allies present was unpleasant for him. Still, his comfort with living on the front lines was growing with each passing day, to the point that he no longer felt afraid for his own safety. Taking what he had learned from previous fights, he pooled his resources, combining consumables and permanent boosts to create a defense that should be air-tight, at least as far as he could possibly know to prepare for. The less he had to worry about himself, the more he could focus on serving as a proper support to those who needed it.

Along the way to Taft, he downed a handful of potions and various food items, including the steak that Beat had insisted be served at the wedding. He also made sure that the items he had earmarked for Beat were clearly outlined in their shared inventory. His time as a statistician in the real world had made him pragmatic to the point that might annoy players who did not share his compulsions. Some of that had come out in the previous fight, choosing to fuel Beat over those in his party who were lower on energy. It was a bold move, and perhaps not a kind one, but even if players were unhappy with his actions, he had not slacked in his duties as tank. That he took seriously, and no matter how badly he wanted his companion to get the last hit, he would never be okay with putting anyone at risk to do so.

By the time he had made use of the teleportation plaza and materialized on the current top floor of Aincrad, both his hit points and mitigation were higher than he had ever managed before. It was reassuring. Next to his hand that hovered beside his stat window, a small, scaly head poked its way from his sleeve. The bush viper flicked her tongue and looked up at him.

"Almost makes you feel like all of that work grinding for loot and levels is actually paying off, doesn't it, Lilith?" the little serpent continued to stare up at him with her unblinking slits before giving an extra little flick and disappearing back into the folds of his overcoat. "Nice to talk to you too."

He found the small knot of front-liners, nodding his greeting to those who he knew, which was most of them. He stopped in front of Hestia, giving her a tap on the shoulder with his fist. "Good to see you joining us. Keep your head down and our health bars up. After seeing how you fared against the King though, I think you'll do just fine." He gave her another nod and continued through the crowd.

Beat had not arrived yet, and Hikoru was either so far absent or hiding somewhere, he suspected the latter. Then again, he could no longer count the player among his guild mates. They still kept in contact, largely over information and business, but it was still a genial exchange when they interacted. The same could not be said for his superior, Jonathan. Things had been icy between them for weeks now. He would have been more than happy to bury the hatchet and hash things out, but everything he knew about Jonathan told him that it was not the right time. Still, he did intend to make use of the antidotes he had been sent. He gave Jonathan a nod of thanks, figuring that he would save words until he was sure Jonathan wanted to hear them.

To his most common adventuring companions of those gathered, namely Itzal and Calrex, he extended fists to bump in order to improve morale. "Big day for everyone. One more step towards the top!" He kept his hand extended, allowing Lilith to extend her splindly neck and crane about from side to side, assessing the small dragon and the blue falcon that accompanied the respective players.

[Battle Stats]

Name Shield
Level 72
Guild Celestial Ascendants
Rank Senitnel
Hit Points 1795/1795
Energy Points 144/144
Damage 1
Mitigation 246
Evasion -1
* Def. Damage 99
Battle Healing 89
Envenom (Defensive) 18 / 4 turns [BD: 9-10]
Loot Die 5
Recovery 3
Taunt -
* Defensive Damage Breakdown
Thorns 54
Flame Aura 15
Immolation: 30

[Equipped Gear]

Item Tier Item Type Enhancements
Spirit Plate 3 Heavy Armor Mitigation II Recovery I  
Stinging Nettle 3 Heavy Armor Thorns II Envenom I  
Manticore Mask 3 Shield Mitigation I Taunt Flame Aura I
Resilient Wedding Ring - Trinket +12 Mitigation    
Sword - OHSS -    
Hoya of Minos - Trinket -    

[Housing Bonuses]

Bonus Effect Uses
Well Rested -1 EN cost [3/3]
Squeaky Clean -25% DOT dmg / turn [1/1]
Item Stash +1 Battle-Ready Inventory slot  
Skylight ** +1 Expertise (Search & Detect)  
Relaxed +45 HP/post, EN refresh in 2 posts  
Advanced Training +2 SP/month  
Multipurpose +2 to certain rolls/10 posts  

[Battle Ready Inventory]

Items Type Tier Quality Quantity Slot
Teleport Crystals Crystal - Perfect 5 1
Potion of Safeguard Potion - Perfect 2 2
Antidote Potion Potion - Rare 2 3
Blood Brothers - Bleed 2, Damage 1 1H Axe 3 Perfect 1 4
Instant Song of Healing Crystal 3 Perfect 1 5
Mass Recovery Crystal Crystal 3 Perfect 2 Dimensional Backpack
Banner of Support Banner - - [2/3] Storage Closet


Skills Rank
Heavy Armor 5
Block 5
Battle Healing 5
Search & Detect 5**
Howl -
Fighting Spirit -
Parry -
Energize -
Picking -
Fishing -
Extra Skills Rank
Healer Familiar 3
Martial Arts 0
Meditatation 0
Concentration -
Survival -
Focused Howl  
Vengeful Riposte  
Justified Riposte  

[Consumables Used]

Item Tier Quality Effect
Over-Health Crystal 3 Perfect +135 HP
Wedding Steak 3 Perfect +45 Mit
Potion of Safeguard - Perfect Null attack damage [1/1]
Potion of Antidote 3 Perfect Null status effect [3/3]
Field Rations +2 - - +120 HP
Immolation Potion +2 - - +30 Thn
Darkness Salve - - +20 Mit, -3 Dmg


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Beat walked through the corridor, his fingers dancing through the air as his free hand received received the numerous food and alchemical items, tucking them into the curve of his arm, which he held against his chest to act as a sort of shelf for the plethora of consumables he had prepared for the battle. He had finally hit the highest available tier of the game and he planned to prove himself in this fight. With how many consumables he and Shield had managed to accrue, he was not terribly worried about depleting their store of items. 

Gonna wreck this boss! 

He scanned the crowd and nodded at the players whose eye he met before finally finding his partner and walking over to him and closing his menu, thunking the Tank's shoulder plate with his now available hand, "Ready to wreck some face?" he said before beginning to take his time eating the food items, enjoying their flavor. 



[Battle Stats]

Name Beat
Level 50
Guild Celestial Ascendants
Rank Senitnel
Hit Points 1120/1120
Energy Points 100/100
Damage 27
Mitigation 107
Evasion 2
Accuracy 7
Loot Die 2
Prosperity 0
Additional Buffs Snake's Venom
  Antidote 1/1
  2x Bleed
  Safe Guard

[Equipped Gear]

Item Tier Enhancements
Eagle's Splendor 1 +3 ACC
Spear of Destiny 2 Absolute Accuracy, Holy Damage, Bleed
Wholly Angle 2 +3 Mitigation
Ring of Strong Will 3 +1 Damage

[Housing Bonuses]

Buff Effect Uses
Well Rested -1 EN cost 3/3
Squeaky Clean -25% DOT dmg / turn 1/1
Hard Working +2 Crafting Exp & +1 Attempt  
Filling Craft Food  
Relaxed HP regen now 45/turn OOC  
Item Stash +1 Battle Ready Slot  
Multipurpose +2 on Certain Rolls/10 Posts  
Delicious Craft Feasts   
Skylight (Searching) +1 to LD  
Advanced Training +2 SP for one thread/month  

[Battle Ready Inventory]

Items Type Tier Quality Quantity Enhancement
Basic Teleportation Crystal Crystal 1 Uncommon 1  
Healing Crystal Potion 2 Rare 3  
Swords Dance Potion Potion 2 Perfect 3  
Safe Guard Potion Potion 1 Perfect 0  
Power Bar [Vitality] Snack 2 Rare 3 Vitality
Shi's Talon 2H Spear 2 Perfect 1 Absolute Accuracy, Paralyze, Freeze


Skills Rank
Heavy Armor 3/5
Search and Detect 1/5
Charge 5/5
2H Spears 5/5
Ferocity [2H Spears]  
Finesse [2H Spears] 3/3
Precision [2H Spears]  
Stamina [2H Spears]  
Athletics (Heavy Armor)  
Extra Skills  
Martial Arts [Extra Skill]  
Concentration [Extra Skill]  
Survival [Extra Skill]  
Familiar Skills  
Fighter 3/3



T1 Protein Powder: +2 Dmg, -10 Mit
Swords Dance Potion: +3 Dmg

[1x] Freylise Love Potion [[Unique Potion - T1] - +2 Dmg for Beat and Shield

Snake Venom- on crit, 4 dmg per turn for 10 turns.

Safe Guard Potion

Wedding Steak: T3 Perfect Mitigation Meal [+45 MIT]

Antidote: T1 Uncommon potion

Meat on Dem Bones: Perfect T2 overhealth meal [+90 HP Overhealth]

Matriarch's Holy Stinger [2x Bleed Damge for one thread]

Crafting food:  6 T2 mats used
Dodgy Dumpling [T2 Rare Snack]: +2 EVA

Precise Pickle [T2 Rare Snack]: +2 ACC


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"Fan, fan, fan, fan!!!" Zandra yelled to herself as she ran around the estate like a burned hen. A few minutes later she left the house and darted out thru the main entrance. Her hand scrolled thru her inventory to equip all her combat gear. The black dragon-armour with its pulsing glowing veins and horned head. The new axe she had got from last boss battle as well as santas cloak. She did thougth if she should go for her accuracy wristguards, but on the meeting the possibility of high paralyse was a possibility. And this would make her healing sligthly more effective.

It was almost time now to enter the dungeon for next floor boss. And this would be so embarrasing, she,  highest ranked player alchemist in this world, had totally forgot to turn in her potions and crystals for evaluation. There was no choice, she had to take from her own privat stacks. She wouldnt enter quite as safe as safe as she hoped to. But there was no other ways. Not after what she have done in the past.

As she arrived, there was barely anyone there, she could only spot nine players. "where, where is the rest?" 




Lvl: 73
HP: 1,505
Energy: 146
Dmg: 20 base


with charge: 25
with fallen: 32
with charge+fallen: 37

Mit: 118 (35 armour skill+36 flame aura+27 heavy armour+20 potion)
Thorns(burn-dmg): 30

Faid: 20%

Life mend: 20%

Utility & Mobility:

Expert(rank 3) Search & Detect


Grandmaster(rank 5) First aid
Grandmaster(rank 5) Charge
Grandmaster(rank 5) Heavy armour
Expert(rank 3) Block

Weapon skill:
Grandmaster(rank 5) Two-handed Battle-axe
Journeyman(rank 2) One-handed Curved sword

Extra skills:
Unskilled(rank 0) Martial Arts

Field medic
Ferocity(2H Axe)


Minor potion of Sharp dragon-fang(+2 DMG):


Name: Minor potion of Sharp dragon-fang
In stock: 4-1=3
Item Type: Potion
Tier: 1
Quality: Rare
Enhancements: Damage +2
A glas bottle with a blood-red liquid. When you drink it, your feel your muscle-strength increase as well as your teeths becomes as sharp as a dragons.


Potion of hardened Dragon-scale(+20 MIT):


Name: Potion of hardened Dragon-scale
In stock: 10-1=9
Item Type: Potion
Tier: 2
Quality: Rare
Enhancements: Damage mitigation +20
A glas bottle with a blue liquid. When you drink it, you get a dragon-scale pattern on your skin on your elbows and knees.

The Serpent's Spit(16 Toxic venom):


Name: The Serpent's Spit
In stock: 6-1=5
Item Type: Potion
Tier: 2
Quality: Perfect
Enhancements: Toxic Venom
A glas bottle with a green liquid. When you drink it, your attacks have a chance to poision your enemy

-Tesseleth's fury -(t3)2h battle axe- 2x Fallen damage 2x Burn
-Inferno -(t3)Heavy armour -2x Flame aura 1x Mitigation
-Santas cloak -(t3)Light armour -1x Never freeze 1x Paralytic immunity 2x Field medic

At ready:
-Amphibian war rally
-Banner of superior support
-Crystal of the blood-dragon horde (Mass-heal crystal) x5
-Potion of vicious blood-dragon (HP-recovery +240 potion) x5
-Potion of potent blood-dragon (HP-recovery +160 potion) x5
-Powerful venom resistance salve (Antidote x2 salve) x5
-Dimensional backpack
-Dimensional pouch


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Teion tightened and loosened her grip on the blackened handle of the battle axe she held in front of her. Standing off to the side of the gathering of players, where she might exist out of the way but still able to observe and pay attention until the veterans would call them to action, the violette was preoccupied with acquainting herself with the newest piece of equipment she had acquired: a charred-looking weapon with veins of pulsating orange running over its length. She took stock of its weight, adjusting her hold ever-so-slightly and wishing that the passageways weren't so narrow so that she would be able to easily give it a few practice swings.

Still, playing with her new toy was mainly a distraction for herself. Her fingers twitched lightly with her nerves, and her impatience grew slowly but steadily as the waiting game dragged on. "Just like old raid nights, or something." She mumbled to herself under her breath, recalling the scheduled days where she would take on boss after boss with her guild, sitting behind a screen.



Level: 39
Health: 780 | Energy: 78
DMG: 16 | MIT: 57 | ACC: 4 | EVA: 0
Recovery: 3
Fallen DMG: 8

Non-combat skills:
<<Searching>> [13/50]: Rank 2 - Journeyman

Combat skills:
►<<Charge>> [35/50]: Rank 4 - Master

Weapon skills:
►<<Two-Handed Battle Axe>> [50/50]: Rank 5 - Grandmaster

Extra skills:

►[Active] <<Precision>>
►[Active] <<Two-Handed Battle Axe: Ferocity>>

»[Equipped] [Perfect] Darkened Battleaxe +8 Fallen, +1 ACC
»[Equipped] [Perfect] Waning Crescent +2 ACC, +1 Recovery
»[Equipped] [Perfect] Amethyst Set +36 MIT, +2 Recovery

»[Perfect] Requiem +6 DMG
»[Consumable] Teleport Crystal x2

Items Used
»[Quest Item] Potion of Fallen Strength +3 DMG, -9 MIT
»[Quest Item] 
Banner of Command [3 Charges] +1 DMG (4 Targets: Teion, @Beat, @Hirru, @Jomei)
»Potion of Safeguard (96442) +Safeguard
»Major Potion of Damage (96935) +3 DMG
»Tylenol (98064) +30 MIT
»Rare Antidote (Morgenstern) +2 Turn Immunity


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Walking through the dim corridors of the labyrinth aside her fiancee, Telrenya had been holding her hands in front of her torso practically without rest since they had set out from their home in Taft. The fingers of her right hand worked to turn the emerald charm in the shape of a clover that hung from her wrist, a habit that had formed that very clearly displayed just how nervous she was to approach the growing group of frontliners. She swallowed, feeling a bit of resistance from the small lump that had taken up residence in her throat, and winced when a sharp crack of thunder sounded through the layers of earth that stood above their heads. "Guess we're, really doing this, huh?" Her speech faltered for just a short second as she addressed Jomei before they had come within earshot of the other players. Chocolate brown eyes scanned the crowd as they drew closer, the unease and anxiety in her chest calming only slightly when they ran over a few familiar faces.



Level: 37
Health: 800 | Energy: 74
DMG: 16 | MIT: 89 | ACC: 4 | EVA: 3

Combat skills:
►<<Charge>> [23/50]: Rank 3 - Expert

Weapon skills:
►<<Rapier>> [50/50]: Rank 5 - Grandmaster

Armor skills:
<<Light Armor>> [5/50]: Rank 1 - Novice

Extra skills:
<<Familiar Mastery: Protector>> [18/18]: Rank 3 - Grandmaster

►[Active] <<Precision>>
►[Active] <<Ferocity: Rapier>>

»[Equipped] [Perfect] Celestial Dawn +6 DMG
»[Equipped] [Perfect] Celestial Blessing +2 EVA, +1 ACC
»[Equipped] [Perfect] Erin's Favor +2 ACC, +1 EVA
»[Equipped] [Unique] Mask of the Lovers +60 Over-Health, +1 LD (Only active when in a thread with Jomei)

»[Consumable] Teleport Crystal x1

Items Used
»Potion of Safeguard (96442) +Safeguard
»Major Potion of Damage (96935) +3 DMG
»Tylenol (98064) +30 MIT
»Rare Antidote (Morgenstern) +2 Turn Immunity


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A few more faces seemed to be filtering in. They were familiar, though he was definitely most familiar with Teion. He gave a wave to Zandra, having fought along side her a number of times, though given how close she seemed to be to the self-crowned lion, Ariel, that was a connection he was very reluctant to nurture.

I've learned more than enough about her little friend Ariel to let my guard down around her. She's seemed fine herself, but I can't be sure.

He gave Teion a proper greeting tapping her on the shoulder with his fist. 

"Good to see you up on the lines," he said, giving the corner of his mouth a little twist. "Some of our strongest have been taking early retirements, so it's good that we have people who know how to fight taking their places."

He did not know Telrenya as well, but he had carried her once when she was just starting out. Either way, he knew that she was assigned to a DPS slot on her first team, and the other third tier players definitely did not need more help with their damage. He unslung his red Banner of Leadership and snapped his finger. He, @Beat, @Teion and @Telrenya were lit up in a faint outline of white light for a moment. The bright red banner turned grey, the second of its three charges now expended, and it went into cool-down. It would have been nice to boost the other DPS on his team, but there was no telling when the fight would start, and he couldn't wait any longer. He banished it to his inventory, replacing it in his inventory once again with more pertinent items for the fight.

One charge left. Hopefully by the time it's done, I'll have a chance to take Sharpen to make up the difference, though that's hardly a permanent buff...


[Banner of Leadership Used]

Shield [+1 Damage]
Beat [+1 Damage]
Teion [+1 Damage]
Telrenya [+1 Damage]


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Olive eyes locked onto the cream colored ceiling above him as he laid in their bed. Jomei and Telrenya were about to head out to the next boss fight, and where it would not be Jomei's first bout with the strongest monster a floor has to offer.. it would be his fiance's first. The man continuously had to clear his mind, wondering if her coming along was a good idea or not. Though despite his concern, he would always swallow down the thoughts and trust that Telrenya would be fine fighting along side him. Finally sitting up, Jomei turned to the blonde who had finished readying herself with a confident nod. "Let's do this."

The walk through the corridors of the labyrinth were just as peaceful and quiet as the meadow-filled floor itself. The lingering dread of the powerful boss that awaited them on the other side, however, shattered that illusion of peace. A louder boom of thunder from above seemed to cause the whole cavern to shake, Jomei's hand reaching out to Tel's back to calm her apparent nerves. "Yeah. Looks like it.." the man replied, before turning his head to face her. "You're going to do great, love. And I'll be right there beside you the whole time." 

As the two finally arrived where the rest of the players stood, Jomei saw that Hestia and Ruby from the guild had arrived before them, as well as Teion. It was good to see that the two newcomers were still just as serious about joining the frontlines as they had originally seemed. Going into his inventory, Jomei drank the three potions he he had to up his stats, before pulling out a half mask that was similar to the one he wore during the masquerade. Turning to look at Telrenya, the corner of his lip hooked into a smirk before he secured the item to his face. "You ready?" 


1 x Potion of Safeguard 
1 x Major Potion of Damage (+3 DMG)
1 x Major Potion of Health (+135 Over Health)

House Buffs:
Well Rested: -1 EN from first three expenditures of combat
Squeaky Clean: The first time you would suffer DoT damage in a thread, reduce damage taken from DoT each turn by 20% (rounded down)

Jomei's Stats: 


Level: 66
HP: 1350 > (1575) (+125 OH Consumable + 90 OH Mask of Lovers)
En: 147

DMG: 17 > (21) (+3 Consumable +1 Teion's Banner) 
EVA: 4
ACC: 4
MIT: 52
Savvy: 2

Grandmaster Rapier Skill (+5 DMG)
Grandmaster Light Armor Rank 5 (+25 mit)
Charge Rank 5 (+5 DMG)
Energist (+5*Tier EN)
Battle Healing Rank 5 (5% HP Recovery)

Extra Skills:
Concentration (+1 BD when used)
Martial Arts Rank 1 (+2 DMG Unarmed)
Survival (+15*Tier HP Out of battle & Not effected by environment)
Meditation (3*Tier EN,reduces to 2*Tier if hit before next turn.)
Familiar Handling: Accurate Rank 3 (+3 ACC)

Rapier Ferocity (+1 DMG to Sword Arts )
Rapier Finesse Rank 3(+5*Tier En)
Athletics (+1 DMG, +10*Tier HP)
Precision(+1 ACC)
Sprint and Acrobatics(+1 EVA)

Weapon: Oathkeeper (+3 DMG x Tier 3)(9 Dmg)
Armor: Coat of The Master Duelist (+1 MIT, +2 Savvy)
Accessory: Erin's Protection (+3 EVA)
Extra: Mask of the Lovers (+1 LD, +90 Over Health) [Only active when in a thread with Telrenya]

Battle Ready:
1 x Teleport Crystal
1 x Nature's Blessing



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Hakai wandered up to the group of players. She had missed this sort of thing. Organized groups of players working together to kill something. It was right up her alley. Of course, she imagined that the vast majority of them were actually there for the chance at a demonic weapon. She hoisted her katana up and let it lay against her shoulder. She had missed it a lot. Thankfully Beat had given it back to her in time for this boss battle. She hoped that she had made a good friend in him. He had made her feel a lot better about herself. Her self doubt was replaced with a modicum of self confidence. It was probably only temporary though. Despite knowing that she had the conviction that she would try to be a better person, even if she eventually disappointed him. She was certain that that would happen in time. She consumed the quest item she had gotten from the King of Lakes, wishing that she had had the time to get some other consumables. As long as she didnt die she would be glad, but if she missed the last hit item because she hadn't used a damage potion she would be pissed.

-Filet of King: +100 Overhealth


HP: 900 (780 base+ 20 athletics+ 100 over health)

EN: 78

Total Mit: 66

Total DMG: 16

Blight: 2

Envenom: 2

Eva: 3


One Handed Curved Sword: R1

Katana: R5

Light Armor: R3

Familiar (Fighter): R3


Athletics (+1 DMG, +20 HP)

Quick Change 

Ferocity (Katana)


Eris Gauntlet: +54 Mit

Maniae's Breastplate: 3 EVA

Limbo's Fang: 2 Blight, 2 Envenom


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Near the end of the timer, a familiar green haired hunter slowly made his way to the group.  There wasn't much said as he was given the BUFFS and items from Teion and Morg.  In fact, he didn't even say hello to anyone, not even his own guild mate, Mac.  The only thing that could be discerned from him was that his eyes were cold.  Making quick work of a ration and a potion or two, his tattered Blades Cloak billowed as the armor underneath was placed back on.  Gripping the pommel of his blade, Loyalty, it would seem that he was ready, even if he wasn't buffed to the best of his abilities.  Whether there was a plan in that head of jade, or not could not be determined.  In fact, one could say, it looked like....


His gaze fell upon the door.  He wanted it open.  There was so much that he wanted to know, but this thing was barring his way.

He needed to know...

He needed..


(I'm on my cell at work, so it is hard to do this within limit..)



Hirru Lvl 53

1225 HP
106 Energy
2 Accuracy
1 Evasion
17 Base Damage (18 w/ Ferocity) [22 w/ Ferocity & Charge]
72 Mitigation


Loyalty of the Sworn Knight ........ // +9 Damage
Spirit of the Jade Dragon .......... // +2 Accuracy, +1 Evasion
Pride of the Guardian .............. // +54 Mitigation
Blades Cloak ....................... // Vanity
Dimensional Backpack ............... // +1 B.R.I Slot

Battle Ready Inventory

<Teleportation Crystal> x3 ......... // Teleport to a town / out of a dungeon [Uses 2 posts: 1 for use, next to teleport]
<Natures Blessing> x3 .............. // Heal +45 hp
<Field Ration +2> ×4 ............// Max HP +120
<Immolation Potion +2> ×4 ......// Thorns +30


One Handed Straight Sword .......... // Rank 5: +5 DMG
Heavy Armor ........................ // Rank 3: +18 MIT
Search and Detect .................. // Rank 5: +5 LD | +5 Stealth Detect
Charge ............................. // Rank 4: +4 DMG on successful first strike
Martial Arts ....................... // Rank 2: +4 Unarmed
Concentration ...................... // +1 to your BD / 5 turn cooldown
Survival ........................... // Heal 45 HP when out of battle each post / Negate environmental damage

Skill Mods

Reveal ............................. // +2 to Labyrinth searches|Post 15 searches
Detect ............................. // +1 to Labyrinth searches|+2 Stealth Detect
Athletics .......................... // +1 Dmg / +45 HP
OHSS Ferocity ...................... // +1 Dmg to all OHSS Sword Arts
OHSS Finesse R3 .................... // -3 EN to all OHSS Sword Arts


Field Ration +2 = +120 max up

Immolation =+30 Thorns


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Floor 22 Boss: <<Bialas, Warden of the Storm>>


A mighty bolt of lightning crashed into the ground, striking the wooden trapdoor that stood before the players. The sound of the entryway shattering was drowned out by the loud boom of thunder that followed, causing the feeling of a minor quake under the feet of the awaiting players. Just up the set of stairs revealed a boss room unlike most others -- a clearing filled with thick trees, green grass, and the imposing thunderstorm that darkened the sky overhead. The air was thick, and lacked the heat and humidity that came with oncoming rain, as well as any sort of wind. From what it seemed, the looming, grey clouds over head were going to stay for the duration for their battle.

Along with the low rumbling of thunder from above, the pounding of hooves galloping towards the players caught their attention. Coming out from among the tree line was a large unicorn with silvery skin, and bushels of white hair that stood straight up. Visible electric surges jumped from its hair and horn as its red eyes caught glimpse of the players who now disrupted the sanctity of his grove. Rising onto its back feet, Bialas uttered a loud high-pitched neigh, which caused the clouds above to open up and  bolts of blue and white lightning crashed into the ground where the first group of players stood. Some dodging the attack, while others had their safeguards knocked away.

Players have 48 hours to reply to the boss' post, or take 150 points of unmitigated damage.


Bialas' Stats


Arc Lightning
ID 99055 | LD 19 | @Macradon  <<Static Charge>>

Lightning Storm
Calrex ID 99056 CD 12 -  Lightning Storm Misses
Ruby ID 99057 CD 1 -  Lightning Storm Hits [Safeguarded]
Jomei ID 99058  CD 12 -   Lightning Storm Misses
Telrenya ID 99059 | | CD 7 -   Lightning Storm Misses
Macradon ID 99060| CD 6 - Lightning Storm Hits [Safeguarded]

[                                                          ]
[                                                          ]
[                                                          ]

Base DMG: 175 (minimum 75)
MIT: 50
ACC: 2
EVA: 1
[Passive] Stun immunity increased to 3 turns. Cannot be affected by Paralysis two turns in a row.
[Passive] Can only be affected by 2 debuffs at one time.

Room Effect: Lightning Storm
At the beginning of the boss’ turn, bolts of lightning rain down on the players in the target group. Bialas rolls a die for each player and refers to the CD to determine if they are struck:

  • 1-6: Struck! The player takes 100 unmitigatable DMG, or 75 unmitigatable DMG if they have Survival active.
  • 7-12: Miss! Nothing happens.

Players wearing heavy armor receive a -1 for this roll.
Players wielding a two-handed weapon receive a -1 for this roll.
Players with the Acrobatics mod active receive a +1 for this roll.

Ability 1: ???


Ability 2: ???


Ability 3: ???


Ability 4: ???


Ability 5: Arc Lightning
[Uses every turn] [Free Action]
Applies the following debuff to a random player in the next target group:
<<Static Charge>>: At the beginning of your turn, roll a die with the Roll Purpose “Static Charge”. The following happens based on the CD result:

  • 1-3: The effect spreads! You end up touching or getting close enough to another party member for them to gain the <<Static Charge>> debuff. The effect then deals 50 unmitigatable DMG, or 35 unmitigatable DMG if you have Survival active. The newly-affected player is determined by you, but must be someone who is not already affected by <<Static Charge>>.
  • 4-9: The effect deals 50 unmitigatable DMG, or 35 unmitigatable DMG if you have Survival active.
  • 10-12: The effect immediately ends, and no damage is taken.

If all players in a single party gain the <<Static Charge>> debuff, they each immediately take 50 unmitigatable DMG, or 35 unmitigatable DMG if they have Survival active, and the effect ends on all players. Players affected by a discharge are immune to the next instance of <<Static Charge>> that would be applied to them for one round.

Player's Stats


Party 1
@Calrex 1765/1765 HP | 172/172 EN | 16 DMG | 164 MIT  | 3 ACC | 2 EVA | 60% ACH [Safeguarded]
@Ruby: 1175/1175 HP | 104/104 EN | 17 DMG | 45 MIT | 3 ACC | 3 EVA
@Jomei 1575/1575 HP | 147/147 EN | 20 DMG | 4 ACC | 4 EVA | 52 MIT | 2 Savvy [Safeguarded][Squeaky Clean 3/3]
@Telrenya 800/800 HP | 74/74 EN | 17 DMG | 89 MIT | 4 ACC | 3 EVA  [Safeguarded][Antidote 2/2]
@Macradon: 1525/1525 HP | 148/148 EN | 20 DMG | 146 MIT | 4 ACC | 0 EVA <<Static Charge>>

Party 2 
Shield 1785/1785 HP | 144/144 EN | 2 DMG | 246 MIT | 99 Thorns | 18 Envenom(D)| -1 EVA [Safeguarded][Antidote 3/3][Squeaky Clean 1/1]
Zandra 1505/1505 HP | 146/146 EN | 20 DMG | 118 MIT | 30 Thorns | Para Immune | Nvr. Freeze 
Hakai 900/900 HP | 78/78 EN | 16 DMG | 66 MIT | 2 Blight | 2 Envenom(O)| 3 EVA 
Beat 1120/1120 HP | 100/100 EN | 28 DMG | 107 MIT |  24 BLD| 7 ACC | 2 EVA | Snake's Venom [Safeguarded][Antidote 1/1][Squeaky Clean 1/1]
Teion 780/780 HP | 78/78 EN | 17 DMG | 57 MIT | 4 ACC |  [Safeguarded][Antidote 2/2]
Hirru 1225/1225 HP | 106/106 EN | 17 DMG | 72 MIT | 30 Thorns | 2 ACC | 1 EVA

Party 3 
Morgenstern: 1475/1475 HP | 122/122 EN | 18 DMG | 156 MIT | 47 Thorns | 6 HM | 3 ACC | -1 EVA [2x Antioxidants]
Hestia 1340/1340 HP | 116/116 EN | 3 DMG | 196 MIT | 84 Thorns | 36 BLD | 1 ACC | -1 EVA [Safeguarded]
Hikoru 1440/1440 HP | 144/144 EN | 18 DMG | 109 MIT | 2 ACC | 3 EVA 
Itzal 1590/1590 HP | 144/144 EN | 20 DMG | 124 MIT | 3 ACC | 2 EVA | 30 Thorns | 2 Para. |  24 BLD [Safeguarded] 
Hidden 805/805 HP | 64/64 EN | 15 DMG | 78 MIT | 3 ACC | 2 EVA | 12 BLD | 1 Para. Venom | 1 Phase [Safeguarded] [2x Antioxidants]

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As the gate to the boss room was cracked, destroyed, as some kind of force form the other side of the gate. The sudden eruption shocked Macradon slightly, but he quickly donned his helmet and ran into the boss room with banner in his hand. As he came into the forest like room, Macradon planted his banner as he charged forward with Belphegor at his side. “Let’s take it down!” he roared out to everyone as the fight had begun. With a quick motion, Belphegor rushed up before Macradon and would come in to bite onto the great unicorn. On his way towards the unicorn, heavy sparks flew through the air and stroke down onto Macradon, his safeguard as well as natural healing took care of it like it was nothing. As the small tedious lightning had stopped its targeting, Macradon would close in towards the unicorn and throw a single heavy cleave at it, dealing a good starting chunk of damage.

ID: 99061
BD: 3+4=7, Hit!
CD: 9, Recovery Proc!
Sword art used: Galaxy Destroyer - 13x26-50=338 DMG

ID: 99065
CD: 5  -  35 Unmitigable damage taken


Bialas | ID 99055 | CD 11 Shockwave 

Calrex ID 99056 | MD 8(-2)=6 | LD 4 |  CD 12 - Shockwave hits [Safeguarded]  Lightning Storm Misses
Ruby ID 99057 | MD 8(-3) | LD 6 |  CD 1 - Shockwave Misses  Lightning Storm Hits [Safeguarded]
Jomei ID 99058 | MD 1 | LD 8 | CD 12 - Shockwave Misses  Lightning Storm Misses
Telrenya ID 99059 | MD 5(-3) | LD 17| CD 7 -  Shockwave Misses Lightning Storm Misses
Macradon ID 99060 | MD 6 | LD 15 | CD 6 - Shockwave Hits [Safeguarded]  Lightning Storm Hits (75 Dmg)

[                                                          ]
[                                                          ]
[                                                          ]

Base DMG: 175 (minimum 75)
MIT: 50
ACC: 2
EVA: 1
[Passive] Stun immunity increased to 3 turns. Cannot be affected by Paralysis two turns in a row.
[Passive] Can only be affected by 2 debuffs at one time.

Room Effect: Lightning Storm
At the beginning of the boss’ turn, bolts of lightning rain down on the players in the target group. Bialas rolls a die for each player and refers to the CD to determine if they are struck:

  • 1-6: Struck! The player takes 100 unmitigatable DMG, or 75 unmitigatable DMG if they have Survival active.
  • 7-12: Miss! Nothing happens.

Players wearing heavy armor receive a -1 for this roll.
Players wielding a two-handed weapon receive a -1 for this roll.
Players with the Acrobatics mod active receive a +1 for this roll.

Ability 1: ???


Ability 2: ???


Ability 3: ???


Ability 4: ???


Ability 5: Arc Lightning
[Uses every turn] [Free Action]
Applies the following debuff to a random player in the next target group:
<<Static Charge>>: At the beginning of your turn, roll a die with the Roll Purpose “Static Charge”. The following happens based on the CD result:

  • 1-3: The effect spreads! You end up touching or getting close enough to another party member for them to gain the <<Static Charge>> debuff. The effect then deals 50 unmitigatable DMG, or 35 unmitigatable DMG if you have Survival active. The newly-affected player is determined by you, but must be someone who is not already affected by <<Static Charge>>.
  • 4-9: The effect deals 50 unmitigatable DMG, or 35 unmitigatable DMG if you have Survival active.
  • 10-12: The effect immediately ends, and no damage is taken.

If all players in a single party gain the <<Static Charge>> debuff, they each immediately take 50 unmitigatable DMG, or 35 unmitigatable DMG if they have Survival active, and the effect ends on all players. Players affected by a discharge are immune to the next instance of <<Static Charge>> that would be applied to them for one round.


Party 1 (LD 1-7)
@Calrex 1765/1765 HP | 172/172 EN | 16 DMG | 164 MIT  | 3 ACC | 2 EVA | 60% ACH 
@Ruby: 1175/1175 HP | 104/104 EN | 17 DMG | 45 MIT | 3 ACC | 3 EVA
@Jomei 1575/1575 HP | 147/147 EN | 20 DMG | 4 ACC | 4 EVA | 52 MIT | 2 Savvy [Safeguarded][Squeaky Clean 3/3]
@Telrenya 800/800 HP | 74/74 EN | 17 DMG | 89 MIT | 4 ACC | 3 EVA  [Safeguarded][Antidote 2/2]
Macradon: 1525/1525 HP | 141/148 EN | 20 DMG | 146 MIT | 4 ACC | 0 EVA  (-35)(+75)(-13)(+6)

Party 2 (LD 8 -14)
Shield 1785/1785 HP | 144/144 EN | 2 DMG | 246 MIT | 99 Thorns | 18 Envenom(D)| -1 EVA [Safeguarded][Antidote 3/3][Squeaky Clean 1/1]
Zandra 1505/1505 HP | 146/146 EN | 20 DMG | 118 MIT | 30 Thorns | Para Immune | Nvr. Freeze | [Safeguarded] [Antidote 3/3]
Hakai 900/900 HP | 78/78 EN | 16 DMG | 66 MIT | 2 Blight | 2 Envenom(O)| 3 EVA 
Beat 1120/1120 HP | 100/100 EN | 28 DMG | 107 MIT |  24 BLD| 7 ACC | 2 EVA | Snake's Venom [Safeguarded][Antidote 1/1][Squeaky Clean 1/1]
Teion 780/780 HP | 78/78 EN | 17 DMG | 57 MIT | 4 ACC |  [Safeguarded][Antidote 2/2]
Hirru 1225/1225 HP | 106/106 EN | 17 DMG | 72 MIT | 30 Thorns | 2 ACC | 1 EVA 

Party 3 (LD 15 - 20)
Morgenstern: 1475/1475 HP | 122/122 EN | 18 DMG | 156 MIT | 47 Thorns | 6 HM | 3 ACC | -1 EVA [2x Antioxidants]
Hestia 1340/1340 HP | 116/116 EN | 3 DMG | 196 MIT | 84 Thorns | 36 BLD | 1 ACC | -1 EVA [Safeguarded]
Hikoru 1440/1440 HP | 144/144 EN | 18 DMG | 109 MIT | 2 ACC | 3 EVA 
Itzal 1590/1590 HP | 144/144 EN | 20 DMG | 124 MIT | 3 ACC | 2 EVA | 30 Thorns | 2 Para. |  24 BLD [Safeguarded] 
Hidden 805/805 HP | 64/64 EN | 15 DMG | 78 MIT | 3 ACC | 2 EVA | 12 BLD | 1 Para. Venom | 1 Phase [Safeguarded] [2x Antioxidants]


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