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A Val-halla of a Time. [Halloween Special Dungeon]

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You begin your encounter on the banks of the Stygian River at dusk. An eerie fog has rolled in, making it difficult to see. As you reach the banks, you see a dim light out over the waters. It floats erratically, up and down, side to side. Eventually, a silhouette of a boat appears. It rows ever closer and closer. Before the light - and the boat - leap from the waters to reveal a larger craft. It glows with an ominous purple light, the wails of damned - drowned out by the waters - now carry far and loud upon the air. It beaches itself before you. The prow of the boat then descends, forming a ramp into its dark hold. Upon entering the boat, you notice that the hull isn’t made of wood or metal. It consists of a strange, chitinous material.

You make your way through the macabre hold - all the while spirits of the damned harass you. They fly past you, their spectral wails chilling to your very core. But, you push through and reach the top deck. Once there, a thunderous clap cracks through the air. You turn your head towards the noise only to see a massive giant descending the stairs from the helm. His mouth turns into a malicious sneer as he regards your presence aboard his ship. You look out over the waters to see that the shore is long gone.

“Welcome, mortals! To the Naglfar!”


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HP: 1000/1500/2000
DMG: 125/200/300
ACC: 3
EVA: 0
MIT: 25/50/75

Unshakable [Passive] - Hrym cannot be affected by any disabling effects. (stun, paralysis, etc)

Horn of Battle [Passive] - Every 2 turns, Hrym calls an allied Jötunn to his side. For every Jötunn that remains alive on Hrym’s turns, Hrym gains an extra attack. Summoned Jötunn do not attack, but cannot be attacked themselves.

Solidarity [Passive] - Final damage to Hrym is reduced by 50% so long as one Summoned Jötunn as alive.

Tortured Spirits - Players may use a post action to commune with the spirits trapped aboard the Naglfar. By using the natural LD value, players convince the corresponding number of spirits to attack summoned Jötunn. 20 Spirits attacking the Jötunn will slay it.

2 SP
10,000 Col
Horn of Battle [Consumable] - Sound this horn to grant yourself and your party +2 increased energy regen for a single thread.
Spirit Shard - Proof you have slain a mighty foe. Combine three spirit shards to choose a reward at the end of the dungeon

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Upon defeating Hrym, there’s no one to steer the Naglfar. You’re tossed about on the top deck as the ship becomes trapped in a whirlpool. As you descend lower into the maelstrom, you can make out a massive serpentine presence in the waters. You don’t have the time to consider what it might be as your vision darkens and you black out. You awake some time later in a land of fog. Still, you are harassed by the screams of spirits. This dead land you’ve awoken in feels like something out of a nightmare. But still, you press on. Eventually, you come to a large open chamber, directly opposite you is a throne. Sitting upon it is a beautiful woman, the right side of her face obfuscated by shadow. She greets you warmly, as if your presence here was a pleasant surprise.

Such warmth is short-lived, however. She leans forward, revealing the right half of her face. The skin is discolored, deformed. More corpse than woman. Hate-filled eyes bore straight into your soul. It quickly becomes clear that this being has no intention of helping you. In fact, quite the opposite.


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HP: 750/1500/3000
DMG: 100/250/400
ACC: 3
EVA: 2
MIT: 10/30/50

Jailer of the Damned [Passive] - Hel begins the battle with three spectral soldiers - spirits that belong in Valhalla - chained up around her throne. So long as one soldier is bound, Hel will restore herself to full health upon reaching 50% or lower as a post action. Hel cannot be defeated so long as there are any bound soldiers.

To Valhalla - To free the soldiers, Players must distract Hel by forcing her to heal herself or by applying a disabling effect (stun, paralysis, freeze). Then, while distracted, they must roll a collective LD of 40 in order to free a soldier. After all soldiers are freed, Hel can no longer heal herself.

3 SP
20,000 Col
Duality [Consumable] - Choose from the following:
+30 MIT, -3 DMG
+3 DMG, - 30 MIT
These are considered unique effects and thus stack with other buffs.
Spirit Shard - Proof you have slain a mighty foe. Combine three spirit shards to choose a reward at the end of the dungeon

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Upon defeating Hel, she returns to her throne. Whatever sudden violent outburst that had inspired her to attack you is now gone. She looks grateful to you, but before you can ask her how to return from where you came, a brilliant rainbow-colored light engulfs you. You feel yourself whisked away, your body traveling at breakneck speeds through the ether. Soon, you feel firm ground beneath your feet. You look up at a one-eyed man towering above you. On his shoulders are perched two ravens. He regards you with a nod.

“I am Odin. You have freed my warriors from foul Niflheim. I am in your debt. I would send you home, but before I do, I have a matter that you might aid me with.”

Odin brings you to a dark chamber deep under the surface of Asgard. Before you rests a hulking behemoth of a wolf. Though, perhaps “hulking” is understating it. This wolf is absolutely titanic. Even the mere wisps of breath from its snout is enough to kick up a stiff wind. It’s bound to a stone by a simple ribbon. Odin gestures towards the wolf.

“This is Fenrir. He is destined to one day bring about the end of all things. Having proven your worth against malicious Hrym and duplicitous Hel, I believe you are mighty enough to slay this beast. Tell me when you are ready, warriors. If you wish, I will fight at your side.”

When you signal that your preparations are made, Odin will cut the ribbon, freeing Fenrir. The beast then busts through roof of the cavern, taking the battle to the streets of Asgard.


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HP: 1000/2000/4000
DMG: 125/200/300
ACC: 2
EVA: 1
MIT: 25/75/125

Hati and Skoll - Upon being freed from his bonds, Fenrir’s howl calls his progeny Hati and Skoll. Together, the wolves attack the party. Hati and Skoll have no health pool, but will deal an additional 125/200/300 DMG [mitigable] to Fenrir’s target each. Hati and Skoll flee once Fenrir is reduced to half health. 
*Attacks made by Fenrir, Hati, and Skoll are considered separate attacks; Mitigation applies to each individual attack.

Ragnarok - Fenrir’s freedom from bondage heralds the end times. Upon being reduced to half health, Fenrir will devour the sun as his post action. The sun’s boundless energy restores Fenrir to full health and will improve his stats:
DMG: 200/350/750
ACC: 4
EVA: 3
MIT: 40/100/150
*Hati and Skoll return during Ragnarok once Fenrir is reduced to half health a second time.

Weeping Wounds - Every target that attacks Fenrir will suffer 20/50/75 Thorns damage.

The Allfather - If needed, Odin will aid you in fighting foul Fenrir. He will take all Hate from Fenrir, Hati, and Skoll.





HP: 2000/4000/10000
DMG: 150/300/500
ACC: 4
EVA: 2
MIT: 100/150/250

7 SP
50,000 Col
[If Fenrir is defeated without Odin’s assistance] Gungnir’s Shard (consumable, reusable, untradeable) - Use this item to “store” a standard [i.e. “crafted”] consumable, allowing that consumable to be used infinitely.
Huginn and Muninn [Consumable] - Allows players to skip the “finding” phase of <<Feeding Your Enemy>> once during the quest.
Spirit Shard - Proof you have slain a mighty foe. Combine three spirit shards to choose a reward at the end of the dungeon

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Spirit Shard Shop
Trade 3 Spirit Shards for 1 of the following:

[Weapon Type] of Asgard [Tiered Demonic Weapon]
1 Slot Guaranteed Unique Enhancement (must still be rolled) | 3 Normal Enhancements of Choice (can also be rolled, if desired)

[Armor] of Niflheim [Tiered Demonic Armor]
1 Slot Guaranteed Unique Enhancement (must still be rolled) | 3 Normal Enhancements of Choice (can also be rolled, if desired)

Shard of the Naglfar [Tiered Demonic Trinket]
1 Slot Guaranteed Unique Enhancement (must still be rolled) | 3 Normal Enhancements of Choice (can also be rolled, if desired)

Asgard’s Finery
Reroll a single enhancement on an existing item using only the Merchant’s Unique Enhancement Table OR Increase the Rarity of a single item once, up to Demonic, rolling the new slot at a merchant as normal.


  • This Special Dungeon will run until 11:59PM EST on October 31. You may enter at any time and may complete the dungeon at your leisure, but no one may enter after the deadline.
  • Parties of 4-6 are allowed in this dungeon.
  • If you fail the Dungeon midway through (losing a fight, teleporting, etc), you may attempt the Dungeon again so long as it's within the active period. However, you will not gain rewards for any previously-defeated bosses a second time.
  • Players may undertake the dungeon multiple times, but will only receive page rewards and 25% of the base Col rewards.
  • Players may only spend Spirit Shards on a single character. Alts who receive Spirit Shards will instead gain 1 SP per shard obtained.
  • Regarding Gungnir's Shard:
    • Any crafted consumable that only affects a single target may be stored within the shard. Identified consumables may not be stored within the shard. Storage consumes the item being stored into it.
    • Gungnir's Shard or the effects of the stored item cannot be shared between players.
    • The item will be considered infinite-use, but will possess charges within a single thread. One use within a thread consumes a charge. Charges are equal to the amount of identical items one can hold in a single battle-ready slot, scaling with Large Pockets mod.
    • Once charges have been depleted, Gungnir's Shard cannot be used again in that thread.
    • The item stored within Gungnir's Shard can be changed for a fee of 200,000 Col.
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  • 2 weeks later...

With the dungeon out of the way, Chase took a deep breath and looked up at the gloomy sky, finding himself split from the rest of the party at its entrance once more. "... So that was a dungeon, huh?", he grumbled and stretched his tense muscles to relax, the low health he reached having taken its toll on him, mentally at the very least. Now though, he was stuck with three of the same mysterious item he had no clue what to do. "... What's up with these shards either way?", he muttered to himself in annoyance and sat by the river, taking them out of his inventory and letting them drop on his hand.

As soon as they did, all three floated up into the air and merged to reveal a blinding light. Hidden behind it was... a notification? 

Asgard's Finery has been added to your inventory!

"Asgard's what..? What even does-", he began to question to himself before checking the item out in his inventory... Huh. "HUH?!". He knew exactly what to use it for and where to use it, eyeing the swords Freyd had identified for him a few days ago.

Trading 3 Spirit Shards from here for Asgard's Finery!

Asgard’s Finery
Reroll a single enhancement on an existing item using only the Merchant’s Unique Enhancement Table OR Increase the Rarity of a single item once, up to Demonic, rolling the new slot at a merchant as normal.


Edited by ChaseR
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Freyd was perplexed.  It really shouldn't have been that difficult, but there were so many unbelievably good options to choose from that he couldn't decide.  His fingers kept skirting the edge of the highly polished, intricately carved and sealed display cases, leading him back and forth between all of the available goodies.  Like a six-year old child, he scanned the merch over and over again, dreaming that if he clutched all his spirit shards as tightly as possible in his hands they would somehow multiply and enable him to buy it all.  It didn't work that way, of course, yet Freyd's eyes lingered a little while longer on the imitation book of @Raidou's info broker secrets, @Mari's misplaced alchemy set, and @NIGHT 's assorted set of jet and alabaster figures in oddly provocative poses.  Hanging his head, his finger finally fell on his only logical and practical option.

"I'll take this one please."

Trading 3 Spirit Shards from here for Asgard's Finery!

Freyd chooses: 

Asgard’s Finery
Reroll a single enhancement on an existing item using only the Merchant’s Unique Enhancement Table OR Increase the Rarity of a single item once, up to Demonic, rolling the new slot at a merchant as normal.

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The quest was over; Mari managed to put on a brave face, and tear of more little pieces of herself throughout the battle. Offering everyone smiles, headpats and cheers of support. The fights hadn't exactly been fierce, thanks to the coordination of Shield. Before her was a variety of options, powerful demonics - each with a promised Unique - then - there was another item.

Mari gently picked up up and twisted it in her hands. This...seemed like an obvious choice. The Asgards finery....it was similar - if not better than the stamp she had given Cordelia - Mari sighed. A part of her regretted giving the woman the rare item. She rarely saw Cordellia these days,  and Mari wondered if the woman was okay -but...Mari found herself just...unable to reach out. What would reaching out even accomplish?

"This, this will do." Mari said quietly as she pocketed the Asgards Finery - in exchange for the crystals she had received from the battle, and with a silent turn - Mari left.

Asgard’s Finery
Reroll a single enhancement on an existing item using only the Merchant’s Unique Enhancement Table OR Increase the Rarity of a single item once, up to Demonic, rolling the new slot at a merchant as normal.

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Shield did not like his options. So many one-time use items had rolled poorly for him in the aftermath of the Easter banquet he had prepared for himself. His main set of equipment had indeed improved, but there was still a lot left to be desired as far as some key aspects of his offense. He could spend his shards on a new demonic weapon, certainly, but knowing his luck, it would not go the way he needed. Either he would need to take an already surefire piece of gear and reroll an unneeded slot, or he would need to add a mundane slot to a perfect item and increase its rarity to demonic. With a heavy sigh, he held out his shards and pointed to Asgard's Finery.

"I'll take that," he said. It was playing it safe, which never felt fun, but it was the smart move here. He gave the others a nod and motioned with his head towards Beat for them to hurry up and move out before moving to the back away from the others to run numbers. No matter how many times he would run them, he was already sure of the course he would need to take with his item. So much so, in fact, that in the back of his head, he had already written it off. However, part of him still resented the conclusion. "Accuracy... really?" He sighed heavily again. It would kit him out with a splendid self-heal set with a focus on hate generation, but with as much work as he had put into grinding, his A tier items could have very easily come out as S tier.

RNGsus is a cruel, fickle deity.

[Spending 3 Spirit Shards > Gaining Asgard's Finery]

Edited by Shield
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  • 1 month later...

Wandering through the halls to which the shards rang true. They drew him here after the completion of his trek through the halls of the dead, in the same fashion of those little eggs from before. Interested not in what it yielded, more to unclutter his inventory finding the chances of it being of some use to another great. Transferring the small handful of stones that still lingered with the energies from the bosses that fell, to a male in a dark tapestry. A twist of the NPC's grip conceals the shards as payment into his sleeve. A bundle in white passed back to the swordsman as a reward. A pull of a string reveals what lay inside:

A emblazoned weapon that seemed as though it's power had yet to be tapped. Through the motions, as with all of his equipment. The fires of the phoenix would allow it to be reborn, drawing its strength out. A process still lingered on the horizon, and once it had been done who's hand would claim this beacon?

3 Spirit Shards transferred into Two Handed Straight Sword of Asgard T3/Demonic/Weapon:

ID# 179807 results: Loot: 6 (Holy)

Two Handed Straight Sword of Asgard: Damage 3, Holy 1

Name: Two Handed Straight Sword of Asgard
Profession: N/a
Rank: N/a
Roll ID: 179807
Roll Result: N/a
Item Type: Two-handed Sword
Tier: 3
Quality: Demonic
Enhancements: Damage 3, Holy 1
Post Link: Here
Bleh sword description to fit bleh name.
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What was with the collisions that were happening as of late? When NIGHT had finally picked herself off the floor from that unfortunate crash from her guardian, the boss had already been defeated, ashes scattering to the wind -- so it wouldn't make sense for her to have stuck around, unlike the rest of her party gathering by the corpse of the warg of Ragnarok.

Too bad. She was just getting used to waking up her blade, too. A glance towards the dungeon's exit, a set of doors coated in gold and blown open for participants to leave through. Right outside their underground prison, coated in a summer's light, set dead center along the road of victory was a large blue portal that shimmered and wavered like water. Asgard, in all of its glory -- the city left protected despite the potential their demon might've wrought.

A few steps forward, and a small stall caught her eye.

[Shards for trade]

NIGHT examined her inventory, before looking back up at the tiny cloaked figure by the portal's side. Better use them now before they languished in her hold forever.

Dungeon Completion: [here]
Trading for: Asgard's Finery (1)

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  • 3 weeks later...

What a strange place. The quest marker finally led him to the destination to obtain the rewards. It was quite a dark place. He wondered why there wasn’t a line of people as this was a major dungeon with some harrowing experiences. However, with the manpower in the group, it wasn’t hard for them to complete. Perhaps this was tailor made for every adventurer that just added a little finesse to the system. No matter. His footsteps echoed across the cobblestone path before he abruptly stopped at a target. His eyes narrowed slightly before he watched the NPC move forward.

He sighed slightly as he relaxed at the gaze of the woman. Eyes of amber would scan up and down before he was offered a selection of materials to select. Upon reading, he would select his option. While he was digging to look into the inventory, the items had already been replaced with the Asgard Finery. His eyes perked slightly as he looked up at the already vanished NPC. What an odd quest. No words were exchanged as he left with his new item.

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Was this... the right place? Plunged into a room full of darkness, it was hard to traverse it. She clutched the fabric of her tunic. The marker led her through the decrepit corridors, up to a nook in the cavern. The dungeon was a highlight of attraction. It was a wonder how there wasn't a line already. Oh well. Convenient to her. She peeked a head through the doorway, into the dimly lit shop. None other than her fiancé and the mysterious NPC were within. The others were a ways behind them with business to tend to. She cracked her knuckles and stepped through the entrance.

"See anything you like here?" She glanced around the white haired man's form. The NPC, as if programmed by a prompt, laid down a menu for her to select from. She perused the list on her HUD and selected an item, Asgard's Finery. Ah, yes, it would make this whole trip here worth it. Her blade was in dire need of an upgrade.

Dungeon Completion: [here]
Trading for: Asgard's Finery (1)

Edited by Haine
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  • 1 month later...

Waking up from his nap, Macradon knew there was something he had missed “Oh damn oh damn oh damn!” he thought and rushed out of his house. He went up to a very much late greeting with the Valhalla themed quest and handed over his shards “I’ll take a finery, thanks.” he said, wanting to trade in for a future valuable tool he could use to boost his equipment, if that was needed.

The equipment available wasn’t something he actually needed, his main suit of equipment was already fully demonic, and he even had backup demonic attire, he wasn’t in any demonic shortage, and even at unique enhancements weren’t anything he was short of either. Maybe if he wanted to rebrand his equipment he could with this, or perhaps upgrade stuff he likes if any major things would change. For now, the finery would merely be a tool for the future.

< Purchase Asgard's Finery >

Spirit shards: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/20156-pp-f10-to-valhalla


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  • 2 months later...

Bahr was amazed that the shop was still up after all this time. Though he'd completed the special dungeon (twice), he'd failed to actually spend any of the currency he'd accrued during the time in which he interacted with it. Which was a shame, because apparently there were oodles of magnificent goods to choose from within.

But, if he were being honest, there was only one that he truly had his sights set on. Asgard's Finery, an item which promised to either make an item unique, or extend its prowess beyond normal means. Bahr wasn't exactly sure what he would actually end up using the damned thing for, but there was something to be said about having an ultra rare, ultra powerful upgrade in your back pocket for when the time arose. There was no telling when everything might change at the drop of a hat, and he might need to take inventory.

Anyways, he went in, spend the shards, got the item, yadda yadda. Everyone else did exactly the same thing he did.

-3 Spirit Shards
Bahr acquired Asgard's Finery.

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  • 1 month later...

Beat walked into the odd shop and took a look around. It looked like most players had come and gone since the Halloween event, but since converting to the new patch, Beat was making sure to wrap up any loose ends before his windows closed. 

Alright, let's see what our choices are...

He approached the counter with the Halloween themed merchant NPC and scanned the items with his eyes, the game highlighting the various descriptions and features. His eye brow quirked upwards at the description of the finery. The other three options seemed to be lottery rolls more or less. You might get lucky, but probably not. The finery, however, was truly unique and seemed to be the obvious choice to Beat. His hand quickly pulled up his menu and he pulled out his three spirit shards, handing them to the merchant. 

"The finery please!" 

He smirked as the merchant handed him the finery and it appeared in his inventory. He had some idea for where it would be used and he wondered if Shield would have any thoughts about it.

-3 Spirit Shards for Asgard's Finery.

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  • 4 weeks later...

After stepping through the small portal that Odin had made them for their party to leave the dungeon, instead of finding herself in front of the entrance, she found herself in a dark room. An odd shop awaited her. Not by her decision, three small glowing shards materialized in her hands as she approached. A sly smile spread across the face of the shop's keeper. 

Four different items were available to purchase, all of them taking all of her shard currency. The only one that appealed to her seemed to be the shadowy armor. Forking over her shards, she was produced the armor. A slight wave of the shop keep, and her vision blackened. When her vision returned, she once again stood on Floor ten as if nothing had changed, but the armor still rested in her hands. Turning away, she supposed that was enough work for a day, she had gained some decent experience points. 

Dungeon Completion: <LINK>
Traded Spirit Shards for [Armor] of Niflheim [Tiered Demonic Armor]

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The dungeon had been one hell of a roller coaster ride, but it was done. Finished. Finito. Honestly, he was just happy he made it out in one piece. But now it was time to choose his reward. It had been a long and hard-fought process and stepping up to the counter, Oscar didn't know what he was in for. Surely these final rewards would have to be pretty damn good compared to all the consumables from the dungeon, no? As his eyes surveilled the wares on offer, Oscar saw something that immediately caught his eye. It was standard fare, as far as event rewards were concerned, but it was nonetheless extremely powerful. His spirit shards left his hand nearly as soon as he saw it and the item was added to his inventory. Did he have any plans for it at present? No. Did he imagine he would get some use out of it eventually? Absolutely.

Shards obtained here and here.
Obtained 1 <<Asgard's Finery>>

Edited by Oscar
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