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  1. So this little project of mine didn't work as I imagine it. Honestly, I was expecting a little more interest but its cool. I'm having fun so far and I'm going to keep doing it.

    And the next image comes a 'Deviant' under the username 'Rhineville'. He entitled his work: "Viking Victorious".
    Seems like Pathfinder enthusiasts will resonate with this image.

    I was browsing through the website and found this image visually pleasant, to say the very least.

    Source: http://rhineville.deviantart.com/art/Viking-Victorious-351698086


  2. So, we have these blog things and no one uses them. With some prompting from outside sources, thanks @Calrex (even though he had nothing to do with the prompting), I'll get one going for at least what I do on Content Development. Who knows how often I'll find time to knock one of these out, but nonetheless here we go.

    This time around, as I'm sure everyone can figure out from the title, I'm going to be talking a bit about the upcoming Monthly Boss Fight for April using Private Leonard Church's elegant, but simple, bulleted numbered list.

    1. Theme

      The Boss Fight for April is going to be located on the 7th Floor and have a strong wilderness theme. Whereas the fights for January, February, and March all centered around mythical or fantasy types of monsters this month we're going to be seeing something a bit different with some wild animals that are based, in many respects, around Chewie and Kimba who are the familiars of Mack and Ariel respectively.
    2. Creators/Staff

      As you can probably surmise from the above comments, Ariel and Mack will be the Staff Members running this event. Hopefully we'll have as a good and active a turnout this time as we have had for Nerius, Freylise, and the Three Minotaurs.
    3. New Features

      This fight is going to feature entirely new mechanics in many respects. First, we've done away with standard mitigation numbers and we will, instead, be testing out how a percent based mitigation works. For the March Fight we tried a Static Multiplier for boss mitigation and, in truth, I'm not thrilled with how that worked out. I'm hoping that the percentage based mitigation will strike a happy medium between Set Number Mitigation (like the players use) and Static Multiplier Mitigation (which the bosses used in March). What this means for players is that there will be NO RESTRICTIONS on buffing items for April (beyond the standard rules) and there will be NO RESTRICTIONS on the use of Unique Skills (for those that have them) and usable Sword Art Ranks. Seriously, go nuts.

      Second, we're testing out a new way of doing level-based damage tables for April. Instead of using a static table with a set amount of damage for a given level range, for example Attack A deals 25 DMG to players level 1-5, we will be testing a percent based damage table. In January and March we used the static tables approach and it worked well, but it also resulted (unintentionally) in a one-hit kill on Izzrikl in March. With the percentage based tables that should be impossible as we will be testing raw attack damage based on a set percentage of the player's total HP, for example Attack A deals 10% of player's Total HP in Raw Damage (before Mitigation is applied). So, if Tomas (80 HP) were hit with Attack A it would deal 8 HP in Raw Damage; Tomas would then apply mitigation. Some attacks may also have a further damage multiplier to prevent low level players with high mitigation and tanks from being able to always mitigate received damage down to 1 point. Regardless, though, this should make it impossible for a player to be one-hit killed now.

      Third, we're also testing a unique mechanic for buffing and debuffing the bosses and for getting the bosses to engage in actions that are detrimental to themselves and beneficial to the players while in combat. That will all be based around player choice and dice rolls. That's all I care to say about that right now, but when you discover the unique items that can be crafted in advance of the fight I think a good bit of it will be made clear.

      Fourth, the combination to @Shark's luggage is 1-2-3-4-5. I thought everyone should know.
    4. Loot

      Concerning loot, there are also going to be a few differences. First, none of the loot for April will be level-locked. Whoever hits the qualifier to receive the loot will receive the loot regardless of player level. That's not to say that ALL drops from monthly bosses will be that way, but April's goes to whomever earns it (except Heathcliff, if he takes part). Second, on top of the col, mats, and SP there will also be some consumable items (good ones) that drop for all players who take part. I'm not saying anything else about loot other than that.
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