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  1. Amira

    (SP-F1) Contemplation

    It was strange the way that time seemed to just slip on by without notice. It wasnt even a matter of time flying by when your having fun. It just does that in general, and it seemed to Amira that the onlder she got the faster in went by, and the less fulfilled she felt. Amira knew that she wasnt a bad person, she just needed to make a U turn. She wasnt headed anywhere at the moment, good or bad, and she needed to change that. It had to be better to crash and burn trying to improve herself than to continue on on this static never changing path. She was stuck here in this 'game' and there was only one thing she could truly improve about herself and that was her mind. She was scared. Scared to take risks of any sort. She let out a wry smile, leaning up against the wall of the first floor settlement. She wasnt scared of these NPC enemies, she was scared of getting close to people and screwing everything up. Or even worse having them screw it all up. Shed trusted and been hurt too much to even want to attempt to continue on and put herself in that vulnerable position again. But she knew that it had to happen, and that there was no way around that. The sun blazed brightly overhead, seeming to burn right through her as she contemplated her life. No friends, no inner fire, and no direction. It was time to find that direction, if only for this stupid game she was stuck in. "Trust your enemies, because they have something to prove." She muttered to herself. Shed always found that parable to be more of a cool saying than something that she could actually implement into her life. She found the opposite to be just as true. You cant trust your friends because they no longer have anything to prove to you. Friendship was a vulnerable state and one that she didnt plan to immerse herself in.
  2. Anyone want to do a thread? Im up for anything really. 

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    2. Amira


      I might just make an OP. Im level 1 right now, so im not trying to do any fighting.

    3. Reinka


      okay send a link when it's up I'm excited!

    4. Amira
  3. Amira


    ProfileUsername: AmiraReal name: Hekate CelesteAge: 20Gender: FemaleHeight: 5'11"About: History/personality Amira grew up in a small poor family. Her father was a carpenter and her mother was a librarian. She did well in school up until she got to highschool when she decided that her interests lay contrary to what her parents wanted. She wanted to write and draw and sing, but her parents wanted her to do something respectable such as becoming a doctor or a lawyer. She procrastinted with her schoolwork and spent her time improving her singing, drawing, and writing. She barely scraped by in school and took a gap year to figure out what she wanted to do in the future. Still, instead of looking at potential careers she tended to instead play games and read books to pass the time. She had confidence that the future would work itself out and that someday she would find a job that she could be happy devoting herself to. With her parents rarely at home and her older brother away at school across the country, she had plenty of time to herself. She could go where she wanted and do what she wanted. She didn't abuse her new freedoms and rather tended to just stick to herself in the privacy of the home that she lived in with her parents. Gradually she grew interested in the world of VRMMOs and started to hang out with others with similar interests. More than anything she was interested in the competitive side of VR gaming, wanting to find fulfillment in proving that she was more skilled than others. She much preffered more linear fighting games to SAO, judging from what she'd heard online. The game seemed to focus much more on teamwork and socialization than plain competitive fighting. Still, she wasn't the sort of person to express her opinions to her group of friends and ended up getting the game to play with them, hopeful that it would be more than just the PvE sandbox that she supposed it to be. Virtues:Chillaxed: Amira tends to be relaxed to the extreme. She exhibits a wide range of emotions, but in general she just goes with the flow. One of her core beliefs is that life will take her where it will, through ups and downs, but in the end it will all work out. This leads her to be extremely lax when it comes to decision making, but also allows her to be very optimistic.Competitive: Despite being very relaxed, Amira has a competitive streak. Possibly due to her lack of achievements in life (by fault of her relaxed nature), she is intent on beating others in competition. She wishes to gain fullfillment through defeating others, whether it be a battle of wits or a physical battle. However, her motivation is fleeting, and her competitive nature comes in fleeting bursts. Her competitive nature does allow her to break past her normally relaxed nature and to make quick decisions in order to win instead of just letting others do it for her. Charismatic: Despite her natural introverted tendencies, her relaxed nature and kind heart cause her to be well liked by virtually everyone she meets. She generally desire to remaiin conflict free, a trait that tends to keep her from making enemies and rather having an excess of incompatible friends. Still, rather than choose she would rather keep silent on her opinions in order to keep the peace. She only rarely has an issue that she feels strongly about, at which point she becomes fairly vocal and speaks passionately about it.Flaws:Reference: http://darkworldrpg.com/character-flaws/Indecisive: Amira only rarely makes quick decisions, and those are usually because she has no other choice. She has the ability to make quick decisions with logical reasoning, but she generally chooses not to. She prefers to follow others most of the time and see where life takes her. She likes being around people, but she isn't usually the one who directs the conversation. Procrastinator: Amira tends to procrastinate about a great many things. Whether this is because of a fear of success or a fear of failure is yet to be seen. Her intentions are good, but often that is all that they are, intentions. She really has to force herself to do something in an acceptable amount of time.Impulsive: Amira has trouble controlling her mouth sometimes. The words tend to spill out sometimes. She is generally quiet, but often times she doesnt think about what shes going to say before she says it. She often overanalyzes what she says afterwards despite it usually not being anything bad. She has a lot of self doubt about herself and her own views, feeling that she isnt deserving of all of her friends because of her tendency to procrastinate and hide her own view points despite them likely being perfectly acceptable.Profession: (Leave blank until the Earning a Living quest has been completed.)Skills Non-combat:»Passive:»Combat:»Weapon skills:» Rapier- Novice (5)InventoryWeapons/Tools:» Radiant Rapier (+2 DMG) Celestial Coat (Vanity Armor) (3) Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP) 2,500 Col and (10) Tier 1 materials Roleplays» [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle» [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle - in progress(no "in progress" means its complete; "incomplete" can mean one or the other person stopped replying for a long time)Relationships (optional)Story Thus Far (optional)
  4. Super secret revival item? For me?

    1. Amira


      No. Its just April 1st

    2. Aoda


      rohk's son drops 12

  5. Anyone who has an old thread with me and wants to finish it, let me know. I'm all up for doing it, purely for fun. Although, of course, you get SP. ^~^

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      *stops shooting Champagne corks at @Xion from the celebratory 21 Champagne bottle salute*

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      ah, sorry, I just hadn't seen your name pop up in a while :)

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      *shoots the 21 Champagne Bottle salute corks at @Baldur instead.*

  6. 10039n.jpg

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    2. Zandra



      There is plenty of healers on the frontline. Its me and... Ehem. Guess ur rigth.

    3. evac


      How do we even get unique skills anymore?

      And that was a laughing pfft. Not a 'oh no she didnt'

    4. Ariel - The Crowned Lion

      Ariel - The Crowned Lion

      Unique skills are partially on halt except for the already gained ones. Staff's main focus right now is to finish the development and then the release of 3.0.
      unique skills revamp are on the to-do list after that.

      so except for the US already gained by players, none are available.

  7. Im watching you guys. >_>

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    2. Amira


      Oh really? I saw errything Xion. Literally errything. And now I need brain bleach.

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      oh you went into the abyss?

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      watch me manta

  8. Great to be back people. ^~^

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    2. Amira


      Well, as back as a dead person can be. XD Hope death reimbursement becomes a thing.

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      There are zombies on my internets *cocks shotgun*

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      Get them Erron!

  9. I see a newsletter!  ^~^ Looks great!

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      Thank you Love :D

    2. Nikodemus_Blackwood


      *teared up at the In Memoriam part.*

  10. Ill preface this by saying that I dont have access to a computer atm, so ill make this brief. 

    Ive heard a lot of people say that my killing of Teayre in a thread previous to the one I was killed in was a petty revenge killing. Thats not the case. I was aware of the option when I was killed, but I gave myself a few days to think it over. I talked to my friends and some members of the forum, including older members who had been pked as well. When I made the decision to break the time continuum, the only OOC reason for the pking of Teayre was to expose a flaw in the system and to bring attention to it. (Both the pking problem and the fact that pretty much anyone could do the same thing that I did)

    I never expected staff to deem Teayres death legitimate, but they did. 

    Lastly, if you want more in depth IC reasons for my character killing Teayre, or just want to chat, you can reach me on skype. My ID is mantagaul.

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    2. Amira


      That was my logic, and the view of everyone I consulted. @Takao

      I feel it was worth it for the changes that will suposedly be put in place. I consulted Shark on reverting Teayres death, I dont know if staff will change their original position on that.

      My ban should be going into effect soon, so I just want to say that im not going to abandon this community, and that I will be back whenever thats done with.

    3. Takao


      Your ban? That seems really excessive.

    4. Amira


      No comment. I dont want to rile things up further.If you want my personal opinion pm me.

  11. Seul

    I think you just broke the space time continuum.

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    2. Kalesh


      I'm going to be entirely honest and say I have no idea what that means, but it does feel slightly hurtful to my intuition.

      That said enjoy your break! If y'wanna RP after this then just hit me up! :D

    3. Beoreson
    4. Kalesh


      Referring to avilon

  12. I still never found out why this happened. However, I changed my mind. Even with it's flaws, y'all are like a second family to me, even if something like this happens. Now that im done with my death post, ill be going on break. I dont know how long, but ill be back sometime.

    It was a challenge to write, with all of the raw emotions involved, but i feel like I did her justice. Au revoir mes amis!

    1. Macradon


      I'm glad you're staying, even if you take a break :)
      Flaws are what rules have to be built up from, so let's see the site change!

    2. Crimsa


      We never got to do all the fun things like I wanted v.v, do some quests, Have some UR fun, mess with Zero, celebrate the day I reached level forty, you bringing me new toys, messing with Zero some more...
      You be missed Love, you were the best servant a Mistress like me could ever ask for. Sweet Dreams.

  13. Im sorry to say that i wont be staying a site as corrupt and toxic as this one. There are great people on this site. Kind, helpful people. I made a lot of lifetime friends, including Zelrius, Erin, and Taki, not to mention a few more. However, the decision reached by staff has pushed me to this. On this site you arent free from being targeted for OOC reasons. That applies for all of your characters. You can be player killed on them all, and the person who did it will get away scot free because this site supports the harrassment and victimization of it's players. As many of you know I was killed by Teayre, both me and my alt. I never expected the deaths to be reverted, but i expected something to happen due to the blatant character breaking and targeting of myself. However, the deaths hold and the person who did them gets off. 

    I would invite you all to take a look at the thread itself, the boss thread. Manta was killed for smiling happily, which caused Teayre to see her as a man? Ebony was killed for being weak even though she was the best healer and highest ranking paladin. There is something fundamentally wrong with a site that does nothing to defend it's players from targeting and harrassment. Feel free to stay here, but this isnt the first time this will happen, i can guarantee it, and in the future when you've been working on your characters for years, it might just happen to you and then you'll understand what sort of place this is.

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    2. Greg Baxen

      Greg Baxen

      @Manta Gaul I looked further into it and they're just undecided on whether Teayre will be punished. I wouldn't give up hope just yet...

    3. Shark


      To be clear a decision has not been made yet. We are still discussing it.

    4. Takao



      In short, Teayre broke immersion and used reasoning that literally cannot hold under inspection as a reason to kill Manta and Ebony.

      You don't need a reason to kill somebody on SAO-RPG. Giving clear indication of harmful intent is only necessary in open threads, and everybody is fair game in boss raids.

      dem pk rules doe

  14. An outbreak has occurred. I would like to warn everyone of the impending FB virus, and no that doesnt stand for Face Book. It stands for Flash Back. People infected with this disease may have skewed perception of the world, seeing females as males and vice versa, and immediately attack the strongest of players deeming them weak.

    In order to combat this virus I would urge everyone to stay inside, stick to solo parties, and avoid anyone who has ever had a blood relative, even if they've never met them. You have been warned.

    Also steer clear of boss fights. It doesnt matter if you dont have any enemies, you'll get rando pked.

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    2. Grave



      Apparently the killings were because Teayre wanted the floor clearing to go faster?



    3. Amira


      Also I smiled. And then she thought I was a man? Apparently i was contemptuous with my friendly smiles that werent directed at her?

      Truthfully I feel as though I accidentally did something OOC to p*** her off.

    4. Nikodemus_Blackwood


      You mean your not a man?!?! *Shocked*