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  1. Shirosu grinned and said,"Well than i guess were a team for now eh?" She was rather happy with how things were going, so far she had made a new friend and it was begging to to look like she was also going to to get some invaluable experience. Shirosu was starting to find Ruby's obvious flirting amusing and was reminding her a little of a friend of the past, she giggled at the score a date remark but didn't comment on it. She was pleased to hear that Ruby knew of the mob that swam dangerously through the sands out in the desert floor like a shark beneath the waves. It seemed like an exciting mob to meet in battle. With a stretch towards the sky Shirosu threw her scarf across her mouth and asked, "So what do you say we head out and find ourselves a nice ugly sand monster to slay?" She was excited for the opportunity even if she wasn't all hat thrilled to get her boots full of sand, but she guessed it was part of the charm of the floor.
  2. Shirosu laughed,"I'm willing to spend time with just about anyone at this point, I've been grumpier than a cat who hasn't slept in 5 days and if someones gonna go beat stuff up with me that I'll be content" she giggled when Ruby's familiar Purobolos growled at Gin, and the little fox didnt take weel to other failiars being grumpy at him so her raised his hackles, hissed and skittered back to Shirosu,"you be nice too!" she scolded the little fox, suprised by his behaviour he huffed indignetly. She froze when Ruby asked about hoping to get a date than peeped a little awkwardly hoping she wouldn't offend her,"I will say it wasn't on the agenda for the day" but she was relieved that Ruby seemed to want to go on a monster hunting mission, curiously she pulled up the quest and asked,"So, have you heard of the Sand Shark that's supposed to roam out there and pounce on unsuspecting players from underneath the sand? I hear it has some decent rewards, want to see if we can find it?" It seemed promising and would be a nice mob to cross of her list. @Ruby
  3. Shirosu sighed when the Bomb familiar seemed to accept her weak attempt at apologizing. Gin struggled out of her arms and approached Ruby's familiar Purobolos hesitantly and sniffed him, in an attempt to be friendly he wagged his three tails in an approachable fashion. Shirosu shook her head and looked back towards Ruby, When she said it typically worked for her but she didn't want to do it alone Shirosu grinned and said,"How about i make it up to you with the run in earlier and i tag along, we can go beat up some stuff, we both get to take our frustrations out, we both get some extra SP and you dont have to be lonely". and to be honest Shirosu didn't want to be out hunting alone in the desert either, she wasn't a fan of this floor, to begin with, and would really enjoy the company while she worked on her leveling. it seemed like an ok situation to her, she just hoped Ruby was up for it. "so! whatcha say?' she asked curiously @Ruby
  4. Shirosu blushed slightly at beautiful but decided to roll with it and humor Ruby,"why not both, a friend of my familiar is a friend of mine," she smiled,"he's the best judge of character now aren't you" she scooped her little fluff ball up and hugged him. When the little bob got all huffy and puff from her calling him cute she quickly corrected herself, "forgive m for my lapse in judgment all mighty and cunning bomb" she giggled silently behind Gins fun, quite amused by Rubys familiar. Shirosu laughed when she called her and Gin cute,"Well this little brat at least has the cute factor going for him, not quite so sure about me" When Ruby said she wasn't having such a good day shirosu dropped, her face worry and said,"Well that's not good" she thought for a second, and peeped up hesitantly,"you know what always makes me feel better when I'm in a bad mood?" she asked, "finding somthing to beat up, why internalize your mood when you can take it out on some silly mindless critters that run around out their," she gestered to just about everything outside of the town
  5. Someones definitely not a shy one Shirosu thought as the women joked around with her about grabbing her boob, Shirosu smiled, still a little off put but quickly getting used to her demeanor. When she bnet down and offered to pet Gin the little fox never said no to a scratch and hoped over allowing himself to be pet happily. "looks like you've made a buddy for life now" she laughed, watching Gin being stroked,"If you pay attention to him he officially will beg you for pats everytime he sees you now" she smilled, as The women introduced herself as Ruby,"Well then its a pleasure to meet you too Ruby" She held her hand out for a shake, as was a custom when she met people. When the little bomb with eyes rolled out from behind Rub Shirosu crouched down to get a better look at it and said with great interest,"Well aren't you the coolest cute thing I've ever laid eyes on" When Ruby said his name she smiled and said,"Why hello Purobolos, nice to meet you as well!" Straiting up Shirosu asked,"So, what brings you to the 5th floor today?" @Ruby
  6. Shirosu sighed with relief when the women took her hand and appeared it be ok, some of the worry leaving her eyes. She cursed her klutzy nature, why did she always have to be so distracted and run into people, When the Women suggested grabbing her boob Shirosu blushed and shuffled her feet nervously, really hoping the women was joking, even though she did feel bad about grabbing her chest. with a silent sigh of relief when the topic was passed She smiled kindly figuring the least she could do after plowing the poor girl over like an unruly football jock was to answer her questions. "My names Shirosu" she said in a friendly tone, pulling her mess of white hair out of her face," sorry again for running into you back there, I was a little bit distracted, been trying to figure some stuff out," Down at her feet Gin barked and she looked down then laughed,"yes yes, and this little fluff ball is Gin." The three tailed fox seemed content now that he was no longer ignored, with a pause Shirosu asked hesitantly" May i ask your name as well?" @Ruby
  7. Shirosu Sighed she walked at a fast pace through the 5th floors town, if there was one this she did poorly with, it was heat, and that's exactly what this floor brought to the table, heat with some to spare. Because of the sweltering heat, she'd had to make some modifications to her armor to make it a little more breathable, including removing her favorite cloak and using a lighter fabric. As she walked her face down to the ground she was wondering how she would go about completing this quest "blood in the sand" she had heard about it and even attempted it in the past but something always came up and she never got around to finishing it, meaning she had to vist this floor more than she liked. Next, to her the little fox Gin seemed unperturbed by the heat, but he seemed to like warmth anyways. Before she could continue any further in her thoughts she looked up and gasped as she ran head first into another person. she threw her hands out to try and stop herself from falling too hard but instead of the dusty floor, she got a hand full of something warm and soft. looking down she saw her hand placed on another players chest, the one she had just body checked because of her blundering thoughts "Oh, my!" Shirosu squeaked hastily rolling off the women and jumping to her feet apologizing profusely,"I'm so, so sorry! are you ok, i didn't mean to fall on you and grab your..." she trailed off nervously, but still worried for the other player, she offered her hand to help them up, her face blushed in shame at knocking her over. @Ruby
  8. As Shirosu left the little village and left towards her own home she glanced back and thought for a moment about the morality of the NPC's and if they really did have feelings, trapped in an eternal loop of completing the quest they were programmed for yet still feeling that fear over and over. She shook her head to clear the thought, such things could drive a person bonkers, and she wanted to keep her's for a little bit at least. Next to her Gin piped up in a mournful call obviously hngry after following her around all day. Bending down she picked up the little fox and held him to her chest saying fondly," dont worry buddy, we're going to go home, put on our comfy clothes, curl up by the fire with some food and a hot cup of coffee, and read a book how does that sound?" the fox wiggled excitedly in her arms and she lauhed,"ya i cant wait to get home too" and with that she left the second floor and her toughts of NPC's and big ugly bats behind her. Summary roll#99048 CD:4 4x25=100 col 100col 2 SP
  9. They walked the small span back to the village where the NPC girls mother was located, she began to weep and cry when she spotted the two approaching. She ran up and grabbed her daughter in a big hug and kept repeating,"you're safe, thank god your safe" Shirosu stood back and let the two emotional NPC's finishes their greeting hugging crying and overall reunion stuff. Finally the NPC mother turned towards Shirosu sand with an unsteady voice," I can't thank you enough, she's my world, how did it go, did you have much trouble?" the women asked, with a smile Shirosu recounted the different mobs she had encountered in the cave and how she had treched through both paths to find the lost child, the women nodded after her tale was complete and with a smile said,"Thank you for saving her" her voice turned a little stricter,"I'll make sure this little stinker never goes near their again" the shild let out a squeak and Shirosu laughed," dont be to hard on her, she is a child, one day shes have children of her own to make mistakes, and happy i could help" with that she got the quest complete notfication and continued on her merry way.
  10. When she saw the light from the outside world seeping into the cave Shirosu got excited,"I can't wait to be out of the cave" she muttered, the little npc girl next to her seemed just as eager to leave the black and scary cave behind, stepping out into the light Shirosu stretched out her limbs and shouted to the sky,"Yes! finally out of that cave!" she turned towards the little girl and asked,"you feeling a little better now?" The little girl nodded and said,"yeah," she glanced back towards the bat cave as Shirosu had mentally dubbed it and said,"i dont want to go near that thing again, those bats are too scary, i'll find some safer places to play later," Shirosu smiled and pet the girls head,"Good, made sure you only play where there are no monsters ok? wouldn't want this to happen again now would you?" the little girl shook her head quickly "no!" Shirosu smiled but it didn't quite reach her ears, she guessed it was a little tragic for some of the poor npc's who's only fate was to be put in the same situation time after time, even if they weren't really aware of anything.
  11. As they walked through the dark tunnel which Shrosu estimated to be a half a mile long or so she reflected on the fights with the bats, The first three had gone really well, she had took them all out with a hit or two, so what had gone so wrong with the last thankfully weaker bat. One of her issues she figured had to be the fact she had ran out of energy, it seemed without her sword arts fighting could be a bit difficult and she could never land hits as hard as she wished for, she sighed, another issue she took a stab at was that she had become too confident and cocky because of the other three, which she often found herself having trouble with she really did need to fix her attitude, and her last issue had to be her poor balance, she really did need to work towards getting athletics, she figured that may help her to fix her balance issues....or simply make them worse from her new found bouncyness, she saw a light up ahead and spoke up to the little NPC behind her"Were almost there!"
  12. As she led the child through the cave she decided to ask a few questions and see if she could answer," So, do you think you could tell me what happened, how did the big scary bats get you?" girl froze on the spot in the darkness, Shirosu could barely see her little fists grabbing the corner of her pretty pink dress,"Me and my friend decided it would be fun to go and play, we had heard a bunch of spooky storries about the cave but didnt think they were true" she snuffled, "mom told us not to go but we didnt listen and went anyways, we kept daring each other to run into the cave and back out, it was all good fun untilli ran in to deep and before i knew what happened i had been snatched by a big black thing. It dragged me far into the cave, i thought it was going to eat me, I managed to hide in a corner, but it scared me so much," Shirosu could hear the girl snuffling and nealt down next to her and gave her a hug,"Hush, your all right aren't you? and i bet you won't play in front of this cave again now won't you?" She knew that was a lie as this was a quest but it made Shirosu feel better, Getting to her feet Shirosu grabbed the little girls hand and continued to lead the snuffling child to the ever-nearing entrance.
  13. thinking that maybe now she had dealt with all of the caves mobs Shirosu felt comfortable enough to whistle while she walked, she hoped that by making audible sound it may alert the little girl into responding back if she heard, would make Shirou's job of locating the child a little easier. Suddenly she heard the voice of a little girl call hesitantly from a corner of the cave near the back, "Is someone there?" Shirosu grinned, and replied relief evident in her voice since she finally found the child,"Yes! Are you the little girl that got taken by the bats," The NPC girl let out a small sob and said,"Yes, did you come to save me?" Shirosu had found the corner that the girl had shoved herself into, She bent down next to the child and smiled kindly,"Yes, what do you say? how about we get you out of here? seem like a good idea huh?" The little girl nodded quickly and Shirosu help out her hand and helped the girl to her feet before taking a few steps in the direction of the entrance of the cave,"Follow me, we'll get you back to your mom"
  14. Shirosu remained still on the ground, not really interested in getting up at that second and time, she could find the little NPC girl soon, right now she was doing her best to be grumpy about having to go cave diving and getting beat around by a bunch of screeching angry rats with wings. This day wasn't going her way. Gin appeared out of the shadows where he had been watching and booked it towards Shirosu and curled up on her chest. she pet the fox absently and than giggled, "Arnt i in a good mood today, i've been non stop complaining about this silly quest haven't I?" she asked the fox who just turned his head curiously before shoving it back under her hand demanding more pets. "well" she sighed and sat up,"guess i have a little NPC to find somewhere in the blackness" Shirosu got to her feet and shook her limbs out before continuing through the cave, once again being cautious with her footing not wanting a repeat of her earlier incident.
  15. ID: 99041 BD: 10 +2dmg= 8 DMG MD: 4 (6-2)Miss Energy: 2/14 Shirosu: 56/56 Small ugly Bat #2: 0/20 The bat swooshed off into the darkness for a final time, obviously trying its best to end Shirosu in its futile fight, She had finally gotten a hang of the annoying critters movements and had no trouble diving out of the way of angered animals attacks. As it released a screech and came by for another go at her Shirosu attempted one last dodge but to her horror her foot slipped. She let out a startled screech as she landed on the hard rocky ground in an awkward lump, the Bat saw its opportunity and decided to take it. Like a vengeful fist from above the winged beast took a dive towards the currently panicking Shirosu. But before the mob could land a hit on her, she flipped on to her back and stabbed upwards just as the creature was about to hit its mark. Their was a sudden loud screech as she landed a critial on the animal and it burst in to hundreds of pixels. Shirosu remained still and let out a pent up breath,"stupid bat" she muttered.