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  1. He finished off his food while he listened to Morg talking about Calrex, a player he was honestly interested about, and from what he was hearing he had a dam good reason to be interested. He seemed so powerful, and from what he can hear about this unique skill.... It made this guy seem like a god. He suddenly felt himself wanting one, though he had a very good feeling he wouldn't be able to. At least, not easily. Every player wanted tone, no player didn't, he was sure. They would all make the owner way to powerful. Morg seemed to be a little upset about the fact that people could just catch up and overtake him so easily, as it seemed a few had done that for him to get knocked down a few points. "Sounds like a guy i should meet properly... Maybe after this floors boss battle, i'l have a reason and an opportunity to see him. That also sounds like a plan" He said, paying for his own meal, and his dogs, before standing up. It was about time they went off to do this quest, he needed the experience.
  2. Stryder

    [PP-F2] Perfect Timing <<The Venomous Warg>>

    It looked like he had almost won, but she seemed to have managed to just catch herself. He was a little upset, he kinda was hoping to fluster her just that little bit more. She seemed to be a little, stuck though, clearing her throat. She kept hold of his hand it seemed, half turning and starting to walk, pulling him with her. He smiled, tightening the grasp he had on her hand, but not so much that it was rough, just a light clasp that he was hoping felt gentle and kind. It didn't take to long for them to make it to the quest giver, Sky not saying much, he himself not knowing what to say as they walked hand in hand. He blushed at the nudge a bit. Wonder what the others would think if they saw me "Yeah, i believe it did. But.... How about you give the item to the man you beautiful cutie~" He replied, using his free hand to open his menu and pull out the <<Venom Vial>>, offering it to her. He realized he had just called her beautiful, and he had no idea if he had gone to far or not... But he hoped not.
  3. He didn't really understand much about this new random raptor that he had just met, but from the seem of it, it was a little bit of a prankster. It started coming towards him, keeping its eyes on Silver, who was a little intimidated, despite the size. Sky reached out a hand, only to be hissed at and for it to jump back. He let out a small laugh, then listened to Hei, who had just confirmed his guess. He smiled, glad that he was going to be using the spear he had enhanced for him... Well, technically enhanced. It was a powerful spear, it would just about ignore any mitgation the guy was trying to use, and it would hit with three different types of pain. Its a ruthless spear, he was glad he had gotten it to his companion. "Thought as much, yeah. I feel it would be good to use aganst a target you just can't deal much damage through the intense amount of armor they have, but.... Iv yet to find a hostile like that" He says with a grin, knowing that among the T2's, he could deal around the most damage thanks to his gear. It was a bit cocky to think and say, but... It was the truth.
  4. Stryder

    [PP-F05] One bad apple... <The Traveller>

    And more threats, more and more of them. He wasn't surprised, but what he was surprised was that she was actually... Sounding a little serious, and not just being a bit of a pain. He simply shrugged, deciding to just roll with it for now, though knowing he had one perfect crack shot to take at her. "Wellll you can try, but we both know that thanks to this game, i'm faster and stronger than ya, and i'l make sure it stays that way. But, from the sounds of it, your not lying. So, i'l come with ya and listen to what you have to say" He replied, smiling. He really didn't know what to do. Silver then ran over to them, puffing a little, hating this floor like everywhere. Embers was a odd one. She was so... .violent, rough, but he liked her. He didn't know why, but she seemed like someone who could be.... kind of trusted?
  5. The town of beginnings, a town he was hanging around.... A little to much these days. Its becoming an issue, but he had his reasons for being on this floor, despite it being dozens of levels lower then him. He had started here, like everyone else... And like everyone else, this had been the start of hell. It had become a sort of meeting spot, and he was on his way to the Memorial. He wanted to see if anyone he knew had died. He hadn't had contact with Pinball, Fae, Any of them really... Froppy, his entire guild. He felt like everything was collapsing... Hydra. He didn't know what to do. He looked around, seeing everyone around him. There was this one kid, who seemed a little... despierate for help, and he was young. He looked way to young to get into thsi game. Sky walked over. "Hey, you alright kid?"
  6. Stryder

    [PP-F05] One bad apple... <The Traveller>

    Sky grinned cheekly seeing her reaction, though quickly regretted it when he fell straight onto his face, her leg having caught him unaware. He couldn't help but laugh a little at her reaction afterwards, bending his legs up to his chest and pushing hard, leaping up from the ground. He then noticed the bird land onto his shoulder, the hawk. He remembered she had always wanted a proud bird as a familiar, seemed she got what she wanted. He also noticed she wasn't waering armor, though on this bitch of a floor, he was not surprised. Though, after he made that connection, he felt like something was off, more then he had when he got the message. "Judging by the fact you haven't taken a swing at me, and that your not in combat attire, i assume you in't drag me here for a quest..." He said, his voice a little worried. He hoped she hadn't become a player killer... Or that someone had a go at her. If that happened though, he would know... Well, if she was a pker he would as she would have a red cosuer, and if she had been attacked, she is to proud to say so.
  7. Sky was in awe of the two items, though mainly the sword. He had started out using a one handed straight sword, and although that was a curved straight sword, he still was kinda jealous of the guy. Though he had changed his skill set a long time ago... Yet he couldn't help but smile at the name of the Holy sword. 'Maidens Kiss'. Thats such a sweet name... Especially when compared to the 'Accursed Souls' ... These things are evil, but, i think i have managed to tame them. For now. Who knows how much more they can grow. A name quickly appeared in his mind as he said it, Calrex. He remembered him, barely. He had seen him at the festival awhile back, around... Summer. He had been the only other martial arts user he had ever seen. "Calrex... Is he that martial art user with blue hair? I think iv met him once, at the summer festival fighting the fight bot... He was amazing, i actually look up to him, wouldn't mind meeting him one day. As for these gloves.... They aren't to special - " He starts to say, raising the grey stone gloves he was wearing, a small shimmer of the rainbow shards seen when a monster is killed flashing around them "They seem to gather more power as i kill other monsters, and as i level up. I'm guessing that when i reach a new platou of strength, they will to. They also never break, the durability being unlimited, so its nice. I can use them to abosrb some lighter impacts if i'm lucky, but thats not a stat, thats just me using the system to my benefit" He says, smiling at them. They were the thing he would never let go of. He would use this cursed power to get others out of this game... @Morgenstern
  8. A raffle.... Now that Sky was thinking about it, Pin did win a raffle. He got that spear. He remembered nearly going into a duel against him, but luckily, THAT duel never happened. Especially since at this point... there was a good chance Pin was stronger then him. The part about a tier two player losing 120% of his health... That worried him. Himself and Pinball both were Tier two players.... Meaning that if this was the last boss, they could possibly need heavy healing. He gulped, knowing he was underleveled, but not caring... Well, to much... Okay, he was worried. But, he simply smiled it off, choosing to keep eating his food, and his wolf did the same. "Yeah, he won a spear i believe, similar to how i won my cursed gloves" He replied. Looking down at his familiar, he wondered how Pin was doing these days. He hadn't had much contact with him... He was definitely alive, he knew that much. Other than that, he had no idea on Pins condition.
  9. Stryder

    The time has come

    Bit late, but i wouldn't mind getting in on this
  10. The christmas party.... That sounded around about the last time he could remember, definitely. He let out a small laugh, looking at the two of them. He was glad he had made these two the heads of his guild. Sure, they didn't do that much right now, but... Still. He was so glad he did, because it gave him an excuse to just drag them around. Well, maybe thats not it. But still. "We should go out and celebrate or something, you know, for the pure luck that we actually ended up at the same place at the same moment. Thats a rare thing you know, especially for us three who are always around different places" He said, his wide grin showing like it always did. Then two guys showed up, hearing them asking something. He turned, his smile still showing, though not being outragesly now, more of a kind, curious land ook. They seemed interested in joining a guild, which made him wonder. Hmm... They are on floor one, maybe they are low levels? Are they a good fit for this guild? Should i offer or not.. "Recommendations for guilds? I guess... The ones i would suggest would depend on what your looking for" He replies, wanting to see if he can get them to say what they want before he invites them in. He wasn't a guild just trying to rack up members... He wanted those in it to mean something.
  11. Sky smiled when he heard the familiar sound of a Husky barking, and the owner telling her to be quiet. Silver quickly hid behind Sky. While she was getting better around people, animals.... Were another matter. Sky turned to look at his friend, seeing Eatos, turning after hearing her say he was obsessed with the floor, and asking about Silver. "This is where iv gotten nearly all our recruits, no need to be complaining about me spending time here, and she is getting better. Slowly. Animals still freak her out... for obvious reasons, though she is getting betterwith people, slowly" He said, letting out a soft laugh. The next to show up was Hei, someone he hadn't seen for a long time. He seemed suprised, or hurt, that they hadn't asked him to come to this floor, but to be honest, he had no idea he would be meeting them today. Soon after Angel planted herself on Sky's lap, making him smile as he sat down with the dog. Silver kept behind Sky, a little shy around the two other familiars. She was a little acustomed to angel, so she moved more towards her, and kept away from the Raptor. "Nice to see you hei.... I just realized, when was the last time the three heads of the guild were in the same place together?" He commented, looking over where Eatos was looking. Wondering what they were talking about, looking up at his friend, guessing she knew.
  12. One was dead already. A lot of taunting was happening, from both sides. The players making the bosses target them, and the bosses just being pricks to the players of the parties. He looked at one, who seemed to continually be summoning cards, or something. Whatever it was about that one, he didn't like it. He quickly rushed in, using the confusion and chaos from all the howling to deliver a devastating full power right hook right into Duares chest, He didn't know how much it did, but as soon as he heard the impact, he quickly retreated, dashing backwards to make sure he got away from anything, getting behind Calrex, the tank. He remembered him from the festival, he wanted to have a good talk to him, he was the only other martial artist he had ever actually seen in action! Gunna punch Daures in the face with All Might!! ID# 103551 results: Battle: 8+6-1 = 13 - Easy hit. Just... Easy. 17x15- 255 dmg to Daures
  13. Stryder

    [PP-F05] One bad apple... <The Traveller>

    This wasn't something he had... Well, ever expected to get. A private message from Embers. Even more suprising, a private message with an urgent summon. EVEN MORE unexpected, her actually using his real name and summoning him. He would respond anyway, even without this, but it did make him curious. Normally he only got these from people who were in his guild and needed help with particularly hard quests. He grabbed his gear, noticing that she was on the fifth floor. He groaned, knowing just how fukin hot that floor was. For this day, he decided to just wear his equipment. He had a jacket, unbuttoned, his guantlets, his gloves, his necklace, and of course his trackies (Had to have pants on you know), before bolting towards the fifth floor. It didn't take him long to get there, and he started looking around for Embers. He knew Silver would be worried arond here, so he made sure he had an hand on her head. Beforeh e even realized, he essentially bumped into her. "So, whats happened ya crazy girl?"
  14. Sky caught the blade, his cursed glove making sure he took no damage as he disarmed the player. He grinned, laughing a little as he won the duel, his wolf, Silver, howling happily. She was starting to get a ltitle more comfortable, she could sit on her own for a bit, as long as Sky was in sight. The player laughed with him, grabbing the spare hand and hauling himself up. Sky didn't fight with players much, well, ever. But this guy had asked him for a quick spar, but had lost. He waved him off, walking away as he headed towards the Town Of Beggingins square, well... technically where this whole mess had started. He remembered quite a bit about that, he had been scared for a fair bit... But he was over thatnow. His entire personality had changed, and now. He was his own man. Huh.... i usedto be so shy. Now, look at me. I run my own guild... Lucky me. @Aspect @Hei @Eatos
  15. Sky yawned as he sat up on the chair he was sitting on, the first floor busy as ever. He was here way to often, though lately he hadn't seen many players who he could help, and possibly recruit. He wished he had more to do then this at the moment, but he just didn't. He had to just relax, while waiting for something to happen. Maybe he would see Kasier? Maybe he would see Embers. WHo knew what was going to happen. He had no real idea what was going on, he just new, he was bored as hell. He slowly opened his eyes, seeing a wolf on his lap, snoring loudly. He smiled, deciding not to move. He didn't want to accidentally wake up this wolf. Wonder how everyone is doing... I haven't seen many people in awhile. Iv been kind of distant... Hope everyone's alive. Maybe i should check my guild list... See if anything has changed.