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  1. Sky pulled his messages up, seeing one from Eatos, his second. Recently, especially after one of there last adventures, they were in the process of talking about allying themselves with a guild. He had told her to handle it, and it seemed she had. She had already set up a meeting. He knew he should come in some formal attire for once, he was about to be representing his own guild... With a slight rush, he quickly got out of his bed, his wolf jumping off his feet to allow him to move, Sky quickly going to his shop, finding a formal suit he had made a while back for a wedding, well, for someone to buy if they were going to a wedding. With that, he bolted down the mountain, heading for the fourth floor, entering the gate and warping to the snowy home of Eatos. Upon entering it, he started wondering a lot more who they were allying with, she hadn't said who they were allying with... He shook the thoughts out, knowing he would see who when he entered the store. His wolf walked behind him, Silver having realized that this was an important occasion, walked by his side, making it seem like she was well trained. Once at her store, he knocked on the door before opening it, looking around and seeing them by the couch, and who he saw.... Was someone he had only met once or twice, Domarus. This is who we are allying with? I barely know him.... I'l trust her to know what she is doing "Hello, sorry i am late. I was two floors down, took some time to travel from my own home" He said, attempting to be a little formal.
  2. "I might do that, soon. But i will need to talk to Eatos. She is a better negotiator then me, and honestly i would trust her more than me for professionalism" He replied, scratching the back of his head as a little bit of a disappointment in himself. He knew he could do better, but he just didn't know to much more. Sure, he had a well enough up bringing, but... He could always get better. "Should we take a rest soon? I think we are nearly there, but best be fully rested for the upcoming fight" He said, already knowing she could probably solo it without any effort, but he wanted to make sure. Besides, it would give him more ime to get to know her. Another question then quickly flashed in his mind, something important he knew he needed to learn if he was going to join the front soon. "Could you tell me how the frontlines work? Whats the raid like... I'm nearing the point i can join, but i want to know what its really like"
  3. He was glad that Rein knew how to handle a Wolf, meaning he didn't have to worry to much, unlike the others who always tried to touch her. He really hoped she would break out of that habbit soon... But, he was glad she was cautious. He then listened to how Rein said he had slacked off, like a lot of other people to be fair. He wanted to join the fight... Sky was glad, if this guy joined the guild then he would have a companion for the frontlines when he got strong enough, but that could take a good long time. He was glad Pin had taken him on a quest, and even though he hadn't done anything, at least he had stayed. "Well, was there anything on this particular floor you were looking at doing? I'l come with ya on it, give ya a trial that way" He says, before putting a hand behind his back, patting his wolf who had come up wanting attention.
  4. Wimp? Did Pin just call him a wimp? With grin, he quickly wacks pin about the back of the head, cheerfully grinning as he spoke to him, his voice sounding quite passive aggressive in his tone. "Too hot? Never said it was to hot did i, just said it was bloody hot. Your the wimp for not even being willing to go with your guild leader to a bloody tavern for a victory celebration after a quest!" He says, grinning before dashing off while his familiar, Silver, who was still avoiding Pinball, sprinted after him, both bolting full speed towards the town tavern.While running, he saw a shimmer, believing it to be a chest, but quickly realized it was his familiar, who had over taken him. Sky quickly sped up, trying to catch up with his familiar, leaving Pinball behind unless he had the gall to catch up, which he probably didn't.
  5. This floor is completely stupid, he hated it. It had always annoyed the absolute hell out of him. Especially recently. He seemed to be coming here daily for one stupid quest or another. He hated it, he hated being here, he was fully sick of it. Sooner or later, he was going to throw a fit, he was always calm, he only broke when someone he cared about was in danger, so to keep that, he knew he had to gtfo out of this floor. He was done with it. "Yeah, i hate this goddamn floor. Before ya go, how about heading with me to the tavern in the main town and just getting a cold drink? Its bloody hot on the ninth floor, and i reckon a nice cold drink is just what we need after dealing with this hell" He said to Pinball "First one's on me" He says to him before starting to walk back, not fully caring if Pin comes or not. Of course, he wanted him to, he would like it, but if he choose to walk the other wya Sky wouldn't be hurt... To much.
  6. Sky listened to him, smiling with his normal, calm genuine carefree smile. He shook his hand, before kneeling down, turning around instantly as he did so, to which behind him was his wolf, who had shyed away as Rein had walked over towards him. Sky was used to this, but it didn't stop him from just melting to the wolf. "Hey girl, Silver, this is business alright, don't worry, if he tries anything i'l protect you" He says to her, giving her a little pat on the head before standing up and turning back to Rein, instantly saying "Sorry, she is very shy, until she warms up to you, please don't try and touch her" He said, his mind flashing to when someone else had tried that, and she had instantly backed up and been insanely scared, to the point of whimpering. "And that would be me, yes! I am Stryder, the Lionheart of the Guardians of the New Dawn. I am the guild founder, the leader, and soon to be front liner representative of the New Dawn. I'l thank Pin later for getting you in contact with me, i'm honestly suprised, he is normally kind off... weird and off putting" He says, scratching his head a little, shrugging. "Did pin give you a trial by fire or anything?"
  7. (Sorry! I wasn't tagged in Vigi's post, didn't realize it was my turn) Sky couldn't help but just sigh as he walked around the town of beginnings. He had just visited the Monumnet, and thankfully he didn't see any names he knew... Well at least any new names. There was still the few that were on there from all those other player killers, but thankfully the name wasn't to long yet, even those who died from mobs was not to bad. He sighed, deciding to walk out of out the town, but saw three people grouping up. One of them he knew, Dazia... She was on that name as a player killer, of Wardege, he had dealt with a big shamble during the halloween party... He wanted to find out the truth about that, but not now. There was a second girl he didn't know, but then there was someone he remembered. Vigilon, or as he knew him, Boar Bait. "Hey guys, whats with the little grouping?" @Dazia
  8. Sky was glad she was brave enough to give it another try. It wasn't the easiest thing, but he really wanted her to learn it. It was something important for her to know if she planned to be fighting with that katana. Before he said anything about it, he decided to respond to her thoughts about allying with another guild. "Well.... I'l make it easier for us soon... I plan to join in the next boss raid after the current one is finished.... If i get us some rep and fame on the front, it will give you more to bargain with... I know i'm hopeless with politics, and all of this, i have a good feeling i'm to sentimental... So to help, i'l simply get us something to work with, some presence, then it might not matter so much that we are weaker" He said, his voice carrying confidence in it, but mostly her. He knew she could negotiate anything they needed, she hadn't let him down yet. "As for the switch, i really want you to learn. It could possibly save your life, if you take a brutal hit, you will be able to use this to swap hate with a tank. Of course, if that situation ever came up, the tank isn't doing his, or her, dam job and i will smack them for you" He said with a grin, before seeing another Forgotten, trying to hide a few meters away, blocking the door, the way out. He quickly dashed forward, delivering an All Might Punch into it, right as it stepped out, it flying outside. He quickly pushed himself back, calling out "SWITCH" Stryder H0 - 520/520HP | 35/52 EN | 54MIT | 3 ACC Eatos H0 - 340/340 HP | 34/34 EN | 4 DMG | 9 MIT | 3 EVA | 2 REC | 1 THRN Forgotten (Loot Standard) 225/450HP - 78 DMG
  9. He was glad that his newfound companion didn't have any issue with how shy his familiar is. He knew one day she would warm up to others, but right now, she was still shy and scared of everyone. He couldn't help but smile at her, before noticing Jon had made a few strides away, so he quickly caught up, matching pace. He didn't say much as they followed him over to the NPC, listening to him. So, his ship was robbed... Seems not all crime escapes this world yet... At least its not a player himself He looked over to where he was pointing, seeing nothing at all really, except some blue ocean and some sand... He didn't really say anything though, guessing there was a quest zone that way somewhere. He looked at Jon afterwards, when he said something about food. "Really? Not a big fan of fish? How come?" he asks, patting his own stomach in agreement to going to get some food.
  10. 2/3 "Honestly, no idea. I spend a lot of time roaming the first floor and helping those in need, and most, if not all of those, i offer the chance to join if they so wish it. Other than that, the others in my guild recommend it and i get contacted by them asking if they could join" He replies to her about that, having no honest idea about why he had so many people. "I may have numbers, but not strength. The highest leveled member in my guild is around the forty mark, and then theirs two in the 30's, two in the twenties, but other than that, everyone is below the fifteen mark, so were not that strong a guild" He said, a little sigh afterwards. He knew he made it to defend others, and he was doing exactly that, but he just wished he had more people strong enough to help him protect all the others... Though a few of them were catching up to his own level, to keep the standard he had to speed himself up... and get stronger quickly.
  11. Sky groaned as he woke up on the third floor, having decided to take a nap in a tree in the square where the Warp Gate was located. He looked at his messages, the sound of it having woken him up. He had one from a.... Reinholt Shield-Wolf? Sky just blinked, having zero idea who that is. He opened it up, deciding to listen to it, mainly due to the subject being the fact it involved his guild. He was a little suprised, Pinball had managed to recruit someone? His guild somehow had a great standing among players, he had no idea who actually knew about them, but he had seemed to amass more players that most guilds, even if most of them were low leveled. The higher ones was himself, Hydra, Pinball and Hei, the rest were all lower, but that was the main goal of his guild, to protect them and help them survive. He sat up, looking around and seeing someone wearing an eye patch with blond hair, wearing what looked to be dragon bone armor. Before he could jump, he felt something licking him, and with a grin, turned around, grabbing the wolf, but fell off in the process. "OH SHIIIT" He smacks into the ground, the wolf landing on top of him as he laughs a little, standing up. He was wearing all his combat gear, though it is very unlikely you could tell. He had a casual black jacket with a bright white star in the shape of a shield, unzipped, showing a white tank top. Further up his arm, a grey/silver with a emerald colour embeded in, armored wrist bands, and on his hands was his cursed guantlets, but no one knew what they were. They were grey, but looked.... "You Reinholt?"
  12. Rudy's Journal

  13. Sky grabbed out the piece of light armor, wondering if it would be any good. He quickly opened the handbook given to him, tapping the armor, and sliding his finger across, trying to find any good enhancement markings. It didn't take to long, but he found one that looked like a bit of a rough patch. When he found that, he quickly realized that you could tell by the variation and texture of the item itself, feeling it and realizing it had two slots of mitigation. After that, he found, in the pouch of the shirt, a small needle which seemed to go through it, and from first touch he could tell it was a regen thing. Two done, one to do --- Silver sat down next to her, happily barking at her, before tackling her down. She made sure her claws weren't anywehre near her, so they were no threat at all as she laid on her, lapping at her face.
  14. EN 1/3 He was a little dumbfounded that she could become an even stronger tank, but he wasn't fully surprised. He himself planned on getting Battle Healing when he had maxed out his armor skill, and maybe gotten something like Charge as well.... But he had no full idea on what he was going to do. He wanted to be a pure damage, but not a glass cannon. He didn't feel like being the kind of guy to die in a single hit, he had to live for his guild. "As long as the mobs aren't floor bosses, i'm not to worried about taking them on, especially with a tank, soon though, hopefully i will be strong enough to help out more then i can right now.... Hopefully soon i can join the frontlines" He said, his mental state somehow shifting to the frontliens as they walked towards where Hestia expected the cave to be.
  15. 3/3 - En Returned this post He knew about the Holy Dragon Alliance, he had heard a few things about them, mainly that they were a stronger guild. He didn't know much else however, but he wasn't suprised he didn't. It was kind of pathetic for a guild leader, but he normally left all of that area to Eatos. She is a business woman, and has her ear to everything, and he trusted her to find any info he needed, or that she deemed necessary for him to know. It may be his guild, but she was a humongous part of it, and honestly, he knew he couldn't do much without her help. "Sounds like a plan, on both. Holy Dragon is a definite good start, especially to get us a bit of a grasp on how front lines works. We should attempt to ally with them soon" He said, his face turning into a sly grin, wanting to learn how he could smash the front lines and help his guild become well known. "Do you want to try the switch again?" He asks after saying that, wondering if she was ready to see if she could do it.