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  1. Rolling to kick these dweebs in the wenus Stats Loot Gained this thread from all members.
  2. It had been awhile. He hadn't come down to this floor in.... Well, probably a month. He couldn't. It hurt him... So much. He had failed the last promise he made to her, the last promise he had made to Katherine. He failed it, he had let her death break him. He had promised her he wouldn't.... Well, he hadn't actually. But her last wish was for him to protect everyone. He wished, more than anything, that he could go back in time. Fix his mistakes. Maybe even save her, though, he was unable to. Now, sitting in front of her 'grave'... He saw the picture of her, the one that had been placed on the table, along side the sword and armor he had made her.... Well, she made the sword, but he had made the armor. Guardian.... I wish that i could move on, be stronger then i am. I am getting there Katherine, i'm getting stronger... I'm moving on, when i can. I'v met someone, she reminds me a lot of you, her name is Alisea... She's special, she is like you, she is managing to pull me out of my shell.... I want to do what you asked of me... But... I don't know if i can, i'm not strong. I'm weak..... I can't lose anyone else... One day, maybe i can honor you.... But i'm sorry... I can't right now" He sighs, still kneeling in front of her image. He had lost so many people. Atzo, Pinball, Katherine, Damien... So many had vanished from his life. He had made enemies of Hestia, the whole of the first floor of Aincrad. They all saw his outburst.... He was stupid, so, SO stupid.... So many choices he couldn't take back. He couldn't take back trying to kill Kyoto on that floor, when Atzo had gone awol. He couldn't take back attacking Pinball when he was trying to kill someone he loved... He couldn't take back yelling at Hestia for simply wanting Aincrad to be a safer place... So many choices he couldn't take back... And he knew how many more mistakes awaited him down this road... He just wished... I wish you were still here to guide me.... @Atzo
  3. He wondered what Arabelle had meant, then suddenly he saw her new scythe. It sprouted from, FLAMES? It was more than a little confusing. But he knew what it was, and where it was from. It was from that recent halloween event, it was cursed. He could feel his gloves resonating with the new weapon, a familiar feeling of unease washing over him as he laid eyes on it. All these types of weapons, they all had something they wanted. It wasn't enough to influence there wielders, but they all hungered to grow. They were all alive. "Oh, you have a boyfriend now do you Arabelle? Gotta introduce me sometime, they gotta get guild leader approval" He says with a joking smile, grinning at her. Something that struck him as strange, was Jinx saying 'Like before'. Jinx must have spent time with Arabelle without him there, he was just wondering why she hadn't told him. It was her right to keep what she did to herself... But it didn't stop him from being allowed to worry. Those thoughts vanished for the time when combat started. Arabelle told him to move, and he did, right after his initial assault he quickly leapt backwards, and from the strikes, flames busted around her slam, spreading into the vicinity. Neat trick, that was a new one, her weapon must have a bit more umph then his did, something unique. Jinx didn't let him down either, roaring and gathering the monsters attention, all four turned to her and rushed her, each one hitting her. But, she didn't panic. He had worried she would, but she didn't. But of course, she was a girl, and she obviously didn't like those spiders. "Good volley team, round two, lets finish these buggers!" He says as he runs right back in, leaping up and delivering a kick. One of the spiders managed to shoot a web into the wall and pull itself out of the way of his attack, the other got hit across its sack trying to do the same thing, taking some damage. The bats couldn't do anything, his foot slamming into ones head, and the other got hooked, slammed into the ground from the force of his kick, though it just got back up, all there HP's in the red, or yellow. "Damn, those spiders don't want to die do they. Hey Arabelle, whats with that scythe?What were those flames?" He asks, his guard up as he looked at there HP. He hadn't realized how much thorns Jinx had, they had lost a lot from hitting her. "Your doing good Jinx, keep it up for me" He said, praising the girl in an effort to keep her spirits up. Sometime soon, he would find out what she was hiding from him... Stats Rolls & DMG
  4. The callout went through his head, and he turned to do an AoE, Tornado Kick. In his haste to respond to his order, he messed up, his kick mising her completely, but it still hits the other two, bringing them down extremely low. They were close to death, they all were! One more good hit from him might be enough to finish this fight... That was good. He didn't want to have to fight for longer then he needed to, he was still too weak in long and prolonged fights. One day, he might be able to maintain this, but right now he was not. Which SUCKED SO MUCH! "She avoided it, their all low, best of luck!" He calls out, leaping back into a semi defensive stance. He could do more. He knew that in the future he would be able to kill the strongest monsters with relative ease. Maybe not labyrinth or floor bosses, but these weaklings? No trouble.
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    Hermit's Crafts (Raidou) [Requires Eval]

    Above this - Approved. Be a good boi now.
  6. If he wanted, he just could have asked? He knew her mind was being a little dirty, especially as she ate the hotdogs. She really was a fiesty girl that one - Unique girl. She was sorry for being late, but to be honest she barely was, he only had been waiting for about twenty minutes, which wasn't that bad. He looked at Jinx as she thanked him, and used the itmes he had brought. Arabelle did the same, though what confused him, was that Jinx asked her if she had been mususing her weapons...? That, more than confused him, though he had to let it fly. He would get to the bottom of that later, Alisea seemed to have a bit of a problem with Arabelle, which was strange. She was so kind, and she seemed to see the best in everyone but herself, so what had happened? "Yeah, its just us. As much as i enjoyed doing it with the whole guild last time, it didn't go so well. So i'd rather just do it with the two i trust the most, and we can do it easier. Jinx, i know you can get scared, but don't worry, with your armor and that potion of armor, they shouldn't be able to do any damage to you" He said, smiling as he put a hand on her head and gently roughed her hair. He then looked at Arabelle. "However, for us, lets make sure we don'y pull more aggro then Jinx can draw, these things will hurt if they hit one of us" He says to Arabelle, giving fair warning that this could be dangerous if they made a mistake. Then, of course, once everyone was ready he led the group into the cavern, and looked around to find the first set of mobs they would fight, and he saw them, a group of Two big ass spiders, and two big ass bats. So, the sky and the earths creepy crawlies. "Lets do this! Our goal is about 70 thousand, then from there, we just get as much as you two feel like getting!" He says with confidence, before charging in. He went right in for a tornado kick, and smacked all four. The bats somehow were hit right on the nogging, dealing a LOT of extra damage. Players Mobs Rolls & DMG
  7. - Using a Yui's Grace It was about time he got off his ass.... He had been extremely lazy for awhile, no leveling, no gathering money, just relaxing with Silver, with Jinx, living at his home, peacefully. Well, his shop. It was time to change that, for the past few weeks he had been gathering armor, potions, buffs, ready for just this moment. For when he gathered a few of his guild, not the whole thing.... that, didn't go overly well last time, besides he had lost contact with a large majority of them. He knew they were alive, and still in his guild, but he was pretty sure a fair few people had retired from adventuring, at least for now. Well, no problem. He had a location picked out on the 21st floor. He walked into the cavern, forgetting how gorgious this cave floor actually looked with the crystals on the roof, and all the glowing mushrooms. Well, whatever. He was sitting down at the entrance to a specifc part, and just past him was a wealth of mobs they could fight and gain from. After sending that off, he seperated everything he had gotten for them. Putting them into two piles, and taking what was for himself out of it. When they got here, he would say "These should help us do this quicker and safer, as well as get the most out of the raiding as we can. I want to get enough for the guild hall, anything after that can be divided among the two of you, sounds fair? Any drops we get, we can divy out as is fair, though i doubt i will want much so it should mostly be between you two" He says to them, before using the items he put for himself. Once they were ready, it was time to go For Arabelle. For Jinx For Stryder Stats
  8. He smiled at the girl, un-surprised about her bottomless stomach. She was literally insatiable when it came to food. Her brain always wanted it, well, her stomach did. Thankfully this was only a video game - If it was the real world, he had to wonder if she had a fast metabolism... But, again, it was another thing he knew to NOT bring up around girls was anything weight related. HE DID NOT want to go down that very deep and long rabbit hole that eventually would lead him into an early grave.... "Alright, lets get going then!" He says, smiling as he offers her a hand up. After helping her off the roof so she wasn't a clutz and got hurt, they went home where Stryder cooked a curry up, her favorite meal. He had more eggnog there they enjoyed, and finished celebrating the holiday together, peacefully and without interruptions. - Finished Jinx & Stryder get - 1 SP 200 Col Stryder got T3 Demonic Heavy Armor (MIT | MIT | MIT | Recovery) Jinx got - It is only valid to add a single slot of Flame Aura to Jack's Heavy Armour.
  9. Walking into Zandra's store was always a wonder, the master alchemist truely interesting., He had sent her some messages about an order, though he had been to busy to get his own lazy ass in here and put it on himself. Though he had heard they were done, so here he was to collect. "Thanks zandra!" Picking up 3x T1 dmg and 1 T2 mit dat u crafted for me. ty Zanny, will make it easier on u next time XD
  10. Well, maccy boi never dissapointed with his skill as a blacksmith. He had placed an order, and heard back in less then a day that he was done. Beautiful. Though it had taken him a whilke to come down here and pick it up. Once he did, he thanked the blacksmith before heading off, ready for the farming his guild wasa bout to do. picked up -
  11. He listened to Jinx as she chose what she wanted. A way to double her Flame Aura... That, that would be useful for her! It was a smart choice, and it made him relieved, meant he didn't have to worry as much about her being killed as he did before. Though he was sad his own wish couldn't be brought to fruition. Dam, another time then, if some other event happened that allowed him to change his gear around, he would try again. Of course - that was in the distant future, not the current. Though, he did offer a set of armor, demonic level. Right now it was just an orb, he couldn't even see what it would become, but either way.... It would help him. "Yeah, this will do what it needs. Much appreciated father" He says as he waved him off. He heard Jinx speak after he left, listening to her. She was going to save everyone? Those were his words. Had she adopted what he had wanted to do...? Was he influencing her? Or.... was she just being herself? Most likely the last one, though it was a nice thought that she wanted to help him achieve his original goal... "Whoever he was in reality, it doesn't matter. He gave you your next step forward, and he gave me something to help me in the near future" He says, smiling. "Wanna head home? I can cook us up a holiday meal and we can finish celebrating the event with a feast!" He says, a warm smile as he took another look at the sun, and the town. - Obtained T3 Demonic Heavy Armor (MIT | MIT | MIT | Recovery) Equipment name and description to be determined by the recipient. Must be evaluated before use. (Please link back to this post for your records.)
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