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  1. Sky couldn't help but feel a little proud of her. She was definitely getting stronger. She wanted to protect others, which was EXACTLY what he had made this guild for, what they had made this guild for. And they were doing it... But the part about them not reaching the front might not be true, depending how fast he and the others could level. He planned to do it quickly though, and he planned to give there guild some more presence. Then he could work on strengthening themselves more. Before long, they made it back to the town. He couldn't help but feel exhausted, the moon was visible in the Aincrad sky. He couldn't help but feel a little....Well proud of himself. He had done a pretty big mission today, gathering all the col they could use for the guild hall, and for whatever other expenses the guild could find a use for. Who knew what that might be.... But it was going to happen eventually. Sky said his farewells to Eatos as he dashed back towards the second floor. He had to clean out shop, it was time for him to change his profession. Thread rewards Both - 2 SP - 400 Col Stryder - 4 Unidentified uncommon consumables Eatos - 1 T2 - 6750
  2. Stryder

    [PP-F2] Perfect Timing <<The Venomous Warg>>

    He was very relieved when she said she would just treat him like any other normal player. He didn't like getting special treatment, and judging by how she reacted to his level, if he told her about him being a guild leader, he had a feeling she wouldn't act t he same around him.. And he was actually enjoying the little game going on right now. Though her thoughts on how the higher leveled players deserve to be treated kind of made him feel a bit appreciated, though he knew he wasn't even close enough to that yet. When she grabbed abck onto his arm, giving him a bit of a wink. He didn't respond to much to it, just walking along with them, trying to think of something to say. "If you like grabbing onto my jumper that much, its fi-" He starts saying, before seeing the four blobs, along with one larger blob.... Sky took a deep breath, not wanting to scare Arabelle. He cracked his neck, watching as she pulled out her sycthe. He put a grin on his face, giving her a happy, but sly look. "Of course, if i didn't, how could i get dinner with ya, could i?" He says, before moving in. Unless she moved herself to see his face, and right now he was looking at the group of wolves, and the warg. With a dealthy grin, he quickly dashes full speed towards the group. He notices the bigger one, growing bigger and bigger. He was NOT risking that thing taking a bite out of Arabelle. His dash comes to a quick shift as he shifts his body, launching himself sideways over the Venom Snapper that had fully appeared, and was growling at him. From above, his hand glowed blue, and flew into the spine of the beast, it instantly splittiing in two and vanishing. He landed, feeling himself suddenly getting dizzy, and feeling his life go weird. He looked at his HP... POISONED! The fang had hit him, bit deflected offh is arm guard... But he had gotten posisoned. Before long, the next three wolves jumped at him, Sky quickly putting up both his arms, catching all three before throwing them off. Player Stats Mob Stats
  3. Stryder

    [F19] Morning Star Alchemy- R7 Alchemist

    Sky walked into the store, through the side entrance. He found it kind of weird tht he could just avoid the main gates and the guards, it was so nice not having to do that just to get into the store, but looking over the walls, he couldn't help but see a manor that he was obviously missing as well. He didn't take too much note of it, instead taking a deep breath as he went to the front desk, seeing a blue haired maid, who seemed to be taking orders for whoever ran this place. Sky shrugged, wlaking up. "Hey, could i please get three T1 Safeguard potions, heres the money for the owner, its for the floor boss raid. Thank you!" (Three of them please) Name: Safeguard PotionYour Profession: AlchemistYour Rank: SevenRoll ID: Roll Result: Item Type: PotionTier: 1Quality: PerfectEnhancements: SafeguardDescription: Post Link:
  4. Stryder

    [F22-PP] Floor 23 Boss Meeting

    Sky looked at Pin and Hydra. It seemed that Hydra was willing to follow Sky, whatever course he led them. Though Sky didn't respond to him yet, or say anything verbally, the single thought that his guildmates trusted in his leadership made him feel all that more proud, and confident in doing this. He couldn't let them down.... Then of course, Pinball said the same thing. Sky was about to comment when he heard it, just slightly under Pins breath... He called his guild leader a chicken. Sky couldn't help but be a little pissed off about that. He quickly took to thought the strategy proposed most recently by shield, well.... More issues. He took a deep breath, deciding to speak out. "I don't mean to step out of line here, but in regard to what should we should target, and i'm assuming that we are against a group of five, these guys are a floor boss, and maybe they might be a 'council' that responds to a queen that actually resides on the floor above. Normally, in a hierarchy the top would only fight if the rest of the fodder was gone. If they have a damage dealer, a healer, a tank, that still puts two unknowns, the orb and the dice. If we go with a rouge for the dice, it is likely that they would be hidden away, stealth-ed somewhere and we would be unable to target him first at all, so lets move him out of the equation. If the crystal ball is some kind of buffer, he would be in the backline, and i doubt the others would let us get to him. The healer would also be back there, so we might have a hard time reaching them..." He says to them, knowing he is slightly repeating a fair few points, taking a deep breath before continuing. "That leaves the damage and the tank. An idea could be, depending on our numbers, assuming we can play this like a strategy game, a light hitting, but high hate taking party or two could agro the damage dealer, the rouge and keep the tank deflecting there hits, while a party with the hardest hitters, and maybe one of the stronger tanks in case things go sour, can move around the main fight and hit there back. In a strategy game, doing this would put the enemy in disarray and cause chaos, putting the teamwork out of order" He says, taking another breathing break before finishing up. "This is my first battle, so i'm unsure of how it works... But thats my best idea. Judging by what i know about some of you, i have ideas for parties if this idea warrants any actual worth"
  5. Sky couldn't help but feel a little proud of her. She was definitely getting stronger. She wanted to protect others, which was EXACTLY what he had made this guild for, what they had made this guild for. And they were doing it... But the part about them not reaching the front might not be true, depending how fast he and the others could level. He planned to do it quickly though, and he planned to give there guild some more presence. Then he could work on strengthening themselves more. Before long, they made it back to the town. He couldn't help but feel exhausted, the moon was visible in the Aincrad sky. He couldn't help but feel a little....Well proud of himself. He had done a pretty big mission today, gathering all the col they could use for the guild hall, and for whatever other expenses the guild could find a use for. Who knew what that might be.... But it was going to happen eventually.
  6. Stryder

    [PP-F2] Perfect Timing <<The Venomous Warg>>

    The wink back made him wonder himself what her intentions were. Was she just joking around, or was she serious? He decided to just cross that bridge when it came up. The part afterwards was a little bit sus itself, but again, he just went along with the whole thing for now, wondering where it would go. Once he revealed his level however, he couldn't help but feel the air get a little more tense. It wasn't something he liked the feeling of. Before he let his worry be noticed, he put on a bit of a sly smile, responding is a nice, calm, but playful tone. "Hmm, dinner sounds nice~ Maybe at a dimly lit candlelight dinner by a river" He responds to that with. He was hoping he wasn't going to far with this whole thing, but she seemed to be okay with it so far, so until he noticed her starting to seem very uncomfortable, he decided to keep going with it. And what happened next only helped solidify that part, which was when she grabbed onto his jackets sleeve, holding on as they walked into the forest, going deeper and deeper into it. Her action again caused his cheeks to redden a little, this time a bit more than last. "That's alright my dear, wouldn't want you spoiled for dinner tonight" He says, attempting to say it in a slightly seductive tone, but it came out more as a sly joke instead (Which was probably for the best) which had a bit of a caring underline. I hope i don't enter the death mood in combat.... I don't like letting people see that After that, he added something to the end, speaking in a clear, calm tone. "Don't let my level be any indicator to how you should treat me, or act. Its merely a level, an indicator of how much effort iv put into getting strong enough to join the front. It doesn't mean anything, it doesn't make me better than anyone else, aight?" At the end of the sentence, his voice slowly returned to a bit more of a joking tone, not wanting to ruin the mood.
  7. Stryder

    [F22-PP] Floor 23 Boss Meeting

    Sky couldn't help but let a bit of sweat drip off his face as a slight panic slowly set in. This floor boss, his FIRST floor boss, was already turning out to be PURE hell. There was goign to be FIVE DIFFERENT BOSSES! That was ridiculous... He knew this was not goign to be easy, but now, he was thinking this was going to be near impossible. He listened to each of them, though primarily payed attention to what Baulder said as he shortened there options into three lines. He didn't like them, though he understood them. In any game, bosses were always hard opponents. Until you knew the game, and its patterns in and out, it was a uphill struggle. He knew this, and he knew that with this game, he didn't have the chance to learn through trial and error... He had to do his best to learn quickly, in his first battle, otherwise, he was done. And he was NOT about to leave his guild behind... He had no real ideas about anyway to help at this point, instead choosing to look around, seeing anyone who he could maybe get a safeguard crystal off. He needed two of them it seemed. Turning to Pinball and Hydra, he asked "Seems this is going to be harder than i thought..."
  8. Stryder

    [PP-F2] Perfect Timing <<The Venomous Warg>>

    Sky couldn't hide the smirk that appeared on his face when he saw her reaction. She was shocked, stunned, and he could see the small red in her cheeks. She was obviously a little taken back, which meant he had succeeded in his plan. Along with the smirk that now was vanishing from his face, a small laugh came out. He listened to the rest of what she said, and he noticed the little flirt she did back at him from that joke. He was wondering if this was her being serious, or joking around. He decided to play along, and just see what happens. Guess i'l just play this one out. "Hmm, assuming i know as much as i do, i should be able to protect any kind and pretty girls i find along the way" He says, giving her a sly wink, hoping to get another reaction. He knew he might not, but he was sure going to try. After that he decided to add the answer to the question she had actually asked, which was his level. "I'm at level thirty seven" He replied, answering her question. Silver looked at them both, a little confused as to what they were talking about, though she could sense that soon they might be going adventuring, and she got a little excited about that, growling happily.
  9. "You were heaps of help Hydra, don't put yourself down man. Without you i wouldn't have survived that, and even then i would have gone CRAZY trying to do this on my own. I just can't handle that, soloing is... A hard thing for me to manage. And yeah, it seems you have a ghostly admirer" He says back to hydra, before looking around. He couldn't wait to get out of this hell. This was definitely NOT a floor he planned on visiting often. This place just wasn't his style. He hated it, and that would NEVER change. "Yes. Plesae. Lets get the hell out of here, and never return.... LIke, EVER.... Just, never come back here" He replies, his voice full of hate and malace towards this dam place. He really couldn't stand it, and in his speech it came out apparent, unmasked and plain. Pure, and utter hatred.
  10. Stryder

    [PP-F2] Perfect Timing <<The Venomous Warg>>

    Sky couldn't help but blush the slightest amount(it was noticeable), when she said that, a little put off. He found it kind of cute, this girl acting like that. Looking at her, he noticed she actually was pretty cute, but he moved himself past that, not wanting to get sucked into something he couldn't dig himself out of. He listened to her answer his question, keeping himself silent as he started to pet Silver, the pure white wolf moving her muzzle into his hand, obviously enjoying it as she growled softly. Since she was a wolf, growling was just how she communicated, especially since Sky was guessing she was a pure breed. His mind shifted back to her, noticing a little bit of a question stewing in her. Hmm, obviously she wants help, guess she is just a little shy to ask. He gave her a smile, raising a hand to open his inventory, looking at her, he sent a party invite. He was hoping he was coming off as calm and fun, he didn't want to seem to be a bit of a stickler. "You know, i haven't done this quest myself. I wouldn't mind comin along" He calmly says to her, before adding "Besides, i couldn't let a cute girl die in the woods on the way" He knew he was being a little... Forwards with what he just said, but he was hoping to fluster her a little, just like she did him.
  11. (All good Morgy boi) Sky listened to them, glad that he seemed to be getting a lot more activity in his guild. Thats good for him. The frontlining guilds needed to be getting more attention, especially since without them, the whole momentum Aincrad had gained would just halt, and we would get no where at all. He was also pretty proud of the two of them doing the DHA quests, but he didn't know who 'Itzal' was. That wasn't someone he had met before, though he was guessing he was a trustworthy guy. Before he said anything, he listened to his order, a grilled fish sandwich. He told him his own "I'l take a Grilled Salmon with a salad and a tuna dish please." He said to her, before turning back to Jon. "The stress will be worth it when guys manage to organize the chaos, your guild will be dam effective!" He replied to him, smiling with a little jealousy.
  12. Stryder

    [PP-F2] Perfect Timing <<The Venomous Warg>>

    He was glad that she understood how familiars can have there own distinct personalities, he knew it would make it a lot easier to talk to her without having to worry about her trying to touch Silver... Last time someone did that he almost had an incident. He did NOT want to go through that again. He then listened to her saying what she was doing out here, which made him wonder what level she was. Those wolves were weak, he could tell that by the fact he had crushed them without even using his sword arts, and if she was having a hard time with them, this quest might be a challenge for her. He had opted to not do it till he was stronger, as this was quite a difficult quest to try and do. "Ah, i understand. I used to live on this floor, though i moved. Silver has been agitated all morning, so i can out here with her to see why. Guess she knew some wolves were on the prowl" He said, scratching his head and laughing a little.Then he added something else onto it. "Venomus Warg is a dangerous quest, are you strong enough to do it?" He asks, a sense of worry in his voice about her strength.
  13. Stryder

    [F22-PP] Floor 23 Boss Meeting

    Sky woke up to the sound of a message being sent, but he had NO idea who it was from. He opened his messages, reading it, and was thoroughly surprised! They had made it to the next boss room! It was time for the next floor boss battle. He quickly got up, going into this inventory and equipping all his combat gear. He knew this was just the meeting, but he had no choice but to gear up. He didn't know if he was meant to or not... With a slight amount of uncertainty, he put his hoodie on over his combat gear. Luckily, he was already on the twenty second floor, thanks to his shop being up there. It kinda upset him that others had there guild hall up here, he had wanted his here to, and he knew he still could, but he was hoping to make this his floor. Sky quickly rushes out the door of his unfinished shop, dashing as fast as he could towards the spot. While moving, he opened his inventory, sending a message to Hydra. About five minutes after that message was sent, he sees the guild hall, stopping running as he walks up, opening and entering. He looks around, surprised to see that he actually knows everyone here, except two of them so far. He sees Hestia, Shield(who he knows due to going to his merchant shop), Jon. He was pretty glad with these people! But then he saw someone who gave him the chills, Hikoru. That was the frontliner who had almost slit his throat that one time. He shivers, then walks up towards where everyone is. "Heyo, i'm here" He says to the room, not really trying to compete with anyone elses voices.
  14. Stryder

    Lakeview Trader Evals

    Name: Mass Healing CrystalYour Profession: MerchantYour Rank: 2Item Type: Crystal Roll Id: 101127 LD: 20Tier: 2Quality: RareEnhancements: 2 Mass RecoveryDescription: A crystal containing healing mist, when crushed heals those around. Name: Salmon&FishYour Profession: MerchantYour Rank: 2Item Type: Meal Roll Id: 101128 LD: 5Tier: 2Quality: RareEnhancements: 2 ProteinDescription: A meal consisting of salmon. Name: Blue WindYour Profession: MerchantYour Rank: 2Item Type: Katana Roll Id: |101129 | 101130 LD: 8 | 3Tier: 1Quality: RareEnhancements: 1 Accuracy, 1 ParalyzeDescription: A lightweight serrated katana.