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  1. Sky quickly moved, he didn't have much time. A player was about to die! But before he could do anything, they shattered. That was the second one, the second one who had died... Two had left, this whole event, everything about this. He wanted this to be over. He felt the claws of Miraak claw through him, though he made no flinch, no response. Simply as he was attacked, he responded with a fist right through the chest of the boss, and he simply held it there, continually walking forward, his arm sinking deeper, and deeper into Miraak. It was nearly dead. He knew his party was going to kill it. "You are done" He says after a few moments of walking, pulling his arm right out of its chest and turning, walking away from him. He trusted the blow from Neo, Himself, and Kairi were going to end him. He was going to shatter soon, barely holding himself together. Then, they would be finally finished here.
  2. She asked how he had been, and he simply felt the pain inside. He wasn't fine, barely alive, though he didn't really want to say that. He didn't know Zandra well enough to say something like that... "Yeah, i'v been scrapping by, still trying to wrap my head around the whole mess we had during that floor boss" He said to her. When Zandra tried to pat the wolfess, she shied away, though let her do what she wanted. She was getting braver, though it would still take more time... "I'm suprised to see someone your level and power down on this floor, what you looking for?" He asks Her, now standing next to Zandra. He was genuinely curious, maybe if she was going for a quest he could tag along, get his mind off her death... Off everything he was trying to move past. He really hoped he could move past it eventually, because it was holding him back...
  3. Sky dashed, seeing Hei have to throw himself in the way of the raptor. He slide at it, shielding the little dino who had tried to crush the poor thing, Hei's shield saving it, and luckily neither of them were injured. He was glad, he knew he could kill this thing, so his friend missing wasn't the worst thing that could ever happen to them. He quickly ran in, seeing the Lizard turning to Hei in an attempt to finish it while he was down, Sky quickly ran up, and before anyone knew it the lizard shattered, a fist having smacked it so hard it died. "Phew.... that was a close one. We did it bud, one down! Seems like we got.... 8800 so far, along with some unidentified items. Not a bad haul! Will still take us forever to earn enough for the hall though" He said ,sighing as he looked at the other group. He needed to get a different weapon... Somethhing like a Battleaxe, soemthing with a good AoE for when he needed to do something like this. ..
  4. Stryder

    [Floor 22/PP] A mentor and a friend

    She could tell.... Well, she heard what he said. She repeated it, more or less. She was trying to walk alittle, but she nearly collapsed again, so he leaned down, plucking her up fully, carrying her in his arms. It would look.... weird to anyone who saw, but he didn't really care, she was obviously completely out of it right now and needed the helping hand. She was aying something, about something not going well, and that she was thankful, and she wildly pointed in the air trying to point something out, to explain something. He didn't understand, though thanks to her having spoke in Japanese, he did hear her words and translate them easily. "It wasn't your fault.... It wasn't hers either..." He simply said, not really.... directing it at Jinx, but more so at himself. He didn't know why he had reacted so badly. He wished he did, but he just.... didn't know why. He knew one of these days he would be abele to go back and say sorry, but... that would take time.
  5. Stryder

    F2/PP) Getting Honey (Long Live the Queen)

    Tears.... they were on her face... She had been awake the whole time, she had heard all of it... Probably. he had really been hoping she was out cold, and wouldn't have heard any of that. He... didn't really know what to say. He didn't know if she hated him, or what she thought of him right now. He wished he could fix it, but, then he heard her laugh. She mustn't be that mad at him... She seemed, happy to get up and go for a quest. She jumped up, and with a gesure from the girl Silver walked to Skys side. He was suprised that she listened to her, but, he didn't mind. It was nice to see his familiar getting along with others. She was in her normal clothes. He walked over to her, and put his hand on her cheek, wiping away the tear that was wet and slowly sliding down her features. "Were in no rush.... I was thinking about one down on the first floor, Long like the Queen...' He says to her, smiling. He didn't like this look, on either of them... Tears, they weren't, befitting, just... they weren't something she would have wanted to see....
  6. Sky put his jacket back on, walking out of the tavern. He didn't... really know what to do now. He had heard of a few quests that existed here that might be a challenge, something to take his mind off her death... of all of this. He walked towards the teleport gate, seeing... someone sitting there with an eagle. It was beautiful, and regal. He started walking over to her, before recognising who was standing right htere, Zandra, his healer from the floor boss raid! He couldn't understand why someone that powerful was on this floor, sitting around here. He simply blinked, looking at her, wondering if he should say hi. "Long time no see Zandra!" He says to her, waving as he walks over, putting on a fake smile. He was dying inside... But he had to hide it. He didn't want everyone to know jsut how... broken he was right now.
  7. The fourth floor.... It was bloody freezing. He sighed as he looked around the forest, trying to spot anyone.... Well, any creature. Preferably, a white husky. He hadn't had any luck though... And his own familiar hadn't managed to track it down either, Silver walking up to him with her head dow,n the wolf unable to track the creature they were seeking. He simply let it go, walking back to the main town and finding the tavern. it was freezing, absolutely FREEZING out in the wild, and now he went inside, he took off his soaked jacket, sitting at a table and just... sat there. He didn't know what to do, he couldn't fullfil the promise... well, the reqesut, that had been asked of him... To find her familiar and look after it. He wished she had released it at his own shop, that way it would have been easy for him to do!
  8. Stryder

    F2/PP) Getting Honey (Long Live the Queen)

    It was over.... The tears had already Stained his face, though he was no longer yelling, tearing his hair out, and beating himself up, or more so, his house up. He looked up at the roof of his house, leaning back into the couch as more tears flowed down his face to no end. He severely wished... wished he could have been taken instead of her... Instead of anyone... He wished he could have saved her... His mind flashed back to Atzo, he wished.... wished he was here right now. Despite how long it had been, that man... would know what to say to help him.... would know how, to help him... "I can't die yet.... Can i Katherine.... You told me, i can't..." He weakly let out, opening his menu up and going tinto his saved messages. He had saved it... It was the last thing he had been given from her before she had died... her last words. He reread it, the tears still pumping out, just the same as when he had first read it, none stop, no stopping. She knew him... way to much. He was blaming himself... "How can i not blame mys...my.self... I knew... i knew about y..what you had done.... I... co...could have helped...." He said to himself, but also to Katherine. She wasn't here... but... he still was hoping, deep down, that somehow she would hear it... He stood up after that, not really bothering to wipe off the tears, he didn't have any reason to, he knew that the moment he did... they would just flow back down.... She wanted him to look after Angel... He made a note to go find her sometime.... He shook his head, he had something to do today... take the girl.. the young girl who he... was using as a way to make himself feel... not so bad.... Someone he had placed under his own care... "I will not let this one die... I will die... before i let that happen..." He said quietly, making a vow to himself. He.... couldn't. He knew that he couldn't let anyone else die.... He took a deep breath, put on a small smile as he walked towards his bedroom door, knocking on it before opening it up. Before Alisea at the door stood Sky with all his normal clothes on, the only difference was that he didn't have food in his hand like the last few days. "Hey Alisea, want t...to go out on a quest today?" He said to her, the tear stains apparent, though a warm smile was also apparent on his face.
  9. Stryder

    [Floor 22/PP] A mentor and a friend

    It was clear to him, Hestia wanted to leave. She wasn't... comfortable here anymore, at least, that what he could see. He simply sighed, not really knowing what to say to her. This whole.... Event, was throwing him for a loop. He had trusted Hestia, but for some reason, throughout the course of today he just... didn't anymore. He couldn't see past the own shade of hate he had towards everything. The only thing that he could see clearly was the poor girl who had collapsed in his arms.He had tried to stand her up, but she had fallen right back onto him, so he picked her up, holding her in his arms. "Alright... I'l take her back to my place so she can sleep. She has been staying there for the past few days now" He said to Hestia, looking at her. "Eventually, i'l see past this... this wall i'v put up. You will get an apology then" He said as he looked at the tank. She could leave, and he wouldn't stop her at all. "I'l see you around." He said to her before taking the poor girl who had crumbled in his arms. He walks off with her, she had been looking around, her mind being extremely dull, especially considering how she had been during the lesson. Everything was blank for her.... "Don't worry... I'l look after you..."
  10. Someone had warped out. Good, it was a smart call. So many players in the other teams... So low, so injured. His party had been lucky, only one of them had taken any worthwhile damage, and even then, it wasn't enough to make them all panic. The others however, were being stubborn. You idiots... Get out of here, your all going to die! Let the T2 players handle this, you dumbasses.... No one listened to me either.... Dammit He dashed up towards the boss, evading around any strikes that would be sent his way as he leapt up, both of his arms flying fluidily. Unlike any of the other martial artists in this battle, who were using nothing but brawn, he used precise strikes, smacking the vital points along the neck of the beast, before he pushed off it, landing next to the leg and putting more pressure point strikes as his hands jabbed into all the soft points. He stayed next to the boss, wanting to harrass it, and attempt to shield anyone else from being smashed. ID# 110061 results: Battle: 7 - Hit. Acupuncure - 9X16-144-75= 69!
  11. Stryder

    [F15-PP] What hides underneath the fog

    Sky didn't really care about going into a proper stealth, seeing that Neo pretty muched vanished. Besides, he didn't actually have the stealth skill, and he odubted he was going to try and get it at any point, it just... wasn't part of his plan. He stayed close to Hestia, not really wanting to deal with anything from anyone nearby. He kenw that despite his own unjustified hatred towards Hestia as of late, she would keep him safe. He walked close behind her as they went past the Blood Bane, a quest he wasn't.... overally worried about, pretty confident that he oculd get through it with help if he needed to. He was guessing that it would be equal to how hard this mission was going to end up being. He stayed silent, not relaly wanting to end up dead, well... more than he already was. He didn't know when he could dig himself out of this pit of sorrow...
  12. Stryder

    [F19-PP] Resurrection of The forgotten

    Sky looks at both of them, Neo and Hestia, who were offering items. He looked at Hestia. He did NOT, trust her. However, he knew he had to live this, and to do that he would most likely be needing these rations. He took both the items from Hestia, giving her a simple nod as a courtosy. He then walked over to Neo, taking the weapon of the evasion buffs, and an accuracy buffs, before eating and drinking everything. He watched as his health buffed up. Everything else as well, it was a nice feeling, knowing he was a little safer than he would be normally. "Thank you. Lets win this dunegeon" He said to everyone simply and coldly, not displaying much emotion. He was a dead man right now... He didn't really know what else he could do. He just, didn't know how to be a normal person right now, he felt to.... distant, broken, and just out of everything. Je didn't know what he wanted to do with himself. - Taking 1 Rations & Mit potions from Hestia - Taking 1 Hummous Dip and 1 Ranch Dip (Second most MIT i believe, so i'l take less EVA) Stats for this thread - Rations +75 HP - Mit potion +20 MIt - Hummus +2 ACC - Ranch +1 EVA
  13. Everythign was unfolding way to fast. He didn't have time to take in all in, however, he heard a massive 'speech' by Hestia, but before she had said that she had said that they were two people doing there best to make there guilds proud. She must know that wasn't why he was here... She pat his shoulder, and walked right by him. She then started her speech, in which she said that they were just a group of players. Next, someone called... Mace? She seemed to know Dustin and was talking to him like a Rival, and now was saying she was going to join. He gave her a quick scan, she didn't seem... Powerful enough totake out Pinball. Then, hestia addressed what he jsut said, saying that she would train her before anything else happened. Dustin on the otherhand, refuses NOT to allow them to hunt pinball. He wasn't wrong, he needed to be stopped... He was offered a cookie, though he didn't respond to it. He still stood there, refusing to allow anyone to not allow him to hunt Pinball. . He listened to what Hestia had to say to Dustin, and she more or less had agree'ed with what he was going to say in a moment. She seemed to be fine with him joining if he powered up. "Let me make this clear... I am not joining your police force Hestia. I don't trust you right now, however i will help you hunt Pinball down. And you Dustin, if you want to join the police department, i cannot stop you. However, you will NOT be hunting Pinball. Not with how you are now. Pinball is stronger than me right now, and i can kill you in one hit. I refuse for him to do that to you, he might have let you live this time, but next time.... I don't know. If you get yourself to the point in which he won't outright kill you, i won't stop you, just like Hestia said, your not ready yet." He said to @Dustin and @Hestia. He looked over to the latter. "I'm not doing this for my guild. This is personal. He attacked my guild mate, betrayed the trust i had in him, and broke any faith i had left in him. I saw his change during the boss fight, and i should have acted sooner." He said to her. Another one... Another one was his fault "Maybe once i'm past my own problems, i will join you Hestia... Though today is not that day"
  14. The start of the fight went well, he had gotten a solid hit onto the boss, and Morgen had leapt in and smacked all the others. However, the boatswain managed to readt quicker than he thought he would, the rip of its blade scrapping past Sky's chest, getting a large portion of his health down, well, not that much, but still enough that he felt it. He heard Morg yell for him to kill the Boatswain. He decided to do just that. He quickly dashed in, the swain trying to move around and get a jab in as he ran up, though the guantlets which protected his arms had the blows glance off them. His familiar, Silver, rushed in and distracting Amir, before her master landed a solid punch with a glowing blue fist that knocked him into the railing of the boat, almost sending him over the edge, his HP going down to the red, nearly being depleted. "Dam, little bit more and the bastard would have dropped dead" @Morgenstern
  15. All 1 SP 150 col hyrda 150 col Hei 100 col Stryder