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  1. She was deep in thought from the look of it, though at that moment Sky didn't think anything was wrong. Then she suddenly slapped hersself! That part worried him. He didn't really know what to do, so he put a hand on her shoulder, giving a warm smile as he listened to her plan. "If you want, i can help you get started. I know the quest which will get you started towards that path easier" He offers, smiling. He doesn't know what to, his mind is telling him to pull her into a hug. Its what others did for him when he was upset, well, his family did. He decided to do it, shifting himself a little closer to her, pulling her into one, not really minding if he got hit for it. "Want some more food?" He decided to ask, wanting to try and sidetrack her mind from whatever had given her the incentive to hit herself. For all he knew, she could be just waking up. But with how tense she was, along with this made him think and believe that wasn;t it.
  2. Ah, so she wanted to become a cook. He didn't have it himself, well, he did, but not the proper chef part. He just had his own part time cooking, so his skill was low. He was glad she concentrated enough to get there to say that, though he noticed she was starting to become like he was yesterday, something was on her mind. He didn't know what, but it sounded like she had good memories of breakfast in bed. He hoped she was happy with it, he had gotten a complement out of it, so thats something. Then, she asked if he had done okay, and he was confused. Done okay with what? "Did okay? With what..? Breakfast was easy to do, its just eggs on toast" He said with a grin on his face, knowing how basic it was. He wanted to get better, but he didn't really have the motivation or willpower to gun himself to become a top notch chef. He didn't want her to get upset.... He then noticed she was a little tense, like she was gripping soemthing, though he didn't know what. For now he chose not to make any moves, he didn't know if he would get hit or anything, or if it would even help her.
  3. Sky's teeth tore a chunk of the toast out when she snatched it from him, her laughter showing she knew he was joking and enjoying it. He simply smiled, eating the part he had gotten before just looking at her. She then went over to Chinese, saying some things. He really did need to learn how to speak Chinese, especially if he was going to keep hanging out with her. She seemed to prefer Chinese and Japanese over English and the other languages she knew. Her last comment, was in English so he tried to depict what she had meant, but had no idea. Burn the house down could mean so many different things. "Ummm, yeah, i would appriciate it if my house and shop wasn't burnt to the ground" He says with a ltitle worry in his voice, before laughign a little at her. She was so strange, he didn't know why, but he did feel some connection to her. "So, was it nice?" He asked her, not really knowing how good he was at cooking. That was just one of the three or four things he knew how to make in the real world, so he applied the same logic here to make it. He wanted to get some feedback so he knew if he was alright at it. For himself, it was okay, but he was used to his own cooking.
  4. She seemed to be quite calm, despite being in some random persons bed. He honestly had expected a different reaction, but this girl seemed to not be worried. He was glad, if she had been this would have been an awkward encounter, but it was fine. Better yet, she wasn't completely naked or in any compromising position! She seemed to perk up quite a lot when she smelt the toast, which she grabbed and without any manners started munching on. Some guys might think its rude or gross, but her cute appearance, and just her personality made him just laugh a little at her internally, before smiling, his sadness not really bothering him much in this moment. "I mean, you helped me out yesterday.... But that is true, you did steal my bed, sooo no more toast for you!" He says in a joking way, smiling as he grabs the other piece he had made and takes a bite out of it. He had more food, so he could always make her some more if she was still hungry. He didn't know why, but this girl just calmed him down, he enjoyed it...
  5. Stryder

    [PP-F05] One bad apple... <The Traveller>

    He snapped out of it, well, he was kicked out of it. He fell onto his back, being to weak at that moment to stop himself from being launched. Ge got back onto his feet, looking at her. She wasn't wrong, but he should have been able to prevent this from happening. He took a deep breath, sighing before looking up at her. She had this rough way with words, though they sort of had affected him. He didn't know what to do, he just... He had taken Fae in, she was essentially one of the founding members. She hadn't been to close to him, but still, she had been one of them. "The world doesn't.... I know that, doesn't change the fact it hurts that someone in my care went over to that side of life..." He said to her, sighing. He really didn't know how to process the infomation, it just... wasn't something he had ever expected.
  6. She was rousing a little, though she still seemed to barely be awake, despite being awake enough to say she was awake. Then she said his bed was comfy. He felt a stiffness on his back, he had slept on a couch. He was used to his bed, but he was fine with that for a night. He sat down next to her, the bed bouncing a tiny amount while he sat down, though stabalizing quickly. He looked at her, still stunned at how often she could jump between English and Japanese, mainly from there experience yesterday. "Its time to wake up, i made you some breakfaaassttt" He says to her, standing up again and then grabbing the tray, brining it to his bed, sitting back down, holding it for her. "As a thank you" He said to her, glad she was there. He dind't know why, but he felt like he could actually talk to her...
  7. Sky couldn't help but feel a warm, fuzzy smile coming onto his face. She was really cute, laying like that. Her patch and ear muffs were sitting on the side of the bed. She was a little like him, not using the inventory where she could help it. Well, at least he was guessing that. He preferably tried to not use it, he wanted to keep some parts of the world around. Her hair was a mess, major bed hair. He felt a little weird coming into a room in which she was sleeping, a girl. He realized how many implications it could have in the real world, but he didn't know... He walks up towards her, placing the tray on the table right next to the table, before looking over here, making sure he wasn't leaning over her, being a total creep. He was sitting on the table, right next to the food he had made for her, smiling. He was currently dressed in his hoodie, and black tracksuit pants, basically his normal clothing. "Aliesaaaa, its time to wake uuupp" He says again, his voice still soft and kind.
  8. Sky groaned as he woke up, throwing his blanket off as he stretched, sitting up. He had slept on his couch because someone had been over at his house... A girl. He thought back to the other day, they had been out at a lunch after meeting up again for the first time since the start of the game. It had been a nice experience, especially since he had recently lost someone he had cared about... It got his mind away from all that mess. He smiled, opening up his menu, then to his guild list, sending a message to every member. After he sent that, he looked back on it. That was the first time he had actually gone by that name... well, signed himself as it. He didn't know why, but it felt right. He then went over to the kitchen. He was no amazing chef, but at the very least he could make eggs on toast. For the next bit, he made a serving, two eggs on two pieces of toast, then walked up towards his own bedroom, knocking on the door, holding a tray with some breakfast for her on it. He wanted to say thank you for helping him yesterday, besides, she had won a bet, she deserved some praise. After a few momunts, he didn't get a response. Taking in a gulp of air, and just hoping she hadn't kicked the covers off and somehow gotten out of all her clothes, he opened the door, looking in. "Time to wake up Alisea, its morning" He says to her, his voice kind but trying to wake her up.
  9. Stryder

    [Floor 1/PP] A genius' absences

    She had quelled his own fears with those words. She viewed this place a lot like he did, it was a common viewpoint, but he had met enough people who still just treated it as a game with respawn. He was glad she wasn't one of those people. He was also pretty dam glad she wasn't shoveling food into her stomach at the speed of light just to show him up, his pride was hurt... He didn't want anymore of that right now. He ate his own, savoring every little piece of beef and rice that came with it. "I'm glad to hear that..." He said to her, deciding to concentrate on eating for a little. His mind shifted back to Katherine. She shared his viewpoint on this whole mess, the whole PK thing... She had made the guild with him to do more than just house players... She had known it, he wanted to help prevent the lower players from falling victim to it, which he had done his best to do... and he had to keep doing so. He looked at her, wondering where they would be heading towards together... Would she end up like Hei, Pinball, fae... Eatos, who would she end up like... - After they finished Eating, it was late, so Sky offered for Jinx to stay at his house, which close as he lived on this floor. She fell asleep en-route, so he ended up carrying her again through the country side, carrying her to his shop, which was still being furnished, to the second floor where he lived, laying her down onti his bed and putting a blanket over her, smiling as he went out, closing the door to give her privacy and going to finish his planning for a raid for the next day. - FINISHED Rewards - 3 SP Both 1200 Col split - 600 Each
  10. Stryder

    [Floor 1/PP] A genius' absences

    She was a litttle... upset and defensive at his talk about a player killer. He knew she wasn't like that, she was such a sweet young girl... Why would she ever go to that side of Aincrad. As for her build, he was glad. His guild had a lot of potential damage players, but not so many potential tanks. So having someone who was going along this path was a great benefit to this guild. He looked at her, readying to calm her worries. "It...its just one of my members has tried to kill one of my friends... And especialyl after losing Katherine... Eatos... I need to keep others away from that side as well..." With that, he sighs, his weak smiling returning. Her food arived at this point as well. "I trust you... I know you wouldn't become like that" He replies, smiling as he got his own food, putting half of it onto a seperate plate and putting it next to the wolf who was sitting by his side, who happily started eating the meat.
  11. Stryder

    [F13-EB] Demon's Crusade (T1-2 Boss Fight)

    Just like in the waiting area, once they had reached the main event, he had decided to stay in the back, hiding around the corner. He wasn't trying to stealth, but he was staying off to the side with silver, trying to steel his nerves. He was still shaken by the loss of Eatos... And this was going to put him close to her. This whole thing was a religious based event, and... assuming any sort of religion was true, Eatos was here somewhere... No, he had to stop calling her Eatos, she had a real name... Katherine. He had to start refering to her as that. He took a deep breath, patting silver a little before taking a few steps towards the centre of the arena. Cracking his knuckles. He was as ready as he was going to be.... He was going to make sure everyone made it through this alive... He would take the hit for someone if they were low, he wasn't risking it.
  12. Everything was slowly returning to normal.... Though somehting had happened, two things, right after he had tackled Hirru. First up, some girl with an orange cursor just attacked the person he had pinned down, going all out! Sky had to shift a bit to avoid getting stabbed himself. Then, right after Pin launched and attacked that player! He was FURIOUS. Why the hell did Pin attack another player! That was aganst the code of the guild, AND THEY WERE IN A BOSS ROOM! "GOD DAMN IT PINBALL, THIS IS NOT THE TIME OR PLACE! YOU ARE A MEMBER OF THE NEW DAWN, WE DO NOT ATTACK OTHER PLAYERS!" He yelled ath im, watching as chaos slowly subsided. Soon, someone came and healed Hirru, who then pushed him off. Sky didn't let him, he did what he could to hold him down, but the frontliner simply had more experience and managed to push him off. The other one, the one he had given the crystal to, was gone. The kid had warped out. If we fail because of this.... He threw the thoughts out of his mind, dashign towards Ixaxi, leaping into the air and throwing a harsh right hook, making a satisfying Diinnggg On his armor as he smashed into it, bouncing back as he moved into a defensive stance ID# 107485 results: Battle: 6+6-1=11 (Non Crit) - 15x17-50(ixaxi mit) = 205 DMG to Ixaxi -17 EN (+1EN)
  13. Stryder

    [F13 EB] Tainted Prestige

    Zandry poo can i have a T2 Perfect mit and T2 Perfect dmg plzeeezzz? thank u. - So, the next big event had been announced. Some kind of, priest? Was talking to players. He had gotten the message, ahd had shown up earlier but had just stayed to the side of the whole gathering. He didn't know anyone, and everyone knew each other. Of course, there was Hestia, Zandra, and a few others who he had met, but he didn't really know them. He wasn't comfortable getting into the middle of there conversations. He walked over to the kid who was selling stuff, the younger brother. "I'l need two safeguards, an perfect T1 accuracy and t1 perfect evasion snack please" He said, paying for them before walking back to the corner, using the few things he had bought. He put the spare safeguard away into his battle ready. He looked down at his familiar, smiling at her. This would be there second big battle, and he was ready for it. -- 2 Safeguads - 3600 Col (Is that right?) 1 Perfect T1 Accuracy - 1800 Col 1 Perfect EVA snack - 1800 Col Stats - (Assuming zandra sticks to buying stuff)
  14. Stryder

    [Floor 1/PP] A genius' absences

    He looked at the waiter who had walked back over here, smiling as he ordered her a chicken curry. She had drooled about it earlier, and since they were no longer trying to outspice each other, he could get her soething different. He ordered himself a beef stir fry curry mix. It was weird, but he wanted to try it. He also got them both some more drinks, of there choices. He got a lemon lime and bitters, jsut because he missed the taste. Then, she asked waht she was meant to do in the guild. He was lucky this time, she had managed to stay in English or Japanese the whole time, so he knew what she was actually saying. She was curious about her job. "I should probably tell you how my guild works before i tell you that. The three..... two, heads of the guild make all big decisions. Majority wins, though... I don't know how it s goign to work right now. There is two divisions, combat and support. The combat division's job in any raid, boss fight, event, or whatever we do is to fight nad protect. Our Tanks and weapon experts are here. Hei, someone i will need to introduce you to, is the leader of that. The Support is our healers, and scouts. The scouts find our dungeons and infomation while the healers keep our tanks and damage dealers alive. E...Eatos was... the leader of that... I am the head of the guild, so right now it seems i'm in charge of the support crew. We act like a family. No formalities needed. Only time i will ever enforce order is when we are doing something dangerous that the heirarchy is called for. I have to ask, what is your preferance on skills? Tank, damage, healer?" He asked her, after explaining some of the guilds basics. "Oh, and something to mention...." He said, all sadness, all expression leaving his voice and demenor, leaving him expressionless, and serious. "We have zero. zero tollerance for player killing. The only time, it is ever acceptable is in the defense of another. You stun them, then get the victim out of there. You do not, kill, another person" He said, before a sort of sadness came back to him, a small, weak smile on his face appearing.
  15. Stryder

    [Floor 1/PP] A genius' absences

    Wait, she had outright eaten a Ghost pepper? A GHOST PEPPER? Those things burned. People had gone to hospital for eating just parts of those, they were ruthless. He was actually impressed by her. She then pointed at his glass, which was empty. Then, he looked at hers. She had made it through two plates, and not used any milk. She won, outright. He was disappointed in himself. As a guild leader, he should be able to do better... But, his mind had been eslewhere. If it wasn't, he might have had a chance. "Yeah yeah, good job" He says to her, with a clean Japanese. "Want anymore to eat? Its my treat after all" He said to her, opening up his menu, and his guild, and sent her an invite. She had won, and that was what she had wanted. It was almost perfect timing... He had wanted to put on an expedition soon, to try and move past the pain they were all feeling right now... He took a deep breath, smiling at her.