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  1. Sky essentially ignored everything everyone did. He was only here for one reason... He had to get Jinx back to the real world. He had to get everyone to the real world... If he died here, he would leave them all on there own, but he honestly, just felt nothing. He had left everything back at the house, the only things on him were what he needed to survive. The boss appeared, everyone separated into there parties, and it seemed he was with some of the same guys as last time. Calrex, the invincible tank, and Hikoru, the ass with the dagger, and Mars. Mars was an odd one to him, but whatever. He watched as the massive boss appeared, and then saw each part of him go Grey except for something marked Segment one. He charged in with the rest of his team, using his charge ability to dash in, and leaping up he delivered a hard right hook into the segment, pushing off the body as he flipped back to the group. "I really hope no one turns traitor again..." ID# 114987 results: Battle: 5+6=11-2=9 - HIT(noncrit). DMG - All might 15x22(charge)=330=50=280 DMG to Segment 1
  2. It was a bad day... The day they moved up another floor. Another day without Katherine here to guide him... He really wished she was still alive, here, helping him... He wished she hadn't died... He wished he could have saved her, if he could have, maybe... Sky sighed, getting up and putting on all his combat gear. He had to go out... He walked up to the door to his own bedroom, opening it up. He didn't know if he would live or not... So... He had somethignhe had to do first. Looking into the room, he saw her, Alisea... Sleeping soundly. She was the one thing he wanted to live for... But if he didn't, he refused to leave her with nothing. He wrote a note, leaving it on the bedside table. Alisea, i gotta go for a bit, i need to beat this boss and advance the floor so we can get out of this game, so i can keep my promise and keep you safe. I'm writing this in case i don't come back. I really hope you don't read this, and i get back with it still unread, but in case i die, i want you to keep on living for me. Please take my place, work with Hei and keep the guild together and alive, i can't afford to lose anyone else. If i make it back alive, i'l take you out to dinner. In extremely small print, he also wrote I really care about you... Sky entered the floor boss gathering spot. There was one immediate thing he noticed.... There was a LOT less people here then last time. No morgen, no shield... THis was not going to be an easy fight. He wanted to stay, and fight, so he would. He noticed Neo, handing out buffs. Right now, he was basically emotionless. He walked over, giving her a fake smile as he took as many items as he could to keep himself alive. He was selfish, yes, but she had a lot of most of these. And he.... He refused to leave Jinx behind... So he didn't really feel to bad. "Thanks for the food neo, i'l pay you back sometime." He said to her before walking over and waiting near the door, eating all the consumables and readying himself for the hell ahead. Stats Buffs using from Neo - Spinach-Artichoke Dip, Hummus Dip, Tofu Burger, Small Fruit Salad, Iron-Fortified Salmon Consumed Buffs from self - Minor Potion of Vicious Dragon-Fang
  3. Sky walked back into the shop. He had been.... rather busy laterly. He had gotten quite a few potions that he had never collected, so now was the time. He went up to the coutner, collecting his purchases. He got one damage potion, and four minor mitigation potions. He was quite happy with that, it was honestly the best he could really ask for as far as it went. Now, it was time for him to join in the floor boss... He had failed to show up the last two meetings, but he was planning on showing up for the fight. "See you soon zan!" Collected potions. Minor potion of vicious dragon-fang x1 Hide contents Name: Minor potion of Vicious Dragon-fang (1) Item Type: Potion Tier: t1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Damage +3 Description: A totally black potion with same consistence as syrup. As you drink it, it covers your teeths and it feel kidna uncomfortable for a few seconds. When that feeling have disappeared, you teeths are nt like before. They are a bit pointier then before, but except that it feels like normal. This effect disapears at end of thread. Minor potion of small Dragon-scale x4 Hide contents Name: Minor potion of Small Dragon-scale Item Type: Potion Tier: t1 Quality: Uncommon Enhancements: Mitigation +5 Description: A blue potion. When you drink it you first get this feeling that its itching over your whole body. The feeling disapears after a second or twobut now you can see a faint dragonscale pattern on your elbows, knees and shoulders.
  4. She was really happy it seemed with him remembering about it, though he didn't understand why.... Well, people would forget about her. She seemed to have noticed he was shirtless, and she also... bit her lip? Something about her... She was so... Cute... Her reaction to him being shirtless tho, he couldn't really tell if there was anything about that, she did seem to have a rush of excitement, but that was more directed at him actually remembering what he had promised. He knew he wouldn't regret this promise, he hated this quest, but doing it with her... He wouldn't mind it. She really was the only thing holding him together recently... Though once again, he seemed to have forgotten to actually to turn on the translator. She was speaking in chinese again. He kept saying to himself to turn it on, however he kept forgetting to actually do it. Then, out of no where, once he ha actually stood up, she suddenly.... hugged him? His heart skipped a beat, something came over him, a feeling he hadn't had in a long time... "How could i forget about you? Look at cha!" He says with a cheery tone, wrapping his arms around her and picking her up, giving her a light squeeze, not so much that it would hurt her or cause any sort of overload. "You mean a lot to me, i'l always be here for ya" He says with a smile, warmly and with confidence.
  5. Stryder

    [F15-PP] What hides underneath the fog

    The battle was still progressing, and he knew he had to deal some more damage. He was still so pathetically weak.... No one was talking, this entire fight, no one had said really that much. IT was kind of akward. Why it was like that he really didn't know, but it just was like that. HE looked at one of the Hushed Whisspers, it was about.. a good ten metres away from him, good enough for him to go for a cahrge, HE did so, leaping off and using the momentum to add some force, delivering a BRUTAL right hook that dealt over half of the health remaining from the poor whisper. One more attack, even a weak one, woudld take it out, would take them all out and then they could finally be gone with this stupid ordeal, be done with the dungeon, and finally be finished with this whole stupid thing. ID# 113058 results: Battle: 4+4=8- Hit! - All Might - 17(charge)x15=255 DMG to Hushed whisper 3 [6/7/6] Hestia: HP: 1693/1710 Energy: 143/162 DMG:17 MIT:151 Thorns: 54 Eva: -1 BH: 80 Heavy Momentum: 2 (+6DMG) Rec: CD:6+ (+6 ENG) Stonewall: 25% DoT reduction [1/0/0/0] @Neopolitan: 640/640 HP | 52/64 EN | 12 DMG | 59 MIT | 1 ACC | 8-10/24 BLD | 8-10 PLZ | 2 REC [0/1/0/0] Stryder: 840/840HP / 48/82 EN / 72 MIT / 16 DMG(17 w charge) / 3 EVA / 4 ACC (4/8 standards) Hushed Whisper 2: 270/525 180DMG (Stry has charged) Hushed Whisper 3: 28/525 180DMG (stry charged) Hushed Whisper 4: 471/525 180DMG
  6. Stryder

    [F19-PP] Resurrection of The forgotten

    The plan... he was meant to use an AoE. He knew how pointless this was, even with both of there attacks, him and pinball, his damage would bearly scrape them. This leader... WHy, why didn't she take her entire teams best abilities into account. SHe even gave him a smile, as if to... well, rub it in his face. HE didn't know what she really meant, but all he knew was that he didn't really agree. HE dashed in, ignoring basically everything the tank had said, delivering a hard right hook to the closest one. HE dealt a bit of damage... Though it was pathetic. He knew it, his damage was completely pathetic, everyone else in the front could do so much more than him... "Pin, your up." He says to the ex guildmate. His tone was obviously annoyed... he just wished he knew how to fix himself, then maybe hge could finally be happy with himself and... move past... ID# 113057 results: Battle: 6+6=12= hit - 16x15=240 DMG - twisted soldier 5 [H: 0/0/0/0] Neopolitan: 715/715 HP | 44/64 EN | 12 DMG | 95 MIT | 3 ACC | 2 EVA | 8-10/24x2 BLD | 8-10 PRZ | 2 REC [H: 0/0/0/0] @Stryder: 815/815 HP | 24/74 EN | 86 MIT | 6 ACC | 4 EVA | Concentration 3/3 | 16 DMG [H: 0/0/0/0] Pinball: 995/995 HP | 69 (nice)/96 EN | 20 DMG | 5 ACC | 5 EVA | 8-10/24 FRZ [H: 0/0/0/0] Hestia: HP: 1705/1705 Energy: 143/154 DMG:16 MIT:151 Thorns: 84 Eva: 0 ACC: 2 BH: 79 Heavy Momentum: 2 (+6DMG) Rec: CD:6+ (+6 ENG) Enemies: Twisted Ancient Soldier 5: 425/665 HP | 228 DMG Twisted Ancient Soldier 6: 665/665 HP | 228 DMG Twisted Ancient Soldier 7: 665/665 HP | 228 DMG Twisted Ancient Soldier 8: 665/665 HP | 228 DMG
  7. Stryder

    [F15-PP] What hides underneath the fog

    Sky watched as the tank howled, drawing the absolute attention from every single one of the monsters they were facing, and it made him and Neo safe. He acted on it, seeing one of them being INSANELY weak. He hadn't charged them yet, and decided to end this one as quick as he could. He rushed in, kicking off the groudn harda s he pusehd and sprinted full speed, dashing as his right hook charged and slammed right into the Hushed Whisper, it dissipating into rainbow particles and vanishing. That was one down. They still had seven left to deal with.... But his energy might not last long enough for them to do so. He loked arund at them, and at the people he was adventuring with. Hestia.. he didn;t know why he hated her so much. He just, couldn't trust her. Soemthing told him that he should be able to, that he should be able to actually live and learn, and move on, but he just.. couldn't. [6/6/6/6] Hestia: HP: 1662/1710 Energy: 147/162 DMG:17 MIT:151 Thorns: 54 Eva: -1 BH: 80 Heavy Momentum: 2 (+6DMG) Rec: CD:6+ (+6 ENG) Stonewall: 25% DoT reduction [1/0/0/0] Neopolitan: 640/640 HP | 52/64 EN | 12 DMG | 59 MIT | 1 ACC | 8-10/24 BLD | 8-10 PLZ | 2 REC [0/1/0/0] @Stryder: 840/840HP / 48/82 EN / 72 MIT / 16 DMG(17 w charge) / 3 EVA / 4 ACC (4/8 standards) Hushed Whisper: 0/525 180DMG [24 BLD - 1/2] (charged - Dead) Hushed Whisper: 270/525 180DMG (Stry has charged) Hushed Whisper: 525/525 180DMG Hushed Whisper: 471/525 180DMG ID# 112838 results: Battle: 3+4=7- Hit - All might - 17x15=255 - hushed whisper 1 dead
  8. Stryder

    [F19-PP] Resurrection of The forgotten

    Sky had completely dazed off, in the midst of combat! It was a disgrace, he was so... so... UGH. He didn't know why, he was just staring at Pinball, at HESTIA, he didn't like it. He didn't liek the hate he had within him... It was... so frustrating. It just... WHY! WWhy was he like this, he didn't use to hold this level of hate... It only started when Katherine... When she... is rage flared up, the killing intent entering his arms as he pushed off the ground as hard as he could, chargin right into oen of the twisted soldiers delivering a brutal right hook directly to the face of it, instantly brinigng its health down to a low number. A basic attack, not even a sword art, would be needed to finish them off now. IT was that easy, he had done something... He hated himself... He just... didn't know what to do with himself... [1/0/0] Neopolitan: 715/715 HP | 43/64 EN | 12 DMG | 95 MIT | 3 ACC | 2 EVA | 8-10/24x2 BLD | 8-10 PRZ | 2 REC [0/0/0] Stryder: 815/815 HP | 40/74 EN | 86 MIT | 6 ACC | 4 EVA | Concentration 3/3 | 16 DMG [2/2/2] Pinball: 995/995 HP | 71/96 EN | 20 DMG | 5 ACC | 5 EVA | 8-10/24 FRZ [3/3/3] @Hestia: HP: 1628/1705 Energy: 144/154 DMG:16 MIT:151 Thorns: 84 Eva: 0 ACC: 2 BH: 79 Heavy Momentum: 2 (+6DMG) Rec: CD:6+ (+6 ENG) Enemies: Twisted Ancient Soldier 3: 8/665 HP | 228 DMG Twisted Ancient Soldier 4: 5 /665 HP | 228 DMG (charged) ID# 112836 results: Battle: 4+6=10=Hit! - DMG = 17 DMG (Charge) = 255 DMG tp Twisted soldier 4
  9. Stryder

    F2/PP) Getting Honey (Long Live the Queen)

    She was so energetic. She wanted to get going, doing these extra quests, and be able to help the guild more than she already was. She didn't realize how she was helping already, just by being the only one who could calm him down... So far... he broke down so often. She latched onto his hand, and pulled him, and while she wasn't that strong he went with her, closing the door behind them as they walked out into the peaceful area. He loved this area. She smiled at him weakly, asking him how many times she had asked him about the path, and he didn't really want to answer her, and luckily she shook her head, and then spoke in german. He hadn't turned on the auto trasnlate yet, he kept forgetting to do that. "I'v reminded you only a few times, though its okay, we are out in the middle of no where, it gets confusing" He said to her with a bright smile.
  10. She was full of energy, though when she heard him say Katherine, she seemed to die down for a moment, though only for a brief moment, then she was back. She was overflowing with excitement! She was so happy. He listened to what she had to say, she woke up a few times, and she was really excited for... today? How come? The last week or two he had been waking her up each day to make sure she was alright, and becasue she slept in. He kept rubbing his eyes, his hazy mind trying to remember. He rememebred... promising to help her with something... "What di-" He started to talk, then noticed the blade on the wall, remembering what it was! "OH! I promised to help you get a profession today didn't i" He said as his body finally woke up, bending his back as he pushed up, sitting up onto the couch. Looking down, he noticed he wasn't wearing a shirt, so... a little weird. "Right?"
  11. Hei went in for the strike, but the toadman didn't wait, and immediately striked him, Hei barely managing to get his shield up to scrape some of the blow, but he still was hit. Sky took this chance in which the toadman was raising his weapon to attack the poor guy who was falling over. "This isn't gunna finish him, but it will hurt!" He yells as he gets right behind him, delivering 5 insanely quick blows to the back of the legs, and along the back, finishing with a quick spin kick to the side of the toadman. This kick caused it to fall over, it being completely stunned and unable to even move as its joints tried to patch and come back into a normal state. He looked back over at the others, seeing them doing well. THe fight on there sdie was almost over... "I'v got no strength left, sorry Hei, you gotta finish this!"He says as he basically collapses onto his back, his energy completely drained.
  12. Stryder

    [PP-F2] Perfect Timing <<The Venomous Warg>>

    She didn't take the guys advice for a year? Poor friend she had... He was probably doing his best to help her. He simply gave a small chuckle to her, then looked up at the sky in front of the shop. He didn't know where he was. The guy had vanished after.... Well, after.... "I don't know where he went. Though last time i saw him, i think i nearly killed someone.... Though he was threatening everyone" He said to Belle, keeping a few of the actual aspects out of the truth. He didn't really need to go into that whole situation. It was messed up, and not something he needed to go on.Then she said she liked hearing him talk, calling him suger, and then they headed in side. He opened the door and let her through, smiling as she walked by. He talked to the waiter, an dgot them a two seated table by a window. Once they got over there, he pulled out the chair for the girl, sitting down after she was comfy. "What about your friend? Where is he at these days?" "You'd be the only one! I honestly feel like i bore everyone, especially cuties like you" He says with a nervous chuckle.
  13. His friend... Beatbox, he seemed like he was one of a kind. Never missing, unique enhancement, and somehow managing to have one of the top damages... Using a one handed straigth sword. He sounded like someone he was would want to meet. It sounded really... Well, good. Then he went into how he was going with his own build. He mentioned Hestia, and shield. "Huh... Well, i guess i'm going for more of a duel weapon at the moment. I'm going to try and finish up my charge, then move into a battle axe as a second weapon... And i don;t know how well Hestia is going, i mean, how can a build with everything specialize? You can probably deal more damage then she can, and shield can probably be a better tank then her... Guess i'l learn soon when i join the frontlines..." He said to him, patting his wolf as he looks at the boat. He really hoped it didn't just up and leave.... 2/3
  14. Stryder

    [F15-PP] What hides underneath the fog

    Seems like it was time. The fight haad started, and immediately hearing Hestia go for her taunt. Her words.... were a little cringy. Why would you be an all round fighter? That just means that if someone specializes in an area, no matter what you do you will never beat them.... He watched then as Neo let go of her stealth and came out and attacked one of the enemies. It did a fair amount of damage! Though, he knew that if she were in this alone... She might not make it out. Luckily, none of them were. Sky braced his legs, and pushed off, sprinting as fast as he could as he practically leapt past Hestia, his fist glowing blue as he slammed it into one of the shadowy creatures, the impact sending it back, and its HP bar dropping to nearly half. He quickly put up his stance, ready to deflect an attack if need be. @Neopolitan @Hestia
  15. Stryder

    [F19-PP] Resurrection of The forgotten

    So... these twisted... Frankensteins? They were the first wave of targets for them to deal with. He watched as Hestia hung back, waiting to see what was happening, and Neo went in and attacked one. Of course, straight after Pin sprinted past him. He was very sure he didn't actually know about what happened to Eatos... Though, he had left his guild.... He didn't know how to process it. He listened as he told him to pick up the pace. He shook his head, running behind him. The moment he stepped back, sky sidestepped around him and punhced the ne that had frozen, causing the ice building up to shatter, and along with it, the whole automatron. "This won't take long... Lets do this Pin" He said, a small feeling of joy entering his heart at fighting alongside Pinball, something... he knew he would miss. He wondered if he would ever get him back... He doubted it, but he hoped he would.