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Crozeph's Journal

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» Username: Crozeph
» Real name: Christoff Polon
» Age:20
» Gender:male
» Height:5'7
» Face Claim : Past [Yato/Yaboku] Present [Hans Christian Andersen] recolored


» About: 

Quiet, calm, reserved, and at times has a list of outlandish ideas. Crozeph's nature is quite an annoyance to those who exude airs of bravado or gallantry. The anti-thesis of people who are loud and full of shit. Even so, this personality of his piques the curiosity of some, most of the time, people with a few screw loose or tight. A person who would prefer to do things efficiently while being erratic. Crozeph respects those who bite when they bark, those who lead by example and by a few smacks of their iron fist. He also tries his best to reciprocate cheerfulness to those who are full of it.

A loner, over thinker, and a balance of pessimist and optimist but most of the time a pessimist. Crozeph would find ways to accept reality or what life serves before him. This however causes personality.jpg.8580d510342cfbbac31f33e8a1ea70b9.jpgsadness which he prefers to hide from anyone. His calm expressions are often accompanied by a weary or sleepy look on his eyes. Crozeph grew up thinking that he is in the way of others and thus reminded himself that a great way for him to be helpful to others is by staying out of their way. He would often look tired as he wastes his thoughts on how his life was as good as it gets and at the same time as sad as it can be. 

Funny enough, Crozeph also has a nasty temperament demonstrated by his cold-hearted glare or words. A kind of freezing rage as one might say, the angrier he is the more chilling his personality will be. He also separates anger from being upset, knowing that anger has a lot more weight for him than being upset. An anger directed towards those who are a threat to the few people he cherishes.

Crozeph is an easy person to approach but a difficult person to understand, his weird habits of giving nicknames, weird ideas, and his ever so weary nature is enough to turn away those who prefer "knightly" characteristics because whether people like it or not, Crozeph is just your average guy.


Childhood life
Like most children, Crozeph's childhood was forged as he grew up. His parents were good people who wanted only what's best for the family to which Crozeph carried the ideal to protect those who are like family to him. His anger was a trait of his father, who got into so many troubles just by making sure no one aggravates their family. As he grew up he realized that one day he would be doing it for them also and so his thoughts were already conditioned that whoever is a thread to his loved ones will never go unpunished. While this was as some point a bad trait, his mother was the opposite, she always encouraged Chris or Crozeph to keep his anger in check so it won't be his downfall. Contradictions are then introduced to him, anger to those who would dare touch him or his loved ones and a reminder to him to keep himself calm at all times.

During his childhood days, his parents were working abroad in Japan, his mother was an accountant while his father was a fabrications engineer in a same company. Both were esteemed employee of a company and gained the favor of one of its top managers. This is were Christoff met his very first friend who in time will become his best friend, Aya. With the reputation his parents has established, Crozeph was also given recognition as having the same capabilities with his parents after they saw his observant and quiet nature.childhood.jpg.b30793b443a6af46eb53aafb19c947b4.jpg

It was also in his childhood where his mother died of cancer and in her last moments told Crozeph to never let his anger cloud his judgment. A heartbreaking experience for a boy but he accepted it and did his best never to get angry. This however never stopped bullies from provoking him to fight, he would often end up wounded or beaten up before he could even enter 4th grade. His father on the other hand was saved from grieving and depression by a co-worker who was close to both his parents. As a boy he somehow became infamous because of fighting back despite the low chances of winning it. Most bullies would remember how he never stopped standing up with a killing intent on his eyes but in the end get beaten up. 

His father then remarried after two years to which his step-brothers were born. His reputation if getting into fights never escaped the ears of his step-mother and began to feel prejudice towards him. This gave way for Crozeph to think that he is in the way of his father's newfound happiness and thus decided that once he's old enough he'll move out of the house.


Teenage years/Pre-SAO
As soon as he entered high school, Crozeph moved out of his father's house and lived in a small apartment in the same city. A few conditions were agreed between him and his father to allow him, like only his father and his best friend should know his and a few exceptions (Destiny, birthday celebrations, Christmas). His father also wanted to maintain his responsibility by providing financial support for him to which Crozeph requested that he'll go to college. His solitary life was quite lonely at first but with the visits from his father and best friend he managed to work his way on being
independent on almost everything. He also took part-time jobs in logistics companies and convenience store to keep up with his own expenses. Crozeph graduated high-school with a slightly above average grade which the teachers coined as "his way of proving that he's holding back" but Crozeph simply told them that he wants the simple things in life. His best friend also dragged him intovirtues.png.efa044932fa173d2e688f88ded97e7c4.png joining a kendo club to add a "healthy hobby" in his life to which he joined reluctantly but over the course of time was learning techniques fast enough. Despite the aptitude, he was an over thinker which complicates things for him.

College defined what Crozeph was in his early twenties. He took up mechanical technology in college and was one year away from graduating before he got stuck inside Aincrad. Showing an aptitude to learn patterns and logic and understand basic mathematical problems, Crozeph showed that he was good at following patterns and systems and if he tries his best, can also work his way around it. He can also play instruments (preferably a piano or guitar) and likes to read books about strategies and tactics done throughout history.

His personality as a loner and having only a total of three friends remained. Romantic advances were turned down by him saying that he has no need for relationships or he preferred not to deal with subjects related to it. At some point his father suspected that his sexuality was not for women but he was shot down when Crozeph told him that he only wanted the simple things and with who he is, finding love is not going to be a simple task.

The day SAO was launched, he had already reminded his best friend that should something happen, one of them must inform their parents so they can be able to act quickly and that day when he logged in, his intuition was right and he's hoping his best friend didn't log in...


SAO timelineFate.Grand.Order_full.jpg.7fbe783e533e798ca8b6d5598daa55a5.jpg
Crozeph started out with a not so noticeable build and attire. It was what he wanted, to avoid unwanted attention. He only wanted to survive and get out. First He met Arekkusu Seppera who helped him get the hang of battles. It was hard for him but Crozeph managed to learn the basics and apply his mediocre kendo background on fighting mobs, all while wearing a black trench coat and a curved sword. They did more battle on different occasions with different people but somehow Arekkusu disappeared with Crozeph not knowing where he is.

Tempest Lost
The first guild that Crozeph joined. His memories of it are rather hazy but he remembers the guild leader Draterion and a few members like Destiny, Claim, Kiru, and his half-brother Tom. A decent experience for him despite having a hard time to express himself freely and the days of him showing up ended when his half-brother was killed and resulted for him to hide along with the pain.

Square One Days
A certain point in his life where his quiet nature was never a problem. Azide and the company of Square One was one of the good times for him and it was during its operations that Crozeph was able to join a floor boss fight (Floor 11) and managed to survive and also he had met and joined Baldur on some adventures to . Due to circumstances unknown to him, the guild disbanded and he was transferred to Cerulean Silence and a few months later heard the news of Azide's death.

Cerulean Silence to Guardians of New Dawn
Probably the worthless point of his life. The death of Azide was enough for him to go hopping in different groups and a guild in hopes of forgetting about it. It was never the case and at that time the only way he was able to take his mind off of it was when he and Hestia did a few quests together.

From a lost Crow to Jacob's Ladder
Undeniably, Crozeph lived a pathetic life inside Yomi living off meager payments from identifications and rations. His everyday routine was comprised of staring into the Stygian river, hunting a few mobs in Tartarus and going home to drink tea and sulk. This routine was then broken when Baldur found him and met Cordelia and also during that time he met Mari again. A confrontation and forgiveness happened which took off a heavy weight in his heart and also gave him a new courage to get out and join Baldur in his cause.

Crow Meets Yuki
Some might call it coincidence while other call it Fate (wink) but Crozeph entering a random shop for supplies gave way for him to be more expressive. His first encounter with the Pink Paladin is enough for the asocial idiot to meet the cheerful person he saw so far in his life. This was the start of a good friendship and his continuous growth as a support player. He still suffered from setback with a sudden shift on his build but managed to at least make an efficient one for him. A lot of good things happening and while his pessimism surfaces every now and then, Yuki's presence is enough to remind him that times are different now for him and for that he decided to even change his hair color as a constant reminder.


» Virtues:

Crozeph is observant which is one of the reasons he's quiet. He tends to observe the people around him even when he's working. He also writes down on his notebook the things that he sees everyday and observing their changes the next day. He likes observing people especially those who are in trouble and wants to see what they'll do in the situation.

Crozeph's solitary life before SAO was enough to teach him how to survive. While he is no expert at it, he still manages to do things alone. Even with his support build, Crozeph can always act on his own and do things with minimal errors. This virtue if his becomes a flaw once another capable person enters the scene.

Due to Crozeph having only a few friends and some of them he met on RPG games, he is always protective of them. Crozeph protects those people around him as long as he can. He also gets depressed whenever he fails to protect or help them. Most of his strategies is not just to protect himself but also those people that he values most making his mind set on protecting anyone.

Crozeph's attitude towards people he meets the second or third time. Despite him being mostly apathetic to others, Crozeph has a way of always smiling whenever he meets someone again. It can also mean that Crozeph doesn't mind that person to intrude his life.

» Flaws:
Reference: http://www.darkworldrpg.com/lore/flaws.html

Crozeph is always rude when it comes to talking with other people. It's not intentional but he always has a poor choice of words and would rather say things how he wants it to be heard rather than choosing the right terms when talking to someone. He also has a habit of giving bad or rude nicknames to people he doesn't like.

Naivety to the Opposite sex
One of Crozeph's flaw that makes him look like somewhere between a child or an outright creep. While he has very low tendencies to act like a pervert, he is also easily swayed by simple facts about the opposite sex. It's either he's rude to a girl or acting like she isn't a woman in his eyes or he exhibits carelessness and a laid back attitude around her.

Crozeph tends to make deviations on many circumstances and he always calls it "plan B." This is one of the reasons why he is seen as a delinquent by others. He suddenly acts strange and quiet regardless of where he is even in public places. Sometimes he goes on doing things that make him look like a lost kid and does things with reasons unknown.

Crozeph's annoyance to people with attitude problems is always manifested as sarcasm. While he is not good at it, he can always find a way to provoke a person when they are more vulnerable with their flaws (angry, bratty, even sarcastic). He is known to a small group of players as foul-mouthed because of how he talks back to anyone even if they have authority over him.

His own belief that emotions would only lead him to ruin is also the very thing that damages his mental and emotional state. Anger, sadness, rage, and other things that he has repressed is what makes him a bit dangerous. The moment his mind is given a chance to let it out, Crozeph starts to show his true self, a cold-blooded, hot-headed person who exhibits intense hatred for those who pose threats to him and most importantly to his loved ones.


Destiny [IIIII-------] - Crozeph's cousin in the real world, she seem to be close to him and has been playing with him since they're kids. She's the only one who addresses Crozeph as "Christoff" and finds him a little attractive. Her carefree nature and at some point clingy attitude towards Crozeph causes for him to be annoyed and amused at the same time.

Sousuke and Tomoya [IIII--------] - Crozeph's half-brothers who are twins. He's a little distant towards them probably because he still can't accept that his father re-married after his mother's death but still looks out for them even after Tom was killed by Mari. Sousuke went missing and Crozeph never heard of the other twin again. They seem to like him but due to their mother's prejudice to Crozeph's quiet nature caused for him to keep his distance from them.

Arekkusu Sepera [IIIII-------] - the first person Crozeph interacted with as he entered SAO. He has a long history of fighting side by side with him and shares the same thrill of battles. They soon parted ways with Arekkusu aiming to be stronger and Crozeph just strong enough to survive. Their connection were maintained but lately Crozeph never heard of him again. 

Azide [IIIIII------] - Crozeph's former guild leader of a disbanded guild called "Square One" and probably the most respectable person he met for the first time. Crozeph's always drawn to him, eager to know things and accompany him whenever he needed. Azide died in the hands of Rohk and greatly affected the mental and emotional stress of Crozeph. 

Baldur [IIIIIII-----] - the gaijin samurai has a history of fighting and joining adventures with Square One where he met Crozeph. They seem to share the same interests in tactics and strategies but Crozeph admits that Baldur's on a different level.

Mari [IIIIIII-----] - Crozeph's second former guild leader after they and a few others were transferred to Cerulean Silence. She's also the one who killed his brother which he witnessed. She barely remembers him due to his raven-colored hair unless she takes a closer look. She however knows that Crozeph is someone she had also wronged. A certain encounter however may take a sudden turn...

Hestia [IIIII-------] - a girl with a tank build who served as Crozeph's shield during their travels. She and Crow fought together on certain quests. She however progressed fast enough leaving Crozeph yet again stuck on Tier 1 and one of the strongest tanks in the game, they haven't met since.

Yuki Mikoto [IIIIIIIIIIII] - The girl with the most infectious cheerfulness enough to teach Crozeph how to do it properly. Crozeph likes her cooking and is always laid-back around her, they did quest together and made quite the team on handling fights. Their relationship improved over time and Crozeph became more fond of her. Soon after, he became honest with his feelings and began to express himself more to her and both end up in a relationship. He also wants to marry her.

Cro stat.png

Chapter One: Communications Established



» [solo/private/open] SP-F1 Solitary Fun (complete) 1 SP

» [solo/private/open] OP-F1 Training (complete)

» [solo/private/open] OP-F3 Choose Your Blade (incomplete)

» [solo/private/open] SP-F3 The Good Thing About Fear (complete) 1 SP

» [solo/private/open] PP-F3 Mow Them Down (with Arekkusu) (complete) 1 SP

» [solo/private/open] OP-F4 Tempest Lost HQ (incomplete)

» [solo/private/open] PP-F4 Tempest Lost, A New Guild (incomplete)

Total SP: 3 


Chapter Two: The Crow Returning In His Head



» [solo/private/open] OP-F1 Beginning A New Life (complete) 1 SP

» [solo/private/open] OP-F4 Red Like Roses; Cold As Snow (complete) 1 SP

» [solo/private/open] OP-F1 What To Do With This Very Odd Potions?(incomplete)

» [solo/private/open] OP-F1 An Interesting Potion (complete?) 1 SP

» [solo/private/open] OP-F4 Let Me Snow The Way (complete) 1 SP

» [solo/private/open] PP-F4 Everything Will Be Back To Normal Soon (Complete) 1 SP

» [solo/private/open] SP-F5 The Search For A Certain Hide (complete) 1 SP

» [solo/private/open] PP-F5 The Transporters (Complete) 1 SP

» [solo/private/open] PP-F1 A Quiet Drink (Complete)

Total SP: 7


Chapter Three: The Staggering Heart



» [solo/private/openOP-F7 Grand Partying (complete) 1 SP

» [solo/private/open] OP-F1 The Aspiring Merchant (In Progress)

» [solo/private/open] OP-F1 Secret Medicine of The Forest (Complete?) 1 SP

» [solo/private/open] OP-F1 A Boaring Day (complete)

» [solo/private/open] PP-F1 That's Just Peachy (complete) 1 SP

» [solo/private/open] PP-F8 Overcoming As A Whole (Complete)

» [solo/private/openPP-F2 Birds of a Feather Flock Together (Crozeph, Destiny & Sousuke) [Complete] 1 SP

Total SP: 4




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~Story Thus Far~


Communications Established


After his Adventure where he almost died and forging his sword, Crozeph decided to join a guild in order to help new players. Crozeph already had new friends along the way in his solo play in the game. One of them is Arekkusu, a person that he sees as a brother and Tom a player he met at town. Crozeph joined the guild named Tempest Lost and joined the squad Tom created. Crozeph then realized that his friend is not in the game after an incident where he thought that someone touched his nervegear. Crozeph then decided to survive in the game and eventually meet his friend again in the real world. This also made Crozeph decide to join a guild and aim for a position in the front lines to make his way out of the game.

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Story Thus Far ~

The Crow Returning in His Head


After joining a guild and a squadron, Crozeph continued his everyday life along with his guildmates and with the addition of his friend Arekkusu to the guild which made things much more fun. He joined the squadron of a player named Tom whom Crozeph helped when he was new to the game. The next events made things much more complicated for Crozeph when a player killer named Mari attacked his friend and commander named Tom and killing him in the process which made Crozeph's anger almost making him attack the player herself. As if by coincidence, Tom's twin brother named Sousuke enters the story and joins Tom's squad which is now under Crozeph's command. Crozeph now still remembering the events decided to wander around alone but still retaining his guild position and visits them along with info he gains and quest he discovers. Crozeph is now on a watch on the player who killed his friend and also on the person who put a bounty on Tom. Crozeph is still somewhere in Aincrad wandering and visits Tempest Lost after his wanderings.

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~Story Thus Far~

Chapter 4 - The Wandering Crow


After returning to the safe zone to get acquainted with new people and catch up with few friends, Crozeph began wandering alone again around Aincrad, something he usually does to avoid trouble for anyone around him. Along with his solitude and the disbanding of Tempest Lost after an encounter with a strong PKer, he took a quest to face the dark side of himself, something he forgot on purpose. Crozeph successfully defeated his other side but still leaving an empty feeling inside him and also realizing that he didn't have one...he himself is already consumed by darkness making it impossible to create one for him. Carrion died reminding him of how his life will be much more miserable now that he finally knew and accepted who he was, possibly the main reason why he felt empty but Crozeph brushed it off by telling him that Aya's words will remain inside him, reminding him of who he was back then and who is he is now after he met her. Crozeph also met new people around him in his wanderings and ran into one of his family members and his other siblings, people that he can't remember quite well before he entered SAO. As his everyday routine of going from one floor to another continues, Crozeph decides to keep on going not stopping to help others as his own way of keeping himself as sane as possible without Aya around.




The Crow and the Carrion Crow 1 SP

[PP-F2] Be There or Be Square (Complete) 1 SP

[sP-F2] Long Live The Queen (Complete) 4 SP

[PP-F2] Let There Be Light (Ariel) Complete 2 SP

[sP-F10] Economics For Crows (Complete) 2 SP

[OP-F8] Hunting The Upper Floors (Complete) 1 SP

[OP-F1] New Princess On The Block (Complete) 1 SP

[OP-F4] Valentine's Festival Complete 1 SP

[PP-F9] Justice is Served Complete 2 SP

[PP-F2] Into The Wild Complete 1 SP

[sP-F4] Cold Winds, Black Feathers Complete 4 SP

[PP-F8] Hunting The Upper Floors Part Deux Complete 1 SP

[PP-F2] Hunters (Square One) Complete 1 SP

Total SP: 22

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~Story Thus Far~

Chapter 5 - Out Of The Nest


Ever since Crozeph managed to open a shop, he never bothered going outside and do quest. A time to slack off for him even when he was still in Square One, a guild he joined and was one of its strongest members. After a long time of being one of the promising guilds, it was then disbanded scattering them members and putting Crozeph in a situation yet again to be a solo player.As days pass by, it turns out that his solo player state is short-lived after he decided to join another guild hoping to at least see a few people to keep him sane. Along with this is also the boss battle that made him get out of his shop and began roaming around once again and carrying the name his step brother gave him before he died...Crow. With all these events taking place, Crozeph then was reluctant at first to take part on anything, even meeting new people as to he didn't want unwanted attention. Crozeph then stepped out of his shop and began moving again, trying to kill the complacency he's enjoying inside his gloomy shop.



[PP-F1] The View at Sunrise (Azazel) Complete 1 SP

[PP-F10] Changing Tides: Cerulean Silence Meeting #4 Complete 1 SP

Paving The Way To Floor 11 Complete 3 SP

Total SP: 5

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~Story Thus Far~


Open Those PItch Black Eyes

It took a while but Crozeph managed to get out of the woods where he stuck himself for a long time not because he got lost, he was getting tired and everything is getting tedious. After trying to make himself a normal looking person in terms of talking, Crozeph suffers from withdrawal to people. He tends to keep himself away from them but also strives to get along well. Now that the others and his friends are making their way up, it is time that Crozeph pulls himself together in hopes of catching up with them now.



Chapter 7 - Silent Reconstructions

Whatever happened the past few weeks or months, it never occured to Crozeph that he would be fixing himself after shutting himself in his shop. Content in the company of the hollow people of Floor 10, Crozeph created a routine of staring at The Stygian and returning to the shop as it is the only thing he could think of. However and encounter with one of his old friend reignited Crozeph's desire to go adventuring. Having taken a job of exploring places and mapping dungeons, Crozeph had fun with it again. All is going well until a person of his past made Crozeph realize how he had been hiding his pain and this led to him making a decision to set himself free of things that had held him back for so many years


[Chronological Order]


Chapter 8 - Audible Progress, Loud Feelings, and Whispered Memories

A lot of things can change in a blink of an eye, while the process may differ. It was a thing that Crozeph understood and now he wanted to build himself up as a player with a less chance of messing things up. Months after meeting Baldur and Mari, Crozeph decided to walk away from being a damage dealer into a support. It was something that he was familiar with and now he's slowly making his way into a respectable one. Things however won't go as smoothly as he wanted it to be, with his encounter of Hidden and an adventure he started with Ariel, Crozeph saw the flaw of his build and learned his lesson the hard way with Hidden. Having also joined Jacob's Ladder, Crozeph knew that he would be holding himself responsible of being a member and never repeat the mistake he did on Guardians of the New Dawn. Add to that his relationship with the most cheerful person he ever met, Yuki Mikoto. As their feelings begin to meet, things would be much easier for Crozeph to fulfill his new role, a support player.


Chronological Order

Return of The Queen 5 SP

A Crow and A Lion Meet a Ferocious Foe 5 SP

Blood In The Sand

Homeward Bound

Lake Placid: The Spin-Off

Pseudo-Odyssey III - Killing Floor 3 SP

The Ultimate Showdown [OVA] 10 SP

Upgrades Are Harmless 3 SP

Where Sleeping Crows Lie 2 SP

A Day Where We Start A Different Path 2 SP

Nuke, Siege, Pillage

Misfits 7 SP

Casting a Long Shadow 2 SP

Tanabata Event 7 SP

Raiding The Reaver 11 SP

Infestation 2 SP

Aincradian Sandslash 5 SP

It's a Wonderful World 4 SP

Thebel 4 SP

The Hunters And The Agile Prey 7 SP

Sundown Showdown 5 SP

Afternoon Tea

Recycle 5 SP

Sunrise Showdown 5 SP

There's Always A Bigger Fish 4 SP

Hazy Memories In The Midst of War 4 SP

Pseudo-Odyssey IV - Keepsake 4 SP

Courage 3 SP

Phoenix Contract I 2 SP

Arts Vs. Buster 5 SP

Raid Merchant 2 SP

Training Regime I 2 SP

Training Regime II: Conquering A Certain Fear 2 SP

Unexpected Meetings 2 SP

A Late Easter Harvest 14 SP

Total SP:  138


Chapter 9 - A Wedding, Dungeons, And The Storm That Is Approaching

Blah blah desccription blah blah

Chronological Order

Assassinate the Bandit Camp 4 SP

Hades' Doorstep 6 SP

The Guest in The List 5 SP

Dungeon Of Eschaton

Getting Back What Was Earned [600 EXP]

Shadow, The Malevolent 12 SP

Total SP: 27

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~ Chapter 10: Peerless Swordsmanship - Rewrite ~

The battle ends but war is far from over
What seemed like a fierce clash of survival, supremacy, and longing for freedom became a dream
A fever dream
Everything feels blank yet I know everything is just where it was before we fought him
A reset? but I am back to how I was when it started
perhaps this is a chance to rewrite
All while keeping the cherished parts intact



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