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  1. claim

    [OP - F10] Trick or Treat~!

    Claim laughed to himself as she read over the message and mumbled to himself well this might be a death game but at least they try to make it feel like home when the holidays roll around. He would rub the back of his kneck which one. After a few minus, he shrugged his shoulds " why not maybe next year I might try the other one if I live that long" He would put one this pinkish pants the black sleeveless jacket and pink arm sleeves, He looked at the boots and slipped them one it took him about thirty min just to lack the thigh high boot " no wonder why it takes girls so long to get ready...." he would but the small bat wing on his head before putting the bigger one around his waist he would make his way out to the mansion. He would see the host at the gate as he was greeted "What a nice costume! It is great to see you here at this event. Here's your item for showing and I hope you enjoy yourself."thank you " As he made his way in He saw that most of the guild was he looked around and slowly walked over to them" Hey yall" +1 Candy-Guard!
  2. As he looked over at Lessa it had been a long time. Sence the two had met. He was glad that she was still around. A lot of players that he knew went inactive. He smiled and nodded back at Lessa. His attention would then shift over to Shinsou Vaan Osiris and the rest of the guildmates He would slight move away from the door as he rests his back against the wall of the cabin. His left hand would rub his right shoulder as he spoken in a light tone " well it nice to meet you all. My name is Claim as fare as good quality goes if you need a helping hand ill be there I might be a bit rusty in battle but ill get back in the swing of thing again. I'm level 13" It should take him to long to start push throw levels again. As this was a meet and greet for the guild He wondered what Lessa would have them do after everyone had introduced them self.
  3. claim

    Claims Items

    1 Old item gauntlets of the Guardian Angel. Heavy Armor Gauntlets Tier 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements+1 damage mitigation and +2 life steal Description: A pair of sturdy, jet-black gauntlets. They are meant to protect their wearer at all cost.. (Made by the Great Lessa ) 2 New item Gauntlets of the Guardian Angel Heavy Armor Gauntlets Tier 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements+1 damage Mitigation Prevent (9 per slot * Tier) damage from successful attacks against you. and +2 Regen After taking damage, gain Regen at the beginning of your next turn. Heal (5 per slot * Tier) every turn for three rounds. Damage over time effects (Bleed, Poison) will not trigger Regen. Does not stack with Battle Healing. Taking damage while Regen is active will refresh it to its full duration. Description: A pair of sturdy, jet-black gauntlets. They are meant to protect their wearer at all cost.. http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/4366-wild-rose-forge/?do=findComment&comment=348245
  4. claim

    Re-Evaluations Topic

    Got my items approve thread back so moved it to there
  5. A message from his guild leader had popped up in his message box he read it over and let out a small sigh as he thought to himself ~really the Four floor~ he had only been to that floor a handful of times. The frozen tundra landscape was beautiful and all, but he just didn't like the cold all to much he shook his head as. He put on black short sleeved jacket and a Navy Blue long sleeve shirt and some boot on, it has been a long time since he has really done anything and just sitting around was starting to get boring, he made his way to the 4th floor the moment he made it there a light breeze his pale skin and sent cold chills down his spin he shrived a bit and started to walk a little fast just to keep himself warm. As he walked along his whitish blond hair would sway a bit as his greenish blue eyes took in the beautiful landscape as he got out of the town he would see a trail for foot steeps in the snow "Man I hope I'm not the last one to show up" His since of timing was always been off. He fallowed the trail and finally come up to the small cabin outside the safe zone. Hmm I guess they have little cabins like this for the players to take a short rest "He saw lights coming from the cabin and made his way to the door and would push it open Seeing Lessa, Genji, Shi, and Ariel. He closed the door behind him and would brush the snow off this shoulder and hair before bowing to them " Hello all sorry if I'm late" Claim was average height 5'10 and is extreme fit.
  6. claim

    Genderbend em'!

    Omg after searching google and like 20 pages in I fond one
  7. hey bee gone a few months but what happend on the last boss raid

  8. claim

    [PP-F7 Darkness Falls (PM to join)

    Claim looked over the battle and how everyone was doing he look at the ogres and shock his head as he saw one of them still had a lot of health left over. He smiled a bit as he rushed up to the monster he swings the blade at the monster stomach the blade cut in to the skin with easy and left a large cut were the monster was bleeding out from. It looked at calim and punched him in the face. it nocked him back a few feet as he stop and looked at the monster, it didn't do a lot of damage to claim but his battle healing and life steal kick in [id 6378 Bd 8+1=9 Damage 1+1+6=8 +2Hp Ls Cd10 +3Hp Bh Md8 4+1-4= 1] Claim 31/31 Ogre 9/20 Ogre 15/20 Ogre 8/20 Ogre 12/20 Bleeding 1 2/2
  9. claim

    [PP-F7 Darkness Falls (PM to join)

    Claim looked at destiny and rolled his eyes a bit as he was some what getting use to the name calling as he saw he land a hit on the orc and laugh as the thing picked her up like a ragdoll and throw her at Christoff. " Way to lead off the attack now they all might throw use all back." He saw that Christoff had hit the same one that destiny was fighting and that Arekkusu. Had started to attack another one of the Orc's. He smiled a bit as he looked one of the orcs over there we big and slow hopefully Claim could get a few good hits in but that wasn't the case he swings his sword at one of them his blade miss the monster Claim looked at it as it raised his arms about his head and as if it was going to smash claim in to the ground he stands there frozen not sure what to do. The orc brought his hands down as the last second claim stepped back as the hands pounded in the ground the shock way sent him back a few more feet as he looked back at the group he didn't land a hit this turn but maybe the next one would be better. [ Id 6266 Bd 2 Cd4 Md5=miss] Claim 31/31 Orc 8/20 Orc 9/20 Bleading 1/2 Orc 20/20 Orc 20/20 Orc 20/20
  10. claim

    [PP-F7 Darkness Falls (PM to join)

    Claim looked at the last one standing in this wave. He let out a small sigh as he rushed up to the skeleton the blade in his left hand he quickly slashed at the monsters. The tip of his blade cut in in to the shoulder of it doing just enough damage to the monster for it to burst in to polygons fragments. Just before the top half of the monster faded away it was able to swing its sword at Claim and hit his leg and do some damage to the player but not a lot before Claim healing skills kicked in and healed the cut that the monster gave him. [id 6233 Bd9+1=10 Damage 2+6=8 +2Hp Ls Bleed Cd 12 +3Hp Bh Md 6 does matter I heal all lol no I for got there damage ] [Crozpeh 19/19 HP] [Destiny 26/26 HP] [Claim 31/31 HP] [Arekkusu 52/52 HP] [skeleton Warrior 0/14 HP] Dead
  11. claim

    [PP-F7 Darkness Falls (PM to join)

    Claim saw that monster that Destiny attacked. He thought about attacking to other monster that had more health but rushed up to the one that was about to die he swing his sword at the skeleton his blade cut throw the bone doing about the same amount of damage as he did to the last one. The monster stabbed claim in the leg but buy the time claims armor kick in to was a lot of damage at all. As the monster faded away claim cuts glowed a light green as the slowly healed up. He jumped back a bit as there was one more monster to take down. [id 6218 Bd8+1=9 Damage 1+6=7 +2Hp Ls Cd9 +0Hp Bh Ld Bd6 Damage 2+1-4= 1] [Crozpeh 19/19 HP] [Destiny 26/26 HP] [Claim 31/31 HP] [Arekkusu 52/52 HP] [skeleton Warrior 0/14 HP] dead [skeleton Warrior 14/14 HP]
  12. claim

    [PP-F7 Darkness Falls (PM to join)

    Claim looked over the monster and smiled a bit as he looked them all over. He saw that the monster had taken two hits from Destiny and Christoff And was still able to walk after words. He let out a small sight and thought to him self ~This is going to take a little longer that I thought. He rushed up to the weaker monster as his bladed glowed a light red he swings the blade horizontal at the monsters his blade cutting throw the bone and the monster in half as his blade cut throw the monster was able to swing at the player its blade just barley cut in to claims shoulder leaving a small cut but it wasn't anything that claim was worried about at the time claim looked back at the monster as it bursts in to data fragments. He took a couple of steps back and looked at the others that were left. as it was Arekkusu turn. [id 6152 Bd 7+1=8 Damage 1+6=7 +0Hp Ls Cd4 +0Hp Bh 9 Damage 2+2-4=1] Claim 30/31 [skeleton Warrior 0/14 HP] [skeleton Warrior 14/14 HP] [skeleton Warrior 14/14 HP] [skeleton Warrior 14/14 HP]
  13. claim

    [PP-F7 Darkness Falls (PM to join)

    Claim was on the fourth floor and think on how he was going to spend his day He warped up to the seventh floor. His white eyes glowed a bit as he looked up at the moonlight there he let out a sigh. He walked out to the fields He could feel the eather benath him start to shake claim thought to him self that is must me a glitch in the system after a few seconds past the ground was still shaking under him A little grin showed on claim face as he spoke solfty to him self " No way theres that many mods runing at once." He soon could here sounds in the fare distance but not sure were it was coming from. He unsheathed his sword with his left hand. As he saw two other players standing close to each other they looked familiar but there wasn't time for him to say hello or anything like that.