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  1. Itzal listened to Jenna mention how she'd rather go to the higher floor if that were the case and he nodded in agreement, smiling upon that decision. Itzal heard her mention how she wanted to do something together, hang out. Before he could say anything however, she grabbed his arm and just started to run. Itzal gave out a startled cry at first but quickly changed to joyful laughter. Velnia caught onto that excitement as well, flying beside them and doing loop the loops as the two continued to run out of the water and onto shore. Itzal would save asking what she wanted to do for later. The simplicity of just running with Jenna was pleasant enough for him. He wondered if this was what kids often did in their free time. Just running around, laughing giddily as they chased each other. He was reminded of the day they had met. When Jenna invited him to lay down with her in the flowery meadow. The simple joy, the simple rest. Simply being with Jenna, made him feel young, joyful, content. It made him feel whole. Nothing would tear them apart. Absolutely nothing. Even if Itzal had to face death itself. "Whatever you want to do Jenna, I'm up for it," he said with a smile. Summary Both players receive 200 col, 4 SP, and 1 Lightning Rod: Takes post action to apply to weapon: applies paralysis on critical hit
  2. The boss room had opened up and they entered the room itself. As the other party members charged in, Itzal simply watched with surprise. He had never actually seen bosses interact with the players before, yet there was much interaction and discussion going back and forth. Each boss had it's own indistinct personality that made them seem very much real. Strengths and flaws, different strategies and ways to fight. And from what he could see they supported and even protected one another at times, he thought to himself as one of the bosses blocked an attack for her ally. Itzal stood there watching the fight in silence, stunned at the depth of the bosses. He watched as it was slowly approaching to his time and he pulled out the song he had crafted. A debuff that would help them in their fight against the bosses. He held the purple crystal in his hand and looked back up at the fight. Actually he looked over to Kasier who was in the same party he was. He walked over and placed a hand on her shoulder with an encouraging smile. "Don't worry, we'll make it through this." he said before pulling up the mouthpiece of his armor. When it was their turn he focused on Issaxi, who appeared to be the leader of the group. When their party charged Itzal would stay behind, throwing the crystal like a grenade until it landed at her feet. The song would then activate, causing her mind to drift towards the calming mindset of being in a field, making it harder to focus on the fight. It left her more defenseless than aggressive however, so he hoped she didn't attack too much. He then nodded for the others in his group to attack. Action: Used Soothing Melody on Issaxi, -2 EVA, -1 ACC for Issaxi.
  3. Itzal watched as Ruby walked up to Itzal and took the item with a smile, not saying a single word. Itzal was a little, shocked at her subtle rudeness at just taking something. He did offer it to anyone, but you'd think they would at least say something, maybe thanks or, could I have it or something. Itzal then heard Jonathan approach him mentioning how he had a present. When he showed Itzal the two items he smiled, then smiled sadly at the damage potion. "Dude, this is awesome and I'm so glad you thought of me when you made this.. But uh, I had completed the return of the queen quest a second time just earlier. So I used the plus three damage you get as a reward for that quest essentially.. Sorry man. I can take it if you want for later, or maybe we could find someone else who needs it. I wouldn't mind the mitigation potion though," he said with a chuckle. He consumed the potion and saw Domarus walk into the group, and asked if someone could lend him a damage potion. Itzal said nothing, only knowing the truth of the man and instead focusing on the battle at hand. +45 MIT (updated stats) +2 dmg added
  4. Itzal's Stats (with buffs) House Buffs Items Consumed Items Carried In Itzal finally made his way over to the entrance of the floor boss. Soon they would be fighting the five bosses... At least that's what they were assuming. At any rate he made sure that he was prepared, and maxed out his damage as much as he could. Despite that though, his damage was still not the best, so he hoped that he would at least deal something worth while this time. When he arrived there were already quite a few players. When Neo approached him with the consumable he smiled and nodded. "Thank you very much! Hopefully with this I'll be able to deal some actual damage," he said with a chuckle. He activated the item and noted players moving around, preparing and the like. He pulled out the Banshee's Scream from his inventory and held it out for players to see. "Hey if anyone wants one, I have a Banshee's Scream! Gives you paralysis on your weapon for a while if you'd like it." He had no use for it since Yakimba had both bleed and paralysis on it. Velnia landed on his shoulder, causing him to smile. He was all prepared for the fight.
  5. Itzal

    [F11-PP] Guild dungeon delving.

    Itzal nodded as he walked along side her, Velnia landing on Hestia's head with a pleased look on her face. "You know," he said out loud. "You'd think Cardinal wouldn't be lazy rather than just make dungeons a seriously long action fight.. I wish there was more to dungeons..... Like, actual lore, monsters with abilities and such.. Actually, Morgenstern and I have run across plenty of dungeons like that, believe it or not. This one time we entered a shadow realm and had to help cleanse it so that they could be free, with this woman guiding us to the end of the labyrinth... That was a weird day... But mostly we've been looking through dwarven ruins trying to find out where they all went." Truth be told he thought to himself, they've had quite a few weird adventures throughout their times. Still, it was fun to encounter new people, lore, monsters, and mysteries to solve. He still had that dwarven golem in his inventory, and wondered if and when Morgenstern and he would be using it. He sure hoped it would be soon. @Hestia
  6. Itzal

    [F11-PP] Guild dungeon delving.

    They were reaching the end of this little fight. The advisor was beginning to bleed out and Hestia rushed up towards it with a sword art, bringing it's health past one hundred and down to a one hit kill zone. She gave Itzal a signal and he nodded back, prepping to strike the monster. He positioned himself carefully, not wanting to screw this up. They were after all, nearing the end of the dungeon. It would seem as if the others had just stopped fighting, so Hestia and Itzal would need to finish this themselves. He knew he would receive nothing for helping them defeat and clear this dungeon but that was ok. He liked helping others out. He rushed up and activated Meteor strike, bringing the boss's health down to a zero. The boss roared before shattering into crystals and shards and Itzal sighed. He turned to Hestia with a smile. "Well that about does it. Dungeon is cleared I suppose right?" ID# 103152 17x11-55=132 dmg [H: 6] @Hestia | 738/950 | 74/92 | 3 DMG | 1 ACC | -1 EVA | 131 MIT | 24 Bleed (8+) l 28 Thorns | 12 Burn (8+) | Paralyze (8+) | 1 Regen | 1 Recovery[H: 2] Kimi: | 420/420 | 33/42 | 14 DMG | 3 ACC | 0 MIT | 7 Thorns | 12 Burn (8+) | Paralyze (8+) | 2 LD [H: 0] @Itzal | 1,490/1,490 | 109/146 | 17 DMG | 3 ACC | 3 EVA | 12 MIT | 24 Bleed (8+) | Paralyze (8+) [H: 2] Ryo | 500/500 | 27/50 | 16 DMG | EVA 2 | ACC 3 | Mit 7 Group 2~ [H: 1] Telrenya | 522/680 HP | 43/68 EN | 15 DMG | 4 ACC | 3 EVA | 86 MIT | [H: 0] Spencer | 320/320 | 24/32 | 5 DMG | 0 ACC | 0 EVA | 29 MIT | 1 Regen | 1 Recovery | 14 Thorns Left Combat Mobs~ The Queen's Advisor | 0/825 HP | 220 DMG | 55 MIT | 2 ACC | 2 EVA Critical (MD 9): Deals (242) DMG to the target with the highest hate. Also deals (121) DMG to every other player. Critical (MD 10): Deals (264) DMG to the target with the highest hate. Also deals (132) DMG to every other player.
  7. Itzal

    Itzal's song collection

    Name: Soothing Melody Profession: Performer Rank: 3 ID: 103093 Roll: CD: 12 LD: 11 Item Type: Debuff Masterpiece?: No (unfortunately) Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: 2 Lullaby, 1 Hypnosis Description: A soothing song that reminds one of peaceful fields and meadows, and causes them to focus less on the fight, as well as be less violent and aggressive. Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/13078-f4-el-quarto-instructor-performer-the-dragons-soul/?do=findComment&comment=553087 Name: Starry Night Profession: Performer Rank: 3 ID: 103100 Roll: CD: 9 LD: 12 Item Type: Debuff Masterpiece?: No (unfortunately) Tier: 1 Quality: Rare Enhancements: 2 Lullaby Description: The song reminds one of a star filled sky, and the peace and quiet of nighttime. Causes a sudden ease in the muscles, causing target to be less evasive.
  8. Summary Itzal: 1 sp, 200 col, Queens Honey Mars: 1 sp, 200 col, Queens Honey, Matriarchs Holy Stinger
  9. Itzal

    [F11-PP] Guild dungeon delving.

    Itzal watched as Spencer left the fight quickly, mainly because he was afraid of dying. Itzal held nothing against the player and in fact could understand him. This was a death game and if you took the wrong risks you didn't get a second chance. It was normal for him to want to flee and live so badly. Itzal nodded his understanding to the player before switching his attention back to the fight. Hestia was just attacked and the boss tried to continue it's advance. Itzal wasn't going to let him have that chance. He nodded to Velnia, making the scissors signal with his hand and she chuckled. The two then separated, charging towards the boss with a distance put between them. Itzal's blade began sparking to life, soon covered in lightning. The two cut at him like a pair of scissors, at the same time and from two different angles. When he struck he hit the brakes immediately and went back the same way he came, as did Velnia, slashing him again. The result was decent damage, paralysis and bleed. Itzal nodded to Hestia for her to go next. ID# 103140 BD: 9 17+1x11-55=143 dmg [H: 6] @Hestia | 728/950 | 74/92 | 3 DMG | 1 ACC | -1 EVA | 131 MIT | 24 Bleed (8+) l 28 Thorns | 12 Burn (8+) | Paralyze (8+) | 1 Regen | 1 Recovery[H: 2] Kimi: | 420/420 | 33/42 | 14 DMG | 3 ACC | 0 MIT | 7 Thorns | 12 Burn (8+) | Paralyze (8+) | 2 LD [H: 0] @Itzal | 1,490/1,490 | 120/146 | 17 DMG | 3 ACC | 3 EVA | 12 MIT | 24 Bleed (8+) | Paralyze (8+) [H: 2] Ryo | 500/500 | 27/50 | 16 DMG | EVA 2 | ACC 3 | Mit 7 Group 2~ [H: 1] Telrenya | 522/680 HP | 43/68 EN | 15 DMG | 4 ACC | 3 EVA | 86 MIT | [H: 0] Spencer | 320/320 | 24/32 | 5 DMG | 0 ACC | 0 EVA | 29 MIT | 1 Regen | 1 Recovery | 14 Thorns Left Combat Mobs~ The Queen's Advisor | 144/825 HP | 220 DMG | 55 MIT | 2 ACC | 2 EVA (1/1 Paralysis. 2/2 T2 Bleed) Critical (MD 9): Deals (242) DMG to the target with the highest hate. Also deals (121) DMG to every other player. Critical (MD 10): Deals (264) DMG to the target with the highest hate. Also deals (132) DMG to every other player.
  10. When Mars didn't respond in any other form other than a shrug Itzal let the matter drop. He enjoyed a friendly spar with others but he knew that some people would rather not do so. Sparring helped train oneself by finding the weaknesses in their own strategies, sharpen their skills and analyzing in combat. Itzal saw it as a way to enjoy time with a friend or two, as in this world it was a skill and pastime that most players had to practice. A shared interest which made it easy to hop on and do. However some players found it hard to adjust to combat, and were either uncomfortable or scared of it. Itzal had thought Mars would like the idea of spars but he was apparently wrong. He didn't think it was because Mars was scared or uncomfortable with the idea. So he couldn't help but wonder what it was. When he heard Mars' response it was his turn to shrug. "I started out as a scout then moved to dps. It's been a long ride.. And I've found that if you try handling every route you can it's hard to progress. If you want to be a very powerful dps player, I'd suggest choosing one or the other and maximizing it's potential. Then once you've maxed that out, start building up your other options." @Mars
  11. Itzal heard him mention how while Itzal could look for materials he would rather fight despite there not being any mobs leveled to him. Itzal nodded. "I know what you mean. Though on the twenty third floor the monsters are leveled to you no matter what level you are. So you could go check that floor out sometime if you're interested." He heard the bit about fighting and chuckled. "Well we could have sparring sessions every now and then. Setting the stats and skills to off and just dueling for the sake of honing our fighting skills. In my opinion, strategy and skill is just as important as stats. Also yeah, scouting isn't usually a skill players pick up. If they do they rarely max it out completely." Itzal spotted a single material, realizing he lucked out on this one and put it in his inventory. He would be getting more materials soon though. ID# 103116 LD: 20 CD: 1 @Mars
  12. Itzal watched as Mars struck the final minion and ended it's digital life before it could attack. He nodded and sheathed his sword, pulling the mouth piece down as well as his hood. Velnia did a few loops in the air after the fight was over, and went over to Mars' familiar to see if he was willing to play together now that the fighting was done. Itzal heard Mars thank him for the aid and he shrugged with a smile. "I'm just glad to help. Besides it was a common interest as I needed the item for the boss raid coming up. In addition, I found that it's always good to be a little extra prepared when playing a death game," he said with a chuckle. "What do you say we go ahead and head on back to town now? We could look for materials along the way and catch up a bit." Itzal noticed Velnia trying to get the familiar to play with her and waved at her to come over. "Velnia not everyone wants to play games you know. You can't just make him do it." She gave an embarrassed grin and chuckle before curling up on his shoulder. The fight was over and Itzal wondered if Mars was in a talking mood or not. @Mars
  13. Mars leaped after the boss and used his strongest sword art against her, dropping her health points down to zero. The boss screeched and roared out in rage before shattering into a million crystals. Mars of course got the last hit bonus but Itzal didn't mind. He sort of needed the damage item at the moment and had debuffs he could craft himself. The three minions cried out in dismay and grief before going full rage mode and launching an aggressive assault on Itzal, who was between them and Mars. Itzal swung his blade quickly, striking the first incoming wasp before it could attack, and dodging the monster like one would dodge a bull. When it passed him it shattered into crystals due to it's health reaching zero.. Itzal thrust his blade towards the second mob who was paralyzed, but the third mob sacrificed itself by coming in between the player and the paralyzed wasp, shattering into crystals upon doing so. The paralyzed mob finally shook it off and flew back before Itzal could attack it, the bleed damage bringing it's health below one hundred. ID# 103112 BD: 9 MD: 5 ID# 103113 BD: 1 MD: 9 ID# 103114 BD: 6 MD: 6-3=3 17+1x9-25=137 dmg 17x9-25=128 dmg @Mars: [H: 0 // 0 // 0] HP: 540/540 ENG: 21/54 DMG: 16 ACC: 3 EVA: 3 Savvy: 1(ACC when dodge) Regen: 10 HP 3 rounds Itzal: [H: 3 // 1 // 3 // 1] 1,490/1,490 <> 117/146 <> 17 DMG <> 3 ACC <> 3 EVA <> 25 MIT <> Regen: 74 HP per post Queen Wasp: 0/500 health <> 75 MIT <> 125 dmg - Stunned Wasp minion 1: 0/250 25Mit 125 DMG Wasp minion 2: 80/250 25 MIT 125 DMG 0/1 Paralyze - 1/2 Bleed Wasp minion 3: 0/250 25 MIT 125 DMG
  14. Itzal watched as Mars rushed in and fought the queen directly, bringing it's health down to just under two hundred points of damage. With that the battle became easier to manage. The smaller wasps however had recovered from the shock of their queen being struck down so quickly like that, and rushed over to assault him. Itzal received Mars' signal and prepared to attack and defend himself from the oncoming stingers. The queen tried to swoop in and strike Mars so Itzal started with her first. His sword sparked with lightning as he struck her on the head, causing her to fall into the ground rather than at him. He continued his swing, swinging at one of the minions, both interrupting it's attack and damaging it. He struck the other two immediately afterwards, dealing a hyper critical against the second minion and interrupting it's attack as well. The second minion fell into the ground both paralyzed and bleeding out. Itzal swung his weapon to parry the stingers coming at him while the queen got back up, shaking herself off and glaring at Itzal for his little stunt. ID# 103107 BD: 9 MD: 4 ID# 103108 BD: 4+3=7 MD: 6-3=3 ID# 103109 BD: 10 MD: 6-3=3 ID# 103110 BD: 3+3=6 MD: 4 17x9-25=129 dmg 17+1x9-75=87 dmg 17+2x9-25=146 dmg @Mars: [H: 2 // 0 // 0 // 0] HP: 540/540 ENG: 54/54 DMG: 16 ACC: 3 EVA: 3 Savvy: 1(ACC when dodge) Regen: 10 HP 3 rounds Itzal: [H: 3 // 1 // 3 // 1] 1,490/1,490 <> 117/146 <> 17 DMG <> 3 ACC <> 3 EVA <> 25 MIT <> Regen: 74 HP per post Queen Wasp: 110/500 health <> 75 MIT <> 125 dmg - Stunned Wasp minion 1: 121/250 25Mit 125 DMG Wasp minion 2: 104/250 25 MIT 125 DMG Wasp minion 3: 121/250 25 MIT 125 DMG
  15. Itzal listened as Mars mentioned how he met a few players but that was really about it. It made sense, there wasn't much to do other than grind unless you had some friends. He shrugged at the tier two comment though. "Tier two is hard to pass if we're being honest. Too much of a level gap between tiers two and three." Oras watched as Mars stood up, doing the same and walking beside him as they made their way to the queen. He nodded as he stated he would deal the damage. "Alright then, I stun her, you strike. Let me enter her name in the tracking mod real quick," he said as he activated the mod. It turned out she wasn't too far ahead of them. When he mentioned him being tier three Itzal chuckled. "It's really not all that glamorous really. All you get is a bonus three base damage. Plus my sword's sword arts are legit the worst in Aincrad. I don't change the weapon because of sentimental reasons, which I know is foolish. But I've survived this long and unless things change for the higher difficulty then I probably won't switch for a while now." Soon he saw the queen and swung his sword in a circle at his side before charging at her from behind. Before she could react he struck her with Nova Ascension, applying stun and watching her fall to the ground. "You're up! With the queen stunned we should be able to hit the minions easier now." Note: Tracking activated, auto hit ID# 103102 BD: 3 MD: 5 ID# 103103 MD: 2 ID# 103104 MD: 8-3=5 ID# 103105 MD: 1 @Mars: HP: 540/540 ENG: 54/54 DMG: 14 ACC: 3 EVA: 3 Savvy: 1(ACC when dodge) Regen: 10 HP 3 rounds Itzal: 1,490/1,490 <> 134/146 <> 17 DMG <> 3 ACC <> 3 EVA <> 25 MIT <> Regen: 74 HP per post Queen Wasp: 377/500 health <> 75 MIT <> 125 dmg - Stunned Wasp minion 1: 250/250 25Mit 125 DMG Wasp minion 2: 250/250 25 MIT 125 DMG Wasp minion 3: 250/250 25 MIT 125 DMG