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  1. Itzal

    Itzal's song collection

    Name: Queen of the Pixies Profession: Performer Rank: 4 ID: 105814 Roll: CD: 12 LD: 3 Item Type: Support Masterpiece?: No Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Familiar Sight Description: Name: Darkened Night Profession: Performer Rank: 4 ID: 105820 Roll: CD: 12 LD: 19 Item Type: Debuff Masterpiece?: Instant Tier: 1 Quality: Rare Enhancements: 1 Incarceration Description: The song is dark and menacing, causing the target to feel vulnerable. Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/13078-f4-el-quarto-instructor-performer-the-dragons-soul/?do=findComment&comment=557500
  2. Itzal was sitting on his porch strumming his guitar when he heard a beeping sound. Someone was approaching his shop? He stood up quickly and rushed to the teleporter, warping to the inside of his shop behind the desk. He hung his guitar up, Velnia flying all over the room as she usually did. The crazy familiar never got bored of exploring the already explored structure. Itzal wondered if she was hoping to find anything, or something. He saw the blonde haired player walk in and smiled. "Hey there! How can I help you?" he asked as he reached out and grabbed Velnia's tail before she could dive onto his face. The purple dragon was too hyper for her own good. The player walked over and handed him a slip. He looked at the order and nodded, but the player started walking away before he could answer. "H-Hey wait a minute! I can have it for you in a second. I recently tuned my guitar and made a few crafts today. It's still got juice for one more today, so let's see if it will craft today." He began playing an instrumental song and when it was finished, the green crystal glowed to life. He smiled and held it out. "And there you have it! One familiar call as requested!"
  3. Itzal watched, his anger stirring when Jonathan walked up to the boss, and HELPED HIM TO HIS FEET AND ENCOURAGED HIM. He grit his teeth at this, but said nothing. This would need to be handled after the fight was over. As angered as Itzal had been seeing his friend encourage the boss's inappropriate and infuriating actions towards the women, he needed to focus on reality: They were in a boss room. Their lives were in danger. And he needed to use all his power to help end this fight. Even if it wasn't much. Suddenly one of the bosses tossed out some weird creature. The other players handled it quickly however, but the result was each player getting hit by some sort of explosion when the creature.. Exploded. Itzal lost a chunk of his health but it honestly wasn't much so he had nothing to worry about. Then Itzal watched the dps players shift targets. They moved from the deceased experiment, and onto Rori. Itzal wished he could have joined them, but they ended up decimating the elf. Itzal watched silently, the fire in his eyes under his robe hidden to all but the bosses. Kasier could possibly guess what he looked like if she heard his next words: "Good riddance..." With that out of the way he shifted to Durares and rushed at the dark elf. Itzal would slash at the elf quickly, seeming to not want to make any excess pain than he had to. It was Rori he despised because of what he had tried to do to his fiancee. These elves he kind of felt sorry for. If the tank blocked his attack he would make the same action, sighing. Regardless of who he attacked he would tell them this: "For the purposes of escaping this world. For the sake of returning to our real home. We are forced to kill you all because you block the path upward, and we cannot move on until this occurs. However you must also understand that what you did is unforgivable as well. Violence feeds violence. Death breeds more death. Until you can find a peaceful way to resolve issues there will always be death. We are forced to kill the bosses of each floor. You had a choice. And you chose wrong..." ID# 105316 BD: 6+3-1 SA: Meteor Strike. 23x11=253 dmg
  4. Once again both spoke to him, attempting to offer their advice to him. Jenna allowed him to lean against her, pouring his emotions out. She told him how he had done what he could, that there wasn't anything he could have done. Regardless of how much he wanted to reverse time. And how she knew what it was like to lose friends. That's right, he thought. He had heard something about that. Had someone told her that fact? Was he discussing it with someone as a possible theory? He knew that regardless of which of the two it was, he suspected it and began theorizing when he thought more and more of her drastic change from the first to the second time they had met. Itzal had lost two friends now. One good friend. One apprentice. How many had Jenna lost? Hestia also spoke, telling him how he needed to be able to stand up. Face what this world was throwing at him. How he needed to face those under him and change their fate rather than letting the loss of Birdie rob him of what he could offer. She then began to comfort him, talking about how she seemed nice, and what she thought of Birdie. Then asked what she was like besides the already presented information.. "..She was, scared but determined.. She may not have enjoyed fighting, but she was willing to learn. And she learned rather quickly. She and Aereth got along rather well too.. They were so kind to each other, and she worried about him when he left. I tried to teach her parkour once, heh.. That never worked out. But, she was a little more open after the attempt..." He was silent again, thinking about everything. About what Jenna said.. About what Hestia said.. How Jenna lost people too. How Hestia told him to stand up and push forward. How he couldn't let Birdie's death bring him down like this. How he needed to be strong to help others, and prevent something like this from happening. Like he was important... But was he? His guild was falling apart at the seams. His friends all leaving him one by one. His damage was hardly anything on the front lines. He was even slowly being replaced as a scout by two tanks who had decent searching skills, nullifying the point of being a scout build in the first place... Slowly he stopped crying and just leaned against Jenna. The tears were still coming down from his wet eyes, and his breathing was quick, still trying to recover. But....... "......Je...Kasier.. How many? Did you know them well?" @Hestia
  5. Itzal was silent for a while, other than the tears that kept leaking from his eyes. Hestia spoke to him about how there were breaking points. How life could become too harsh for them to go on any longer and that many would seek an escape from it. He knew this, but. He should have been there for her. To comfort her, support her. If he had then she might have been able to stand the pain, the fear. He didn't respond to Hestia just yet, listening in silence. He heard Hestia tell him that it wasn't his fault, that he couldn't control the thoughts going through Birdie's mind nor control her decisions. 'I could have influenced her thoughts though,' he thought to himself. It was painful. She was such a sweet person, why her? Why was it always the weak, the innocent, the kind and gentle? He still said nothing, even as Hestia explained how she found and followed him. And how it was mainly his rush that caught her attention. She told him how he needed a shoulder to lean on. He then heard footsteps approach and heard Kasier's voice. It took some effort but he managed to look up at her. She stood strong even though there was all this death. He knew she had known multiple names on this monument as well. He heard her words and started crying again, this time leaning against Kasier's legs. It would be clear he was happy she was there. In truth he was glad they were both here. Hestia was a good friend and Jenna would soon be his wife. And so he cried. Eventually, is tears slowed, and he was able to calm himself down. His breathing slowed and found a steady pace, and he took a few minutes to breath before speaking up. "...She was my apprentice.. It was my job to teach her everything I could.. She wanted to be a scout, not a fighter or defender. She wasn't that type of person. She was kind, gentle. Shy at times, but when you got past that.." He fell silent again, silent as he rested against Jenna. Knowing that she'd comfort him if they were alone. And that was enough for him, as he understood why she didn't. @Hestia
  6. Itzal continued to watch the fight, preparing to use another debuff item on the right individual when it was his turn again. However something would happen that would change Itzal's strategy entirely. He saw one of the bosses go by Kasier and. His eyes narrowed, muscles tightened. He glared at Rori as he moved over to Telrenya but Itzal couldn't see anything except the boss playing with his fiancé like that. The fact that a boss was doing something so disgusting to these players. The fact that he was treating them this way. The fact that Kayaba had designed them like this. He watched as Hidden paralyzed Rori and made a dash, using charge before anyone else could make a move. Itzal rushed in towards Rori in a way that he could see him. Unlike the last time Itzal made an action. Unlike the last time when he was calmly playing supportive. This time, his eyes were filled with an unyielding rage. A wrath that he couldn't possibly fathom. Kasier taking an attack from a boss was fine, since she could survive that, and even quickly recover. They were just stats and numbers in the end. But this was taking it too far. Rori had his first real look, at what Ulises looked like. The alter ego whom while had vanished forever, left a side of Itzal that few rarely saw. He released Meteor Strike on Rori, using a technique of his own design. When he struck at the elf, he'd let go, grab the blade with his other hand and strike again, repeating this until he had landed at least a hundred hits in a matter of seconds. He finished it with a stab as he passed Rori. "Don't. Touch. Her. Again." His attack ended with him ending up behind Rori. He would then calmly turn around, flourishing his blade as if he was swinging blood off of it. No one could see his eyes under the hood but Rori. And if the AI could feel anything, he would feel the fire of his gaze. ID# 103667 BD: 3+3=6 23+5x11-25=283 dmg Council Actions Council Stats Player Stats
  7. Itzal cried. Cried for his friend. His apprentice. For the soul he came to know. He cried because he let the world reach her. He cried because he let the world break her. He cried because he couldn't protect her. Just like Beatbox, he couldn't do it. He couldn't figure out what was going on in time to do anything. For being one of the highest ranking scouts in Aincrad, he was terrible at it. Velnia continued to comfort him until Hestia started to approach. She flew out and hovered there, sad to see Itzal being sad. Velnia, being an NPC, coudn't connect with Birdie as deeply as Itzal had. Because of this she was mainly feeling sorry for Itzal, who was in this broken state. When Hestia wrapped her arms around him he only curled up more tightly in response. It was too painful. To painful to think about. And now someone else was here trying to comfort them. Who was it, a part of him wondered, though that voice of reason was crushed and buried under the overwhelming pain and guilt he felt. All he could say was this: "She's gone..... She's gone...." When he heard Hestia's voice he didn't open up. He just stayed there crying, muttering a few words here and there. "My fault......She's gone........I should have...........I couldn't...." He didn't have the strength to say anything. He didn't even have the strength to hold himself together physically, his arms legs and back muscles all going limp. He would have fallen to the ground if Hestia didn't catch him. Velnia became more worried than ever too. This was the second time Itzal had lost someone other than her. Of course despite being an AI she figured out that the reason he was less concerned with her dying was that she would respawn again, though she would lose her memories because of it. Itzal was so distraught he didn't even detect Kasier hiding in the shadows watching them. Velnia had a chance to, but she didn't notice Kasier yet. She landed on the ground behind the two, laying down and put her head between her paws. Itzal said nothing for a while before he had calmed down enough to be able to register a few things. For example, his mind finally caught up to what Hestia was saying to him. He turned his head slowly to her, tears still coming down his face. "...Hestia? I.. How did you know I was... Where did....." He tried to get up but he couldn't. His body was shaking too much. He remembered her asking him what happened and a shadow came over his face. "Look at the monument... It says it there, plain as day. She killed herself..." @Hestia
  8. Please don't be dead was the thought that kept racing through his mind. He raced passed players and npcs alike, narrowly avoiding a collision with most of them, accidentally bumping into some but not pausing to apologize. Someone started moving a cart across the street and Itzal, not wasting any time, leaped into the air with his legs crouched in against his chest, pressing his hand against the edge of the cart to help him move fully over the cart, before landing and rolling on the ground back into the original sprint he started with, startling the npcs who were driving the cart. He wasn't going to slow down for nothing. He had to get to the monument as quickly as he could. Please don't let it be Birdie. He already lost Beatbox, a close and dear friend to a murderer who after thorough investigations Itzal believed was a unique skill wielder, specifically dual blades. It was only a theory however and he couldn't prove otherwise. Originally he intended to kill the man, but had calmed down and snapped out of it afterwards. This time he had no desire to kill. There was only fear and panic. Of all people to die, it had to be her. No, he shouldn't think that. There wasn't a confirmation yet, there was still hope. He turned a corner and dashed down into the courtyard that held the monument. He came to a halting stop and scanned the entire building for..... Itzal's arms went numb and limp. There. On the monument. Listed in the B section. Was the name Birdie. Died by fall damage - Suicide. Itzal fell to his knees, tears in his eyes. It couldn't be... It just... Why her? She was such a sweet person. So kind and innocent. She was afraid of heights, she was shy, she had done nothing wrong, why did... Itzal began to cry, rather fluently. Velnia said nothing and instead curled up against him to comfort and console him. She was gone... He couldn't even say goodbye to her. He should have worked with her more. He should have done more with her. He could have done more, if he hadn't.. If he hadn't... @Hestia
  9. Itzal was found often on the first floor talking with the players and npcs, looking for anyone who might need his assistance. Well not looking but keeping an eye out for them. Whether it was needing help finding materials, wanting to fight a few monsters, or take on a quest, or just needing some col to borrow to buy something. There was always someone who needed assistance or help, in both the real world and the virtual world. Despite this being a video game, it was very close to the real deal in a large amount of ways. This included death itself thanks to Kayaba. Death, as it did in the real world, came in many various forms. Whether it was being killed by monsters, quests, dugeons and bosses (though for some reason monsters killed more than bosses). Whether it's from fall damage by accident, or fall damage via suicide. There was also the chance of their bodies failing in the real world, or just being umplugged in the real world. Then there was, of course, the possibility of being murdered. And quite simply put, there was also psychological death. Which in his mind was being driven to the point of mental unstability where you just can't handle life and kill yourself. That could be filed under suicide but the fact was there. Itzal wasn't helping anyone today however. He was moving far too fast for players to ask him for aid. Velnia flew beside Itzal, high enough to avoid getting hit by the purple trenchcoat which was dragging behind him. He was moving far too fast for anyone to see his expression but there was one word to describe his state right now: Panic. He had recently received a notification that told him how Birdie had just dropped off his friends list. There were only two possibilities for this: Either Birdie had removed Itzal as a friend, which didn't make any sense seeing as how she was nice, kind, and she was even Itzal's apprentice once. He had multiple through time but he remembered them all. Mossino, Birdie, Aereth. They were his first. The other option however, was that she died... He was running to the monument. To see what happened to Birdie. To see if she was truly dead.... @Kasier @Hestia
  10. Itzal listened to Jenna mention how she'd rather go to the higher floor if that were the case and he nodded in agreement, smiling upon that decision. Itzal heard her mention how she wanted to do something together, hang out. Before he could say anything however, she grabbed his arm and just started to run. Itzal gave out a startled cry at first but quickly changed to joyful laughter. Velnia caught onto that excitement as well, flying beside them and doing loop the loops as the two continued to run out of the water and onto shore. Itzal would save asking what she wanted to do for later. The simplicity of just running with Jenna was pleasant enough for him. He wondered if this was what kids often did in their free time. Just running around, laughing giddily as they chased each other. He was reminded of the day they had met. When Jenna invited him to lay down with her in the flowery meadow. The simple joy, the simple rest. Simply being with Jenna, made him feel young, joyful, content. It made him feel whole. Nothing would tear them apart. Absolutely nothing. Even if Itzal had to face death itself. "Whatever you want to do Jenna, I'm up for it," he said with a smile. Summary Both players receive 200 col, 4 SP, and 1 Lightning Rod: Takes post action to apply to weapon: applies paralysis on critical hit
  11. The boss room had opened up and they entered the room itself. As the other party members charged in, Itzal simply watched with surprise. He had never actually seen bosses interact with the players before, yet there was much interaction and discussion going back and forth. Each boss had it's own indistinct personality that made them seem very much real. Strengths and flaws, different strategies and ways to fight. And from what he could see they supported and even protected one another at times, he thought to himself as one of the bosses blocked an attack for her ally. Itzal stood there watching the fight in silence, stunned at the depth of the bosses. He watched as it was slowly approaching to his time and he pulled out the song he had crafted. A debuff that would help them in their fight against the bosses. He held the purple crystal in his hand and looked back up at the fight. Actually he looked over to Kasier who was in the same party he was. He walked over and placed a hand on her shoulder with an encouraging smile. "Don't worry, we'll make it through this." he said before pulling up the mouthpiece of his armor. When it was their turn he focused on Issaxi, who appeared to be the leader of the group. When their party charged Itzal would stay behind, throwing the crystal like a grenade until it landed at her feet. The song would then activate, causing her mind to drift towards the calming mindset of being in a field, making it harder to focus on the fight. It left her more defenseless than aggressive however, so he hoped she didn't attack too much. He then nodded for the others in his group to attack. Action: Used Soothing Melody on Issaxi, -2 EVA, -1 ACC for Issaxi.
  12. Itzal watched as Ruby walked up to Itzal and took the item with a smile, not saying a single word. Itzal was a little, shocked at her subtle rudeness at just taking something. He did offer it to anyone, but you'd think they would at least say something, maybe thanks or, could I have it or something. Itzal then heard Jonathan approach him mentioning how he had a present. When he showed Itzal the two items he smiled, then smiled sadly at the damage potion. "Dude, this is awesome and I'm so glad you thought of me when you made this.. But uh, I had completed the return of the queen quest a second time just earlier. So I used the plus three damage you get as a reward for that quest essentially.. Sorry man. I can take it if you want for later, or maybe we could find someone else who needs it. I wouldn't mind the mitigation potion though," he said with a chuckle. He consumed the potion and saw Domarus walk into the group, and asked if someone could lend him a damage potion. Itzal said nothing, only knowing the truth of the man and instead focusing on the battle at hand. +45 MIT (updated stats) +2 dmg added
  13. Itzal's Stats (with buffs) House Buffs Items Consumed Items Carried In Itzal finally made his way over to the entrance of the floor boss. Soon they would be fighting the five bosses... At least that's what they were assuming. At any rate he made sure that he was prepared, and maxed out his damage as much as he could. Despite that though, his damage was still not the best, so he hoped that he would at least deal something worth while this time. When he arrived there were already quite a few players. When Neo approached him with the consumable he smiled and nodded. "Thank you very much! Hopefully with this I'll be able to deal some actual damage," he said with a chuckle. He activated the item and noted players moving around, preparing and the like. He pulled out the Banshee's Scream from his inventory and held it out for players to see. "Hey if anyone wants one, I have a Banshee's Scream! Gives you paralysis on your weapon for a while if you'd like it." He had no use for it since Yakimba had both bleed and paralysis on it. Velnia landed on his shoulder, causing him to smile. He was all prepared for the fight.
  14. Itzal

    [F11-PP] Guild dungeon delving.

    Itzal nodded as he walked along side her, Velnia landing on Hestia's head with a pleased look on her face. "You know," he said out loud. "You'd think Cardinal wouldn't be lazy rather than just make dungeons a seriously long action fight.. I wish there was more to dungeons..... Like, actual lore, monsters with abilities and such.. Actually, Morgenstern and I have run across plenty of dungeons like that, believe it or not. This one time we entered a shadow realm and had to help cleanse it so that they could be free, with this woman guiding us to the end of the labyrinth... That was a weird day... But mostly we've been looking through dwarven ruins trying to find out where they all went." Truth be told he thought to himself, they've had quite a few weird adventures throughout their times. Still, it was fun to encounter new people, lore, monsters, and mysteries to solve. He still had that dwarven golem in his inventory, and wondered if and when Morgenstern and he would be using it. He sure hoped it would be soon. @Hestia
  15. Itzal

    [F11-PP] Guild dungeon delving.

    They were reaching the end of this little fight. The advisor was beginning to bleed out and Hestia rushed up towards it with a sword art, bringing it's health past one hundred and down to a one hit kill zone. She gave Itzal a signal and he nodded back, prepping to strike the monster. He positioned himself carefully, not wanting to screw this up. They were after all, nearing the end of the dungeon. It would seem as if the others had just stopped fighting, so Hestia and Itzal would need to finish this themselves. He knew he would receive nothing for helping them defeat and clear this dungeon but that was ok. He liked helping others out. He rushed up and activated Meteor strike, bringing the boss's health down to a zero. The boss roared before shattering into crystals and shards and Itzal sighed. He turned to Hestia with a smile. "Well that about does it. Dungeon is cleared I suppose right?" ID# 103152 17x11-55=132 dmg [H: 6] @Hestia | 738/950 | 74/92 | 3 DMG | 1 ACC | -1 EVA | 131 MIT | 24 Bleed (8+) l 28 Thorns | 12 Burn (8+) | Paralyze (8+) | 1 Regen | 1 Recovery[H: 2] Kimi: | 420/420 | 33/42 | 14 DMG | 3 ACC | 0 MIT | 7 Thorns | 12 Burn (8+) | Paralyze (8+) | 2 LD [H: 0] @Itzal | 1,490/1,490 | 109/146 | 17 DMG | 3 ACC | 3 EVA | 12 MIT | 24 Bleed (8+) | Paralyze (8+) [H: 2] Ryo | 500/500 | 27/50 | 16 DMG | EVA 2 | ACC 3 | Mit 7 Group 2~ [H: 1] Telrenya | 522/680 HP | 43/68 EN | 15 DMG | 4 ACC | 3 EVA | 86 MIT | [H: 0] Spencer | 320/320 | 24/32 | 5 DMG | 0 ACC | 0 EVA | 29 MIT | 1 Regen | 1 Recovery | 14 Thorns Left Combat Mobs~ The Queen's Advisor | 0/825 HP | 220 DMG | 55 MIT | 2 ACC | 2 EVA Critical (MD 9): Deals (242) DMG to the target with the highest hate. Also deals (121) DMG to every other player. Critical (MD 10): Deals (264) DMG to the target with the highest hate. Also deals (132) DMG to every other player.