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        <<Summer Beach Party>>
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          <<Mid-Summer Fireworks Festival>>
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  1. Itzal watched as Macradon walked in, and her words to Birdie were not lost on his sharp ears as he sat near to her in the first place. He leaned over to Birdie after it was over "I'd like to know more about what that was about afterwards, if that's ok with you that is." The next person to enter was Heathcliff. Itzal kept up his straight face from this point forward. Like many who were in this room, he disliked the guild they sat among at this moment. Baldur came in next, automatically lifting Itzal's spirit. He chuckled as he acknowledged Itzal before sitting down, apologizing for his being late. Then Zandra walked in. Itzal hadn't seen her in a while, and while he wanted to hang out with her, he had heard the rumors about Ariel and saw how she acted towards the others. He was hoping she could clarify it a little bit for him after this meeting. Then Hirru began to speak to everyone, sharing the details of the boss and the room that it was in. Before he did he told Itzal that he would love to hear his thoughts on the matter, so he decided he would. After Hirru finished, Itzal nodded and spoke once he had finished. "My immediate thought on the matter of the frozen soldiers, is that the boss may have an ability, allowing it to absorb the life force of any of them to heal itself, or give itself buffs of some sort. I think this reasoning is more likely since many of them were in pretty good condition. I don't see any other reason for these individuals to be there. Of course they might be npcs who could help us fight if there is a way to release them, but the chances of that are extremely low." He paused for a moment before continuing. "In addition, this dragon doesn't seem to be closely tied with any particular lore, but we can guess that it's mitigation will be enough to prevent any heavy damage at least, and being a dragon it most likely will have breath attacks. Whether this attack will be the default fire breath, or if it has elemental attacks like some games and stories do, I'm uncertain. Regardless of that, the only thing we can really prepare for certain is it's raw damage, and the possibility of it healing itself." If we can get damage over time enhancements, and or effects from potions such as toxic or burn, then we should probably give those to the dps players." @Birdie @Hirru
  2. Itzal watched as Birdie walked into the room and smiled, nodding to her. "Hey there Birdie! And not at all, come on in!" Itzal nodded, glad that someone besides him was taking this fight with extreme care and caution. This boss would undoubtedly be the most dangerous they had faced. He waited as Shield spoke to Birdie, thanking her for crafting some items of his, and afterwards peeled Velnia off, who was trying to sniff the snake and make new friends. When she was removed she gave a little yelp but then afterwards she stared at Shield before breaking into a grin. Itzal took her and let Shield sit down. He was about to speak when the door opened again. He smiled brightly as Kasier walked into the room, he nodded to her. "Hey Kasier, good to see you." He heard her first question and shrugged. "I'm pretty sure Hikoru will pop in at some point. I've confirmed that he's not already here. And I think Jonathan said he'd try making it." When she leaned over he heard her question while Shield didn't notice them. He replied while he didn't see or hear to prevent from appearing rude: "His name is Shield. He's been here a decent while, and he's a pretty good tank. He's nicer than he seems." He straightened his back again and looked around for @Hikoru or @Morgenstern.
  3. Of course Fearx wasn't the only individual who was turning his life upside down. Kasier and Jonathan, both extremely close to him, had impacted his life in a huge way. Jonathan was his best friend, someone he could confide anything with. He should probably talk to him at some point regarding Fearx and explain the situation to him. Jonathan would understand and most likely try to do whatever he could to help Itzal. He always did. Always someone Itzal could trust no matter what. And then of course there was Kasier. The one person he didn't expect in his life. He had doubted he'd ever get a girl in his life, and yet somehow, she fell in love with him. Not the other way around either. Itzal didn't fall in love with her until she revealed her feelings towards him. He did know one thing though: He was not going to let this go at any time. Especially not after his proposal. Once again no materials. ID# 88000 LD: 5+8 2/3 turns Total Loot: 13,430 col, 1 Unidentified Heavy Armor, 1 Unidentified Consumable. 15 MAT. 1 Mithril
  4. Itzal wasn't going to let this fight continue on for too much longer. "Velnia! Meteor Impact!" Velnia's head perked up as it had been a while since one of their moves. She flew away from the battle, seeming to vanish from sight. Meanwhile Itzal ran up to the boss and kept it distracted. This was one of the more, calculating moves of theirs. If Velnia missed then Itzal would be in for one heck of a ride. He could hear faint booms in the distance and grinned before leaping away from the monster. The booms slowly became more louder and Jonathan would be able to see in the distance, shockwaves that came closer and closer. Soon enough Itzal jumped into the air, positioning himself, and Velnia struck his feet with enough force to launch him with enough power and force onto the monster's side, the same exact side, and released Meteor Strike at the same time, forcing the creature to immediately tilt onto it's side, receive bleed and paralysis, and be left exposed once again. Itzal landed and panted for a bit, gesturing for Jonathan to take his turn. ID# 87992 BD: 8 15x11-81=84 dmg [4] @Morgenstern 1221/1221 <> 87/106 [4] @Itzal 1263/1280 <> 73/128 <<Darksteel>> 278/1000 <2/2 bleed 1/1 paralysis> 81 Mit / 200 Damage per hit / AoE on BD:9-10 / Stun on CD:10-12
  5. Itzal looked up and smiled when he saw Shield and nodded as he walked over and shook his friend's hand. "It has been hasn't it? That moth was not as, difficult as I expected it would be either. However, this boss is on another level entirely. We can't afford to ignore any buff available." Itzal Gestured for him to sit down but before he could he noticed the familiar. In an anime this would be where the sweat drop appeared on the side of his face while thinking 'oh no' before his own purple, hyperactive familiar somehow sensed the presence of another familiar, and shot into the room from her eating station and tackled shield, licking him first before poking her head around till she saw the familiar. When she did she stared at it wonderingly and with awe at the multicolor scales that seemed to flow as one color. Her tail began to swing back and forth as she wondered what kind of familiar it was. Itzal sighed. "And obviously you know Velnia. Can you possibly contain yourself for one minute?" @Shield
  6. Before Itzal got a reaction, Calrex entered the room. Itzal saw him wave to two of them, but which two he could not be certain, although it appeared as though he was greeting Hirru and Hikoru. Understandable since they probably knew each other better than Calrex and Itzal knew each other. He wondered if this would change in the future..... At any rate he- His thought were interrupted when yet another player entered the room and he saw Birdie walk in and greet him and Hikoru. For the first time sense he had entered the room, a small smile formed at last on his face and he nodded. "Hey Birdie!" He saw her sit close to his position and listened to her words. Itzal leaned over after she said this. "If you feel what you have to say is important Birdie, I'll ensure that it is heard ok?" He returned to his original position with a smile. Yes, this was what he was meant for. Helping those without a voice to carry their thoughts to those who typically ignored the young and weak. At any rate, there was usually nothing but arguments. Hopefully that would not be so this time. @Birdie
  7. Celestial Ascendants members invited @Morgenstern @Hikoru @Kasier @Sey @tricolor_mina @Beat @Khrysaor @Shield @Birdie Itzal had sent the message to all players in the guild, including Beatbox though he didn't know he was dead. After sending it he walked into the guild hall with a cup of lemonade that he got after helping another player gather materials. The player didn't join him due to him having things to do, but he hadn't tried lemonade as of yet so he felt he may as well. And daaaang was it good. He took another sip of lemonade as he sat down somewhere in the middle of the table. He didn't like drawing attention to himself, nor leading anything really. He would much rather everyone be equals. Which is one of the reasons they'd be changing a few things in the guild. At least that was Itzal's hope anyways. He felt that there was a few issues that needed to be resolved. However that could wait after they discussed the boss raid. He pulled out a few notes from his inventory and placed them down, placing one in front of each chair turned over. The back of the page, which was what showed, only had the guild emblem on it. On the other side was the details of the boss, which Itzal would share with the others, along with Hikoru if he joined. Afterwards he sat down and waited.
  8. Unlike Hikoru, Itzal wouldn't bother to ask if he could help lead. Being a scout build, most people didn't really give him much thought unless they really knew him. He realized by now that unless he was directly asked, most people wouldn't listen to him. He felt it wrong, that only players with higher numbers had any real say in the matter. Only those on top were heard and not the players with less skills and stats, as if their opinions were no good at all. Itzal felt that because of this, he could help give players like that a voice. If the higher leveled players bickered among themselves and never gave others the chance to speak, then Itzal could step in and attempt to aid them. For now he would walk yet again into the guild hall. The guild he really didn't care much for. He did his best to ignore all the flash and other stuff that did nothing but draw attention, and made his way into the meeting room where he saw Hikoru and Hirru. He nodded to the two. "Hey guys. We the first to arrive then?" He found a seat near the end opposite of where Heathcliff's seat resided, and sat down. Heathcliff was a man he disliked, but Mack he couldn't stand. After sitting he looked at the two. "So is there anything that I've missed? I've been helping players on the lower levels lately, so I'm not exactly caught up on events going on in the higher floors." He felt he could use a normal conversation for once, especially with these two. Hikoru had been distant, almost as if he wasn't a part of the guild at all, so he was hoping to reforge those connections. As for Hirru, the player really didn't talk to Itzal much, so he wanted to bridge that gap too. @Hirru @Hikoru
  9. Things were starting to go well again. Aster moved over to Jonathan and used her skill and mod possibly to thaw him out and help him escape the freeze effect. He then watched as Jonathan released an attack on the boss, successfully landing a critical hit with much additional damage. It was now Itzal's turn, so he readied Yakimba and charged forward. When he launched at the monster it noticed him and tried to swing it's open hand at him in an attempt to deal damage. Itzal leaped up, flipping in the air as he landed on it's arm. As he ran up the creature, he slashed his weapon at it's skin but the blade bounced off the ice without dealing damage. He leaped again and struck at the creature's head but again dealt nothing. He began to descend quickly, rolling to reduce fall damage and running to keep the monster from spotting him again, circling around. ID# 87963 BD: 1 [11] Morgenstern 994/1134 <> 88/100 | 7 DMG | 8 Holy | 134 Mit | 40 BH | 1 Def. Para | -1 EVA [7] @Itzal 1,220/1,220 <> 45/122 [5] Aster 340/340 <> 23/34 | 3 DMG | 27 MIT <<Avalanche>> 211/850 <0/2 T2 Bleed> 75 MIT | 2 Freeze | +50 BD:9 | +100 BD:10
  10. Itzal listened to Teayre as she spoke and moved. He felt her hand on his shoulder and while most would freeze in place or move to a defensive stance, due to it being Teayre who was touching them, Itzal turned his body to her, as if he were turning to listen to a friend. He heard her tell him that he had the ability to be strong and gentle, and that this was who he was. Strong and gentle huh? She hadn't seen Ulises then. Even now he understood that he had anger at some subconscious level. If that was released he thought... He was unsure of what would happen. Maybe that's why he tried to be so strategic, so logical, so reasonable all the time. To avoid the risk or need of anger? Perhaps. Or perhaps it was more than that. Somehow, although Ulises was more spastic, he was able to control his own anger. To channel it and direct it to what he needed. Could Itzal somehow achieve that feat? He then heard Teayre begin to describe herself. From what he heard it seemed like she was condemning herself to isolation and solitude, still haunted by her past deeds. Itzal was being haunted with a villain he had created. She was chased by things she did. He supposed they had something in common after all. He watched as the knights were shifting, attempting to break through their paralysis while he charged forward to get another strike on them. When he launched at them however, he saw a flash of gold somewhere nearby which channeled his thoughts elsewhere: Fearx. The player always wore golden armor of the highest quality. Unfortunately this distraction caused his blade to miss his targets barely. He recovered quickly however and leaped back before the monsters could swing again. "Teayre, I understood the risk when I went with you and Calrex, and I know the risk now. I thank you for your concern of course." Teayre was proving to him that people could change. If she could change, surely Fearx could? But then... Was that gold flash a figment of his imagination, or was Fearx really nearby? ID# 87961 BD: 1 -18 EN [2] @Itzal <> 1,320/1,320 <+45 battle Healing> 96/132 [2] @Teayre <> 1175/1175 <> 107/118 (-12 Thorns +15 Battle Healing) Knight 1: 247/660 - T2 Bleed 1/2 - 0/1 Paralysis Knight 1: 456/660 - T2 Bleed 1/2 - 0/1 Paralysis
  11. Itzal smiled upon hearing his friends words and nodded. "Glad to hear that man. And, going off of what I now know about you, you can repay me by inviting me to help you find materials, or just coming to me for materials. As you could probably guess I have loads of them." Itzal chuckled before looking one last time for materials for Wardege before they departed. He could feel they were about to after all. Itzal had managed to successfully spot four additional materials and collected them, handing three to Wardege. Afterwards he stretched himself, Velnia darting too and fro through the air multiple times. Itzal chuckled again at the sight and shook his head before gesturing for her to follow. "Alright looks like that's it for today. You want to join me for lemonade or shall we depart for today?" He really hoped Wardege would accept the offer. He loved making friends and having conversations. ID# 87960 LD: 7+8 +4 MAT Itzal: 12 @Wardege: 22
  12. Itzal watched as Kasier was failing to find materials, and heard Ruby agree with Kasier, how it matched what she had planned for herself and thus she would take it. After that she thanked him for the materials and continued to look. Itzal could feel the silence coming on, and while he was used to silence and could easily work in it, he wasn't sure about the others. He scanned the area for any more materials he could find, his skill increasing the sight of his eyes, as well as his other senses and awareness. He had become used to it, but he knew that most everyone else didn't have senses like this. He didn't spot anything at all. Of course, even with enhanced senses, he knew he couldn't find materials every time. Without a demonic that aided him in that area at least. He noticed that demonics typically ended up in the hands of players who were either untrustworthy, or players who would never use them again but held onto them for collection purposes. ID# 87959 LD: 5+8 @Kasier
  13. "Well whatever the case my friend, the past is in the past. We can't change it, only learn from it, and use that knowledge to make better choices for ourselves in the future." Itzal spotted another four materials and picked them up, handing three to Wardege. "At any rate, maybe after we're done here we could go and get some lemonade. I've never had it before and I've been interested in what it taste like. And hey, if you want to hang out, talk, or go grind some dungeons or quests, I'd be happy to help," Itzal said with a smile. He enjoyed making friends, especially since he didn't really have any friends in the real world. He was so isolated he wanted SAO to be different. Of course he needed to keep a lookout for Fearx, in case he wanted to prod him further towards leveling up and gaining the skill points he needs to defeat him. If only the process would go easier... ID# 87954 LD: 19 +4 MAT Itzal: 11 @Wardege: 18
  14. Itzal listened to Teayre's words, hearing something in there. Was it anger? Worry? Frustration? He couldn't tell, especially with Teayre. He thought about what she said. Did she know why he was doing this? To keep himself and Kaiser protected from Fearx? The player from his past who haunted him then, and was a very very real threat now, wanted to end their competition once and for all. He had prodded Itzal recently during a dungeon, trying to get him to get stronger and catch up. Getting stronger was a need of course, but Itzal wanted to see if there was another way out of this. Something that didn't involve more confli- Suddenly Teayre snapped, grabbing him and screaming into his face. His immediate reaction was surprise at the sudden burst, but the words rang through his ears. Forget who you are? Now that was an excellent question. With his drastic change in the game, being engaged to Kasier, he had become someone new. Now his past had returned and he could feel as if the ghost of his old self was stuck to his back, always there. Was that what Teayre was referring to? Did the same thing happen to her? "I..." Before he could make any sort of reply, two knights appeared. Itzal recovered quickly, pulling his hood and mouthpiece over him out of habit and drawing Yakimba, taking a stance with Velnia between them. He was about to fight beside Teayre in a quest, and she was either angry or worried about him. Itzal watched as the knights charged at them and Itzal activated charge with Teayre. His intentions were to fight alongside her and he would do the best he could. After activating charge and releasing shadow explosion, he killed both knights, Yakimba bathed in lightning as he struck, a critical hit landing on the monsters. They didn't die however as it seemed they were leveled with Itzal instead of set stats. Perhaps the system recognized the strength of both Itzal and Teayre combined? At any rate, he noted that they had thorns on them, and now they had bleed and paralysis. "Who I am," he said softly, but detectable after his attack. ID# 87936 BD: 9 MD: 1 15+4+1x9=180 dmg [2] Itzal > 1,308/1,320 <> 114/132 [0] @Teayre > ???/??? <> ??/?? Knight 1: 480/660 - T2 Bleed 2/2 - 1/1 Paralysis Knight 1: 480/660 - T2 Bleed 2/2 - 1/1 Paralysis
  15. Besides the fact Jonathan's health was dropping steadily, everything was going rather well, albeit slowly. The boss's health was only four hundred damage points away from being defeated. The fact that it was taking this long only meant that the victory would be greater for them afterwards. Aster made her move but failed to land damage on the boss. Itzal felt that she should focus on healing Jonathan, so that there would be no chance of him dying but he trusted her. Jonathan also tried attacking but failed the attack. It was now Itzal's turn. He charged forward and released Meteor Strike, wishing his damage output was more but that's what bleed was there for. After the strike and bleed, the monster had lost eighty one damage instead of fifty seven. He nodded to Aster and Jonathan as he circled around the boss. ID# 87807 BD: 4+3 12x11-75=57+24=81 dmg [11] Morgenstern 932/1134 <> 88/100 | 7 DMG | 8 Holy | 134 Mit | 40 BH | 1 Def. Para | -1 EVA [7] @Itzal 1,220/1,220 <> 56/122 [5] @Aster 340/340 <> 32/34 | 3 DMG | 27 MIT <<Avalanche>> 304/850 <0/1 Paralysis 1/2 T2 Bleed> 75 MIT | 2 Freeze | +50 BD:9 | +100 BD:10