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  1. Noticing her leaning towards him, he leaned towards her in kind. At this point they were no longer at arms length, only connected by the touch of each other's hands, but side by side. As they would always be from this point onward. Itzal smiled as the thought reminded him of a song. Perhaps he should play it and record it into a crystal for Zandra. Not as a wedding present, no. He'd have to choose a truly special song for that. As she asked him for advice, he had to resist the urge to bring his hand to his chin in thought. Given that most of his time in this game was spent processing information, pondering thoughts and suggestions, strategizing, etc., this was becoming a bit of a bad habit for him. Spending more time thinking rather than doing. Except when he was out on the field taking down pkers that is. "...I would suggest going with driven if you're thinking of those two. If you aren't careful, you could end up sacrificing yourself for me, which would just create the same scenario only in reverse. Besides we have teleport crystals so as long as we aren't reckless we can always jump out of a boss fight, or a fight against player killers in my case, before the final blow is made." Itzal already kept healing potions stocked up in his home, right beside where he teleported. Just in case he was hit with a DoT before teleporting out, so that he could ensure his survival. "And seeing as how you wish to become a support build, energy will be vital for you to possess. So I would go for driven." @Zandra
  2. Itzal

    [PP-F1] The Raven and the Nightingale

    Aldion's tail twitched in annoyance when she asked the question. When she started to complain out loud he turned to her again, opened his wings and cawed at her once before folding them up and snapping his head back to focus on the crowd once again. He really didn't like being interrupted when he was on a mission. It was times like this Aldion disliked interruptions, whether they were unwanted or pleasant. Eventually however, after a few minutes had passed, he confirmed there wasn't any real threat... Well maybe the woman beside him. He'd glanced at her when she opened her menu, but not seeing any ill intent on her face he confirmed she wasn't really a threat. Eventually he decided it would be best to catch up with Itzal. Bobbing his head once as his form of a nod he politely cawed 'good day' to her and took flight for the doorway. He expertly curved mid flight into the general direction Itzal went. He hovered mid air for a moment or two as he scanned the crowds for his master, until he found the cloaked player down the corner that lead to another street. Gliding over and landing on his right shoulder, Aldion shook his head. "Oh sweet. In that case, let's get going shall we? If we don't hurry we'll miss it." @Nightingale
  3. Itzal

    [PP-F1] The Raven and the Nightingale

    Evidently his familiar's occasional glances had been taken notice of by the woman. And she didn't seem to feel all too comfortable with it, pulling a hood and bandana over her face to conceal it. Too late he thought, we'd already seen your face. Doing that just burns it into my mind all the more. Smart move would have been to realize that if she was being watched they'd have seen her face, and not draw much attention to herself. Oh well. He saw her talking to Aldion, but since he was across the tavern from them he couldn't understand what they were saying. It wasn't like he could read lips or anything... What? Sure he knew parkour and mastered tracking, hiding, combat, strategizing, and talking with people but that didn't mean he could do anything. Meanwhile Aldion heard her talk to him and shifted his gaze from the crowd to her again. He ruffled his feathers and gave a simple 'caw' in response before looking once again at the crowd in the tavern. Aldion noticed that Itzal had moved on from the tavern, but chose to stay behind a little bit longer. Another thing Itzal taught him was that people tended to follow him, mostly for ill means. So it was useful to have another set of eyes stay behind a minute or two to make sure no one tried following him or anything. As before, it occasionally cast glances at the strange woman. @Nightingale
  4. Today was a very rare day for Itzal. It was his day off. There were no reports, rumors, or trails of player killers for a few days actually. Not even the info brokers had anything for him. Either they'd found ways to kill without it being noticed, which was unlikely due to the monument, or they had finally died down a bit to where he could actually take a breather. It was surprising how many players shifted to such a lifestyle on hearing that their lives were in danger. Instead of taking a safer route they jump straight into the thick of danger. Unlike other days however he didn't allow his thoughts to linger on this subject for long. He was currently leaning against the corner wall of a tavern a player had made to earn some col without risking their life out in the field. All he purchased for himself was some jerky as this was only a pit stop on his way to another destination. Once there he'd have a proper meal. The owner of this establishment of course, had cast lots of glances at him when he had picked up his meal, and even glared at where he'd went once he activated his stealth skill. Becoming invisible to all in the tavern, which was mingling with both players and npcs. While he ate some of his jerky, his face obscured by a shadowy mist, he watched as Aldion sat on one of the shelves next to a table where a single player sat. The raven was watching the entire tavern for the most part, as Itzal trained him to be aware of everything in his surroundings, so neither of them were paying attention to the woman. Though, that would change in a moment or two. @Nightingale
  5. Itzal

    [PP-F01] Unmasked (Mari, Itzal)

    "That's what being a Vigilante is Hidden. Once you're in the system those in control can change the rules. I however, act on morals, not fixed rules. Gives me room to handle 'gray area' situations where the law isn't as forgiving or understanding." It was true. Many times he felt like famous comic book characters like batman. Working with the authorities to locate, capture and imprison criminals and murderers. Although, he'd been doing most of the work as of late. "I never said it made sense," he responded to Hidden's comment on Adrian talking someone into suicide. "Besides we don't have enough details. It could be that he threatened, blackmailed, or simply scared him into the act. All we know is that he was the cause of his act of suicide, or at least the chances of it were very likely." He tapped his finger in thought however. Something was out of place that he hadn't revealed to them, but only because it was a baseless hunch. He had a quick and sharp tongue, but he was still wild and uncontrollable. He didn't seem like the mastermind type. Was he learning? If so did he find someone to teach him? "At any rate, if you give me a week I may be able to... Persuade, the APD into dropping your bounty. A few of them hate me, some of them fear me, and Hestia never cared for me, but she at least can be reasoned with.... When she wants to at least. Regarding the front lines, I'm afraid I can't put a good word in for you. No one there cares for me you see." He didn't help it any when he acted in the shadows half the time, and spoke his mind rather bluntly. In some cases however, he knew it was absolutely needed... "...If you truly wish to only talk, then I'll set up a meeting between you two. However just as a precaution I'll be monitoring the meeting. People make mistakes when stressed, afraid or angry." @Mari
  6. There really wasn't anything Itzal could say or add at this point that other people haven't already said. He agreed with what Zandra said in the sense that while Mari was correct and people had heard many rumors of possession, there hadn't been any proof of it happening after a specific day. Ironically that was the same day Ulises had vanished from Itzal's mind. After that day, all accounts of npcs or monsters and bosses possessing players, or potions forcing them to do things they normally wouldn't, had come to a grinding halt. They didn't need to worry about being possessed in this fight, Itzal was pretty sure of that. But he wasn't going to reinforce Zandra's point because she put enough detail and explanation into it that it just didn't need him adding anything new. He supposed he could point out that their strategies on defeating the boss will only really appear in the actual fight, but that was something the veterans already knew, and it wasn't like anyone here would actually listen to him. Or at least, the newbies wouldn't for sure. He knew people didn't like him by default. He could tell that one of the players (@Oscar) probably hated him for bringing up Yuki, but he only brought that conversation up so that he could shut the two players trying to send her to her death up. He did give Oscar a silent nod, acknowledging that the man was furious with him and accepting that hate like he did with everyone who hated 'Are' since he first took on the persona... He really was getting used to it. All the same, he could see how people may have been afraid it would reopen the conversation, so he should probably talk to Baldur about it afterwards. He was the one who invited everyone after all. Then he realized something he could bring up that the others weren't: "I suppose it's my turn. Level eighty three, DPS, Rogue sub-class. If there's no other choice I can play evasion tank for a bit via the switch mechanics." He then went on to bring up debuffs. "Speaking of consumables, there's something else we should consider. What debuffs should we use on this boss? It's likely to be immune or resistant to some debuffs, so I doubt we can use every one. If we're planning to make DoTs a prime weapon against this boss, I recommend we bring Incarceration and Perpetuate, which increase the duration of DoTs and increase their effectiveness. Additionally there are the Evasion and Accuracy debuffs we could use. And finally there's one that decreases the final damage of a boss after mitigation by ten percent, albeit rounded down. If we're planning to utilize DoTs as a main focus in this fight I recommend Incarceration, Perpetuate and Misperception. If not, I recommend Hypnosis, Lullaby and Misperception again." TANKS -Shield -Morgenstern -Ariel OFF TANKS -Yuki DPS -Mari -Are (Itzal) HEALER -Zandra OFF HEALER -Mari
  7. Listening intently to his fiance's story about her home and the mass number of blueberries they had there was a real joy for him. She didn't really talk about home too much, as he didn't really either, but that just left this mystery of what their homes were like, and a silent excitement to see what their lives were like when they returned home. Of course, the first thing Itzal needed to do when he returned was apologize and catch everyone up on what his new life was like, and then immediately afterwards try and contact his wife so that they could meet up and meet each other's families. Sure they wouldn't be married in real life, but Itzal considered this to be a genuine marriage. The two loved one another and would be living together now. Why wouldn't it be real marriage? "Oh I am definitely looking forward to visiting when we get out of here." Ironically she didn't need to worry about ignoring the priest, as it's programming recognized the moment they were having and just smiled warmly as he waited with perfect patience for the two. Itzal smiled brightly. "And I'll always be here for you." After a moment or two of quiet embrace, enjoying the peace and quiet, and just being close to Zandra, the two of them returned their attentions to the wedding ring. They had already picked out some ring designs previously, so all that was left was choosing the buffs. "Well," Itzal said as he inserted a picture of their choice of design into the image slot, "I'll be getting the 'Strong Will' ring enhancement. It's a bit cliche, but for a DPS it's really the best option available to me. Which one did you decide on?" Wedding Ring (spoilers!) @Zandra
  8. A black cloaked man with the edgiest of edgy looks face palming himself under the hood would have been a funny sight to see. If he actually did facepalm himself but he didn't, even if barely. "Ugh, I forgot. Sorry, yeah. Don't worry we'll make sure we get the best foods from your country as well." He made a mental note of the different foods she suggested as he pulled up the foods menu and began writing down everything they would add to the wedding... Man, this was going to be a huge feast. He hoped she'd invite enough people to consume all of this. Even if it was a game, he didn't like wasting stuff. "Blueberry cake huh? I've never tried that before... I look forward to it," he said to her with a smile as he selected the player shop and cake accordingly. Great thing about this quest was that any Official player shop that connected to Aincrad's system could be accessed and ordered from quests like this. As he punched in the long list of Italian, French, Swedish, German, American and Japanese foods, he felt Zandra's hand gravitate to his. He smiled softly as he took her hand quietly. He honestly never thought he'd be here again. At first because he loved Kasier with all of his heart, and he never wanted to cheat on her. After she died, he didn't think the pain would go away for him to ever even consider remarrying. But now... Now he was here, about to marry this wonderful woman. And he couldn't be happier. Once he punched in the selections, the screen shifted to the wedding rings. "Thank you, Sandra... For everything." @Zandra
  9. He smiled under the hood when she kissed his cheek and gave a chuckle. "Oh you and your fun. Alright then, I trust you completely after all. I guess I should think of anyone I've ever known or been friends with since my days in the Celestial Ascendants. Since I'll be attending the wedding as myself and not my alias, I see no reason to hold back." Aldion cawed in agreement, causing Itzal to laugh a little. The two had come a long way since he'd found the raven in the snowy forests of floor four. Back then he could only give a general 'yes' 'no' or 'the hell are you saying' response to his owner. Now, the two had learned so much about one another that, like with Velnia, he could practically communicate with his companion. It also helped that he taught Aldion human vocabulary, making it easier for Aldion to understand what was going on. Explaining the concept of a wedding was impossible though. At best Aldion understood that Zandra was unofficially with Itzal before and after this they would officially be together, and even that vague concept was confusing for him. Itzal felt he should approach it by using the concept of mates, but that would come later. Then came more decision making... "...Well, since we'll be having three buffs from the banquet..." He took a moment to ponder their options, running the different enhancements and what they provided, as well as which enhancements players would likely have when entering the raid. "Since we're planning to have the wedding before the raid, I recommend we choose Probiotics, Antioxidants, and either Accuracy, Evasion or Mitigation. I suspect that players will automatically shoot for overhealth and protein for this coming raid boss, as well as getting themselves evasion and mitigation buffs too. So I feel we should provide everyone with the Probiotics in case the boss has a DoT, and Antioxidants. That way we'll know what status effects it can land before they actually affect us. As for what food..." Itzal took a moment to think about this and process, putting a hand on his chin while tapping his foot. "Since it's a 'banquet' as opposed to a feast or snack table, we should provide a variety of foods. In my time here I've explored many, MANY different food places and tried many things. I think we should pick the best of Italian, American, French, German, and Japanese foods." Itzal lifted one of his hands and pulled one finger out after the other as he listed the different countries they should use food from before continuing on to explain why they should pick those countries. "Italian for pastas and calzones. American's for their appetizers like salads, tater tots, mac n' cheese, etc. French for fancy foods and deserts. German for their chocolates and candies, and Japanese for something familiar and traditional. And yes," He smiled and kissed her back on the cheek, not afraid to let his nerdy food side show. "I'd recommend a cake. Any particular flavor you prefer?" @Zandra
  10. Itzal

    [PP-F01] Unmasked (Mari, Itzal)

    'Never heard of the laughing coffin' Itzal felt would be a bit of a stretch, and Mari stating that no one really knew about the guild nor cared about it made him shift his weight from one foot to the other. Everyone who wasn't living under a rock at least heard the rumors and stories of laughing coffin. Even if they weren't rumors or stories that sounded real, they would have at least heard the mention of the name. The guild had supposedly been 'inactive' for a very long time, and that was why they were slowly becoming rumors and legends. But he knew that that's exactly what the guild was hoping for. "Yes, and no." He told Mari before going into a bit more detail. "Most of the frontlines now consist of players who recently joined, not many veterans anymore. Those veterans have memories of the laughing coffin but haven't thought much about them because that guild is laying low. That isn't a good thing because the guild's intention is to let everyone forget about them. They're planning something big, so we need to stop them before they do so. Even if people don't know much about the laughing coffin, rumors and stories surrounding the name are enough to tell newcomers how dangerous they are." When she mentioned Opal he hesitated, a short moment of respectful silence, his face tilting downwards for a moment. Even though he didn't really know the woman very well, he remembered their talks. She was a nice person, and he had hoped to get to know her better... "Opal... Attempted to kill their leader, and died herself. She is one of the two who tried infiltrating from the inside and failed." And then Mari went on to rant about the APD. He almost cracked a smile. Of course they'd lead the conversation there in no time at all. "I don't have any control over the APD. The only reason I work with them is that they keep the pkers I put away locked up. No other reason." He really had nothing more to say on the subject. If they hated the APD they needed to talk with Hestia, not Itzal. Although he could add that Mari not being active for an eternity while Hidden was a recent threat would make Mari more of a myth and nearly impossible to find or track down, and therefore making the situation seem a little more logical than before, he knew that neither of these two wanted to hear that. They would likely just bounce it black or argue with him further. They didn't need that waste of time. So he defused the topic by explaining the only benefit he received from them in working with them... And working 'with them' was a bit of a stretch since he'd been dumping pkers in there without asking since the beginning. When Mari commented on how they weren't in a position to turn anyone away, Itzal's fist gripped the pommel of his sword which it had been resting on just a little tighter. "If you want proof of what she says, just look at Pinball." And then Hidden commented on how she wasn't aware of what Adrian was doing, which made Itzal raise an eyebrow under the black mist. She wanted to help him and clear his name, but she couldn't keep an eye on him? She was making this a lot harder than she likely thought she was. When she looked directly at him and said she would figure something out however... "Whether he is being used or acting on his own isn't the issue Hidden. The issue is that right now he enjoys what he does, and he isn't stopping. Our primary task regarding the boy needs to be capturing him first, and helping him afterwards. Make no mistake, I wish to help the boy as well. But I will only do so after I've ensured he cannot harm nor kill anyone else first. The safety of everyone in aincrad comes first. Trust me, you don't want to have people's blood on your hands." He remembered how it changed Aereth.. He remembered how guilt had driven players to suicide. If he could help it he wouldn't let that happen to anyone else. "...As for his name, I don't believe Adrian is his username, though it is likely his real name. One of his kills states he died via suicide on the monument but an eye witness saw Adrian pin a player down and tortured his victim using words that cut to his memories and emotions and guilt, until the player finally committed suicide. Then Adrian sighed about that being 'too easy' and ran off." @Mari
  11. "Never mind, it wasn't a thought worth saying is all. Reconsidered it the second I opened my mouth." He said in response to her inquiry. It wasn't too much of a big problem in his eyes at least. People had social issues from time to time... Especially when they were trapped in a life or death video game surrounded by player killers, monsters and bosses, choosing a life in which you hunted the hunters in order to keep others safe while disguised as someone that many other people now despise, having lost connections to all friends and family for so long you feel isolated from the world. Well disconnected from everyone but Zandra now that is. When she pointed out that only the largest wedding could fit someone of their strengths, he almost laughed, but it being an honest and happy laughter. Not one of mocking or joke. "I hadn't thought of that! Man, sometimes I forget how powerful we've become in this game." It was kind of scary how powerful you could be in a video game actually... When he heard Macradon. "Macradon? Yeah he's a good person. Haven't seen him in a while but he's a good man." Upon hearing that she wasn't gonna tell him who the rest of her invites were he gave a look of mock hurt and held a hand on his chest. "Whaaaat? You won't tell your future husband whom you are inviting? Truly you cut me to the core." Itzal had always been someone who attempted, and failed, at making funny jokes. Sometimes he tried a little too hard. When she finished he smiled and nodded. "You know me. As long as they've changed and actively seek to become better, I have no qualms with them joining. You can't judge a book by it's cover. Gotta know the motives, the personality, the hurt and pain. Everything that makes them who they are." @Zandra
  12. A little bit of sweat started to go down his forehead when she mentioned the largest wedding. "Aha, don't you-" He was about to say 'don't you think that's a bit much' but cut himself off before he could finish. That was just his anxieties talking. It had been way too long since he'd been with a large group of people, and he'd never been in a large group of people doing something like this. Of course he'd be nervous, but he knew that when he saw Zandra on the aisle all of that would change quickly. So, with that thought in his mind, he quickly shifted his expression to that of a smile. "Yeah, that could work. The only question at this point of course, is who do we invite. I'll probably invite Mina and Morgenstern. They're the only members of my old guild left who were close friends. I'd like to invite Baldur too... Wow, I'm just realizing that I never had that many super close friends. Or at least, close friends who are around and active that is." Hestia wasn't really an option as the two had left on bad terms and no one had heard from her in a while. Many of his old guildmates dropped off the grid or... Died. So he didn't really have many options on his end. "As for the food, the system will let us add in a few buffs. One to three based on the price we pay, though I'm assuming we'll pay the largest. So what buffs do you think we should use?" @Zandra
  13. Listening to her wishes he nodded with a smile. "Yeah I have no problem with you paying if that's what you want. I don't have much col left anyhow, ha ha!" Hearing her ask for a beach wedding wasn't too surprising now that he knew her, but even then he'd never actually done much on the beach. He was always a hard worker. The last beach he recalled attending as an event was a player held event, and he was too focused on Opal who hid in the shadows. And that was a long time ago. So it would be a fun experience he thought to himself and smiled. "Yeah we can have a beach wedding. Should be fun!" Not to mention the idea of the sun setting over the ocean did sound like an amazing and incredibly beautiful scene. Now then: Most people would wonder if the two of them would be inviting anyone to the wedding. The answer? Yes because Itzal would be taking off the Are costume for a bit. He still wanted his identity hidden, but he didn't want to just ignore all of his friends either. They were close to him and despite him being 'out of contact' for a while they deserved at least an invitation. He went ahead and put the floor details in and typed in the name of the beach there. He'd explored that location once but didn't take the time to really enjoy it. With that information put in he looked at the wedding size and prices, then looked at Zandra. "Alright, so the next question is who do we want to invite to the wedding so we know which sized wedding to get." @Zandra
  14. The cloaked man relaxed his shoulders as he exhaled a quiet sigh. "Maybe you're right. Maybe I need to learn to follow others. I just hope they will be open enough to hear me when I have something to say. Because if we're in the middle of a fight, and I notice something or come up with a strategy that can work, and they choose to ignore me? All it takes is one slip up in battle for everything to go wrong." He thought about Pinball, Hidden and Hirru during that wretched fight. He thought about Hestia who defended Hirru's actions... "...Ok, ok, I'll try working with the frontliners again. But I won't be expecting a miracle either." 2 months later It had been a very long time since the two had first come together. So long since they'd helped each other onto their feet. The two of them had come a long way, and changed so much. And now, Itzal was doing something he didn't even think would have ever been possible. Not since Kasier and her death. Itzal was taking a quest a second time: 'Making Vows'. The two of them stepped into the church of the first floor to meet the NPC James Aria, the quest giver. Itzal was excited but at the same time a bit nervous. This was partly because they'd be inviting one to three people who would know hereafter that he was Are, a secret he'd kept guarded for a very, VERY long time now. But it was also just your average anxiety/excitement before a wedding. The NPC turned and looked at them. "Ah, welcome players. How may I help you?" Itzal took Zandra's hand, still wrapped in his black armor garb, but smiling brightly under the hood. "We wish to get married." The NPC's face lit up and smiled. "So you two wish to be married? That is wonderful to hear! We will need to discuss the details of your wedding such as location, the size of the wedding, food, as well as the wedding rings. I can also help you find someone to wed you, or I could do it myself if you'd like." And with that the menu popped up, showing them the various options they had to choose from. From the size of the wedding, PK accessibility, and even food tables. Decorations and location were also available but those didn't cost anything, they were just options. By default it would be a regular church wedding but since not everyone felt comfortable with that, or had their own styles in mind, it could easily be something else. @Zandra
  15. Itzal

    [PP-F01] Unmasked (Mari, Itzal)

    Barrel of laughs? Itzal had to think about what she said a moment before he figured it out. 'Oh she thought I was talking about rumors revolving around her rather than me.' He didn't worry about correcting her though. That wouldn't exactly do anything for the conversation and she seemed fine with the outcome... Sort of. Either way he understood how she viewed it so he wouldn't do or say anything vague enough that it could be seen as an insult. This was partly why he didn't like hanging out around the frontlines. It was walking on eggshells all the time, hoping you didn't annoy someone the wrong way, cause an argument that lasted an hour, and essentially waste people's time and ruin potential partnerships. This was why he needed a break from the frontlines. When she mentioned the power system, Itzal thought about defending Hestia on the topic of perspective, but he decided against it. There was no doubt that Mari, and possibly the girl knew that Hestia was trying to do what she thought was best. That was just the natural drive of most people. However they all naturally agreed that one person in power was a recipe for disaster. Thus he would remain silent in quiet agreement. However, he could see the girl's face twist in disgust when he mentioned he had the coordinates to laughing coffin. He wasn't sure why she reacted that way, but he had a feeling there was some miscommunication, likely through a lack of information and knowledge. For example, he had left the frontlines for a good period of time, and he gained the coordinations only after he left them. Which meant that he needed to ensure they were working together rather than stabbing each other in the back before he could trust them enough to give the coordinates to. Only then could he take the leap of faith. After he finished, Mari was the first to speak. Telling the girl that his response would likely be the best one the girl was going to receive from Itzal. Or, Are rather. Though she ended it with a 'but' and continued, essentially asking him in a pun like fashion if he wouldn't mind showing his face to the two of them. While it was refreshing to talk to someone who used a lot of jokes and puns, even if they were sarcastic, this one he couldn't oblige and shook his head. "I mean no offense but I'm afraid you'll need to grow accustomed to my appearance. It's nothing personal." It really wasn't either, there was no lie there. He used this armor for everyone save for Zandra... But that was because of how close the two had become. Not long after Mari's comment the girl apologized for asking... Well a lot from him. She was right, she'd demanded a great deal from him despite coming for aid. However with the kind of person Itzal was. He simply nodded, accepting the apology and not adding anything onto it. It really wasn't much of a big deal for him. However.... When she told him her username. Itzal's eyes widened a bit. Out of all the players in Aincrad, he hadn't expected to run into her anytime soon. Let alone without a cloak on. The girl who let Adrian go. The girl who betrayed Domarus and wanted him destroyed. The girl Itzal seriously owed an apology to. His initial mental reaction was mostly a 'what do I do' thought process. He couldn't just apologize to her, the last thing either of them needed was his identity being revealed to them. If anything it would make her life a lot harder as she wouldn't listen to him nearly as openly as she would to Are. The second possibility was arresting her but he knew that was a bad idea. She'd worked with Domarus for a long while so she'd been manipulated by him at some point. As a result any harm she did could have derived from her. He didn't know her so he couldn't tell where it came from. But one thing he could be sure of was that regardless of what she'd done, she was trying to do better. How did he know this? Because Mari was doing the same thing, and her supportive comments and whispers, as well as Hidden's reaction to those whispers, made it abundantly clear that she was doing all she could to drop old habits and press forward. Not to mention she was doing her best to clear her name. And finally, there was no deception that Itzal could detect in her eyes. After a good full minute and a half of silent thinking, he took a deep and silent breath and spoke. "It may take some time, but I should be able to help you clear your name. However the ease of that task will greatly depend on you Hidden, not me. Regarding Adrian." He paused for a moment as he tried to think of how to explain this in a... In a manner that didn't seem like he was shutting down the idea right off of the bat. "After Domarus' defeat with Hestia and Itzal, they took him in for questioning. I was there, though I didn't say much, just listened. After learning everything, including Adrian's origins, what you request regarding the boy is a far more difficult one to agree with. Since his escape, he's murdered even more players, not seeming to stop. As long as he keeps trying to murder we can't allow him to roam free. It was Itzal and Hestia's hope that should we catch him, we lock him up and find a therapist or psychiatrist to visit and treat him. In their words; "He's just a child after all, and should have the chance at a normal life again'." @Mari