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  1. Itzal continued to be silent, though he noticed that she chose to ask Pinball the very specific details. But this only made Itzal's heart more heavy. The look in the boy's eyes... It would take far more than that to bring Pinball back. Itzal doubted that either of them, Hestia or himself, were equipped to handle such a psychological discussion and restoration. It was just wishful thinking at that point. However, there was a difference between wishful thinking and hope. Itzal did hope that one day Pinball would be able to acknowledge he did wrong, feel the guilt from doing so, and choose to work towards becoming better. Even if it was on his death bed. For now he needed to focus on the safety of everyone in Aincrad. There was a limited amount of people in this world, and they needed as much strength to get out. Then Hestia spoke to him, asking him a question. He turned to her, looking through the shadow of his hood. "From what I can tell they just toss players out of the settlements. However, I heard rumors of areas outside of dungeons that nullify teleport crystals. I was planning to start searching every floor tomorrow, testing each of them. Even stocked up on crystals to prepare for it. It helps too that I've mapped out nearly every section of every floor." He turned and nodded to Pinball, gesturing to the chains and binds. "You may hate this action, but if you can keep him locked up, guarded and hidden from everyone else for a night and day, I'll give you an answer by tomorrow evening at latest." He turned to look at her again. "However I'd suggest moving him to a more secure location, and enlisting the help of some of the frontliners. If the event proved anything, it's that there are some player killers who would love to recruit him. I refuse to give them that option. If you absolutely refuse to keep him like this for long then I'll just search through the night to quicken the pace." He's lose a lot of sleep doing so, but it was better than a cold blooded murderer running lose on the streets. @Hestia @Pinball
  2. Itzal

    [F21-SP] Many Changes <Itzal>

    The road rolls ever on and on Itzal: 1,278/1,590 (+79) HP <> 145/156 EN <> 17 DMG <> 25 MIT <> 79 BH <> 4 EVA <> 3 ACC <> x3 Col <> +5% col Dragon Knight 1: 573/780 HP <> 234 DMG Dragon Knight 2: 582/780 HP <> 234 DMG
  3. Itzal

    [F21-SP] Many Changes <Itzal>

    The road rolls ever on and on Itzal: 1,169/1,590 (+79) HP <> 145/156 EN <> 17 DMG <> 25 MIT <> 79 BH <> 4 EVA <> 3 ACC <> x3 Col <> +5% col Dragon Knight 1: 573/780 HP <> 234 DMG Dragon Knight 2: 582/780 HP <> 234 DMG ID# 111292 MD: 9 234+1-25=210 dmg ID# 111293 MD: 10 234+2-25=211 dmg Activating +1 CD to mob loot
  4. Itzal

    [F21-SP] Many Changes <Itzal>

    Itzal leaped back as one of them swung their sword at him. Instead of hitting him, they ended up striking the ground itself. The area they were fighting in was still part of the tunnel like cave, but this section was a bit wider. It allowed for them to fight unhindered, but it was tight quarters. Not too much to run away. He'd have to be quick and time it all right. Itzal watched as the two knights rushed at him. Each holding their shields up while raising their weapon. Itzal waited until they started swinging the blade downward before running forward and sliding under them. The blades barely missing his face as he jumped to his feet after sliding. He leaped forward to evade the swords of the knights who spun around to counter attack. As he leaped he grabbed the two song crystals from his belt. He activated them both. One reducing their evasion, and one giving him a little... Boost of sorts. Specifically to the chance for higher loot. He just needed to deal enough damage and finish them off. Itzal: 1,559/1,590 (+79) HP <> 145/156 EN <> 17 DMG <> 25 MIT <> 79 BH <> 4 EVA <> 3 ACC <> x3 Col <> +5% col Dragon Knight 1: 573/780 HP <> 234 DMG Dragon Knight 2: 582/780 HP <> 234 DMG ID# 111290 MD: 6-4=miss ID# 111291 MD: 1=miss Activating Debuff: (masterpiece instant) -3 EVA Activating Buff: +1 LD to mob loot
  5. Itzal

    [F21-SP] Many Changes <Itzal>

    Itzal made his way through the cave, being as silent as he could. Utilizing both his stealth skill, and his search skill, to it's full potential. He stuck to the shadows and made his way down. Making sure his footsteps were light and silent against the wet and echoing ground. He soon spotted them. The two of them were wearing black armor with purple accents and designs. The armor had three layers: Thick cloth clothing with a waist cape. Scale armor which covered the torso, arms, waist cape and legs. And plate armor which covered the more vital areas such as the torso, shoulders, forearms, lower legs, boots and heads. Horns protruded from the shoulders and helmet. Their faces were covered, a slit across their eyes and down the center. Their eyes weren't visible, covered by a shadow. Each had a shield half their size, and a long jagged curved sword. Itzal took his moment. He drew his sword and rushed at them. He quickly activated his sword art and charge simultaneously, stabbing the first one under the armor, dealing a critical hit, then pulling it out in a slash moment, continuing the momentum over to the second knight. They were caught by surprise and thus were struck hard, but the second managed to recover quickly and slashed Itzal across the torso before he could evade it. Itzal: 1,480/1,590 HP <> 145/156 EN <> 17 DMG <> 25 MIT <> 79 BH <> 4 EVA <> 3 ACC <> x3 Col <> +5% col Dragon Knight 1: 573/780 HP <> 234 DMG Dragon Knight 2: 582/780 HP <> 234 DMG Tracker used: Instant hit ID# 111282 BD: 9 (17+5+1=23x9=207 dmg) MD: 8-4=miss ID# 111283 BD: 3 (17+5=22x9=198) MD: 9 (+1 dmg) 234+1-25=110 dmg.
  6. Itzal made a mental sigh as Pinball said what he did. He made no sound aloud of course, but he was silently hoping he could be saved. It seems life wasn't going to be treating him so well. He may as well get used to this... He gestured to the player killer. "That's why we resort to these measures, chief. You decided you were going to start a police force. Restraints are necessary to keep him from teleporting away." He would wait for a response from one of them. He stayed silent for the moment as there was no need for him to intervene. The only reason he'd do so was if she decided to release him. Though Itzal doubted she would after hearing that. As for Domarus... Pinball didn't understand but he did. Hestia told him at one point. Domarus had managed to capture one of the most dangerous players in Aincrad. A nine year old boy around level seventy who was made into a psychotic yet master assassin. After his master was killed he went serial killer. Domarus managed to trap him in a carved area in the mountain and blocked it with a boulder. Chaining the small boy up without any hesitation or mercy. Ensuring that he couldn't escape. Unfortunately, Hidden had released that danger. And Hestia, paranoid she may cause more trouble than it's worth, decided not to tell Aincrad about this powerful and twisted child. That was a mistake and she was going to pay for it soon enough. He wished he could get through to her, but he doubted she'd be willing to listen to anyone at this point. She was just too stubborn. @Hestia
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    Trading Yakimba

    @tricolor_mina Giving Mina the sword Yakimba Merry Christmas~
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    [F21-SP] Many Changes <Itzal>

    Itzal approached the chest but before he even pulled out his tools, he scanned the area more carefully. The footprints weren't like most he'd found. These were older than they should be. Back when he was experimenting with the tracking mod he was too confused to understand it. Now however he knew that this meant they were marks left behind in the world's history. A way to kind of help tell a story about dungeons or other such places players could encounter. The scout.. Well, rogue now, appreciated this extra bit of detail from Kayaba. He pulled out his tool kit and began working on the lock. It was only after he opened it however when he remembered the keys he bought. He sighed as he couldn't do anything about it now, and looked inside. Well, even without the key he did a good job. Three thousand, three hundred and seven col. Eight materials. One perfect armor. And two rare consumables. It really wasn't all that bad. However. He looked up towards the cavern area again. There was still a monster to defeat... (Forgot to apply the key x-x) ID# 111208 LD: 15+5=20 +157 = 3,307 col. 8 MATs. 1 Perfect Armor. 2 Rare Consumables. 3,307 col. 46 MATs. 1 Perfect Armor. 2 Rare Consumables.
  9. Itzal

    [F21-SP] Many Changes <Itzal>

    After putting the materials into his inventory he looked around to see if there was anything else. After double checking he began counting the materials he collected thus far in his head, making his way through the tunnel as he did so. Thirty eight so far. If he kept this up there was a chance he could gather around fifty, maybe even one hundred materials before he packed up for home. It would always be useful for him to gather more materials. Some for himself to craft songs out of, grinding experience for his profession, as well as gathering for the front lines. Goodness knows they needed it. He paused for a moment after making some progress through the cave. He noticed that there were some tracks that belonged to human npcs. They were few, but that meant there could be a chest somewhere. He scanned the area and spotted it immediately. He smiled and approached it. ID# 111207 LD: 10+5 Chest found! 38 Total
  10. Itzal

    [F21-SP] Many Changes <Itzal>

    Itzal started to think about something else however. He could technically rack up some col by selling materials to players. Anything he collected he could sell for a low price. Though, at that rate it would just be more beneficial to sell his goods. And even then he wouldn't. Or rather: The rogue wouldn't. It was just another handicap of sorts for him choosing to not only go solo and keep his identity a secret. But also because of him chasing down player killers and the like. It would be best for him to not project himself in any manner if he could help it. Or give his enemies a way to reach him. Still, he could try and gather materials for the boss raids and offer to sell some there. That would be reasonable he thought. Players might be a bit annoyed that he was selling them, but he'd be selling them for cheap. And he did need to keep up a personality different to Itzal, who would just give most things he gathered, crafted or looted away with no charge at all. Itzal spotted a very large cluster of materials and grinned, adding the large collection to his inventory. ID# 111206 CD: 12 LD: 19+5 +5 MAT 38 Total
  11. Itzal

    [F21-SP] Many Changes <Itzal>

    As he walked through the tunnels his tracking mod showed him footprints, claw marks and other such things that would lead him to his target... Not that he needed help with that, it was a straight tunnel after all. But if there ended up being more than one path, or twists and turns it could be useful. Not as useful however as the instant hit this mod would provide him though. After he struck the creatures he'd activate his song crystals which would take a little bit of time, but would grant him greater rewards upon their deaths. Monster's fortune, which increased his LD for loot drops. And Monster's Favor, which increased his CD for them as well. These two together helped get him very high loot. Not to mention his natural +5 LD. If only he had the trinket though... At any rate he needed to keep looking for materials as much as he could. He smiled as he spotted a cluster of them: Four resting in a pile. He added them to his inventory and continued on his way. ID# 111198 CD: 12 LD: 6+5 +4 MAT 33 Total
  12. Itzal

    [F21-SP] Many Changes <Itzal>

    Velnia scanned the list as he scrolled downward, and soon she nodded, poking her nose at one of them. Itzal looked at the monster. Dragon knight? When had he fought something like... It registered instantly. The boss raid. The knights trapped in crystals. He could use his tracking mod to gain an instant hit on them. He smiled. "Thanks Velnia." She smiled before doing a loop in the air. She landed on his shoulder as he began to look around and observe the area he was in. From what he could tell it was a tunnel like cave. No cavern yet, just a single pathway to wherever it led. He opened his menu and opened his mod shortcut section. He scrolled down to tracking, passing the six other mods he had, and activated the mod. Ever since they released the mod skill, he was so relieved. Once he got the untraceable mod he would have it always active at all times, and would still be able to have other mods active. Itzal scanned the area yet another time and spotted a few more materials. He walked over and inserted them into his inventory, adding three more to the collection. ID# 111171 CD: 7 LD: 9+5 +3 MAT 29 Total
  13. Itzal

    [F21-SP] Many Changes <Itzal>

    Itzal heard movement from below. Specifically the sound of wings beating against the wind... As well as the sound of metal clinging against itself. Velnia landed on his shoulder and brought her claw over to his armor and tapped it with her claws twice, then dragged her claw to the right. Each tap indicated one monster. Dragging the claw along his armor meant that they were a decent ways away. He nodded and kept climbing down. So he had a decent amount of time to gather and explore before he ran into the monsters. He looked at her. "Are they patrolling?" The steel dragon shook her head and he nodded. So they were just hanging around then? Guarding the entrance maybe? He honestly wasn't too sure. Of course, most of the time it didn't really matter. He wondered though, if they were a monster he had fought before... He reached the bottom and pulled open his menu, pulling out a journal he wrote to keep track of all the monsters. "Velnia, were they any of these monsters?" he asked her. He spotted a few ores while he asked her and pulled it out, adding it to his collection. ID# 111169 CD: 2 LD: 13+5 +3 MAT 26 MAT total
  14. Itzal

    [F21-SP] Many Changes <Itzal>

    Itzal looked down. It wasn't a straight drop, but it was something he'd need to climb down if he didn't want to risk any fall damage. While he could just jump and survive with the sheer health he had, it would be better if he climbed down. If there were hidden materials, or more caves on the way down he didn't want to miss them. He began to climb down and recalled that there could actually be monsters down there somewhere. He thought for a moment before looking at Velnia. "Hey, could you scout the bottom real quick? See if there are any monsters?" His familiar nodded with a chuckle before pushing off, doing a back flip in the air, and diving down into the darkness. Itzal shook his head with a chuckle of his own. She loved showing off when she could. He kept moving down, step by step. Inch by inch. He was moving rather fast though, due to practice at parkour, and with the help of the acrobatics mod. He needed to practice a little bit more though, when it comes to parkour. Just making sure his skills were in perfect shape. He spotted three materials stuck in the wall and pulled them out before continuing his climb down. ID# 111168 CD: 2 LD: 14+5 +3 MAT 23 MAT
  15. Itzal

    [F21-SP] Many Changes <Itzal>

    Itzal maneuvered around the crystals and looked into the cave below. He switched on his night vision and immediately it lit up. He smiled. It was useful not having to purchase glow stones, and just scan the area without any hindrance. He looked around however and frowned, as Velnia was nowhere to be seen. He whistled for her and waited. Soon he heard the flapping of her wings before she landed on his shoulder. She'd been practicing being quiet despite her scales being made of steel now, and so far she was succeeding. He stroked the crown of her head, causing her to purr. She was more calm than usual, thanks to much training. However she still enjoyed being with him, and was learning when she could be more free spirited and when she had to focus. Today was a day of focusing. Itzal smiled as her muscles relaxed at his touch. He tried to comfort her as much as possible since they were having a rough time as of late. Hopefully she'd be able to adapt to this new setting. He scanned around and spotted a few metals that he added to his inventory. After that he looked down into the cave, and began to descend. ID# 111167 CD: 8 LD: 20+5 +3 MAT 20 Total