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  1. Things were not going very well.. At all.. Whatsoever. That could be easily proven true with the fact that both Ariel and Domarus were seized by the Sahagin and thrown over the Leviathan's body, tossed into the sea. Itzal's eyes widened at this but... Somehow he knew they would be fine. It seemed that every boss now had some special method for removing inactive players from the boss fight. Itzal turned to @Zandra before anyone could freak out. "They're ok I think. It's probably the boss removing inactive players from the fight. This is the fourth boss that's done it so far. But..." He looked at the boss's health. "...I'm not sure if we can finish it today. I'm not about to quit, but we did just lose an AoE dos and one of our strongest hitters. Zan, do you think you can keep on the offensive from here on out unless it's an emergency?" Itzal himself tried to go and strike the Water Crystal, but when his blade hit it the crystal didn't even scratch. ID# 118064 BD: 1 ID# 118065 LD: 12+3+2=17
  2. Itzal smiled to Zandra when she replied. It was nice, having someone there to back you up. Supporting you verbally as well as physically. He nodded in return. Unfortunately he wouldn't be able to do that just yet... Itzal watched as the segment health began dropping... And stopped right before it hit zero. Dangit! He watched as players attacked the boss and successfully paralyzed it. He sighed before looking at his own blade. Would be great if he could land a status blow for once... He shook his head before rushing at the segment. "You guys recharge your energy. I'll do my best to finish off the segment!" He held his blade carefully as he approached the segment. He activated Meteor Break on it, hoping that it would actually finally be finished off. If it was, they could attack the boss again on the next rotation. ID# 118047 BD: 5-2+4=7 21x11-50=181 damage against Segment 3
  3. Itzal nodded to @Zandra with a smile when he heard her reply. "You got it Zan. It'll give me time to pick up a consumable to help make the search go faster as well. For now though, we should probably focus on slaying this serpent." The two separated again so that they could focus on the fight ahead of them. He just realized this but... His health hadn't really been critical yet. He hadn't even reached half health yet. He knew the boss would only get stronger before the end of this, but he wasn't truly concerned... For himself that is. For others however... Well. He looked over at Ariel whose health was halfway down. Others were taking on some more damage. Unfortunately despite him wanting to help out, he ended up getting frozen. He'd sigh if he could... ID# 118005 LD: 12+3+2 Safe ID# 118005 LD: 1+3+2 Frozen!!! ID#
  4. The fight went on, and Itzal was beginning to feel like this was turning into the dragon boss all over again. Sighing he heard Zandra answer his question. He nodded with a chuckle. "Search for the labyrinth immediately afterwards then. Got it. And yeah, I have a teleport crystal. I promised you that I wouldn't die didn't I?" He smiled to her. "I intend to keep that promise." He watched her charge for the segment but his smile dropped when the water crystal spawned in. [censored], she didn't see it. Itzal rushed over to the crystal and tried to land a solid hit, but his blade merely bounced off of it. Maybe he attacked the entity too soon? That didn't even make sense. Sighing he turned to tell Domarus to strike next when he saw the man was frozen. He turned to Ariel. "Hey Ariel! Use that mass damage your proud of on that water crystal before it heals the boss!" He was careful to use his american accent as he had been doing, to ensure Ariel didn't recognize him. He wondered what she'd think of him if she ever found out he burned the clothes she made him to cinders... ID# 117931 LD: 16+3+2 Safe ID# 117932 BD: 1 (How is our luck so terrible this raid...) Miss
  5. The boss's health was very very slowly being reduced to nothing, but at the same time it was falling. It had no water crystals at this moment so it couldn't heal up. One of it's segments was almost destroyed, and they were working on reducing the second down as well. The next wave of power came their way and Itzal braced himself for scald. Being able to resist it gave him more time but reduced damage. He heard Sey mutter something about Zandra cleaning up the Sahagin. Was he alright? He didn't look very calm at the current moment. Maybe he was frustrated with this boss fight? To be honest this was going a bit smoother than Itzal had first thought. He was afraid they would have to turn back, but even without a third party right now they were doing well. Itzal rushed over and tried to hit the Sahagin but the creature was able to dodge his blade and leap back before he could swing again. He cursed and leaped back to let Domarus take over. ID# 117877 LD: 10+3+2=15 -1 damage for 1 turn ID# 117878 BD: 2+4-1=5 MISS
  6. Zandra didn't exactly.. Well she didn't even respond to him but they were in the middle of a rather intense battle so.. They did have to focus. He didn't blame her. He watched as she rushed forward and used a sword art, triggering fallen and completely obliterating three of the monsters and made a huge dent in the boss's health bar. You know.. He knew his damage output was going to be horrid no matter what because Kayaba decided that most people's favorite sword was going to be among the weakest? But sometimes he really did hope he could someday get that level of damage. Itzal rushed forward afterwards, nodding to Zandra as she retreated back to them and used Meteor Strike on the Leviathan. The creature was losing health fast again and he wanted to keep it that way. Itzal dealt almost four hundred and fifty damage, but it was upsettingly small compared to the huge number Zandra had just dealt against it. Itzal dodged the frostbite hit as he did so and rushed back to the group afterwards. ID# 117705 LD: 12+3+2=17 ID# 117706 BD: 7+4+2=12 20x11x2=440 damage
  7. No one had managed to deal damage to the Leviathan. Not yet at least. However with this segment of theirs being the only target that was going to be changing very soon... Or at least he hoped. They hadn't received any hit from frostbite nor scald yet, so he was expecting one of them the next round. Specifically frostbite due to the fact that it seemed to be the one triggering most often. That was at least some relief, so they wouldn't need to worry about lost damage... Well actually they would. Being frozen seemed to reduce damage by one point prior to multipliers. It was frustrating but he couldn't do anything about it. Itzal focused on his target and rushed over. However his blade didn't seem able to penetrate the segment's scales. Cursing his luck he leaped back to Zandra. "You think we should shoot for the labyrinth immediately after this?" he asked her, low enough for only her to hear. "Or just go home? Cause not hitting this thing is really stressful and annoying." ID# 117489 BD: 2+4-2=4 MISS
  8. The rogue watched as another wave of attacks came at them. While the last time they weren't hit with either frostbite nor scald, this time they were being hit by both attacks simultaneously. Itzal braced himself for the first one, pulling his hood down further to block most of the cold entering his hood. It did the trick too, keeping him from freezing up. However when he looked back up he got hit hard by the scald and received the burn effect. It didn't matter too much against him honestly. Itzal spotted the water crystal and knew what he had to do. Charging at the crystal he released Meteor strike and landed a critical hit against it. Good. That meant that even if other players in his party missed it, the crystal would be receiving damage. He didn't think the paralysis effect would stop it from healing the boss though... They'd worry about that later on. The point was to destroy the crystal as fast as possible. ID# 117276 LD: 19+3+2 Frostbite avoided ID# 117277 LD: 2+3+2 Burn applied ID# 117278 BD: 9+4-4=9 20+1x11=231 damage against Water Crystal (paralysis, toxin, and bleed all applied)
  9. Summary: Itzal: 200 col & 3 sp Tricolor_Mina: 200 col & 4 sp
  10. Itzal nodded. "So you're not with them. Good." He walked over and pulled the iron rod out of her shoulder, tossing it to the side. It hurt to scare her to this point, but he had to keep up the facade. He shook her head when she talked about throwing her into the corridor crystal. "Those were murderers who have been praying on lower leveled players seeking quests on this floor. I just put a stop to them. If you aren't one of them, there's no need to send you to prison." He nodded to his familiar, and the silver dragon calmly glided over beside him and hovered as he turned to walk away. "It's dangerous to quest alone. Find a partner and stick with them." He called back. It was hard, so very very hard to do and say the things he was... But he couldn't get her involved. And hopefully this would keep her from digging any deeper into this path. Hopefully she'd turn around before things got too dangerous for her to handle. Before she got hurt. Like Opal... Like Aereth... He couldn't let that happen a third time. Never.
  11. Itzal saw the player make movement and watched as her mask vanished. His eyes widened under the shadow. MINA?!!!! He froze, not sure what to do or say. As Itzal he would have a serious talk with her as to why she was wearing a skull mask and cloak. As the Rogue... He'd probably just stand there and wait for her to do something. He took a deep silent breath as he knew he had to stay in character. When she charged forward he bit his lip. Forgive me Mina, but I can't reveal that I know you. When she rushed at him he let her strike him with his blade before grabbing her arm and side, then flung her over his head onto the ground. He grabbed his blade and thrust it into the sand. The silver familiar shot another iron rod out for him to grab and he sent it into her shoulder to keep her from moving. After that he stood up and backed up a step or two. "You with them then? Avenging them will do you no good."
  12. Once he saw the girl take a defensive position he considered the possibilities.... Then decided she wasn't a threat. After that he nodded and charged to the sand dune he came from. Once he reached the top he leaped into the air, catching the two fighting Velnia by surprise. He thrust his sword into the first one from above and grabbed the other one as the three tumbled down. Once they reached the bottom the player he stabbed was paralyzed and the other dizzy. Itzal handcuffed the paralyzed one and pulled his sword out. The final enemy roared as he thrust his blade into Itzal, who did nothing to parry or block the incoming assault. The player's eyes widened when Itzal used a stun sword art on him and handcuffed him as well. With the three of them like this he dragged the four of them over to their ring leader. "You're going to regret this. We'll find you and-" Itzal kicked the player in the face before taking out a corridor crystal. He activated it and picked one of them up. Then he tossed the player in. One by one he threw them all into the prison Hestia had forged. Once they were gone he collapsed the corridor.
  13. The pker fought viciously to get around Itzal's defenses. That's what he was counting on. He continued to lash out at the player, parrying his blows and sending counter attacks his way. The pker kicked some of the sand up into Itzal's face but his hood covered most of the attack. The rest didn't bother him as he kicked the player in the gut. "Nasha!" He called, using his American accent as he'd been practicing. An iron rod would be seen hurling over the dune until Itzal caught it with his free hand. He blocked the player's attack with the sword and shoved the iron rod up into his torso but in a way where it would make fighting difficult for the pker. Itzal parried another two swings before he placed the flat of his sword against the rod and flipped the player upward. When he did he grabbed the player's face and shoved him into the sand. He then took a pair of handcuffs and cuffed the player. After that he turned and looked at the girl to see what she would do. All she would see is a black mist shifting under the hood.
  14. The figure who was pierced by the iron rods was finally starting to pull himself out of the sand. His health was still dropping but he had plenty of time to take the rods out before his health hit halfway. While he was doing this, the pker whose sand was covered in sand remembered that this was a game, so sand wouldn't hurt him in his eyes nor make him uncomfortable. Just made it harder to see due to literally having dots on his vision. Meanwhile the player killer and Itzal continued to trade blows and parries until finally they reached the top of the sand dune. The player leaped at Itzal with a roar, attempting to knock him off balance. Instead Itzal rolled onto his back on the top of the dune, kicked the player over him, rolled and positioned himself so he slid down the dune safely toward... His target, and the girl fighting the sand shark? Sh*t, they climbed the wrong dune. He ran towards his target, sliding under the female player to avoid disrupting her, before reaching his feet again. While he chased his target, his familiar kept the two unbound players from uncuffing their allies. Itzal reached the player killer and they continued to fight. They were a decent distance from the girl and her duel with the boss, so they wouldn't be disturbed... But he couldn't hide the fact that they were in the area now.