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      Hello players of Aincrad! I created two threads in the support ticket section with the interest in having the community involved in the development of Aincrad in floor development, and even systems through your thoughts, concerns, and other forms of communication.  There are two separate threads for players to look at and share their opinions.  One is specifically for floors which is mainly helping by sharing ideas on what we could add/change/improve as far as our current floors go.  Come up with your own floors and share them with us for the chance of seeing that floor one day.  Or coming up with a quest and sharing it with us!  The other is specifically for systems, which is things like the rules, skill and level system, dungeon and combat systems, etc. I'm hoping people will be willing to share their opinion and thoughts for the purpose of helping to further this site further.
      Can't wait to see what you have in mind! Floor Development Suggestion Thread http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/16352-a-helping-hand/
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  1. Itzal chuckled when he mentioned Itzal's coat and shrugged. "I'm a scout, so it's kind of a necessity. Though it's not just the cloak. Five ranks in searching tends to help as well. If I had an active cook then maybe I could use the LD consumables more often, but there are very few of those, let alone active ones." Itzal continued to walk and heard Kyoto ask when they'd be heading back. Itzal chuckled and nodded. "We can head back any time you'd like my friend." The road rolls ever on and on
  2. Itzal noticed that the boss was moving slower than it was when it dodged his attack and came to the same conclusion Hestia had: The buff wasn't permanent. He smiled at that and decided to use this to his advantage. While the others were fighting the monster he whistled to Velnia, getting her attention (which was rare) and called out: "Whirlwind!" Velnia grinned and began to fly around the boss, faster and faster. The wind picked up as she did so and soon she started to spark, the wind catching the electricity. Soon enough the wind was pretty strong and Itzal charged forward. Yakimba, his blue icy looking blade, suddenly came to life, lightning covering the blade. He let the wind current throw him up and he released Nova Ascension, the last hit stabbing into the beast's neck, lightning exploding from the impact. He leaped off and nodded to them. "I basically did the most useful thing I can do here. You guys are up!" ID# 100260 BD: 10 17+2x9-100=71 dmg. Paralysis, Stun and Bleed applied [5] Hestia: 928/1285 124/124 MIT:151 Thorns: 54 EVA: -1 ACC: 1 Para: 2 Bld: 2 Rec: 1 Reg: 1 [1] @Itzal: 1,345/1,470 <> 132/144 <> 17-22 DMG <> 2 T2 Bleed <> 2 Paralysis <> 4 EVA <> 3 ACC <> +73 HP BH <> 25 MIT [2] @Jomei: 1320/1350 HP | 128/147 EN | 17 DMG | 4 ACC | 4 EVA | 52 MIT | 2 Savvy | 68 B. Healing (+68) Ki'Raon: 308/850 DMG:175 MIT:100 ACC:3 EVA: 2 (Ki'Raon gets his own roll) [sunlight boost activates 1/2] [Paralyzed||Stunned][Bleed T2 2/2]
  3. Itzal heard Jomei mention how it didn't seem too bad and to just keep his wits. Itzal was doing more than just keeping his wits, he was analyzing the boss. The creature was wary of their attacks and seemed to be learning just as Itzal was. Learning how they attacked, where they attacked, and when. He needed to stun the boss to try to remove it's evasion abilities before the boss put those stats to work. Before he could begin his assault however, Hestia called out to them, stating that the boss was getting stronger. He narrowed his eyes as he saw the flower part of the boss glimmer for a moment. "It's the sun! It's using photosynthesize!" He tried to run at the boss and get a hit in, but the creature dodged faster than before. It's strength had moved into it's agility as well. He'd need to remember that on his next attack. ID# 100215 BD: 3+2=5 [5] Hestia: 937/1285 120/124 MIT:151 Thorns: 54 EVA: -1 ACC: 1 Para: 2 Bld: 2 Rec: 1 Reg: 1 [1] @Itzal: 1,345/1,470 <> 132/144 <> 17-22 DMG <> 2 T2 Bleed <> 2 Paralysis <> 4 EVA <> 3 ACC <> +73 HP BH <> 25 MIT [1] @Jomei: 1252/1350 HP | 137/147 EN | 17 DMG | 4 ACC | 4 EVA | 52 MIT | 2 Savvy | 68 B. Healing Ki'Raon: 500/850 DMG:325 MIT:100 ACC:3 EVA: 2 (Ki'Raon gets his own roll) [sunlight boost activates 2/2]
  4. Itzal chuckled nervously when Jomei spoke again and nodded. "Yeah that's something you may want to focus on. Getting married is becoming one, sharing everything with the other. From what I know, secrets aren't an option, and surprises are hard to accomplish." He nodded when Jomei spoke up and when Hestia mentioned a speed factor being involved, Itzal made a quick dash forward slashing his electric blade from it's sheath into the air before using it's momentum to spin it once in the air and strike immediately afterwards. After his demonstration he sheathed it again. "Yes, but it's also the ability to do more than just heavy strikes. A massive weapon with extra weight makes the movement sluggish and imprecise if you don't use it as it's meant to. Whereas one handed weapons like this sword, you aren't limited by weight. You can use whatever technique fits you best. In other words, you choose how to use the weapon, not the weapon itself. Make sense?" When the boss appeared Itzal stared at it for a moment. "....Well what do you know. It is a flower lion.. Huh." He activated Meteor break, shooting forward using charge and lashing out at it. He frowned when he saw his damage output. "It's got high mitigation! I doubt I'll be much use save for stunning, paralyzing and bleed!" ID# 100095 BD: 5+3-2=6 22x11-100=142 dmg [5] Hestia: 1285/1285 116/124 MIT:151 Thorns: 54 EVA: -1 ACC: 1 Para: 2 Bld: 2 Rec: 1 Reg: 1 [0] Itzal: 1,470/1,470 <> 144/144 <> 17-22 DMG <> 2 T2 Bleed <> 2 Paralysis <> 4 EVA <> 3 ACC <> +73 HP BH <> 25 MIT @Jomei: ?/? Ki'Raon: 708/850 DMG:175 MIT:100 ACC:3 EVA: 2 (Ki'Raon gets his own roll) << Tail Swipe >> : If BD 9-10 and MD 1-5 is rolled simultaneously, "Ki’Raion" unleashes a powerful tail swipe that can strike a whole party. Deals 150 AoE damage to all party members as well as normal damage to the player with the most hate.<< Venus Fly Trap >> : If BD of 9-10 and MD of 6-10 is rolled simultaneously, "Ki’Raion" lunges at the player with the most hate and encases them in its floral mane. They experience 150 additional damage and will take 100 additional damage for each following turn that they're trapped. They are freed when at least 200 HP damage has been dealt to "Ki’Raion" or another player achieves greater hate. A trapped player may still attack.<< Photosynthesize >> : Absorbing the Sun’s energy, every second attack "Ki’Raion" makes will be damage boosted by 150.
  5. [F1] [Open] Decisions, Decisions.

    Itzal nodded to Reinholt and shook hands with James with a smile. "Reinholt, James. Nice to meet you both! And while I'm all for taking this game down, I'm pretty sure Kayaba has a plan for after we win or lose this game. If we want to outsmart him and take him out for good we'll need to know what his plans are. And quite frankly it's looking a bit impossible from down here," he said with a shrug. "So we focus on the present and let tomorrow work itself out. Anyways professions... Well blacksmiths are able to craft weapons and heavy armor, you can see the obvious pros there. Every time you move up a tier you can just craft your own equipment, and others would come to you for weapons and armor as well. Tailors can only make light armor and plushies, so you'll likely get less customers that way but players like myself would still come to you. Then there are artisans which we are in very short supply of who can make items that buff players for combat." Itzal gestured to Velnia and the hyperactive dragon shot over to Itzal, landing on his shoulder and curling up. "Then there are consumable makers. There are alchemists who make items that give buffs for combat whether it's health, teleportation, damage and mitigation, etc. There are cooks which we're also in low supply of who craft utility items, and example being plus LD. They also make items that stack with combat buffs and can make feasts which are very useful. And then there is performer which is a profession that crafts debuff items and items that make monsters drop better quality loot. They are a great profession for yourself, but likely the only customers you'll get will be the frontliners if they need them, or from people looking to take on event bosses. Make sense?"
  6. A Helping Hand <<Systems Development>>

    @Macradon I also agree with the boss situation and we are working on it. As you've already pointed out, it's rather difficult as it has to do with a great many different factors. Therefore whether it will be satisfactory when finished or not is uncertain. If you have any ideas however feel free to let me know. @Baldur 1 - We are working on the development of familiars and are planning to increase the use of role playing familiars. Also know that they won't be treated like pieces of gear. We've already got far in the project, we just need to finish it really. It probably won't be released until 3.0 is however. 2 - I was assigned to Dungeons a while before this thread, and I appreciate that someone else feels the same about dungeons as I had. Rest assured the dungeons will not all be generic or random, and will encourage role play. Actually we have a testing thread in the staff section to make sure nothing is boring, tedious, too difficult or weak, etc. As for the Labyrinths I see your point, and am already coming up with an idea or two that could work, especially with the idea of searching the labyrinth like you suggested. 2 - I definitely agree with this Baldur, and I'll say that we were planning to create a plot team, separate from development or psts. However we've been lacking people who are actually active or suitable for the job. As for the floor lore, that is more of Jomei's work rather than mine so you'll want to post that in the Floor Development thread. Though I do agree and will make sure he hears what you've had to say.
  7. [F1] [Open] Decisions, Decisions.

    Itzal was walking through the town when he spotted two players talking. It seemed rather normal for him of course so he planned to walk on.... Buuuut Velnia had other ideas. The purple dragon's head perked up at the sight of them and she shot over to the player who wanted to figure out what profession he wanted in the first place ( @Datasage no description so no idea what he looks like). "Velnia stop!" He ran after her but was unable to stop her from doing her usual greeting. She flew in front of the player and looked directly into his eyes for a full minute. She then decided she liked him, landed on him, and crawled over every inch with insane lightning speed. She stopped on his shoulder and licked his cheek, rubbing her head against his cheek. Itzal sighed when he caught up. "I'm sorry sirs, Velnia can be a little.. Random and hyperactive. My name is Itzal, nice to meet you both.... Couldn't help but overhear a few words as I rushed over to stop her though. One of you planning to get a profession?"
  8. Itzal watched as the boss' health dropped into the last bar. He was really hoping he could hit the boss this time around and actually contribute something. When the lightning storm riled up something didn't feel right. He watched as Velnia flew away from him, confusing him for a moment. "Velnia where are you-" He was interrupted as he was struck by literally seventy bolts of lightning all within the span of three seconds. He cried out from the blast and after the attack he could hardly move from the shock. Mental shock not physical shock. His armor was blackened a bit, charred from the strike. His sword was electrifying him badly but he didn't let go. He stumbled forward a few steps, trying to regain control of his limbs...... The hell was that?! He looked up at the boss as he panted, trying to get his breath back. "Come, on. What did I do to you? My damage isn't even worth noting!!" he released Meteor Break on Bialas, dealing his one hundred and seventy points of damage. He didn't run back to the group, just stumbled a short distance from the boss, not caring if he got hit. He was still getting over the blast of lightning. ID# 99876 BD: 2+4 20x11-50=170 dmg Boss Stats
  9. Itzal was relieved to see that Jenna was not too down anymore, that his words helped her calm down. He personally wasn't afraid to make a mistake in front of Jenna. If anything he'd rather it be her than anyone else, as he trusted her with his life. Soon to be literally in this death game. This was a major step for Itzal. He thought about it a billion times already but he'd think it again: He'd been alone for so long, even in the game. And now he was going to be living with someone for the rest of his life. Someone he loved and would die for. Granted, it still felt weird for Itzal since he'd never actually lived with someone before. He'd need to do some research on this.... Make sure he was doing it all right. He'd be spending his life with Jenna both in this world, and the real world. Then he thought about something: What on earth were they going to do about contacting each other once they were out of here? He didn't have her phone number. He didn't have a phone himself. He didn't memorize his home number... He wondered if he could get Cardinal to help him with that... Then Jenna turned to him and asked if they should head back and get some rest, how she needed a nap and all. He nodded as this event was, particularly draining. However it seemed there was a catch to the nap: Or rather a bonus. Dinner afterwards. He nodded and smiled. "I agree wholeheartedly. Velnia, can you behave yourself and not get us kicked out of another food place?" The little dragon chuckled and landed on Kasier, burying her face into her hair. @Kasier
  10. [F1] [Open] Decisions, Decisions.

    Itzal walked through the town of beginnings wearing his deep purple trench coat, silver vest and black pants, holding a box of fresh pizza he had just bought. Velnia, his purple and hyperactive dragon, kept trying to find a way around Itzal's arms to get into the box, but of course he kept her away from them. He had three boxes to save over the course of the next three days, and was holding them in one hand, while using the other to keep her at bay. "Velnia stop being gluttonous! Give me three seconds to put this in my inventory you greedy little.. There!" The boxes vanished as she charged forward, missing the virtual data by a nano second and crashing into the ground. Itzal laughed, his laughter only increasing when she looked at him and grinned, her face being upside down as she was on her back. She quickly shot back into the air and shot all over the place. Itzal shook his head with a big grin on his face. "Come on Velnia get it together. We came here for a reason didn't we? Come on, let's get some materials. Maybe someone needs assistance and we could help, who knows?"
  11. Itzal heard Jomei continue to talk with Hestia, stating how the entire guild was going to be invited. By this point Itzal was walking with is eyes to the sky, enjoying the view while they talked about guild and friend matters. That is until Jomei mentioned something about him getting an invite as well. Itzal blinked and turned to look at him in surprise. "Me? But you hardly know me! You sure you want to do that??" When Velnia heard she'd come too she grinned. "No! No, you're not eating all their food! I'm vetoing that!" She playfully stuck her tongue out at him before taking to the air again, flying in circles. Itzal heard Jomei's words and chuckled. "It's always been the opposite for me really. No matter who I take a quest with, it always seems like we over prepare for the quest. The last quest I took was supposed to be difficult but honestly it wasn't anything but tedious. Oh well. Being over trained and over prepared is better than dying... Though I make sure I get some breaks every now and then." When Hestia asked them why they chose one handed weapons instead of two handed Itzal shrugged. "Preference for me really. Two handed weapons have less options, and can be cumbersome. With a straight sword I have nearly an unlimited amount of techniques, styles and forms I can take. It's something I prefer above other weapon styles. I just wish Cardinal would change the world's most common weapon into something useful for a change..." @Jomei
  12. Hello players of Aincrad! I wanted to set up this thread because any help in regards to ideas, thoughts on improvement, or pointing out current contradictions or redundancies. Please note that we are looking for constructive criticism, not complaints. We also are looking for quests or floors that you came up with and want to share with us! In addition however, we won't be able to please everyone so bare with us on this. A list of things related to floor development are: - Floor Lore - Places of Interest - Quests Quest Outline: This is an outline you can use to create quests if you're interested in using it feel free! Name: Recommended Level: Requirements: Objective: Reward(s): Enemies: Quest Summary/Description: Floor Details Required: If you're writing up an idea for a floor, please answer all of the following. And try being creative! Name: Settlements: Places of Interest: NPCs: Monsters: Lore (Culture? Religion? History?): Please remember that none of this has anything to do with the sites systems, such as enhancements, rules, dungeons, skills, etc. If you have any questions or feel like you haven't been noticed, or if you want to discuss a project or idea you had in mind, go ahead and message me via forum pms or discord.
  13. Hello players of Aincrad! I wanted to set this little thread up as a way to better the communication between developers and the community, and for you guys to help us find flaws in the current system, come up with new ideas, or ways to improve the current systems! Please note that we're looking for constructive criticism, not complaining. In addition, we won't be able to please everyone, but we will do what we can to make everything balanced and fun for as many people as we can. Things for system include: - Rules and Tutorials - Levels and Tiers - Skills and Mods - Gear and Enhancements - Crafting and Professions - Combat and Actions - Monsters and Bosses - Dungeons and Labyrinths - Familiars - PvP and Tournaments - Quests and Events Please remember that these are strictly systems with nothing to do with lore, specific bosses or quests, floors, etc. If you have any questions, ideas, thoughts, or corrections please feel free to either comment below, or talk with me in private messages on either the Forums or on Discord!
  14. Itzal watched Jenna turn red with either frustration or embarrassment.... Maybe both. He had instantly felt bad and hated himself for ever letting her get into the situation she was now in. That pain and regret at seeing her in said state would be clearly visible on his face, posture and eyes too. The priest observed everything going on and before Itzal could say or do anything, the priest spoke up. "My dear Kasier, don't fret too much ok? There is no one here except you, your future husband, and myself. I for one don't count since I'm not a player, and as a priest I am sworn to secrecy in private matters. Nothing leaves this place, on that I swear. That being said, you may wish to move forward soon as it's almost noon. Not only do I need to get something to eat, but it tends to be the rush hour. I don't know why but people like to confess sins, pray for forgiveness, and just talk during noon." Itzal just stared at the priest for a second or two. Was he. Did he know he was an npc? Itzal was confused cause if that were the case, he would have known he didn't actually need to eat anything. He shook his head and turned to look Jenna in the eyes. "He is right in one aspect though. It's just you and me, and on my life I swear I will never embarrass you, nor laugh at you. I'll always stand and laugh beside you, all the way. Ok? And you don't have to write a new vow.. Hearing it means more than you can imagine, whether it's now or later. Whatever time we say our vows, the meaning behind it is the same, after all." He reached out to hold her hand, but wouldn't do so unless she allowed him to. When she spoke about their real names he blushed rather badly and nodded. "Alright, then. We'll use our real names... At least they're people we can trust and won't go blabbing it to the whole world. Even if it's just a first name, I like to be a little cautious. Especially since most of the players in this world are from the same country I'm from, heh..... So, what should we do next?" @Kasier