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  1. Itzal sighed and crouched down to speak with her easier. "You kill and murder people without a second thought. You became an assassin. Even if it hinders Aincrad progression I choose to arrest you. Not because I'm selfish. Not because I'm a hero. Because murder is wrong, plain and simple. I'm no hero. I know I can't save everyone. I know I will fail once and a while. That's what it is to be human. And I know I'm not the strongest player in Aincrad, I'm far from it. But if you think that I'm just going to let you walk away like you didn't do anything? You've got another damn thing coming Hidden." Itzal stood up straight and saw the Triad being a bit, occupied with his familiar. Velnia had managed to pin down Hidden's familiar and cover it with rocks. He also noticed that there was a very bright glow stone under the rubble beside the familiar. That's right, it was always covered in shadows. It was always like her to figure out what their weakness was and exploit it... But where did she get the glowing crystal from? That familiar continued to surprise him. He began to walk over to the Triad cracking his knuckles. He didn't need a sword when he was disarming someone. Just accuracy, evasion and skill.
  2. Itzal

    [F13 EB] Adulterated Realms T3

    Itzal grit his teeth as Beat was also removed. He too had noticed the connection. That Beat wasn't dead. That both Beat and Seul had been inactive for a certain amount of time. However this ability was rather extreme and graphic. Everyone reacted differently. He was relieved to see that Shield had managed to keep calm long enough to notice it too. Other players however, such as Jonathan... Well... They didn't react as calmly. Itzal saw Jonathan get consumed by rage and he sighed. He just hoped Jonathan wouldn't last that way the entire fight. Otherwise it could prove to be a problem. He heard Shield call out stating that he was switching to healing. If he was switching to healing that meant they were starting to take risks. He looked around and everyone seemed to be taking this fight a bit more seriously. The fallen angel seemed to be pleased with this as well. Zandra rushed over to Ruby and gave her the necklace. He looked at his own then sighed. Why? Why couldn't they just work together instead of arguing. He rushed over to Zandra and slid, skidding to his feet as he crouched beside her and pushed the necklace at Zandra, making it clear he wasn't making a suggestion with taking it. "Your damage, even without the fallen damage, is still stronger than mine. That's because I'm stubborn and stuck with the weakest sword art in existence. My paralyze I doubt will be useful. Bleed is barely anything against a boss unless I have a debuff or others to keep it up. And stun is obviously ineffective. You take the necklace." The instant he let go he felt the effects and grit his teeth, before he stood up. He called over to @Shield. "Shield! Once you heal her a bit, you need to use howl! If you don't that single target attack can deal some damage! We don't need that!" He turned to look to Jonathan. "MORGENSTERN!! They aren't dead! Focus! We need to kill it, but we also need to protect those who need protecting! Remember who and what we fight for!" Action: Gave necklace to Zandra
  3. He listened to her story and there was some truth to what she said, though he felt she was dismissing the matter of murder too dismissively. "I agree that you made the right choice in attempting to help Ariel find the right path again. And to be honest I hope you were able to manage it. I don't know if you made sure she knew what she did was wrong, but I'm hoping you did. Murder isn't some crime that can be forgotten easily Zandra. Imagine it from Hikoru's perspective. His entire life in this world has been hard for him, and he considered Lowe his mentor yes. But I think he was also like a father to Hikoru. To find out that the woman you loved, whom you thought was kind, gentle and would never hurt another person had in fact killed your mentor and father figure in cold blood? I can imagine why he left. However.." He looked at her in the eyes, his face still serious and holding no other emotion. "His mistake was choosing to hold onto that pain and hatred, not letting go of it. That's his issue to deal with. I believe in giving others a second chance. But I also believe in being cautious about it, and not believing them unless they show they are genuinely feeling guilty about it. I'm glad you trust me enough to share your story, and I'm glad I understand you better." He sighed and closed his eyes for a moment. "I tried something similar... Aereth was once my apprentice, and he started on a path of vengeance. I tried to keep in touch of him, to reach out to him. To guide him on the path he needed to walk. However, in the end he chose to let himself be consumed by hatred and his thirst for revenge. Now he's nothing but a killer. He's become the ones he hunts. "I understand that everyone has something in their past that haunts them. Something that becomes their inner demons.. We need to fight it or be consumed, it's as simple as that." He opened his eyes again. "So why should I hold bitterness, anger, and unforgiveness to anyone? Knowing that they have had something happen to them, or something taken from them. Something that has damaged us all? Why should I hold it against them when I fight that same struggle?" He fell silent, letting the wind continue to rip at his clothes as the sun set. Slowly crawling down into darkness. @Zandra
  4. He heard sigh, obviously upset with something. Either it was the circumstance she was in, people judging her, or perhaps her entire life now anchored to that one event. However, Itzal wasn’t going to linger on that subject from the beginning. He was simply using it as a starting point. Whenever talking to someone about accepting an idea, you needed to address the faults first, knock them out of the way, and then present the positives. When he heard her talk about the name of the human controlling her he thought about it for a second. He had forgotten that these weren’t real bodies. That they were in the bodies of avatars. Though the way she said it, almost made it sound like she believed she wasn’t actually the person, that her mind was the mind of the avatar and not a human being at all. When she asked if he wanted to hear her side, and asked if she heard his side first. Itzal nodded. “Originally I didn’t trust you. Not because you did anything, but because you sided with someone I could no longer trust. Someone who became dangerous and violent. I was being extremely cautious at that time and stuck with only the people I trusted the most. Eventually however, I realized how foolish I was for not trusting you simply for protecting Ariel. I realized that if a friend of mine turned evil, my first reaction would be to protect and save them. I tried doing that for Aereth… Tried, at least. I don’t want to force you to share anything you are not comfortable with however. If you don’t want to talk about it we don’t need to. I want to get to know you Zandra. And I refuse to let something that happened in the past keep that from happening. I don’t let the past define who I am, who you are, or who others are. I focus on the present. Who we are today. If the time comes where you want to share it with me then I will listen. But I won’t judge you for it. Never that.” @Zandra
  5. Itzal didn't turn to look at her as she approached. Not yet at least. He waited for her to stand beside him, or at least close enough to listen. He stared at the violet flowers for a moment then spoke again. His voice soft and quiet. "Funny isn't it? How the tiniest things can make a fortress crumble..." He sighed and turned to her, a smile on his face even though his eyes showed heaviness and weariness. "Sorry, that's meant for later.. Thanks again for coming Zandra." He looked at her in the eyes and his smile faded only slightly, nodding in understanding. "...I know life's been hard on you lately. Players judging you, and then of course the fallen angel Artamiel.. I used to judge you for a short time too until I kicked myself for it. There was never a reason I should judge you after all." He turned to look at the setting sun. "Everyone has a reason for doing something. Even if it seems like what the person is doing is selfish, or cruel. Twisted or disgusting. Until you know the whole story you'll never have the right to judge. And even if you do, and that other person has done horrible things... You still can't judge. We're all in the same boat in the end. All of us have done things we're ashamed of. None of us are perfect. It's because of this that I wanted to apologize. I'm sorry, for having judged you before asking your side of the story. For not getting to know you earlier. And I hope... I hope you'll give me the chance to do so now." Itzal stared at the sun for a moment longer before sighing. This time he turned his entire body when he turned to look at her. "If you want proof that I would like to know you as a friend, and not just so that I can try and use you in any way. My real name is Felix Arno. If at any point I somehow offend you in any way whatsoever, I give you permission to find me in the real world and punch me if you need to." He still couldn't believe he was giving away his real name, but he had guessed she was hesitant to trust people. At least, from what he saw in general from her, as well as what he saw in the event boss fight. "I won't be much help when it comes to quests or dungeons. My damage output is pathetic because I use a one handed straight sword. I'm mainly good for stunning opponents, finding dungeons, and gathering materials. Also finding players if you need help with that. It's not much, but I want to be able to help if you need it." @Zandra
  6. Itzal made his way towards Kyoto's shop. He found it interesting that his former apprentice had chosen this floor but in the end it didn't matter. Itzal spotted the building and stepped inside. However his old apprentice wouldn't recognize him. Velnia for one, wasn't with him. For another, he was wearing a vanity cloak which covered his body. He also wore black pants and boots, and his cowl was obscuring his face entirely. Casting a shadow over his entire face he walked in to the building. Careful to keep the light from reaching his face. He walked up to the counter and placed a filed order as well as twenty tier one materials, twenty tier two materials, and twenty tier three materials on it. He opened his mouth to speak, and when he did he would speak in a fluent English accent, ensuring that his voice sounded deeper and lower than usual. "I need this crafted. I'll be checking in every day. If you succeed in crafting it, leave it by the large tree a mile north." With that he'd leave without saying another word. -20 T1, T2, T3 mats
  7. Every floor was massive. They had obvious paths and locations of interest. They had hidden dungeons and caverns, buildings and structures that players could explore. Then there were the sections of the map that were ignored, or unseen by all but a few. Secret passageways. Mob spawning areas that quickly became grinding zones. Treasure groves that gave players who found them much rewards. One could say it was impossible to find everything on every floor. But Itzal, being a master scout, and utilizing his free time, had managed to map out the entire first floor. He now stood on one of the uncommon areas. Not unnoticeable but not important either. The wind blew past him, pulling at his purple trench coat, ripping through his hair. His hands were in his pockets as he stood there, his face void of any emotion as he stared down at the ground. Specifically, the verbana flowers he was in front of. Out of all the flowers in this field, the verbana flowers held the most weight for him. They were his adopted sister's favorite flower, and purple was her favorite color. Because of this he had tried to keep them around his house as a reminder of what he fought for on a personal level. Velnia was sleeping in a bed of flowers currently. Itzal had asked her to stay out of this conversation if possible, and knowing how he was feeling helped convince her to just wait it out. It was reaching dusk. The sun slowly descending the stairs of the heavens. Darkness slowly but surely creeping into the sky, and eventually, the land around. It would be a while however before darkness took them. He had messaged Zandra, asking if he could talk to here. He could have chosen anyone. Hestia, who was a very kind soul. Kind enough to want to save Domarus from himself. He could have chose to speak with Shield, who was understanding. Or spoken with Jonathan to try and make amends, bridge the gap. He could have sent for anyone he personally knew... But he didn't. He didn't message Hestia, because she would try and fix the problem immediately and get him to rejoin the front lines. This however.. This wasn't something that could fix overnight. It needed time. Shield was understanding, but he didn't seem strong in the sensitive and emotional department, and thus would probably just make this hard for Itzal rather than better. Jonathan was having his own issues he needed to go through. Zandra... Zandra had a hard time as of late. She was judged because she sided with Ariel, who had clearly murdered Lowenthal. She used to be a very sweet person but then became more twisted and dark. She was a dangerous individual. Zandra however, was not. And he needed to stay in touch with someone active. Kasier took many breaks due to fatigue. Itzal needed someone active to be with. His skills sensed the approach of an individual and he knew who it was. "...Thanks for seeing me so last minute @Zandra. I really appreciate it."
  8. Itzal moved on instinct, rushing as soon as he had the opportunity. He activated Meteor strike and tried to deal some damage. However he ended up dealing nothing as none of his attacks got past her shield and armor. Before she could counter attack whatsoever, he jumped up into the air and pushed off from her shield to rejoin the group. Hirru was no longer a problem, and the same could be said for Aereth, Hidden, and Morgenstern. None of them were causing any more chaos or going against humanity itself. They were fighting the boss and killing it, then they'd move on. Itzal didn't care at this point who got the final hit. As long as the player deserved and earned the final hit bonus. Jomei had managed to deal decent damage yet Itzal had not. Right now he was focused only on the numbers. People vanished from his mind as he tried to hurry this fight and end it swiftly and efficiently. Even if he did absolutely no damage, especially when compared to the frontliners. At this point he just wanted the boss dead so they could go home... ID# 108821 BD: 1
  9. Itzal

    [F13 EB] Adulterated Realms T3

    Gritting his teeth from the heat that burned his skin thanks to the effects of the boss, Itzal watched with wide eyes at what happened to Seul. The fallen angel sealed him off of course, he noticed this was becoming a recurring theme with bosses regarding players who had not done anything for a certain amount of time. But what surprised him was the fallen angel thrusting it's open hand into Seul's torso and ripping out what 'looked' like his soul. So anyone who is knocked out of the fight will only strengthen Artamiel? That wasn't good. Whatever Artamel's effects were going to be he wasn't sure. He'd have to wait and see. Beat seemed to like the idea of seeing each other sometime in the future, and Itzal wanted to try getting to know him... But at the same time he knew that in his current state he may have to put that off a bit. For Zandra however.. He wasn't sure. For some reason he wanted to get to know her a bit more. Perhaps it was due to him having judged her for siding with Ariel, who had become a very horrible person. And now that he was realizing he needed to change his own mindset, he was willing to give her a chance and take time to know her. Not only this, but he felt she would be someone who wouldn't push or pressure him in any way. Someone who wouldn't give him or his identity and location up to the other players. Someone who wouldn't push him to rejoin the frontlines. Someone who would let him have the time he needed. Smiling now, he nodded to her and once again rushed at the fallen angel, following Zandra's instructions. As he did so he noticed what the other players were doing and thought about it. His damage output was weak compared to the others. Especially Beats.... When he fell back after his attack he would speak to Zandra. "I'm glad, and I look forward to it. For now however, I suggest that I hand my necklace over to Beat. He can deal more damage than I can overall and will need his cooldown removed for us to finish this fight sooner." ID# 108798 BD: 4+5-1=8 23x11-40=213 damage dealt
  10. Itzal lashed out continuously. Never giving a moment's pause. He was quickly diminishing her health and soon enough he would begin subduing her with a stun art. Surprise was the key factor here. He kept striking, over and over again. He was caught off guard with her disguise skill but not because she took the shape of him. He was used to seeing and fighting himself, thanks to his many duels with Ulises. What caught him off his guard was the additional accuracy the system gave Hidden as a result of activating disguise in the first place. What surprised him though was that she didn't attack him. Instead she used the advantage of the change in length of her blade to help block one of his attacks. He switched hands again and let it glide down her blade before swiping off and curving down into a thrust. She had gained the time she needed with that block however and managed to leap away before being struck again by Yakimba. Just as he was about to chase after her, she rushed in, making multiple thrusts in a desperate attempt to harm him. She told him she didn't need to be in his league to beat the crap out of him. That regardless of the victor of this duel she would win the day. However she would notice something. He did nothing to dodge, block or parry her attacks, taking the full force of her assault. Instead, he lunged forward and struck her with the pommel of his sword hard enough to knock her to the ground forcefully. He then thrust his blade into her, the demonic weapon sparking with electricity which coursed through her veins and paralyzed her as a result. He let go of the hilt and pulled out a pair of hand cuffs. Something she wouldn't be able to break, and cuffed her hands together. He then pulled out a spare sword from his inventory and thrust it through one of the chain links. Holding the cuffs, and by extension Hidden pinned to the ground until further notice. "Allies in the shadows then. Got it. I'll hunt them down too. You however, can't beat me up. Even as we speak my health is rising back to maximum, and you didn't even get halfway. Hidden, you had a lot of potential. I'm sad to see it wasted. In the end however, this path was always going to lead to either death, or prison." Itzal turned to see the Triad, standing there watching. He pulled out three handcuffs and tossed them at the Triad. "Save us time and cuff yourselves. If you don't I'll make you wear them by force..." Velnia continued to fight Umbra, scanning her for weak points. She tried to zap her but the shadow fox darted into... her shadow? Velnia blinked, acknowledging that this was new, and looked for the creature. She saw the thing come out of Hidden's shadow and shot again, being more precise this time. She rushed in to tackle her and succeeded, but got cut int he process. Umbra broke off and crouched. Before the creature could do anything again, Velnia ignited in lightning and began flying in circles around the creature. The results were such: The area was lit up like a christmas tree, as Velnia now discovered that she could teleport by jumping into shadows, which was a problem. And in addition to this, she was also creating a miniature twister with the speed she was flying around in. With Umbra in the center of this.
  11. Itzal

    [F13 EB] Adulterated Realms T3

    Itzal's attention shifted when the priest ran out onto the field. This had Itzal very confused until he began crying out the word of God. He heard the verses the man was choosing and knew exactly what was happening. Sure enough, the angel's facade fell apart revealing it to be a fallen angel. He hoped Seul would come to his senses now that the angel was showing it's true- He blinked as he saw the angel's cursor switch from green to, black. A black cursor? What on earth did that mean? He was going to have to research cursors after this was all over. He'd never even heard of a black cursor before... He watched as Artamiel shot down towards Shield and thrust his new sword through the tank's torso, dealing a good chunk of damage. He then watched as the fallen angel drained health from the players, while also seeming to drain something else from Macradon, Zandra, Calrex and Seul. The three players who originally had green cursors had them swapped out for orange. Itzal's eyes narrowed on the fallen angel. What was that about? Is it accusing them of being murderers? Itzal shook it off just in time to hear Zandra's words. She said his name, softly but still. He turned to look at her and gave her a firm nod, reminding her that he'll fight by her side. He waited, shifting to a defense mode to protect her if the angel struck while she was taking a moment. Hopefully she didn't take too lo- ''Kick his ass Itzal.'' Itzal turned to her and nodded, a smile under his face cloth, before he charged forward. Velnia helped to keep the fallen angel's sword from blocking or parrying as Itzal activated meteor strike, dealing decent damage this time though nothing compared to his allies. He'd never be able to compare to them.. As he launched off he nodded to Beat and landed by Zandra again. "We're all in this together. To the very end. I know I haven't reached out to you, or others in the front lines but.. I'm hoping to change that, if you give me that chance. For now though, let's just send this fallen angel back to hell where it belongs!" ID# 108586 BD: 6+5-1=10 23x11-40=213 damage
  12. Itzal continued to swing at Aereth, not holding back save for his last blow. He refused to kill Aereth, and would instead stun him again before latching the hand cuffs on him like the criminal he'd become. He struck over, and over again, and Aereth's health began to drop rapidly. Itzal could tell that Aereth was realizing that all he had was talk. He didn't have the stats or skill to be even close to capable of taking Itzal down by himself. Itzal had hoped that those thoughts of humility would stop him in his tracks and just give up, but he had one last trick. Aereth suddenly changed into Jenna which stopped Itzal from landing another strike with his blade. He heard Jenna's voice, saying his true name which caused his eyes to widen with shock and horror... But that only lasted a second. After that Itzal became more hateful towards Aereth than before. How DARE he use his own wife against him?! Itzal roared and was about to thrust his blade at Aereth but the man already had the time he needed. Itzal spotted the attack coming before it came and only barely managed to block the blow. Knocked back and forced to roll back to his feet he was too far away to intercept Aereth's next teleport. But he was going to try. He charged forward. "TRAITOR!!!" Itzal swung his blade but Aereth beat him to the teleport by a fraction of a second. He clutched the handle of his weapon and heard a player charging at him. If she wanted to surprise him then she shouldn't have yelled at the top of her lungs. Itzal turned just in time to block her first attack and parry the next. After that however she began to get through his defenses. They were both hate filled, which meant less defensive mindset and more offensive ones. He heard her words but they fell on deaf ears. Itzal just glared at her as she continued her assault before he decided he had enough. When she swung her sword a second time he didn't try to block, parry or dodge it. Instead he threw his hand out and grabbed the blade itself, taking the damage and letting battle healing do it's work. He held the blade in his hands to keep her from running off and looked at her. His eyes piercing through the hood. He had become wrath itself. "You're out of your league kid." Just like that he pushed her blade, and by extension her to the right, and shot out to her left, thrusting his blade into her side. He was no longer going to be defensive. He had a healing song he could use if need be that was instant, so instead of playing it safe he was going to attack her to the point where she couldn't attack back. Using his special and unique skill, he would launch attacks, nonstop, from every angle. Always switching positions so she couldn't see or predict where he'd be attacking next. He wanted her to go on the offensive so he wouldn't have to worry about her defenses. 'Quick' battle was an understatement. While most familiar's were fast, Velnia had more... Training in it. Racing with Kuro had not only helped the griffon in increasing it's speed, but also her own. If put on stats, one could say her evasion went from +4 to +5. Velnia if attacked would simply shift her wings and dash to any random direction in the sky before attacking again. She was taking her time currently to determine the fighting pattern of the shadow... Thing. All the while using her lightning breath and quick tackles to keep it occupied and busy... Also to keep it from figuring out that Velnia was analyzing it. Part of her strategy was to use taunting tactics to keep it too angry to figure it out as well. Soon however, she would know the shadow's fighting strategy, and by extension: Her weaknesses.
  13. Itzal

    [F13 EB] Adulterated Realms T3

    Itzal tried to deflect the boss but she was quicker and stronger than he had first anticipated. She spun her weapon and knocked him aside, Velnia shooting towards him in case he got hurt. Itzal rolled across the ground but he was perfectly fine. He got back up on his feet and tried to get a feel for what was going on. Seul wasn't doing anything, which might actually be a very good thing. Itzal watched as Zandra snapped completely and rushed at the boss screaming with crazed words. Itzal looked at her and wondered if he ever looked like that. When he entered a wrathful state. It made him feel shame and guilt when he thought of it. At any rate, they were all fighting Artamiel together, so he saw no reason why he shouldn't fight alongside Zandra. He wondered, maybe if he showed her that people were there for her.. People who were willing to look past this. Perhaps he could help her? He turned to Velnia. "Come on. We've held back long enough." Velnia nodded with a grin and shot off like an arrow. She distracted the false angel by shooting lightning at her face while Itzal rushed in and activated meteor strike. She tried to evade the attack but he quickly changed directions before leaping at her. He timed it right so that he would strike at the same time Zandra did. Whatever happened, even if they were knocked back, he would turn his head to her and nod. "You're not alone. We take her down together." ID# 108474 BD: 3+5-1=7 23x11-75=178 damage
  14. Itzal noticed a figure approaching and deflected all of their attacks, identifying the person immediately as Hidden. He heard her words and narrowed his eyes at the triad. Even though they were seasoned assassins, they felt fear gazing into the eyes of the scout. He then looked at Hidden while Aereth was paralyzed. "If you know what's good for you Hidden you back off. I'll deal with you momentarily." Itzal growled as Aereth pushed him back. When he told Itzal that he was the one going against the plan not Aereth he roared back: "The plan was never to kill them! You're the one turning your back on us Aereth! You know I will never let ANYONE die so long as I can help it!" When Aereth pulled out his teleport crystal Hidden rushed over and knocked it from his hand into the air. Itzal rushed forward and grabbed the crystal before anyone could take it and stopped after having run past Itzal and Hidden, and turned around to face Aereth. "A traitor doesn't have a say in whether he gets to flee. You want to murder people? You want to take down this path of destruction and death? Then you're no better than ANY OF THEM!" Aereth would catch a glimpse at Itzal's eyes, filled with pure hatred and betrayal. "I know I'm not a god Aereth. However I don't expect you to understand. In the state you've fallen into? How far you've fallen, how corrupt you've become? My words fall on dead ears." With that Itzal would take on Aereth directly. What Aereth didn't realize, or perhaps forgotten about, was that Itzal did train with players. Not just players either: He faced himself as a player. Ulises and he dueled nearly every day. He trained with other players when he got the chance. And he always practiced to keep his skills as sharp as possible whenever he could. And now: he'd be fighting Aereth. This time using Soul Barrage: Ulises' last gift to Itzal. Itzal would charge at Aereth, parrying any blow the man would make and switch to the other hand mid parry, smashing his face with the butt of his sword before swinging it again at Aereth. He'd then switch immediately to his other hand and strike or parry at will. If the triad intervened he would either parry their blows aside, push them away, or redirect their attacks towards Aereth himself. His anger and hatred at Aereth's change and betrayal blinded him. He was going to beat Aereth into submission to the best of his ability. Aereth was strong yes, but Itzal had more experience, more skills, more stats. The triad was against them both so neither had the advantage in numbers. One thing he had above Aereth however: His scouting skills allowed him to spot and analyze openings in combat quicker and easier. He would also spot advances faster, and thus would be able to react accordingly. And then of course, there was Soul Barrage. A technique that takes a very long time to master, but he did. And it gave him the ability to adapt quicker than normal, as well as strike faster and with more momentum than the average swordsman. Hidden would soon realize that she wasn't getting rid of Itzal that easily. But she'd also realize that he was blinded by the rage of betrayal. The betrayal of someone he once called a friend, who was now an enemy to him. And this rage was not about to be quenched anytime soon.
  15. Itzal growled at Raven's words but before he could make a reply he heard movement and saw Embers rush in to his side. He hesitated, especially with that look in her eyes, but nodded. "Just don't kill her Embers. We're putting our trust in you so don't fail us." He turned and dashed towards Aereth. If anyone tried to stop him at all he'd knock them away. However they actually backed out of the way. Perfect. He spotted the handcuffs on the ground and the look in Aereth's eyes. His own eyes widened and pure rage and wrath, betrayal took over. He charged at Aereth, swinging his blade to keep Aereth from blocking or hitting Itzal. And after that: He struck Aereth hard enough in the face to knock him onto the ground. As Aereth fell he twisted his wrist, forcing Aereth's blade from his hands. He grabbed the blade in mid air and just as Aereth hit the ground he thrust the blade into his right hand, and placed his foot on Aereth's left. "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! NO!! NOT WHILE I'M AROUND AERETH YOU ARE NOT KILLING A SINGLE SOUL TODAY!!! I DON'T GIVE A D**N WHAT YOU THINK IS NECESSARY!! I DON'T GIVE A D**N IF THAT'S WHAT YOU WANT." He glared at Aereth in anger. If the man tried to knock him off or attack, Itzal would graze him with his own blade, keeping him paralyzed. If anyone tried to rush up and attack he'd glance at them with pure hate in his eyes as he parried their attack with his blade, not moving from his location. Velnia would also serve to protect Itzal and Aereth. For now. His attention was on Aereth. "What happened to the man I knew? To the man I befriended? I warned you. I warned you what path you were taking and you took it anyway. You refuse help from anyone even when it's offered! And what has that turned you into? A raging killing machine who doesn't give a d**n about right and wrong? You realize that you're becoming the people you hate so much right? If you go too far, I'll put you in prison myself." The betrayal, pain, and hatred in his eyes was evident that he was not joking.