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  1. Itzal, or as he was technically known by the other players now, Are. Made his way towards the stage where the players were having their second meeting. Double meetings were beginning to become an official pattern for the frontlines he noticed. Hopefully everyone would focus on being objective this time, and try not to be offended because of anyone's ideas. They were all here to progress the frontlines, it didn't matter if the setup wasn't to someone's standards. As long as it worked that's what mattered. While it was true there were greedy players who needed to be handled at some point, they couldn't mess with the party lineup based on that. They needed to go off of skills, cooperation, equipment, and other statistics such as that. Whether someone was greedy was an afterthought. He never replied to Jomei's message, as he never received it. Instead, he had received a message from Zandra. His response had been as such: "@Zandra Alright, heading there now. I want to thank you again for helping me come up with a cover story for my alternate identity, though certain players may need convincing. Hopefully when the teams are formed again we'll be a party of you, myself, Calrex and Domarus. If you're ok with that of course." That had been a few minutes ago. Now he was approaching the area. He didn't sit down, and instead leaned against one of the pillars, arms folded in. If Jomei looked up to him he would only give a nod in acknowledgement. Nothing more. The frontliners didn't trust him yet, which he pretty much expected. He was relying on Zandra and Calrex to help him win them over. At the very least to trust he was an ally and not an enemy. @Calrex (NOTE: Calrex will know Are is Itzal by this point, and will know why Itzal chose to hide his identity)
  2. Itzal

    PP-F2 The Last Favour

    Itzal stood there trying to process all the information he was receiving. Remaining expressionless as he received it. He gave no response to Aereth mentioning how his outfit was edgy, not really caring how other people saw it. When he mentioned the laughing coffin and how he found their hideout, his eyes narrowed. Aereth's subtle smile did not go unnoticed to the scout of Aincrad... And neither did the look in his eyes. When he continued to speak Itzal wondered why Aereth didn't just lead them to- The realization appeared in his mind first as a theory, then as an assured guess after he compiled the evidence in his mind. It was only further confirmed when he pointed out his equipment on the ground. Itzal's eyes turned down to the equipment, then snapped back at Aereth. And when he looked back at his apprentice, frustration, disappointment, and anger was all that was to be seen. He shot forward, using the advantage of surprise to grab the man and slam him against the tree behind him. Before he could react, Itzal pulled out twin pikes and pierced Aereth's arms to the tree. He stabbed them a little past the elbow so Aereth couldn't just pull them off. His health would drop, but only by two points every two seconds. It wouldn't kill him, especially with battle healing. "While you're stuck there how about you listen for a change?" He said, frustration seeping from his voice. "First of all: I know you understand that ending violence through violence doesn't make anything better, it only makes it worse. For your information I did as I had promised and found a prison that removes the ability to teleport out. We can officially start imprisoning player killers Aereth! You have no reason to continue this serial killer of justice mentality!" To say that Itzal was both pissed off while at the same time holding onto hope for his apprentice. "I don't know if you even care about the lives of others anymore, but if you do then you'll stop this once and for all! Secondly." His eyes narrowed again. "You're planning a suicide run aren't you? That's why your giving me this equipment, giving me the coordinates. Is that what this has come to? You're willing to give up your skills, your life, to what? You're hate? Revenge? We need fighters on the frontlines Aereth! Have you become so self centered that you would rather let yourself die for revenge than help us get every last player out of Aincrad?!" He shook his head, too frustrated to continue as he rubbed his forehead. "...What happened to you? What turned you into this?"
  3. Itzal

    [F21-SP] Many Changes <Itzal>

    Still, if they somehow managed to get past each other's differences and unite things would all turn out in the end. Friendships usually went through very hard times, and hard times usually strengthened the bonds... Or broke them, one or the other. Itzal was going to hold onto the hope that they would become stronger bonds. He thought for a second before chuckling to himself. He recalled the day he got the nickname Beacon of Hope. Well, he wasn't really a beacon right now was he? Not only that but he didn't bring any hope either... Well, at least. Not yet that is. Itzal moved around a rock and continued to move through the tunnel. He was starting to see the end of it, and soon he left the tunnel. The other side of the map. So this was a shortcut after all. "Come on Velnia. Let's head home. We've got a lot of work we need to prepare for. The frontlines is only the tip of our iceberg." Thread REwards 18,049+400=18,449 col. 49 MATs. 2 Perfect Armor. 2 Perfect Weapon. 2 Rare Consumables. 1 Rare Trinket 3 SP
  4. Itzal

    PP-F2 The Last Favour

    Itzal was silent for a moment as he analyzed Aereth. The surrounding area. And looked into the eyes of his old apprentice to ensure he wasn't lying. He took a good two minutes before he was at last convinced, and sighed. He hated that he had to resort to something like this. "While I wear this hood, I am Are," he said. Still using his American accent. Then he reached up to pull down his hood, the shadow vanishing as Itzal's face was revealed. "And when I'm not, I'm Itzal... Sorry about that, a lot of things have changed. I'm more cautious than you realize." Itzal gave a whistle and Velnia flew down, landing on his shoulder. The dragon was no longer purple. She had bigger and seemingly stronger scales that looked more like steel armor than anything. Her eyes were no longer red, but instead were a silver. She wasn't acting energetic and fee spirited like Aereth knew. She sat straight, calm, with an analytical gaze. Itzal stroked her back. "It's alright if he knows Velnia, just remember what I said." On hearing this, she did a one eighty and did a loop the loop through the air, though she stayed over there with Itzal. He drew his sword and thrust the blade into the ground, resting his two hands on the pommel. "Ok. I'm here. I know you wouldn't contact me after what happened unless it was extremely important. I'm all ears." @Aereth
  5. Itzal held his tongue as nothing could be added in that would make this any better. There was too much emotion and biased opinions as of late. That's why Itzal was refusing to say anything to anyone. He just stood there arms crossed as he listened to the players bicker back and forth. This was just sad.. They needed to take a break after this next boss fight and simply recharge. Work on rebuilding burned down bridges and all. It was true that Itzal didn't trust Shield or Beat, he'd been noticing them working together and receiving most of the final drops as of late. In addition to that there was in fact their apparent attempt to defeat the boss alone. However he was hoping things would change in the future. When Jomei spoke up he sighed. He hated to do this, but he couldn't be discovered yet. So he spoke up. "With all due respect, I will not be fighting alongside anyone other than Calrex, Zandra and Domarus. I'm sorry, but I have no compromise to this instance." If they pushed him, he could state that they were people he knew to some extent, trusted, and worked well with. He wasn't entirely sure of course, but he and Zandra worked well together during the event. And he wanted to keep an eye on Domarus. Calrex, well they quested together once with Teayre. They had a talk or two. They didn't know each other well, but that could be handled later.
  6. Itzal

    PP-F2 The Last Favour

    +2 SP slime farm Itzal was in the middle of his training back at home in the slime farm when he received the message. He parried the blows of the mobs he spawned, able to shape them to human form with weapons for more accurate training. He sent a counter attack to one of them, tripped the other by dropping to the ground and swiping at their legs with his own, then used his AoE sword art to finish them off. None of them died, but they were almost. Good, he was getting better and holding back at the last minute. With that in mind he finished off the slimes to end the session. Then he opened his menu, glad he didn't have to clean sweaty clothes in a game, and his eyes widened when he saw who sent it. Aereth??? He turned to Velnia who moaned sadly in the memory. He opened the message and read it aloud to himself. Why did he want to talk to him? Why was he telling him to go alone? Itzal had come to not trust Aereth after the stunts he's been pulling lately. Well.. He was going alone, that was certain. He could beat Aereth in a duel if he gave it his all. However he wouldn't be going as Itzal.. Well not at first anyway. He'd be going as Are. Itzal arrived at the location and slipped out of the shadows. Seeing Aereth for the first time. He took a silent deep breath, then spoke using the American Accent. "The scout was lucky I was with him today to ask him a few questions." he said with his hand resting on the black blade. Velnia was hiding in the trees so Aereth would not spot him. Itzal, or Are he supposed, continued. "Suffice it to say I insisted I approach first, until I've determined you don't have any deception played out. Now speak, and make your words count." @Aereth
  7. There was a lot of arguing. A lot of fighting. Both had points. Both had fallacies. Both were being hypocrites at one point or another. Both made mistakes. And at the same time: Both of them were too proud to just acknowledge and admit that and move on. Itzal sighed under his breath in annoyance. He wanted to one day reforge his friendship with Hestia but.. Well she seemed to be going through something he couldn't help her with. He hoped she'd be able to move past this some day. And Shield.. Well he hoped the man would humble himself for once. He wasn't planning to say anything originally. He still didn't. There wasn't much to really say in the end. As long as the team he was on remained the same he was fine by that. Maybe they could form an official party together too. Go on dungeon raids, train together. That would be nice. And then Zandra spoke up. She spoke to Hestia before she teleported off, but he didn't catch most of what was said. She gave a speech about trust, and it was rather well said. Itzal agreed that having a commander would get them nowhere without trust and respect. Whoever was leading needed to be someone everyone knew and trusted. If that person wasn't skilled in strategy, they appoint someone to cover said weakness. But he'd bring this up another time. He knew Hestia's intentions were good, but how she went about it wasn't going to help anyone. Shield's assault wasn't helping either. Both of them were at fault. He wondered, how well Zandra would be able to help with this situation. She continued of course, mentioning how she'd welcome Hirru back, but should he make the same choice a second time. He'd be labeled as an enemy. Itzal regretfully agreed. Even if his intentions were good, he was putting the life of a program which could be deleted, rewritten, and even copied, above the lives of the players who only had one chance. Furthermore, humans had a soul and spirit. Programs did not. While it was true a program could be written so as to learn and adapt, but there was only so far it could go. Then to Itzal's surprise, she walked over to him and placed a hand on his shoulder. His eyes widened under the hood, which Zandra would be able to see since she was on the white list of players who could see past the shadow. When she announced who he was and his name, which Itzal knew was a cover up she made for him, he blushed a bit. This was, an unexpected turn of events... It really helped him and he appreciated it greatly. It was just a bit unexpected. Are? It wasn't a bad name. It sounded really close to the Japanese word Aru, which meant 'is there'. A fitting name he thought. He smiled and nodded to her as he did so. Mouthing the words: "thank you" as he did so. After that hell broke loose. Zandra must have been holding back her rage because it suddenly let loose on Shield. Itzal.. Felt like at this point any attempt at a boss raid would be a horrible idea at this point in time. With players verbally attacking each other left and right, he wouldn't be surprised if an assassination attempt occurred in the raid itself. Still however, he said nothing. Just because Zandra told everyone he was from the raids of old didn't give him a golden ticket to respect. Itzal watched as Zandra punched Shield, the immortal object symbol popping up as they were in a settlement before shouting her hate moved over to the exit to stand beside. What shocked him the most was how she calmly and nicely offered a discount to the frontlines for all purchases. He actually blinked in surprise from that one. Still however, he said nothing. @Zandra @Shield @Jomei @Hikoru
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    [F21-SP] Many Changes <Itzal>

    Regardless of whether he'd release it or not, he was certainly mapping out every inch of Aincrad. He should probably talk with the best representatives of Aincrad and see what they thought. By representatives of course, he meant two players to represent the front lines. Two players to represent those hiding in the shadows. Two players to represent the newcomers. And two players to represent neutrality. It would be difficult of course, but he wanted to see if he could make it happen. Perhaps by asking Calrex, Shield, Baldur and Zandra if they could help him look. He felt like he could act as one of the representatives of shadows, but they may want someone else. Perhaps he should focus on building up a reputation before trying this. Given how the frontline meeting went... It was probably for the best that he waited. As Itzal thought this over he spotted another three materials and added them to his inventory. ID# 113173 CD: 2 LD: 11+5 +3 MAT 18,049 col. 49 MATs. 2 Perfect Armor. 2 Perfect Weapon. 2 Rare Consumables. 1 Rare Trinket
  9. Itzal

    [F21-SP] Many Changes <Itzal>

    He probably thought this already, but this was probably just a passageway from one point of the map to another. Specifically for those who are sneaking around. Who knows? Maybe this was a passage for some kind of quest the floor could have. Regardless of what it was though, Itzal would soon have it mapped out... He wondered what would happen if he gave the entire map of each and every floor to players once he, well. finished mapping them all out. Maybe Kayaba would change or add to the maps? Itzal doubted he'd be perfectly fine with everyone in Aincrad knowing every in and out to the floors... Still... If Itzal was in fact going to scout every inch of Aincrad. He would eventually find groups like Adrian, Laughing Coffin, and other places and people in hiding. Some people deserved to take a break, but others needed to be drawn into the light... So what should he do with the maps? Would it be more of a problem if he revealed all the locations? Or not? ID# 113166 LD: 1
  10. Itzal

    [F21-SP] Many Changes <Itzal>

    As the cloaked figure sheathed his sword, he looked at the loot menu which revealed the results. Nine thousand col was an achievement, and definitely beneficial for him. Because his sword arts were weaker, and especially his AoE sword art. He wasn't able to grind mobs as easily as other players like Zandra or Domarus. Of course he had little use for col other than the info brokers and merchants, but it didn't hurt to stock up. Especially since he wanted to try getting a weapon with a unique enhancement that suited him. Preferably unique forms of damage if he could help it. Speaking of, he had two perfect weapons it seemed. He closed the menu and sighed as he looked at Velnia who stayed out of the fight this time around. She was still practicing with her new element, so he had her stay out of combat until she mastered it. He picked up three materials and began to continue down the cave passageway, wondering where this led. ID# 113145 CD: 3 LD: 12+5 +3 MAT 18,049 col. 49 MATs. 2 Perfect Armor. 2 Perfect Weapon. 2 Rare Consumables. 1 Rare Trinket
  11. Itzal didn't expect the reaction he received. Though it seemed that there was some miscommunication, hence the reaction. Baldur was assuming that he was mocking people and taking this all as if it were a joke. Itzal made a silent sigh and waited for Baldur to finish. When he did, the samurai left before he could reply to him. So he spoke to the rest of the group. "To clear up his misunderstanding. I am not mocking the dead, far from it. I've paid my own respects to the dead already, and I do not seek to dishonor them. I only seek to make a point: I am not telling people to risk their lives. I am not telling any of you to do anything. I am only revealing what has yet to be laid on the table: You. Can. Die. Mock me all you want, this is a fact of life. Believe me or not, it's my intention to protect people. Just keep an eye and ear out for what I'll be doing in the future if you want proof. In edition, I already declared that I believe it very doubtful that anyone will be revived a second time. In fact I'm certain of it. If they want to fight on the front lines they have a right to know the risks." He let his hands drop to his sides but didn't move other than that. His hand resting against his sword's pommel in a resting fashion, not in hostility or defense. "Kayaba is a sick bas***d and he will pay for what he's done and is doing. Hanging false hope above us being included. So instead of accusing me of doing the same, recognize I am only showing the dangers in the frontlines. Especially since the bosses are becoming even stronger. So as to protect players who are not yet ready to train more, and to collect the consumables required to ensure a fair chance of survival. If any of you wish to 'lecture' me more, do so after this meeting. I've shared my warning." Velnia stared at Baldur but did nothing. It was clear she was sensing hostility from him and was in a position ready to protect him if he was attacked. Once the man left she seemed to settle down some more. @Baldur
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    [F21-SP] Many Changes <Itzal>

    Their health was just about depleted completely now. And proof of it lay in the fact that the two seemed to be dropping strategy and were going on a berserking rage now. Itzal had to parry three strikes from one of them and two from the other in a single second alone. They lost all patterns and thus Itzal had to improvise. He held his blade up, guarding his head from one of their blows towards his head. The other one sent a blade thrusting towards him from below, and Itzal had to tilt his blade so he could move enough out of the way to dodge it. This was able to make the stumble he needed to get the upper hand. And with that opening, he dealt the final blow against them, slashing across the neck and through the other's armor. The two fell dead before shattering into pieces, and Itzal received his reward from the loot. Needless to say, he wasn't disappointed with the result. ID# 113129 BD: 3+3=6 (17x9=153 dmg) MD: 4-5=1 ID# 113130 BD: 6+3=9 (17x9=153 dmg) MD: 6-5=1 Itzal: 1,306/1,590 (+79) HP <> 145/156 EN <> 17 DMG <> 25 MIT <> 79 BH <> 4 EVA <> 3 ACC <> x3 Col <> +5% col Dragon Knight 1: 0/780 HP <> 234 dmg Dragon Knight 2: 0/780 HP <> 234 dmg Loot Roll 1: ID# 113131 CD: 6+1=7 LD: 17+6=23 : 5,733 col (780 x[4+3=7] +5%), 1 Perfect Armor, 2 Perfect Weapons Loot Roll 2: ID# 113132 CD: 8+1=9 LD: 11+6=17 : 9,009 col (780 x[4+3+3+1=11] +5% [Basement effect added/consumed]), 1 Rare Trinket 18,049 col. 46 MATs. 2 Perfect Armor. 2 Perfect Weapon. 2 Rare Consumables. 1 Rare Trinket
  13. Itzal

    [F21-SP] Many Changes <Itzal>

    Running up the side of the wall the dragon knights tried to anticipate where he was going and rushed to cut him off. However the scout was well ahead of them and kicked off from the wall. Soaring over them, kicking the opposite wall, launching him at the two knights from behind. He stabbed the first one in the back, pulled the blade out and slashed the other one before he landed on the ground. The knight he stabbed swung his blade around but Itzal managed to roll out of its way. What he didn't expect was the other knight to swing his foot full force at him from the side, catching him off guard and dealing a strong blow against Itzal. However, due to the fact that he didn't feel pain he was able to recover quickly and dodge it's second attack by backflipping. It got a hit, but given the chances of another he doubted he was in danger at all. ID# 113127 BD: 7+3=10 (17x9=153 dmg) MD: 8-5=3 ID# 113128 BD: 4+3=7 (17x9=153 dmg) MD: 9 (234-25=209 dmg) Itzal: 1,227/1,590 (+79) HP <> 145/156 EN <> 17 DMG <> 25 MIT <> 79 BH <> 4 EVA <> 3 ACC <> x3 Col <> +5% col Dragon Knight 1: 105/780 HP <> 234 dmg Dragon Knight 2: 105/780 HP <> 234 dmg
  14. Itzal

    [F21-SP] Many Changes <Itzal>

    With that attack, the fight became a bit more intense... From an outside view. Itzal was getting used to their movements and patterns, and was already coming up with counter measures. When he landed behind them he spread his legs out, knees bent, so that his torso would lower as his left hand supported him from falling entirely. The two knights spun around as he did so and missed him. He then got to his feet at the same time he rushed forward, spinning his blade towards the knight to the right. As he hung in mid air between them he spun around and struck the knight to the left as well. He landed on the ground and slid a bit back, but didn't stop to breath. He immediately darted to his left, dodging another swing from the enemy. His goal was to anticipate their movements and react accordingly. So far it was working. Itzal was hoping they didn't start acting randomly anytime soon. ID# 113121 BD: 4+3=7 (17x9=153 dmg) MD: 1 ID# 113124 BD: 10 (17+2x9=171 dmg) MD: 8-5=3 Itzal: 1,357/1,590 (+79) HP <> 123/156 EN <> 17 DMG <> 25 MIT <> 79 BH <> 4 EVA <> 3 ACC <> x3 Col <> +5% col Dragon Knight 1: 258/780 HP <> 234 dmg Dragon Knight 2: 258/780 HP <> 234 dmg
  15. Character Name: Itzal (if possible I'd like his real name a secret and instead for an alias to be used) Character Portrait: Preferred Partner: @Zandra