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[BR-F23] Paving the Way to Floor 24 (Floor 23 Boss Battle - Dark Elf Council)

Dark Elf Council

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Breaking through the ground level that separates the suffocating Underground from the barren Surface, the players that effectively make up the Frontlines would trek a generous distance over the Kriit Wasteland before they would reach the mountain ranges that housed the entrance of the twenty-third floor's labyrinth. Over the hills and into the mountain peaks where the clouds kiss the earth, the imposing tower that connects this floor with the next stands tall. The Bleakswords that once guarded the labyrinth's entrance have been dispatched, and its walls stand empty and quiet without any resistance to remain between the players and the room that houses the level's boss.

Well into the labyrinth, sparks of light come from various torches that line the wall, allowing players to see that the walls are cut as smooth as marble--onyx panes arranged in various heights, following no specific pattern. At the end of the hall stands a set or large iron doors, made of a metal so unnaturally dark that even the flickering flames of the torches beside it seem to have no effect on the abyss-like entryway. Unintelligible whispers in a language unlike one you have heard before could be heard through the crack left in the ajar door. Yet as a hand touches the cold iron of the door's handle, the sounds immediately vanish. An ominous silence settles over the passageway leading to the boss room. Whatever stands on the other side of these tall, dense doors is ready, waiting for the brave fools to enter.


All players have 72 hours to reply to this thread to be included in the boss fight. After 72 hours, the boss raid will begin.
All participants must list their stats, equipment, battle-ready inventory, skills, buffs, and consumed items in their post.

[ Deadline: Saturday July 14th at 5:00 PM PST ]

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As planned, Macradon would walk, donned with his white, red and silver armor. All shined up and ready for combat. On his back, a harness for his sword, the Blade of the Dictator, be it just a name or not, he wasn’t too keen on his blade being one of a dictator, but the stats were good enough to look past the name. Under his left arm, the helmet for his battle regalia, and in his right hand, multi-wrapped chains to keep Belphegor in check. Even though the two weren’t there to single out opponent or take out some small dregs for everyone else to charge in, the two would eagerly stand ready at the entrance of the boss room. Quickly setting down his helmet to his side, Macradon would raise the Banner of Command, sporting the crest of the Knights of the Blood Oath. With his right hand he would now hold tight the chain of Belphegor, as well as holding his banner up proud to display. Even though the Knights of the Blood Oath weren’t the most beloved, Macradon was still proud and confident standing under the banner. Standing ready, Macradon awaited the rest of the frontliners to appear, and with them, the courage and willpower of Aincrad.

< Bane of Blood consumed >



Macradon - Lvl 76
1655 HP
152 Energy
4 Accuracy
2 Evasion
19 Base Damage
 (31 w/ Holy) (24 w/ Charge)
- (1 Base + 7 Skill + 1 Athletics + 9 Familiar +1 Ferocity)
161 Mitigation 
- (35 Skill + 81 Armor + 45 Food)

Blade of the Dictator ............ // +12 Holy Damage, Phase
Armor of the Scarlet Templar ..... // +81 Mitigation
Templar's Necklace ............... // +6 Recovery, +1 Accuracy

Belphegor - Familiar ............. // +9 Damage

Battle Ready Inventory
Banner of Command ................ // +1 Base Damage. 1 Charge left.
Scarecrow's Sickle ............... // +6 Damage, +1 Bleed
Bane of Blood .................... // Recover 15 HP every turn
Teleportation Crystal ............ // Teleport to a designated town
Health Potion .................... // +180 HP on consumption
On the Run ....................... // +2 EVA
Empty inventory slot ............. //
Empty inventory slot ............. //

Bane of Blood .................... // Recover 15 HP each turn
Iron-infused Steak ............... // +45 Mitigation
Turducken ........................ // +1 Accuracy, +2 Evasion
Bullseye ......................... // +2 ACC
Overhealth Potion ................ // +90 MAX HP
Safeguard ........................ // The next successful attack against you will do no damage

Two Handed Straight Sword  | Rank 5: +7 Damage
Heavy Armor                | Rank 5: +35 Damage Mitigation
Search and Detect          | Rank 5: +5 LD
Charge                     | Rank 5: +5 Damage on first hit
Battle Healing             | Rank 5: Heal 75 HP each post In-Battle
Fighting Spirit            | +1 Hate generation
Gatherer                   | Obtain additional materials after a successful out of combat gathering based on a natural CD result.
Extended Weight Limit    | +3 Spaces for Battle Ready Items
Howl                     | Adds +3 Hate each against up to 4 targets.

Disguise                   | +1 to your BD and +1 to your opponent’s BD
Survival                   | Heal 20 HP when out of battle
Familiar Mastery: Fighter  | Rank 3: +9(Tier x Rank) Damage

Skill Mods
Precision                  | +1 Accuracy
Athletics                  | +1 Damage, +45 Health
Ferocity                   | Increases Base Damage by 1
Finesse                    | Rank 3: Decreases Eneryg Cost of attacks by 3
Focused Howl             | Adds +5 Hate against a single target.

Mods not in use:
Bull Rush                  | A successful Charge also stuns the target for 1 turn.
Reveal                     | +2 LD when searching for dungeons and labyrinths. You may also search for a sub-dungeon or labyrinth once every 15 posts (instead of 20).
Tracking                   | Allows the user to track a previously-encountered monster, NPC, or other player. Negates all bonuses to the target’s Stealth Rating. After tracking, your first attack against the tracked creature cannot miss. Cannot be used in combat.


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HP: 1765 | EN: 172 | DMG: 16 | MIT: 89 ACC: 4 |  EVA: 3 | ACH: 0.6 (See Achilles in Skills/Mods for details)

Equipped Gear:

Grand Gauntlets III: +9 Unarmed Damage

Grand Chariot III: +54 Mitigation

Rebellion of Sapphire: +3 Evasion

Battle Ready:

x5 Safeguard Potion: 1 Attack negated

x1 Grand Legionbane: +9 Damage

Grand Guard III: +28 Thorns & +3 Heavy Momentum

x1 Basic Teleportation Crystal: Upon use, teleport to the nearest town next turn

x1 Rare Antidote: 2 Turn Immunity

x1 Uncommon Antidote: 

Skills & Mods:

Two-Handed Battle Axe [Rank 5]: Quick Change Mod

Heavy Armor [Rank 5]: Athletics Mod

Charge [Rank 5]

Battle Healing [Rank 5]

Block [Rank 5]: Rampart Mod

Howl: Focused Howl Mod


Familiar Master: Accurate [Rank 3]

Martial Arts [Rank 5]: Quick Change Mod




Achilles [Rank 5]: 40% Damage Reduction (All Incoming Damage after MIT and Rampart/Parry reduction multiplied by 0.6 (Ex. [150 DMG - 50 MIT] * 0.6 ACH = 60)

Temporary Enhancements:

Safeguard: Negates first successful attack

It seemed the day of the floor raid had come, and with it the test of their preparations. As he looked forward towards the gathering area for the battle to soon commence, Calrex gave a small sigh. The area was fairly quiet, with the only sound currently closest being the light clanking of his Grand Chariot III armor as he made his way over. At the moment the Grand Gauntlets were his choice weapon to start, the massive striking implements attached over his armor's gauntlets.

That being said there was a new piece to his current set. Worn across his neck was a small charm, one with a snowflake design template for the base that sparkled with an amethyst purple shade. In each of the quadrants was a different symbol, all being separated by an interlocked straight sword and katana. In order from top left clockwise was a kite shield, battle axe, crossed arms, and knight helm, each a slightly lighter shade to stand out from the base frame, the Rebellion of Sapphire. Giving a nod to Macradon, the pendant bounced for a moment, with the purple shades briefly glinting sapphire blue before the Ultramarine Knight moved to the side.

The action of pulling out and activating a Safeguard potion at this moment felt like habit, something that needed to be done before the start of any raid. "Now we just have to wait for the others to arrive. Still wondering exactly how this battle is going to unfold. We do have a plan of approach based on what we know, but this time around the system still holds a lot of the cards, likely ones that could throw whatever best laid plans out the door. It certainly wouldn't be the first time."

Opening and closing his fists the bluenette looked towards the doors for a moment before facing the ground, leaning back against a nearby wall and crossing his arms, "Outside of temporary buffs I'm about as prepared as I can think of. With Domarus finishing the new trinket, this means that I'll have maximized base Evasion without Light Armor's mod, full base Accuracy when using Martial Arts, almost full Mitigation on top of Achilles' reactive damage reduction, basically full base damage value, and the ability to quickly change between high single or AoE damage at the drop of a hat. Battle Healing is about as strong as I can get it without having to replace any other stats, and when switching to shield I'll have Rampart to neutralize even more damage. Since I'll be tanking for the team I'm on, Focused Howl is at the ready for making sure none of the others hopefully get singled out, and I've got more Safeguard potions at the ready should they need it."

"I just hope it's enough..."

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(OOC: Not participating in battle. I am only here to distribute the items that I have crafted to the players that need them. Please @ me if you take an item so I can make sure the list is kept up to date. All items are free)

Neo timidly showed up to the gathering area. It was her first time being there and she didn't know what to expect. It was also quite likely that players would be looking down at her for her level. Neo got to work though and set up her little distribution stand. She had been working hard on making sure that she had as much as possible for people. There were still a couple things that she was missing, but she would have to deal with that later. Hopefully she would be able to ferry a couple extra resources to her stand. She didn't mind if people took from it, it was all meant to be free to them anyways. Neo just wanted to make sure that she gave out the items that were specifically ordered. Though she wasn't the one they ordered from, Neo hoped that they wouldn't mind. She wanted to pitch in however she could, and right now she was in no place to actually enter the boss arena. Once Neo had set up her stand, she placed a sign and a note in front.


Tacet Cibum Mobile Distributions. All spare food free for the raid.

There will hopefully be more coming, I will be ferrying things to and from the meeting spot to try and provide for everybody. If you wish to use my services outside of the raid, you can find my shop on floor 7. Currently low on stock for raid preparations, you may need to wait before I can refill the shop.




@Itzal (Claimed)


Name: Tofu burger
Item Type: Meal
Tier: 1
Quality: Rare
Enhancements: Protein 2 (+2 base damage and - 10 MIT for one thread)
Description: A small tofu burger meant to work as an excellent vegetarian protein substitute

@Ruby (claimed)


Name: Tofu burger
Item Type: Meal
Tier: 1
Quality: Rare
Enhancements: Protein 2 (+2 base damage and - 10 MIT for one thread)
Description: A small tofu burger meant to work as an excellent vegetarian protein substitute

Name: Baked potato with green onions
Item Type: Meal
Tier: 3
Quality: Perfect
Enhancements: Over-Health 3 (+135 Max HP for one thread)
Description: A delicious baked potato with green onions sprinkled on top for extra flavor.

A note is left with the meals, "Thank you for going fishing with me"

@Aereth (claimed)


Name: Tofu burger
Item Type: Meal
Tier: 1
Quality: Rare
Enhancements: Protein 2 (+2 base damage and - 10 MIT for one thread)
Description: A small tofu burger meant to work as an excellent vegetarian protein substitute





These are all buffs that are crafted at T2 or lower and do not scale by tier. Anyone who does not have these buffs already are free to use them so long as they intent to use them in the raid. Stock is here until it's gone. Please @ me if you take something so I can keep the shop up to date.

Name: Carrots and squash (1 available)
Item Type: Meal
Tier: 2
Quality: Rare
Enhancements: +2 ACC for one thread
Description: some carrots and squash to sharpen your eyesight



These are the buffs that scale, make sure you are of the appropriate tier before you take them. Stock is here until it's gone. Please @ me if you take something so I can keep the shop up to date.

Name: Iron-infused steak (2 available)
Your Profession: Cook
Item Type: Meal
Tier: 3
Quality: Perfect
Enhancements: Mitigation 3 (+ 45 MIT for one thread)
Description: A delicious steak fortified with extra iron.

Name: Boiled Potato (1 available)
Item Type: Meal
Tier: 3
Quality: Uncommon
Enhancements: Over-Health 1 (+45 Max HP for one thread)
Description: A potato boiled and ready to eat. Not much flavor but helps that little bit more

Name: A warm potato (2 available)
Item Type: Meal
Tier: 2
Quality: Uncommon
Enhancements: overhealth 1 (+30 Max HP for one thread)
Description: A potato warmed with the heart of a fighter.



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» Baldur, The Gaijin Samurai

  • Modified HP: 1405 (1150+120+135)
  • Modified EN: 112
  • Modified MIT: 114 (79-10+45)
  • Modified ACC: 5 (3+2)
  • Modified DMG: 27 (22+2+3)
  • Modified EVA: 5 (3+2)
  • Battle Heal: 71 (56 From BH and +15 from Blood Bane)
  • Search: 0
  • ~= Buffs=~
  • Temp Buff: Protein: +2 DMG, -10 Mit
  • Temp Buff: Safeguard
  • Temp Buff: Tier 2 Perfect Damage Potion +3 DMG
  • Temp Buff: Field Ration II: +120HP
  • Temp Buff: Antidote (0/2 turns)
  • Temp Buff: Dessert +2 Accuracy
  • Temp Buff: Dessert +2 Evasion
  • Temp Buff: Blood Bane - +15 HP per turn
  • Temp Buff: Alchemy overhealth +135
  • Temp Buff: Tier 3 Perfect +45 Mit
  • Temp Buff: Lightning Rod (Paralyze on BD 9 or 10)
  • Temp Buff: T2 Perfect Toxic Venom (16 poison damage for 3 turns on BD 9 or 10)

» Base Stats

  • Base HP: 1150
  • Base EN: 112
  • Base MIT: 79
  • Base ACC: 3
  • Muramasa DMG: 22 (No bonus from familiar)
  • Base EVA: 3
  • Battle Heal: 46 HP
  • Search: +0

» Items Equipped:

  • Muramasa - +12 Damage
  • Montsuki haori - 54 DMG MIT/+1 EVASION
  • Emerald Teardrop - +2 ACC/+1 EVASION
  • Dimensional Backpack

» Battle-Ready Inventory:

  • Medium T2 Antidote Potion x1 | Rare T2 Item | Antidote | immune to negative status effects for 2 turns
  • Basic Teleportation Crystal x1 | Good Item | Teleports player to the Town of Beginnings
  • Max Mass HP Recovery Crystal x5 | Perfect T2 Item | +30*Target Tier (30/60/90)
  • Max T2 HP Recovery Crystal II x5 | Perfect T2 Item | +180 HP
  • Safeguard Potion x3 | Perfect Tier 1 | Safeguard
  • Max Vitality Snack x2  | Perfect Tier 2 | Grants +12 Energy

» Skills:

  • Searching | Rank 0/5 | +0 Bonus to LD, +0 to Stealth Detect
  • Battle Healing| 4 Rank | While in combat, recover 1% per rank (45HP) at the beginning of your turn
  • Charge | 5 ranks | +1 base damage per rank (+5 damage) once per opponent per combat
  • One Handed Curved Sword | Rank 1/5 | Novice
  • Katana | Rank 5/5 | Grand Master
  • Light Armor | 5 Rank | +25 Mitigation
  • Concentration | No Ranks | Gain +1 BD for a single attack | 5 Turn Cooldown
  • Familiar Mastery: Fighter|  1 Rank | +3 base damage (Does not stack with equipment)
  • Survival | Purchased |  Increases out of combat health regen to (15xTier) 45 per post

» Mods:

  • Athletics: +1 DMG +30 HP
  •  Katana Precision: +1 to Accuracy
  •  Katana Ferocity: +1 damage on katana sword arts
  •  Sprint & Acrobatics: +1 Evasion

((I will be keeping the above stats up to date as I get more buffs, so that there is only one point of reference and things are not confused))

It was time.

For the Nth time, Baldur tugged at his gauntlets. They still felt new to him after he had worn his previous armor for so long. He was the perhaps the most defense focused of the light armor DPS users, but that was probably the scars left behind from Azide, and the uncertainty of what may come. All of that apparently meant that he had a new nervous tick of fiddling with his gauntlets to make sure they were secure. They were equipped in his status window, which was really all that mattered, but it was one of those strange physical ticks left over from time in the other world.

Looking around, he saw that he was one of the early birds to this fight. Mac and Cal were here and ready to lead their teams, while a junior player seemed to have a delivery of consumables for them. He wondered if @Oikawa would be able to make the fight as well. The gaijin samurai knew how troublesome upgrading to the new tier of equipment had been, and he didn't know if the blond had had the chance to do so yet.

Turning to @Neopolitan Baldur gave the cook a smile and a respectful bow.

"Thank you so much for your contribution. This will greatly help me to excel in the coming fight." It was against Baldur's principles to take something without giving something back, but he didn't have an idea of what would be considered equivalent trade. So he resolved himself to look up the players shop afterwards and repay them for their kindness and hard work.

As he ate his Tofu Burger, Baldur walked over to the two tanks, @Macradon and @Calrex. "It is good to see you both, my friends. Are you ready for this fight? It we are right, it could be the most chaotic we have fought since Rohk."

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Finally it was time for the brunette to attend his first floor boss battle. He had prepared accordingly for the upcoming raid. His best set of armor and weaponry was already equipped, white flames dancing around his armor and a dark aura coming from his sheathed blade. Calmly he took the item he had received from two players that were supplying the frontliners with important buffs. . He needed some time to calm himself down and to mentally prepare for the battle, so he thanked @Pinball, @Zandra and @Neopolitan, went over to his raid group and nodded once and immediately went into stealth, preparing for the raid to finally begin.

He closed his eyes, took a deep breath before reopening them again and activating his hiding skill. Today he wasn't the PKKer he usually embodied. Not the most feared player in Aincrad. Just another player that wants to help clearing the game and getting all of their a**es out of this living hell. Just another warrior in the war the maniac Akihiko Kayaba forced them to participate...

Aereth entered Stealth! Stealth Rating: +7

ID# 103288 results: Loot: 17+7 = 24



Level 47

970 HP
94 Energy
+4 Accuracy
+3 Evasion
+68 Mitigation
19 Base Damage

Crow (Armor) +2 EVA, +1 MIT
Goldcrest MK.2 +1 MIT, +1 Flame Aura, +1EVA
Dimensional Shift (Weapon: Katana) +1 Phase, 2 ACC

Battle Ready Inventory:
Dexterous Intent (Ring) +3 ACC
Nightingale (Armor) +3 EVA
Halloween Safeguard
Zandra Safeguard

Surprise Attack

+2 DMG, -10MIT
+30HP Overhealth
+2 EVA
+2 ACC
+30 MIT
+3 DMG


Rank 5 Katana
Rank 5 Hiding
Rank 3 Charge
Rank 2 Search and Detect
Rank 3 FM:Fighter
Rank 1 OHCB
[Survival] earned, but not activated


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Shield was not far behind the others, his closest companion Beat traveling along with him. He was not sure how to feel about the other player's presence. The last time they had been together for any length of time was indeed the last time they made this trek across the mountains, when they first found and then cleared the first part of the labyrinth with Hestia. Since then, they had not seen much of each other. Perhaps it was just coincidence. Shield suspected that the younger player had retreated inward though and stopped taking part in much of the other experiences of Aincrad. His shop had been closed, and Shield no longer received many invitations to go questing, nor did he receive answers to those he sent. It was a relief, but at the same time a little disheartening because he had every suspicion that things would fall right back to how they were as soon as this fight was over.

"I'm using our other Freylise Potion," Shield said, uncorking it in succession with the slew of other cosumables he was in the process of downing. "There have been a few rumblings of players borrowing ideas from your build, so it couldn't hurt to stay on top of your damage. I've also got a couple of other surprises up my sleeve for that."

The mountains didn't bother them. Even with the simulated effects of the thinner air, both players had earned their Survival skills long ago, and to them it was just another stroll in the mountains like back home on the eleventh floor. They arrived just behind the other early arrivals. Shield was especially pleased to see Baldur and Calrex, not to mention Macradon, who he had championed to be shot caller for the raid team. He gave each a nod of greeting, taking an extra moment to exchange a glance with Baldur, who was in the same raid team as he and Beat. There were big things in the works, and this would be the first time that the three of them, along with their potential extra guild member Zandra, would all be at the same fight in a very long time.

"Good to see you out on the lines again," he said to Baldur. "There's a lot up in the air about today, and we need cool heads and experienced minds on the ground." He looked back the way they had come towards the labyrinth's entrance. "This place is about as eerie as it was last time I was here." Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted Neo, giving her a nod as well. He might have been concerned, but she seemed geared for business rather than battle, which was much less concerning for him.



[Battle Stats]

Name Shield
Level 76
Guild Celestial Ascendants
Rank Senitnel
Hit Points 1865/1865
Energy Points 152/152
Damage 1
Mitigation 261
Evasion -1
* Def. Damage 99
Battle Healing 93
Envenom (Defensive) 18 / 4 turns [BD: 9-10]
Loot Die 5
Recovery 3
Taunt -
* Defensive Damage Breakdown
Thorns 54
Flame Aura 15
Immolation: 30

[Equipped Items]

Item Tier Item Type Enhancements
Spirit Plate 3 Heavy Armor Mitigation II Recovery I  
Stinging Nettle 3 Heavy Armor Thorns II Envenom I  
Manticore Mask 3 Shield Mitigation I Taunt Flame Aura I
Resilient Wedding Ring - Trinket +12 Mitigation    
Sword - OHSS -    
Hoya of Minos - Trinket -

[Housing Bonuses]

Bonus Effect Uses
Well Rested -1 EN cost [3/3]
Squeaky Clean -25% DOT dmg / turn [1/1]
Item Stash +1 Battle-Ready Inventory slot  
Skylight ** +1 Expertise (Search & Detect)  
Relaxed +45 HP/post, EN refresh in 2 posts  
Advanced Training +2 SP/month  
Multipurpose +2 to certain rolls/10 posts  

[Battle Ready Inventory]

Items Type Tier Quality Quantity Slot
Teleport Crystals Crystal - Perfect 5 1
Potion of Safeguard Potion - Perfect 1 2
Antidote Salve Salve - Perfect 4 3
Blood Brothers - Bleed II, Damage I 1H Axe 3 Perfect 1 4
Instant Song of Healing Crystal 3 Perfect 1 5
Mass Recovery Crystal Crystal 3 Perfect 5 Dimensional Backpack
Jagged Pykrete - Thorns II, Never-Freeze Hv. Arm. 3 Perfect 1 Storage Closet


Skills Rank
Heavy Armor 5
Block 5
Battle Healing 5
First Aid 5
Search & Detect 5
Howl -
Fighting Spirit -
Parry -
Energize -
Picking -
Fishing -
Extra Skills Rank
Healer Familiar 3
Martial Arts 0
Meditatation -
Concentration -
Survival -
Mods Status
Athletics On
Stonewall On
Focused Howl On
Sharpness On
Justified Riposte On
Vengeful Riposte Off
Dismantling Off

[Consumables Used]

Item Tier Quality Effect
Filet O' King 3 Perfect +135 HP
Solid Marble Cake 3 Perfect +45 Mit +15 [kitchen]
Potion of Safeguard - Perfect Null attack damage [1/1]
Potion of Antidote 1 Perfect Null status effect [3/3]
Field Rations +2 - - +120 HP
Immolation Potion +2 - - +30 Thn
Darkness Salve - - +20 Mit, -3 Dmg
Freylise Potion - - +2 Dmg [Shield & Beat]




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Beat kept quiet about his absence, though that was about the only thing he kept quiet on. As usual, he spent the journey talking Shield's ear off, failing to leave himself time to consume his consumables. As they made it to the actual labyrinth, he slapped his forehead. "I need to eat my buffs! Hang on, big guy!" Summoning out an armful of food items, he plowed through them as quickly as he could, having several pieces of food get caught in his throat. He almost chugged his antidote salve, but caught himself at the last minute and dumped it over the top of his head.

He spotted an unfamiliar player handing out food items, who of which he quickly grabbed up and gobbled down, thanking her through a mouthful of food. With his consumables finally consumed, he turned back to Shield, punching his fists together. "Right! Let's do this!"

@Neopolitan Claiming One Carrots and Squash and one Turducken. Thank you! I'll definitely send food back to you once I start crafting again. :)

[Battle Stats]

Name Beat
Level 51
Guild Celestial Ascendants
Rank Paladin
Hit Points 1140/1140
Energy Points 102/102
Damage 28
Mitigation 147
Evasion 2
Accuracy 7
Loot Die 2
Prosperity 0
Additional Buffs Antidote 3/3
  Safe Guard

[Equipped Gear]

Item Tier Enhancements
Eagle's Splendor 1 +3 ACC
Spear of Destiny 2 Absolute Accuracy, Holy Damage, Bleed
Bulwark 3 +3 Mitigation
Ring of Strong Will 3 +1 Damage

[Housing Bonuses]

Buff Effect Uses
Well Rested -1 EN cost 3/3
Squeaky Clean -25% DOT dmg / turn 1/1
Hard Working +2 Crafting Exp & +1 Attempt  
Filling Craft Food  
Relaxed HP regen now 45/turn OOC  
Item Stash +1 Battle Ready Slot  
Multipurpose +2 on Certain Rolls/10 Posts  
Delicious Craft Feasts   
Skylight (Searching) +1 to LD  
Advanced Training +2 SP for one thread/month  

[Battle Ready Inventory]

Items Type Tier Quality Quantity Enhancement
Basic Teleportation Crystal Crystal 1 Uncommon 1  
Healing Crystal Potion 2 Rare 3  
Swords Dance Potion Potion 2 Perfect 3  
Safe Guard Potion Potion 1 Perfect 0  
Power Bar [Vitality] Snack 2 Rare 3 Vitality
Shi's Talon 2H Spear 2 Perfect 1 Absolute Acc., Paralyze, Freeze


Skills Rank
Heavy Armor 3/5
Search and Detect 1/5
Charge 5/5
2H Spears 5/5
Ferocity [2H Spears]  
Finesse [2H Spears] 3/3
Precision [2H Spears]  
Stamina [2H Spears]  
Athletics (Heavy Armor)  
Extra Skills  
Martial Arts [Extra Skill]  
Concentration [Extra Skill]  
Survival [Extra Skill]  
Familiar Skills  
Fighter 3/3



T1 Protein Powder: +3 Dmg, -15 Mit [Applying Basic Kitchen Bonus for +1 slot of Protein]
Swords Dance Potion: +3 Dmg

[1x] Freylise Love Potion [[Unique Potion - T1] - +2 Dmg for Beat and Shield [Shield Consumed]

Safe Guard Potion

Wedding Steak: T3 Perfect Mitigation Meal [+45 MIT]

Antidote: T1 Perfect Salve

Meat on Dem Bones: Perfect T2 overhealth meal [+90 HP Overhealth]

Turducken [T2 Rare Snack]: +2 EVA, +1 ACC

Carrots and Squash: +2 ACC


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The trek across the floor was long and boring. The wastelands were without NPC's  or anything she found worth of value. She found that she didn''t like the floor and after the boss raid she wouldn't be coming back except for the quests when she scaled herself to the required level. She would move through the labyrinth, finding the boss room without encountering enemies. The area was lit by torches which gave the room an eerie light. Her eyes met the boss room and a cold shiver shot down her spine. The door itself seemed to be etched with death itself, whispering came from the other side. Multiple voices, all saying things in which she didn't know or understand. She moved over to a darker corner of the room, consuming buffs. As she was finished she would sigh, using her low leveled hide skill to conceal herself. She didn't have any mods, just the fact that she didn't want to speak to anyone. 'I'll let my group pull away their attention and knock them off balance before striking' 







Level 34
68 Energy
4 Accuracy
1 Evasion
16 Base Damage
78 Mitigation
1 Bleed
1 Paralyctic Venom
1 Phase
+1 LD
+1 Hide


     <<Shadow's Infection>> // +1 Phase, +1 Paralyctic Venom, +1 Bleed
<<Shadow of Dusk>> // +36 Mit, +1 EVA
<<Shadow's Light>> // +3 ACC
              <<Umbra>> // +6 DMG

Battle Ready Inventory
            1. 2x T2 HP Crystals - +120 HP                               
2. 1x Teleportation Crystal                          
3. T2 Nato's Might - 2 Holy, 1 DMG, 1 ACC
4. T2 Shadow's Eclipse - +6 DMG              
5. 1x T2 HP Potion - +120 HP                    

T2 Major Mitigation Potion - +30 MIT
T1 DMG Potion - +3 DMG
Will of Steel - +90 Max HP
Field Rations - +75 Max HP
Safeguard Candy (From the Halloween Event)
Fish with Strong +1 BD


One Handed Dagger | Rank 5: +5 DMG
Search and Detect | Rank 1: +1 LD
                      Sneak and Hide | Rank 1: +2 Stealth Rating
                                                     Light Armor | Rank 3: +12 Mitigation                               
      E Familiar - DMG | Rank 3 +6 DMG
                                                              E Survival | No Ranks: Immunity to Environmental Effects
                                                  E Disguise | +1 ACC to Players - 5 Turn Cooldown

Skill Mods

Athletics ~ +20 HP, +1 DMG


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With his proud stance, Macradon loosened up as it was quite tiresome to just stand there all proud and mighty by yourself, just standing there, it felt really wrong. After just a little time of waiting, it did not take long before Calrex, the Ultramarine Knight, would appear. With a happy genuine smile, Macradon would nod back and close his eyes momentarily at the fellow designated tank for this raid. This was going to be tough, he hadn’t been a Raid Tank before, all he had been doing all the raids had been Dregs or all out damage against a single target, being a tank will prove quite the difficulty for Macradon, but he just had to do it, he needed to do it for the sake of Aincrad. Not only that, one of his customers had arrived to the meeting spot to deliver to the frontlines. With an eager movement, Macradon would stick the banner hard into the ground for it to stand, as well as wrap the chain around the banner and put down his helmet by its side and walk up to the girl. “Hey, you received the request?” he asked and would take the item that he had requested. “Thanks a lot …” he said with a smile, and as he read the note he would look back and reply “You’re welcome, come again whenever you need any armoury” he said. Looking at the other items she had he asked "Could I get one of those?" poitnign at the tuckey duck chicken. As he was given that item as well, he went back to his self claimed spot, sat down and began munching down the steak. While doing so, many more were arriving, the Gaijin Samurai, that guy with a lot of kills, Master Merchant Shield, Damage man Beat and … someone he didn’t really remember. Nodding and waving at the people as they arrived, Macradon would finish eating his meal and stand back up like he did when he started at the raid spot.

< Claiming Iron-infused steak from @Neopolitan >
< Claiming Turducken from Nepolitan >
< Iron-infused steak consumed >
< Turducken consumed >


Stat changes has been edited into stat post

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Neo quickly left her stall, as she realized she had left some of her items back at her shop. It would do the items no good to just be sitting back there with no one to actually use them. Once at her shop, Neo quickly looked around for where she put them, eventually remembering they were in her fridge. Grabbing them, Neo returned to where the gathering was. At the very least, she knew she could dodge around the creatures that lurked on this floor. It shouldn't be too hard to make it back without needing to carry as much. There were less people taking things than she anticipated, though she guessed that not everyone was here yet. She had no idea what the scale of a raid would be, and realized she may not have planned accordingly. Hopefully, there were other chefs who were able to make foodstuffs for people.

(These are only additional items requested, please look at the my first post in this thread for items that are up for grabs, first come first serve)


@Teion (claimed)


Name: Well-done Steak
Item Type: Meal
Tier: 2
Quality: Rare
Enhancements: MIT (+20 MIT for one thread)
Description: a well-done steak to fortify your body

@Telrenya (claimed)


Name: Well-done Steak
Item Type: Meal
Tier: 2
Quality: Rare
Enhancements: MIT (+20 MIT for one thread)
Description: a well-done steak to fortify your body



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At her sides, Teion's fingertips danced amongst themselves. She fidgeted while she walked, all the way from the main settlement of Kalanaes, past the Kriit Wasteland, to the high mountain peaks, and finally the entrance of the labyrinth. It was a long walk, and Teion had far too much to think about in the time that it took to get there. At some point, she tried keeping her hands busy by pulling out and munching on some of the field rations she had picked up from Shield's shop just hours ago. She had a couple of items to pass off to Jomei and the woman she'd met in passing at the Valentine's party.

"Thanks." She mumbled in equally a quiet voice to the boy who handed her a couple more food items. She then gave a nod of thanks after picking up ones that the quiet girl with dual-colored hair offered as she dashed around to supply the other frontliners with various buffs before the fight. She swallowed, trying to force down her nerves. She had talked with Ryo not long before heading out, and though it would not be her first fight anymore, the butterflies in her stomach made it feel like it very well might have been.



Level: 43
Health: 935 | Energy: 86
DMG: 19 | MIT: 56 | ACC: 6 | EVA: 2
Recovery: 3
Fallen DMG: 8

Non-combat skills:
<<Searching>> [13/50]: Rank 2 - Journeyman

Combat skills:
<<Charge>> [50/50]: Rank 5 - Grandmaster

Weapon skills:
<<Two-Handed Battle Axe>> [50/50]: Rank 5 - Grandmaster

Extra skills:
<<Familiar Mastery: Fighter>> [18/18] Rank 3 - Grandmaster

[Active] <<Precision>>
[Active] <<Two-Handed Battle Axe: Ferocity>>

»[Equipped] [Perfect] Darkened Battleaxe +8 Fallen, +1 ACC
»[Equipped] [Perfect] Waning Crescent +2 ACC, +1 Recovery
»[Equipped] [Perfect] Amethyst Set +36 MIT, +2 Recovery

»[Perfect] Requiem +6 DMG
»[Consumable] Teleport Crystal x1

Items Used
»Candy-Guard (Safeguard) +Safeguard
»Field Rations +75 HP

»Queen's Honey +3 DMG
»Well-done Steak +20 MIT

»Baby Carrots +2 ACC
»Garlic Bread +2 EVA

Giving @Jomei a Teleport Crystal and Field Rations (+120 HP)
Giving Telrenya Field Rations (+75 HP)

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Walking side-by-side with her fiance, Telrenya gave his hand a small squeeze in anticipation. She was finally starting to feel that she was standing not only on her own two feet, but her chin was held a bit higher with Jomei at her side. She was stuck in her own mind for a bit, trying desperately to psyche herself up despite the nervous energy in the air.

Pulling herself back to the world around her, however, Telrenya couldn't help but let out a chuckle while she nudged at the man's arm. "Hey!" She shot back, unable to refute his implication that it was taking them forever to go through with their wedding. It had been a while since Jomei's proposal, and her lips pursed as she felt a touch of guilt for not putting more time into the actual event.

With the feeling of his hand upon her should, a soft smile was brought back to her face while she followed suit in retrieving her mask from her inventory. "Definitely." She nodded in agreement, reaching up to give his arm a quick, loving squeeze. "After this one."



Level: 40
Health: 935 | Energy: 80
DMG: 19 | MIT: 89 | ACC: 6 | EVA: 5

Combat skills:
►<<Charge>> [35/50]: Rank 4 - Master

Weapon skills:
►<<Rapier>> [50/50]: Rank 5 - Grandmaster

Armor skills:
<<Light Armor>> [5/50]: Rank 1 - Novice

Extra skills:
<<Familiar Mastery: Protector>> [18/18]: Rank 3 - Grandmaster

►[Active] <<Precision>>
►[Active] <<Ferocity: Rapier>>

»[Equipped] [Perfect] Celestial Dawn +6 DMG
»[Equipped] [Perfect] Celestial Blessing +2 EVA, +1 ACC
»[Equipped] [Perfect] Erin's Favor +2 ACC, +1 EVA
»[Equipped] [Unique] Mask of the Lovers +60 Over-Health, +1 LD (Only active when in a thread with Jomei)

»[Consumable] Teleport Crystal x1

Items Used
»Candy-Guard (Safeguard) +Safeguard
»Field Rations +75 HP
»Perfect Potion +3 DMG

»Well-done Steak +20 MIT
»Baby Carrots +2 ACC
»Garlic Bread +2 EVA


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"Finally time to fight the floor boss, or bosses it would seem." she had thought to herself as she had stepped to the area in which all the players had been meeting, she had seen quite a bit of familiar faces... mostly some within her guild and those who had appeared in the last floor boss battle which she still has some PTSD about. Looking over she had seen that @Neopolitan was here, at first thought she had wondered why she was even here, but she remembered about a custom order she made for the boss fight, with a smile she said out to her "Aw, no need to thank me, just who I am. Thank you for creating this food for me I really appreciate it." she had then began to eat the food that was provided to her. Then after a moment Ruby had looked over to see Pinball come and give her the rest of the order that she had been wanting, walking up to him with a smile said to @Pinball "Thank you so much, means a lot"


Ruby the Feisty Healer - Level 57 [SP: 255]
HP: 1275 - EN: 114
DMG: 20
ACC: 5
EVA: 5
LD: 7
First Aid Heal: 20%
Paralyze: 9-10

Omega [T3 Perfect Gauntlets] - Enhancements: Damage III
Delta [T3 Perfect Light Armor] - Enhancements: Evasion III
Focus Bangle [T2 Perfect Trinket] - Enhancements: Accuracy III
Purobolos [T3 Familiar] - Effect: +3 LD

Battle Ready:
1x Teleportation Crystal
4x Standard Healing Potions

Rank 5 First Aid [50 SP] - Mods: Sharpness [10 SP] / Purify [10 SP] / Field Medic [15 SP]
Rank 4 Searching [35 SP]
Energize [15 SP]
Fishing [10 SP]
Picking [15 SP] - Mods: Dismantling [10 SP]
Rank 5 Martial Arts [50 SP] - Mods: Ferocity [15 SP]
Rank 3 Familiar Mastery: Treasure Hunter [18 SP]
Survival [0 SP - Not Active]

Tofu Burger [T1 Rare Food] - +2 DMG / -10 MIT (as if I had any)
Baked Potato with Green Onions [T3 Perfect Food] - +135 Max HP
On the Run [T3 Rare Dessert] - +2 EVA 
Bullseye [T3 Rare Dessert] - +2 ACC
Insert Safeguard Name Here [Insert Tier Here Perfect Potion] - +Safeguard *will update when I know the name and tier*
Banshee's Veil [Quest Potion] - +1 Paralyze


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The Irishman continued to move through the dark elf cavern, his blonde haired lover at his side. He wore a slightly sour look on his face, partially wishing that they could have avoided this fight entirely.. or at least, that was the front he was putting up when in reality he simply wished he had gotten off of his ass and prepped more for this fight. Olive eyes trailed to the side to look at Telrenya for a short moment, thinking of how they had originally planned to have their wedding shortly before the Bialas fight. Yet, here they were, walking towards another boss that would prove to be the strongest that the frontliners have encountered thus far. The man chuckled, trying to bring his own spirits up from the mud. "So I'm thinking, at this rate, we can see us planning our wedding for after the 75th boss fight? Maybe even before if we get lucky." he looked to her again with a playful smirk before letting out a small sigh, "I just wish we had more time to plan and set it up.. but it seems like when the thought crosses our mind, another boss fight rolls around." 

Despite the ginger's distaste in already participating in yet another fight as such, he knew that the frontlines could use his and Tel's combined damage. The two finally arrived in the hallway where few other players were gathered, readying their equipment and passing out consumables. Before they stepped closer to any players, Jomei placed a soft hand on his fiance's shoulder with a smile, "After this one." Going into his inventory, the man took out his half mask from the Valentine's Day Masquerade and placed it upon his face, reaping the benefits of fighting with Tel by his side. Scrolling through the rest of his inventory, he let out another sigh, wishing he had gotten the chance to grab some items for this fight.

Jomei's Stats: 

HP: 1390(+90 OH) = 1480
En: 151

DMG: 17
EVA: 4

ACC: 4
MIT: 52
Savvy: 2

LD: 1


Grandmaster Rapier Skill (+5 DMG)

Grandmaster Light Armor Rank 5 (+25 mit)
Charge Rank 5 (+5 DMG)

Energist (+5*Tier EN)

Battle Healing Rank 5 (5% HP Recovery)


Extra Skills:

Concentration (+1 BD when used)
Martial Arts Rank 4 (+5 DMG Unarmed)
Survival (+15*Tier HP Out of battle & Not effected by environment)
Meditation (3*Tier EN,reduces to 2*Tier if hit before next turn.)
Familiar Handling: Accurate (Rk.3) (+3 ACC)


Rapier Ferocity (+1 DMG to Sword Arts )
Rapier Finesse Rank 3(+5*Tier En)

Athletics (+1 DMG, +10*Tier HP)
Precision(+1 ACC)
Sprint and Acrobatics(+1 EVA)


Weapon: Oathkeeper (+3 DMG x Tier 3)(9 Dmg)

Armor: Coat of The Master Duelist (+1 MIT, +2 Savvy)

Accessory: Erin's Protection (+3 EVA)

Familiar: Adere the Tawny Owl (+3 ACC)

Extra: Mask of the Lovers (+1 LD, +90 Over Health)

[Only active when in a thread with Telrenya]


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Hikoru showed up onto the 23rd floor quietly, his thoughts from the boss meeting still lingering in his mind. He had asked others if he had succeeded as a leader, as a Hero in his own right, and both said he did. But he still felt like he had failed. Why did he feel this way? His face showed his emotions, the look of confusion, anger, frustration, and he did his best to get his mind off it, but he couldnt. He prepared for the day, taking a bath and doing everything in his house he could think to do before the boss raid, but none of them cheered him up before he got to where he was now. He saw the group in the area, and he used the shadows to conceal his emotions, his face. He used stealth quickly, not wanting to be noticed by them, and prepared for the fight. He knew his skillsmanship was sloppy for him, due to his mortal quarrels. He sighed and did his best to clear his mind.

ID: 103162 LD: 8+7+1= 16 Stealth Rating



Title: Master of Shadows

Level: 75

HP: 1500

EN: 150

DMG: 21
ACC: 3
EVA: 3
MIT: 79


2x  T3 Tears of Tranquility - +120 HP Restore


Grandmaster Dagger (+5 Damage)
Grandmaster Light Armor (+25 Mirigation)
Grandmaster Charge (+5 DMG First Hit)
Grandmaster Hiding (+5 to Hiding Checks)
Grandmaster Shadowed Path
Grandmaster Battle Healing (5% Health regen per hit)
Rank 2 Martial Arts (+4 Damage)

Extra Skills:

Concentration (+1 BD when used)
Martial Arts (Rank 1)
Survival (+15*Tier HP Out of battle & Not effected by environment)
Familiar Handling: Fighter (Max Rank) (+9 DMG)


Sneak Attack [Assassin] (+2 Damage, Auto Attack, No stuns or status affects can trigger)
Athletics (+1 DMG, +10*Tier HP)
Precision (+1 ACC)
Vanish (Return to stealth using a post, automatically enter stealth after killing a foe)
Blindside (Gain +2 Stealth Rating. Natural BD rolls of 9-10 reduce the target's accuracy by 1 for one turn when attacking from stealth.)


Untraceable (Negates the effect of the Tracking skill against the user.)


Weapon: Dimensional Dagger: (+1 Phase, +2 ACC)

Armor: Shadow's Triumph (+54 MIT, +1 Light Momentum)

Accessory: --- Shadow's Gait (+3 EVA)

Familiar: Sir Rolland the Mini Pumpking (+9 DMG)


+45 MIT
+3 Damage
+2 Damage (Trolls Blood)
Basement (+1 Stealth Rating)
Bathroom (The first time you would suffer DoT damage in a thread, reduce damage taken from DoT each turn by 20% (rounded down))
Bedroom (-1 energy cost for the first two expenditures of each combat)
Mega Slime Farm [July] (+2 SP)


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Though a bit late to arrive, as usual, Pinball finally showed up to where the frontliners had gathered. As he approached the ominous spire, his heart pounding in his chest, he called to mind the series of events that had brought him here. This was, after all, the endgoal for any players who truly wanted to escape the game. So then, why was he so frightened by the idea of joining? He began to notice other players milling about and forced those thoughts to the back of his mind. He'd walked all this way already. There'd be no point in turning back now. With equally as shaky hands and voice, Pinball began to hand out his consumables. "Good luck," he'd mumble to them as he went about his business. "Sorry about the delay." After he was finished, Pinball shuffled over to a relatively empty spot, where he took a seat. It's starting soon. He equipped his spear, laying the weapon across his lap. Deep breaths. 





[x1] Perfect T2 Meal - Corned Beef and Rice: +3 Over-Health [#99340]
[x1] Perfect T2 Meal - The American Dream: +3 Mitigation [#100423]
[x1] Rare T2 Meal  - Apple Cider: +2 DMG, -20 Mitigation [#100421]
[x1] Rare T1 Dessert - Jailbreak Cake: +2 EVA [#99691]
[x1] Rare T1 Dessert - Eye-Spy Cake: +2 ACC [#100018]



[x1] Rare T3 Dessert - On the Run: +2 EVA [#101777] 
[x1] Rare T3 Dessert - Bullseye: +2 ACC [#101786] 



[x1] Rare T3 Dessert - On the Run: +2 EVA  [#101777-1]
[x1] Rare T3 Dessert - Bullseye: +2 ACC [#102200] 



[x1] Rare T3 Dessert - On the Run: +2 EVA  [#101778] 
[x1] Rare T3 Dessert - Bullseye: +2 ACC [#102200-1]



[x1] Rare T3 Dessert - On the Run: +2 EVA  [#101878] 
[x1] Rare T3 Dessert - Bullseye: +2 ACC  [#10220-2]



[x1] Rare T3 Dessert - On the Run: +2 EVA  [#101878-1]
[x1] Rare T3 Dessert - Bullseye: +2 ACC [#101776]



[x1] Rare T1 Snack - Garlic Bread: +2 EVA [#100898] 
[x1] Rare T1 Snack - Baby Carrots: +2 ACC [#100930] 



[x1] Rare T1 Snack - Garlic Bread: +2 EVA [#100898-1]
[x1] Rare T1 Snack - Baby Carrots: +2 ACC [#100930-1]



[x5] Perfect T3 Dessert - Marble Cake: +3 Mitigation 
   [#101262] [#101262-2] [#101262-2] [#102279] [#101787]


Pinball Consumes: 


[x1] Perfect T2 Meal - Corned Beef and Rice: +3 Over-Health (90) [#99341] 
[x1] Rare T2 Dessert - Jailbreak Cake: +2 EVA [#100022] 
[x1] Rare T1 Dessert - Eye-Spy Cake: +2 ACC [#100018-1]
[x1] Perfect T2 Meal - The American Dream: +3 MIT (30) [#100424]
[x1] T1 Perfect Potion - Magic Armor: Safeguard [#93986]
[x1] Unique Consumable - Troll's Blood: +2 DMG 
[x1] T1 Rare Potion - Burning Edge: +2 DMG [#98957]

Player Stats: (After Buffs)


Level: 40
Health: 890 | Energy: 80
DMG: 19 | ACC: 5 | EVA: 5 | 30 MIT | Safeguard Active | 
Combat skills:
►<<Charge>> [35/50]: Rank 4 - Master
Weapon skills:
►<<2H Assault Spear>> [50/50]: Rank 5 - Grandmaster
Armor skills:
Extra skills:
►<<Familiar Mastery: Fighter>> [18/18]: Rank 3 - Grandmaster
►<<Martial Arts>> [0/50]: N/A
►<<Survival>> [0/3]: N/A
Utility Skills:
►[Active] <<2H Assault Spear: Ferocity>>: +1 Base DMG
►[Active] <<Bullrush>>
►[Active] <<2H Assault Spear: Finesse>> ~ Rank 3 
»[Equipped] [Demonic] Naughty or Nice Blade: +2 Freeze, Phase, Cursed
»[Equipped] [Perfect] Leather Armor of the Amatuer Duelist: +3 EVA
»[Equipped] [Perfect] Warrior’s Focus: +3 ACC

Battle Ready: 
»[x5] T2 Perfect Potion - Greater Curative Potion: +120 HP
    [#99957] [#99960-1] [# 99960-2] [#100144] [#100193]
»[x4] T1 Perfect Potion - Magic Armor: Safeguard
    [# 94077] [#99042-1] [#99042-2] [#99165]
»[x1] Teleportation Crystal 


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Baldur smiled as @Shield approached him and commented on the battle that lay before them. He was glad to see @Beat at his side, and nodded to the fellow DPSer as well. Hopefully Baldur could out-DPS the younger man at least once. The young man had the edge on Baldur because of weapon choice, but hopefully Badur had the edge on him in raw base damage thanks to the <<Muramasa>> at his side. The blade's weight was never comfortable, but he felt @Teayre was with him whenever he wielded the blade in a boss fight. As if she were silently cheering him on, but he also felt the weight of the lives it had taken, several front-line members who had been slayed by the cursed blade, but he used their weight to find on, in their memory.

"I don't know if I am more scared or excited by the battle to come. I enjoy a challenge, but I don't want anyone to die. Still..." Baldur looked over his shoulder at everyone getting prepared, "This is an encouraging sight to see, I hope that with everyone so prepared for the fight ahead, we prove to be its equal without anyone falling below a certain level of safety."

Baldur then noticed that @Jomei, @Telrenya, and @Pinball had arrived. He walked over to the ginger and then opened up a trade window.

"I know you said you could use some help, so here itis." He sent over a +3 Damage potion to Jomei, and then to his blond companion. He gave the fellow veteran a nod, "See you both on the other side."

The gaijin Samurai then made his way over to the young man and smiled at Pinball, "You've done good work here, Pin. You should be proud." He accepted the two deserts and promptly began to eat them. "Stay focused, listen to Macradon and your party leader. It's just like what you've done before, but the 3d model is ten times as large. Do what you've practiced and you'll be fine."

-2 Perfect T2 Damage Potions (Sent 1 to Jomei, and 1 to Telrenya)
+1 Rare T3 Dessert - On the Run: +2 EVA  [#101778]  (consumed)
+1 Rare T3 Dessert - Bullseye: +2 ACC [#102200-1] (consumed)

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As more and more people began to make their arrivals Calrex kept silent, the light blue indicators being the only thing that seemed to show any form of activity behind his expressionless helm. First a player he had not seen before arrived with a cart, making is fairly clear that she was there for distributing items for the people to be participating in the raid. His friend and mentor Baldur followed. With a nod he responded to the gaijin samurai, "With all of the unknown things about this, yeah. However I'd really prefer that things don't come anywhere close to the aftermath of the Rohk battle." While the wound wasn't fresh anymore, the Ultramarine Knight could still remember that fact that two lives were lost in that battle, one being a player that shouldn't have been there in the first place, and the other being Azide, someone what was well qualified for the battle and yet still lost his life due to the devastating abilities of the boss.

Aereth, Shield, and Beat arrived next, with Hidden, Teion, Telrenya, Ruby, Jomei, Hikoru, and Pinball to be last. His eyes locked on each player for a moment before he returned back to a more observational gaze of the entire area. While others accepted goods from the one player there just for item distribution, the bluenette refrained from doing so. It wasn't because he didn't need or want any of the items being offered, but more because he wanted to keep them available for others to come that would likely require them moreso. After all, it was previously discussed in the floor meeting that he would be the tank for the players that had yet to hit item tier three, which meant that overall their base stats cap would be notable lower as a result. That meant that he would need to keep any chance of them getting hit to a bare minimum, especially if the Bialas fight was any indicator of the fights to come.

Pulling down his menu for a moment Calrex contemplated for a moment which starting item he'd use once again. Of course his gauntlets were already equipped, but as he revisited the thought of opening moves strategies went through his mind once again, "All actions will happen after I use Howl, but the question would be whether I'm aiming for AoE damage or single target. We'll have multiple teams that can focus on a single target, but at the same time we're doing a lot of reactive countermeasures, one of those potentially being prioritizing a single target to burst down as hard as possible, like the healer if there is one."

Swiping back and to his inventory rather than his quick items the bluenette continued with his thoughts, "In the shared inventory I do still have a couple of items that can boost Evasion temporarily. That would boost it high enough to avoid most non-Accuracy boosted strikes..."

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Macradon smiled as one of the other consumables crafter had arrived at the raid. It was nice having these people at the ready for when the frontlines really needed it. He would take mental notes, making sure that he would try to stock up for multiple raids and then resupply after a certain amount of raids, it seemed like a good idea. He had tried to do so before, but at that time he wasn’t too sure what to bring, but now he were. With everything set as is, Macradon would walk over to @Pinball and smile. “Good to see you, thanks for the hard work. These items will help me a lot being a tank today” he said as he would take the items that he had requested from the raid meeting. “If you want payment, we can sort it out later” he said as he would take the two desserts and consume them.

< claimed On the Run from Pinball >
< claimed Bullseye from Pinball >
< Bullseye consumed >

Stat changes has been edited into stat post

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