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[NLY-F11] New Life Years Festival

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Without realizing it, Mari was smiling. Watching someone she loved dearly interacting with others. Branching out. Slowly working on himself... She couldn't help but have a serene smile on her face as her eyes rested on his dark visage, cheeks rosy with the warm emotion in her chest.

That feeling only grew when he came back to her. He had said it, but somehow... Mari didn't exactly expect it - maybe because she was still coming to terms that he was really here. The orange haired woman shut her eyes for a brief moment. Recalling moments they shared in the past. Times where he grabbed her wrist when she went to pull away, where he jostled her hair affectionately - times were even he of all people had been the first to instigate the steal of a kiss.  'Where they even the same person?'

Now was not the time to question such things. Now was the time to be merry. Mari held out her hand, skye blue eyes shifting to it as  she watched the gentle snowflakes land on her skin. She never had snow back in her home country, and not once - did she experience a Christmas where she wasn't sweating profusely. "I don't think I've had a White Christmas before..." Mari shook her head. Instead shifting her gaze to Alkor

"Did it go well with your friends?" She asked. "I have to say... it's nice to see you reaching out and approaching others." Her hands reached up to cup his cheeks, but the moment they pressed to his skin and she could feel his warmth she realized what she had done.  Enough time had passed for Mari to stare at Alkor, and blink once before quickly pulling away, mumbling an apology. She had been too caught up thinking about the past that she hadn't even caught herself making him uncomfortable. 

That wasn't fair to him.

"You're really making an effort huh?" Mari tried to smile. "I didn't do so well, I only hit one of the snowmen. Here-"  She went to grasp his hand, her fingers barely grazed his skin before she caught herself, and instead of interlocking fingers with his - hers just caught the hem of his sleeve and gave him a single, gentle tug toward the Disc Throwing booth.  She let go and distanced herself to approach the stand and pick up one of the small flying disks. "If you beat my score - I'll take you out on a quest - is that a good deal?" Mari asked as she turned to him and placed it in his hands. "Although... you only need to beat a score of one."

This time, she just gave him a gentle pat on the back as she pushed him forward. "I can even promise I won't try to sabotage you."


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Christmas was one of those times you either loved or hated. Some people just didn't like the music. Others weren't a fan of the cheesy good vibes. Some people had had something tragic happen around Christmas time, tainting the holiday forever. There were even those who were bitter to see so many others filled with glee. The darkness that lurked within their hearts disallowed finding comfort in the enjoyment of others. Instead they remained withdrawn, scowling from the shadows as everyone else shared their love and cheer.

Bahr was the exact opposite of this.

He loved Christmas. Everything about it. The way colors of the seasons matched his dual-toned eyes, the lights, the snow, the fun, the games, the gifts, and the jolly red bastard that arbitrated it all. Bahr didn't even care that people drew a likeness between him and Santa Claus. In fact, he liked it. To be likened to the proverbial god of Christmas was an honor.

If he didn't have a reputation to keep, Bahr would have literally skipped into town when he caught wind of the festivities. Instead, he took a calm and measured stride, doing everything to hide the sense of extreme pleasure and satisfaction that came along with such an event. The music, the warmth, the cold, the smells, the-

"Can I interest you in my delicious nuts? They're very warm."

... What?

"They come highly recommended! They're the best in all of Aincrad, everyone says so!"

A long drawn out snort escaped Bahr's nostrils, though he did his best to hide it. When he craned his head in the direction of the voice, he saw none other than Lessa with a hand full of nuts. Tis the season, he supposed.

As he approached her, it became obvious that she was trying every bit as hard as he was not to burst into a fit of laughter. With a wry grin, he elbowed her in the side and said, "Just needed some nuts in your mouth, I see. But old man nuts? You're a lot different than I pegged you for."


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Well, Noctua was nowhere to be seen at the moment, so walked around awkwardly and aimlessly until he came upon the disc throwing booth. "Hey, mind if I give this a shot?" Koga asked before picking up a disc and taking aim. Here goes nothing! Literally. Nothing. Koga had aimed for the furthest target and missed horribly. Damn, he thought he was better than this. Okay, maybe the second target. The disc made went completely wide and missed that as well. "Oh c'mon," Koga muttered to himself as the attendant snickered. Thanks buddy. Koga aimed at the third target this time and managed to drill the target. Ha. Suck it. Koga shrugged, figuring he pretty much used up his big point shots and aimed for the first target, netting himself a total of 5 points. Awesome.

Koga thanked the man as he handed him a bunch of Col. Well, that wasn't a total bust at least.


ID: 132340
Target: 4
BD: 3 >>Fail<<


ID: 132341
Target: 2
BD: 2 >>Fail<<


ID: 132342
Target: 3
BD: 9 >>Success<<
+4 Points


ID: 132343
Target: 1
BD: 7 >>Success<<
+1 Point


Total: 5

+1500 Col


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"...it's that time of the year again... huh?" came a short mumble from apparently nowhere, as snowflakes made their way towards the ground. Surprised by the sound of her own voice, the cloaked figure let out a smile in embarrassment as her Stealth skill disengaged. Her attire, a small gray dot on the white sea around the plaza. She didn't remember her tailor shop being so.... snowed on, not since she moved it from Floor 4 to this one. A questionable move in hindsight, as her business didn't get any better... or worse. 
A pang of guiltiness hit her as she stared from under her hood at her workplace. Blonde locks hid a surprised stare as the front oaken door rapidly swung open, disturbing some of the snow set on the roof. A frilly maid!? with a wide grin stepped walked through outside with a broom in hand. She eyed the cloaked figure and chuckled. "The sage finally left her hermitage..." she said as she slightly bowed. Then, while adjusting her glasses, she added:
"I wasn't fully sure you'd come Lady Ariel, for a second I believed my master had consumed a little too many of his own concoctions."  While the tone was respectful, as one would expect of a proper maid like Claudia, the blonde wasn't really sure is she was being mocked or not.


She could never tell with this maid who despite her cold words, had a expression as relaxing as a kotatsu* in the winter. Ariel took a good look at the maid, she seemed to change very little since she last saw her: long red hair, slender frame dressed in a victorian-style maid outfit and a  discreet pair of black-framed glasses. If her cursor wasn't indicating her player status, you could easily take her as a NPC pertaining to this town's natives. 

Before Ariel could reply, a white flash passed by the maid's legs, slightly brushing her skirt on the side; made visible by the contrast between her natural fur color and the dark colored stairs. It ambushed the person behind the maid, which didn't have any time to reach and got thrown on the floor, a wild feline sniffing, puffing and licking his face. Ariel let out a small sigh and nodded to the maid then loosed to the side at the butler that was assaulted by her companion.
"Good to see you're both doing well, Claudia... and Darius!" she couldn't help but chuckle the last name as the person she spoke to was trying hard, with little to no result, to get himself freed from the lioness' grasp. "I doubt you needed to bring him along in order to set everything up." added Ariel while eyeing the maid with a raised eyebrow.


In return, the redhead let out a small grin:
"He insisted on coming. I might have forgot to remind him but he should've knew the consequences. Plus, I wanted to service this little one too." she added as she slightly crouched to pet Kimba behind the ear, the lioness letting out a small purr. Ariel wasn't really sure when it happened but these two seemed like kindred spirits, or at least that's what she liked to think. How else could they plan such an ambush on the poor unexpecting Darius who managed to get up after Kimba decided to lay off him. "Nee-san please let me know about these things beforehand." then with a cough he straightened himself up and added with a slightly bow:

"It is good to see you are in good health lady Ariel. Preparations are finished, as instructed. I hope they meet your desired standard. All there is left to do is set shop outside." said the butler, whose facial features were similar to the maid's except he wasn't wearing glasses.

With a small nod, Ariel stepped inside the shop and inspected the merchandise. "This will do nicely" she added. Shortly after, the three of them walked out and set up a makeshift stall near the other NPCs. It looked like a christmas themed school festival stand poorly named "Lion's Essence" by someone that wanted to show that this was the collaboration of two different shops into one stall.

With the name tags "Claudia" and "Darius", a victorian-style maid and butler manned the stall while a blonde "Sage" in gray cape stood besides them with a small table and a crystal ball. The first two began shouting as loudly as the 3 neighbouring NPCs, soon enough the 5 of them racing to see who can be the loudest. 


On display people could see the following items for sale: 

  • Fortune telling 
    Have the Sage tell you what your future has reserved for you!-
  • Love Potion 
    A potion that will make people fall in love with the first person they see.
  • Love Repellent 
    A potion that will make someone mad at the first person they see.
  • Calming Potion
    A potion that will relax people.
  • Rage Quit
    A potion that will make people fall asleep.
  • Carol
    Crystal containing a random annoying Xmas Carol.
  • Christmas Spirit 
    "High alcohol" drink. 
  • Eve Eggnog (Cherry/Strawberry/Banana/Lemon/Cucumber/Tomato)
    Traditional drink, pick flavor!
  • Naughty Shorts (M) 
    Red sexy Male underwear/swimsuit. Complete with wings.
  • Naughty Dress (F)
    Red sexy female underwear/swimsuit. Complete with wings.
  • Devil Horns
  • Angel Toga (M)
    White sexy Male underwear/swimsuit. Complete with wings.
  • Angel Dress (F)
    White sexy Female underwear/swimsuit. Complete with wings.
  • Angel Halo 
  • Oni/Kitsune/Smiley/Sad/Thinking(emoji) Masks
    Traditional and modern japanese masks for festivals.

TL Note: kotatsu* - jp. Table with heating source underneath and a heavy blanket on top.

Edited by Ariel - The Crowned Lion
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Christmas is here again, Randal has let two Christmases pass while life went by without him but no longer, now that he was up and about he would not let himself miss all these festivities.

Walking along the crowded makeshift shops he encountered @Lessa who was apparently giving out nuts, crazy if he turned down such a good food. Regal totally greeted her and took some with him.

Afterwords, Randal saw some player playing with a disc throwing machine and watched as the player wonderfully tossed it.

All of these shops was making Randal feel itchy to cook for them...

He quickly dropped both@Skeleton, @NIGHT, @Basuke and @Andromeda and message asking them if they were here.

Walking by the two maid and butler looking people and into the shop Randal came face to face with a safely looking person wearing grey. “Umm @Ariel - The Crowned Lion hi, said you would tell fortunes? Could I get my fortune read please?”. Randal said as he looked around and saw that the tent was also makeshift but very well done.

Edited by Randal
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Skeleton was notified about the festivities with a single message from Randal:


"Christmas time, get over here."

"Huh? It's christmas? That explains the lack of people in town." Skeleton wondered aloud.

Skeleton was standing blankly in the middle of the street, processing what he had to do. Taking longer than he should have, he began walking forward, feeling too awkward to turn around. He took the long way there.

The festival was lively. So lively that Skeleton would easily get lost among the stalls and people. Between merchants, stall games, and people bolting all over left and right, Skeleton began to wander aimlessly through the festival, hoping to not get caught in the waves of movement.

It didn't take long before Skeleton managed to spy a familiar face. It was the one who had called him here in the first place, Randal. It looked like Randal was in the middle of a conversation, so Skeleton took his sweet time waltzing over. As he got close he calmly called out to Randal.

"Yo, Ramdal, got your message."

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“It’s Randal my dude” Randal exclaimed with a laugh. 

“Come on over here, see this tent? Just got my fortune read; you should give it a try too!” Randal gestured towards the makeshift tent with the two people in front of it screaming their heads off. 

Randal also pointed back the way he came and told @Skeleton. “Back that way, I don’t know if you saw but there was guy who was doing some disc throwing booth, I’m going to check it out but I’ll wait for you if you’re going to go in and get your fortune read. Also I wants get some hot cocoa from one of the booths here.”

Randal imagined some delicious hot cocoa tricking down his throat and decided that once he had his fair share of festivities, he too should offer people some service. On the whole he could mainly offer his cooking abilities and hopefully people who liked his food would come by his shop in Harunka.

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Ceres tugged awkwardly on her hair - then shifted to twirl one of her earrings to and fro as Alkor stood before both her and Azhoda. "Things...are good. Please, don't stress..." Ceres really didn't want him to yell at her again, but somehow - this time - he seemed....different?  Her eyes shifted back over to the orange haired PKer - a visible shiver gripped her body knowing that the other woman had murdered someone. Was it her? Was she making him happy?

She definitely looks smitten, maybe they are dating?

Alkor gestured around them - talking about how it was a party. He turned to leave , offering final words of advice to Ceres. How nobody was useless. Ceres offered Alkor a nervous smile. "Thanks...uh...have fun with your girlfriend?"

Ceres shifted her eyes - lilac orbs scanned the place as more and more people began to join in. One in particular caught her attention. Ceres raised an arm and tried to wave the other woman over. "NIGHT? Come here."

@Alkor @NIGHT @Azhoda

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Days passed. The seasons changed once again. Now, the surface of the lake next to their house was frozen -- yet still too thin for ice skating, it always was -- and they spent less and less of their afternoons outside as light snowfalls turned into blizzards and the kotatsu in the living room became the place they frequented the most. Her cafe started offering the warmer variants of the usual menu, but even then, the stream of customers thinned; in this cold weather, no one wanted to make the half-hour walk from the safezone into the large settlement at the end of a paved path which cut through a forest. All in all, it was a very sleepy weather...

And like every other winter in Aincrad, there was another festival being held to liven things up.

She heard the tolling of the bells first. Walking down the streets of Floor 11's main settlement, Mishiro was on a secret Christmas shopping trip -- her arms wrapped around a paper bag filled to the brim with various small items she planned to gift wrap later -- when she heard the first chime. It was followed by another, and the rest of the bells joined in, until the sweet carol reverberated down every road of Taft. She protectively wrapped her arms tighter around her bag of Christmas gifts and looked around; the bells had caught many players and NPCs' attention too, and they started to follow the sound to its source.

The movement of the crowd led her to the main intersection, then towards the road leading directly to the central plaza. Mishiro walked slowly at first - then gradually increased her pace into a jog when she heard someone speaking in the plaza, then dismissed her paper bag into her inventory and broke into a run when a gap opened in the crowd. She weaved in and out of groups of players and NPCs and stopped beside a building bordering the central plaza.

"But not only today shall I give and take, but also grant a wish for anyone who seeks my help for a new hope!"

--And a glint of childish excitement appeared in her dull gray eyes as he took out a little bell and made it snow.

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Lonzo showed up and listened to what he had to say and he looked at the game they presented. He waited for a chance to give it a go even if it bothered him a bit. Especially after fighting so much without any way to increase his accuracy.  He could just aim for the one that gave him the most points. The odds weren't that good though. Then again It'd be his best shot if he thought about it otherwise he'd have to hope to hit it 3 times on the third one and one would HAVE to be the last one. He took a step forward in the line. He could just whiff the whole thing. Maybe he'd ask for something first. Like better odds. He chuckled at the idea. Well he went up to try anyway. Let's see if fortune smiled at all on him. He could hear people having a lot of fun and it made him smile a bit. Once it was his turn he took the disks and went up to bat.
He wasn't surprised at how he did in the end but was surprised how well at least one of them stuck the landing.
"I guess that's to be expected either way this will be decent to save up for a house. Thank you very much for the freebie game." He gave a quick bow.
He looked over all the treats that were available. "Wait for loot four?! That's amazing. I didn't think you could even use that. I'll have one of Sharp Hot Cocoas please. Thank you so very much. I'll enjoy it as soon as I can." he gave a smile to wide for his face.
132375   1
132376   4
132377   10
132378    4


1500 col
Sharp Hot Cocoa, LD+4

Edited by Lonzo
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She read her messages, noticing a notification appear on her screen. Randal was here.

Cool. She sent him a message, telling him they could catch up later. "Enjoy the festivities" or something.

Then a familiar voice. As she closed the mail window, NIGHT started to wonder if she should walk away now, before anyone else caught wind of her presence here.

... No, she couldn't do that. Didn't she already fail to keep her promise? At least, she should have some respect for her friends. Hands stuffed in her pockets, she shuffled around, turning to the woman in the distance.

Ceres. A sight for sore eyes.

There were some other players near her. Mari, from the Monkey King, she could identify. Another spot of orange, and she squinted, trying to make out the different shapes. It seemed to be a player's hair -- that was fine. Then beside it, she studied, hesitant to try and step closer. The name...



NIGHT headed over, burying her mouth in her scarf, not wanting to give Ceres the chance to notice any mishaps with her this time -- if there was even going to be any. But it was also to preserve heat in some bothersome way. More importantly, she hoped, her presence would keep her friend feeling safer with what seemed to be mister edgelord around.

When she got close enough, she gave the woman a nod, trying to seem as cheery as possible.

It did not work.

@Ceres @Alkor @Azhoda @Randal

Edited by NIGHT
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She ribbed him about his "friends," and Alkor only offered a stiff grunt. He only had a few of those, and Mari was one of them. "Just making sure everything is peaceful for the festival," he tapped his forehead in a short salute. "Nothing personal about it."

Peacekeeping was only a small part of what he wanted to do. Instead of killing other Players, he would do his best to prevent needless conflict from boiling over into far worse situations. This one hadn't come anywhere close to that- and that was as it should have been.

Unfortunately, Mari got close quickly enough to make his thoughts trail off. "Yeah," he replied, "I'm trying. After Daeron confronted me and kept insisting we fight, I just sort of... stopped trusting people. I distanced myself from virtually everyone. Even when I needed them."

His thoughts moved back to the Hydra, and how close he came to death.

He sighed.

"But enough about that," he said as he caught the ball she had tossed. He spun it in hand, took aim toward the third target, and threw.

The snowman burst into powder.

"You were saying?"


Alkor hits Target 3! +4 Points!

ID# 132379 result: 8

Edited by Alkor
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A genuine festival! An's excitement was akin to that of a child in a toy store. Ever since the absolute scam that was the Halloween event, she had been wondering if SAO had some... actual festivals that did not turn into monster-slaying fiascoes at the end. As soon as she received the PM from Randal -- yeah, so that guy's name was Randal; apparently, they added each other right after the something something Breaking Boulders quest and she just plain forgot -- she immediately flew into a rush: teleporting back to the safe zone, ducking into a building and changing out of her combat attire into a set of much more casual clothes, and running right up the teleporter.

"Teleport: Taft."

Her surroundings blended into each other and for a moment, she felt as if she was floating (she probably was) -- and then she came to right in the middle of the event. Oooooh!! An's crimson eyes glimmered with excitement at the sights. Stalls set up by players and NPCs alike, smiles on everyone's faces, and most importantly: dozens of things to try! What to visit first, she wondered?

She ended up at a game stand, with the NPC handing her the discs. It explained the mechanics to her as she regarded the cute snowmen figures she was supposed to hit... simple enough.

An took aim for the farthest target.

That reward looked nice... it was go big or go home!

--Then she totally chickened and aimed for the third target instead. The right choice, surprisingly. An's first disc hit her target... barely, and she aimed for the same snowman with growing confidence. 


She aimed and tossed the disc again.



Despite her careless stance, she really did want the armor. And then the support song. And then... now the best she could get was some kind of lame Demonic consumable. With a dejected sigh, she tossed her last disc at Target 2.

Time to cheer herself up with the best part of the event.

An eyed the hot cocoa stand (they were all free? and with buffs??) and she took one for herself, smiling at the warmth that greeted her gloved hands. Looking up, she recognized @Randal approaching the booth and she waved at him, grinning. "Hey, thanks for the invite!" she greeted. Then she turned her head and nodded to the fresh set of hot cocoa the NPC was putting out for display. "Take one, it's free. So how have you been since the uhh- the breaking the boulder thing? Punched any more rocks lately?"


Disc Throwing

Target 3 --> ID: 132380 | BD: 6 [success] -- +4
Target 3 --> ID: 132381 | BD: 2 [fail]
Target 3 --> ID: 132382 | BD: 3 [fail]
Target 2 --> ID: 132383 | BD: 9 [success] -- +2

4 + 2 = 6 points total


  • Hershey's Kiss -- [x2] Protein | [x2] Over-Health

Hot Coco Stand

  • Lucky Hot Cocoa -- [x4] Prosperity


Edited by Andromeda
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"Hello!" the friendly greeting came from a small girl dressed in a burgundy-colored parka. A matching ribbon kept her purple hair pinned back in a braided bun, but she left most of her bangs loose. It wasn't functional, you say? No, she would admit that -- it was for style. Arabelle dismissed the [Lucky Hot Cocoa] she took from a nearby NPC-run stall and had been using to warm her gloved hands with. She drew closer, tucking her hands behind her back and looking at the discs on the table and then the small snowmen erected a small distance off. "Mind telling me what the rules of this game are?"

As the NPC ran through its scripted explanation, she hummed thoughtfully and took four discs from the table.

"Lovely. Let's give this a try, then."

The first disc fell extremely short. At her failure, the girl relaxed her stance and huffed. That was the best reward gone, slipped through her fingers, right there. Granted, she didn't need it, but she was well acquainted with a charity case who would have greatly appreciated the early Christmas gift. Arabelle prepped another disc and took her shot.

Hit. Hit. Critical hit.

Her proud smile was in complete contradiction to her modest gesture of waving off the stall NPC's applause.

"Thank you, thank you~. I'll be off, then."

She tossed the support crystal to the air then caught it. What a disappointment. Was this and the cocoa the only thing she was going to get for this event? The game was being surprisingly frivolous, if you would compare this event's potential awards to the likes of the previous one. "Guess that's what we get when they remove the zombie slaying..." she mused. 

From there on, she wandered the event and looked at the stalls. She found an interesting stall in particular.

"The one and only sage of the 24th floor." Who on earth could that be? Arabelle glanced up at the shop name before she ducked into the stall. "Hello! I want my fortunes read - how much for it?" she greeted, just as friendly as always. She looked up and down the shelves of goods and potions, before she talked again. "First time I've seen those types of potions. Do they really work?"

[tag: @Ariel - The Crowned Lion]


Disc Throwing

Target 3 --> ID: 132384 | BD: 3 [fail]
Target 3 --> ID: 132385 | BD: 9 [success] -- +4
Target 3 --> ID: 132386 | BD: 9 [success] -- +4
Target 3 --> ID: 132387 | BD: 10 [success] -- +4

4 * 3 = 12 points total


  • New Life Carol -- Support Song -- Antifreeze for 4 turns | [x2] Incarceration

Hot Coco Stand

  • Lucky Hot Cocoa | [x4] Prosperity


Edited by Arabelle
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Mari frowned when he grunted in response. Was she wrong? Her eyes drifted to the snowmen. "I didn't mean... to upset you - I thought they were your friends. I guess I was just happy to see you....ah... Heh... Sorry." Mari raised a hand to rub the back of her head. She really was making an effort - but still, they either fell short or were misinterpreted.  He still seemed to clam up when she got close, freezing, steeling himself - holding his breath.

It was like she was poison.

Mari shifted her eyes to Alkor. 'Am I poison to you?'

His steely amber eyes were focused on the targets before him as he spoke about Daeron - and how he stopped trusting people. That he moved away from them even when he needed them. "You have people now though..." Mari said, she had to clench her  hand into a fist to avoid herself reaching out to him again. "People who are your friends, who care about you greatly. Slowly but surely, you'll see that. But it's ok to take your time with these things. Move at a pace you feel comfortable with."

The sound of impact caused the orange haired woman to jump, and she shifted her focus to the snowman that had exploded. "Ah. What? Damn Thom...." Mari muttered as she crossed her arms. "Guess you already beat me. I owe you a quest... so... what kind of quest did you want to go on?"

Mari picked up a disk and passed it over to Alkor. She had to take  a few deep breaths - and had to do her best to pull herself back up. This was fine. He was fine. He was alive. He's alive. He's standing next to her. He's even smiling occasionally. He's taking steps to improve himself. It's everything she could have ever asked for and more.

Yeh. This was good enough. Despite her doubts, and the small ebs of pain - Mari could say she was mostly happy.

Mari smiled as she started tugging on her orange hair. "Alright - so I owe you one quest already. What would you want if you managed to hit all four throws?"


"You were saying?"

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2 hours ago, Andromeda said:

"Hey, thanks for the invite!" she greeted. Then she turned her head and nodded to the fresh set of hot cocoa the NPC was putting out for display. "Take one, it's free. So how have you been since the uhh- the breaking the boulder thing? Punched any more rocks lately?"

Randal was in the middle of talking to Skeleton when a bubbly image of a familiar face was seen excitedly waving in the distance, Randal walked up presumably with Skeleton in tow and returned her greetings.

” Hey @Andromeda! No problem it’s the season of giving, where would I be without your help, probably still punching a rock, you know I actually met a guy who had to punch that rock for two years... really solid stuff. @Basuke “ Randal laughed. 

He Then followed up with a “Well since you've brought it up, let me just start from...” Randal proceeded to drone on and on until andromeda’s hot cocoa was actually all out. The gist of it was that he completed some quests and would have enough materials to start cooking again.

Randal turned and picked up a few darts. He leaned into the counter really far and with some quick maths decided to put all his hope on target 3.

 ID# 132388 BD 3 (Miss)

ID# 132389 BD 10 (hit) 4 points

 ID# 132390 BD 1 (Miss)

 ID# 132391 BD 2 (Miss)

4 points Total = 1500Col

With a total of 4 points to his name Randal collected 1500Col from the station and gleefully watched others. He should have done so badly but it Christmas not about gifts. Though Randal was very sure to put some cocoa into a flask to bring home.

+ 1 Sharp Hot Cocoa

Edited by Randal
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They usually say speak of the devil and he appears, but Basuke seemed to already be there.

That is to say, the boy had zero malicious intent. Instead, what he was up to was disc throwing. Finally! Any bit of activity that wasn't breaking a rock was right up his alley.


Brandy's Disc Throwing

ID: 132392 | BD: 6 | Target: 3 | Hit! (+4 points)
ID: 132393 | BD: 7 | Target: 3 | Hit! (+4 points)
ID: 132394 | BD: 8 | Target: 3 | Hit! (+4 points)
ID: 132395 | BD: 6 | Target: 3 | Missed

Total: 12 points >>

  • New Life Song, Support Song, antifreeze for 4 turn, 40 HP regen * Tier 

In fact, he'd say he was pretty good at it! Look at all those snowmen he'd hit! The boy beamed, receiving his prize, before being interrupted by a buzz from his inbox. Who could it be?

It was Randal. Hey, it was issued to NIGHT too. Did that mean the two were here? He hoped they were enjoying the festivities. He sent back a "Yes!" to @Randal, hoping that was enough of a message for him, until he actually spotted the man himself, waving excitedly over to him. "Yo! How you doin'?"

Oh, it looked like he had company. Trying to be cordial, he adjusted his hat before bowing deeply. "Nice to meet you! I'm Basuke! English... not my first language. Hard to speak, but I try my best!"

Huh. He'd expected NIGHT to be amongst the possy. Maybe she had other things to do?

@Andromeda @Skeleton

Edited by Basuke
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Randal stopped stealing hot cocoa from the stand for a few moments to take in the beautiful atmosphere before he was interrupted by a friend of his! “Well well well, if it isn’t Basuke, how are you?” Randal asked the Korean speaking male. He looked the Korean Fella up and down and saw that he wasn’t looking all too well. 

@Andromeda and @Skeleton, please meet my friend @Basuke, he’s the only one I know who has crazy amounts of patience.” Randal exclaimed.

“So how have you been man?” Randal Asked again to Basuke in the hopes that by repeating himself the man would finally understand English.

Randal looked around him at the people that he had met over the years and there were one or two who were currently missing but that was fine, Randal just hoped that wherever they were, they were all having a really great Christmas too.

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The sight of An gave Skeleton an almost overwhelming need of a helmet. He resisted and attempted to put on what he thought was a friendly face. the divebomb incident was behind him, he had hoped, and so he opted to move back into the shadows behind Randal. Alas he was brought back into the open by Randal.

53 minutes ago, Randal said:

@Andromeda and @Skeleton, please meet my friend @Basuke, he’s the only one I know who has crazy amounts of patience.”

He was being introduced to a guy in what looked like a tracksuit and cap.Skeleton simply couldn't understand the guys fashion, but a friend of Randal's a friend of his, and fashion's never been an indicator to Skeleton about a person's personality. He didn't care for fashion much, but that was probably evident by the fact he was wearing the same equipment for the last two years.

Skeleton reached out a hand to Basuke, hoping that a handshake was more universal than words that might not be understood.


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Yeez many players came to something like this, it was a real wonder on how things are here. Yet I didn't feel much of happiness at all. It was more of an ooh yeah I am here too but nothing more. With Alkor leaving as he seemed to go back to his friend who was throwing angry. Hmm wait is she an orange player, no worry she could not hurt anyone in this place for at least what is worth it, and I could not start a fight not now.

Turning back to my cub and it seems Ceres still I looked a bit into my cub thinking. Why was I here, why did I choose to come here in the first place? All I know it that I was here now and needed to see if I could make something out of it. Not sure if I could but still, ooh god people would hate me for not going up with this. For a moment I looked around thinking about who was at least worth talking too. Taking a small second My eyes fell right onto the one man that has been helping me getting stronger, "I'll be right back, or you could follow, I don't mind. But I found someone I need to talk to," I said before standing up giving Ceres and the person who walked over as well a chance to follow me

@NIGHT @Ceres

Walking to the one person I knew more than others around here I walked over to @Koga And placed a hand on his shoulder. "Hi..." I said fast standing next to him. Looking at what he did I looked back to him, "Not doing so good I see, you know most of these sort games are rigged to make you fail. to say the least, I think in the real world. But I thought I should say hi and um... well get to talk with you apart from fighting with you side by side. I was told I should get more connected with people, but why here of all places I don't know myself. I never did something like this, still question why I try it now," I said to him having a wondering look on my face.

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