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Seeing as how he had now obtain the Performer profession, Marius had decided that he was going to need to gather a few things to assist him in his career. Of course he had known that he was going to need to open up a shop at the end of the day but before that would happen, he had figured that it would be best to acquire an aid of sorts for his newfound career. Thankfully, from what he had heard out on the town, the general merchant likely had exactly what he had been looking for. "Alrighty then. So what kind of thing is going to be useful to me in the recording studio? Perhaps some kind of microphone or magical guitar pick?" A sly smile would begin to slide across his features as he had recalled a movie from his youth about a magical guitar pick... A pick of destiny, if you will. "Well, enough kidding around I suppose." With that, Marius would wander about the shop for a bit until he had finally come upon what he had been looking for. While it may not have been a magical guitar pick or a microphone, it had indeed been something that would prove useful. A set of headphones that would help him find the appropriate wavelength for his recording crystals. Sure it was still likely that he would fail in his attempts in the future but with an item like this, he could at least ensure that he was getting some bang for his buck. "I'll take this." A few moments of flickering through pop-up menus later and the item had successfully become his own.


Custom Ambition Tool | [800col]
Gain +1 bonus crafting EXP for each crafting attempt.

Sent over the 800col to the @Banker


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