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[EV-F26] Defying Destiny

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Defying Destiny

It seemed to happen all at once.

Successful in their attack on the castle grounds, the Galteans and a number of lower-class Ladonians had secured much of the enemy territory. The Revolutionists managed to storm the castle and almost take out Grand Imperator Razwell III himself, but were unable to prevent the King from managing to escape. Moments later, one of Ladonia's main infantry forces entered the city. A fleet of Imperial airships loomed high overhead, discharging marines in smaller crafts to help reclaim and secure the palace below. Outnumbered and outclassed, the Galtean civilians were pushed back into Ladonia's streets. Swiftly, the Imperial guards secured the Scather under Razwell's command and brought it aboard the Dreadnought Ifrit. 

Crowding the streets, the Galteans were slowly being pushed back against a wall. Surrounded on almost every side, things were starting to look dire. Ladonian soldiers relentlessly pushed back the rebels as airships fired into city. Smoke rose into the air along with the cries of many. Only moments had passed since Prince Lamont of Ladonia left the players behind. Returning before them, the youngest son of Razwell spoke to them once more. 

"Sorry, I was finishing preparations for something I had worked out before. You see, I have been working with the Galtean Insurgents for some time in hopes to overthrow my Father. We've worked out a... deal of sorts. We failed to take my Father's precious toy, but do not worry. There isn't any way it could be used against us. You see, I took every last bit of the energy that was leftover from the attack on Galtea." The boy would hold up a small, glowing, amber stone. "Not much left to use honestly, but as long as we have this we should be fine." The boy glances away from the group of players and towards the crowd of living tools. "Galteans!" the boy would call out. "Prepare yourselves! When the King's airships get closer we will make our move! I have procured us several airships made for the public transportation! We will use them to board the enemies airships, hijack them, and turn them against the Dreadnought Ifrit!" A confident smile played on the young man's lips. The Insurgents' timing couldn't be more perfect, especially with his elder brother being away from home. Two-thirds of Ladonia's military was out. By the time they heard word of the civil war, his father will have fallen and he would have made his play to claim the throne, ripping it from his siblings' grasps before they even knew what was happening. 




Having returned from the Ladonian Sewers, the raid group is led by Gabrandr through the slums of Low-Ladonia. Many Ladonians can be seen to have taken refuge in the underground slums. If approached, they cower away from the players. The dark-haired King surveys the scene with hesitation and concern. "Those seeking shelter here should be safe for now. Best leave them be, we need to make our way up and to the surface. I'm not sure how long we have until Razwell decides to fire the Scather, but I'd like to prevent him from firing it in the first place." Pressing forward, Gabrandr doesn't stop until he reaches his destination. 

  • Participants in the Ladonian Rebellion Event and Newcomers:
    • You begin this event speaking with Lamont. Make a post preparing for the battle that looms overhead. 
  • Participants from the Floor 26 Boss raid:
    • You begin the event with Gabrandr, make your way out of Low-Ladonia and onto the streets above. Your mission is to regroup with those from the  Ladonian Rebellion event. 
  • Participants from the Ladonian Revolution thread:
    • Your aim is to prepare your ship for battle and get it Airborne. Your posts should not yet involve battle for this round. 



  • This event follows the Floor 26 Boss FightThe Ladonian Rebellion, and The Ladonian Revolution. You can read up on them to get a better understanding of the floor's lore. 
  • Players are tasked with assisting Gabrandr and Lamont to overthrow Grand Imperator Razwell III. 
  • There will be no mechanics to push the story forward, instead Players are free to RP how they continue with things. Each round will last one week in which Staff will post the next Event post to guide the players forward. 
  • There will be no strike system, or penalty for missed rounds.
  • Players may freely join at any moment within the first 4 weeks of the event. 
  • There will be no stats-based combat, so Players run no risk of dying. However, writers must still post a complete stat/equipment work-up for their character, as usual.
  • Rules of Participation are as follows:
    • Writers who had characters in both event and boss may not bring any additional characters, nor may they switch the participating characters, unless; all players from boss fight and Ladonian Rebellion are not participating in this event. 
    • Writers who only had a character in the Ladonian Rebellion are allowed to bring one extra character (total of two) to participate in the event. The same applies if the player only brought one character to the boss fight. 
    • Writers who have not participated at all may join freely, bringing up to two total characters to the event.


This round will end on Thursday,  February 10th at 11:59 PM CST

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Lamont had just begun to make his way to Gabrandr when he pulled the stone from his pocket. Was he going to use the very limited amount of power he had to try and resurrect the leader of another kingd

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It had only been mere moments since the young Prince had left, and the situation was already looking dire.

Krysta could see innocent civilians being pushed to the wall, as the imperial airships loomed in the air, beginning to attack them from above. She drew her weapon, but she was on the ground, what could she do? "...We cannot simply stand around while innocents die, we must do something about it!" She called out to the players around her.


Before she could suggest anything further, the Prince returned, and explained the reason for his sudden absence. Krysta fully understood what he'd said, so now all that was left was to come up with a method of action as to assure this goes to plan. The young Prince then addressed the Galteans, explaining what the next course of action was for them. Krysta knew that while not all of the players around her were the most sensible, but she should at least try...before that accursed Tyrant got any ideas.

Krysta turned around to address the players near her. "Everyone, it is only by working together that we shall win the day! We are about to enter battle against the forces of tyranny and oppression, and it will be far from an easy task. We need to discuss our options and reveal to each other as to how we may contribute to this effort!" She called out to the players. "I may be a damage dealer with the weapon of a noble guardian," She began as she lifted her sword, her head turned to look at it, before turning her attention back to the players and continuing her speech. "But I can also heal your wounds and offer my support." She said as she lowered her blade and raised her free hand. Surely, the young noble's speech would inspire at least a few of the other players in some way...


Stats and Equipment:


Level: 32

Paragon Level: 22(paragon stat bonus totals: +80 HP, +8 EN)

Paragon Rewards:

Lv. 5 | Gain additional col equivalent to 15% of EXP earned in that thread.

Lv. 10 | +1 LD to Loot and Chest rolls



Battle Stats:

HP: 760(Base[720], Resolve[40])

Energy: 110(Base[90], Energist[20])

Base Damage: 23(THSS R5[7], Combat Mastery: DMG[12], SS Ferocity[2], Meticulous[1])

Mitigation: 78(Lumino Regalia[48], Light Armor R5[30])

Accuracy: 2(Alediel's Grace[1], SS Precision[1])

Evasion: 0

Loot Die: 3(Andvari's Blessing)

Holy Damage: +8 Damage on BD 9-10

T4 Bleed: Inflicts Bleed on BD 9-10, deals 48 DMG per turn for two turns


Additional conditions:

-2 on all stealth rolls(Light Armor Rank 5)



[T4] Alediel's Grace(Holy, Accuracy, Bleed)[Equipped]

[T4] Lumino Regalia(2 MIT, 1 REC)[Equipped]

[T1] Andvari's Blessing(3 LD)[Equipped]



Teleport Crystal x1




Straight Sword Rank 5(30 SP)

Light Armor Rank 5(30 SP)

Combat Mastery: Damage Rank 3(13 SP)

Battle Healing Rank 5(30 SP)

Energist(8 SP)


Shift: AoE(10 SP)


Extra Skills:

First aid Rank 5(30 SP)

Familiar Mastery: Healing(10 SP)





Purify(4 SP)

Barrier(6 SP)

Field Medic(6 SP)

Meticulous(4 SP)



Resolve(6 SP)

SS Ferocity(6 SP)

SS Precision(2 SP)

SS Stamina(4 SP)


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Level 32 // Paragon 28

780/780 HP  112/112 EN

23 Base Damage 30 Mitigation

Accuracy Evasion 

32 Blight Damage (20 Mitigation loss for duration) 

48 Bleed Damage


 42 Battle Healing 

Survival (10% increase to healing effects applied)



Witchfang : Tier 4 Demonic One Handed Straight Sword // CURSED / BLIGHT / BLEED / PARALYZE

"Forged from the fang of a Black Dragon, this blade promises ruin to those who are struck by it. The blade's edge is fashioned of Obsidian andinvested with a myriad of afflictions."

Cloak of the Wanderer : Tierless Perfect Light Armor // EVASION / EVASION / EVASION

 "Tattered from the wear of many battles, this cloak was once worn by a warrior who faced the trials of the Castle and through the flames found the strength to walk again."

Eye of Osiris : Tierless Perfect Accessory // ACCURACY / ACCURACY / ACCURACY

 "A pin fashioned in the style of Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, depicting the eye of the god Osiris."


The Prince's address seemed to light a fire in Player and Galtean alike. 

He expressed his intention to use civilian transportation airships to commander the militant vessels that his father had mobilized, and there was a moment of concerned silence. Or at least, Alkor was concerned in silence. He could see that the Galteans saw this move as all that was available to them, a last ditch attempt to stop their despotic Emperor from destroying the way of life they had managed to scrounge together. It was the young Prince's intentions that Alkor doubted. He had everything to gain from the losses of these men and women, from the sacrifice of Players and NPC alike. A young son, furthest in his line of succession. It was not difficult to see that the youngest child of Razwell was not so different from his father.

However, it was the option that Lamont had presented them that gave him pause. Whether the people of Ladonia saw the youth take the throne or deposed him was more or less inconsequential to the Knight. They would choose that destiny for themselves; but in order to get there, Razwell had to be stopped. There had to be a world left behind in his wake to rule, and they had to be alive to affect any change. His gaze shifted immediately to the wave of ships that impended on the horizon. At their flank, the behemoth Ifrit eclipsed all. 

Unlike the others, Alkor wasted no time on words. He grabbed hold of the railing of the closest airship and bounded over it, hit the deck running, and clambered up the bow of the ship. He had no misgivings about the fate of any one of the ships they were about to employ. "You're quick to charge to the front for this land, foreigner," one of the crew observed as he set about loosing the mooring from the front section of the ship and preparing to shove off. "This flight may be a one way journey."

"It will be a one way journey," Alkor corrected gently, "but freedom isn't bought without sacrifice."

"So why take the chance?" the man asked, curious. "Have your kind not done enough for us?"

"Lets just say where I'm from, we don't like tyrants much," he smirked, reminded of the state motto of the commonwealth where he was born. He recalled the storied  George Washington, the Marquis de Lafayette, and all of the soldiers who bled so that they could raise the star-spangled banner. For a moment, he felt humbled. There was no way in his life outside Aincrad that he would ever come this close to understanding what any of those men felt. Perhaps it was foolish of him to compare the two, but... "and honestly, its time someone paid it forward."

Alkor drew his blade and spun it until the light gleamed off it as he pointed toward their final destination. 

"Remember these words, friend," he told the man, "you may need them often in the coming days."

He raised his voice and rebuked the heavens:

"Sic Semper Tyrannis!"

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k o g a the elder wolf


  • none


Koga, Lvl 32 / 31 HP: 800/800 | EN: 114/114 | DMG: 23 | EVA: 2 | MIT: 30 | ACC: 5 | LD: 6 | BRN: 56 | BLT: 32/20 | FALN: 8 | B.HEALING: 44/88


equipped battle-ready inventory
  • <<Fate's Armament>> (Katana)





  • Searching III | +1 LD per rank. +1 to Stealth Detection per rank. | 14 SP
    • Night Vision | Ignores any penalties from low light or darkness. Negates the bonus Stealth Rating from low light or darkness. | 3 SP


  • Combat Shift: Single Target | For the following Sword Arts, +3 to multipliers and +2 to EN cost; ST-I, ST-II, ST-B. No other Shifts may be taken. | 10 SP
  • Mastery: Damage III | Gain 1 * Tier Damage per rank | 13 SP
  • Battle Healing V | Recover 5% (rounded down) of your maximum HP at the start of your turn | 30 SP
    • Emergency Recovery | When non-fatal damage would leave you with 25% or less of your maximum HP, recover 10% of your maximum HP after the attack resolves. Effect cannot occur more than once per thread.  When activated if the player has lower than 10 energy remaining, simply reduce the player's energy to 0. | 6 SP
      • EN Cost: 10
  • Energist | Increase Base Energy by 5 * Tier | 8 SP
  • Charge | Perform a single attack/Sword Art with +5 base damage. Charge attacks have a -1 Accuracy debuff and cannot be affected by any auto-hit effects. | 10 SP
    • Cooldown: 3 Posts


  • Katana V | +7 DMG when equipped with a Katana | 30 SP
    • Stamina | Reduces the energy of all Katana attacks by 2 EN | 4 SP
    • Precision | Gain +1 ACC. | 2 SP
    • Ferocity | +2 DMG when using Katana Sword Arts | 4 SP


  • Light Armor V | +30 MIT when equipped with Light Armor, -2 Stealth | 30 SP
    • Meticulous | +1 DMG when equipped with Light Armor | 4 SP
    • Resolve | +1 ACC and +10 * Tier HP when equipped with Light Armor | 6 SP


  • Familiar Master: Rending | You and your familiar attack in tandem, applying Rend [7*tier unmitigatable damage] to the target that lasts for two turns. | 10 SP
    • Cooldown: 5 Posts
  • Survival | Increases Healing effects received from all sources by 10%. Grants immunity to all damage dealing environmental attacks/effects. | 0 SP




  • Lv. 5 | Gain additional col equivalent to 10% of EXP earned in that thread.
  • Lv. 10 | +3% EXP Gain.


  • <<Well Rested>> | -1 energy cost for the first three expenditures of each combat.
  • <<Squeaky Clean>> | The first time you would suffer DoT damage in a thread, reduce damage taken from DoT each turn by 25% (rounded down).
  • <<Item Stash>> | +1 Battle Ready Inventory Slot
  • <<Relaxed>> | Increases out of combat HP regen by (5 * Tier HP) and decreases full energy regen to 2 Out of Combat Posts.
  • <<Multipurpose>> | Gain +1 to LD, Stealth Rating, Stealth Detection, or Prosperity to one post in a thread. Can be applied after a roll.




The light was blinding after the time spent in that dark dungeon. The low light given off by the scathers had been just enough to see by. Now the bright light of the sun piercing through the clouds was enough to cause the Wolf to lift his hand to shield them from their antagonists. The man blinked as his eyes adjusted to the daylight, and around him he only saw suffering.

The dank walls of what Koga could only assume was the slums crowded around the group of twenty something players, pushing them together. Each step had to be careful so as to not tread upon the slum's inhabitants, each of whom cowered from the unknown persons invading the little safety they had. Koga looked to his party members and his friends, and wondered what they were thinking. When he'd showed up at the raid, he hadn't exactly expected to be dragged into a war. Okay, well, he had volunteered, and it wasn't like they weren't waging a 'war' against Aincrad itself, but all the same, this was an entirely different beast. This was pure attrition.

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Ask for peace and watch the blood flow.  Man's insatiable urge to grow. 
Aggressive to a fault.  Yet, kindness that would make one halt. 
Passion, to will through anything.  Cowardice, to know ones being. 
Bravery, to fight at a cost.  Sacrifice, for those that are lost.

They had only just finished the boss fight and survived from nearly starting another feud between the front lines, but they couldn't rest now.  Hirru was only just coming out of his funk when he was told to follow.  Their next fight would bring them back to the surface, as they moved through the lower slums, on their way to the main imperial city.  There was something off by the amount of people here.  They seemed to be scared, even more so of them, more than the fallen king of Galtea itself.  What happened on the surface while they were fighting?  Did a rebellion really break out, as he was starting to hear from several cries and shouts from along the echoing corridors.  Some men and women, were heading towards a direction that seemed the likely way to go.  Though, he would follow Gabrandr closely, it was mostly to gain more information about what will go down.  

"If we're going through with this, do you have a plan?  I don't think those that followed would want to go into this blinder than we already are."

The paladin would ask of the fallen one.  His armor was still shiny and ever present, although the contrasting crimson gauntlet that held on to his angelic shield, would contrast it a bit.  Still, the hunter had left his helm off for now, as it wasn't time for him to need it, which let his unruly green hair flair out past his red bandana.  He still held the wooden Bokken sword that Baldur kept in the dojo.  Hirru wasn't supposed to be the fighter this round.  He was a healer, and a leader.  Now, if only he could speak properly to people without sounding like a mad scientist.

"Since the only sources to this Scather's power are from these 'Lords', or you, it may not be too far to say that you shouldn't use any more of that 'power' of yours.  We don't want to feed that thing any more, if we can't help it."

Hirru's eyes looked past the people, and more towards those that may be harmed.  He thought to use his First Aid, but thought against it.  Depending on how things go, there would be others out there that would require his need.  Soon, he would be reminded of the little bit of power that was left to the boss.  A burning blue shield had been floating around Hirru for sometime after the last battle.  Gabrandr had said it was one of his armaments, but Hirru didn't remember him ever wielding this one, or was that.. the armor itself?  All that the healer could understand, was this thing didn't have any use for him now, but some time later.

"So, whatever it is you're planning, I hope we'll be able to keep up with it.?"

Hirru Stats


Hirru | HP: 900/900 | EN: 102/102 | DMG: 1 | MIT: 122 | BH: 46 | HLY BLS: 36 | MENDING: 2 | REC: 8 | THRNS: 36

Hirru Lvl 32 (PL 51)

900 HP (+200 PL)
102 Energy (+20 PL)
1 Base Damage
5% Battle Healing
8 Recovery
122 Mitigation
32 Thorns
4% Holy Blessing
20% Life Mend


Paladin's Oath ..................... // +4% Holy Blessing / +20% Life Mending
Light's Embrace .................... // +8 Recovery / 32 Thorns
Bulwark ............................ // +72 Mitigation
Blades Cloak ....................... // Vanity
Lun'Rael's Insignia ................ // Unique Vanity |
Fates Armament (Shield) ............ // Unique Vanity | 
Dimensional Backpack ............... // +1 B.R.I Slot

Battle Ready Inventory

<Teleportation Crystal> x5 ......... // Teleport to a town / out of a dungeon [Uses 2 posts: 1 for use, next to teleport]
<Favor of the Golden Dragon> ....... // +3 Loot Die
<Betrayal of the Fallen Knight> .... // +12 Damage
<Mass HP Recovery Crystal> x5 ...... // +10% AOE Heal


Heavy Armor ........................ // Rank 5: +35 MIT
Battle Healing ..................... // Rank 5: +5% HP each turn
Search ............................. // Rank 5: +5 Loot Die / +5 Stealth Detection

Extra Skills (Max 4)

First Aid .......................... // Rank 5: +20% ST-H / -15 EN
Leadership ......................... // Rank 5: Command the Front w/ Buffs

Skill Mods / Addons (Max 5 Mods)

Iron Skin (Add on) ................. // +15 Mit / +60 HP
Field Medic (Add on) ............... // +25% AOE-H / -15 EN / 3 turn Cooldown
Hyperactive (Add on) ............... // +3 EN Regen for 3 turns / -5 EN / 3 turn Cooldown

Reveal (Add on)..................... // +2 to Dungeon, Labyrinth searches / Post 10 searches / 3 turn Labyrinth Cooldown

Barrier ............................ // -15% Dmg shield AOE / -15 EN / 2 turn Cooldown
Energize ........................... // +8 EN ST / -10 EN
Steadfast .......................... // +1 ACC AOE, -1 ACC self / -6 EN / 3 turn Cooldown
Press The Attack ................... // +(Target Tier) Dmg, -(Cumulative)Dmg / -10 En / 5 turn Cooldown

Detect ............................. // +1 to Labyrinth searches | +2 Stealth Detect

Housing Buffs

Rested ............................. // -1 EN for 2 uses
Relaxed ............................ // OOC HP regen 5*tier Rec EN after 2 turns
Filling ............................ // Increase food by +1 T1 slot
Multipurpose ....................... // +1 LD, Stealth, Dection, or Prosperity to 1 post
Practiced Angler ................... // +2 EXP & +1 LD & CD to attempts


Edited by Hirru
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To be completely honest, NIGHT still couldn't put the pieces of the overall narrative of Gabrandr together, even as the party was moving as a troupe, heading towards the surface. Some exposition was given, yes, just as they'd passed through the night market and the slums, but all the player could think about were those tasty treats she'd picked up from earlier. She wondered what happened to the treats she gave Crow.

DAY: do you remember that song?
DAY: viva la vida
DAY: i used to rule the world~

DAY is typing...

"So... Regicide," she muttered, to no one in particular, right as she muted her chat interface and returned her focus to the present. The closest person she'd decided to stick with for the time being had to be Koga, though she kept Hirru trained in her sights. "For the other king, and not with the one we're with."

The player hummed, considering her position. A witch hunt was all well and good on Cardinal's part, but the world skewering itself on one principle or another was just as curious. And what would one entity gain from striking a group of others? Curious.

The refugee camp was decidedly placed away from the city, too, as far as she could remember. Out of the way. A potential area to sacrifice had they gone with the slaughter instead. But, looking up towards their green-haired leader, she listened closely to what the man had to say to the king. At the very least, she could pay attention sooner than later. And, with a like-minded voice in the immediate council, she wouldn't have to worry too much about hers unsung, now.

b3ue0Fx.png | NIGHT
 | Lv. 105 >> P. 73, Lv. 32
 | Status: //

 slime farm feb 2022.


NIGHT | HP: 920/920 | EN: 130/130 | DMG: 21 | ACC: 3 | EVA: 3 | MIT: 44 | LM: 2 | HLY: 8 | PHASE | LD: 5 | BH: 38 | Stealth Rating: 6


  • Orgoth's Legacy
    ACC, PHASE, HOLY (8)
  • Tracksuit of Unfathomable Fashionability
    MIT (24), LM II
  • Silver Crescent Necklace

battle-ready inventory

  • //



mod count: 4/5

  • 2HSS | RANK 5/5
    • focus, stamina, precision
    • shift: aoe
    • athletics, nimble
  • SEARCHING | RANK 4+1/5


    • blindside, vanish, surprise attack-t




  • MOTHRA | +1 EN Recovery
  • TANOS | +25 MIT
  • MORETSUNA | +50 HP
  • OROCHI | +1 LD


  1. - - -
  2. - - -


  • Lv. 5 | Gain additional col equivalent to 15% of EXP earned in that thread.
  • Lv. 10 | +1 LD to looting.

sword arts


en cost matches multiplier unless stated otherwise. shift underlined.

  • ST | x12 -> x15 | x20
  • AOE | x15 -> x18
  • TECH-A | x12 | STUN | 13EN
  • TECH-B | x12 | DELAY
  • TECH-D | x12 | SHATTER
  • TECH-G | x12 | BURN




  • Dimensional Backpack, Item Stash
    | +2 Battle-Ready Inventory Slots.
  • Well Rested
    | -1 EN for the first three expenditures of each combat. 
  • Relaxed
    | +(5 * Tier) HP per out-of-combat post. Full energy restoration occurs after two turns out of combat.
  • Squeaky Clean
    | -25% DoT damage taken from the first DoT applied to this player in a thread.
  • Skylight: Searching
    | +1 Expertise to declared utility skill. Cooldown of 30 days to reassign.
  • Multipurpose
    | +1 LD/Prosperity/Stealth/Detection to one post per thread. Can be applied after a roll.
  • Filling
    | +1 T1 slot to a food consumed by this player in a thread. Can exceed Cook enhancement caps.
  • Col Deposit
    | +5% col from loot-minimum mobs, +10% col from treasure chests.


  • Greenhouse
    | +2 G.EXP, +1 CD&LD to gathering attempts.
  • Familiar: Profession
    | +2 G.EXP
  • Demeter's Cornucopia
    | +1 CD to gathering attempts. 


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The math worked out perfectly. Remove whatever imbecile was on the throne at the moment, with some crazy snot-nosed kid going after his head, and then eliminate the young-and-dumb threat. Easy, the royal thought, once she'd shuffled up behind the (still-yet-to-be-formed) crowd gathering by the prince's side. At least, for whatever reason, Lamont did save them from what strange affect he'd activated (or didn't) earlier, and it would do well to follow in his lead for the time being -- keep your friends and your enemies closer, after all. That, and the escape maneuver had earned the man some respect in Nian's eyes.

Just for a short bit, however.

Airships upon airships. It didn't seem rational for her to board another's this time, especially with the call out for procuring another's by force once the order had been issued. What experience she'd gained from her previous antics had her switch off of Roosevelt's module as she wrung the modifier from her armed claws, the player eying the aerial dots ahead of her with an abyssal calm. She wasn't going to yell... yet. The liege would bide her time.

 [[ N I A N ]] 
Lv. 14 | NIAN | HP: 280/280 | EN: 46/46 | DMG: 11 | ACC: 3 | EVA: 1 | MIT: 48 | REGEN: 5


  • Heaven's Decree
    • +2 ACC
    • +1 EVA
  • STR
    • + 3 DMG
  • Fur-Hooded Down Jacket
    • + 12 MIT
    • + 5 REGEN


  • Cold Brew Coffee (5) | HP RECOVERY III | [link]


  • CLAWS | RANK 5/5
    • stamina, precision, ferocity
    • aoe shift 


  • -



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Flying-ship.jpg.1cfb797e78d977324e0728f8f701654b.jpgA sharp crackle as engines fire, chains pull one after another. "Hoist the sails!" The woman barks, manning the helm and twisting a still bent knob back into place. A yank of her head toward, @Lium "Get this lot moving, that bastard is getting away!" Rubble in the courtyard shutters and falls as the thing takes to flight, large crystals on starboard and port spring to life. Humming with a blue glow. Celeste was in something completely different from the last time those that saw her did. "Johanna, I need eyes." The sudden roster filling her screen, as she picks one out of the names abruptly. All new to her, but she had to get used to this.





Barthlo.jpg.53c6ed92bd1dfb99215c4933459f03bc.jpgThe woman jumps, stowing a scimitar on her hip in fresh new digs. "Aye Captain!" Latching a row of chains around her wrist and pulling a lever sends her rocketing up to the crow's nest. "Uh..." Scanning the list of 40 something names as she plucks one out haphazardly. "Barthalo" A heavy looking fellow pushing a bit of metal into place, tossing some unneeded garbage into the grass below to reduce weight. " Yesm, Queen?"  She shakes her head, that still didn't sit right just yet. "Get those cannons working, and ready a boarding party. I don't care how big this guy's dick is, a pecker is a pecker, and we are going to blast his ass out of the sky." The man claps his stomach and then his bicep. "RIGHT AWAY MILADY!" with a bit of a mischievous grin.

Looking down toward the pair of twins, who smile and wave before scampering out of the gates of Ladonia's Castle as stones dislodge with the sudden ascent. @Nobody "Do whatever it is you want to do, maybe check supplies or something. I don't really know what to expect from you." The woman remarks to the random included dude in this kerfuffle, dragged along for the ride simply out of happenstance. Those crystals become like suns or stars, bright and violent in the power they once held. "He's going after the refugee's!" one of the crew squeals in horror.

076cbeaff537a7f69fabaf6551383b02e2aa4598_hq.thumb.jpg.e378d0337934f83bdbbf4968df3e5890.jpgaf155z5yb8d71.thumb.png.7d368a720d62cce24ccfae5383d2a140.pngCeleste turns and twists that bow in a jarring twist, sending pieces scattering, and the NPC's aboard lurching. "Like hell he is..." she murmurs beneath her breath, eyes become engulfed in crimson. A sudden volume in her voice, with Galtean garb on her back, she speaks: "Today Razwell will burn in hell, Ladonia will be reduced to ash if it does not submit. For Galtea!" A sudden outcry as the pirates on board had become one with the ship, no longer bound by a set of restrictions placed upon them. The vessel lurches and rockets forward in a snap of reality, all that million col had really sup'd this puppy up. They were coming...


Celeste, The Blood Raven
Level: 32
Paragon Level: 19
HP: 700/700
EN: 88/88

Damage: 23
Mitigation: 63
Evasion: 1
Accuracy: 4
Battle Healing: 21
BRN: 56
HLY: 16

Equipped Gear:
Weapon: Wash in Cardinal - Reaver [T4/Hammer/Demonic] - Holy 2, Burn 1, Phase
Armor: Red Woven Wave - Stampede [T4/Light Armor/Perfect]: Mitigation 2, Evasion 1
Misc: Platinum Buckle [T1/Trinket/Perfect]: Accuracy 3

Custom Skill:

Hammer R5
Light Armor R3
Battle Healing R3

Active Mods:
Surprise Attack (Assassin)

Inactive Mods:


Active Extra Skills:
Hiding R5

Inactive Extra Skills:

Battle Ready Inventory:
Teleport Crystal x1
Crystal of Divine Light [201986d] x1

Housing Buffs:
Well Rested: -1 energy cost for the first three expenditures of each combat
Squeaky Clean: The first time you would suffer DoT damage in a thread, reduce damage taken from DoT each turn by 25% (rounded down)
Hard Working: +2 EXP per crafting attempt and +1 crafting attempt per day
Filling: Increase the effectiveness of a single food item consumed in a thread by +1 T1 slot.
Item Stash: +1 Battle Ready Inventory Slot
Delicious: Turn 3 identical food items (same quality, tier, & enhancements) into a Feast. A Feast contains 6 portions of the food items sacrificed.
Relaxed: Increases out of combat HP regen by (5 * Tier HP) and decreases full energy regen to 2 Out of Combat Posts.
Advanced Training: +10% Exp to a thread. Limit one use per month [0/1]

Guild Hall Buffs:
Lucrative: Reduce LD needed for Salvage by 5 (10+ for Alchemist crystals, 6+ for everything else). +2 EXP per craft. Rank 9 crafters receive +1 crafting attempt per day. Rank 10 crafters receive +2 crafting attempts per day.
Col Deposit: +5% bonus col from last-hit monster kills and +10% bonus col from treasure chests.


Edited by Celeste
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Oji found himself standing in an alley. After they had climbed all the way to the top of the tower, they were brought back down and was given a vial of some kind and he opened it, taking a swig. It tasted a tad bitter, but it was not the worst thing that he had drank. It soon pixelated in his hand as it was used, and he looked around to the group. From what he had heard and understood, he knew that this would be another fight. He wasn't going to get out of this, and any chance he had to leave had gone long before he hopped onto that dreaded airship. He still got a shudder as he thought about it. He knew he wouldn't be setting foot on a ship for a long while, if he could help it.

"Alright, fight time." He said, slapping his cheeks a bit. He was doing his best to warm himself up for this. He knew this was going to be a rough one, far rougher than what he had just experienced. He had hoped the frontlines were doing okay, as they hadn't heard about any of them. The only people he knew about right now was this ragtag bunch of people he was with now. He wasn't sure if he trusted any of them just yet, but he knew that he got a really nice painting or two out of it, he just needed to get back- he mentally groaned. He had left a few of the paintings on the airship! He only had the one with him, and he sighed. Those were a lost cause.



Oji, The Uncle of Aincrad
Level: 10
Paragon Level: 0
HP: 200/200
EN: 38/38

Damage: 1
Evasion: 3
Loot Dice: 3

Equipped Gear:
Misc: Jigen kōtai [3 EVA]

Custom Skill:

Searching R3

Active Mods:

Inactive Mods:


Active Extra Skills:

Inactive Extra Skills:

Battle Ready Inventory:

Housing Buffs:
Hard Working: +2 EXP per crafting attempt and +1 crafting attempt per day
Relaxed: Increases out of combat HP regen by (5 * Tier HP) and decreases full energy regen to 2 Out of Combat Posts.
Skylight (Searching): +1 Rank to the Searching skill.
Angler: +1 material gained when fishing
Advanced Training: +10% Exp to a thread. Limit one use per month [0/1]
Multipurpose: Gain +1 to LD, Stealth Rating, Stealth Detection, or Prosperity to one post in a thread. Can be applied after a roll

Guild Hall Buffs:

Scents of the Wild:

Wedding Ring:


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Blue_ghost_test.jpg.913693d37c40fdecb25d54549b2bd09d.jpgKallis.jpg.ef7c49787fe7d463444e5ac926acd7ed.jpg"On it," rushing down below, to make sure nothing was sparking or broken in the slightest. This all had to be perfect, to get the best outcome of the challenge that lay ahead of them. Checking under the main deck, a few switches and buttons being pressed, buzzing upon activation. He smiles as the power was set. Those repairs really did a great number on this ship. Glancing around swiftly, seeing a man starting there, interested it what Lium was doing, "You come here. What is your name?" The man quickly closes the gap. Hesitant for a moment, choking out


"Kallis, sir." Lium smirks glancing the the black haired guy with an eye patch over his right eye, "Okay Kallis, if this light goes off you tell someone. This is to activate the cannons when we get them online. Listen for that command," a simple nod with a "Yes Sir." They switch places as Lium goes further into the hall. "You, you and you, come with me." A few men and woman follow quickly behind Lium. "Names," he says in a question of remark. They were platted in on shined leather, "Kishi" her blonde hair pushed back by a bandana looking thing. "London" glancing behind, then stopping at the cannons. "You will be in charge of making sure these are fully loaded at all times. Got it. Ammo is in there," pointing as eyes follow, large black bolder looking things overflow a small closet. "Yes Sir." They all scramble to load the large confinements. 

A small nod before running back up on deck. Finding Celeste, "One on power and three on cannons, being loaded now. They will not know what hit them." Watching these orphans that they picked up, most of them knew what they were doing, it was a great feeling, excitement.






Level: 13
Paragon Level: 0
HP: 260/260
EN: 44/44

Damage: 16
Mitigation: 12
Accuracy: 1

Equipped Gear:

Custom Skill:

Martial Arts R5
Cloth Armor R3

Active Mods:

Inactive Mods:


Active Extra Skills:

Inactive Extra Skills:

Battle Ready Inventory:
3 Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP) x1

Housing Buffs:
Filling: Increase the effectiveness of a single food item consumed in a thread by +1 T1 slot.
Delicious: Turn 3 identical food items (same quality, tier, & enhancements) into a Feast. A Feast contains 6 portions of the food items sacrificed.
Relaxed: Increases out of combat HP regen by (5 * Tier HP) and decreases full energy regen to 2 Out of Combat Posts.
Advanced Training: +10% Exp to a thread. Limit one use per month [1/1]

Guild Hall Buffs:

Scents of the Wild:

Wedding Ring:

Edited by Lium
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Nobody knew exactly what he was good for, and it sure as heck didn't include whatever the rest of these goons were up to.  How did he get roped into this mess?  AGAIN?!  All he'd wanted was a quiet place to rest while Armageddon raged across Ladonia, and Aincrad, and the whole damned universe, for all he cared.  Staring up at the crazed, red-haired woman as she sailed skyward - more skyward, as they were on an airship - he winked and gave her a solid two-fingered salute accentuated by a borrowed bicorn hat, matching flipped-up eye patches and a wide assortment of colourful parasols.  The latter were promptly dumped into the nearest open barrel, as he no longer believed anyone on board had any semblance of a survival instincts.

Something growled.  Looking down, he realized it was him.  It made sense.  They'd finished the faux-beer and rum ages ago.  At least the bottles looked real, though the contents tasted more like a weird mixture of root beer and pineapple juice left out in the sun for way too long.  He'd had worse.  A couple of sailors saluted him half-seriously as they ran in the opposite direction.  

"Oh, right, the uniform."  He'd found it back when this whole debacle began and simply forgotten to remove it.  Ladonian admirals' stripes did cut a pretty fine jib. 

"Where did my bathrobe go?  HAS ANYONE SEEN MY BATHROBE???"  The vomit-coloured rags had likely fallen overboard, or been deliberately thrown so because of their odour.

After an exhausting one-minute search, including breaks, Nobody gave up and decided that his best contribution would be found serving as a critical form of humanoid ballast, preferably nestled in a hammock and well away from the rest of the fighting.  Snuggling up with his favourite sloth stuffy as a pillow, he flipped down both eye patched and bellowed a yawn that was conveniently covered by cannon fire.  Something clanked and crunched under his extended left foot.  Damned inconvenient of the crew to have set this thing up in the engine room, but he was too lazy to move it.

"Bah!" He waved a hand dismissively before turning over onto his side.  "I'm sure it wasn't anything really important."


Nobody | HP: 400/400 | EN: 58/58 | DMG: 8 | ACC: 2

Full Stats:


Level: 20
Paragon Level: 0
HP: 400/400
EN: 58/58

Damage: 8
Accuracy: 2

Equipped Gear:
Weapon: (T1 Dagger | ACC 2)
Armor: Ladonian Admiral's Dress Uniform (Vanity)
Misc: Admiral's bicorn hat (Vanity)

Dagger R5

Active Extra Skills:
Hiding R3



Edited by Nobody
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Level: 31
Paragon Level: 0
HP: 620/620
EN: 80/80

Damage: 1
Mitigation: 12
Evasion: 2
Battle Healing: 31
BLD: 12
REC: 2

Equipped Gear:
Weapon: Blue Poison - T1 THFP | Bleed II, Paralyze
Armor: Blue Blazer - T1 CA: MIT II, EVA I
Misc: Blue Bangle - T1 Jewelry: REC II, EVA I

Custom Skill:

Battle Healing R5

Active Mods:

Inactive Mods:

Field Medic

Active Extra Skills:
First Aid R5

Inactive Extra Skills:

Battle Ready Inventory:

Housing Buffs:
Hard Working: +2 EXP per crafting attempt and +1 crafting attempt per day

Guild Hall Buffs:
Col Deposit: +5% bonus col from last-hit monster kills and +10% bonus col from treasure chests.

Scents of the Wild:

Wedding Ring:

Blue wiped a bead of sweat from her forehead. Ever since they had arrived, the pink-haired player had busied herself with healing the injured NPC's that had gotten into battle with the Imperial Guards. Having nursed several of the NPC's back to health, the girl was quickly becoming exhausted. Her attention returned back to the main situation when suddenly the strange boy they found in tower began to call out to them. Finishing up her current NPC, the girl would step back over into the group to hear their plan. 

It sounded to her as if their small group would be fighting back... from taxis? Little weird wasn't it? Her eyes drifted to the airships looming overhead. "Where's statue girl when we need her? Bet she could just chuck things at him or something dumb like that." With the battle looming overhead, there was going to be quite a bit of people to heal... would she even be able to keep up? Just from the people she had already done, she had become quite tired. Following @Alkor into his taxi, she would flash him a weary smile. "Wake me up when we get there? I'm gonna take a small nap." The NPC to her right would shoot her an astonished look at the girl. It would leave him questioning just who the people who were aiding them were. 

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"Whelp, where one problem ends, another begins. Guess that's kind of been the ever constant flow of our time here in SAO, isn't it?"

Walking alongside his fellow frontliners, and in some irony, the very raid boss they were fighting previously, Calrex gave a small sigh that echoed faintly through his helm. After the battle had concluded, the entire group started making their way out towards the surface once again, preparing for what seemed to be another battle that was about to be underway. 

He took a moment to adjust his equipment, making sure all of the individual pieces were secured in place, including his helmet. He had previously removed it, but after the decision was cast, placed it back on. Following that, he checked that the Grand Blade IV ad its sheath were still secured to the back of his hip. Unfortunately, all of the temporary enhancements that he had utilized for the raid had worn off, including the Safeguard Potion he had consumed as a safety measure, "Well, at least it did it's job I guess."

Walking in lockstep with the others, as to avoid accidentally stepping on the slums inhabitants, the deep blue armored player looked ahead, "So, we got any ideas on what to do once we find it? I'm guessing we can't exactly treat this Scather like we did the others and expect it to shut down."


Base Stats

Calrex | HP: 940/940 | EN: 128/128 | DMG: 23 | MIT: 78 | EVA: 3 | ACC: 4 | BH: 49 | KEEN: 1 | L.M.: 1 | TAUNT


Level: 32

Paragon: 66

Equipped Gear:

Grand Blade IV (T4): +1 Keen / +2 Accuracy

Grand Chariot Revamp (T4): +1 Light Momentum / +48 Mitigation

Rebellion of Sapphire (T1 Demonic): +3 Evasion | +1 Taunt


Roc: Grappling Familiar

Battle Ready:

x5 Mass Healing Crystal - Heal 10% HP for self + party

x1 Crimson Citrine Spiderlily (T4): +2 Bleed / +1 Paralyze

x1 Basic Teleportation Crystal (T1): Upon use, teleport to the nearest town next turn

x5 Safeguard Potion (T1): First Attack Negated

(Dimensional Backpack) -

(Dimensional Pouch) - 

Skills & Mods:

Straight Sword [Rank 5]: Stamina Addon / Ferocity Addon / Precision Addon / Resolve Addon / TECH Specialist

Light Armor [Rank 5]: Meticulous Mod



Battle Healing [Rank 5]: Emergency Recovery Mod

Parry: Vengeful Riposte Mod

Extended Weight Limit

Quick Change




Combat Mastery (Damage) [Rank 3]


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Out of the boss room, Crozeph was expecting some kind of a ragtag army waiting for Gabrandr, all looking at him like how the soldiers in Gladiator looked at Maximus in the first battle of the movie. The king prepared dangerous things beneath, the Crow expects this king to have an army waiting for his command.

There's none of that Russell Crowe bullshit.

Crozeph only saw people seeking refuge from the chaos. Women, children, men who are too weak or afraid to fight back. They gazed at their king, players behind him. "Tch, what a sight, it's like gigantic jaegers trashed this place. The airships are on the move..." a child tripped as she backed away from them. Crozeph looked the kid in the eye, she was afraid and he didn't like it. It's one thing to lose people in war, losing them while being part of it themselves is a another degree of pain these children, in his opinion, shouldn't experience... doesn't matter if they are NPCs, just them being human like him is enough.

"Damn it, I think I lost that banana bread I had in my inventory." 

[insert stat]

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Alkor glanced down when the young woman entreated with him to wake her up on arrival, and he offered a soft smile in response. They had already come this far, and if she was alive, that was a statement to her ability to survive. She had earned whatever small rest that she could get in these hectic times. "You'll know when we get there," he murmured quietly. There were people who hadn't caught on to the finer implications of their plan yet, but Alkor wasn't going to bother explaining. At this point, they had already committed to the ride and whatever came with it. His gaze swept over the screen of airships on the horizon, steadily growing larger. He settled into his position at the bow as the NPC continued to work with the rigging to get them airborne. 

"You said that the flight was going to be a one way journey," the man commented. "You seem a little too composed for someone about to die."

Alkor chuckled. "The world you're leaving is one you'll never come back to," he glanced back and offered the man a wink. "Regardless of what happens when we get to those airships, there's a new world on the horizon. Whether it's this Princeling or some other King candidate, someone is going to crawl out of the woodwork to sit the throne. It will never be the same Galtea, not the same Ladonia, it will be a culmination of your efforts, your sacrifices, and your ideals. This is your moment. You get to write what you want the future of this land to look like."

The man stopped for a moment and watched him carefully.

"Just what do you all intend to get out of all of this?" he asked at last. 

"Closure." He answered with no hesitation, and without a doubt in his mind. They couldn't get anything else, and he knew that he didn't want anything else. It was time to see this floor into a new age so that he could leave it behind and go onward to the next challenge. "You don't light a fire and leave it to burn. I want to see this through to the end."

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  • it's haru okumura from persona 5 without the big hat.

Arabelle | HP: 640/640 | EN: 102/102 | DMG: 21 | MIT: 20 | ACC 1 | EVA 1 | LD 1


  • #1
  • #2
  • #3

battle-ready inventory

  • #1



● War Axe V
     -> Stamina
     -> Precision
● Cloth Armor V
     -> Athletics
         ... Nimble
● Battle Healing V
    -> Emergency Recovery
● Energist

01. Parry
      -> Vengeful Riposte





Increases out of combat HP regen by (5 * Tier HP) and decreases full energy regen to 2 out of combat posts.

Increase the effectiveness of a single food item consumed in a thread by +1 T1 slot. This can exceed normal Cook enhancement caps.


if anyone were to point at the newcomer and say "this woman came from the nobles district. i saw her indulging in a glass of wine through a third-floor window," arabelle would have about a dozen choreographed responses ripe for the picking from the time she spent dwelling on the subject within her mind as she hopped from roof to roof in hastily changed musketeer attire, nobles district to lower ladonia. however, as the present crowd looked like a moral bunch, she would have to cross out the one closest to the truth -- in which she had indeed lounged comfortably beside a window, sipping from a glass of cherry wine because she did not care.

(really, some of them looked so invested. it had to be some form of projection.)

(she didn't need that same intensity. but she couldn't look bored either.)

arabelle looked skyward, at the approaching fleet, at the back of the young prince who'd naturally placed himself a level above them, then sidewards at a player nearest to her in their little cluster of... rebels, she supposed. 

"mind catching me up?" with the time constraint, that didn't sound right. she  narrowed her inquiry to something she couldn't easily infer. "the event started about an hour or two ago and everyone was prompted to make for the castle. what happened in the meantime that brought everyone and the youngest prince to gather at the lower levels instead?"

Edited by Arabelle
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Surfacing from the sewers, the blond would be once again faced with the town of Low-Ladonia. He hadn't traveled much through the floor, but the slums of the city were something he had to travel through to end up at the boss room. It was still a bit strange that they had stolen the boss from the room and were now helping him basically wage war. 

Green eyes scanned the surrounding areas. The NPCs here were... cowering in fear? Approaching one, it would shrink back from him. Why were they so afraid. "You guy think we were too late? Perhaps we should have made a decision on Gabrandr faster." Taking @tricolor_mina's hand, he would quickly start moving to the stairs to the open sky. Whispering to the girl he would tell her, "Stick with me? It would make me feel a lot better." 

Surfacing, he would shield his eyes from the sun as they adjusted to the light. It appeared that there were... ships flying through the sky? "Nobody told me this place had airships! Guess I never looked up huh. Wonder what it'd be like to fly in one." Honestly, he wasn't even sure as to which direction to move. Smoke rose into the air from the city. Most likely, the airships were the enemies. Things weren't looking well for them. The blonde would follow the group to whichever the direction they went. 

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» Shield, The Immovable Object

Level 32
Paragon 66

» Base Stats

  • Base HP: 960
  • Base EN: 108
  • Base MIT: 211
  • Base ACC: 3
  • Base DMG: 1
  • Base EVA: 0
  • Base Thorns: 120
  • Base Battle Heal: 48 HP [+10%] = 52
  • Base Vampiric (Offensive): 96 HP [+10%] = 105
  • Base DoT Reduction: -25%
  • Taunt: +1 Miss/+3 Hit/+4 Crit/+4 Howl/+6 Focused Howl

» Combat Mastery [Mitigation]

» Skills

  • Rank 5 Battle Healing
  • Rank 5 Heavy Armor
  • Fighting Spirit
  • Quick Change
  • Howl
  • Extended Weight Limit

» Extra Skills

  1. Extra Skill - Rank 5 Block
  2. Extra Skill - [Block]
  3. Extra Skill - Parry
  4. Extra Skill - Survival

» Mods

  1. Block - Shield Bash [10 Damage + 88 Thorns]
  2. Heavy Armor - Impetus
  3. Parry - Justified Riposte
  4. Parry - Vengeful Riposte
  5. Extend Weight Limit - Large Pockets

» Add-Ons

  • Block - Rampart
  • Heavy Armor - Iron Skin
  • Howl - Focused Howl

» Housing Bonuses:

  • Well Rested: -1 EN on first 3 uses
  • Squeaky Clean: -25% to first DoT
  • Delicious: Turns 2 food into feast for 4
  • Advanced Training: +2 SP to a thread 1/month
  • Filling: Add 1 extra tier 1 slot to food
  • Item Stash: +1 Battle Ready Inventory slot
  • Multipurpose: +1 LD to one roll - can be declared after seeing results
  • Relaxed: OOC regen 5*tier, recover EN out of combat after 2 turns in lieu of 3
  • Filling: +1 T1 slot to existing food buff

» Equipment:

  1. Vampire's Kiss - T4 Demonic Curved Sword [Accuracy/Accuracy/Absolute Accuracy/Vampiric (Offensive)]
  2. Manticore Mask - T4 Demonic Shield - [Thorns/Thorns/Frost Aura/Flame Aura]
  3. Elder's Grace - T4 Demonic Heavy Armor [Flame Aura/Frost Aura/Flame Thorns/Frost Thorns]
  • Wedding Ring [+12 Mitigation]
  • Bialas Totem [+1 Taunt]
  • Lilith [Protector Familiar]

» Battle-Ready Inventory [Hammerspace Backpack + Deep Pockets - Slot Capacity increased to 17 items]

  1. Nadja's Allure - T3 Demonic Heavy Armor [Holy Blessing/Holy Blessing/Vampiric (Defensive)/Vampiric (Defensive)]
  2. Seeking Aura                                   [T1 Perfect Trinket - Loot Die/Loot Die/Loot Die]
  3. Gungnir's Shard                              [T3 Perfect Instant Support Song of Healing - +173 HP [x17]]
  4. Basic Teleportation Crystal x 7
  5. Perfect Mass Heal Crystal x 7
  • Dimensional Backpack - Glow Stone x 3
  • Storage Closet - 

With the conversation cutting off at a rather dramatic moment, Shield turned and followed the boss-turned-quest-giver up to the surface. It was too early to know exactly how the following encounters would play out, but in the mean time, he kept his expression from giving away his satisfaction. In the mean time, he mentally tucked a heaping dose of I-told-you-so in his back pocket for later use. He doubted he would need it, but after the tongue lashing he had the other 'spare' voters had taken from impatient, inflexible, or bloodthirsty allies, it might be useful.

Or it might be worth the moment of being petty, despite it not being something he'd be proud of after.

It's a satisfying thought. But it would likely not get anyone anywhere.

Galtea was in shambles, and the players had entered at the climax of the incursion. "This will be an interesting examination of mass battle and how it functions in Aincrad." Sticking close with his other guildies, he made sure Calrex, Hirru, and Crozeph were at his elbows, trying to keep an eye in the crowd for any others who had joined them. "Alright. Odds are, we'll be dealing with a lot of NPC munchkins through this. Let me pull the first line of each wave. They'll likely be the most heavily armored, so DPS can focus on dropping as many attackers as they can as quickly as possible. If any of my pulls are still up by the time you clear your targets, help mop up quick and move on. We'll be likely doing some indoor combat, so if you're getting bottle-necked in corridors, call a switch, and I can swap you out to do your thing before tagging you back in after. If things get hot, I'll switch to my healing gear until Hirru can get to me. Otherwise, Hirru, stay with the squishies."

Shield did his best to keep track of the paths they took through the Galtean subterranean sprawl. Despite the abundance of teleportation crystals at their fingertips, if for some reason the coming events required them to backtrack, he wanted to at least have an idea of the general direction.

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"Squishy?  I'm pretty sure that I have the second highest mitigation, if I'm wearing everything properly."

Hirru would quip, but it made a smile come out of the healer's near gloomy face.  The whole thing was rather odd to him, and the commotion above wasn't helping much.  The group as a whole seemed to mostly follow the fallen king to where ever he was taking them.  Several corridors before passing over large encampments that filled the more open rooms.  People were still scrambling around, even after they had all left the slums behind.  The bright light that blinded him as they exited the lower ladonian sector made Hirru cover his eyes.  There were loud foreign sounds that were causing the wind to be quite turbulent around the areas.  Looking up in time, Hirru would see one of the masses that could block out the sun for a moment, before flying past slowly.

"What in the.. what are those?"

They looked like boats, but they were sailing.. in the air?  He figured it must have been something that the game allowed, but this was not something that he had seen too clearly.  He never ventured to the skydocks nor did he think that those ships were viable.  The look of them all, and the sheer numbers.

"Are we fighting those things?"

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To think that everything was going downhill oh so suddenly.

First the cryptic message, which Vigilon had tried discussing with other players before heading out. Then there was the moment where Vigilon and maybe like, two, three others(who knows, it was all a blur) climbed up to the roof of one building, then just running around fighting through troops falling from the sky as airships deployed them and tried to occasionally blast at Vigilon, maybe one or two of his allies.

One Rooftop Rampage later, he now found himself separated from the others. Hopefully they could manage, maybe they escaped, left the floor, or found a really good hiding spot to recuperate in or something like that.

Now he just needed to get his bearings...but first, he was falling.


He found himself plopping down and taking a fair amount of fall damage. At least it wasn't lethal or anything. He had some difficulty getting up, and his entire front half was tingling...for in case you didn't know already, he'd fallen flat on his face. "UUrrrrrrrgghh....where....what...Ugh...." He shook his head rapidly, and came to his senses. "Oh, um, quite a few people here...can anyone tell me what the heck is going on? I know absolutely nothing."


Stats and Equipment:


Main Stats:


Level: 32
Paragon Level: 24(paragon stat bonus totals: +80 HP, +8 EN)

Paragon Rewards:

Lv. 5 | Gain additional col equivalent to 15% of EXP earned in that thread.
Lv. 10 | +1 LD to loot and chest rolls



Battle Stats:

HP: 760(Base[720], Resolve[40])
Energy: 110(Base[90], Energist[20])
Base Damage: 23(SS R5[7], Combat Mastery: DMG[12], SS Ferocity[2], Meticulous[1])
Mitigation: 78(Silver Night[+48], Light Armor R5[+30])
Accuracy: 4(Draco Fury[2], SS Precision[1] Dragon's Eye[1])
Evasion: 2(Silver Night, Dragon's Eye)
Loot Die: 6(Searching R5[+5], Dragon's Eye[+1])

Additional conditions:
-2 on all stealth rolls(Light Armor Rank 5)



[T4]Draco Fury(2 ACC, PAR)

[T4]Silver Night(2 MIT, 1 EVA)

[T1]Dragon's Eye(1 ACC, 1 EVA, 1 LD)



Teleport Crystal x1




Straight Sword Rank 5(30 SP)

Light Armor Rank 5(30 SP)

Searching Rank 5(30 SP)

Extended Mod Limit(10 SP)

Charge(10 SP)



Extra Skills:

Combat Mastery: Damage Rank 3(13 SP)

Familiar Mastery: Rending(10 SP)





Meticulous(4 SP)

Night Vision(3 SP)

Detect(4 SP)



Shift: AoE(10 SP)




Resolve(6 SP)

SS Ferocity(6 SP)

SS Precision(2 SP)

SS Stamina(4 SP)


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