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Status Updates posted by Takao

  1. Asterios event thread has been closed.

    If you participated, check the thread linked below for your rewards!


  2. rip takao

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    2. Stryder


      If he's gone show us proof!!! Wheres the death!

    3. Seul


      It'll be okay @Stryder, Takao is in a better place.

    4. Takao


      just let him rest, kids

  3. Friendly reminder that for all your Thread Locking, Craft or Roll Evaluation, and Journal Approval needs, the Player Support Team should be your go-to staff members. The Creation Team/Content Developers shouldn't be your first stop.

    They can be found at the bottom of this page. Presently, those that can do these tasks for you include: Beatbox, Aoda, Hydra, Morgenstern, Zandra, or Myself.

  4. Some more details regarding the purpose of the Timeskip have been added to the first post in the poll thread. Hopefully it'll clarify what its for and how it'll help low leveled players catch up.

  5. Loot Table feedback! (click here)

    If you have any concerns or issues with the new loot table, feel free to comment!

  6. Monster damage has been pulled back a bit. Also, thanks to @Damien for the parameter formatting!

    1. Aoda


      i love you tak

    2. Damien


      No problem, @Takao. Maybe I should apply for staff like everyone else is now? jk

        I bet @Shark would like that.  

  7. After complaints/issues regarding Loot Standard mob difficulty, the parameters have been changed to the following:

    Loot Minimum Parameters
    HP = (Floor# * 4) OR (Highest Level Player's HP / 2) -- Whichever is higher
    Damage = (Floor# * 10) OR (Highest Level Player's HP / 5) -- Whichever is higher

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    2. Macradon


      I can't wait to see a  608 HP  243 DMG Boar now

    3. Hirru


      You're going to do that now, aren't you..

    4. Macradon



      Now a F1 Boar with loot against me is

      600 HP and 180 DMG

  8. The table for rolling loot on monster kills has been updated. Click here!

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    2. Damien


      And you can't change there health to make them applicable? @Baldur Thanks.

    3. Baldur


      Health is only a piece of it, but if you want to make something harder, I don't particularly have a problem with it, but it has to meet all of the criteria, which would include damage as well.

    4. Damien


      Okie dokie. Thanks a ton @Baldur.


      @Vale @Atzo @Anemone

  9. Vote now on the new loot table! Link here.

  10. Changes to the Post:SP ratio have been made. Click here.

  11. Descriptions for floors 1 through 10 have been updated. Click here!

  12. Rebirth system rules have been updated.

  13. Usage of the Rebirth System is temporarily restricted pending changes.

  14. Got bored and made a sword art calculator with google sheets.


    If you wanna save a copy for your own use, go to file > make a copy.

    1. Rin


      Sounds like something I would do.

      You do that with if's?

    2. Fynn



  15. If you're planning on changing weapon skills with the new update, be sure to post in this thread.

  16. Anybody want to hit up some quests/dungeons? I've got Night's King and Snake out of Water to do.

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    2. Takao


      If you don't get into combat you'll be fine. I don't think combat'll be a big part of the thread either.

    3. Rin


      Then I will make a post in a little while need to get a shower after long day of work.

    4. Baldur


      I'm in. I can't take those quests on solo unfortunately.

  17. Interest Check: I had the vague idea of starting a scouting guild, so I figured I'd see if anybody was interested and it was worth my time doing. It'd be a good place to deposit a lot of my resources since they're just sitting around and piling up.

    Anybody interested?

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    2. Takao
    3. Rain


      *scrambles to grab the ones falling on the ground*

    4. Hikoru


      -ded- -completely ded-

  18. Small rule update!

    You'll now receive 1 SP for every 20 posts in a thread, instead of only receiving 1 SP for 20+ posts. This change only applies to new threads and threads currently in progress, and will not be retroactively enforced.

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    2. Morgenstern
    3. Zandra


      Finally!!! :D

    4. Baldur


      My thoughts seem appropriately echoed in gif form here :D

  19. I'm gonna be going fairly inactive here for a bit because Leonidas is slowly killing me on the inside.

    Sorry to anybody I'm in a thread with! I'll try to pop in and keep up, but other than the raid itself, I can't make any promises.

    1. Baldur


      Thanks for giving me a chance to catch up :)

    2. Teayre
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