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Vigilon's Journal

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Username: Vigilon
Real name: Alex Silver
Age: 18-20
Birthday: July 7
Gender: Male
Height: 5’4”





Alex Drake Silver was born within the USA, and his story began as a fairly pleasant one. He had a nurturing mother, Mirna Silver, a kindhearted father, Xavier Silver, and a sweet older sister, Alyssa Silver. Early childhood was something worth reminiscing to him, but otherwise it was fairly standard for the most part. Life impacting events didn’t begin for him until his middle school days.


When Alex was attending middle school, there were some individuals who stood out in his mind as he met them. There was a black haired boy about his age, who nicknamed him over his red eyes. It sounded like mild bullying at first, but he got used to being known by it. In fact, he managed to befriend this boy, whose name was Allen Davis. There was Tara Rubenson, who often spoke with Alex about some unusual things which he fails to recall today, until his father asked Tara to stop speaking with him. There was another male who once stood out in his mind, but at present time, he’d forgotten about this individual. Finally, there was Ayaka, the girl who seemed to like hanging out with Alex. It took some time for him to realize the girl had a crush on him, but he didn’t know if he felt the same, and just decided to treat her like a friend. Once Ayaka moved on to high school, however, he didn’t see her again.



During his time in middle school, of course, he discovered a hobby he’d take up: Gaming. He began to find pleasure, challenge, and appreciation in the artificial worlds he explored as a hero. When he had some free time, he would occasionally be outside, practicing swordplay with his intense imagination.



Middle school wouldn’t have been much else if it wasn’t for that fateful day when he was only twelve...his father...was murdered. He could’ve sworn he saw it happen, even. He wasn’t able to recognize much of the killer’s appearance, but after doing the deed, the killer let go of the knife that made the kill, and dropped the other as he fled. Alex picked up the unused blade...and was tempted to follow after the man. He took a few steps, but he realized, he just couldn’t do it. How could someone young and helpless like him be able to avenge his father with just a knife? He dropped the blade, and called the police.



His life had begun to spiral from there, and the family in general was devastated from the crime, each having other ways to handle their new reality. Alyssa changed, and was no longer with a soft, sweet external demeanor, becoming tough and harsh on the outside, only a select few knowing the true Alyssa, which she still tried to keep hidden. This was silently guessed to be some kind of coping mechanism, as believed by Alex and the two children’s mother. Alex, unlike Alyssa, simply found himself in grief, wondering if he could have changed anything, if he could have done something, rather than have been that stupid boy who just stood there in shock while it all happened… his changes would be more gradual than sudden.



Middle school continued, but there were definitely those who could see the evidence of his slow changes, especially the evidence of the state of grief he was in, as it was still fresh. Allen and Ayaka(before she left for high school) would do their best to try cheering him up, and to an extent, it kind of worked...almost. As this chapter in his life began drawing to a close, well, he wasn’t out of the woods yet…



High School. Those were some crazy years. Allen was there, though Ayaka was not. However, there were many more who had plenty of involvement with Alex. His grades were not what he’d hoped they’d be, but he couldn’t complain(Save for Math, which is Mental Abuse To Humans). To his surprise, he’d find that Alyssa attended this school, but of course, he’d need to keep himself silent about the true Alyssa if he was to stay on good terms with her… 



During his Freshman year, the students’ current social system was designed and led by local rich guy, Victor Falcon, referred to as “King Falcon” by his closest allies, by their own choice. Of course, Victor seemed to be in his senior year, and seemed to...have a crush on Alyssa? This was something Alex didn’t actually expect, primarily due to the mask of toughness Alyssa had, that was hiding her true self. During this year, Alex also met some other people, including but not limited to, four new friends: Amelia Belle, Katrina Lily, Dennis McRoy, and Thalia Fields. 



When Sophomore year arrived, everything changed once again. With Victor Falcon gone, April Darren stepped up, dominated the Social System, and made it to her own liking. It wasn’t long before most of the students knew her as “Lady April”, but there were quite a few who refused to call her such things, and the one who opposed her the most was Amelia, who seemed to believe control was all April wanted from the student body. Alex didn’t get too involved in the conflict, until he was quite literally dragged into it near the end of that year, as both were essentially telling him to pick a side, as two groups stood poised to oppose April’s system. It was apparent that this was the most opposition April ever had. Amelia led one group, believing that no one should stand on top of the social system, while Dennis was leading another group, attempting to take the social system for himself. Alex thought about this decision carefully, and chose Amelia’s side. The “battle” that took place was practically scheduled, and also organized, as well as given specialized rules(especially to make sure there were no unnecessary messes they’d have to clean up). It was a long struggle, but in the end, April’s system remained on top. Dennis, defeated, disbanded his group and found a new way to satisfy his need to “be the guy on top for once”, he became a Dungeon Master, and thus would play D&D with his fellow students, including Alex.



Alex thought the worst of the chaos and conflict was over when Junior year came, but he couldn’t have been more wrong. Alas, Amelia was still opposing April, and Amelia now had more supporters. This quickly spiraled down into what the whole school had known from then on as the “War of Pranks”, as the students would engage in a long “war” of pulling practical jokes and pranks on the opposing side’s members. Alex was asked to pick a side, and he chose Amelia’s side. When not taking action in terms of the Prank War, the interactions between Alex and April were difficult to find the right terminology for at first, with all the willingness to help each other, despite the fact that they knew how to piss each other off, those different sorts of things. Eventually, the two were able to confirm that they were frenemies. What was left of both the Junior year and the Senior year were both full of surprises from then on…



Alex didn’t think he had what it takes to bother with going to college, as he wasn’t interested in falling into a swamp of debt...though he would need to find out what he’d be doing for the future. He heard from his friends about the first ever VRMMORPG, Sword Art Online. He didn’t have much he could try to get the game, but he soon received it as a gift from his mother. It wasn’t long before he’d unwittingly get himself trapped in a new reality; A new Life, as Vigilon.






Vigilon is a young man who seeks to survive and protect. He is an avid gamer, so he is no stranger to most terms and references(unless he forgets them). As clever as he is, he’s still not the sharpest knife in the drawer, and is even prone to occasional blunders. He is strong willed and caring, but he’s also an introvert who can get serious, maybe even dangerous, if those who he cares about are threatened, or when other similar scenarios occur. One who knows him well enough might see him as a dragonhearted young man with a silver soul.








Strong-willed: He is a determined young man who will not let his goals go very easily, unless they prove impossible at present. Having suffered from watching murder happen, he will do what he can to prevent further murder of the innocent, even if it means killing the killer(occasionally). He is driven to survive, but also to see that others make it out alive as well. 

Clever: He is Intelligent, and a fast learner. He is quick to analyze the situation, and during a standoff, or the occasional lock, he will focus on what he knows of the opponent’s strategy/battle style. With this, he finds a way to first evade incoming attacks, then once he finds a chink in the defenses, he strikes within the opportunity. Of course, he’s no genius, however, and he can sometimes make a dumb mistake.

Caring: Both outside and inside of video games, SAO included, friends and family are  important to him.  Whether it’s another family in need, or people who have become a part of his makeshift family, he wants to help them out.  Of course, he is able to tell whether most noticeable needs are genuine or not.









Introverted: Although he doesn’t mind strength in numbers, he is more than willing to spend some time alone practicing, training, or planning what he should do next. He’s not the best in social interaction, but despite this he tries anyway during the times he’s feeling social. He actually hates emotionally hurting good people, and this can lead to somewhat shy tendencies at times...which can have various consequences.


Bit of a Klutz: He may be clever, and he may be strong willed, but that doesn’t change the fact that Icosahedrons aren’t the only way he can wind up with a 1 in life. He often finds himself in sticky situations from time to time, and it’s not uncommon to see him go through slips and stumbles when he’s just trying to get around. This can be surprising for people who don’t know him very well, but maybe one day, he himself might be able to get used to it.


Wrath:  He isn’t one to cling to his anger often, and can be mildly provoked with little consequence, but if he gets pushed to a point that crosses the line, someone’s in for it. When the line is crossed, his mind becomes focused on the fall of his foe, and the destruction of anything else that is a confirmed threat. He is much less talkative when in this state, and one can tell if he has hit the breaking point just by looking at his eyes.



Characters Sharing the Same Writer:



































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Stats and Skills:


Main Stats:


Level: 32
Paragon Level: 25(paragon stat bonus totals: +100 HP, +10 EN, +25 SP)
Experience: 153739
To next level: 3261

Paragon Rewards:

Lv. 5 | Gain additional col equivalent to 15% of EXP earned in that thread.
Lv. 10 | +1 LD to loot and chest rolls


Total Skill Points: 185
Available Skill Points: 5
Spent Skill Points: 180


Battle Stats:

HP: 780(Base[740], Resolve[40])
Energy: 112(Base[92], Energist[20])
Base Damage: 23(SS R5[7], Combat Mastery: DMG[12], SS Ferocity[2], Meticulous[1])
Mitigation: 78(Silver Night[+48], Light Armor R5[+30])
Accuracy: 4(Draco Fury[2], SS Precision[1] Dragon's Eye[1])
Evasion: 2(Silver Night, Dragon's Eye)
Loot Die: 6(Searching R5[+5], Dragon's Eye[+1])

Additional conditions:
-2 on all stealth rolls(Light Armor Rank 5)



Straight Sword Rank 5(30 SP)

Light Armor Rank 5(30 SP)

Searching Rank 5(30 SP)

Extended Mod Limit(10 SP)

Charge(10 SP)



Extra Skills:

Combat Mastery: Damage Rank 3(13 SP)

Familiar Mastery: Rending(10 SP)





Meticulous(4 SP)

Night Vision(3 SP)

Detect(4 SP)



Shift: AoE(10 SP)




Resolve(6 SP)

SS Ferocity(6 SP)

SS Precision(2 SP)

SS Stamina(4 SP)



Profession(Crafting): Blacksmith
Profession(Gathering): TBD









Draco Fury


Item Name:Draco Fury
Item Tier: 4
Item Type: Straight Sword
Item Enhancements: 2 Accuracy, Paralyze
Description: A Bastard Sword forged from a dark metal, with draconian designs on its silver hilt. It is unsure what the inscriptions on the flat end of the blade read, but nevertheless the weapon strikes true.


Silver Night


Item Name: Silver Night
Item Tier: 4
Item Type: Light Armor
Item Enhancements: Mitigation(2), Evasion
Description: A set of pliable leather armor, dyed silver in color with red accents. The armor itself consists of pliable leather “plates”, four on the front, four on the back, of the torso, along with pliable leather armguards, hardened leather pauldrons, leg guards made with both hard and soft leather, and attached to the torso is a hood made from cloth. In layman’s terms, it’s basically a hoodie and pants with leather armor stitched onto it.


Dragon's Eye


Item name: Dragon's Eye

Item type: Trinket

Tier: 1

Quality: Perfect

Enhancements: Accuracy, Evasion, Loot Die

Description: A silver pendant of a fiery design with a ruby in the center, the gemstone’s center being a slit of onyx, making the gemstone appear as if it were a crystalline reptilian eye. When worn, the wearer is able to more easily aim, spot incoming attacks, and more easily find resources and hidden creatures.


Temporary Resources:

Pumpkin Seeds: 154

Tags: 1



Unidentified Items:

<<Unidentified T1 Perfect Curved Sword 200642a>>
<<Unidentified T1 Perfect Cloth Armor 200642b>>
<<Unidentified T1 Perfect Consumable 200642c>>
<<Unidentified T1 Perfect Consumable 200642d>>

Tier 4 Perfect Armor (5) | [202393a] | [202393b] | [202433a] | [202433b] | [202384]
Tier 4 Perfect Consumable (4) | [202393a] | [202393b] | [202433a] | [202433b]
Tier 4 Perfect Trinket (2) | [202434] | [202432]
Tier 4 Perfect Weapon (3) | [202434] | [202432] | [202384]
Tier 4 Rare Armor (1) | [202431]
Tier 4 Rare Consumable (1) | [202431]
Tier 4 Rare Trinket (2) | [202392] | [202391]




Teleport Crystal x4

Tent(-1 to energy cost for two expenditures in combat)

Water Canister(+5 Out-of-Combat Regen[3/3 Charges])

Red Velvet Cake (Unique Consumable, grants +1 LD, +1 Prosperity)

 <<Snowfrost>>(Halves Burn DoT)

 <<Snake Venom>>(A coating which grants a weapon a poison effect which activates on a critical hit, dealing 4 damage for 10 turns to an enemy. Lasts for one thread. Takes a post action to apply.)

<<Sand Armor Potion>>(+27 MIT)

<<Tiger Rage>> A potion which grants +2 damage. Lasts for one thread. Takes a post action to apply.

Supernova Yokan Block (1) | Perfect Dessert | LOOT DIE III

Memory of Battle: Double the bonus from Scents of the Wild totems for one thread.

<<Monkey Agility>>


Special items:

<<Gleaming Stone>> Changes 1 Equipment from one Type, to another.  Is consumed after use.

<<Love's Respite>> Unique Consumable - A small, yet elegantly designed vial in the shape of a heart that contains a bright pink liquid. When consumed, it grants the player a fresh set of crafting attempts, in addition to making the drinker feel pure bliss. (Can stack with a normal Crafter's Respite)

<<Ring of Platinum Keys>> Consumable - A heavy ring of five angular silvery-white keys used in opening treasure chests. (Contains five Platinum Keys) Each Platinum Key is a single-use item that grants +3 LD when opening a Treasure Chest. A Platinum Key can only be used once per thread.

Galaxial Water Snake x1
Tier 1 Unique Consumable
Provides +1 CD when rolling to train familiars in <<Taming your Friend>>. Can also be used to change a familiar’s appearance to a starry sky’s form of itself. Single-use item. CD buff lasts for one thread.

Gold Star Stickers x1
Tier 1 Unique Consumable | Charges: 3/3 | Untradable.
+1 DMG, +1 LD or +15MIT for one thread. Stacks on top of other food/alchemical consumable buffs, but does not stack with Scent of the Wild totems.

Milky Way Rail Blueprint x1
Tier 1 Unique Consumable
+1 CD to a day's worth of crafts or item identifications.

Handwritten Letter of Appreciation x1
Tier 1 Unique Consumable
Allows its user to change the name and/or description of an equipment piece.




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Roleplay Log:


2.6 Roleplays:




(+1 SP)


(+1 SP)


(+2 SP)


(+2 SP)


(+2 SP)


(+1 SP)


(+4 SP)


(+2 SP)


(+3 SP)


(+1 SP)


(+2 SP)


(+3 SP)


(+1 SP)


(+1 SP)


(+1 SP)


(+4 SP)


(+1 SP)


(+1 SP)


(+1 SP)


(+4 SP)


(+3 SP)


(+4 SP)


(+2 SP)


(+2 SP)


(+5 SP)


(+5 SP)


(+2 SP)


(+1 SP)


(+2 SP)


(+9 SP)


(+4 SP)


(+1 SP)


(Received nothing)


(+2 SP)


(+5 SP)


(+1 SP)


(+7 SP)


(+2 SP)


(+1 SP)


(+4 SP)


(+1 SP)


(+1 SP)


(+9 SP)


(+3 SP)


(+3 SP)


(+10 SP)


(+5 SP)


(+5 SP)


(+6 SP)


(+8 SP)


(+8 SP)


(+6 SP)


(+3 SP)


Conversion Roleplays:




3.0 Onwards:



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Friends and Foes:


Categories other Than neutral will have more detailed entries on their info, instead of just the username.



Class S: (This spot is reserved for one female player who Vigilon loves)

Krysta: Girlfriend. I can't see myself not loving her, it's just not possible. She's incredible, she's sweet and kindhearted, she's determined to do what she believes is right, and she's got the best singing voice I've ever heard, it's absolutely enchanting... She's like a heroic princess from an epic fairytale- in a good way! What's not to love about her? I know she has her issues, and I accept that she does. It doesn't change the good I see in her. When we first met, she was a pretty girl whose heart shone brightly, but now I see her as the most beautiful woman who ever existed, with a heart like a perfect gemstone... I just hope I can be good enough for her, and as much as I'm eager to pop the question, I can't act too soon.


Class A+: (This Spot is reserved for 1-2 players that Vigilon considers best friends)



2: Shuliik(NPC): This guy has been a friend of mine since my middle school days. We've grown to count on each other, and I'll be there if he needs me.


Class A: (Good Friends)

Kanari_Kakaze(NPC): A friend of mine from the real world. She is a rebellious and mischievous kind of person, and she values freedom immensely. I should know, for she opposed April throughout all the time I'd known her.

Taika(NPC): A friend of mine from the real world. Kind and clever, but also cunning and mischievous. I don't hesitate to flee when she and her best friend, Kanari, are plotting something. For all we know, I could be the target of their next grand scheme...


Class B: (Friends)

Koharu(NPC): A girl who I knew in the real world. I saw her as a friend, but she clearly had a crush on me, and it's been a total one-sided dumpster fire, and it will get worse if she can't get over me, because I don't want to break her heart, but in the end, the girl I love is Krysta...

Stryder: One of the first players I befriended. He helped me out of a tight spot or two, and we know we can count on each other when things get tough...but if only he could stop calling me boar bait.


Class C: (Sort of Friends)

Benjamin Bookworm(MIA)








Potential Friend:

Arabelle, Spencer, Hestia, H3LL0, Freyd, Froppy, Kimi, Telrenya, Elora, Astreya, Dazia, Yinangi(NPC), Petastora(NPC), Laida(NPC), Ind0minus(NPC), Auranika(NPC)


True Neutral:

Pinball, Renixx(NPC), Dazlea(NPC), Domarus, Atzo, Ichi, Arnemis(NPC), Stryker(NPC), Venorim(NPC), Azrea(NPC), XOXXie(NPC), Sharr


Seen with Suspicion:

Fae, Everus(NPC)






Outlander-Enemy. I caught this guy trying to kidnap a girl, and I witnessed him attempting to form a criminal Guild. Ever since I first got onto him, we've hated each others' guts, and clearly each of us is waiting for the other to make a dumb move.

{Scarlet}-Nuisance. This chick doesn't seem to be the friendliest of people, and she tried to beat me down just to get ahead several times. I've got the feeling there will be more unfriendly encounters with her...

Mars-Nuisance. This guy is way too trigger happy with his fists. He can't seem to think of anything but fight and kill. Does he even have a reason?

Maaldus-Potential Threat. He fought me for reasons I don't know, and he so claims to be my cousin. He almost tried to attack an innocent girl, so I'm gonna have to be careful with that guy...






Garixon-Sudden Enemy. He attacked me one evening, and had apparently been plotting my demise for a while. I was without a teleport crystal or corridor crystal, so I felt I had no choice but to kill him. Not a month passes without me remembering his blood is on my hands.


Wardege-Former Friend. I don't know the whole story on how he died, I just know that Dazia killed him in a duel. Until I see solid evidence, his killer is innocent until proven guilty.








Vigilon's Notes(Story Thus Far):



<<Fledgeling Arc>>

Vigilon's story begins, with him making the decision to step outside the safe zone, and get going at long last...



<<Rising Arc>>

Vigilon begins to rise, struggling to reach greater heights as he continues his journey...



<<Dragon Arc>>

Vigilon searches for his style, his way, and what truly lies within his heart.




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