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Aincrad Valentines Tournament of Thirst!

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A flyer is found posted on the message board near by each of the teleport plazas.


Baldur - The Hashira of Jacob's Ladder - formally invites you to attend:

The 1st White Day Valentines Tournament

Equipment and 0 Damage weapons will be provided to facilitate a safe and fun tournament for all

Format will be finalized based on turnout.

Please RSVP to @Baldur no later than February 10th

Location: Floor 24 - Transportation from the main island provided to Baldur's floating Island

Tournament to be held in the Musha Shugyo Dojo


1st Place to receive a <<Safeguard>> potion and 1 evening feast for 2 in Baldur's stunning and romantic lakeside zen guard bungalow

All skill levels welcome



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Nari stares at the poster, a slight sneer on her face. 'A Valentine's day tournament? Who would ever sign up for this?' 

Glancing around to make sure no one saw her, she rushed to Floor 24 to make sure she signed up in time for the event. 


Consider me here... 

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To: Baldur

Hey hey! So I saw you’re putting together a tournament. I do have to say, kind of weird with the whole thirst thing. I’m definitely not thirsty, and even if I were, I wouldn’t use a tournament to get a date. But I’ve been spending a lot of time at home lately, and I wouldn’t mind an excuse to get out. And your house is so pretty, and it would be great to see you again. And I’ve been kind of lonely, if I’m being honest. Hanging out with people would be a nice change of pace. So while I don’t fit the “thirsty” requirement, I’d love to participate!

- Lessa

PS - Not thirsty. Just want to make that clear. Not. Thirsty. Okay, bye.

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Yona noticed an odd flyer as she was going about her business. She started reading it, and noticed it was a tournament for all levels of skill.

Forgetting to read the rest, she signed up. It was time to prove herself. "Heh, now I'll get a chance to put myself in a higher position than 'low level girl'. Look out Aincrad, you're getting a Champion..."

But would that really be the case? It was too late to turn back now, so only time will tell...

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Astralin spotted a flyer that stood out from the rest, and it seemed to mention a tournament. "...White Day Valentines Tournament?" Astralin read aloud. "Hmm...don't know what that means, but hey, a tournament sounds nice...oh, and a safe and fun environment for all? I'm sold!"

Without bothering to read the other details, she signed herself up. Oh, if only she knew what she'd gone and gotten herself into...

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As he helped with preparing for the upcoming tournament, Calrex continued to ponder. After having spent some time, he gave a small sigh, followed by a small smirk across his face, "Y'know what, it's been a while since I've dueled anyone. Even though it's for Valentine's Day, might be fun to clash swords again. Definitely will help work off the rust as well."

Walking over to his mentor, he gave a pat on the man's shoulder, "Go ahead and sign me up, heh. Can't make earning prize be a walk in the park, after all."

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"A tournament?" Freyd muttered between intermittent sips of a badly needed coffee.  Persi had hopped up with a pamphlet in her mouth and pressed it eagerly into his face. 

"Nah.  Not interested.  Too busy."  A gloved hand pushed back gently against her inky muzzle, dismissing the idea with gesture to reinforce his words.  She tried again and was rebuffed a second time as Freyd turned away to resume a long overdue catch-up session with Marv.  The NPC gate guard stoically ignored him in much the same way that he was foolishly ignoring his diminutive familiar.  Turning a cold shoulder to a thing he'd personally named 'Persistence' should really have sounded some alarm bells.

Peeved by his ignorant dismissals, tiny spark-like constellations flared within the shadow mongoose's amorphous inky mass.  Taking her treasure and intentions to the floor with another casual hop, she then promptly slunk like the shadow she was up her minion's pant leg, sending a frigid shiver up his spine in order to get his attention.


The silhouette of a tiny triangular head popped out of the front of his collar, opening a pair of azure eyes lacking any shadow of a doubt that he had misread her intent.  Flicking down towards the note caused Freyd to finally clue in.

"Oh!  YOU wanted to enter?  Yeah.  Sure.  I'm cool with that.  Just try not to permanently devour any body parts, m'kay?"




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