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[PP-F24] Valentines Day Tournament - Round 1

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Night truly showed her advantage in this fight. Macradon’s range wasn’t enough to keep her at bay. Flashes and blurs disappeared around his attacks, dodging and evading like cleaving into a mist. The knight chortled even though he was in a disadvantageous spot “You’re pretty good, light footed across the battlefield. I can’t imagine you also doing this while going all out with your greatsword. Saying I am impressed would just feel patronising, you’re a good fighter!” he exclaimed and went for a rock solid blocking guard, but it was futile, Night’s agility trumped his reach and ferocity, he was getting rusty against other players, which was good, he didn’t want to be great at that, not any longer, there was no need for his self righteous bullshit anymore, he was free to fight the environment, something he needed to survive and persevere on. Night’s strikes were direct and precise, perfectly matched to her weapon of choice. As the third strike hit him, Macradon would raise both his arms and let go of his wooden sword “Well fought, I very much enjoyed this.” he said with a smile and lowered his arms again. He crouched down to grab his sword, and on his way back up would extend out a clenched fist “Thanks for the bout.”

NIGHT: 3/3
Macradon: 1/3

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So, there was someone that had appeared to be her opponent. Zandra had grabbed one of the practice weapons and went to the arena. She had recognized several players present in this almost festival kind of tournament. Thou most of them was already busy figthing. She had sent a wave to one of them, but he was to focused on the combat to reply. And she didnt blamed him for that at all. Just time to talk to him after the competition.

But yeah, she should do that as well. Dont let her mind flating away thinking about other stuff. She had an opponent to fight. It was a male, not that it mattered thou, she had fought males and females in with same skill levels, thou something said her that he wasnt quite as used to combat as most other frontliners. Truth be told, she havent seen him on the frontlines. He even looked a bit frigthened. "M. . . May the best fighter win." he said. Zandra answered with a smile. ‘’Indeed, please go ea..’’ but her sentence got interrupted as she got taken by surprise by his sudden charge followed by a quick slice towards her. She had seen that move before thou, from herself. She didnt knew how many ice elementals she had killed with exactly that kind of attack. So a quick step backward made the dagger miss her. Thou in the same movement, she didnt quite had the balance to do any attack herself. ‘’Damn that was close.’’ she said with excitment in her voice. She looked at him as she retaliated with a diagonal slash from his right.

0/3 @Bismuth
0/3 Zandra

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(oh, she thought, she must be doing very well, to draw that out of him.)


up went arabelle's sword, and she would've socked the man on the underside of his jaw had she not reduced the momentum at the last second. the resulting hit became a soft tap.

they were back to the same score, but there was one point left between them and she expected the increased pressure was getting to him. because it was getting to her: the blood thrumming beneath her fingertips, the feeling that she was on the knife-edge of breaking the contemplative calm of her expression. she liked the occasional challenge and she liked winning. she knew what her impulses were suggesting to her and by extension that her opponent was being tempted as well.

which was why morgenstern would find the distance between them widening once again. it was a situation identical to the third round, with the exception being that arabelle was now slowly circling him, her nondominant hand poised at the top of her hilt rather than gripping it outright.

there was this saying, that she didn't need to fix something that wasn't already broken — and for all the tricks that she had played, this was the only one where she had scored a point before her opponent. that saying was utterly inapplicable to this match-up and she was just bringing it up to fool around with the narrative a little. old tricks were as good as dirt against an opponent who could stomp her at any moment, and the ruse that she was focused solely on defending her place in the match only lasted long enough for her to discern his plan.

she'd meet him in the middle instead, the full force of a scythe wielder's attack directed not at him, but at the wooden sword in his hand.

(sorry event host, part two.)


[point; morg counted it in his previous post]

2/3 Arabelle

2/3 Morgenstern

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Bismuth found himself flinching as his opponent's weapon started it's swing, it wasn't even close to him yet, but the fear was real. Pushing past any sense of fear bismuth gave his opponent a small smile and shaky nod. The sword was coming diagonally from the right, so in his eyes, the easiest way to dodge would be to dodge towards the sword at the apex of its swing. Rolling towards his right Bismuth could hear the air rushing by his head above him as the wooden weapon missed him narrowly slicing his dagger out as he rolled to catch his opponent on the thigh as he stands out of his roll now slightly behind the woman's left side.

Righting himself so that he was fully facing his opponent who had her back slightly angled at him Bismuth dived in to stab at her lower back, hoping that the slight disadvantage that facing the wrong way had for the more experienced combatant would be enough to let him slip in a second hit, but maybe that was too much to hope for.

0/3 @Zandra

1/3 Bismuth

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Zandra saw in almost slow motion, her swing cleaved thru the air, but cleaved only that, air. The young man had dodged her attack. But not only that, he had also countered with a stab at her lower back. What was going on? Had she lost it? Missed and got hit in the timespan of a few seconds. She gritted her teeths as her crimson eyes was locked on the man. She saw what he was intending to do. But before he could land his second strike, she given him a quick punch with her right fist at his wrist, to make his followed up attack miss her, then her left hand swung the wooden blade right into his side. With the few moments after the attack she turned around, facing him and grabbing the sword with a steady two handed grip. This time preparing a quick thrust to his chest.

1/3 Zandra

1/3 @Bismuth

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If the pain that was now flaring up Bismuth's side from the solid hit his opponent had given him was any indicator, then more experience was definitely more than enough to get by his sneak attack. Bismuth was all too familiar with the pain that came with being hit with sticks, and he didn't let it faze him, he couldn't die here, and he was determined to show himself that he had the skill to make it to the frontlines. Bismuth sidestepped his opponents thrust as he charged, bringing his dagger slamming down onto her outstretched arm as he did. 

The only advantage that came from using a dagger and light armor was his speed, and he was hoping he could use that to his advantage. Bismuth quickly flipped his dagger so that he was holding it in a backwards grip before trying to bring it slicing up the length of her side. Bismuth was hoping that being inside of the reach of her weapon that he could get away with the risky maneuver.

1/3 @Zandra

2/3 Bismuth

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Once again, Zandras attack missed, as well as getting countered by the dagger wielding opponent. The wooden dagger striked her arms that was way to much exposed from this attack. But the range she got by this wepaon felt so different. Not at all like the axe she was used to. She threw a glance to the weapon stand, but nope, she couldnt spot any axe there. Why thou? If there was both swords and daggers, why no axe. Zandra saw him twisting his dagger in a backward grip. Zandra stared at him. She wouldnt let him get away with that again. Instead of executing a full powered strike, she just knocked him back with a powerful punsh, so his shortranged weapon wouldnt reach her position. On her lips was still a smile of enjoyment. This wasent going as good as she had hoped, but it was still much exciting. Was so long ago since she fought something that wasnt a mob.

Up to now, he had been allowed to make to many charges, so Zandra decided to take the inititive this time. In on long move she quikly dodged, placing herself behind him with their backs facing eachother. That followed by a swift 180 turn, with Zandras long black hair flying around her as the wooden blade came towards him from behind.

1/3 Zandra

2/3 @Bismuth

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Bismuth didn't have time to turn around before he saw what Zandra was doing, if he tried to turn around now, he would for sure take her sword directly to the shoulder. Instead Bismuth dropped into a crouch, narrowly avoiding the swing entirely, spinning his body Bismuth led with his dagger, slicing it along her shins before coming to a stop. Bismuth couldn't believe it, that was his third hit, and by the rules, meant that he won. Never having expected to win, a lot of the fear washed out of Bismuth's body, maybe he actually did have the skill to become a frontline combatant, that was until he remembered that this was a fight with nothing at stakes, and his confidence seeped away. 

"That was an amazing fight." Bismuth held out his hand to shake his opponents hand before finding his way out of the arena, and back into the gathering of watchers and fellow combatants that had gathered to watch the fights.

1/3 Zandra

3/3 Bismuth (Victor)

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NIGHT hadn't expected her strike to land cleanly, but the blow was welcome -- the last launch whilst the man was midst faltering had won her the match. As she withdrew, recovering from her speedy pace, she watched as Macradon drop his blade before picking it back up.

“Well fought, I very much enjoyed this.”

Though she'd kept silence as she usually did in combat, a final exhale broke it, the woman shrugging off the tension from the fight. "The same can be said for you," she said. In her ear, NIGHT could still hear the sound of wind as the man's swings drew closer to her form, and she shuddered at the implications subconsciously. "You give your attacks the most of your strength; getting caught by one of them wouldn't feel good for any opponent." Herself included.

The player wasn't one to pass up an offered fist. Strolling back up to Macradon, she'd bump his own with her left, before stepping off to the side lines for the next bout to begin.

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The tap of a sword to his chin would cause his eyes to widen. She had gotten her attack through his? Was she truly a beginner? Even with him using different equipment, he should still be performing well above her skill level. Perhaps she was just amazingly talented with a knack to pick things up quickly. He swiped his weapon forward but the girl had already widened the distance between them. 'Smart,' the boy would muse. Close-ranged fights were where he shined as a fighter even if he could close distances quickly. 

A heavy exhale would come from the man as he got his breathing back under control. His smile was uncontrollable at this point. "YES! THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED!" he said with a bit too much energy. Arabelle would come head-on with her weapon at the ready. From here, he could block her and counter but where would be the fun in that? No, he would face her on the terms she had set out. 

Pushing off the ground would see the man placed in front of Arabelle much faster than she would've expected. With his excitement, he had forgotten to hold back at all. "Raikiri," were the words he muttered before slashing out. His bokken came in contact with Arabelle's and her weapon would snap, sending a piece flying off like a twig. Quickly resetting his stance, he would slowly move to rest the tip of his weapon on the top of the woman's head. 

"That was a lot of fun! Honestly, I think I'd love a rematch when you get just a bit better at it! Honestly, if I didn't use a katana normally I think you'd have really kicked my ass!" 

[point - Morgenstern]

Arabelle 2/3
Morgenstern 3/3

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"Go Streya go!  Go fight win! You totally took it easy on me though."

"Nonsense," Freyd replied laughing so hard that he could barely stand and had to lean against the bokken to keep from falling over.  "I totally took it easy on me, and just had fun with it, which was the entire point.  Well-played, @Astreya," he said, extending a hand and proudly congratulating her on her victory.  "I'm gonna go have a grand old time eating and drinking all of Baldur's free food and actually allowing myself to mingle for a bit.  Everyone's been way too on edge lately, and this is exactly what we all needed, ex-newbies included."

Regaining his balance, he offered her a short bow to demonstrate his sincerity and respect.  @Baldur, he suspected, would appreciate the formalities and the spirit in which they were delivered.

"I look forward to seeing you trounce your next opponent just as handily."

With a wink and a casual toss of his weapon over his shoulder, Freyd sauntered off the field as if he'd found a victory in defeat.

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Player Tier  EXP Col (P.5)
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@Astreya 3 2175  ---
@Jomei 9 6525 979
@Mina 4  ---  ---
@Koga 7 5075 762
@NIGHT 11 7975 1197
@Nari-Lanreth 1 725 ---
@Alkor 7 5075 762
@Calrex 10 7250 1088
@Yona 1 725 ---
@Astralin 4 2900 435
@Bismuth 1 725 ---
@Hirru 9 6525 979
@Freyd 14 10150 1523
@Morgenstern 8 5800 870
@Arabelle 4 2900 ---
@Morningstar 1 725 ---
@Zandra 9 6525 979
@Lessa 8 5800 870
@Macradon 10 7250 1088

Unfortunately, Baldur and Mina did not meet post requirements for this thread, and are not granted the rewards. 

- Page count col rewards, once again, were so small, divided over so many players that they were given to Takumi as tips for his ferry services instead.  He can now buy fancy bread.  Col rewards noted above are based solely on Paragon 5 reward (Laurel Wreath).
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