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  1. Ssendom

    Show your Creativity

    Here is another WIP that is being worked on.
  2. It really doesn't matter what. Share some stuff you felt inspired over. Preferably original work only. Whether it is on Paper, Canvas, Computer, etc. Just show off what you have been working on, and enjoy. To start us off. Here is the deceased player Ssendom's familiar drawn by myself and the SsenGF.
  3. Ssendom

    State of the Site Discussion

    I feel Loved. <3
  4. Ssendom

    Real Life Picture Thread

    So I realized, many must not remember much of what I look like. SO I decided to give yall a free look at my set up (And cups my employee loves to make for me.) And myself I guess. P.S.: Working on Chapter 2 of Redemption of Lost Purpose. Be ready for that to drop.
  5. Chapter 1 Released

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      Eternal circle of spinning Q_Q

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      Just go look at his most recent posts :P

    3. Jomei
  6. Happy Gurfday pimps and players. You cannot stop the mighty warth of GURFFF!!!

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  7. This site makes me Kek.

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      Lol *looks at cover photo*...

      Dom did you make that? If so my jealously level is too high! XD

  8. Hmmm...

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      Mmmm... I need to use my head... 

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      If anyone has learned anything about me. There is always something cooking.

  9. I made my final goodbye to Dom. Hope it was somewhere near decent. Enjoy the site people. Ans make sure to keep an eye on Opal, never trust the woman. :P

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      I got an alt character. My gear will come back to me after I story rp it. (Thank you Friend Inventory Sharing)

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      OMG she killed you? XD
      So someone do kill a PK on this site 

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      Can you tell me who your alt is? I want to meet the new berserker!

  10. Ssendom

    SAO-RPG Staff Team feedback

    Takao, I would like to note that most of staff were actually trying to KEEP me dead. I was truly the only one who brought up exactly how the skill was worded, and I FORCED the staff to regard the situation to exactly how they decided to deal with the entire "vulturing" issue when joining an OP. They decided to deal with the rule AS IS, then fix it after my death. I found the skill and caused the staff to deal with the way the skill was typed AS IS, and then they could fix it after wards. It isn't the staff's fault on how the situation was handled at that precise moment. It was the staff's fault in not pre-planning situations BEFORE it would arise. And I would also like to point out, that I didn't start making my complaint about the skill that I owned. Mind you, I used 5 different pieces of information of ABSOLUTE FACT. Where as the PST's and GM's were saying things along the lines of "I don't like how the skill was written, thus he should stay dead." Which means that these staff members are absolutely incompetent in their jobs and should promptly be removed from staff since they're not generating facts, simply using their bias on me being a staff member to keep me dead. Furthermore, going back on the situation regarding the whole calculating of damage. That was the only way the skill would be correctly inputted due to how the skill was written and the facts used from Canon situations of multiple facets. Which Shark had pointed out. Not trying to call you out on anything, but I would agree that the entire situation was a mess. And I promptly apologized to the people who were affected because of it. [Continuing On] I can't lie and say that I have not benefited from being staff and getting the Unique that I happened to be apart of. But my way of obtaining as such is through friendships and the like. (I know I am not the one directly being talked about here. But I feel like I should comment.) This also ties in with what Takao said: I happen to be friends with Zero. But I will give it to him he never mentioned anything to anyone before getting on the account (I don't even want to get on the topic about the activity of that account.) I will say that I was online by opportunity, and got my skill as such even though I was staff. If people are mad at me at this, I apologize. Following that up, I think the unique items scaling automatically is kinda weird ultimately. (A lot of these issues is why I have decided I am killing off Dom at a future event and will be moving on to a new character that I am currently working on.) In those two quotes posted by Opal and Takao, I would like to apologize if anything in this seems like I am attacking or being judgemental. I feel as though I need to put what is crawling around in my head as I read this thread, and if anything I have done has enraged anyone I apologize. (While at the same time, I don't have enough time to really care that much because of the issues I deal with in my life though.) @Nikodemus_Blackwood Still I apologize man. All in all. If people really wanna complain about the fact I was brought back to life. I'll have you know, almost all of staff was heavily against me being staff. The ones that weren't did their own information searching and found out that I am right on all accounts. Don't like me saying this? Honestly, tough. Suck it up and get over it. I don't like the fact my name is being thrown around for a reason that is actually heavily incorrect. Wanna get mad at me being honest? Fine, I might be a slight bit Toxic as Lessa has said. But I have noticed that there is a slight attack on me in some of the posts stated, be it intentional or not. I feel like the staff team needs work, mostly in fact of the bias against someone being staff. They would change a rule to save a high leveled player, but the second that person is staff, they're extreme on trying to demonstrate (Fairness) when in fact they're being outright unfair by ignoring the system they made. I am done ranting now, sorry if I upset you. But I'm not sorry for saying it. Edit: Quick edit. I would also like to point out, if anyone understand how reading works. That the skill hasn't been editted even before the situation occurred. The skill mode says "When you drop below 25% hp. You heal 25% hp. You can use this only once per thread." I would like to bote, that it doesn't state on your turn anywhere in that skill. It is simply a triggered action and can only be saved by it once per thread. While all the enchancements and skills Takao mentioned, all say on your turn in their reading. And why the math is convoluded is a canon situation in that hp drains when you take damage, not just changing instantly. So before people continue saying that the staff went to strides and other ways of lawyering to get me to stay alive, I would like to inform you of how absolutely appauling it is that you don't read the rules. I'll take the scrutiny of attacking new players, I deserve that. But I would like to state, that I followed the rules of the site also to the fact that Canon reigns supreme on this site. Get your facts straight before using me as your argument.
  11. Ssendom

    [PP-F1] Easter Event Boss

    Will edit later. Dom does a strike... blah blah blah... steps back and drops sword on shoulder. ID: 54947 BD: 9 (32 - 8 Fallen + 1 Crit = 25 * 12 = 300 - 30 = 270) Boss Stats: «HP»: 606 -270 «Mitigation»: 30 «Evasion»: 2 «Accuracy»: 2 Tristan 281/281 Hate: 5Zelrius 220/220 E: 25/52 Hate: 2Takao 205/205 E: 39/50 Hate: 2Manta 148/148 EN: 36/38 Hate: 0(Boss)Ssendom 193/193 E: 35/47 Hate: 2Jomei 169/169Opal 160/160Ebony 116/116(Boss)Mack 157/157Oikawa 169/169Ariel 185/185Macradon 153/153(Boss)Zandra 168/168Hikoru 104/104Flints 92/92Zero 120/120(Boss)
  12. 4 Crafting Days:

    21 Perfects
    15 Rares
    13 Uncommons
    23 Goods
    2 Fails (No fails in 2 straight days)

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      *slow claps* our food order for the wedding will be done in no time XD

  13. Dom waltzed into the shop of Zandra's as he had done many a time before, "Hey there girlie. Thank you for taking this offer up when I put up the trade on the notice board. Apparently so many people are scared to do my orders because they feel like they're pressured to do well. If you ever need anything Zandra, just ask. I'll fit the bill." He told her with an honest statement, grabbing his three Crafting Respite potions from the girl he turned to walk toward the door, "I'll be back when I am done with these three. And I really do mean it, if you or Jomei need anything I'll help you out in a heartbeat." He said sternly and seriously to the alchemist, "You always do the best work." +3 Crafter's Respite
  14. Dom is currently looking for an alchemist to fulfill an order of 20 Crafter's Respite Potions. For 120 mats and 50k col. PM me if you're interested in taking up the offer.

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      Well, Pkers are also vulnerable to attacks from everyone. Disregarding them not being allowed in the safe zone, thats a pretty big penalty.