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  1. Kataware

    Code testing becasue we're plebs

    tmw you find out there's an acronym bbcode and other bbcode that you've never used before Test
  2. Kataware

    Need help updating journal

    Sadly, sorting subforum topics to topics you've posted in doesn't work if they are archived. My suspect is that it performs a custom search in those cases and will look through your recent activity (which archived threads do not show up in) and display those results. Do you happen to know which threads you are still missing and which floors those threads may have taken place? I could potentially help you out by manually looking through the list of threads. Knowing which floors they are on would be a huge help. @Ethereal
  3. Kataware

    Need help updating journal

    While I'm unable to use the search function to find archived threads, there is a technique to find them. You should be able sort the subforums by name/lastposter/original poster and try to use that in order to find those locked threads. I was also able to sort through a custom parameter to find threads that you started and finished to help you get started. Those threads are linked in the following spoiler. @Ethereal
  4. Kataware

    [2.6.4] Patch Notes

    Crafting/Shop Changes: Crafting in a player's shop thread is now considered an out-of-character interaction. Systems & Development Comments: One of the main reasons why crafting required a 100 word requirement was because the «Merchants and Shops» sub-forum is considered an in-character sub-forum. Now that crafting is an out-of-character interaction, there is no longer a 100 word requirement while crafting. However, any in-character interaction (e.g. interacting with another player; filling out a custom order) would still require the 100 word requirement. Housing Changes: New Room: Guest Room: Player Limit: 1 Buff Name: Decor: «Name of Amenity» Buff Effect: Players can have one «Amenity» in a «Guest Room» and the «Amenity» cannot be recovered. Players are allowed to change which «Amenity» is in the «Guest Room». Multiple instances of the same «Amenity» do not stack. This buff affects the player and their choice of up to two party members. New Amenity: Spooky Amenities: Effect: The first time you would suffer DoT damage in a thread, reduce damage taken from DoT each turn by 5% (rounded down). Systems & Development Comments: The Spooky Amenities is given to everyone who participated and bought into the Halloween event. We apologize for not having released this earlier like we thought we did. Enhancement Clarification: Upon further review, «Keen», «Savvy», «Light Momentum», and «Heavy Momentum» all stack with each other over multiple procs. For example, the more you miss with «Light Momentum» and «Heavy Momentum», you gain more accuracy and damage. Quest Changes: [F-xx] Training Your Friend: Can now be taken as a party of two (was previously a solo quest). [F-01] Let There Be Light: Quest Clear SP reward increased from 1 SP to 2 SP. [F-03] Worn out Welcome: Quest Clear SP reward increased from 1 SP to 2 SP. [F-04] Absolute Zero: Quest Clear SP reward increased from 2 SP to 4 SP. Zero Degree Icicle enhancements changed from Freeze / Accuracy / Accuracy to Freeze / Accuracy. Zero Degree Icicle no longer melts after one thread (i.e. it is now a permanent item). [F-05] Butcher of the Stands: Can now be taken as a solo party (previously required a party of at least two players). [F-09] Bandit Camp: Quest Clear SP reward increased from 1 SP to 2 SP. [F-09] The Iron Guardian: Quest Clear SP reward increased from 1 SP to 2 SP. [F-10] Wail of the Banshee: Reduced page/post requirement from 2 full pages/41 posts to 1 full page/21 posts. [F-15] Bane of Blood: Quest Clear SP reward increased from 3 SP to 4 SP. [F-16] The Swashbuckling Buccaneer: Quest Clear SP reward increased from 2 SP to 3 SP. [F-17] «Herculean Labor» The Nemean Lion: Quest Clear SP reward increased from 3 SP to 5 SP. [F-18] Just for the Halibut: Quest Clear SP reward increased from 2 SP to 3 SP. [F-19] Keep Calm and Ki'Raion: Quest Clear SP reward during Daytime increased from 2 SP to 3 SP. [F-21] Betrayal of the King: Quest Clear SP reward increased from 2 SP to 5 SP. Quest Clear Demonic weapon reward changed from Fallen Damage / Paralyze / Damage / Damage to Fallen Damage / Paralyze / Accuracy / Accuracy. [F-21] The Hidden Village: Quest Clear SP reward increased from 1 SP to 5 SP. [F-22] King of Lakes: Quest Clear SP reward increased from 2 SP to 3 SP. [F-22] Witch of the West: Quest Clear SP reward increased from 1 SP to 3 SP. [F-23] Ugzeke the Mighty: Quest Clear SP reward increased from 1 SP to 3 SP. [F-24] Incognito Assassination: Quest Clear SP reward increased from 2 SP to 5 SP. [F-24] Raging Rhino: Quest Clear SP reward increased from 2 SP to 5 SP. New Questline: Scents of the Wild: This new questline is comprised of six quests spanning across several floor. Each quest rewards statue that provides its own unique buffs when activated. However, only one statue can be active at a time and you can only activate the statues when you have obtained them all. More information can be found at the questline. Systems & Development Comments: In order to not cheat anyone out of some of the SP reward increases, we're allowing everyone who's finished these quests before this patch to simply update their journals with the respective SP amounts.
  5. Kataware

    Rewarding Staff Members

    So, my take on the whole situation is that while it would be nice to receive something for our work, I don't think it's necessary or something I'd even want. I volunteered because I wanted to do something with site and didn't feel the desire to get compensated for it. This also gets into the issue of activity/inactivity for staff members and an inherent feeling of competition. Rewards typically are done so in a way that is done by quantity as opposed to quality as well.
  6. Kataware

    Sword art Poll and Debate

    Thanks for the reply. This was actually something that hadn't occurred to any of us, and yes it actually seems that this would be a great thing to use for getting that extra edge in damage. After talking about it a bit, we decided that if someone wants to go through the cost of having two rank 5 sword arts AND quick change, then we'd allow it. Since quick change is also on a cooldown (even currently), it's not an extremely broken skill since whatever weapon you switch into, you're locked into for a short amount of time. Thanks for bringing that up and we'll be sure to have that in the back of our minds when we continue developing.
  7. Kataware

    Sword art Poll and Debate

    To begin, we'd like to thank everyone for taking the time to respond and give your feedback. It's actually very much appreciated since it has given us a lot of insight. In this reply, we'll be going down the list and hitting specific points that we were able to discuss about. @Koga Although it's already been stated, your post wasn't completely on the mark for the discussion but it also let us gain a better insight on whether we want to have both energy and cooldowns applicable or just cooldowns. Even though we have not yet fully discussed and came to a conclusion which one we think would work better for our system, your comment covered a variety of bases that should help improve that discussion. (Also, good luck with the game design!) @NIGHT Your comment about chaining sword arts together resembled something similar to mechanics that were earlier proposed for 3.0 but were initially scrapped. However, we still gave it a fair shot. The main issue that we encountered while playtesting was that, unless there was an extremely large damage boost, it would remain statistically better to use the highest sword art multiplier if cooldowns did not exist. The comment about increasing specificity to sword arts is a sort of extreme to the new effects that we are adding in, and could possibly make the system feel more clunky since it would be heavily circumstantial. Though it would increase the amount of strategy for the system, it convolutes the system more and may not be as much of a benefit as on paper. @Tristan Delaney @Baldur Both of your comments (I'll also be looking over the documents you sent that one day Baldur) were really useful since it gave us a better understanding of events which has led the sword art system to its current and development forms. A couple of concerns were brought up such as energy, the types of effects, and also multiplier/damage. Energy is slated to be heavily increased at level 1 and should hopefully fix all issues with energy, the effects we are adding in do not add too much depth and is mainly used to let weapons fit into better niches that would otherwise not exist since single-target damage and AoE damage are the main indicators for the best weapons, and lastly most weapons should see a multiplier increase at nearly all ranks. (As a side note: this was already said Baldur but Takao and your proposal were very similar to Proposal A.) @Rythose @Joanne There isn't too much to say here other than thank you for your feedback. For the floor boss development comment, there is hopefully a shift away from harder fights being classified as/equivalent to longer fights.
  8. Kataware

    [F1-PP] Opening up a Library

    Kataware normally wouldn’t even think about accepting the bartender’s request, but her eyes were mainly glued to the key around the man’s neck. Even if it was just a storage space, she’d take it but she was eyeing a certain building recently and always ended up out of luck. “Is that the key to that building that looks like a mix between a church and a university?” The bartender towered so high over Kataware that he had to look almost directly down in order to look at Kataware’s stoic face. “Aye, that’s the building but why are you interested?” ”I’ll take down that bear if you give that key to me.” Kataware had already stretched out her hand which was quickly enveloped by the bartender’s hand. If there wasn’t a pain absorber in this game, Kataware’s hand might have been broken. The bartender then turned towards the brown-haired boy. “So, what do you want in exchange?”
  9. Kataware


    This exact moment would slightly bug Kataware for quite some time as she would later find herself unable to remember Kityuisa’s sister’s tag. However, thankfully so, the Monument of Life’s list of victims wasn’t too long at that point in time and she was able to rule out her sister’s death. Kataware clapped her journal shut and immediately put it back into her inventory. Maybe I should just get a satchel so I don’t need to go back and forth from my inventory. “Well, I can at least confirm that your sister hasn’t died yet as of this morning. And I do have a family, but you wouldn’t be able to tell we are family from just a photograph. Mother, father, and a little brother.” Kataware purposefully avoided that last question. To her, it wasn’t something you normally declare in front of others, let alone strangers. She loved her family, but most people would judge her if she spoke her mind about risking everything. “Anyways, there’s a few professions from what I read. Merchant, Tailor, Blacksmith, Artisan, Alchemist, Performer, and Cook.” An expression of confusion flickered across Kataware’s face. I thought I remember hearing something about Fishing as a profession though. “Quest is mostly the same for most of them.”
  10. Kataware


    As soon as Kataware put away the reference book, she took it back out of her inventory and flipped through the pages looking for the sections about quests. Then she went into the floor one subsection and found only a handful of quests. Yet none of them would provide a stable source of income other than the «Earning a Living» quests. Although, something seemed off. What she heard in the pubs was that the quest was that the NPCs were random and weren’t consistent between players’ experiences but the reference book mentioned otherwise. Oh well. “There’s a quest where you can get a profession. A shop should hopefully get you a steady income.” Kataware put away her reference book and took out her journal. “Do you happen to know your little sister’s tag? I checked the «Monument of Life» just a bit ago so unless something happened to her recently. I can tell you.”
  11. Kataware


    Kataware was busy flipping through her journal and the newly released reference books from the current frontliners. There were inconsistencies from what she had been told by word of mouth and what the frontliners were publicizing. Of course, she just began marking the pages filled with bar gossip as invalid information. Over and over and over again. Each page was marred by a red circle. Did I just lose all of that time? She had fought the wind the entire morning, only to be told otherwise. Well, when an honest man learns they had made a mistake, he either stops being honest or stops being mistaken. Kataware let out an audible sigh as she closed her journal and reference book and as another girl sat down on the same bench as her. As she put her belongings into her inventory, she cleared her voice and turned towards the pink-haired girl. Kataware gave a smile and offered a handshake. “My name’s Kataware.”
  12. Kataware

    [F1-PP] Opening up a Library

    Kataware looked at the man who just entered in the tavern and started to talk down to the rest of the group. She smirked as she recognized the boy from a very brief encounter. His name escaped her but she was always better with faces than she was with names. She looked towards the group that had surrounded her and noticed that the pair of hands were on her shoulders. “Thanks, but I can handle them myself. Thankfully, this is a safezone.” Kataware quickly swiped her right hand downwards and equipped her armor for only a fraction of a second before unequipping it once more and closing the menu. The effects were instantaneous. The lead man was knocked away from Kataware, bringing a couple of his goons along with him. Kataware slowly rose from her seat and made sure the small key held on her neck was still there. The young woman looked at the rest of the group, sizing them up and seeing if they would make any moves. “For the record, I don’t drink.” @Huginn
  13. Kataware was in a tavern and was supposed to have a meal while the other occupants were having a drinking contest. Even if Kataware was strait-laced, she couldn’t help but crack a smile. “Look at the fools, “ the young woman jeered at the men, “Don’t you know you can’t get drunk? It’s been what, two years since we’ve been stuck in here?” Some of the men turned to face her with a mug of virtual ale in hand and glaring eyes. After a few mischievous looks towards each other, the group grabbed her arm and pulled her into the fray. “C’mon lassie, what’s the bother of having a little fun.” Two hands pushed down on her shoulders, forcing her into a seat at the table. “Ain’t this a roleplaying game? So let us roleplay getting a bit drunk.” A mug of ale was slammed down in front of her and the groups’ eyes were on her.
  14. “Yeah, my name’s Kataware though I guess Kirbs calls my Kat for short.” Kataware returned Spencer’s smile and turned to face Kirbs. “Yeah, I’m not one to especially like the cold but this is bearable.” Kataware guided her hand towards the surrounding forests. “Helps to stave off the chilly winds.” However, as Kataware heard the sound of crunching snow as Shiro started to run off. She was about to chase after the boy before he came back willingly without prompt. Actions speak louder than words, don’t they. “Shiro, give me your hand for a second.” Kataware procured a small piece of twine from her inventory and started tying it around his index finger, while leaning into his ear. “If you ever feel anxious or something, feel free to play with it. If you untie it and, I’ll take that as you want to leave.” Kataware secured the knot and looked towards the other members of the group. “So what brings the rest of you here?” @Spencer @Kirbs @Huginn
  15. Kataware

    [F1-PP] Getting the Gang Together

    Kataware watched as an older woman about the same height as her and wearing a more revealing outfit sat down next to her quickly followed by a face and voice very familiar. She offered a handshake to the older woman and hugged Kirbs. “Nice to see you again, but do I really not seem like the type of person to do this?” Kataware gestured towards the various plans strewn about. “I thought it came across clear that I’m someone to plan thoroughly before engaging in something.” However, Kataware noticed that there was still an empty seat around the table. Hopefully someone arrives soon. In the meantime though, Kataware procured two glasses of water and offered it to the two other girls. “Please, make yourself comfortable. I’m planning on waiting a few minutes before I begin to discuss plans and strategies just in case someone else shows up. I’d rather not repeat myself if possible.” @Akariah @tricolor_mina @Kirbs