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  1. Kataware

    [F2-PP] After All This Time

    Kataware was surprised to see a sudden expression of worriness on the boy. After all, it wasn't him who was in danger here. Kataware accepted all the risks and wasn't willing to come back without any sort of reward. At any time, Kataware could've been killed, but she wasn't. Kataware whispered under her breath, barely audible to even herself. "I knew and know there's still some hope for you." Kataware got off of Pinball and lend her hand to help the boy up. "I'm doing whatever it takes." Kataware took out the notebook and thumbed through the pages until she found the page on Pinball. She held reservations against Pinball, of course, after all the Monument of Life spoke bounds.Pinball had killed Sugutsuya, but Kataware didn’t know the circumstances. There were no documentation on what the Reason for Death is when a green player killed an orange player. Until then, Kataware held out all reservations. And if Pinball was a player killer and thus his cursor turned orange, then so be it. “More now than ever, people need to work together.” @Pinball
  2. Kataware

    [F2-PP] After All This Time

    Kataware was already unequipping her armor to chase after Pinball. Her plan was always to be right behind Pinball and she could barely just keep up the pace alongside Pinball's charge skill. Kataware wasn't going to let go of the orange player already. She pushed aside the guards and actually used them to propel herself forward bit by bit. Each guard yelled out the same thing in the same voice. "What are you doing? Get out of the way!" I hate this game... Kataware kept running, trying to chase after Pinball. After all, if they wanted to clear this game, it would have to take every single one of them. Only those who never wanted to leave could be imprisoned. Kataware rushed towards Pinball and tackled the boy. They rolled down the mountain, Kataware wasn't going to let go of Pinball. As they stopped, Kataware inned down Pinball (although she wasn't strong enough to stop him from getting up) and stared him into the eye. "Congratulations! Everyone's made mistakes. Now, if you're not going to listen to me, at least try to avoid floors 5, 9, 14, and 16. I can at least try to distract the people chasing you." Kataware took one hand off of Pinball's arm and sent the boy a friend request. "Now accept it. If you're gonna leave again, you can at least message me." @Pinball
  3. Kataware

    [F1-PP] We're in This by Myself <<TFFLAF>>

    Kataware smiled gently to Ayano and gave a soft touch to her forearm to reassure her. ”You’re fine. It’s fine.” Kataware was a patient woman, enough so that a simple mistake like that wouldn’t get her to act any different towards someone. After all, Kataware recognized that it must have taken Ayano some time to prepare her greetings. Kataware stood up from the bench and walked towards the nondescript shopfront. There wasn’t much other than a few vials and also a purple-ish gas coming from underneath the door. Kataware grabbed the handle on the door, getting herself ready to breath in the noxious fumes that she had already experienced once. However, it didn’t seem like the effect would never go away. After all, Kayaba seemed enough like a sadist that he would ever add a sliding scale for tolerance to these types of useless sensory attacks. ”Shall we?” @Ayano Tateyama
  4. After many failed attempts to attempt to start the tutorial questline, Kataware had enough and wanted to get more serious applicants she trusted. On the list, she had found person with an apparent narcisstic behavior, two twins who never did anything apart from each other, and also a very shy, timid girl. Of course, she decided to go with the last one, believing that the others would prove to be more troublesome. She waited patiently clad in her armor, waiting on a bench nearby the shop they were to enter and undertake the quest. Kataware wondered if the girl was going to be a good fit. After all, there personalities had such a stark contrast like they were the embodiment of night and day. However, she seemed dependable and more willing to learn. In a sense, Kataware wanted to take this new girl under her wing. Hopefully, their partnership would last long and be strong. @Ayano Tateyama Battle Stats:
  5. Kataware

    [F2-PP] After All This Time

    Kataware rushed to the doorway and pushed Pinball back to the interior, not letting him outside of the shack. Not letting him out of her sights. Not just yet. "Pinball, when I said no one. I meant no one. Not even you. At least, not yet." Kataware intended to use up all of the time they both had. Sooner or later the guards were going to reach here, seeing as Pinball was still inside of a safezone. Kataware equipped her armor to give her the appearance of being stronger than she really was. Although, her eyes probably told everything. She was afraid. This was her only opportunity to help Pinball, and she didn't want it to go away. The guards would have to go through her to get to Pinball. And she was willing to do everything for that. Even if it meant becoming orange. "Let's start over, " Kataware relaxed, her figure and armor blocking the doorway. It'll be easier to protect him too. "My name's Kataware." She soon realized that Pinball might not recognize her, mainly from their short interaction. She was one of the few people who easily recalled faces and names. "Let me help." The sound of the guards running around began getting louder and louder. Escape was going to become impossible, she took out her dagger and her back now faced Pinball ready to face any guards that came through the alley. The sky grew darker as clouds passed over and it began to pour. Kataware gripped the dagger in her right hand. For the first time, she was afraid for what was going to happen. It frightened the small girl. "Please." @Pinball
  6. Kataware

    [F2-PP] After All This Time

    Katware turned her head towards Pinball with a blank expression. Her first time receiving a death threat in SAO, but not necessarily the first time in her life, each time baseless. The thought though that she could die without anyone knowing her exact cause of death (as she knew no one in the game) made her think, but it didn’t bother her much. After all, a death was a death. “I’m as safe as you are right now.” Kataware headed towards the shack and opened the door, inside was enough space for one person’s living quarters, two if you tried hard enough. There was some drawings on the walls from past inhabitants, and there was a makeshift nightstand from a log, but nothing that could be considered furniture. Kataware motioned for Pinball. “Come.” Kataware pulled down her hood on her green parka and unzipped the front revealing a white blouse. Wearing the parka for her more casual outfit has become a habit of hers now, ever since she visited the Fourth Floor more recently. It just feels more comfy. Kataware sat down on the ground inside of the shack, expecting Pinball to enter as well, and spoke absentmindedly. “My name’s Kataware, I’ve been looking for you for a long time. Same with a player known as Shark.” Kataware wasn’t going to divulge much information outside of this situation, but she wanted to ensure that Pinball didn’t think she was hunting orange players or, more specifically, him. Kataware’s usual, courteous smile was no where on her face. It was time for business, not customer service, and that meant being blunt about things. “You’ll have to explain everything to me if you want any chance of going anywhere. I can also provide protection for you.” Kataware stood up and put her back against the wall and bent her leg, resting it against the wall. “I’ll throw some people off, give them a set amount of floors it’ll take them lengths of time to check for you.” A bit less than the normal kindness she had, but she had some information she needed to extract and make sure that they each had enough time. After all, Kataware could still hear the guards looking for them. It wasn’t a matter of if they were found, it was a matter of when. And when it came down to it, she was more than willing to take her last resort and execute it. @Pinball
  7. Kataware

    [F2-PP] After All This Time

    Kataware led Pinball down the empty street, checking around the corners to make sure there were no guards. Her time was going to start running out as the guards were probably going to be barreling at them any second. She had a plan, but how willing was she to risk it? Kataware was aware of what she would be implicated with if she was found with Pinball. However, that didn’t matter to her. She kept turning around to make sure Pinball never left her. To Kataware, making sure Pinball was safe was the priority at this moment. A storm was coming. The low rumble of metal clinking against each other as the guards moved up and down. It was only a matter of time before the guards were to reach their location. Kataware looked around, and disconnected herself from her body for a second. She thought about every possibility. She almost had no choice. Kataware didn’t have time to explain again, and instinctively grabbed Pinball’s hand and led him down yet another alleyway. The only flooring was mud and at the end of the alley was a shack. It looked like someone’s attempt to create a makeshift housing, a poor one at that. But it would suffice. Kataware stayed at the entrance of the alley, making sure no guards came through. “Pinball, you’ll be safe. No one’s coming through here while I’m here with you. Just tell me what happened since the floor boss.” @Pinball
  8. “Sort of, if you can call someone who gathers information and is willing to give it out, then I guess you can sort of call me an info broker,” Kataware replied back to Kirbs. “Although my primary profession is being a Merchant although my shop’s not set up yet.” Kataware flips back to her notebook, checking the amount of days until completion and found a big checkmark with a single dot underneath. Low priority. “To be honest, I want to join the frontlines too, get them off of their butts and start getting them moving to clear out Aincrad. At this point, we’re all going to have been in here for a decade or longer.” Kataware walked in silence checking her notes, seeing if her plans were feasible. After all, she was barely effective in the first place today. When they reached Tolbana, the entirety the town was bustling with merchants and good food to eat. Kataware was partial to eating some ramen from a cart and motioned Kirbs to eat it. Kataware paid the shopkeep the required ramen and began to slurp the noodles. The warmth wasn’t quite as warm and the flavor was dulled but hey, she’d take it after that whole debacle. Wiping her mouth with her forearm, she motioned Kirbs to come over. “It’s pretty good, you should try some.” @Kirbs
  9. Kataware turned around and walked backwards like a sort of tour guide for Kirbs, occasionally checking behind her to make sure she wouldn’t end up crashing into an object. Although Katware wasn’t going to talk about the surroundings or the history of Aincrad, it was more about herself. “I just recently started getting into combat, gathering as much information that I could gather, no matter where the sources came. Confirming them is a bit more difficult, but I’m used to it.” Kataware looked back at her times of job hunting which no one prepared her for. Especially as someone who wanted to become a civil service worker, this made it more difficult for her to find ways to get into a job that most people would never want in the first place. “How about you?” Kataware eyed Kirbs up and down, from her demeanor she couldn’t be more than a young teenager. Often irritable and very hyper. Not that I mind working with her. She seems enthusiastic. @Kirbs
  10. Kataware teleported to the First Floor, after the debacle on the Second. However, the day wasn’t ending there. She saw the group of players gathering around the bulletin board, and she was surprised at the speed that the players involved have done. Of course, there was no surprise that a lot of people would be curious, but Kataware had a feeling that she would know one name up there. Walking up, Kataware politely asked players to move aside and shoved at times when necessary. She stopped in front of the bulletin board and looked at the poster. To no surprise, she saw Pinball’s name. Although it took Kataware a lot less time to read the entire board, she intended on acting as if she was analyzing the poster. After being satisfied Kataware turned towards the self-proclaimed chief of the APD. “I got some information on Pinball. Word is he’s planning to retreat to and consistently switch between floors 5, 9, 14, and 16.” Telling this lie and losing the trust of the players around her would be worth it. All of this seemed like it was done on impulses, Pinball turning orange, Pinball attacking a player, and especially the creation of the APD. Kataware was all for laws and order, but this wasn’t the moment for it. “Kataware, investigator, attempting to become a renown info-broker. It may be in the best interest to split up into parties to see which one he bounced to first.” Kataware transitioned into an at-ease stance. (( It is my assumption that this thread is after After All This Time )). @Hestia
  11. Kataware

    [F2-PP] After All This Time

    After all this time searching for the player that's been described to her, Kataware saw the player pop right in front of her. The black hair, the somewhat gentle face, and the light blue eyes, it didn't appear the same as people have described it. The frontliner that's recently gone missing, the guild member that's recently gone missing too, the player with the black cat who went missing after they defeated the minotaur. And the only explanation of why it happened appeared right in front of Kataware. The orange cursor. Kataware looked at Pinball, noticing the situation he might have just drawn himself into. Urbus was considered a safe zone, and Kataware planned a mental map on how to make sure Pinball didn't get into trouble. After all, this time Kataware wouldn't lose one of the players she's been hunting down. Kataware grabbed Pinball’s wrist and said in a hushed tone, ”Don’t draw attention and avoid guards for now. Questions later. You’ll be safe.” @Pinball
  12. Kataware opened her notebook and flipped through the pages as she tried to find some place nearby which would possibly server some decent food. The food from Horunka is probably not that great but... “Tolbana.” Kataware snapped her notebook shut and started walking in the direction of the settlement. She offered no explanation as to what she might, believing that Kirbs would catch her drift. Walking along, Kataware never unequipped her armor, making sure that a surprise ambush my a mob would be less risky. Her life was nearly taken over a single quest which got the cogs in her brain working, She was trying to figure out where she messed up, a nearly fatal mistake. Kataware took a look at the properties of her armor and dissected them. However, her efforts were to no avail. Kataware seemed to explain it entirely based off of luck and, as Kirbs said, they had none to begin with. @Kirbs
  13. Kataware finished pasting up the posters that she had created, very plain, straight to the point. A call to action. Kataware needed to find a party for what she was planning on doing. After all, there’s been rumors circulating of a player from long ago called “Shark” being newly sighted on Floor 5 after disappearing so many months ago. Apparently, the man was somewhat strong for his time and had made a legend for himself. Kataware wanted to bring the man back into the spotlight. But that would take some time. Kataware needed to prepare if the rumor was true. Get the man up to date with what’s been happening, and also make sure that no one got hurt on this excursion. She’d need a party as the Fifth Floor was uncharted territory for her, and apparently the mobs were a bit too strong for her to handle by herself. She turned away from the bulletin board, walking away, the poster behind her. When the players would arrive to the Horizon, they would find a shop within the business district with an unfinished exterior. The visual effect of being able to walk through the wall forever was far from finished, seeing as how it there appeared to be artisan tape to guide the paint. The interior was no better, in fact, they would only see Kataware wearing a white blouse, black blazer, and black slacks waiting with three empty seats around her. Within the middle of the seats, there was a table with some elaborate plans laid out. @Akariah@Kirbs@tricolor_mina
  14. Kataware nodded to Kirbs. They didn’t seem like they were going to be doing any combat anytime soon, which means she was mostly out of danger. “That’s fine with me. Things were getting a bit hairy there anyways.” Kataware sheathed her dagger and began to open up the menu. At the very least, she wanted to friend Kirbs so they’ll be able to try this quest out later again. There was a little voice in Kataware’s head though, doubting her own ability. If you can’t even do this one quest, how do you think you can make it to the frontlines? Kataware sent a friend request to Kirbs. “I’ll get stronger as well. So we can do this quest together in the future.” Kataware returned Kirbs’ smile and asked her a question out of the blue. “Would you like to go back to town together? Maybe grab something to drink or eat?” @Kirbs
  15. “It’s okay,” Kataware wanted to reassure Kirbs. She could get a bit closer to death without having to worry about her life. After all, she could take on at least one more really bad hit before she was in danger of actually dying. She wasn’t afraid of dying, she knew how to take her risks. Kataware decided to feint an attack against the Nepent Variant before putting her guard up. She wanted to make sure the Nepent Variant would get punished for his next attack. Kataware held her gauntlets up to protect her after dropping the knife halfway through her slash. She felt the contact of the Nepent Variant’s vines against her armor, and soon heard the sound of the mob bursting into crystals. However, there was no notification that she had received a drop. She looked towards Kirbs and gave her the bad news. “We didn’t get the drop.” ID: 109455; BD: 1; MD: 8 ID: 109456; LD: 4 « Nepent Variant attacks Kataware for 10 DMG. After reductions, Kataware is reduced from 29 HP to 28 HP. » « Kataware's Thorns activates. Deals 9 DMG to Nepent Variant, ignoring MIT. Nepent Variant is reduced from 6 HP to 0 HP. » Battle Stats: