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[E3] Easter 2020! Eg, Egg, n Eggy's Wondrous Shop of Wonders!

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Back again. And for the last time, she hoped. Arabelle didn't like the general disarray of the tent and the way it progressively got worse as more and more egg hunters started to come in and exchange the painted ovoids for goodies. It was cute and quirky when An did it, but not when it was a trio of some sugar-starved kids in question. The event was closed; now all the traffic was centered around the only place where players could claim their rewards and she would dare say the egg bois were receiving more than they could gobble up in a day.

Well, she was here and uncaring of their plights. She set down her own crate with a heavy thunk and left them to deal with it as she promptly picked up three reroll tickets and left. They wished for eggs, they weren't allowed to complain when everyone practically rained it down on them. Truly, a wonderful show of how much the words 'limited rewards' could spur a large number of the playerbase into action.


E3 Log:

+83 -- Balance: 04/22 trade no. 2

+24 -- [E3|F1|PP] An Egg Hunt


-75 -- [x3] Reroll Tickets

Balance: 32 chocolate eggs


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Eggcellent. I really didn't have time for this, Not to be neggative or something. but I really didn't have time for this as I just wanted to get Eggsperience to gain levels. But I had a deal with Shield about these egg collection thing and he even wanted to give me something in return. The Eggreement was that I would go here and get the items for him. And knowing what he Eggsact wanted, was really helping. This whole event was really something with so many eggs around its hard to not put all your eggs in one basket. But it was really just the social thing of this whole event, it really gets Eggsausted fast. but Sometimes you cant Eggnore events and just have to join for the fun I guess. It was hard to lay an egg now. But my obbjEggtive was those items now. I have to say it was really Eggstraordinary to see so many people in one place again. Looking at the items for a bit and taking back what Shield wanted he really had a impEggable taste in the eggs. Taking the items with the eggs I got with me I kind of was Eggspecting something else to happen but not really. Now that I got the items it is time to make my Eggsit and leave all this behind.

- 275 Eggs
+ Reroll Ticket 3, Easter Bunny's Favor, Bunny Stamp
0 Eggs left

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Macradon came walking into the stall where the Egg Boys had been waiting for people to gather the eggs for them “Hey there dweebs, I’m here with your eggs, gotta say, they’re not as tasty as you make them seem to be. They’re hollow!” he erupted in disdain “I don’t know how you would be able to handle that … but since it’s your thing, I guess you just like them that way, they look more plentiful … but it ain’t breaking my teeth you know.” he said with a sighed and handed over a few eggs “I’ll be needing a Bunny Stamp, Bunny’s Favor, 3 Reroll Tickets, and I’ll be splitting the Dungeon Map with a buddy she’ll be here at some point, her name’s Mari.” he said and handed over the 325 eggs needed for the transaction of eggs to go through, it was a lot of work, but he also got some help from others, so it was fine. Before he could walk off he got a notification, Mari had sent him the 50 leftover Chocolate Eggs for their map, so he walked back to pay for the map.

3 x Reroll Ticket
Easter Bunny's Favor
Bunny Stamp
Special Dungeon Map

14 Chocolate Eggs Remaining

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Ah, so this was the place she crawled through hell to be. It was something to say the least. She didn't expect the event to be run by a couple of. . . boys. She honestly expected-- I dunno, people that looked like they had something with Easter. Jesus, a man in a bunny costume, a living peep-- something like that. 

"Uh, hello. I'd like to purchase a bunny stamp, a favor, and three reroll tickets please," she exclaimed when she reached the counter, placing a basket full of very brightly colored eggs. Eggs that made her want to physically puke her breakfast. Lord, they were everywhere. It was almost hard travelling outside of a safezone and not seeing them. At least the event was over now. Maybe she won't have to be scared of walking outside anymore. It was a good day, a good day.

"Alright, thank you!" Stuffing the items in her inventory, Cordelia gave the boys a hardy glare. "Don't come back next year. Alright, bye-bye!"

-1x Bunny Stamp [150 Eggs]
-1x Easter Bunny's Favor [50 Eggs]
-3x Reroll Tickets [25 Eggs]

0/275 Eggs Remaining

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Beat's fingers danced through the air as he walked into the easter themed shop, giggling at the over the top colors and decorations. He took a moment to read the prices from the board and double checked his egg count. He smiled as he breathed a sigh of relief. "Whew just enough. Cut that one a little closer than I would have liked." He muttered to himself. He opened the trade windows and selected his items, watching his egg count drop. He breathed a small, saddened sigh as he watched his rewards drop into his inventory. 

Gonna need to hit Shield up for a few more so I can get some more tickets

Trading 275 eggs for: 

1x Easter Bunny's Favor

1x Bunny Stamp 

3x Reroll Tickets

Remaining Eggs:  0

Edited by Beat
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For having done so little work, Seul was making out like a bandit with this event. Soon he too would be among the players who had come to the Egg Boys seeking goodies. Waiting in line was proving to be almost as difficult as finding eggs though.

When it was finally his turn he stepped up to the counter and opened his inventory. The trio of children had become 275 eggs richer and Seul wasn’t sure if the delight in their eyes was endearing or… Sickening. Like them, he enjoyed eating chocolate. But the thought of eating so many himself did little other than make him nauseous.  

With his eggs spent he quickly gathered up the prizes: An Easter Bunny’s Favor, A Bunny Stamp, and three reroll tickets. Tucking each away he gave the boys a parting wave and wandered back toward the entrance. Life had many doors and someone would be waiting for him beyond this one.


  • Easter Bunny's Favor
  • Bunny Stamp
  • Reroll Ticket x3

275 Eggs Spent / 0 Left

Eggs Obtained Here:

Edited by Seul
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Titan could not believe the day he had waited for since he began collecting these damn eggs had finally arrived. His inventory had been stuffed to the brim with Easter Eggs and it had only been a matter of time before he's unload it to whomever it was that needed them. Luckily for him, he noticed and knew that it was the Easter Egg Boys and he had been able to scope out their wares a few days before the end of the event to know what he needed and how many more eggs the man needed to collect. It made the goal much more obtainable as he had a powerhouse last minute sprint for just enough eggs. " Hi, i'm here to turn these in. " He knew it wouldn't be of much use to him right now but soon enough as he grew, the loot he received and these items would be worth much, much more. 


  • ( 3 ) Reroll Ticket - 75 Eggs
  • ( 1 ) Easter Bunny's Favor - 50 Eggs
  • ( 1 ) Bunny Stamp - 150 Eggs
  • ( 1 ) Special Dungeon Map - 100 Eggs
    Total - 375 Eggs (1 Egg Remaining)
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Well, while only a bit of work had been completed, she still managed to get enough eggs to procure some form of rewards. Looking a the prices, she would have some left over.... She looked up, noticing a dungeon but the cost was a hundred eggs and she only had about forty or so left. 'I need about 2 or 3 players if I want to participate in that. No matter my equipment, I can't take any hits from dungeon bosses.'  She shook her head. Who even would she ask to help out with her? It snot like she had too many... friends.... Opening her HUD she would open up a messaging tab. It was a long shot but she would be sending Mari a message. Perhaps the orange-haired player would be willing to team up with her? She was nervous sending it. She wasn't sure if this was a thing that Mari meant by helping out. Hidden was not sure what to say either. She typed down her words, her breathing speeding up as her nervousness ate her up. Pressing send she exhaled deeply. It was done. Now to just await an answer. 


Send to: @Mari
From: @Hidden

Hey, sorry to bother you. But I was wondering if you could maybe help me with the Easter dungeon? Looks like I have 35 Eggs to put into it, although I know its not that much. Thanks!

Purchasing Easter Bunny's Favor. 

-50 Eggs. 35 remaining. 

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Alec had finally stumbled upon the shop he had been hearing so much about and with an inventory full of eggs he guessed now was the time to spend them. That or end up with a bunch of useless items taking up his inventory space so Alec grasped the handle of the door and pulled it open. Upon entering he saw three young boys lounging about near the counter so the large man walked up glancing at the items displayed near the counter. Wow!!! Alec thought to himself people weren’t kidding there was some really cool stuff here to buy with these eggs he had as he glanced over the supply he quickly made his decision. “Excuse me but I’d like to trade in these eggs I found.” The large man began in his deep baritone rumble. “I’d like one of those Bunny Stamps please, an Easter Bunny’s Favor and a reroll ticket oh and 1 T3 Mat to finish it all out. That should come to 228 eggs which is exactly the amount I have.” Alec finished as he gathered his items and waving goodbye left the shop with a faint smile upon his face.





+213 Eggs 

+75 Eggs

288 Eggs total


Alec gives 60 Eggs to Bahr to help purchase Dungeon Map


-60 Eggs

228 Eggs Total


Alec purchases:

[1] Bunny Stamp - Increase the Rarity of a single item up to Demonic, selecting a normal Enhancement in the process (Limit 1)

[1] Easter Bunny's Favor - Reidentify a single slot on a piece of gear at a Merchant using only their Unique Enhancement table. (Limit 1)

[1] Reroll Ticket - Reidentify a single slot on a single piece of gear at a merchant. (Limit 3)

[1] T3 Material

-228 Eggs



Edited by Alec
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"The one and only time I'll probably be stopping into here. Good thing Shield managed to help me get what I needed. Let's see..."

Looking at the three children manning the shop, the bluenette felt a bead of sweat form on the side of his head, "Good thing we're in a video game and not real life, or else the amount of chocolate eggs we're all handing over to these three boys would probably result in their teeth falling out...if they didn't suffer from diabetes and other health issues before that."

Making his request, Calrex received the two items he was looking for, giving a nod, "Thanks for these. Take care and enjoy the eggs."

Giving a wave as he exited the shop, looking at the stamp he had received, "First time I've upgraded my equipment in a while. Let's see how long it will last."


1 Easter Bunny's Favor
1 Bunny Stamp

200 Chocolate Eggs

0 Chocolate Eggs


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Shield stumbled into the shop, his hair more unkempt than usual, his eyes wild from the last month of constant gathering eggs and trading and buying and selling and putting out advertisements. Finally, after all of that time and a lot of exchanges and changing of hands and chocolate eggs, he was finally ready to do his own limited exchanges. After waiting his turn in the long line, he finally made his way to the front. Pulling down his menu, he one by one made a number of transactions, purchasing the three Reroll Tickets, the Easter Bunny's Favor, and the Bunny Stamp, as well as one of the Easter themed dungeon maps. "It's been a hell of an event," he said to the proprietors. "It's great to have so many opportunities for good items... one might say... life has many doors, Egg Boys..." With that, he took his leave of the shop.

[Exchanging 75 Chocolate Eggs for Reroll Tickets x 3]
[Exchanging 100 Chocolate Eggs for Dungeon Map x 1]
Exchanging 50 Chocolate Eggs for Easter Bunny's Favor x 1]
Exchanging 150 Chocolate Eggs for Bunny Stamp x 1]

Total: 375 Chocolate Eggs

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Total eggs gathered: 375

Items bought:

Item: Quantity: Price: Total:
Re-roll ticket 3 25 75
Easter bunny's favour 1 50 50
Eggs Bunny Stamp 1 150 150
Eggspecial Dungeon Map 1 100 100

Eggs left: 0

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Baldur made his way back the NPC vendors who hosted the fishing event, as far as he was concerned, and traded in his eggs for the two new items he was very excited about. Between these two upgrade items, and the one from the Halloween event, Baldur should be able to upgrade his gear quite nicely. Though he was going to wait until after they had run the new special dungeons as well, given their rewards. It was an amazing windfall of items between this event and the previous Halloween one, though he had heard that the Christmas event had given some bizarrely powerful rewards as well. He could only hope that the randomness aspect of some of these would be on his side.

"Alright, now I just need to find someone with some spare eggs for a map, so I can help the next set of up and coming frontliners out when they hit tier 3."

Item's Purchased
Easter Bunny's Favor - Reidentify a single slot on a piece of gear at a Merchant using only their Unique Enhancement table. (Limit 1)50 Eggs
Bunny Stamp - Increase the Rarity of a single item up to Demonic, selecting a normal Enhancement in the process (Limit 1)150 Eggs

Egg Count
252 Eggs - 200 (50 for favor, 150 for stamp) = 52 eggs remaining

Edited by Baldur
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Despite his best intentions, Pinball would find himself hurrying into the tent only a few days before the event actually ended. He didn't like the idea of the shop - he thought it was monotonous, for one (or maybe that was just him), and there was a certain behavior it inspired in the game's playerbase that Pinball didn't quite appreciate. They became fanatics, grinding machines overly-obsessed with their stats and equipment, to the point where it felt like they were dropping all frontline presense to participate. And with Pinball himself participating, it felt like he was enabling them, in a way. 

Although, why should he care? It was none of his business anymore. He didn't have much of the eggs left to trade in, but he could pick up the last two Reroll Tickets for good measure. If not for him, then for someone else who might need it in the future. Someone that actually interacted with him, despite the things he's done and the things he continues to do. 

But being optimistic always left a bad taste on his tongue. 


51 Eggs in Inventory (thanks Raidou, Arabelle) 
Purchasing x2 Reroll Ticket [-50 Eggs] 
1 Eggs left 

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"Hi! Egg!"

It was Egg and the Egg was good.

"Egg?" Eggy replied.

"Egg!" Bahr responded enthusiastically.

"Egg," Eg echoed.




"Shut up."

Well, that meme expired quickly.

Bahr walked into the shop and presented the eggs. Eg, Egg, and Eggy inspected the Eggs. They were please with what they saw. 

"What will you have?" Eggy inquired.

"The banquet is yours," Egg chimed in.

"Give me the stamp and the map," Bahr responded.

"That's all anyone wants," Eg grumbled.

"I don't care," Bahr shot back. "I want what I want."

"Aren't you at least a little ashamed?"
 Eggy mused.

"No. Here are your Eggs."

He placed the Eggs on the counter.

"Knew a kid like you once. Tall, muscular, white hair. Had a weird name, too. It was like... 'Bear,' or 'Boar,' or something," Eg recalled.

"Bahr?" Bahr questioned as he retrieved his items.

"Yeah!" Eg replied.

"That's me," Bahr responded.

"No, couldn't be. The guy I'm thinking of was much more handsome."

"This is weird. I'm out."

And just like that, the post was finally over.

Bunny Stamp (150 Eggs spent)
Special Dungeon Map (100 Eggs spent)

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Baldur came back into the shop after just stepping out. His requests for help had come through and he now had the eggs he needed to finish up his shopping list. With these remaining eggs, he would purchase a dungeon map for the future. Hopefully not too distant future, but if he could help the up-and-coming frontline members find some good gear, then he would do so. This event was flush with strangely good rewards. It was almost as if Kayaba was trying to help them out in their fight to clear the floors. It was the only reason that made sense to the gaijin samurai. Too many events recently had been flush with unique rewards that had always been held back, and conservatively doled out.

"One dungeon map please Egg... er.. or are you eg? Or.... Eggy?"

Baldur shook his head, lost as usual, and set the large pile of chocolate eggs onto the counter.

"Should be exactly 100 here... do you want me to count them?"

52 - Eggs Previously left on hand after purchase
29 eggs gifted to Baldur HERE
5 eggs gifted to Baldur HERE
14 eggs gifted to Baldur HERE

New Total = 100
Purchase Special Dungeon Map -100

New Total = 0 eggs

Edited by Baldur
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Violet entered the colorful looking event shop, filled with a wide variety of different objects and materials, and even a large amount of tickets for various things. She quickly walked over to the main counter, passing over all 200 of her eggs, and quietly gesturing to the two objects that she needed to get ahold of. The Easter bunny's favor, and the bunny stamp. One gave a special unique to be added to a weapon, enabling you to re-roll the enhancements on it, the other being a stamp that gave you the ability to turn your weapon into a demonic item, giving it an extra enhancement slot, totaling it up to four slots. She'd promised one of her former guild-mates the favor, in exchange for giving her enough of the eggs to get her the stamp. She picked up the items, punting them into her inventory.

+1 Easter Bunny's favor

+1 Bunny stamp

- 200 Chocolate eggs

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- 275 Eggs
x3 Re-Roll Tickets | x1 Easter Bunny's Favor | x1 Bunny Stamp
0 Eggs left

The Egg Boys shop door clattered open as Oikawa barged in. At long last, after several grueling days, he had acquired the required amount of eggs the Egg Boys would need for his request. Dumping all the eggs on the table, he glanced at them, not even bothering to try and figure out who was who and pointed to a few of the items on their list. "I would like to get three of your Re-Roll Tickets, one of your Bunny Stamps and lastly one Easter Bunny's Favor." The trio of egg heads nodded and scrambled to acquire the requested items. The tallest one, whom he assumed was Eg, handed him the items before rejoining his brothers.

"Life has many eggs sword boy," was all he said before shooing him out. Perplexed, Oikawa shrugged. He no longer cared enough now that he had his items and the event was coming to a close. With that, he exited the shop. He had some item-identifying to do.

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“Oh my gosh,” Lessa muttered as she ran through the crowded streets. Players complained as she occasionally bumped into them, but she couldn’t spare the time to stop and apologize. Why? Because Lessa has procrastinated... again. If she missed the deadline to turn in her eggs, weeks of work went to waste. Besides, both Bahr and Oliver had donated to her fund. If she didn’t redeem her rewards, she’d be letting them down. THAT was inexcusable.

”I’m here!” she declared as she burst through the doors. Practically stumbling to the counter, she called up her inventory. “I’ll take the stamp, the favor, two rerolls, and mats, please.” The words came in a rush, as if they might close the shop if she didn’t place her order fast enough. “Thank you!”

Eg, Egg, and Eggy appeared unbothered by her rush, moving at their own leisurely pace. Bouncing up and down on her toes, Lessa Wilkes them to move a little more quickly. Only once the prizes were safely in her inventory did she heave a relieved sigh.


Taking the Bait - 48

The Hunt - 42

Reality Check - 30

Gift from Oscar - 36

Gift from Bahr - 100

Total: 256

Buying: Bunny Stamp (-150), Easter Bunny’s Favor (-50), 2x Reroll Tickets (-50), x6 T2 Mats (-6)


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With his last clutch of eggs nestled safely in his inventory, Shield stumbled into the shop. He approached the nearest of the Egg Bois and flipped through his inventory, exchanging them five at a time for the simple sets of heavy armor that were lining the shelves. "This is the last time I will see the likes of you three. I would like to thank you all for the opportunity to shop. This event has been something else." He gave them each a nod before heading back outside. He sighed, glad to have finished up his egg grinding and eager to get to work on what was to come - preparations for the next boss fight. It was going to be a doozie, and Shield did not want to be caught unprepared.

"Alright, Lilith. Fair is fair. You have watched me gather these for weeks now, and I haven't let you have any. With these last two, we can split them and see if they're actually any good." The colorful bush viper slid her head out of his sleeve and flicked her tongue up at him benignly. "You're welcome."

Spending 85 Eggs for 17 T3 Uncommon Unidentified Heavy Armors

Remaining Eggs: 2

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