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  1. Mack

    Hot Springs Party Thread

    Chewie will try to EAT whatever familiars he fights. That will happen.
  2. Mack

    Hot Springs Party Thread

    For now you may have as many entries as you like in each contest. But, if the numbers start getting TOO big then it will have to be limited in some way.
  3. For those of you interested in taking part in the Hot Springs Party Event that I will be hosting AFTER the current event is done please go and check this thread out in the OOC area, thanks.


    1. Neopolitan


      How many alts to bring...

  4. Alright, it sounds like there's some interest for a BIG Character Development OP Thread on Floor 4 at the Hot Springs by where I've got Mack's cabin set up IC. So, once the current event is CONCLUDED then I will start that thread. There will be TWO special events in conjunction with this thread. EVENT 1 - SWIMSUIT COMPETITION If you wish to enter this competition within the thread you will NEED to submit an image of your character in a bathing suit to @Itzal, he will approve the image or tell you to try again. Prior to the start of the thread, or at the same time as the thread starts, I will get the images from Itzal and post them in a POLL where you are permitted to vote. 1 vote PER PLAYER, not 1 vote PER CHARACTER. The winner of the Poll will be the winner IC, and then we RP out the contest. EVENT 2 - FAMILIAR COMBAT TOURNAMENT - KING OF THE HILL This one is simple, sign up and your familiars will fight other familiars in a King of the Hill style tournament. The system for Familiar Combat will be very simple. Post 1 you roll for your familiar, Post 2 your opponent rolls for their familiar. Highest UNMODIFIED BD ROLL wins. Post three, winning familiar tosses losing familiar off the platform and into the water. Very simple. Last one standing wins. If you want to sign up for the Familiar Combat Tournament, post in this thread.
  5. So, who's interested in a Big Hot Springs Party OP Thread to be fired up after the end of the Event Boss?

    Possible events related to it include a swimsuit competition and a combat tournament for Familiars.

    I'm trying to convince the Staff to award +1 SP to the competition winners.

    1. Ghost
    2. tricolor_mina
    3. Hestia


      Hestia needs something to relax after everything happening IC. Though she would need to be convinced since that girl is nonstop in wanting to get prep and to try and get things fixed. OOC note: would totally join with the right motivation IC.

  6. Everyone in the Asterios Fight, please check the most recent Asterios post for an IMPORTANT OOC. Everyone Level 40+ that is NOT currently involved in the Fight, also check that post OOC and decide over the next 3 Days if you wish to be a "Reinforcement".


    Attention Everyone in the Asterios Event...

    Late tonight there will be an announcement about the event, in the form of an OOC in my next post for Tomas. I will post a link. You need to read it.

  8. Reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. Life's been a bit busy and the employer put RMM software on the computers to track us, so I can't get on at work any more. Trained a new guy the last few days and have come up with a system to get back to normal in the next day or so, although with less Discord.

    1. Macradon


      Aww, hope to see you soon and stay well!

    2. Baldur


      @Mack Can you get on discord on your phone? The app is pretty good

  9. Mack

    Real Life Picture Thread

    Dude, @Damien do you go to Olathe South? Also, @Vale why don't you post the ones you took a couple weeks ago?
  10. @Dominion, @Soredell, @Solomon, and @Aoda

    You all have about 34 hours to post still before you get auto-hit for being skipped. You can exit combat and watch the proceedings (as Mestophales did), you can attack the Trainee (which I did with my alt. as a means of demonstrating that as a reasonable course of action), or you can try and attack another one of the mobs on the field.

    But, you do need to post.

    1. Aoda
    2. Soredell


      I'll do it when I can.

    3. Atzo


      Solomon wont be able to post for another 6 hours. He is currently travilling

  11. Nope, it's @Takao & @Miss_Mestophales... WE FINALLY HAVE TAKO KAT! S.S. TAKO KAT SETTING SAIL!
  12. The cookie bag never even hit the ground. The second it left Row's hands Chewie scampered forward, leaped into the air, and snared the bag in his jaws. Like a bolt of fuzzy lightning, the cub was off as fast as his legs would carry him. He shot beneath one of the heavy wooden display tables that was loaded down with equipment and quickly disappeared around one corner of the forge. Out of sight, out of mind. Besides, the pink haired girl that couldn't even pick him up to properly pet him had dropped the cookies. Everyone knew that when you dropped something it was no longer yours. Obviously. That meant she didn't want the cookies. What it really meant was that she was giving all the cookies that were still in the sack to Chewie. Obviously. From somewhere out of sight horrifying noises were heard and the occasional spray of crumbs shot into the air like Old Faithful and the cub guzzled down the sweets as fast as possible, lest anyone try to take them away from him or, worse, make him share them. @Row 26 March Crafting:

    New rules for Monthly Boss Fight Searching are being put into effect now. They may be found HERE! at the bottom of that linked post.

    The April Monthly Boss(es) can be found on Floor 7. Feel free to begin searching.

    1. Rain


      @Itzal time to do work bud.

    2. Morgenstern


      heh heh, good try with that, he is already doing one


  14. As the tent flap to the shop opened, a wet black nose poked out from under the display table with the 'Free' items on it. Before Chewie could go rumbling out though, the player had picked up a free item and wandered back out into the cold. Clearly, this player did not understand what 'free' actually meant. 'Free' meant that the player had to give him something to eat. Everyone knew that. Free items had a treat tax and that treat tax would be paid! Growing a battle cry, the grizzly cub surged out from beneath the table and rumbled forth out the tent flap in hot pursuit of @Aoda. Given the snowy ground it was not a great challenge to follow the man. With a surge of energy, the cub rounded a corner and plowed headfirst into the back of Aoda's legs. Growling again, Chewie wormed his way around Aoda and then flopped across the man's feet. Pointing one clawed toe at the item that had been taken, Chewie then opened his mouth and pointed down his throat. The meaning was very clear. Crafts for 20 March:
  15. At the sound of a female voice a small, round, furry head popped out from underneath one of the display tables situated around the tent-based shop. Issuing a sharp snuffling cry of greeting, Chewie rumbled out from beneath the table and began a bear cubbish charge in Vale's direction, squalling greetings as he advanced. Vale was a woman, anyone could see that. Women gave food treats to cute bear cubs, everyone knew that. Chewie was a very cute grizzly bear cub, anyone that couldn't see and understand that fact was just plain stupid. Reaching Vale the cub proceeded to flop, outlandishly, across her feet and roll around a little bit before opening his snout that was full of sharp teeth and pointing one clawed toe down his throat in a playful, but very important, demand to be given something to eat. Because no one ever fed him. No one. "Feed the bear and they're yours," a voice rumbled from somewhere out of sight where there was a ringing of a hammer striking metal. @Vale Crafts for 16 March: