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  1. Paglikha

    Level Cap, SP and Skills Discussion Topic

    If it was my own opinion, I apologize. It was saying my own thoughts on the matter, not overruling anyone. It was, by no means, saying that this was the final decision. @Shield The tier system's already had a rework which is finalized until further notice. The issue with just giving a hard level floor is that gaining that first level (25 > 26) is way harder than the it is currently. We do have ideas to bridge the gap, but the final option is under dicussion. Our current fear is making it P2W (although I do not say that there are already elements as such), but I also want to discourage whales. The issue I'd have is with the legacy system is the plain fact that the gap becomes easier to widen for the veterans. The plan was to have a bit of a clean slate between veterans and new comers. It feels awful seeing all these veterans having perks grandfathered in (e.g. Unique Skills) when you can never obtain them. My wish is to minimize that feeling. @Ryo @Endilix I'll see if I can pass around the idea of a more succint tutorial quest line. An innate issue within SP and current levels is how much SP each player has. Math has always been easy enough for me, so I'm biased on the math part. Essentially, though, not giving an SP/skill cleave is part of the issue. Incentivizing veterans is an issue as it becomes an issue of ensuring no veteran can abuse it to their extreme advantage. It widens the gap between newcomers and veterans. The hope is to make lessen tier gaps. Instead of having to do divisible 25, the plan is to do something more round and easily divisible (the number is already set). Combining with current discussion on how to deal with the floors and how to deal with the level cap, that bridge should be more easily closed. We also have ideas which should aid newcomers, veterans, and everyone else in-between which hopefully works out well. EDIT 1: proper math terms.
  2. And Kalu was found sitting on the edge of Aincrad, looking downwards. He looked back, wondering how he deserved this life. Did he make a mistake when he was younger? Did he make a mistake in the present? Trying to continue living was a mistake. The thought echoed in Kalu’s ears. He had caused so much pain for the people around him. He knew he had made mistakes and held people back from their own happiness. His selfishness caused more pain than he himself could hear. Kalu felt a twinge of pain as the words were bored into his mind. It was no secret that some people thought he was just looking for attention, and he knew some people just wanted to abuse his thoughts. After all, hr was just a tool, sub-human. Kalu didn't want to experience it anymore. Kalu looked for the ground underneath them, but couldn’t find it. He decided to see for himself if there was one. In the last moments of his life, he wondered if this was the right choice. If the recording crystal in his shop would ever be found. If anyone ever really cared. They didn't.
  3. Paglikha

    Level Cap, SP and Skills Discussion Topic

    As a staff member and someone who has worked on 3.0 extensively, I'll put in my two bits. A few misconceptions are: Players will be restricted to a maximum of 12 skills they can spec(ialzie) into at any time, regardless of the player level. This means a level 23 could theoretically grab 12 skills but be very weak in all of them. The limit and rules against active mods has remained mostly unchanged (5 active at most but can get more mods to pick and choose per thread). Option 1's mention of gaining 5 SP per level is a general statement for the entire system. There are no current plans to change it. Personally, this accentuates an issue that the frontline commonly, people are just generally too strong. With almost every single thing available to them at max rank, it actually reduces the reliance on their party to perform optimally. The implementation of Option 1 would force frontliners to pick and choose which skills they want (if they want to have them at max rank) or to take a shotgun approach in many skills. This creates the topic of specialist vs generalist and whichever one is more optimal (something that is very subjective). Option 2 is very similar in that regards, although it does give a buffer. However, Option 3 is opposite. It is meant to give frontliners an easier chance to get their skills, something to which I oppose (and to which I am biased about due to my lower-level) and allows them to keep their build, if not stronger due to conversion. As for the ideas of a catch-up mechanic and/or a level floor, there was discussion about the possibility but it was decided that it may actually be more detrimental than helpful. This is unfair to veterans of the community as they worked harder to reach x level as compared to a newer player who has the boost or level floor. Thus, a catch-up mechanic or level floor is currently not in the works as staff has currently deemed it as not necessay. In fact, I support Option 1 wholeheartedly and, it is my professional opinion, that Option 1 , although interfering with buids, it will make even more people equal to each other.
  4. Paglikha

    Damage and Mitigation Discussion Topic

    As an introduction, I am Paglikha, or one of your content developers who is part of the Systems & Clarifications team and also the 3.0 developement team. I wanted to clear a few misconceptions which will be edited into the post for future reference. The rock-paper-scissors system initially had a PvP implementation (PvE implementation was an afterthought after discussions) where x damage/mitigation enhancement provided bonuses against y counterpart enhancement which it is effective against (i.e. damage attacking mitigation; mitigation defending damage). The PvE implementation is debated on, but the current model as decided by the cooperation by our Systems & Clarifications GM (@Itzal) and the Floor Developemnt GM (@Morgenstern) is that mobs will be assigned mob-specific elements which will have their own respective weaknesses and strengths based off of the floor (i.e. x enhancement might be strong against y floor but ineffective against z floor). A few things to note is that: There are four enhancements, meaning it is not a triangle. Rather it takes on a square shape. Enhancements sound a bit magical as they give off a similar vibe to descriptors to earth, water, fire, and/or air. There are no plans for an accessible neutral enhancement. The only enhancements that are neutral to this system is only obtainable through boss drops. (Further explanation on this subject will be in the Boss Drop thread where I explain it in depth about possible changes). The rock-paper-scissors system has come a long way, having been a system that would be easily denied if I was to show you the initial interpretation of the system to begin with, I am sure you would deny it. However, despite the improvements in the system, I still see it as too complex and not fitting into the forum rp environment. After working on the prorposed systems over the past year, I have disagreed with this system because of the complexity it introduces as it does replace the current mitigation/damage enhancements. Other proposed implementations for PvE have almost met some issues including how often it would be used and if it would punish the player easily, although the current model also has the issue of having "favored" floors where they are strong in. Personally, introduction of more stuff means that there is more variability, not viability. In fact, they tend to be more inversive with each other, rather than proportional to each other. Implementation of this system, in my opinion, will be more detrimental than helpful.
  5. Paglikha

    Quest Idea: First Day

    This seems quite the fun idea. I know that we had a Town of Beginnings thread a long time ago where most people just compiled their character's reactions to that first event, but this does seem as if it would definitely help newer players nail down their character and also help people even forge relationships with others by giving them that early connection.
  6. Paglikha

    [F21-PP] A Date at the Hot Springs

    “Halloween?”, Kalu thought aloud, trying to remember the occasion Froppy was talking about before having the proverbial lightbulb within his mind turned on. “Ah, the one where people dress up in costumes and sometimes would get candy from door-to-door. I think I went to an event in this game for one dressed up as Bungisngis. Weird, because I don’t really remember much except showing up dressed up and then the party ending.” Now that I think of it, there wasn’t much I did in the Valentine’s Day Masquerade Ball, except show up beat my mask, and then leaving to have a drink. “If you don't mind my asking, what happened with Pinball? He seemed agitated that night, and it seemed as if everyone had something flipped with them, except Embers. I think her personality was the only thing that stayed constant that night.” Kalu nervously chuckled at the end, unsure where this would lead to. What did happen when I was passed out?
  7. Paglikha

    [PP-F1] The First Lesson (Kaiida & Paglikha)

    "Don't worry about it," Kalu said as he was completely oblivious to the reason why Kaiida was apologizing as his face was already in the shrubbery searching for a couple of herbs that he would recognize. Turning around to meet his accompaniment on this quest, Kalu began speaking. "Hey, Miss Kaiida. I was just wondering why do you keep calling me a chibi? I'm not considerably shorter than you. It's not like I mind anyways, I was just wondering." Kalu was absentmindedly picking at the foliage in an attempt to feel his way towards any herbs that he may have known from his childhood. However, it was to no avail. Eventually he felt a small prick at the base of his thumb as a thorn jabbed into his player model. Removing his hand from the shrub, Kalu saw the red, crystal-like hole that it created disappear as his skin enveloped the former wound. "Such an interesting game, don't you think?" ID: 99446; LD: 2 <<No Materials Found.>> @Kaiida:1/5 Paglikha: 0/5 ((I'm sorry for such the long delay in posting, I've had to deal with real life stuff but I'm back now and should respond in a more timely fashion.))
  8. Paglikha

    [PP-F11] A Drink at the Boar's Tusks

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  9. Paglikha

    [PP-F11] A Drink at the Boar's Tusks

    “Okay calm down you two,” Kalu called out to both Tsu and Embers who have been increasing their agitation - and their willingness to do what is necessary to release that agitation - as the bar tender put down the porkchop right in front of him. After giving the NPC his thanks, he ate it relatively quickly without really bothering to stop to talk any further. I’d like for them to resolve their issues by themselves, but one of them is really fiesty and the other one doesn’t like to cause trouble for anyone. After finishing the plate, Kalu stood up to hug Tsu and shake Embers hand before standing at the entryway. “There’s been a lot of things going on tonight. I think I’m going to head off to sleep, it’s getting late anyways. Goodnight to both of you,” Kalu said as he walked out of the bar and towards the warp pad.
  10. Paglikha

    [F21-PP] A Date at the Hot Springs

    Kalu listened to Tsu’s story about her involvement within a play. To Kalu, it was interesting how the school made the decision to change the screenplay so that it would fit in better with Tsu’s nature. “I’ve never been to a school play, but it sounds fun. I don’t think I could act though, but I would probably enjoy watching it.” If you really overthink it, the Princess and the Frog - or in her case the Prince and the Frog - is a sort of passing-glance story. The two main characters met each other in a passing glance in an extraordinary type of circumstances, but that passing glance soon became a good look until the end of their times. Kalu was, of course, over-analyzing the entire premise of the Princess and the Frog. He realized that this sort of analytical mind wasn’t supposed to be applied to a kid’s fairytale, but he inadvertently done so anyways. “Yeah.”
  11. Paglikha

    [PP-F1] The First Lesson (Kaiida & Paglikha)

    Kalu took her hand and shook it. “I understood it. A Freudian slip if you will. I have to find five and you have to find five. I do have a place in mind that we can go to search for the herbs, though.” Kalu left the shop with Kaiida and performed a mock salute to Zakariah before closing the door to his shop. “We’re going to head to the nearby forest that surrounds Horunka,” Kalu explained to Kaiida. At this point in time, he had stopped caring about what he had called her, after all he didn’t care what anyone else called him. Looking towards Kaiida, Kalu noticed that she was rubbing her eyes almost as if she was trying to stay awake. “Are you tired Miss? Did you catch enough sleep?” Kalu walked towards the northern gate of Starting City with Kaiida. Once they arrived, Kalu overheard Kaiida mutter to herself words of encouragement. I remember when I was in that same position. “Don’t worry Miss, I have a feeling you’ll do great. If you so choose to, I’d like to believe that you’d be an excellent leader from what I’ve seen just now. Your tongue is sharp and you’re keen. You noticed my slip of the tongue and you didn’t hesitate to correct me about it. You’ll do fine.” Kalu walked out of Starting City. The trek towards the forest wasn’t a long way, but it was commonly delayed by trying to avoid any boars alongside the way. I really ought to pick up that weapon. Once they arrived at the tree line, Kalu stood in the cool shade that the branches had provided. “From here on out, there’s a ton of vegetation. It’s pretty much if you can spot any you’ll get it.” Kalu turned around to face Kaiida and performed a mock salute. “Best of luck to both of us.” @Kaiida
  12. Paglikha

    [F21-PP] A Date at the Hot Springs

    Kalu thanked Tsu for her affirmation that he had been a good significant other for a while now. However, his focus was slightly preoccupied onto the columns, the stalactites, and the stalagmites with the vibrant flora which is the cavern’s only source of light. Although NPCs can’t really exit their respective locations nor go against their predefined protocls, I would like to see these NPCs meet people from other floors. I wonder if it would create an Allegory of the Cave scenario, or if they would accept the nature of Aincrad being extremely diverse from one floor to the next. Kalu looked back towards Tsu when she asked him if he wanted to hear some stories of when she was in school. Kalu didn’t know nor understand the reason why she her face was red. “Of course, I would love to listen to your school stories. But are you feeling okay? You’re a bit red, are you uncomfortable?”
  13. Paglikha

    [PP-F11] A Drink at the Boar's Tusks

    I’m sorry Embers. Kalu looked over to Embers getting booped on the nose once again and being told that it was perfectly normal and shouldn’t be gross. “Just think of it like a dog licking your face. It should help you understand that it’s supposed to be an affectionate and playful gesture.” Kalu was still being slightly overwhelmed by the current situation. One moment he was asleep dreaming of a seemingly impossible future and the moment he woke up it did not just become possible, it became probable. I still can’t wrap my head around this. Kalu finished his glass of water and pretty much stood there until he realized he hadn’t had any food yet. Kalu called for the bartender. “Would you happen to have any Sinigang?” When the bartender NPC shook his head, Kalu couldn’t help but let out a sigh. Maybe I should’ve become a cook so I could have a small taste of Filipino food. “I’ll take a porkchop.”
  14. Paglikha

    [PP-F1] The First Lesson (Kaiida & Paglikha)

    Chibi? Kalu was at a loss for words from the girl’s attitude and also because he didn’t really understand what a chibi was in the first place. Although she was taller, albeit by just an inch, that was a demeaning and ultimately necessary comment. Who does this girl think she is? Kalu then noticed the rhythmic tapping of her foot and her breathing becoming uniform while waiting for Zakariah’s response. Kalu had experiences with his classmates attempting to stop themselves from having an outburst, and to Kalu, Kaiida’s actions were trying to serve the same purpose. Is she impatient or angry? “If it is five you need, then we will be able to get it. I am sure that Miss Kaiida and I are more than capable to find five herbs for your shop,” Kalu spoke to Zakariah. “In fact, it will be a pleasure to do this quest alongside Miss here. I wouldn’t have it any other way.” @Kaiida
  15. Paglikha

    [F21-PP] A Date at the Hot Springs

    ”Not really anything important. I just wanted to see you again is all,” Kalu responded to Tsu’s question. He felt like he should tell her the current status of creating a special song within his shop that would be an homage to her, but he decided to push it off until later on. When they were together, Kalu felt as if the time slowed to a crawl, especially now as Tsu had rested her head on Kalu’s shoulder. But when we part, it seems as if that time had faded away so quickly. As if the thief of this life stole it away from us. He took a deep breath and let it out in a sigh, releasing his stress along with his breath. ”I love spending time with you too. A bunch of new experiences, all of them have been amazing thanks to you.” Kalu turned towards her and her kissed her on the forehead. I am one lucky person.