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[EV-22] Tanabata Celebration!

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It is said that not all of the divines were satisfied with Orihime and Hikoboshi’s obsession with each other. However, it seems that the story rings differently tonight.

“Woah, look at that!”

Up on a hillside right by town, an astronomer points out the several lights flashing in the sky, brighter than most of the stars that populate the dark. At his calling, several of his associates gather round to his side, eyes set towards the twinkling void. In brilliant white streaks, the lights tore through the night in diagonals, a handful at a time, before the rest of the choir joined in behind them. The group let out an audible gasp as they took in the astonishing view, but they weren’t the only ones to have noticed the interesting phenomenon.

Down at the festival, a handful of players could be seen halting their tracks as the stall vendors gawked at the meteor shower, too.

[A meteor shower has begun! Players may choose to observe this until the end of the next page.]

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Mari excused herself from the Magpie habitat - shutting the door to the enclosure behind her. Blue eyes focused on the package between her hands. It wasn't anything real fancy. It felt like one of those jellies that people ate at festivals when Mari squished the small package between her fingers- and it's stats where simple enough. Offering her +3 to prosperity. It'd be useful if she wanted to get more col or unidentified materials at some point.

Speaking of...

Mari rose her blue gaze to @Macradon and gave him a smile as she approached him again, her hair messy - with a few down feathers stuck to it. Mari completely unaware of her disheveled appearance.  "Hey, I just did that magpie thing." Mari held up the small package toward him. "Got a prosperity treat from it. Maybe we could go on a mad dash for more col again at some poi-" 

Her eyes shifted behind him to look at a bright flash across the sky, and then another, and another. Mari blinked - Was that....a meteor shower? Her hands lowered and Mari fell silent for but a minute as her eyes reflected the dazzling dancing lights that streaked their way across the star speckled heavens. Awe. That's what they would call it. She was in awe, it wasn't often that she was left speechless. But at a time like this.... it was hard not to be.

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Just as Oscar was about to hang his scraps of paper to the bamboo, his eyes were drawn skyward by a sudden movement. He raised his shades to watch as the sky was streaked with tiny lights. A meteor shower? Right as he was about to add his paper to the pile? Was it an omen or just predetermined timing. Either way, it was beautiful as hell. He flicked his shades back down to their spot on the bridge of his nose and tied his paper scraps to the slender trees. Once he was done, he thrust his hands into his pockets and wandered off. It was time to see what else this festival had on offer. Maybe he'd run into a familiar face or two. He really didn't know. What he did know was that he was eternally thankful that there wasn't an event boss tacked onto this. Even so long after Halloween, it had tainted his expectations of events going forward. That whole ordeal had been just outright annoying. Even the rewards hadn't been too impressive. In recent days, Oscar found himself less motivated by rewards and more motivated by experiences. So this was right up his alley.

[Oscar hangs Tanzaku]

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Moving of her own volition she picks up the completed wishes and moves to begin and hang them up on a tree among the others, taking the time to read some that swayed in the wind. She could not help but notice how morose some of them had been. Kasumi gets only part of the way through before a scattering of trailing stars above draws her attention elsewhere. The mystical lines drawn fill the girl with awe as those around her share gasps with her like mass hysteria. It was beautiful and was as if all of Aincrad melted away into the moment as the stars drew reflections upon her eyes. Still holding half of the slips of paper her hands stay from movement, she'd be holding them struck stupid until the stars were through in a light show of myriad color. How could something so magnificent stem from something so cruel?

[Tanzaku Hung]

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It was difficult for Elora to observe or understand any of the expressions Freyd was conveying as he spoke reassurances to her. Dizzying sequences of verbal and pictorial details distracted her from what little glimpses she had caught of him before he moved -- Wait...where did he go...? The whirlwind seemed to reside momentarily as her mind shifted focus to relocate the familiar face that gave her comfort in a sea of strangers. "S-sorry, I've gotta go do something", Elora barely managed to fumble from her lips. She bowed, moreso with an isolated nod of her head, before escaping to whatever vacancy she could find. She found sanctuary at a nearby table that was only occupied by one other player, a white-haired one in a kitsune mask. It would have to do for now. Seating herself across from him, she began to methodically trace the grains of the wood in hopes that the mindless task would begin to command her attention. 

By this point, her heart had begun to steady its beat. She gradually subsided in performing the exercise only to sigh in a sign of a relief that the wave of panic had passed. It seemed that the man accompanying her had done the same. He rose steadily and started to head toward what she assumed to be a booth for a bird-related game. "Would you like to compete in a game with me?", she found herself blurting out. It seemed that since she had lost her bearings, Elora was now making a desperate attempt to seize some sense of accomplishment for why she had chosen to come here tonight. 


@Haine @Vie @Kiluia Seiko @Freyd - The Whisper in Shadows

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xxxholic.png.c8487d93d391856fca44290c42b598e9.pngTaking her own place throughout the event, she needed no attire to attend. Waltzing down the varied stands in her elegant and adorned black yukata she normally wore simply traversing the other settlements she was checking the wares provided. None caught her attention as something worth buying and restocking in her store, always out for that next oddity. To each stall of a flare of gold on her iris as she scans the objects it had for their statistics. "Another bore." she remarks to the small tabby at her side, a jingle of a bell announcing his presence.

A stand like all the others littered with small slips of papers and varied tools for writing upon them causes the black cat pause. "My dear what is it you sell?" she would ask of the NPC in flamboyant red locks, to which the response surprises her. “I don't sell anything, I offer tanzaku for writing out ones wishes.” a brow on the merchant's face raises, a bit skeptical for it was outside of her origins to understand the gist and a feeling of a scam may be at place. "Right, I would like to participate then." Simmone comments with a lace of silver on the words, honeyed and slow. Rather abruptly the NPC shoves the slips of papers into her hand along with a sharpened pen. Flabbergasted that she had not been asked for coin, she paces away from the stall. She did not understand a lick of these Japanese customs.

[Tanzaku Received]

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Mari turned her attention to @Macradon, his face alight in a dizzying array of fire for split seconds as the meteor shower continued to rain from above. Mari felt a little...odd  to be standing here, enjoying it with him. It felt like something lovers would do. And whilst Macradon was her best friend, she had no romantic interest in him whatsoever. Mari reached out to clasp his shoulder. "I'm going to try and get a better view of the meteor shower." Mari said with a reassuring squeeze. "You should invite your fiance here." With a small smile Mari shifted her hand away and left his side.

Rhythmic slow steps lead Mari down the path with various stalls. The scent of freshly fried meats tempted her to stray from her path - the rumble in her stomach urging her toward food. But Mari pressed onward. Past the hustle of the main streets and back into the Bamboo forest- weaving through the people writing and hanging Tanzaku. Past that, was a small hill. Quiet. Peaceful. Here Mari could faintly hear the festival - but the sounds were far enough away to be drowned out by the gentle rustle of leaves. Mari found a place near the edge of the hill and at herself upon it. 

She tilted her head up to the stars, watching the dancing lights above. Her daughter would have loved this. Mari's eyes fluttered shut, soft lips exhaling warm air.

I wish you were here to enjoy this

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Removing herself from the stall in silence, Simmone was still rather perplexed about these slips of paper that were shoved within her grasp. They were these slips of paper in strands and upon them was writing that was rather difficult for her to read. Her Japanese was a bit rusty when it came to reading. Finding a place to rest her feet, she folds one of her legs over the other. Felix was messing with a dangling strand of fabric from one of the booths. He would be busy enough to keep him out of trouble, Simmone was sure she'd have no issue with him playing like this. Twisting the first piece of white parchment over and with a bit of struggle, she read it, hoping that she was not mistranslating what was written. "I wonder if these are made for children?" she mutters and takes a look at her surroundings, seeing a few more players around her age filling them out as well. "Alright then, I suppose not."

What would you wish for the rest of your stay in Aincrad?


Having yielded what she assumed it was asking, a twist of her pen upon it written in plain english in a rather obvious mixture of clashing tradition. That this place keeps giving me more to fill my store. Simmone scrawls the rather simplistic wish to the page, for it was all excluding Felix that she truly cared for as of yet. She thought about the bonds she had made and then chooses to add more at the end. And that I can continue working with those that aid in those efforts. With an uncomfortable smile, she was unsure of why she felt it necessary to include that little addition.

What would you wish for the better of people around you?


Once she read the words from the paper she felt blindsided, she had no clue how to write anything to this slip of paper. "For the better of people around you?" Simmone asks the sheet of paper as though it would offer a response. Some of the players around the area turn their heads to look at the lotus speaking to a tanzaku. She was struggling with something close to embarrassment as she places it to her thigh. I suppose I would wish for them to continue to grow and succeed she rights a rather broad guess of a wish to the paper, feeling as though she had escaped its advances.

What would you wish for someone you care about?


Another quick mental punch to the gut, she looked at it with almost an irritated look upon her face. These things seemed so focused on relationships The words echo through her head as she looks it over again making sure she read it correctly. Who would fit the bill? The meaning stuck in her head, recalling her apprentice and Gaius that moron. A bit of a toothed grin on her face she'd write to the page That they stop slacking or being idiots Simmone had showed the little tanzaku whos boss, flipping it into an insult of sorts toward those pain in the butts.

What would you wish for someone you would like to know better?


As she twists the previous tanzaku over she looks on to the next in the foreign tongue which she spoke much easier than read. This was just as difficult to offer an answer as the last, feeling as though they were more of an exam than a weigh of fates and desire. With the pen in hand she questions who took a place upon those she met. The boy in red, his methods, and capability seeming an enigma. He always knew where to go and what to do, he had a finger to the pulse of every pie. That he continues to walk on

What would you wish for yourself?


Here was the bread and butter, the last wish was what she expected them all to be like. I wish to have all that I am after, and to those who would offer a coin to the black odyssey would find what they need for a price. She was pleased with this answer, for it was all she enjoyed: the finer things and control over them. Lifting them up in a pile, the black cat bundles them and watched those around her for what to do next for this little ritual. They were using bits of string and latching them to branches. She aimed to do the same.

[Wishes #1-5 Filled]

Edited by Simmone
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Hidden turned to @Assassin who seemed to almost be pitying her. That left a sour taste in her mouth. She didn't want to be considered helpless in the eyes of a young girl. "No, that's fine. If you find something, you keep it!" She turned away from the bird habitat, ashamed in her ability to do something as simple as getting a trained bird to fetch something of more use then a stick. Lifting her head, her eyes would catch glimpse of another individual she knew. Her eyes lit up in surprise at the man in red traditional clothing. It was a different light to see him out of his red robe, something she'd secretly been wishing to catch him out of on multiple occasions. His usual attire kept him ready for combat, but it was nice to see him in casual wear. 

As if drawn in a trance, she stepped forward, ignoring Assassin for a moment. As she stepped forward, she reached her hand forward to tap him on the shoulder. However, just before touching him, she hesitated, holding her position. 'What if this is a side of him he didn't want me to see? Like how I didn't want to be seen without my cloak? What if he doesn't want me to look at him when he's vulnerable?' 

She closed her eyes, awkwardly standing still for a moment. She should just turn around... but she wanted to talk to him. He was her friend right? He could deal with her right? She continued, tapping @Raidou on the shoulder. "I don't think there are too many materials to gather here" She would tell him, stifling a giggle at her own joke. "I didn't really expect you to show up to be honest, so it is a nice surprise... I guess." She hastily added the last part to ensure he got the message that she hadn't been waiting on him. 

"You know, it is really nice to see you out of your combat gear for once. Reminds me that you are a real-"  A flash of light caught her eye, drawing her gaze towards the sky.  "Amazing" was all that she had to say. She knew it most likely just part of the event, but meteor showers were not even common in Aincrad. One by one, they drifted across the sky in a brilliant streak of light. 

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NIGHT was left wanting for one thing or another within the festival grounds, her wandering aimless, only stopped partway through by the gestures and the cries of awe from the crowds around her and her canine companion. When they'd tugged at her to look, she'd spared them a glance, the arced lines marking the darkness overhead against the gentle scattering of the stars--

--And then pulled her eyes away after a moment, a frustration fumigating in her systems and pushing her footsteps on through.

If anything, the meteor shower only aided the duo's travels across the fair to their next location. Whilst most paused to stare, enjoying the scenic view proper, the sole player lead their accompaniment to a more secluded forest, away from the heart of the celebrations.

“Tanzaku over here!" came the crier's calls for players to participate in the NPC's activities, by a small booth shafted in a corner of the clearing.

It was enough to intrigue NIGHT into parting ways with her Gemini for the moment, the latter deciding to wait for the woman outside the forest of hung wishes. In time, she returned, snaking her way towards the wish giver's table.

NIGHT collected a handful of papers, and two black markers to jot upon them with.

[NIGHT receives Tanzaku.]

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The night hummed with magic. Costumes rustled, laughter rang, and the sickly-sweet smell of festival food assaulted her senses. The celebration, in all its chaotic, cacophonous wonder, was something Lessa would never tire of. How incredible that in such a dark, hopeless place, some joy could be found. If Aincrad were a storm, Tanabata was a lighthouse. And Lessa loved lighthouses.

In typical Lessa fashion, the blonde gravitated toward the smell of grilling meat. The small crowd that gathered around the stall shifted to allow her access, and a front-row seat to the theatrics. The chef expertly twirled utensils around his long fingers, akin to a drummer at his set, and with just as much flair. 

“What d’you want?” he asked, slanting her a glance under a curtain of red fringe. 

"Uhh." What did she want? Overcome with sudden indecision, she asked dumbly, "Do you have any beef?"

“Do I have any beef?" he scoffed, then with a sharp tch, nodded toward row of steaming kabobs. Lessa plucked one out, and with a grateful smile, transferred the col. She chewed absently as she drifted from booth to booth.

Just as the stick burst into pixels, Lessa's gaze rested on a booth she hadn't noticed before. Off-set from the heart of the festival, something in the stillness of the meadow beckoned her closer. A rainbow of colored papers rustled on the gentle breeze, shimmering like fish-scales among the stationary bamboo stalks. As the Guardian approached, an NPC beamed a warm, friendly greeting. Blonde hair framed a pleasant face, and sly scarlet eyes danced as she surveyed the player. 

“Just write your wishes on the paper," the stranger explained, “and hang them on the bamboo."

Lessa returned the smile, then countered, "I hope you have a lot of paper, because I have a lot of wishes."

Laughter as vibrant as the paper lanterns was her response. "We have more than enough."

Tanabata, Lessa mused as she moved between tables packed with people. She knew enough from her Eastern Hemisphere curriculum to recall the story of The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl. Two people, separated by circumstance, finally coming together. When she spotted the masked man hunched over a paper, amusement came into her blue eyes. What a coincidence.

"Hello," she greeted, sliding onto the bench opposite Alkor. "Do you mind if I join you?" Though she picked up a piece of lavender paper, waved it through the air, her gaze never left his. "Your table has the prettiest paper."

[Receive Tanzaku]



Name: Lessa
Level: 56
HP: 1210/1210
EN: 112/112

Damage: 19
Mitigation: 126
Evasion: -1
Accuracy: 3

Equipped Gear:
Weapon: Arcturus (T3/Perfect/2HSS): Damage 3
Armor: Galaxy Armor (T3/Perfect/Heavy Armor): Thorns 2, Heavy Momentum 1
Misc: Neutron Star Necklace (T3/Perfect/Jewelry): Accuracy 2, Recovery 1

2H Straight Sword [Rank 5]
Heavy Armor [Rank 5]
Howl [Obtained]
Fishing [Obtained]
Parry [Obtained]
Battle Healing [Rank 3]

Extra Skills:
Familiar: Protector

Finesse (Rank 3)

Battle Ready Inventory:
Teleport Crystal*5

Housing Buffs:
Well Rested: -1 energy cost for the first three expenditures of each combat
Clean: The first time you would suffer DoT damage in a thread, reduce damage taken from DoT each turn by 20% (rounded down)
Relaxed: Increases out of combat HP regen by (5 * Tier HP) and decreases full energy regen to 2 Out of Combat Posts.
Col Stash: +5% bonus col from monster kills and treasure chests
Advanced Training: +2 SP to a thread. Limit one use per month [0/1]
Multipurpose: Gain +1 to LD, Stealth Rating, Stealth Detection, or Prosperity to one post in a thread. Can be applied after a roll

Guild Hall Buffs:
Helping Hand: Lowest-leveled guild member receives +2 bonus SP at the end of the thread. At least half of the thread's participants must be guild members. Limit one use per month, per character. [1/1]


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Alkor sat quietly, pensively. He was distracted several times, once by Mari stepping in to whisper something in confidence. He replied to her quietly, genuinely, and kindly before she left. There was no reason to be rude, and they had patched up most of their problems. He bid her enjoy the rest of the festival before going back to his final wish.

When he heard the voice, Alkor looked up. There was so much, so many people around that for her to pick his particular table seemed like providence more than coincidence. He smiled behind the mask and gestured for her to take the seat. "Of course," he told her as he took the opportunity to get his mind off the wish for just a moment. "This paper is pretty great, I agree."

What was it that he wanted, really? Alkor looked at Lessa through the mask and quietly reflected on his time inside of Sword Art Online. It had been intense, and at times perhaps much sadder and more dramatic than his actual life.  But all of it was "real" in some sense. That made him sure of what he wrote down.

What do you want for yourself?


"I want something real."

Edited by Alkor
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Dazia left Vigilon and Elora behind to return to town, she was sure that the two could make it back on their own.

She made for the center of the town to give those kids the stars she had found, as there was no other notable use for them. She walked up to one of the child NPCs, and handed him a bag holding all the gold stars she'd gathered. "This should be a fair contribution at least. You'll find a hundred and twenty gold stars in there. I know, as I counted them myself." She remarked. The boy smiled. "Thank you so much, miss! We really appreciate it!" He said. A half-smile formed on Dazia's face, and she turned around to let the boy return to his blueprints.

Dazia would climb up to the rooftops again, and it would be from there that she would easily notice the meteor shower that had begun. It really was a stunning sight, in all honesty. Maybe she would admire it after all...in her own way, of course. After some thought, she would pull out a canvas, and some art supplies, and begin painting a picture of the meteor shower among the expanse of the cosmos that could be seen in the night sky.

It was nice to practice painting pictures like this again, she had to admit.


Item Name: Gold Stars
Quantity: 120
Thread Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/19867-pp-f22-star-spangled-mess/


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Krysta would hang her Tanzaku papers, as she said she was doing well, and that she was curious as to what hanging the papers would do, when hung with one's wishes. "Hmm....It intrigues me too...I'm not sure, but there's only one way to find out, I guess!" Astralin noted. Krysta would go on to wonder aloud something regarding the Cardinal, and the players. "Um...reading players' minds and thoughts? How is that possible? I mean, I guess it can learn about us through our actions, and the NerveGear does connect directly to one's mind...my that is a troubling question to think about..." Astralin remarked. maybe as the players learned about the world that the cardinal runs, the cardinal seems to learn about the players in the meantime? Even if that was possible, would this program, assuming it actually learns, might develop an opinion on the players? Would it pity them, or wish to relish its time with them? Astralin stowed the questions away for later, and would hang her own Tanzaku papers. "Say, you want to go looking for some things out at the lake? I hear some kids need some help, and the gold stars that can be found near the lake are just what they need!" Astralin asked.

[Astralin Hangs the Tanzaku]


Some time later...


It would be at least a while before Astralin returned to the Festival grounds, and she would appear to have recently been in water, causing others to notice, mostly NPCs, it seemed. In all honesty, she didn't care. She had been in the lake reflection, and saw herself amongst the stars and cosmos, and had even taken pictures(which she didn't know she could do before) of the incredible sights! It was a memory she would treasure as long as she could...if the lake was like that every night, it would be likely for her to make frequent visits to it. Maybe she'll live on this floor, just a little training, and she would have nothing to worry about! Then, she looked to the sky, and suddenly...

Astralin stopped right where she was, then she immediately sought out a less crowded area, as to not disturb anyone. She would arrive near the Tanzaku stall, and gaze upon the meteor shower that had begun.

This night was just full of celestial blessings, wasn't it? 

Edited by Astralin
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Lessa quirked a smile across the paper-strewn tabletop. The sun sets, the moon rises, Alkor uses as few words as possible. There was something oddly comforting in the consistency, and she always appreciated the familiarity in a place as unpredictable as Aincrad. It was nice, knowing that some things never changed. 

Her fingers danced across the scattered papers like piano keys, beating a gentle staccato that was lost to the sounds of the festival. When her hands came to rest on particularly pretty purple pages, she tugged them closer. "Wishes time," she declared. After fishing out a pen from the cracks in the picnic table, she uncapped it, leaned in. Then she crooked her arm, draped it over her paper protectively. Humor danced in her eyes as she slanted Alkor a glance. "No copying my answers," she informed him matter-of-factly. Then she shook her hair back, glanced down at the paper, and got to work.


A wish for the rest of my stay in Aincrad? Lessa emitted a soft tch, shaking her head before she put the pen to paper. Wasn't that a pretty basic question? What else was there to ask for when trapped in a giant, floating prison? Hastily, and without further thought, the blonde scribbled down her one-word answer. She nearly reached for a second piece of paper when another thought occurred to her. Was survival really enough? Had it ever been enough for her? No, she'd wanted more. She wanted more for everyone else, too. So with a few more pen strokes, Lessa amended her first answer. 

Health and Happiness


Something I wish for the better of people around me, huh? Without thinking, Lessa lifted her head, shifted on the bench, and studied the individuals packed into the tables around her. What was it that she could wish for them, to enrich their own lives? There were the tangible things, she supposed, such as col and items. She could wish that they had enough food, and a place to put their heads every night. But as she listened to the laughter, the voices raised in joy and humor, she shook her head. It wasn't the tangible things that they needed, because those things were easy to find. It all ran so much deeper than that. She turned back to her paper, and scribbled her answer.

Comfort and Companionship


What would I wish for someone that I care about? A smile tugged at the corners of her lips as she studied the prompt. A couple of years ago, Lessa would have struggled with this question, as loneliness had loomed almost endlessly. She had spent far too much time in the pits of despair and self-loathing, and even when she'd begun venturing out, she'd have had a difficult time naming her "friends." Now? She didn't have enough fingers to count them all. And what a realization that was. Shyly, she cast a quick glance toward Alkor. She remembered a conversation with Baldur. She thought of Bahr.

Peace, Purpose, and Love

[Wishes 1, 2, 3]

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Vigilon found himself returning to the festival grounds, but not in the way that he expected. Time after time again, an oversized Koi would leap out of the water, and engulf his left hand and half his left forearm, and time after time again, Vigilon would pull the fish off of him and toss it back into toe water, only for the process to repeat again. Thus, Vigilon found himself returning to the festival grounds with the Koi on his arm...there had to be a better way to get this dang fish off of him for good, it wouldn't stop coming back to him, and he didn't need this Koi over his left arm. As he walked into the settlement, hoping for answers, he got some strange looks from the NPCs, as they'd never expected to see someone with an Oversized Koi over their arm. Whatever the case, he had to find something to do about it... He saw a pond that was deep enough for the fish, and there were some other fish in it, too... "I can't keep you around, so prepare to be relocated, you piscine hitchhiker." He muttered before pulling the fish off of him again, and tossing it into the pond, bolting off afterward as to prevent it from jumping back onto him. "I'm gonna feel sorry for the fish's next target..." He thought.


He would make his way back to the area where the Tanzaku stall would be, then he saw a familiar face on the horizon, someone he wanted to see tonight... "Jewel...? Jewel!!" 

Having missed his girlfriend, he ran towards her, happy to see her again...

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After having gathered some Gold stars alongside three other players, it was time for Krysta to turn in her gold stars as contribution to the project that the children had needed them for. She walked over towards the center, and brought the gold stars to one of the children. "I do hope that this amount will suffice." She added. The child, however, seemed very appreciative. "Wow, miss, thank you so much!" He said with a bright smile upon his face. Krysta smiled back, and the child would be on his way, bringing the gold stars to the one with the blueprints.

Item Name: Gold Stars
Quantity: 111
Thread Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/19903-ppf22-stars-and-wishes/



Krysta then began wandering around the settlement, wondering what she should do next. After some time, she would make her way over towards the Tanzaku stall...then she saw an all-too familiar face on the horizon. "Alex...? Alex!!"

It was Vigilon, her boyfriend. She ran towards him, as he ran towards her, and she would open up her arms to embrace him when the two would reach each other. "I am so happy to see you again, Alex...it's been sort of a while, at least, has it not?" 

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The two players would embrace each other when they reached each other. Krysta exclaimed that she was happy to see Vigilon again, and that, at least to her, it seemed like it had been a while since the two players were last with each other. "Only a few weeks, I guess, but it's just not the same without you." He wanted to enjoy the festivities with her, regardless whether or not others wanted to tag along or not...but for now, he would try to ask her if she could spend the rest of tonight's festivities with him...in a different way than usual.

He decided to try using a pick-up line. Better late than never, he supposed.

He took a deep breath, his humility fresh and perfect for the chosen line, he cleared his throat, and then he spoke. "On a scale of one to ten, you're a 9 and I'm the 1 you need." He said, almost awkwardly.

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Macradon chortled “If she shows up.” he replied with a forced smile, she had been locking herself up for quite a while now, and even though they lived together, there wasn’t much they even did together, he was always out, she always holed herself in. The knight nodded and waved a quick hand at his best friend “Aight, I just got a notification from acquantaines that I just have to attend in a jiffy.” he said and ventured off for a short while. He had to get even more rail tracks for the railroad, and even though he wasn’t sure how far they had proceeded with the railroads and its components, Macradon was sure that they had all they needed for the tracks. “I was here not long ago with a hundred something tracks, I have 6 more and that should set you guys up, a friend of mine, also a blacksmith, will probably come by later and hand you the rest, then all the tracks should be ready to go.” he said with a broad smile and walked back to the big open area.

Item Name: Rail Tracks
Quantity: 6
Evaluation Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/8010-macradon-the-blazing-typhoon/?do=findComment&comment=619081

He met back up with Mari, he only got to wave at her, and she only got a few words out before they both were interrupted. He looked up where she was, and a beautiful display of meteors soaring across the sky would light up their tails. Beautiful shooting stars littering the heavens, a meteor shower making its way over the celebratory area. He looked over at Mari, but didn't get any proper chance to reply to her, she already walked off. "If she shows up ..." he muttered with a lowered head and walked around, looking at the different stalls. Walking towards the bamboo hanging stuff, he looked around, the boards, the people, the flaps of paper. "Looks interesting, I'll join in." he replied to the young redhead and accepted the Tanzaku.

[ Tanzaku Received ]



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Worried was an understatement but Crozeph was willing to let it all go now. His fiance just did a feat Crozeph would never even dare and the weird part is he got dragged along with her. While Yuki leveled up fast, Crozeph was able to gain levels also. It was like he mowed down quests yet he barely remembers he did it all. Body pain was non-existent inside the game yet Crozeph felt tired of it also. If someone as lazy as he was tired of doing it all, what more to Yuki who went through quests like a freight train.

"You deserve this for all that hard work," he told her as he continued to wrap his arms around her. While they quietly drifted on the lake in a boat, Crozeph gently tightened his arms as he hugged her "looks like both of us will be joining the frontlines at this rate" he told her, his voice almost matching the calm ripple of the lake water.

His thoughts were nowhere near to an epiphany but he now understands a few of his own feelings. It might be bliss or just a rush of chemicals in his brain but Crozeph was holding on to this person. Everything he has been planning so far was so wide it included people. Now as he and Yuki is almost lying down in the boat, he is starting to understand something that he easily misunderstands and that is holding on to someone.  "Hey Yuki, I have a gift for you," he told her. Crozeph opened his inventory menu and scrolled for something out of Yuki's sight.

"I got this for you, I was thinking of giving it before you go into the floor boss battle since I was a coward but somehow it is you again who helped me not to be one," he said "or to put it simply, stopped me from whining like a bitch" he added. Soon enough he held on to a necklace. While the trinket looked normal the pendant was quite intricate on its design. The pink gerbera daisy pendant looked liked it was a real daisy, Crozeph wasn't sure if Yuki would like it but instead of wasting seconds of his life thinking about it, Crozeph eased himself and made Yuki wear the necklace "I'm not really good at choosing gifts, I hope you liked it" he told her. "I hate all these crowds and how everyone is frolicking but with you here, things got better, they're all almost nonexistent" a poor attempt to act romantic, Crozeph should stick to spouting wildfire insults or sentences that lack coherence in thoughts.

"I'll keep on holding on to you Yuki, I guess its not just the good food or your contagious cheerfulness. If things happen or you know…" he leaned his head on hers almost whispering to her ear "…if shit hits the fan and I lose you, I can still live but I'm not sure if I can see myself as someone who is still alive. Our relationship might not be something that has been going on for years yet all of a sudden I just held on to you every time I get the chance to" the voice may be calm yet there was always a hint of sadness. A contradiction yet again and it made Crozeph mad at himself while at the same time he felt happiness with Yuki in his arms. It only took a few seconds as tears began to well up and with that Crozeph said it "I don't want to lose you."

Then it happened…

A meteor shower, while it's not impossible inside the game it was still enough to stop most from their tracks and get a lot of attention except Crozeph. He buried his face to Yuki's hair hiding his tears and holding on to her as if she was going to be taken from him. Quite a pathetic display maybe but does it really matter? He was quiet, at times foul-mouthed, a magnet for danger, yet with Yuki in his arms, he was all of a sudden vulnerable. He wanted to go home but kept it to himself, Yuki might be enjoying the meteor shower and he didn't want to ruin it.


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