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[F13 EB] Tainted Prestige


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 (OOC:)Buffs gotten from Zandra's offer below. Thank you Zandra owo


Perfect quality T1 Damage potion (600 col)

Perfect quality T1 Mitigation potion (1,800 col)

Perfect quality T1 Accuracy snack (1,800 col)

(Total is 4,200 col)

mina bit her lip as Morgenstern walked off after commenting that it was common news, and that it wasn't something that he really wanted to talk about. "... I don't think you're a failure, morg..." she said softly, her nervousness fading away to sadness, before walking back to the chapel. 'I guess that the incident that broke up the guild kind of messed up alot of my guildmates...' Mina muttered a few swears under her breath as she thought about what could have happened to cause everyone in her former guild to essentially ignore each other. Mina stared at her feet, the sad look on her face growing more pronounced the more she though about it. She was eventually spared from dwelling on bad thoughts when a player offered to pay for 3 items for each T1 player, and 2 for each T2 player. It was a bit surprising, sure, but Mina wasn't about to question an act of charity like that. She collected three items from the NPC, and bowed to the player. "T-thank you" she said meekly, a nervous smile on her face

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I look towards Kim with a rather happy smile as i nod my head towards her with a slight chuckle as i open up my notebook and moves it over towards kim about hat the boss could potentially be from the knowledge that i have been able to get. Ye~ we got the raid group but the groups will be split if we go along with what the priest wants us to do by having you guys the T1/T2 go in and beat up a priest that has been corrupted by some kind of demon maybe even possessed or something. While all of us tier threes are guarding the church from some supposed stronger entity or a horde of entities or both that would want to attack the church to try and stop you guys from ending the corrupted NPC thing. I say towards Kimi with a nod of my head as i than move my notebook back into my hands and into my own inventory are i look towards her with a smile as she goes off to go get some potions. I glance towards the ground once more feeling something hit me as i see a rather familiar Mimic at my feet. Well than looks like even Kairi has decided to finally come out today to join the fight. I say in a amused tone of voice with a nod of my head as i bend down to give the small mimic a pat on its head/lid thing and gave it a tiny bit of col. I would than look towards Kimi and nods towards her as i do the quick transaction of COL by going over towards the priest and paying the price before coming back towards Shield, Kimi, and Hazado. and with that everything is completed for you to go in and kick that priest's butt all over that church. I say in a cheerful tone of voice as i look towards kim. Have you found anything interesting in your tours of the floors kim? I ask curiously rather curious and a bit eager if there is anything new that i don't know about that i can write in my notebook of information.


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Beat, having just read the message for Zack and Uri, Beat was hastily locking up his shop and humming a jovial tune to himself with a wide grin on his face. The thrill of combat always made him this way, but this time, it was especially exhilarating because it was an event boss, which usually meant unique rewards. Floor bosses were always unique, but Event bosses had always been a nice in-between sort of thing between floors. He quickly made his way to the thriteenth floor and joined his fellow players, quickly spotting the item vendor and approaching quickly. 

"Hi there!" He said to the priest as he immediately noticed the affordability of some of the consumables. Knowing a good deal when he saw one, he pulled up his menu and transferred the col for a handful of damage potions and safeguards along with a few other consumables he would need for the fight. It was rare to be able to stock up on certain consumables, so was not going to let the opportunity pass.

"Thank you!" He said to Uri as he made his way over to @Shield, "Hey buddy! Let's hope this isn't another Biceps fight right?" He said, shivering at the memory.


Shopping at Uri's:



5x Perfect T1 damage Potions @ 600 each = 3000 col

5x Perfect T1 Safeguard Potions @ 1800 each= 9000 col

1x Rare T1 Evasion Snack @ 1200 = 1200 col

Total Col spent: 13,200 col


[Battle Stats]

Name Beat
Level 51
Guild Celestial Ascendants
Rank Paladin
Hit Points 1140/1140
Energy Points 102/102
Damage 26
Mitigation 129
Evasion 2
Accuracy 6
Loot Die 2
Prosperity 0
Additional Buffs Antidote 3/3
             Safe Guard Antioxidants

[Equipped Gear]

Item Tier Enhancements
Eagle's Splendor 1 +3 ACC
Spear of Destiny 2 Absolute Accuracy, Holy Damage, Bleed
Bulwark 3 +3 Mitigation
Ring of Strong Will 3 +1 Damage

[Housing Bonuses]

Buff Effect Uses
Well Rested -1 EN cost 3/3
Squeaky Clean -25% DOT dmg / turn 1/1
Hard Working +2 Crafting Exp & +1 Attempt  
Filling Craft Food  
Relaxed HP regen now 45/turn OOC  
Item Stash +1 Battle Ready Slot  
Multipurpose +2 on Certain Rolls/10 Posts  
Delicious Craft Feasts   
Skylight (Searching) +1 to LD  
Advanced Training +2 SP for one thread/month  

[Battle Ready Inventory]

Items Type Tier Quality Quantity Enhancement
Basic Teleportation Crystal Crystal 1 Uncommon 1  
Healing Crystal Potion 2 Rare 3  
Swords Dance Potion Potion 2 Perfect 3  
Safe Guard Potion Potion 1 Perfect 5  
Power Bar [Vitality] Snack 2 Rare 3 Vitality
Shi's Talon 2H Spear 2 Perfect 1 Absolute Acc., Paralyze, Freeze


Skills Rank
Heavy Armor 3/5
Search and Detect 1/5
Charge 5/5
2H Spears 5/5
Ferocity [2H Spears]  
Finesse [2H Spears] 3/3
Precision [2H Spears]  
Stamina [2H Spears]  
Athletics (Heavy Armor)  
Extra Skills  
Martial Arts [Extra Skill]  
Concentration [Extra Skill]  
Survival [Extra Skill]  
Familiar Skills  
Fighter 3/3

[Consumables Used]


Uri's Perfect Damage Potion: +3 Dmg

Uri's Safe Guard Potion

Uri's Rare Evasion Steak: +2 EVA

Protein Powder ((+3 Dmg/-15 MIT)[ID#93371] [Applying Basic Kitchen Bonus for +1 slot of Protein]

Meat of Dem Bones (Perfect T2)(+90 HP) [ID#83829]

Rocky Solid Road (+30 MIT) [ID#79449]

Green Ranger Tea (+1 Antioxidants) [ID#80060]

Meat on Dem Bones: Perfect T2 overhealth meal [+90 HP Overhealth]

Sharp Attack Cheddar (+1 BD) [ID#81085]


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Rushing from her shop on the seventh floor, Neo tried to make her way to the church at Angel's point. She should've gotten here sooner, but a flaming dog had kept her busy for a bit longer than she intended it to. Once she arrived at the church, she noticed that there was already quite a few people that were there. It seemed word had spread quite well. Making her way over to where she saw the @Priest selling some items, Neo made what purchases she didn't have from her own goods and then set up shop next to them. Though she knew they were likely to begin the confrontation and likely exorcism soon, she wanted to at least make an offer to some of the players. She had deployed a small wooden stand with a sign that read in large letters, "TACET CIBUM MOBILE DISTRIBUTIONS". Underneath the sign, there was a smaller note that said, "All items free, intended for use in this battle. Any donations will be put towards floor clearing efforts." There was plenty of people around that she recognized, and many who she didn't. However, there was little time to acknowledge everyone that was there. She had hoped that she would be able to guide people a little bit and form people into groups like she had seen the front liners do before the raid.

Guess I'll be leaving that to the the lower leveled front liners, assuming that they can. I'll just make sure that I can do as much damage as I can and stay alive while doing it.

Neo sat there slowly eating away at her own goods, the good she had gotten from the priest, and a couple of quest drops that she figured this would be the best chance she would have to get them. She knew she had had a power increase, but who knew how tough this fight was going to be.

Items I'm giving to others: (all listed are free until they're gone)


(Updated as of post #62, please mention me if you edit a post to take items)

Name: A Warm Potato (11 in stock)
Item Type: Meal
Tier: 2
Quality: Uncommon
Enhancements: +10 MIT
Description: A potato warmed with the heart of a fighter.

Name: Basic Protein Shake (2 in stock)
Item Type: Dessert
Tier: 2
Quality: Uncommon
Enhancements: +10 MIT
Description: A simple protein shake.

Name: Defense cupcake (8 in stock)
Item Type: Dessert
Tier: 1
Quality: Uncommon
Enhancements: +5 MIT
Description: A small vanilla cupcake in the shape of a shield.
Post Link: various

Name: A boiled potato (5 in stock)
Item Type: Meal
Tier: 3
Quality: Uncommon
Enhancements: +45 over-health
Description: A potato boiled and ready to eat. Not much flavor but helps that little bit more

Ranch Dip: (5 in stock)

  • Snack
  • +1 evasion
  • a simple ranch dip, good for dipping vegetables into

Bean Dip: (3 in stock)

  • Snack
  • +1 ACC
  • A bean dip made from pinto beans, goes great with tortilla chips

Five Layer Dip: (7 in stock)

  • Meal
  • +1 ACC
  • A multi-layered dip that keeps you full

My stats


Battle Stats:


Neopolitan: lvl 28 | 560 HP | 56 ENG | 17 DMG | 69 MIT | 3 ACC | 2 EVA | 8-10/24 BLD | 8-10 Para | 1 REC [Safeguarded] [Antioxidants] [Half Burn Damage] [+3 energy regen per post]

Equipped Gear:

  • Malice (T2 Rapier with BLD 2, ACC 1)
  • Hardened Leather Armor (T2 light armor MIT 2, recovery 1)
  • Reinforced Parasol (T2 Shield with Paralyze 2, MIT 1)

Battle Ready Inventory:

  • 3x Starter healing potions (Heals 50 HP)
  • 5x T1 uncommon Health Potions (+40 HP)
  • 3x Crystal of Agile Dragon Wings (Teleport crystal)
  • Perpetuate Song (double length on all status effects for one battle)


  • Weapon Skills:
    • Rapier: Grandmaster (50 SP invested): +5 Damage with Rapiers; access to rank 5 Sword Arts
      • Skill Mod: Rapier Finesse - Novice (5 SP invested); -1 energy on all sword arts with rapier (minimum 1 energy)
  • Armor Skills:
    • Light Armor: Novice (5 SP Invested): +5 MIT while wearing light armor
  • Extra Skills:
    • Martial Arts: Unlocked (no SP invested)
    • Familiar Mastery -  Fighter: Master (18 SP invested): +6 DMG (3 * tier), doesn't stack with damage enhancement and counts towards enhancement cap
    • Survival: Unlocked (no SP invested)
    • Meditation: Unlocked (no SP invested)
    • Concentration: +1 to BD on a roll (may be used after roll; 5 post CD)



Damage Potion  (950 Col)

  • Item Type:  Potion
  • Effect:  Gain +1 base damage per slot. Effect lasts for one thread.

Safeguard Potion  (950 Col)

  • Item Type:  Potion
  • Effect:  When applied, the next successful attack against you will do no damage. Effect lasts for one thread.

Mitigation Potion  (2150)

  • Item Type:  Potion
  • Effect:  Prevent (5 per slot * Tier) damage from successful attacks against you. Effect lasts for one thread.

Perpetuate Song  (950 Col)

  • Item Type:  Debuff Song
  • Effect:  When played, doubles the length of damage over time effects (Bleed/Poison/Burn, etc.) on a single target. Effect lasts for one battle.

5100 Col total

Consumables Used:

  • Fish with +1 Carbohydrates (+3 Energy regenerated in combat for one Thread)
  • <<Snowfrost>> (take half damage from burning effect for one thread)
  • Tofu Burger (+2 Damage, -20 MIT)
  • Small fruit salad (Antioxidants)
  • Hummus Dip (+2 ACC)
  • Spinach-Artichoke Dip (+2 EVA)
  • Damage Potion (+3 DMG)
  • Safeguard Potion (safeguarded)
  • Mitigation Potion (+30 MIT)



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Cosi cautiously approached the church on floor Thirteen. Players were already congregating around the building for the event. He saw Shield and Mars to good he'd like to say friends- They had been doing many quests together- as well as Hestia and Hazado who he had just barely met. He waved hello to all four and continued on to the dark clad martial artist @Mars But before making to his companion Cosi noticed that one of the NPC priests had opened a shop and was selling potions and consumables right before the event started. Cosi shifted his course. Might as well see what they have. You can never be too prepared for an event boss. Once there he say that the NPC had a wide, wide assortment of items. Cosi gaped for a second or two when something caught his eye. The priest had safeguard potions. Cosi had only used one once but that would be invaluable in a possibly deadly fight. Cosi forked over the Col and left heading back to Mars. "Mars! I expected to see you here. So what's the situation look like? Do we know what we're dealing with? How many more people are coming?" Cosi physically put a hand over his mouth to keep himself from talking. I guess I'm more nervous than I thought. Cosi took a deep breath and pulled out a couple potions. Might as well use these. Cosi shrugged and chugged both of them. Just like the last time the Safeguard potion tasted like hot liquid sugar- too sweet and burned on the way- while the sand armor potion was thick and tasted like iron. Cosi smacked his lips and then looked back at Mars. Cosi waved to @Shield again, "Hey Shield! How's it going? You got any advice for my first event boss so that I don't die? Also how about after this we go find my familiar!" Cosi then saw a new comer. It was Neo. Cosi waved hello to Neo, then watched as the short girl set up a small stand with the label of Free Food on it. Cosi couldn't resist. he ran over grabbed some hummus and ranch and downed them both. It was weirder than anything he had done in real life but this was a game. So who cares. 

Post Action:


Bought Safeguard Potion

- 1800 Col

Used Sand Armor Potion

+ 27 MIT

Used Safeguard Potion

Picked up from Neo:

- Ranch Dip

- Bean Dip

Used Ranch Dip

+ 1 EVA

Used Bean Dip

+ 1 ACC

Stats, Skills, and Gear


Battle Stats (With Buffs)-

Hp: 360 | ENG: 36 | DMG: 4  | MIT: 66 | THN: 18 | ACC: 2 | EVA: 1 | RGN: 5 (on hit, over 3 turns) [Safeguarded]


Hp: 360

Energy: 36

Mitigation: 39

Thorns:  18

Damage: 4


One-handed Straight Sword: Novice

Heavy Armor: Rank 2

Search and Detect: Novice





Rose Gold (Perfect)(Shield)(Regen 1, Mitigation 1, Thorns 1)

Raiserkinlger (perfect)(1H Straight Sword)(Damage 2, Accuracy 1)

Richter (perfect)(Heavy Armor)(Mitigation 2, Thorns 1)

(3) Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP)

(4) Tier One Health Potions of Uncommon Quality (+40HP)
(1) Tier One Damage Potion. (+1 Damage)
(1) Tier One Over-Health Potion (+50 Temp. HP)

(1) Venom Vial
(1) Sand Armor Potion
(1) Tier One Rare Protein
(1) Fish w/ Carbohydrates

 Battle Ready


(3) Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP)

(4) Tier One Health Potions of Uncommon Quality (+40HP)
(1) Tier One Damage Potion. (+1 Damage)
(1) Tier One Over-Health Potion (+50 Temp. HP)


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Calrex listened attentively to what the NPC told him, and how this fight would differ from his pas encounters. Disregarding some of the foreboding lore that was common with these floor themes. With a small sigh to himself the bluenette stretched his arms, "Very well, I'll be careful. Thanks for the heads up."

"Nonetheless, no matter how twisted this priest is, a man is still mortal. Plus even though maybe by lore angels and demons can't be killed, it seems us players don't seem to be bound to those standards. Tagas, Avarious, and Leothiel all fell, and they have not reemerged. So until they do, that means we can permanently put them in the ground."

"If the tier three players are going to be the ones holding back the waves of enemies outside, that means we'll need to be attacking multiple enemies at once. Guess that means I'll need to start differently than we usually do for raids."

Swiping on his menu the Ultramarine Knight pressed a few buttons to cycle through his inventory before extending his right arm to the side. The Grand Gauntlets III vanished in a flash before a column extended from his hand, lengthening and enlarging to take the shape of an oversized axe-sword hybrid, the Grand Legionbane. With a slow flick of the wrist the shaft of the weapon came to rest against his shoulder as he stepped past where @Shield, @Hestia, and a few other players had gathered. His pace slowed for a bit as he glanced over at them, giving a small smirk beneath his emotionless helm, "See you guys out there."

Weapon Changed: Grand Gauntlets III -> Grand Legionbane
Sword Arts Changed: Martial Arts (Rank 5) -> Two-Handed Battle Axe (Rank 5)

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Uri smiled brightly as players continued to file into the courtyard of the church.  He was a little nervous before, but in the end he knew God would provide.  "Ask and you shall receive,"  he thought aloud.  He returned to providing items for the players, smiling, blessing and praying for them every time.  None of them seemed interested in conversation other than the blue haired player, but he was fine with this.  They were warriors about to do battle.  It was natural for them to be so focused.  Of course there were individuals who didn't seem to take the event as seriously as others, but he was praying there was a good reason for it.  Zack and Uri froze when a chill shot down their spine.  They had both felt the demonic influence that had just pulsed out of the church.  Only they felt it however.  The two looked at the church, then back towards one another.  Whatever he was planning, he was about to perform it.  "Uri, fetch the items real quick.  Meet me at the front."  Uri nodded and hurried towards a crate, reaching into it.  Players would notice that he was still able to sell items throughout all of this.  Zack rushed over to the front of the church and turned around to face the players.  Then he spoke.

"Greetings everyone.  I'm relieved the Lord has sent you all to us.  We aren't the only ones in danger here.  Every life on this floor is, and you have been called to protect them.  Inside the church is a priest who has been communicating and making deals with demons.  He has allowed himself to become corrupted.  In order to face this corruption, you must first cleanse your heart and mind.  The devil is a master of lies, deception and manipulation.  He preys on your weaknesses, and corrupts your heart with doubt.  Do not let him get the better of you."  He looked at the players, moving his eyes from one side to the other.  "In addition, my brother and I feel another force of some sort.  Whether it is one singular power or a horde of enemies we cannot tell.  However what I can say is this:  The force is powerful.  I suggest having the stronger of the warriors protect the church from outside interference while the rest face the priest.  I will not force you to go either way, but I implore you to do so."  Uri stepped in beside his brother.  "The demonic influence is strong, so we recommend you take these:"  he said, holding out a necklace.  The loop for the neck was made of loose string that would clearly give an itching/scratching feeling on the neck.  Hanging at the bottom was a cross made of two sharpened nails:  One long one going down, and a short one going across.  "There are plenty for everyone and we implore you to take one into your fight."  Uri looked at Zack before he nodded.  "Everyone who seeks to face the priest inside, please come see me.  For those seeking to protect the church and those inside from any outside force, see my brother Zack." 

[Players have until Tuesday 4:00 PM EST to finish making preparations]

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While Kyoto walks around where the big fuss is he looks around hoping he can find anyone he know. After a while he see’s a lot of strangers as well as some he knows probably because they’re guild. As he looks around he see’s @tricolor_mina and Hestia. Walking up there he notices the fact that they are getting ready for something huge. After seeing the priest talking about something and realizing there’s a lot of high level player he assume that they are either getting ready for a floor boss or even an event boss. Getting up to the rest of the group he look for Mina again and once found her he tapped on her shoulder. “Hey what’s up? Didn’t think I was going to make it?” He chuckled a little as he gets ready for what should be a great show. “So what’s the plan for this even?”



Battle Stats-

Hp: 320 | ENG: 32 | DMG: 9  | MIT: 27 | Keen: 3 | ACC: 3 | EVA: 0 |


Rank 4 | 1H Stright Sword



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Sunova walked around for a long time and then seemed to walk into an event board on floor one saying about an event boss on floor 13, It was something Su was looking out to and she walked to the teleporter of floor one and went up to floor 13, it took her not long before she got there and when she got there it seemed that there are quite a few players. Ooh well, That is a few people where is Neo and Haz, Maybe Hydra is around as well, She thought and started to walk around for a bit he spotted a few people Kyoto was there Vigilong and Krysta was here as well, and she spotted Neo and she was selling some items and then her eyes spotted a long man in green armor that would be Hazado, She did not know where to walk to but her Eyes seemed to Spot some other people she knew as well, Hidden and Dazia and even Ruby. Quite a few faces here she knew and Su looked around and seemed to be the smallest person around here, and only knowing form the people she has met. She did not know where to walk to. So Su just stood there holding on to her Katana as it was almost as big as herself waiting for people to walk up to her or if she knew with who she wanted to speak to.




HP 240 | EN 24 | DMG 4 | ACC 2 | EVA 0 | MIT 18


Rank 1 | Katana

Rank 2 | First Aid

Rank 1 | Curved sword


Perfect White Fox's Soul [ ACC 2 | BLD 1 ]

Rare Fox Momentum Hide [MIT 2]



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I glance around the area as i nod my head at seeing the players having arrived and seemingly the priests also handing out things for one last give them to the players which was most likely for the demonic energy around the building as i first and foremost head straight towards the priest for that item not willing to take any risks. I grab the necklace in question within my hands and puts it onto my neck as i than make my way towards a nice area where i could get to see everyone as i take out my notebook of what i have been allowed to discuss for this event boss so far as i glance between all the players that are present. Hello everyone new and familiar! I am Hestia one of the tanks from the frontlines and a member of the Holy Dragon Alliance. Since at least most if not all of us are here now possibly i would request that we be willing to talk and have an open forum for a planned attack against these enemies that we're going to face. Since this is rather normal for at least frontlines we can try to discuss and plan to make sure that we don't allow anything to slip up? If you don't wish to though that is understandable and we can separate and get into positions immediately for the assault if you so desire! I say as loudly as i can to try and gather attention towards myself and what i have to say as i glance around towards the various players to see if there are any interest possible for what could be ahead. Now than! My friend Shield had mentioned that bosses have had the capacity to control players possibly which is maybe a hint to what the boss might be capable of since as you have heard the priests have mentioned for us to beware corruption and other such things like the priest or demons turning us against one another. Along with this i have my own personal theory since we're facing demons fallen damage type of weapons will be utterly useless against them since they are demons and thus fallen beings.


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Zandra had announced that since there was so many low leveled players here, death was almost certain to appear. Though she did what she could by offering all of them two or three buffs, paid from Zandras pocket. She did it both to help them survive, but also it may change how some of the frontlienrs looked at her.

Totally there was three players taking her up on her offer. She replied with a smile. ‘’Im more then willing to lend a hand to those that don’t can afford the buffs just yet. Im looking forward to see you on the frontlines soon.’’ To Aereth she nooded. ‘’I only want one thing in return. Don’t die. If you die you have to pay me back okay? Twice as much.’’ She said and giggled.

There her offer was done. Now she had to check what she was gonna pick for herself. It was prices in col so she decided to pick every buff available. She cursed herself she had forgot to craft anything for today. ‘’I pay for those three and would like one damage potion, one mitigation potion, one overhealth, one antidote, one accuracy and one protein meal.'' she sent the col and then turned to Hestia that had spoken up. Zandra smiled, this girl was relatively new to the frontlines compared to many of the other players here. Still she had taken a leader roll. Would she be the one to gather everyone and make us get out of here? Zandra kept quiet for now and took the listener role.

 Paid for @Stryder @Aereth and @tricolor_mina 3,600+2,600+4,200=10,400

Personal buffs(highest quality):
-t1 Dmg 600
-t3 mitigation 2,500
-t3 overhealth 2,500
-t1 antidote 1,800
-t1 accuracy 1,200

Total: 8,600(personal)+10,400(others)=19,000col

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Mina thanked Zandra again, a happy smile crossing her face. "Someday, I'll definitely repay you for doing this for us!" she said softly, "Good luck in your fight, miss." Mina started drinking and eating the snacks that she had gotten from the priest, before walking over to Uri, as he was handing out small cross necklaces that were formed from nails, that were being used as protective talismans for the fight. @Kyot0 had eventually walked over to her, and asked her if she thought he was going to miss this. "Hardly... I know my guild well enough." she said cooly, "I know Shield and Beat wouldn't miss this for the world, after all, It's another way for them to get even stronger." when Kyoto asked her what the plan was, Mina only shrugged. "All I know is that the T1 and T2 players are working together to kill something inside the church, while the T3 players will be stopping something else from getting inside. Hopefully, we'll have enough damage-dealers and Tanks to form up a proper raid group." She said calmly



T1 Perfect Damage Potion (+3 base Damage)
T1 Perfect Accuracy Snack (+3 ACC)
T1 Perfect Mitigation Potion (+15 Mit)

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(OOC: @Zandra If I'm not too late, I'd like a T1 Immolation potion, a T1 Perfect HP recovery Potion, and a T1 Perfect Safeguard potion, please)

Dazia waited patiently, and other players started to gather. She saw Princess rush over to meet Vigilon, who was also present in the vicinity. She looked around her surroundings, and she saw that someone was giving away certain items. She headed over so that she could nab some items before they were all gone, but before she could head over, she noticed that someone had purchased some items for other players. She headed over, hoping she wasn't too late to get some items purchased for her, due to her embarrassing yet true lack of col. "Excuse me, if it's not too late to ask, I would like a few potions for the coming struggle." If the deed could be done, she would give the details of what she was looking for. Then she headed over to where items were being given away. "Oh, more food items. Hopefully I have enough room to stuff myself with some more for the sake of more buffs..." She received some of the food items from the one who was giving the items away, and she sat down to eat it all for the buffs the items provided. The only things she would have to worry about now, was whether or not she would receive the Teleport crystal from Domarus, as well as if she had enough room for the potions. The priest came to make an announcement regarding the situation, and necklaces with crosses made from nails were handed out. "I'll let myself wear this for only two reasons... It may help me in this fight, and it will keep those priests satisfied. I'm not about to get myself lectured on religion."

Items picked up from Neo, just used:

Defense Cupcake(x2)- All Mitigation slots(consumable) are now filled, resulting in a total Mitigation of 38 for remainder of Thread

Ranch Dip(x2)- Total EVA is now 3 for remainder of thread

Bean Dip(x2)- Total ACC is now 3 for remainder of thread

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Neo made her way towards the priests as they made their announcement, grabbing one of the necklaces. Though she certainly wasn't the most religious type, she didn't think it would be wise to ignore something that the priests were giving for the event. Once she had it obtained and around her neck, someone she recognized from the raid began to speak to the group. As they identified themselves, Neo approached and listened in closely. They seemed to want to organize the groups, but Neo was unsure as to how that would go over. They probably had very little time to prepare, so it would be better if they could just make a couple outlines of groups. Neo didn't really know many people here, so it was better if people could volunteer their information.  Knowing she could send a message to someone near her, Neo did just that. She wasn't going to speak, but she didn't want to neglect the potential to organize people.



    You may know me from distributing food at the last raid. I've powered up quite a bit now and intend to be fighting in here. I'm a DPS.Status build right now who's level 28. Seeing as you're the one organizing people, I'll let you place me where you will. I do not have any conflicts with the players here.

With the message sent, Neo went back to tending to her shop, handing out items as players requested them.

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Black was busy combining flour, salt, and pepper at the kitchen back at the Ichiban Restaurant. He was jamming to his vanity hip-hop song he bought from an underground music store. The sable skinned aspiring chef was deeply immersed dipping his chicken into the egg mixture and starting to lay the groundwork for a lovely meal. Once he got done serving his Orange Chicken to the customer, he watched as she took one bite and her legs rubbed together from satisfaction as her taste buds went to heaven, caressing her tongue with angelic chunks of delicious chicken. He smirked from his growth and development as a young chef.

However, duty called for the U.S. Marine as  he noticed an alert pop up on his screen. He squinted as he noticed the message was from Hestia. She was a higher leveled player that served as a form of mentor for the ambitious tank. The platinum blonde haired swordsman felt the need to adapt a professional response to this crisis, not only for the American players, but for the every victim of Kayaba’s madness.


“What is up Black we got an event boss happening on floor 13 and if there is gonna be a tank it may as well be my apprentice kicking *** and taking names you know? Plus with your luck in paralyzing people i am certain you'll be useful beyond measure. Lets test this luck against a boss.”

- Hestia

Black began to wash his hands in the sink as he eyed the message with a degree of circumspection, seeking to admonish the trial before him. With precaution ingrained in his mindset, he decided to pack and bring some food with him for the occasion from the Ichiban and see what all the fuss was about.

The man put away his apron and grabbed his yellow rucksack which had a Japanese fashioned curved sword on alternate ends. He then donned his ruby armor and finally tied his headband across his head. The Kanji symbol on the symbol plating reading “Lucky Devil”.

As he made his way to floor thirteen, he found the environment surreal. The infantryman lit up a cigar and took a drag as he met Hestia at the designated area. He then gestured at her with a glove that held lightning bolts embroidered upon it. Kiba, the man’s Wolf, followed behind as the Wolf appeared as the embodiment of darkness. He attuned himself physically to the elements that surround him.

He made it just in time to hear Hestia rounding everyone up. He took the meeting very similar to how he would approach a formation and listen to what a Staff Sergeant or Gunny might say.

It was the first time Black had even heard the term fallen damage. He heard someone humoring the group by talks of not dying. A familiar sentiment to the Marine. Hopefully this would be a fight that only had injured and no deaths. Of course, the seasoned veteran knew that death was inevitable given the course of time.

He attuned his ears to the familiar pink haired woman, Mina. He decided to eavesdrop for the time being.

‘T1 and T2 forces are moving in to take out something inside the church. Hmm..I’m level 20 now.’ He thought as he scans the crowd. ‘Time to get in where I fit in’

He slides over to Mina and grins warmly. “I’m a T1. Level 20 Tank. Where are the rest of our lovely little T1 and T2 killers?” The Marine quips as he drops his rucksack down and sits on it, taking a canteen from the side pouch and taking a drink.

Stats after items




450/450 HP
40 EN
60 MIT
18 THN


Gear equipped



Housing Buffs



Battle Ready Inventory


5 Tier One Health Potions of Uncommon Quality (+40HP)
- 1 Tier One Damage Potion. (+1 Damage)





Rank 1 Curved Sword
Rank 3 Heavy Armor 
Rank 3 Familiar: Protector
Extra Skill: <<Concentratation>> [+1 to BD Roll, 5 Post Cooldown]

Consumables Used



1 Tier One Over-Health Potion (+50 Temp. HP)

Other items 



(1) <<The Matriarch's Stinger>> This incredibly potent venom can be applied to a weapon to provide an additional +1 damage for the duration of one battle. 
1 Fish with +1 ACC snack (+1 BD for one Thread)
<<Bandit's Guile>> Increases a player's Evasion by '1' point. Potion effect lasts for one battle.


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(ooc: free item offer have ended. If someone asks for it Zandra will decline and say sorry.)

Zandra watched as the two @Priest that was handing out some kind of talismans. She looked at the two priest with a suspicious eye as she walked over to them. Here heavy armour letting out a metallic sound for every step. Zandra took one of the necklaces and closley inspected it. After looking on it for a minute she turned to the couple. She looked at them with one crimson eyewith the other hidden behind an eyepatch. "Excuse me misters." she said while still holding the amulet but not hanging it around her neck. "Why should we use these? They look more like something that would possess us then protect against possesion."

Then she glanced over to @Hestia. "What about the most durable tier 3 staying outside and keep the cathedral save. Then resy going insode and try to burst down the priest as fast as they can and then come outside to help woth the other threat. 

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The priests continued handing items out when needed, and they stepped away to let Hestia take over.  Zack was happy to see her in charge.  She was a kind soul but was strong when she needed to be.  Uri focused on handing out the items to the many players.  Hestia being the first, Mina being the second.  Then Dazia and Neo.  They were hoping everyone would come pick one up, and hopefully they would.  Then Zandra walked over and took one for herself.  Uri noticed the look on her face.  "If there is a concern please share it."  When they heard her words, Zack couldn't help but chuckle.  "No they are not meant to possess.  They've been blessed and anointed in oils, prayed over.  They are designed to repel any demonic influence in the area.  It won't work against strong powers, but it should keep demonic aura off of you.  As for the cross itself."  he said, gesturing to the actual item.  "The nails represent the ones that the soldiers drove into Jesus' wrists and ankles.  The sacrifice he paid for our freedom from sin.  It is not meant to condemn or possess you, but to keep you free of the Devil's influence, even if it be minor."  Uri nodded with a gentle smile.  "Caution is important, but so is trust and faith."


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I look towards the players as i watch as a message pops up into my inbox as i nod my head ever so slightly at the information given to by Neo as i look forward already knowing what to say next to get some more organization going alongside the information sharing and theorizing. I glance towards Zandra that questions the priest as i nod my head taking that into my mind as i look out to the players once more as i start talking once more. Okay! To further continue i would love to hear all of your thoughts so we can collaborate on how to best prep for the enemies ahead of us! When it comes to group formations and team compositions all players who are tier 1 and tier 2 please consult the player known as Domarus! He is a frontliner alongside myself who is a mentally sound strategist who will be able to help formulate groups that would make sense and make sure to guarantee that everyone will be able to put their builds to the maximum use! When it comes to us Tier 3s! We will be a group of four and a group of five to face off whatever will attack the church from the outside! Now than if anybody has any information about previous information of this floor that could help us assess the enemy and maybe abilities that will be appreciated!

I than glance towards Zandra and i nod my head towards her in understanding. And to address your question Zandra. This is an event boss that means that if we're recommended to go against a strong force if you left only people like Calrex, Shield, and i in charge of taking care of the enemies outside we could get killed by either the swarm of strong enemies if it is a swarm. or overpowered by a singular strong force if that is the case since we wouldn't have the damage to compare.  To try and delay the enemy facing off against us by having the damage to keep it on its toes to keep us from taking too much damage, or the supports to heal us up. I say towards the dps support frontliner with a nod of my head. 'Plus i want to see what they can do. I don't want to baby the people that will join us in the future. It's time to test their motivation, and if anything i know i can ask Domarus at a later time how well they did if i don't have time after we deal with our own boss.' i think to myself.


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Domarus heard Dazia call out to him asking for a teleport crystal.  He nodded to her and made the purchase, sending two thousand more col to the npc.  He then walked over to Dazia and nodded to her, handing the crystal to her.
     "Here we are Dazia.  I hope you fair well in this fight.  Prove how strong a fighter you can be."  After that he turned to the Priests and accepted one of the items.  He looked at the shape of it before rolling his eyes under the helmet, holding onto it and not wearing it until the fight actually started.  Then Hestia mentioned and addressed Domarus he stepped up to stand next to her.  He turned around and faced the crowd, still wearing his silver armor.  Rhozarth sat in the back of the area so that he didn't unnerve anyone.  His proud attitude and his judgemental glare was something Domarus was aware of.  Domarus had been spreading his reputation across the floors a long time.  Helping players in need, saving them from unexpected mobs or from danger they thought they could handle.  He'd been spreading how good of a person he truly was.  Now was the time to establish those rumors once and for all.
"I'm not sure how many of you know me, but I'm hoping you all will choose to trust me.  I need everyone who is tier one or two to tell me your build, whether it be dps, support or tank.  From there I'll set up the best possible formation for us to use in the upcoming fight.  I myself will be acting as a dps and tank hybrid.  I don't have the howl skill, but I do have a taunt enhancement, so if we have enough tanks I'll take some of the heat off of the other dps players.  If you don't have a teleport crystal please let me know and I'll fetch one for you.  Be ready to use it at any time.  Remember:  We're fighting together to defeat an event boss.  Whatever happens inside there, remember that it is in the end, a program designed to attack.  Come to me if you are in fact participating in the fight against the priest inside."  Domarus nodded to Hestia then stepped off, moving to the side so players could speak with him there and not interrupt.

@Cosi @Black @Kairi @Hazado @Krysta @Sunova @Aereth @Hidden @Kimi @Neo @Vigilon @Dustin @tricolor_mina @Dazia @Mars @Kyot0 @Stryder

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The girl listened from the back, hearing Hestia first introduce herself as a frontliner and a member of the Holy Dragon Alliance and then introduce Domarus as the lead for the Tier One and Two team. There was not as many Tier three players as normal, which indicated that the events of last boss raid might have chased a few away form the battle. Watching from within her hood, she would watch as the events would begin to unfold. The skies were covered in dark clouds, which made her understand that the real threat seemed to be outside the chapel. The common question as of now was the fact that since they were fighting Demons then fallen damage might have little to no effect. A smile would come to her lips, her hand moving to her inventory. Having the holy effect, Nato's Might just might deal some extra damage, and if it was a lower leveled boss then her dagger might not have as much mitigation to cut through. She would unequip Shadow's Infection and replace with with Nato's Might, feeling a slight difference in stats. While two of the slots in use were currently useless to her, she knew the Holy effect would cover it. If she could have pretended to be Elucia in the fight then Nato's Might would have fit in perfectly. 'I wonder if Domarus will be placing me within his group for a sense of familiarity, or if he will be placing me in another group to try and lead the others as his general. I of course will be one of the top damage dealrs, but being tier two I probably have one of the higher mitigation's sadly. I hope Domarus realizes this raid seems impossible to try and protect everyone' 

Just as she refocused, Domarus began to speak, calling the lower tiered players to him. The words he spoke were true, and she knew form the tone of his voice that he was really trying to brin the players to victory. Giggling to herself, she would walk forward, entering the back portion of the lower tiered players. As he said to come to him if you were participating she moved forward, coming to the front of the line. They would probbaly try to work with three groups to lessen the need for supports and tanks, but it would also fill all three. If all three were used, then that would keep Domarus, herself, and Aereth to be the lead of each group. Most players wouldn't question as each of them were experienced frontliners of at least two raids. 

-Shadow's Infection (T2 Dagger) (Phase, Paralytic Venom, Bleed)
+Nato's Might (T2 Dagger) (8 Holy DMG, 2 DMG, 1 ACC)


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