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[BR-F26] Paving the Way to Floor 27 [Gabrandr-The Resolute]

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Deadline for Groups 3 and 4 is set to 11:59 PM CST Tuesday, 11/30

Gabrandr stood tall and strong as the next wave of people charged him, weapons blazing in a myriad of colors. Unlike previously, he no longer jerked away from the pain of the attacks. Instead, he stood and took it. His own power would protect him as it had before back in Galtea. It was the only reason he had made it out but his loved ones had not. 

As the first two struck, their blades would fall towards him slower, hitting with less force. It was hardly visible, but as the weapons connected a dim blue light would appear, covering his entire body like a bubble. However, the third one caught him by surprise. The young man's light had been weaker so he hadn't expected it when that bubble shattered around him from his attack. The blade struck true and for the first time since he had used the power of the Fates, he would falter. Before Gabrandr was even able to counter, the rest were on him. Their attacks were almost perfectly coordinated with one another's to prevent his attack. It reminded him much... of the past. 

As lights flashed and the blades struck, those that attacked would notice something. As their weapons made their attack, it wouldn't feel like they were striking armor nor flesh. It would feel odd. Just as much would the game's reaction to him being struck. Instead of the normal red gashes and shards that would fly into the air, instead Gabrandr's wounds would appear as cracks in his armor that burned with his signature blue flame. Over time, these cracks would slowly piece back together, but it was almost as if the player's weren't really attacking him directly. 

The last to attack would be the large man he had attempted to reason with earlier, who was fighting in a... odd way. An elbow to his face would bring a surprising amount of damage as the thorns pierced into the side of his face. For a moment, Gabrandr's real face might've been able to be seen, it his helm quickly reconstructed itself as his blue flame burned hot. Finally, with no one to back the man up, Gabrandr was able to retaliate. Slamming into @Shieldwith his own shield, he would quickly finish an attacked with a powerful pierce that would leave the man sprawling with blue flames singing at his sides. 

Turning from the man he had just attacked, he looked onward to put out the fires in the room. The ones who desired nothing but to stop what he had started. The ones who refused to do anything but ruin everything. The ones that kept messing with the Scathers had had built. They had seemed to become more attuned to turning it off then before. Eyeing one, as soon as he took one step forward he would become met with a resistance. The two's blades would crash, Gabrandr looking down to meet The Wanderer's eyes. Through the attack, Gabrandr could grasp an understanding on the force that resisted him. 

Words would be heard by none other than Raidou as the words themselves seemed to infiltrate the man's mind. "So you too... have something to protect?" They would stand for a moment, sparks flying into the air as their weapons grinded against one another. A heavy sigh would be emitted before the spectral weapons that had begun to surround Raidou, ready to pierce the man from any angle, would fade into the air. Pushing Raidou off, he would return focus to one of his Scathers, a light shining from his hand as the mist gathered and brought the machine to life. 


Boss Stats:


<<Gabrandr, the Resolute>> 
DMG: 350 (-10%) | MIT: 100 (-40) | ACC: 4 (-2) | EVA: 4 (-2)


  • Misperception (-10% Final Dmg, Battle)
  • Hypnosis (-2 ACC, Battle)
  • Lullaby (-2 EVA Battle)
  • Shattered (-20 MIT, 1/3)


  • Burn (56, 1/2)
  • Blighted (32, 1/2 [-20 MIT])
  • FL/FR. THRNS Crit (32, 1/2)


  • [King's Blade] - If Gabrandr rolls a BD/MD:9+, his attack deals 400 DMG and reduces target's MIT by 20 for 2 turns. This effect does not stack and repeat activations of it will only refresh its duration.
  • [Fate's Hand] - Gabrandr's attacks use the higher of either BD and MD when making an attack roll.
  • [Fate's Armiger] - All of Gabrandr's attacks gain [PHASE]
  • [Activate] - Gabrandr will activate one [Makeshift Scather] every rotation. 
  • [Fate's Shield] - Reduces final DoT and RAW DMG by 10%. (This effect doesn't apply in the case of Gabrandr being under the effects of "Shatter")


  • [Sword Monarch] - On a CD:10-12, Gabrandr's attack adds the effect: [Weakened]. Weakened decreases DMG, ACC and EVA by 1, and MIT by 20. This effect lasts permanently unless it is removed with [Purify]. This skill stacks with [King's Blade]. 


Makeshift Scathers

• If not disarmed or disabled before the conclusion of the round in which it is activated, each Makeshift Scather explodes and deals 200 unmitigatable damage to all members of both active parties. 
• Targets that take damage from an exploding Makeshift Scather have their accuracy reduced by 2 for the next 2 turns.  This effect can be refreshed, but does not stack.
• Attempting to disarm a Makeshift Scather requires a post action. Players from any party may attempt to disarm any active Scathers by rolling natural LD. Those with Lockpicking (including Dismantling), Nimble, and Paragon Level 10 loot bonus gain these respective LD bonuses to this roll. 
• If more than one Scather is active, the specific target of a disarming attempt must be identified in the purpose of the roll to be valid.

N. Makeshift Scather: Disabled
E. Makeshift Scather: Inactive
W. Makeshift Scather: 0/30 LD Activated!
S. Makeshift Scather: 35/30 LD (deactivated)

Gabrabdr Attacks:


Gabrandr activates W. Makeshift Scather

Party 1
ID: 202044 MD: 9 (Crit) | CD: 7 | BD: 8
Target: Shield.  [King’s Blade] procs.
DMG 400-(303/2)=249-10%=224
Gabrandr takes 32 dmg from FR/FL thorns on crit

Party 2
ID: 202045 BD: 6 (Hit) | CD: 12 [Sword Monarch] | MD:6
Targets: Raidou.  6+2-7=1 (miss)

Player Stats:


Group 1


(9)Shield | HP: 834/1058 | EN: 95/104 | DMG: 1 | MIT: 323 (-20, 0/2) | LD: 0 (+1 Loot) | ACC: 5 (incl AA) (-2, 1/2) | BH: 58 (SURV) | THRNS: 160 (FL/FR. THRNS Crit 32/2) | V.O.: 116
   (Well Rested (1/3), No Shift)
   (CD: Howl 1/4 | King’s Blade (-20 MIT, 0/2))

(0)Calrex | HP: 1008/1008 | EN: 122/124 | DMG: 26 | MIT: 138 | LD: 0 (+1 Loot) | EVA: 5 | ACC: 5 (-2, 1/2, +1 Lt.M) | BH: 56 (SURV) | KEEN: 1 | Lt.M.: 1
   (STM, TECH Shift)

(1)Baldur | HP: 826/860 | EN: 109/120 | DMG: 28 | MIT: 98 | LD: 0 (+1 Loot) | EVA: 4 | ACC: 8 (inc AA) (-2, 1/2, +1 Keen) | KEEN 1 | BH: 43 | FREEZE: 64 | BRN: 56 
   (STM, Rested (1/2), ST Shift, REC 4)

(2)Crozeph | HP: 721/760 | EN: 85/94 | DMG: 24 | MIT: 104 | LD: 1 (+1 Loot) | EVA: 4 | ACC: (6 (incl. AA/FOCUS) (-2, 1/2) | BH: 41 (Surv)| FLN: 16 | PARA IMMUNE | PHASE | RSKY: 8
   (STM, Rested (1/2), AoE Shift)

(2)Koga | HP:801/828 | EN: 99/108 | DMG: 26 | MIT: 90 | LD: 0 (+1 Loot) | EVA: 4 | ACC: 6 (-2, 1/2) | BH: 45 (SURV) | BLGT: 32 | BRN: 56 | FLN: 8 | REGEN: 16
   (STM, Well Rested (1/3), No Shift)
   (HOWL [F])

(0)Hirru | HP: 974/974 | EN: 89/96 | DMG: 1 | MIT: 182 | ACC: 0 (-2, 1/2 | -1 next atk) | LD: 3 (+1 Loot) | BH: 48 | HLY BLS: 38 | MENDING: 2 | THRNS: 76
   (Rested (2/2), No Shift, REC 8)
   (CD: Barrier 1/2 | Rally 0/3)

Group 2


(6)Raidou | HP: 1085/1104 | EN: 110/110 | DMG: 1 | MIT: 311 | EVA: 7 | ACC: 4 | BH: 60 (SURV) | LD: 9 (+1 Loot) | BLGT: 32 | V.D.: 121 | V.O.: 182 | Antidote: [2/3] | THORNS: (Crit 50)
   (STM, Well Rested, TECH Shift, +2 EN/turn [Horn], REC 8)
   (CD:  Howl 1/4 | Parry 0/4)

(0)Eruda | HP: 965/984 | EN: 94/94 | DMG: 1 | MIT: 334 (incl. FL Aura 2) | ACC: 2 (Focus) | BH: 53 (SURV) | BRN: 56 | BRN IMMUNE | THRNS: 136 (FL Thrn Crit 16/2) | Antidote: [2/3]
   (STM, No Shift, +2 EN/turn [Horn], REC 8)

(1)Freyd | HP: 987/1000 | EN: 114/134 | DMG: 32 | MIT: 78 | ACC: 7 | EVA: 2 | BH: 55 (SURV) | LD: 8 (+1 Loot) | PROSP: 3 | FLN: 16 | HLY: 16 | PARA | FRB 40, -1 ACC | TXV 24/3 | TROLL'S BLD | PARA IMM | ANTIDOTE (2/3) | DRG.JEWEL
   (STM, Rested (1/2), AoE Shift, +2 EN/turn [Horn], REC 8)
   (CD: ST-B Unlocked 0/1 | Charge 0/3)

(0)Freya | HP: 836/874 | EN: 114/114 | DMG: 32 | MIT: 20 | EVA: 5 | ACC: 7 (inc. AA) (-2, 0/4) | BH: 48 (SURV) | LD: 5 (+1 Loot) | BLD: 48 | PHASE | V.O.: 96 | DRG.JEWEL
   (STM, AoE Shift, +2 EN/turn [Horn], REC 4)

(0)Tricolor_Mina | HP: 650/759 | EN: 98/100 | DMG: 29 | MIT: 78 | EVA: 2 | ACC: 4 (FOCUS) (-2, 0/4) | BLGT: 32 | BRN: 56 | FRSTB: 40 | V.D.: 75 | DRG.JEWEL
   (AoE Shift, +2 EN/turn [Horn])

(0)Shiina | HP: 736/936 | EN: 90/90 | DMG: 1 | MIT: 346 | EVA: 2 | ACC: 0 (-2, 0/2) | LD: 1 (+1 Loot) | HLY BLS: 37 | MENDING: 2 | THRNS: 104 (inc. Fl./Fr. AURA)
   (STM, Well Rested, No Shift, +2 EN/turn [Horn], REC 8)

Group 3


(0)Oscar | HP: 1032/1032| EN: 118/118 | DMG: 27 | MIT: 262 | EVA: 3 | ACC: 6 (incl. AA) | BH: 56 (SURV) | LD: 5 (+1 loot) | PHASE | V.O.: 170 | STEADFAST [Zandra 1/2]
  (STM, Well Rested, TECH Shift, +2 EN/turn [Horn], REC 4)

(1)Lessa | HP: 687/966 | EN: 114/116 | DMG: 32 (+8 HM) | MIT: 142 | ACC: 4 | BH: 48 | LD: 0 (+1 loot) | H.M.: 8 | HLY: 8 | THRNS: 72 | STEADFAST [Zandra 1/2]
  (STM, Well Rested, ST Shift, +2 EN/turn [Horn], REC 8)
  (CD: ST-B unlocked)

(0)Night | HP: 880/880 | EN: 126/126 | DMG: 32 | MIT: 29 | EVA: 3 | ACC: 5 (FOCUS) | Lt.M: 2 | BH: 29 (SURV) | LD: 6 (+1 Loot) | BLD: 48 | BLGT: 32 | FRSTB: 40 | STK: 40 | Stealth Bonus: +6 | Antidote: [2/2] | STEADFAST [Zandra 1/2]
  (STM, Well Rested, AoE Shift, +2 EN/turn [Horn])

(1)Ariel | HP: 966/966 | EN: 89/102 | DMG: 32 | EVA: 3 | ACC: 6 (incl. AA) (+2 KEEN) | BH: 53 (SURV) | LD: 9 (+1 loot) | FLN: 8 | HLY BLS: 42 | KEEN: 2 | RSKY: 8 | STEADFAST [Zandra 1/2]
  (Well Rested (1/3), ST Shift, +2 EN/turn [Horn])
  (CD: ST-B unlocked)

(0)Zandra | HP: 1058/1058 | EN: 97/104 | DMG: 25 | MIT: 190 (incl. FL Aura 2) | ACC: 3 | BH: 0 | BRN: 56 | FLN: 16 | THRNS: 16 (inc. FL Aura) | Antidote: [2/3] | STEADFAST [Zandra 1/2]
  (STM, Well Rested (1/3), AoE Shift, +2 EN/turn [Horn])
  (CD: Steadfast 0/5)

Group 4


(4)Morgenstern |HP: 684/943 | EN: 90/94 | DMG: 24 | MIT: 182 | EVA: 2 | ACC: 3 (FOCUS) | BH: 51 (SURV) | LD: 0 (+1 Loot) | BLD IMMUNE | BRN IMMUNE | PARA IMMUNE | P.V.O | THRNS: 80 (incl. FL Thrns) (FL Thrn Crit 16/2)
   (Well Rested, No Shift)
   (HOWL [F])
   (CD: Howl 0/4)

(1)Hidden | HP: 897/897 | EN: 75/96 | DMG: 30 | EVA: 6 | ACC: 5 | BH: 49 (SURV) | LD: 1 (+1 Loot) | HLY: 16 | PHASE | V.D.: 49 | V.O.: 98 | Stealth Bonus: +6 
   (Well Rested (1/3), ST Shift, REC 8)

(2)Macradon | HP: 920/920 | EN: 124/124 | DMG: 29 | MIT: 103 | EVA: 1 | ACC: 4 | BH: 50 (SURV) | LD: 5 (+1 Loot) | THRNS: 16 (FR Thrn Crit 32/2)| HLY: 16 | PHASE | V.O.: 101
   (STM, Rested, No Shift, REC: 8)
   (CD: Charge (0/3))

(0)Sam | HP: 851/851 | EN: 92/92 | DMG: 32 | MIT: 20 | EVA: 5 | ACC: 4 | LD: 4 (+1 Loot) | BLD: 48 | ENV.O: 32 | FRSTB: 40 | STK: 40 | DRG.JEWEL | Stealth Bonus: 6 | STEALTHED
   (STM, Well Rested, AoE Shift, REC: 8)

(0)Simmoné | HP: 828/828 | EN: 90/90 | DMG: 30 | MIT: 63 | EVA: 4 | ACC: 3 (FOCUS) | LD: 8 (+1 Loot) | BLD: 48 | BLGT: 32 | BRN: 56 | ENV.O: 32 | DRG.JEWEL
   (STM, Well Rested, AoE Shift, REC: 8)




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The room was small and dimly lit as only a handful of torches lined the walls in the area that rested in front of the Boss room's door. A pungent odor filled the air, the same that had filled the long

General Notes: Please ensure that the following are included in your stats: - Shifts (or note as ‘none’ if you don’t have one) - Combat masteries  - Source IDs for all consumables* (ID roll

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A parade of weapons rushing through the air, mixing with a sapphire blue glow of some strange shit he was peeling out of the floor or walls. Watching the man lift a hand up as her eyes flickered in gold. "Seems you ere stuck with something. Let's help that along, shall we?" A bit of spite graces her tongue, as in reciprocation of his gesture was one of her own. A small stone dropped to the cobbled and wet stone, bursting under the sound of Shiina's voice. It swirls and collects in that flame, twisting it purple as it seeks it down like water in a root. Her view quickly shifts, and she locks eyes with Sam. "Let's get these stupid things out of commission." Looking toward the frontliners, the twinned vanguards Eruda and Raidou in that mix. "That's what we can do, Seems Shiina has that one handled fine."

The girl squealing in the corner as the scather she was riding starts to buckle and parts fall of its sides. "Give me a hand." Simmone brandishes her rapier, tracing lines of energy with <<Appraisal>> ripe on her iris. "There, peel that valve." Shoving the point of her weapon through a bit of hose, and it quickly starts to flicker and dim with that impaling needle like weapon.

Free Action | Incarceration [184319]
Post Action | W. Makeshift Scather: ID:202287 | Battle:5, Craft:4, Loot:12+6 [Lockpick/Dismantle/Paragon] = 18/30

(0)Simmoné | HP: 828/828 | EN: 90/90 | DMG: 30 | MIT: 63 | EVA: 4 | ACC: 3 (FOCUS) | LD: 8 (+1 Loot) | BLD: 48 | BLGT: 32 | BRN: 56 | ENV.O: 32 | DRG.JEWEL
   (STM, Well Rested, AoE Shift, REC: 8)

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ID:202289 | Battle:3, Craft:2, Loot:3+6=9 No Longer in Stealth

A flicker as she becomes visible to others eyes which were now staring in her direction. A sigh, "This damn skill has never worked right for me." Glancing at what Simmonè was intending, she followed suit. Grasping tightly onto the valve as her maiden carves deeper to push it along further. Sam holds her breath with a small ongoing grunt. With a twist and turn, latching her other hand on the device, she pulls as hard as she could. Eventually it pops out and Sam falls backwards on her ass. A grin as she tosses it behind her, hearing clanking against the ground. Getting to her feet, picking her weapon of the ground as she begins to switch gears of her own. Placing her current weapon away, bringing out a different weapon. "It's time to rumbo," as she turns and faces the evil dude with a grin painted on her face. Twisting her battle ax to the other side of her, she was getting ready to get some action.

Free Action | Quick Change [CD 0/3]
Weapon Changed to This: Oracle's Watch - Inquiry (THBA-T4-Demonic): Absolute Accuracy, Accuracy 2, Phase
Sam's Stat Bar Changed to This: (0)Sam | HP: 851/851 | EN: 92/92 | DMG: 32 | MIT: 20 | EVA: 5 | ACC: 7 | LD: 4 (+1 Loot) | AA | Phase | DRG.JEWEL
   (STM, Well Rested, AoE Shift, REC: 8)

Post Action | W. Makeshift Scather:  ID:202288 | Battle:4, Craft:2, Loot:15+1 (PARAGON) =16
34/30 Total

(0)Sam | HP: 851/851 | EN: 92/92 | DMG: 32 | MIT: 20 | EVA: 5 | ACC: 4 | LD: 4 (+1 Loot) | BLD: 48 | ENV.O: 32 | FRSTB: 40 | STK: 40 | DRG.JEWEL
   (STM, Well Rested, AoE Shift, REC: 8)

Edited by Sam
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The change in the boss' form did not come as a surprise, it was to be expected after all. With the initial lackluster NPC appearance now gone, the blonde couldn't help but smile at the new form. A small glance to the raid health bars confirmed they were still on the green and the fast work of the Firm Anima maidens removed, at least for the moment, one of her immediate concerns.

Ariel squinted her eyes at the new tittle in the boss' name. The extra HP bars adding fuel to her determination to strike it down. She felt a slight tingle in the palm of her right hand and looked to her side, the cursed weapon manifesting for the first time in a while, it's dark flaming mane. "I agree, those are some pretty blue flames." she muttered, once again the wielder and the weapon'a will aligning.

The violent attack on Lesa barely registered on the scout's conscience and any other dialogue didn't seem to phase her either. She instead adjusted her pose and charged at the boss. As it turned to meet her attack, the blonde sidestepped and left three slashing marks on its armor. The change to the ultra-light cloak armor seemed to now offer her an edge as the blue fire engulfing the boss began to get tinted with black on the spots where she struck.
"You're not the only one here that likes playing with fire." she once again taunted as the dark fallen effect from her weapon started now extending and consuming the blue flames of the shield in its hand. Her 4th and last hit aimed to pierce through the boss' main defenses, hoping to give the rest of her team an opening as she tried to remove its shield.

Free Action: Rhino's Horn -> ST-B
Post Action: Charge -> ST-B
ID# 202296  BD: 8  (7+8-1-2, hit!) | CD: 1 | x23 (32 +3 +8 +5) =1104 -60 MIT = 1044 DMG > ≪Gabrandr≫
Keen proc. -> +2 ACC
Fallen proc. -> +8 DMG
Rhino's Horn -> +3 DMG (once)/ -1 EVA (rest of the fight)
-23 EN (-22-8+1+2+4) 
Well rested [2/3]
Charge [0/3]

(2)Ariel | HP: 966/966 | EN: 66/102 | DMG: 32 | EVA: 2 | ACC: 6 (incl. AA) (+2 KEEN) | BH: 53 (SURV) | LD: 9 (+1 loot) | FLN: 8 | HLY BLS: 42 | KEEN: 2 | RSKY: 8 | STEADFAST [Zandra 1/2]
  (Well Rested (2/3), Charge [0/3], ST Shift, +2 EN/turn [Horn])

Edited by Ariel - The Crowned Lion
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Was it nerves that had Oscar hesitating? He'd wasted an entire window of opportunity to leap into the fray. Everything that had transpired in the moments since the fight began in earnest whipped by him like a blur. It couldn't be his nerves. He wasn't shaking. It couldn't be fear. His heart wasn't racing. Had he merely zoned out for a moment? Oscar had never been one to particularly enjoy the scripting that all of the bosses followed. He was already about as immersed in the game as one could be so all this grandstanding that the bosses tended to do just disengaged him from the task at hand. A weakness that he would need to correct moving forward. But, for now, he was here and he was in the moment.

It was time to get to work.

Oscar had never used Howl before. Was it a verbal trigger or just a button to be "pressed?" It was past time he found out. Activating the skill, a discordant roar ripped from his throat. The guttural noise could be heard keenly over the din of combat. Obviously by design. How would one be expected to get a boss's attention with a soft squeak? Oscar was on the board now and the boss would be forced to regard him, in terms of local threats, as the one he should stick his weapons into expediently. It was the best Oscar could hope for. He was a step closer to getting the situation under control so no one else in the party got Lessa'd.


Focused Howl vs Gabrandr, the Resolute -4 EN

(5)Oscar | HP: 1032/1032| EN: 114/118 | DMG: 27 | MIT: 262 | EVA: 3 | ACC: 6 (incl. AA) | BH: 56 (SURV) | LD: 5 (+1 loot) | PHASE | V.O.: 170 | STEADFAST [Zandra 1/2]
  (STM, Well Rested, TECH Shift, +2 EN/turn [Horn], REC 4)


Edited by Oscar
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Just like before, the cannon thingies were deactivated, shot down, eviscerated, even before Macradon had a chance to act, therefore his only objective was to wither down the health of the boss as fast as he could. The single health bar converted into multiple others, showing the true colours of the fallen king, now resolute with his decision to blow up parliament. “I’d mostly agree with how you want to run things, but violence isn’t always the answer … but who am I to talk, yeet!” he retorted at the king and went in for another attack. But alas the knight missed the target, but just barely glancing off of the king’s armour. Despite the missed attack, Macradon was just as resolute as the king, landing in a proper position to strike with a much better angled attack for his next swing, unless the king were to do something about his current somewhat compromised position from unsuccessfully executing his sword art. Morgenstern still seemed to be the forefront of the king’s attention, which helped Macradon feel safe in his vulnerable position for a bit longer.



ID: 202673
BD: 3+4-2 = 5 -> Miss.
CD: 12 -> ST-B unlocked

ID: 202674
CD: 7 -> Recovery Proc!

+8 EN Recovery
+1 EN Passive Recovery
-1 EN Miss [RESTED]

(3)Macradon | HP: 920/920 | EN: 114/124 | DMG: 29 | MIT: 103 | EVA: 1 | ACC: 4 | BH: 50 (SURV) | LD: 5 (+1 Loot) | THRNS: 16 (FR Thrn Crit 32/2)| HLY: 16 | PHASE | V.O.: 101
   (STM, Rested, No Shift, REC: 8)
   (CD: Charge (1/3))

Edited by Macradon
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If she were asked about it at a later date, NIGHT would proclaim it bravely that it was a feint.

In truth, it was nothing more than sheer luck. She had half the mind to follow the cannon in suit, toppling over onto the floor in that pile of rubble just as the parts began to disintergrate, signature Cardinal style. And the wave of heat that burned stronger over them, blue flames dropping and coalescing* off Gabrandr's form-- only an enticing target would make themselves shine and sparkle in midst of combat. Something about family, and losing people he'd loved. Something about what he was doing, attacking a whole city of other entities just similar to himself, justified. Motives she wouldn't particularly remember, for he'd seen right through her.

Jack was more the person than arsenal compared to its wielder, itself. Almost as if weeping, a conversation weapon-to-weapon, the armiger moved by the fallen king's actions. That smudge of dark slick, painted on the woman's fingertips merely forced a grunt of annoyance out of her, eyes shifting from the dismantled structure to the figure animus. 

She shook it off. Dashed forward, seeping into the arena in a blur. A diagonal strike, sword lunging upwards, swiping at the armored remnant in a rain of empathetic jet slush, the sweep orchastrated by steel itself -- NIGHT was only the medium, its sole conductor.

She knew not what each party felt, the woman tearing herself off the guard from her back-handed slice. But bouncing on the balls  of her feet, attention fixed on their enmity, she resigned herself to partake in matters of her blade.
They would talk in violence. The player was only their translator.

ID202675 | BD10 | >AOE-I vs Gabrandr // forgot to state target. i take full responsibility for this. my apologies.

34 * 15 = 510 DMG
510 - 60 = 450 DMG

BLD: 48 | BLGT: 32 | FRSTB: 40 | STK: 40

(2)NIGHT | HP: 880/880 | EN: 112/126 | DMG: 32 | MIT: 29 | EVA: 3 | ACC: 5 (FOCUS) | Lt.M: 2 | BH: 29 (SURV) | LD: 6 (+1 Loot) | BLD: 48 | BLGT: 32 | FRSTB: 40 | STK: 40 | Stealth Bonus: +6 | Antidote: [2/2] | STEADFAST [Zandra 1/2]
  (STM, Well Rested (2/3), AoE Shift, +2 EN/turn [Horn])

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He's doing it for his people? 

Something inside Lessa softened, and her sword dipped as she dropped her guard. Was there a chance that violence really wasn't the answer? This man had begged them to leave, over and over, and even given them the chance to do so. Was the game capable of producing such tricky boss fights? It certainly wouldn't surprise her. I wonder if there's another way...

Those were the exact words slipping through her mind as the king turned his attention on her. Weapons she hadn't even noticed sliced through the air, streaking toward her like heat-seeking missiles. A heartbeat later, they struck, engulfing her entire body in ice-blue flame.

She thought it was over. It had to be over. Yet even as Lessa blinked back the initial shock, she watched the king follow up with yet another attack. He moved with inhuman speed, traveling so quickly that she'd have sworn he simply materialized beside her. Fear, hot and raw, consumed her entirely. She sucked in a hard breath, but it was all she could do before the floor boss dragged and X shape across her heavy armor, and blasted her backward.

Lessa collapsed in a tangle of limbs and steel. Shaking her long hair from her face, her dazed blue eyes moved instinctively to her health bar. One-third down. In a single attack? Still on the ground, Lessa allowed herself a few moments to breathe. Fear still surged through her veins, but as her heartbeat finally slowed, so did her trembling. By the time she found her feet again, the woman had regained some control.

"I did feel bad for this guy," she growled to her companions, "but I'm over it now."

To demonstrate, Lessa hefted her enormous sword over her shoulder. It burned brilliantly, the light nearly as bright as the boss' own flames. Both gold and silver wove together, a galaxy of stars, swirling as it filled with power. "Now I'm mad."

Channeling all over her strength, her might, and her anger, Lessa slashed her holy sword across the Fallen King's chest, a near-perfect mimicry of the attack he had used on her only a moment before.



ID202676 | BD10 | >ST-I vs Gabrandr

48 * 15 - 60 = 660 DMG
(Holy Proc & Heavy Momentum)

(4)Lessa | HP: 735/966 | EN: 110/116 | DMG: 32 (+8 HM) | MIT: 142 | ACC: 4 | BH: 48 | LD: 0 (+1 loot) | H.M.: 8 | HLY: 8 | THRNS: 72 | STEADFAST [Zandra 1/2]
  (STM, Well Rested, ST Shift, +2 EN/turn [Horn], REC 8)

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Battle Healing procs: +49 HP
4 EN recovered
202685 CD: 5| V.D fails
202686 CD: 3| Rec fails

As her attack struck first, the battle would change. Several of her allies aided her in the attack but to their distress the boss had only began warming up. A brilliant display of blue embers gleamed through the battlefield as Gabrandr revealed his hidden strength. Now covered in an armor and surrounded by an arsenal of glowing blue weapons, the man was attacking with a new purpose. He was now good enough to be considered a threat, especially with him priming his machines every few moments. Luckily, Simmone and her underling were keeping that in check.

Hidden now found herself hesitating. The boss's strength meant nothing to her, but the way the room reverberated with whatever kind of magic he was wielding worried her. In fact, it reminded her of the unsettling way Shiina made her feel. Perhaps she just didn't like people who the room seems to gravitate in favor of? 

Mustering her courage, Hidden activating the finale of her combo, and assaulting the boss with a single powerful stroke across his chest. Bounding away, she couldn't help but feel even further unsettled. Looking to her dagger, she found it was burning the last few wisps of blue flame from the boss. Her dagger hadn't met flesh nor armor. It was like she wasn't attacking the boss's body. Why was his health bar blue anyway? It wasn't adding up. Why was his health bar the same shade as her energy bar? 

ID: 202684 
BD: 5+5-2=8
DMG: 30*18=540-60=480 DMG  | Sword Art used: ST-II: Equinox
EN: 79-(17-2(Well-Rested)-2(Stamina)=13 EN spent

(2)Hidden | HP: 897/897 | EN: 66/96 | DMG: 30 | EVA: 6 | ACC: 5 | BH: 49 (SURV) | LD: 1 (+1 Loot) | HLY: 16 | PHASE | V.D.: 49 | V.O.: 98 | Stealth Bonus: +6 
   (Well Rested (1/3), ST Shift, REC 8)

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BH Activates: +51 HP
EN Recovers: +4 EN

Jonathan's eyes narrowed at the flashy display of the boss. Were they finally getting into the real fight? Had they seen what they gotten their proper introduction now? It was barely after that thought passed through his head before the boss was on him, and he was forced into a defensive stance. Blocking the blows with his katana, he couldn't help but feel the extreme pressure of the titan pounding away at him. What strength was he possessing now? A singular attack and almost a third of his health gone. It slowly began to creep up, but how much more of it could he take. 

Who was supposed to be the healer again? Simmone? No, she was the machine girl with the knack of turning them off. Without that, they wouldn't stand much of a chance. Who knew if the game would bury them below the rubble if any more of those went off. Before the boss managed to get too far away, he tried to swing his weapon in a powerful arc. Failed. In fairness, it was the first time he had tried attacking with the new system. His sword art list had changed drastically. 

ID: 202711
BD:2+3-2=3 Miss. -2 EN

(4)Morgenstern |HP: 684/943 | EN: 92/94 | DMG: 24 | MIT: 182 | EVA: 2 | ACC: 3 (FOCUS) | BH: 51 (SURV) | LD: 0 (+1 Loot) | BLD IMMUNE | BRN IMMUNE | PARA IMMUNE | P.V.O | THRNS: 80 (incl. FL Thrns) (FL Thrn Crit 16/2)
   (Well Rested, No Shift)
   (HOWL [F])
   (CD: Howl 1/4)

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Zandra saw the fight against this fallen king, that wsnt a fallen king. A change had changed, a change that didnt surprised the berserk healer. That one health bar had duplicated into four. "Well, it dosent change the fight really." She mumbled to herself. It did changed one thing thou, Zandra would have to focus more on the healer part of her task then her previous combat style. That would feel strange thou as she glanced down at her axe. Would he, Teseleths fury, never hit an enemy floor boss anymore? Would he be just a tool to kill ads for loot? Zandra gritted her teeths. What would she do? Follow her main task or do what she have done so many times before? What she loved? That she still enjoyed after all this time. She glanced at Lessa, and her healthbar. It wsnt full, but it wasnt that dangerously low either. "Im sorry Lessa." She mumbled silently, not sure she herd or not.

Zandra took a steady grip around the black shaft of her two handed weapon. Her eyes turned to the boss, and her eyes catched fire as she felt the exsitment of combat starting to build up in her. A smirk on her lips as she exploded forward with her charge skill. "Huh?" She didnt flew towards the boss. "Oh right, dont have charge anymore." She said disapointently. "Need to look into this after the fight." The fire sligthly faded but still burned brightly

ID: 202727 BD: 3+3-4=4 MISS!

Energy cost: -2+1+1+2=+2 energy

(0)Zandra | HP: 1058/1058 | EN: 99/104 | DMG: 25 | MIT: 190 (incl. FL Aura 2) | ACC: 3 | BH: 0 | BRN: 56 | FLN: 16 | THRNS: 16 (inc. FL Aura) | Antidote: [2/3] | STEADFAST [Zandra 1/2]
  (STM, Well Rested (2/3), AoE Shift, +2 EN/turn [Horn])
  (CD: Steadfast 1/5)

Edited by Zandra
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