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The Kings


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  • 153498
  • BD: 10 critical success [flex]
  • Crozeph dealt 15 buffed damage + 2 critical success x 15 San Ge = 255 damage to Rain Minion 12
  • CD: 6 [Recovery] activated: +4 EN

Crozeph: HP: 179/179 90/90 | EN: 30/64 | DMG: 15 | MIT: 74 | ACC: 4 | EVA: 1 | FRZ: 1 | REC: 4

Looking around him, Crozeph made sure no dumb idiot would dare to climb the Rain Minion 12's lap. If someone did so, he will pull them back with the strength that equals on how to pull back a ballista. He wasn't sure why they are doing it so seriously but at the same time, it felt like it was getting out of hand. "If this was some kind of event and people are watching outside..." he shook his head, no one can possibly see what is happening inside. He glared at Rain Minion 12 again. For a moment he saw all that bling that is enough for someone to see the event boss as a rapper "I never thought I'd see the day, a reptilian looking like a rapper who made its debut on some platform where people upload videos" Crozeph unsheathed moved his katana again "if Swine Jesus drops some dope backing track with its voice while Rain Minion raps, we're done for" he told himself as he began to move along with Mari and Mac.

The two seemed to work well together, a sign that Mari knew this person and if Crozeph's memory is still not rusty, she mentioned someone named Macradon which to him sounded like a dragon. Their attacks hit, and Crozeph felt a relief, now it's his turn to land an attack. His katana began to splash water as he moved, it seems that the freeze effect of his katana is activated but seeing how the mobs are immune to it he can only hope to deal damage. Crozeph made fast slices at Rain Minion, every strike landed but his thoughts were on how hard did he hit. It might just be a soft tap to the monster like trying to make a baby fall asleep, what a shame. 

Crozeph landed on the ground rolling, soon enough he recovered stable footing and was back in line with Mari and Mac again. He caught glimpse of Yuki who seemed to be troubled "I wouldn't blame her, it seems hate mechanics is not effective to them and that's a hard blow for tanks like her" he thought. Crozeph turned his head, to Mari and wanted to ask her how well he did with the attack "now @Mari-senpai can you rate my..." his smug face turned into a deadpan expression, as if he is done with life that his eyes turned soulless and his calm voice turned into an emotionless noise. Mari and Mac posed as if they were trying to be like Gob-gob or something around Arnold flexing like they're trying to out flex Gobgob.

"W-why are you...



Crozeph was utterly confused but there's something about it that made sense "the enemy flexes and deals damage to us, if we flex..." his expression turned into some kind of weird confidence... like someone getting cocky. He placed his palm on his face and began to grin "how could I miss that insight" he told himself. Crozeph turned around and faced the three kings and gazed at @Zajcica who is in another group of players. He took a deep breath in and yelled, raising his right hand with a thumbs up.

"Don't let it get to you Yuki! Mari and her flamboyant friend has come up with a way to fight back effectively!"

Crozeph then swept one sleeve of his haori and pulled up the left sleeve of his yukata. He was so confident with what he just discovered as if he has unearthed a sacred teaching. "Heh! if Night could see this, she'd be envious of Yuki for getting someone like me to be her friend" he thought. What made him this confident? it was probably his attack earlier. He knew his attack had extra hot sauce in it to add a kick and he felt really confident about it and add to that the foolish assumption of flexing back to deal damage. He was foolish but if foolishness is a skill tree, Crozeph is unlocking lots of it.

It was a harsh truth that he wasn't as buffed as other players around, he might as well be as thin as Yuki or Mari with the only exception that his build was more masculine. A scrawny college student, that's who he is, a guy who is one gust of storm away from getting dismantled. That however meant nothing for what he feels right now "I should try to impress Yuki more, we're in a really dangerous situation and this call for my..." Crozeph pulled his left arm out of his yukata, he was left-handed and he must show off his well-developed arm to add more intimidation along with Mari and Mac.

Check. It. Out.



He was so proud of it, the only thing making it weird is that it looked like a kid showing off a dead twig. Crozeph smiled or rather he grinned. It was not over yet, he had to show off another part of his body that would make Rain Minion 12 drop whatever it is smoking. Crozeph imagined himself moving gracefully as he motions to pull out his leg from thigh to feet out of his yukata. The graceful movements however was just inside his head, to the others who might see him he looked like a jack in the box flailing his arm around. "I've learned this after seeing numerous Kamen rider and magical girl transformations! now! feast your eyes!" 



Yes, he did. He showed his leg, while his arm looked like a dead twig, his leg looked like a withered and dry log that it wouldn't even pass as a bench. His feet protruded forward as he tries to flex what little muscle was blessed to him. Not even a twitch was seen but if there's any merit to what he's doing, it was his confidence. A rare instance of confidence from someone as depressive as him. It felt like the right time, he was hoping Yuki had seen all that movement "heh, I can put persona protagonist to shame with these."

After these confident yet pathetic movements he did, it seems he's turning his confidence down a few notches. Like someone who just woke up after getting drunk the night before. Crozeph's face turned red, he didn't want to turn his head because if he did it would feel like he is dead. He remained in a flex position, left arm and right leg flexing beside Mari "someone shoot me with a shotgun in the face"  he uttered. as he stood still maintaining his pose.

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All seemed lost for the methods of success were fleeting, Raidou was in a deficit of what to do next. Closed into the now manifested cultists around him with little to go on in the way of what to do. He looked back to see @Mari perched precariously on a pole, ply in a particular pose. What in the hell? the notion danced through his skull, was he missing something? Through the chatter of the band in emerald green chanting: "Nyak Nyak Nyak!" the screams of all but one player seemed to be drowned in the masses. "Maybe we could try having a dance off against them!" he hears @Astralin through the drowning cadence. It was unorthodox, it was stupid, but it was an option.

We can dance if you want to

He was not a man of fear or one of pride, so what transpires after the fact although strange is not impossible. Pulling the glasses from his face, flourishing and sheathing his steel with a whip of the weapon to his right side. Raidou removes a loose bit of fabric from the pocket of the robe, one usually used for bundling materials harvested. He manages to see @Eruda through the crowd and she seemed an ample target. Ripping the red tapestry from his back with a flutter, it reveals a rather modest looking set of plain leather clothes and a plated glove.

We're falling apart to half time

The cloth becomes a cable, tugged taught before quickly tied around his right bicep. He looks to his right and sees @Snow. "Stand and fight." Raidou mutters to the girl before a now plain face with orange eyes fixates on the throne of Rain Minion 12. A quick shift of his arm extends it to the beast, a pointed finger behind it a rather imposing looking glare. His hips begin to pivot and twist, gyrating to no music in a provocative fashion. A shift of his feet under him as they slide and move causing dirt to billow and create a fog, as though was walking but he stays anchored in place.

Momma said don't give up, it's a little complicated

Never stopping with an unconditional form of stamina, he mimics all he had seen before with precision. Some cultists around him begin to tap of foot despite the lack of music. The battle must continue, in any shape, it may take for Raidou was not one to give in. "Shut up and dance with me." he goads the group, to turn them into his favor and offset the balance once again.

Raidou busts a move, come on feel it, feel it~

ID# 153502 results: Battle: 4, +1 EN

Raidou: 139/139 | EN: 88/94 | DMG: 4 | ACC: 2 | MIT: 84 | EVA: 5 | PRLZ: 1 | VAMP OFF: 110 | THNS: 20 | BH: 55 | Antidote: 3/3 | Antioxidant




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Eruda watched Griswold throw his shirt off and start to pose and flex in multiple ways and Sam quickly buttering him up. Getting a better look at his face she knew now that it was her father. Having some mixed feeling about it she watches others run in between her and Raidou separating them as they all start to pose in front of Rain. Seeing Raidou barely through the crowd that formed, Eruda sees a quick glance from him toward her as he throws off his robe. She runs a jumps to catch it in the air and holds it in her arms. Eruda can't help but smile when she sees Raidou start dancing with no music and he was surprisingly good. Looking to Sam as she is cheering Griswold on. Shaking her head with a chuckle. She glances at Shiina who was standing in the same spot she calls out "Shiina, come give music to these steps," calling out to her as she moves through the crowd to have Raidou in better view, watching his every move.

Deciding that Raidou's moves were just to complex for her to mimic she holds Raidou's robe in her arms and starts to move a little bit with some hip movement and she finds her head bobbing to Raidou's movements. Eruda smiles and starts to move a bit faster doing almost the electric slide in all directions with her feet, as the ground begins to push up dirt to her movements beneath her feet. She wasn't the only one making a fool of herself and chatter around was right. Literally nothing else was working so we had to start thinking outside the box, in hopes that everyone would get out of here safely.

ID# 153528 results: Battle: 3

Edited by Eruda

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Attacks tumbled down from all directions. Weapons simultaneously ignited with Sword Arts, lighting up the darkened outer zones in such a way that the blood moon’s descent went unnoticed. They may have completely surrounded the Kings, but their own numbers proved to be their undoing. Whether it be a lack of their bearings or presence of mind, Swine Jesus’s HP would remain at a comfortable green zone while players focused their bombardment on Rain Minion 12. 

“My, I overestimated them,” Arabelle breathed. 

Their apathetic god’s HP continued to drop with every weapon that struck it – until at some point, it stopped taking damage entirely.

Confusion with a slight dash of fear spread through their ranks. NIGHT returned to a panicking Yuki’s side. A cult formed around the towering lizard’s throne, singing its praises in a language they didn’t even understand. To confirm the new revelation, a symbol appeared beneath Rain Minion 12’s HP, and almost instantaneously, a string of message notifications flashed at the corner of her sights.

“With how we’re going about it now,” the small purple-haired girl summed up, continuing without pause after she dismissed the floating interface. “There’s basically no way to kill any of the three permanently.”

Quite the hopeless predicament.

“Yuki…” From her position atop the tall rock, Arabelle gave the paladin a small smile of reassurance. “You’re doing all that you can. Also, I’ll have you know that all of us understand there’s no shame in retreating if things really take a turn for the worse.”

Letting her fingers brush softly against the surface of her teleport crystal, she settled into a crouch and rested her scythe on her lap. The frontliners imitated Gob-Gob’s flex in a desperate bid to intimidate the three into submission. A blonde suggested a dance-off. And another blonde… appeared to join the Rain Minion 12 cult. There had to be some way to make that HP budge, they’d probably reasoned, but Arabelle wasn’t interested in joining the rabble.


If it weren’t for the second string of alerts, she would’ve been content with enjoying her front-row seat to Aincrad’s largest freak show. Two fingers held the latest reply in front of her before the window was quickly minimized, her attention pulled to the far right of the outer zone. A crack in reality itself had formed where they weren’t looking, and from it, writhing abominations began to spill out like water bursting from an open dam. Neither the divine nor the demonic appeared hostile with each other, with one of the latter bending down to pick up a retreating player.

They shattered.

They shattered.

And after [Jim] inhaled the last specks of stardust, it began its steady amble towards the wall.

Arabelle rose to her feet. Despite her distance from the eldritch beings, her scythe was already coated with green. “Wave number two, on our right!” she called out. “Yuki! Let’s leave the Kings behind and see if you can grab their Hate instead. NIGHT, see if an AoE Stun works against them!” 

Had they said anything in response, it was immediately overpowered by a sound resembling a thunderclap. The reaper catapulted away from her vista, leaving an [Immortal Object] tag flashing above the rock, and when the leap didn’t take her far enough, she was a technicolor comet barreling mercilessly through a crowd of no-names. (It was a miracle no one died.) She weaved into every open space afforded to her, light steps carrying her forward into a final leap over some random collapsed player–

 Wreathed in green, she burst from a line of no-name players who were giving the horrors a wide berth.

“Don’t mind if I assist, Oscar!”

–She landed, her first swing cleaving its way through a mass of gruesome flesh. Quickly whirling around with her weapon momentarily locked in a tight grip, Arabelle slightly loosened it again to unleash a bombardment of heavy slashes upon the sinister beings before her, twirling between every motion and darting just outside of their approximate ranges. Another spin of her weapon, the momentum briefly carrying her up into the air, and she scored the rest of her damage with a final earth-shattering slam. 

Arabelle shot a glance back at the safezone and righted herself, leaping back before the shambling nightmares could catch her in turn.

“What a nasty surprise.”


Explode Catapult (22 EN)
ID: 153537 | BD: 9 | 18 + 1 = 19 * 14 = 266 DMG -> Terror Demon
ID: 153538 | BD: 7 | 18 * 14          = 252 DMG -> Angry Tentacle
ID: 153539 | BD: 7 | 18 * 14          = 252 DMG -> Malicious Nightmare
ID: 153540 | BD: 9 | 18 + 1 = 19 * 14 = 266 DMG -> Jim

ID: 153542 | CD: 3

[2/1/1/2] Arabelle | HP: 89/89 | EN: 18/66 | DMG: 18 | MIT: 3 | ACC: 6 | EVA: 2 | REC: 2


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Everything was going to sh*t. Not that it hadn't been already. But if their introduction into this fight was like being thrown into a pile of manure, what they were experiencing now was like sailing a literal turd across an ocean of sewage in comparison. 

It was beginning to smell like it, too.

Heavy Momentum had packed more of a punch behind his attack, but Fish Man hardly seemed to notice. Lessa, too, had had her attack thwarted equally. He eyed her desperately, then scanned the rest of the arena. A literal cult had arrived and was now circling the field, chanting to their new lord and savior Rain Minion 12. Other players were pleading with the entity to dispense with its putrid unpleasantries. Some people were flexing? Oscar's familiar had transformed into a literal tear into the nth dimension. And-



Of course he was here. Why wouldn't he be?


But now wasn't the time to worry about that. Now was the time to worry about the fact that there was a F*CKING KID STRADDLING SWINE BAJESUS LIKE A GODDAMN CARNIVAL RIDE. "HEY. WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING, YOU LITTLE SH*T STAIN? GET THE HELL OFF MY PIG!" he yelled, though seemingly to no avail. He gave chase to the pair, but Swine Bajesus was faster than he remembered. Flashbacks of his time retraining the microscopic boar flooded his mind as Bahr sprinted as quickly as his legs would allow him to, only getting further and further behind his familiar and its unwanted passenger with each stride.

And then some dude with blue hair just landed right in front of him? WHAT THE HELL IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING HERE??

"JESUS- HEY! Watch where you're going, Blueberry!" Bahr shouted as he looked beyond the man. Swine Bajesus was getting away. "My pig..."

[Bahr attempts to chase down Swine Bajesus, but fails. -20 to Coolness.]

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Nice. They were both gone. Now all that Jackpot had to focus on was Dederick. "Phew. Thank god that's over," he remarked, as though they weren't still locked in combat with literal deities.

Dederick, of course, didn't respond. Instead, the knight dashed forward after the pair, seemingly intent on backing them up. Jackpot, left in the dust with his jaw on the ground, stared on in abject horror as he watched his... friends? Acquaintances? Rush toward their certain death. After a moment, he gulped, and with a timid, "D-damn it!" ran after them.

Though, he didn't make it very far until the entire world seemed to flip like a pancake all around him. Say what you want about cowards - one thing they all share in common is an uncanny ability to sprint faster than any other living being. Jackpot's momentum, in fact, had carried him so far from the point that he tripped that he actually managed to perform an entire front flip before coming to a sudden and violent halt as his face dug into the ground. How's that for fashionable?

[Jackpot tries to back up his party, but a Nyek-Nyek Cultist trips him.]

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I told them to stay behind me... was all Dederick could think as he watched the women who had apparently become part of his party rush past him and toward the bosses. Who were eating maximum level player attacks to the chin as though they were nothing, and coming back from the dead even if they did end up hurt. Dederick had never been a man for video games, but it didn't take an MMO savant to recognize that such an act was pure tomfoolery.

But he had an obligation to back them up.

So, without a word, he rushed forward into the crowd. But the crowd, as it turned out, was either equally as dangerous and terrifying as their shared enemy. He'd never imagined he could feel so squished and stretched while wearing a full suit of plate armor. Or was that due to the rifts in spacetime opening up all around them? It was impossible to tell at this point. Hell's Demons had entered the arena, and Dederick, in his sandwiched state, was powerless to stop them.

[Dederick tries to back up his party, but the crowd gives him a big hug instead.]

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This was officially starting to get a little freaky... even by MISERY's standards. Some of the players had lost their minds and begun flexing back at the mobs. Other players had created a ring of cultists around the battle field. Some were apologizing to the very being trying to end their existence. Others had either given up, or were whipped into such a frenzy that they may as well have. And the rips in spacetime? Just another rotation in the fight against the Living Meme Squad.

MISERY's amusement had turned to disgust.

There was nothing to learn here. No magical insight to glean from this situation. Just a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off, and the three individuals holding the axes. They players may live for a bit longer, but they couldn't survive without their heads for long. And something was telling MISERY that they'd see to that.

[No action taken.]

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Basically, An had sort of froze.

Mouth agape in awe, she stared up at the mighty towering beings, none of whom had even laid a hand on any of the players – though their casual display of strength was just enough to halve their HP bars, anyway. What if they started to take this fight seriously? Would their HP reach a point where even the smallest sneeze in their direction was enough to kill them? (Not that An was particularly strong from the start, anyway). As Rain Minion 12 revealed its ability to take zero damage from all attacks at 1 HP, her gaze traveled down to the multiple icons decorating the bottom of the Kings’ health bars. 

“Nyek, nyek, nyek,” went the cult who likely just wanted mercy. 

Why couldn’t they just run away? An couldn’t. Charging straight into a fight that confounded even the frontliners, she kind of led her friend to certain death; a fear that would turn into reality if she didn’t get the both of them out soon. “Basuke!” Distinct in the midst of heavily-armored players, the spiky hair and cap was an assuring sight. An blinked twice, trying to form the right words. “I think–”

Aaand there went their escape route.

Not even she would want to step anywhere near that. An whirled back around to face her friend, pursing her lips in grim determination. “I have absolutely no idea what’s going on, but as long as we have teleport and healing crystals, we should be fine!” Were healing crystals even any use? She’d tried to shout at Basuke to use his as soon as their HP was halved, but the pig’s squealing fixed their maximum health too fast. If only she could catch that annoying thing with her rapier–! “So any ideas?”

The strong-looking players’ movements answered her. Flexing? Why would they– oh. Gob-Gob had flexed, so they were asserting dominance by trying to do it better than him. An’s eyes glimmered in admiration. Utterly. Brilliant!

“Basuke, I think we should flex on them!”

And, sheathing her rapier, she retreated with her companion a few steps back and did just that.

Also, she apparently flexed so hard that Rain Minion took (zero) damage. I don’t know, deal with it.


Crucifixion (6 EN)
ID: 153587 | BD: 8 | 7 * 6 = 42 DMG -> Rain Minion 12 | [Keen]

ID: 153588 | CD: 12 | +2 EN

Andromeda | HP: 42/42 | EN: 22/28 | DMG: 7 | ACC: 5 | EVA: 2 | BLIGHT: 24 | BRN: 12 | KEEN: 1 | REC: 2 | Antioxidants


Edited by Andromeda

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So that was the rub. An invincible enemy protecting and reviving two annoying other ones, so their health bars would be severed continuously in half.

Until... what?

Arabelle suggested the possibility of withdrawing from the fight. Had this fight not been for the end of their world, NIGHT might've taken her up on the offer. Unfortunately, it was either this or nothing. Sometimes, life was just that cruel in its servings.

As much as the player had wanted to speak about their predicament, the scene that unfolded before her had particularly made NIGHT want to gag if she could. Something about a dance-off? Or a flexing competition? NIGHT couldn't stand the sight of it. For a moment, the woman imagined that she'd spotted DAY amongst the crowd, but once the second passed her, the familiar face was gone. What exactly was happening?

And why was she so sick to the stomach about it?

The moment their skies were drenched completely in red, shifting immediately from the divine mix greys and gold, it was then that the revelation had struck her hard. Her reality boldened -- one moment it'd been honeyed mead and exquisite perfection, unstoppable forces that simply toyed with the players at large. The next?

One look at the ceiling wrong and she'd enraptured herself in a dizzy spin. A chest-wrenching pain and a stagger, NIGHT losing her footing from the ground. In a snap, her world was coated in harsh monotones and vicious crimson, and there were shouts; unfathomable, crackling voices from the void and realms beyond. Had she actually focused on the noise, NIGHT swore she might've gone insane. Fortunately, her nausea had taken her attention away from the echoes of the deep, but she was in absolutely no condition to get up and look just yet.

It took a few seconds to register her commander's orders. The sudden burst of energy from right around the corner had only managed to weaken her hold on reality, NIGHT feeling the rumblings of the air bouncing around her skull repeatedly. Unpleasant. From one part of her mouth, she'd tasted metal on her tongue. It was only then did she feel compelled to follow orders, to pull her hands away from the floor, her gloved fingers searching about her vicinity for her trusty (if not useless) weapon once again.


The pavement was painted in colours of the setting sun. Their gods were still lovely, pristine, terrifying and powerful. Her jaw went slack as she gasped for some sort of air, the woman feeling a tight hold wrapping around her neck just as her eyes travelled to the back drop on the right. What was it again, that Arabelle wanted them to focus on so much?

Wave number two?

Her world sure was drowning in waves, alright. She'd spotted the large break in reality, the tear into the fabric of space partially obscured by a few Aincradian buildings. The tell-tale writhing of a tentacle with eyes, the uneasy sharpness of the thorny figure, their spikes jutting out, out of its form in uncomfortable ways.

Then her eyes rested on the cloud. It was incomprehensible, and she wanted to scream. NIGHT felt her face go numb nu̙̟̺̠͖̳͖m͇̯b̸̝͙ ̤ͅnu̵̞͉m̫̥̬͔̟͕̥b̦͎̳͇̜̝̞ ̯̮ͅͅn҉͖u͉̠̣̭̳̺ͅm͜b̴ ̟̖͕̖͉͖̪͟n͠u̳̣m͔͙̖b̯͎̮̭͍ ̡͔w̧̞̣͎h͓͓̼̤͖͟e̳̻̺͢r͓̜̞̤̻̰e̸͚ ̘͉̼̖̼́wa̴̯̯͚͇͚s͓̹̘͓͚̙ ̮̺̝̹͎̰̜͡ḛ̹͇v̨̘͔e̵̲̫͕͓͈͚r̴͈̙y̟̻̫̝t̼̀h̪̗̳į͈̲̙ͅn̨̬̤͍̹̙̦g͈̺͕̙͉̪ͅ?̸̟͎̼ s͍̺̠̮͓̤̳̻̕͜ǫ̪̪͇̹͖̣ͅ ̴̸̱͔̝̼͕m̖͉͘͝a͚͠ǹ̩͢y͖̙̣̯̲͢ ̫͈̤̘͟͢e̸͚͇͡ͅy̼̪̭̹̗̲͇̫̫ę̱̤̩̰͇̯́s̷͙̻̳̲͇̲͎,̖̤̙͇̗̘̝̲͔́͘͠ ̼͈̯̖̹͚̦̥͝a͚͕͚̕ͅn͜҉̗̹̙̘͕̙̺͓d҉̯̭̦̜̻̗ͅ ̵͔̫̩̤̲̺̻n̖͟o̴͚̘͝t̡̛̤̥͓ͅh̭̺͇͓̰̺͕̜i͜҉͖n̲͚͖̳̙̭͈͍͟g̵̣͔̜̼̩̰͍ ͜҉͚̬t͉̘̦͈̰̣͉̤͚͘o̥̻̕͝͡ ̡̗͙͎̜͎͇ͅs̶̡̤͕̜̲̟͇e͝҉͇̭e̖͇̱̥,̸͖̺̞̹̠̭̮ ̵̨̻͙̟̤̭̜̖m̖̩̮̬̟̹ẹ̡̥̳̟̝r̰̲͙͈͕̩̜̮̦͡e̖̠̤͜ͅļ̰̤̬̦̣̜̮̹y͖͕̱̯̰͎̜̦͘͟͡ ̸̛̹̫̫͍̼̖͜a̜͖̣̯͙͖̭͙̠͡t̤̥̙̱o̢̪͚͈͔̟̺m͏̸͍̖̥s̰͎̮͝ͅ ͈͕͇͇̜̫̩͔͠a̴̙̻̝͔̣̝̖͟͠ͅn̷̛̪͉͔̗̟͖̗͞ͅd͇͙̩͎̼͓̙͍͈ ̱p̵̹͈̣̟͉á͍̗̩̹̠̳̠̱͖r̝͟t͈̻̖̩i̪͉ç̫͓̰̮̠̫l̢̮̱̥̰e͏̸̥͉̖̰̯̝s̡̛̹͓ ̦̘͖̠̙͘d̳̭̝̱͔ŕ̢̛̜̙i͉̠͟͝f̸̀҉͍͚͚̣̹͈̫̩t́͏͓̥̙̙̻̳͎̺i̷͙͍͎̰͈̰͎̙ń̴̡͍͈͉̙̝͍g̩͎̗͓̞̩͙͢͢͡ ̴͔͕͖à̴̡̠l̡̝͓͔͕̯͕ͅơ̷̹̗̺n̶҉̰̳̜͍g̨̞̬͙̯̯̳̟͢ ̪͔̰͇͜ǫ̼̰̀͢n̶̷̥͕͘ ̢̜̬̀ą̸̲͎͙̺͈͓̥͖̼͝n͓ ̗̙̗̻̜̪̀e̢̪̯̮̥̜̰͍̣n̡̙̰d̥͡l҉̛͇̬̥͚̼ͅe͕̻͎̟̻͈͇s̥̦̮̻͕̞̻̀s̯̤̰̬̫̺̤̦ ̗w̜̩͎͟a͏̤̜̠̝̕͞s̨̹̬̕t̶̩͚̹̺̰̰̻̳̀ͅe̡҉͍̟̫̻̙̝l̝̦͕͖̹̠̭̥a̢̤̤̹̹͖n̘̯d͏̱̖͟,̶͈ͅ ̷̼̙̩̖̰̜̦͕m̡̨̖̳̗͍͎̝͝e̵̻͕̖͖̱͖̰̞͜͞r̫̩̬͉̟e̵̼̳̞͉ͅl͍̭͉͞y҉͍̻͓̞͖͓ͅͅ ̷͚̯̭̤̰͝t̝͉͕͔͟h̶̴̩͙̪͔̪́ͅe͖̲̩̜ ҉̟̞͕͇͘m̧̨̢͙̠͕ͅͅa̡͏̥̯͖͉̙̫͕ͅr͟͏͎̻k̛̞̠͔̖̬ ̴̶͇̦̠̜̝̯o҉̭̮̯̖͔͈f̜͇͎͓̮͘ͅ ̲͢ͅp̰̼̘͙̹̗̩̹̕ͅe͉̮̮̞s̷͙̬̱̦t̡̫̥̲̺̱̱͍̥̖į҉̪̬͍̙̭l͜҉̪̟̼̮͎̼e̦͚̦n̪̘͖̕c̮̮̀e͓̤̟̟͠ͅ ̡̦l̛̞̻͕̜̮̳̲͙͈̀͢e͈̭̩̬̫͕f̛͓̬̕t̵̡͓̰͍̥́o͍̜̻͙̺͜͝v̲̜̣̲̖è͍͙̝̟̹̘̩r͔̲͜ ̴̦̭͇̦̞͎̤̬͘͟o͈̹͕̣̭͎͓ń͖͎̺̝͡ ̥̜̫̼̣̯̠͢á̵̯̙͔̱̩͈ ̵̷̻̦̫̺̻̫͖́ͅd̯̜̘͈̱̞̞̞è̶̬͖̖̟̘͎s̥̮͠e҉̯̦̟͕c̭̮͡ͅr̳̱̜̺̠̰͞a͏̡̻t̟̫̰e̢̼͈̝̼̕͜d̬̼̱͈̥̙ ̷̸͍̣͕̖̬͙͝g͕͓̼͚̖̙͔r̴̵͎̦̠a̳͓̦v̦͓̱͔͉̺̪͘̕͠ȩ̲̦̫̰y̴̹̼̲̠̘̯a҉̴̪̤̞̻͝r̴̴͙̮̞̘̠̩͞d҉̻̻͕.̵̸̵̮̥̬̯̗̯ n̡̰̘̱̦̠̘ͪ͌ͣ̄̅̽ͯ̚o̵̷̙̝̻̦̪̝͈͍̳͆ ̶͎̇͑͗ͨͤͩͯͭm̜̥̗͔̥͕̼͍̳̐ȧ̫̪̫̰̮ͫ̃̚̕t̷̝̞̩̪͙̭͕ͣ̇ͤͭ̿̚t̸̟̘̩̥͈̲͗̽ͪ͂ͫ͛͢ͅê҉҉̤͙̲̣͉̯r̸̸̵̪̟̞͙̳̙̖̙̔̈́͗̋͋̊̃̽.̘͚͖̦̄̑̑̀́ ̴̧̤̩͍͓͍̤̟̘̒̊͞w̫̯̮̬ͭ̿ė̸͈̟̿̆ͧ̄̈ͧ ̬̤͎̩̺̦̀̈́w͆ͯͮ̏͆̈͏̟͎͈o͌̿̇ͧ̏͊́ͪͭ҉̹̩̜͎̗͓u͖̝͍͎̘̟ͯ̎͡ͅl̡̢̮͇̞̱͔͙̲̣̖̅̑̃d̺̬̥͙͔̞͆̿͆͋ͯ ̴̻̬̯̳ͤ͂ͧͬͅḍ̰̳̳͛͊ͨͤ̓̋ͫ͢e̬͂̂ͮ́ͯͫ̓ͅv̫͔͇̻͕̉̿͑͋̒̄ő̴̝̈́̐̍uͣͨ̓ͩ͂̊ͬ͒͐҉͔̭͈̘̤̲̻́r̙͇͉̪̹̉ͨ̏̏̓ ̮̞͇͇̻̻͎̿͊ͥ͜t̤̦͕͈̜̹ͥͥ͑̕͜ͅȟ͈͖͖͍͈̰͇̙̱ͨͭͯ́̔e͎̣̥͎̰ͭ̉̑m̶̡̨̬̫͔̙͚̞̟ͧͅ ̹̝̞̻̼̘͙̊͑͒̅̀̋̚ͅw͇̩͕̎̆͑ͦͥ͘h̶̡͖͆̈͛̈͘o̶̰̜̹͋͆ͯ͋̔̆̂ͫ̄l̞͓̠̹͓̜̝ͨ̉ͦ̒̅ͅè͍̙̳̣̥̞͗̈ͨͨ̉̚ ̌ͪ̆ͣ̎̔͊͊̀͜҉̭͎̤g̠ͣͬ̈́ͦ͂̊ͦͪ̿ĩ̝̗̻͕̘̖̠̣̌̚v̘͚̫̩ͪ̓̊́ͨ̈ͭ͠͝e̢̛̩̦͉̪̽͋͜n̢̩̘̮͇̥̰̒̒ͅ ̛͙̞͈̼͈͌̌̽̑̿̍ͦ̀t͖͈̘͉̮͒̾̐̐̄ͅͅi̛̺͇͔͓ͫ̌ͨ͢m̨̝͙ͨ̓e̷̬̙ͪ.̶͖͈̆̈̀ ̤͈͕̊ͨ͂̀̎̓̐̔̀̚t̨̘̺̱̖̝͆h̶̺͎̩̖͗͒͜ḙ̞̻͙̄͛̅ͮͨͧ͂ͅy̭̫̯͉͌̈͗͒ͬ ̡͇̖̯̞̭̗̗͊ͩ́̚h̵̦͉̩̫͑̕a̒҉͍̠̘͇̹͕̮͘v̞͎͙̗̬̙̫̣͆͒̌̐̓̔̑ͧe̮͔̿̏̒̏̍͑̆̚͞ ̢̺̗̐ͭͯ̽̍ͥ̊́̚͢a̵̸̱͔͍̪̯͚̎͑̂ͧ͠l̸̶̸̹͍̱̝̗̫̗͈ͪ́͑r̸̙̝̜̼͈̘͖̠͒̑ͫ̈̓͑̒ͨė͎͆̓͌̕͜a̩̟̱͆̂̏ͧ̍̆d̹̻̰͓̻̱̠̺̀ͭ̒̽ͨẏ̷̨̗̜̽ͨ̾ͣ̃́ ̟͓̣͔̝̉̏͂ͩ͜͟l̛͍̊ͥ̓͌͐̾́ọ̶̵̭̜͔̹͎͍͊ͬš̶̢͓͙̩͎͉̰͔̩͘t̟̫͈̄ͧ̆̐̀ ̶̡̜̖̯̬̠̭̣̻̾͛̂ͭ̎h̟͚͈̣̅ͤ͊ͮa̶̵̛̰̙͉ͥ̌̈͋͒ͩ̈͊̚v̨͖̠ͥ̉ͨ̀e̸̞̰͖̺̱̓͊̑͗̒́nͮ̏̌͏̞̮̟̭̰̜̺͡t̍ͫͥ̏̑͏̜̬̻͈̮̠̮͍͎ ̨͖̭̉ͧ͟͠t̥̩̳̫̼͍̐ͦ͂̄͋ͨ͐̀̚h̤͇̟̔̂̀̚͢͟ë̬̤̝̰͎̱̬̲͒͒ͧ͐̅ͧͮ͒̀͡y͚̙̩̋ͭ̐?̳̠̜̫̪ͬ́͡ ̬̪̈́ͦͫ̃͋̐͞ą̹̣̳̺̲̻̤̩̱̭͔̳ͫ̍̋͗̽̌͒̋ͪ͗̓̈̃̅͘͡ͅͅn̨̖̼̻̙̭̼̥̭̺̟̪̳̟̺͎ͧͤ̊ͦ͗ͫͩ͘d̴̵̛̪̭͉̞̣͖͕̫͓̰͆̃ͧ̈̋̎͒̓̆̌̽͋ͭ̆ ̴̨̛̻͍̻͎̟̜͔̰̫̪̲͙̦̮̗̪͕̾͂͛̍̿̈́̅́̄̿̈́ͯ͒̃̀͟ͅṡ̷̨̱̩̭͈͈̋ͬͥ̋̋̚͘ơ̔̐̄̔̍̏̌̈́ͦ̚͏̴̙͙̥m̸̧̢̜̰̤̯̖̠̬̺͙̯̺̺͇̥̮̞͌ͭͮͯ͑̊͢͜ę̶̌͐ͯ̐̈ͭ̎ͣ̐̔ͦͯ̌҉̫̠̖̫̥͖̜̘̪͉ͅͅ ̢̰̮̯̙̘͖̏̇ͧ̈ͤ̊ͤ̈ͬ̎͟͝ã̛̋͑͑ͤͯ͌͡͝͏̘͕͙̼̥ͅm̌̿̏̾̾̄͘͢҉͚̪̥̮̪̟̪̼͖͉̤b̶̷̡͚̬͕̞͗͑̌̔ͨ̏̽͋͌̔̄̔ͫ̕r̺̹̺͈̤͍͎̹͚͖̣̳̰̖̿͗ͮ̓̆́́̚͜ơ̴͓͉͉̖̩͙̭̼̟̞̪̳̟̗ͯ̒ͨ̉͊ͫ̎̃͌ͤͥ̌ͬ̚͟ş̲̦̝͖̳̗̭̰̣̞̠͕̭̎͂̉ͣ͗ͦͣ̑̂ͧ̈̃̍̒̍͛̉̌ͯ͘͟͜ị̶̢̬̭̭̱͇̖̙̹ͨ̒̆̊͌͌̓̄͌̒̽̊ͭͧ̈́͛̏ͯͭ́͝͠ͅa̙͙̣͉͖͍͕̟͚͓̯̱̬̟̹͚͉͈̹ͬ̉́ͯ͑̿͛̌̓͑̈̊̍ͮ̾̋ͫ̚͟ ̡̧̰̦̹͔͔̂͐͗ͣ̏͋ͯͩ͒ͤ͑ͨͥ͑̑́͜͢f̧͖̯̻͉̻͍̝̱͇̾̾͐ͩͧ̑̌͆͑ͬ̍ͧ͋͗͗̅̏̀͢o̤̹̩̺͕͎̽ͭͯ̈ͧ͂̀̓̓̿̎͒ͪ̓͊ͭ͝͝r̨̡̖̬̤̣̗̱̫̦̫̭͌́ͨ̋͌ͦ̿͋ͧ̿͟͜͢ ̴ͣͬ͋̔͗̑̄̏ͮ̃ͫͮ̈ͩͨͪ̚҉̧̤̭̲̼̲͓̩̺͎̜͕͚͚̘͉̻̪̺͜ͅţ̸͌̽͆̓̌ͦ͐́̊͗̓ͬ̋ͦͩ̌̑̀̚͏͖̖͕͓̻̣͉̣̱̜͞ͅh̸̶̛͙̜̦̦͈̻͍̪̺̗̭̫͚͕͙͓̗̎̊̋ͥ̏ͤͬ̌͗͜ȩ̟̱͈̫̠̘̫̩̘̤̮͚̱̃ͭ̒ͦͭͩ̂ͭ͛̓̊̓͌͢͟͡͡ ̨̣͓̼̣̜̊ͪ̃͒͊̔ͧ͆ͣͯͦͬ̿̋ͬ́̍̚͜ţ͋̎ͯ̏́̓̌͆̽ͯ̎́̄̉͗̀ͣͦ͏̷͕͎̰͈͘͢a̲̮̘͎ͤ͌̅̾̄͗͠͠k̵̮͕͚̲͖̔ͤ̂̈́͒̾̔ͪ͌ͭ͂̔̍ͣ͗͟i̻͍̩̲̯̩͍̻̗̗͕̿͗ͥ̇͛ͧͦ͂͗ͮͥ̉̃̔̓͜͟ͅn̶̵̨̘̫̘͍̘͇͔̞̟͖̩̲͙͊̇̑̌̄̓͐̑͒́ͧ͒́͝g̢̰̩̫̻̟͎͍̫̥̙͎̜͂ͪ͐͊̾ͨ́ͮ͟ ̦̳̞̹̯ͤ͊ͪ͌ͫ̂̈́ͥ́̒̂̾ͮͮͧ͊͐ͧ͝͠i̅͊̃̎̑͠͏̶̩͙̠̝͍͇̫̹̦̬͓̥͕̖̪̤͕͖͘ẗ͕̬̰̫ͤ́͊͆̓ͬ̈͢͠ ̷̦͍̤̤̪͈̼͛̑ͥ͑̄̓ͬ̈͑̿͝ͅs̶̬͉̜̺͈̥̻̩̙̹̼̟̙̙̆ͭ̌̌͡͠ų̛̙̗̝̝͖̺̦̏̓ͭͭ̓̅̒̅ͦͯ̏ͭ̕̕͝r̶̛̜͖͖̮͍̗͕̹͈̻̣̬̬̖̦̳͋ͬ͑ͮ̃̿̀eͩ̊͂͑ͭͥ̑̋͘҉͘҉̮͚̯̹͎͎͕̱̬̙̫̙̙̰ͅ ̴̷͇̹͚̹͍͍͓̰͕̖̻͐ͪ̒̏͊͌̈́ͪ̔ͩ͒͌͆̈ͭ̅͊ͦ̓̀͘ͅw̵ͤ̄͗ͭͤͬͦͭ͋͆͐̆̀̉̚͏̴̴̙̘̘̙̖͓͚͙͔́ͅơ̴̶̡̼͖̲̺̖̤ͦ͋ͬ̆ͭ̈ͭ̃̑ͨ͂̈͒͂̿̀ͮͮ̇u͆͑̎̈́̇ͥ̃͆ͩ̌͏҉͉͚͉͔̼̼̞͕̪̯͇͔̪͉͎̘̞̯l̸̵̢͕̠͕̞̱̜̘͍̻̘̩̹͆͒̈́̔͌ͨ̏ͣ̍ͭ̅͠ḑ̯̤̯̙̤̫̙̙̦̺̰͎͍͖̄̃̏͑͑ͦ̀̃͝ ͌̓̔͑ͮ͂̑̚͏͟͏͈͍̖̹͖͍̟͓̲͖͎̠́͘ḅ̴̡͙̞͍͇̭̻̫̙͕̮͈̥͙̠̤̈ͩ̐ͣ̔̂̅͢͢ͅe̡͇̟̘̭̬͓̫̓̐̏̅͌͊ͪ͑ͬ̆͆ͦ̀͜͞ ͬͭ̐̆ͩ͏̷͕̺̣̲̝̥͙̘̖̪̯̮̹͟n͇͇͙̳͎̱̬̫͋̆̊́͊̏̚͘í͋͑ͨ͑̋̿͑̌́͏̡̛̜͉̭̙̕ć̷̢̠͎̠͎̗̭̝̰̱͈̮̐ͩͮͫ͋̒̂̀̈́̔͂͒ͨ͟ȩ̜̙͎̱̖̣̟͖̜̘̺͔̥̪̟͈͌̂ͪ̆ͨ́̉̄͞ͅ ̴͍̪̳̱̘̩̜̰̳ͤͨ̒ͣ̋̓ͪ̿̑͒͊̈́̑ͨ̄̈̂̏͘t̢̔̄̅̅͐ͤ̽ͣͫ҉̼̮̳͚͔͔̲̻͠ö́ͬ͗̃ͮ̀͒ͭ̅ͬ҉̛̫͉͕̣͠͠ ̷̱̼̜̜̩͓̹̫͎̺̟̖̘̜̙̹͔̠̈̾̈́̍ͩ̒̀͢͠͠ḥ̷̖̯͙̲̤̜͇̠̤͓̽ͧ͒̈̈ͯͮͭ̇̇͘͝ͅa̵̡̩̙̟͕̤̜̤̥̐̒̀͂ͮ̈́ͫ͋͂͂͐̊̎̃̐̀v̊ͮ̎̍̊̔̋̏̓̓͌̐̀̚͏͏̪͓͍͇ę̴͈̺̺̙͙̫͉͔̬̬̜͚̗̮͚̬͉͓ͯͥ͂̒̑͘ͅ ̸̻̱̼̪̩͙̖̳̘̝̲̩͊ͪ̑ͩ͒͆ͣ͑̄̔̍̀́̇͆ͨͮ͟ͅa̵͎̗͚̪͉͍̮̤̞̬̠̠̼̝̩̭̖͓̫ͮ̓̉͐ͨͦ̈ͪͮͧ̾ͥ̆̋̆̇̚ ̛ͨ̀̒͗͂͛ͮ̏͌͡͏͜͏̯̟̳̰͎̗͍̠̭͍g̶̵̢̙̥̹͚̣̖̳̯͎̮ͨͫ̉͂͗̆͋̔̚͡r̈́̒̆̎ͥ̿͏̶̨̜̗̳̘̀͟a͔̝͍̻̤͈͇̖̦̰̬̥͂̌͊ͮͧ͊͝͞n̟̖̱̹̻̺̰̖͙̲̪̼̠̳ͨ̎́ͬ̾͟͟d͗̉͛̃̌͊͋ͭ̆̀̕͏̴̤̠̻̣̞̝͚̥̠̲̯̘̱̖̞͎̺̦ ̛͈̭̰͇̤̘̪͖̜͓̹̙̃̍̇̀́f̛̝̘͍̼͕̥̠̦̩̫̹͉̺̟͓̉̍ͧ̌̂́̋̌͆̅̽̀ͧ̀͘͟e̙̦̙̭͕̪̯͉̫̖͓͈̣̘̩̤ͨ͛̾̉̉̊̚͟͡ͅͅa̬͇̪̹̘̥̙͔̼̮͙̰̘͒ͩ̉ͫ͛̒͛ͫ̌͋́́ͅs̶̶̖͍͔̖͇̱͖̩̞̈́̂̅̆ͣͩ͠tͥ͊̃͛̈̔̅͊ͦͮ͑̚҉̵͈͚͍̱̮̲̖̣̻̜̼̭͉̙̥͟ ̷ͬ͆͑͑ͯ̅ͧ̀͐ͭͯ͘͢͜͏̱̯̹̹͇̙̘̜͕͕͕̹͉ǫ̸͕̱̩̍̅̍ͦ̀ͪͭ̊ͧ̉̒̈́͘͟ͅņ̡̜̠̻̗ͯ͆̎ͮͪ̇̆ͨ͗͛̏̈́́̊̈ͧ́̚ć̴̞̥̮͉̯̌̉͋͌ͫ̋̒̃ͩ͌ͪ̈ͭ̓͗ͯ̿ͧ̕͜͟͡ẻ̸̢̟̗̬̞͚̟͉͈̭̦̩ͤ̽͛̔́̓ͮ̉̊̋͘͘ ̛̔̔̄̈̔̚͞͏͓̯͚̥̱̙̣͚͔̟͉̞͕͓̭̦͉̳̀͞ǐ͚̗̱͈͎̺̱̼̪̣͍̓ͨͥ̽̈́̽͢͠ͅn̬̞̗͇̦̘̦̬̙͓̲͖̜̹̏͛̊̊̄̔͢ ̶̸̡̨̮̹̼̬͔͈̭̝̠̦͕̼͖̙̺̪͉ͬ́ͪ͗ͧ̂̃͑̽͌ͫ̎̽̉ͪ̓ͧ͂̍a̸͚͈͈̳̮͉̥͖̬ͯ͛̎̐ͣ̾̏̀͘ ̢̻͈̩͙̣̝̰̺͇̺͓̼͑ͦ̈́ͧͧͪͨͣͥ̄ͪ̅̈̏̃͗͐ͤẁ̷̵̧̱̭͉̹̭̼̟̭̖̝̜̲̠̦̺̲͖͊ͬ̊͑̉̽̕h͈̬͓̙̏ͥ͗͐̈́̊͗͘͟͢i̽̇̈ͧ̈́̓͛̆̈́̑̑̒̋̆ͯ̔̕҉̛͇̫̮̻̯͓̭̹̥̣̟̟̞̞̳̞l̇̍ͤ͆̓͂̂͌͗͂ͨ͏̨̧̙̦͖̼͖̜̠̙̮̠̥͈͕̞̜ę̴̤͇͖̂̈́͑̐͗̑͑












NIGHT used Tempest on the horrors at hand.

She hit all of them, except for [̧̕͝ ͢͟͞͝ ͟͏͘ ͜͡͏̸ ̀͞ ̴̸̛́ ̸̡̀ ́́ ̨ ̸͢͝ ͏̨͢ ͘͏̷ ̷̧̧̕͢ ̷̵̵͜ ͘ ̸̕͞ ̴͜ ̷̴̧̀͞ ̵̧͡͠ ̡͡ ̷͜͠ ̨̛́͜͠ ͜͏͢ ̵̨̢͝ ͞҉̧͠ ̨̢҉ ̵̕͢͠ ̵̨̧́҉ ̡́҉ ́̀̕ ̛̀ ̶̢̛͢͠ ͞͏ ̢͟ ̢҉̀͝ ҉҉̨̡ ̨̀͟͢͞]́͏̷͡.


ID: 153590 | BD: 7 (2, +5)
<<Tempest>> vs Terror Demon.
25 * 8 = 200 DMG

ID: 153591 | BD: 13 (8, +5)
<<Tempest>> vs Angry Tentacle.
25 * 8 = 200 DMG

ID: 153592 | BD: 6 (1, +5)
NIGHT missed!

ID: 153593 | BD: 13 (8, +5)
<<Tempest>> vs Jim.
25 * 8 = 200 DMG

Terror Demon | HP: -200 | You think that stunned them?
Angry Tentacle | HP: -200 | I wouldn't think so.
Malicious Nightmare | H̵͠A͘͢͏H͏̵̀͟͝A̷͢͞҉H̷̶͟A͠͏H̷̸̀͘A̷̴͟͜͝H̡A̧̨͟͠͡H͢A͝҉̸H̛͟A̧͢H̴͜͠A̸̛͟H̵̷̶̡Ą̵̧́͞H͡A͏͟͟
Jim | HP: -200 | After all, the idea of hitting eldritch beings at all... doesn't sound likely now, does it?

[1, 1, 0, 1] NIGHT | HP: 150/150 | EN: 66/76 (-10) | ACC: 5 | DMG: 25 | EVA: 4 | MIT: 81 | BRN: 36 | BLD: 36 | BLGT: 72 | LD: 3
| HM: 6 | LM: 1 | BH: 62

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"Let me help!" He'd said aloud.

"Nyek nyek nyek--" Came his reply.

Basuke tore his attention away from the gun for enough time to realize that they'd been surrounded. By cultists. Robed, obscured, nameless players, some of them carrying candles, others simply advancing towards their gods, hands kept in their loose sleeves. Under the light of the dying sun, it was almost impossible for the boy to have kept his focus on their original opponents themselves, Basuke too distracted by literally every other feature bug chaos factor that buzzed about the crowd. It was almost like making hotpot with unintended ingredients. Like, you add a horseshoe crab in, some turnip, vinegar and sea weed, maybe a little bit of pork broth and squid with ink and noodles (because that's how you drench the noodles with squid ink, right?), and suddenly the whole concoction just turns out to be a mess. And you dip some pumpkin in it, and eat it.

And then promptly throw up your lunch.


What was the point again? Oh, right. Eldritch horrors that weren't rightfully being prayed to, and divine deities that refused to budge on cutting their health bars in half. Right.

The boy turned to Andromeda with wide, curious eyes -- the kind that hollowed out in round circles with white inside them, very anime-ish if he did say so himself. The moment he noticed the rip in time and space, he shrugged and put on a wry look, Rhona's Needle idly resting in his hands. He wouldn't have thought leaving was ever an option, though there had to be some reason he was compelled to stay. What was it again? A lost cause? Very likely, the situation they found themselves in was most likely just that, and still people stuck around too.

Um... Basuke wasn't a psychologist, nor was he smart. So he decided to thrust it upon literally anyone else to figure out the term for him. He wasn't going to live long enough to find out what it was, anyway. Maybe they might. Maybe they'd be smarter for it.

“So any ideas?”

"Was just about to pop a crystal, just to try. Anything could work by now, right?"

No. Not really.


Oh, but with the crowd's idea of flexing, it gave him some ideas. Some of them danced, some of them had posed so hard that it struck fear into his core -- and maybe the gods too, if the boy had an inkling on how reality worked (he didn't). While Andromeda headed back towards safety, so did Basuke, keeping his own sword in its hold. Instead of flexing like his companion, however, he knew exactly what he should do.

He dabbed.






Look, it wasn't very effective,


ID: 153610 | BD: 6 | Basuke takes 6 points of mental damage from himself. No action taken.

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In the time that the world had decided to collide with creatures of the grimdark and fragments of the realms beyond, Bistro had successfully ascended to one of the balconies of Aincrad's buildings.

So that was nice! A front row view of a variety of different players. There was the red one chasing a blue one, a dance troupe forming alongside the flex squad, a number of weeping players running for their lives, robed one, robed one, robed one -- Oh, it was a cult.

Gods, couldn't they change up their fashion senses for even a day?

-- Just kidding. Bistro really wanted nothing to do with the scatter of people, though. She'd halfway managed to parkour her way over rooftops and make-shift rope bridges when the world was washed over with the colours of violence and death, seeming as though the castle itself had caught fire from the inside out. And in an ideal situation, it would've!

Reality was not so kind!

So, she'd just been stuck. On someone else's garden cafe. If Bistro wasn't so tired of the happenings around the city, perhaps she would take notes on renovating her extra citrus-coloured room to be put to further use in the future. But life was already traumatic enough for the meantime. She deserved to eat a lolipop while cowering in a corner of an apartment building in peace.

[No action taken.]

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"This has to be a joke."

Cordelia raised a skeptical brow as the bosses were yet again defeated and revived. The Rain Minion didn't seem like it could go any lower than a few points of HP too... and now there were, what, cultists? How surprising.

She looked over to a familiar face and blinked. "You want us to... pose and yeet you at the swine?" she echoed, turning her head back to the trio of Gods before she shuddered. "I think I'm going to pass- oh, there he goes." The girl watched the other ivory-haired player launch off, seemingly unphased. It seemed like his antics no longer had an affect on her like it used too, especially since this didn't at all compare to what she's seen him do. She chuckled, shaking her head. "Good ol' Macradon."

She... didn't really know what to do anymore. Attacking didn't seem to do anything other than drain her energy and make the Gods angrier, and no way in hell was she going to flex back at those things. 

So instead, Cordelia opted for the third option; do absolutely nothing. 

[No Action Taken] +1 EN

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Level:  87
Energy: 189 (174(level)+15(Energist))
HP: 1,740 (1,740(level))
DMG: 18 (1(base)+2(2-hand)+5(wpn skill)+9(familiar)+1(Ferocity))
ACC: 1 (+1(precision))
EVA: 0
MIT: 0
BH: 87 (5% of HP)

Utility & Mobility:

Grandmaster(rank 5) Search & Detect (50)


Grandmaster(rank 5) First aid (50)
Grandmaster(rank 5) Charge (50)
Grandmaster(rank 5) Heavy armour (50)
Grandmaster(rank 5) Battle Healing (50)

Howl (10)
Energize (15)
Quick Change (12)
Expert Extended Mods (10)

Weapon skill:
Grandmaster(rank 5) Two-handed Battle-axe (50)

Extra skills:
Concentrate (0)
Survival (3)
Unskilled(rank 0) Martial Arts (0)
Expert mastery: Figther (18)

Field medic (15)
Barrier 3 (10)
Athletics (9)
Ferocity(Axe 5) (15)
Precision (15)
2hba Finesse 3 (10)
Energist (12)


Vanity 2HBA

Zita: Fighter familiar rank 3. +9 Dmg

Battle ready inventory:

-Amphibian war rally: Unique item, paralyze all enemies for one turn. 1 use/thread.
-Inferno: 2 Flame aura, 2 Mitigation
-Santas cloak: t3 light armor, Life mending (+20% outgoing healing), Antifreeze, Paralyze immunity
-Teleport crystal
-1x Mass heal crystal
-1x t3 perfect damage crystal
-1x t3 perfect mitigation crystal
-1x t3 perfect overhealth crystal

House buffs:
-Well rested: -1 energy cost for first 3 expanditures of each combat
-Squeaky clean: First dot damage taken reduced by 25%
-Item stash: +1 battle ready slot
-Relaxed: ooc healing increased by 15 HP and energy refilled reduced to 2 posts
-Col stash: +5% bonus col from monster kills and treasure chests
-Multipurpose: +1 LD, Stealth detection or prosperity to one post. Can be applied after roll result.


+3 Base damage

Before arrival:



Zandra was standing on her balcony, looking at sea infront of her. She felt the wind in her hair and it was wonderful. The only sound you could hear was some singing birds, splashing of the waves and the wind in the trees. You could say it was a truly perfect moment, she would sit here all day, just chill and relax. Or that what was she thought. It was in that moment she got interrupted by a sound. She opened her eyes and swiped infront of her to stop the alarm from ringing. When she realized what the alarm her eyes went wide open and she rushed inside. ‘’Fu**ing hell!’’ she shouted as she quickly grabbed one of her emergency crystals at the same time as she equipped her armor.

‘’Town of the beginning!’’ she said as she crushed the crystal and a few seconds later she was in the starting capital. As she sprinted towards the outskirt of the town she grabbed her axe and a damage crystal. She crushed the damage crystal, feeling her teeths sharpen.


When she finally reached the battlefield, it was nothing she had never seen. There must be almost fifty players present or something. She did recognized several of them, but the majority not. As she spotted an orange haired girl she stopped and hesitated. But she shaked her head. ‘’No, it is okay.’’ She said to herself. So she head closer. And it was in that moment, as she glanced down that she wasn’t in her armor at all. She must have clicked wrong when she hurried. Instead she had equipped her Japanese schoolgirl outfit, that she had never wielded in public before. And in her hand wasn’t jack’s 2-handed battle axe, it was just a normal vanity one. ‘’Oh no.’’ she said with shaking voice. ‘’No no no.’’ But it was to late to turn around now. She didn’t knew who to attack and everyone was at full health. Instead moved her hand in a circle and touched it up, down, left and right. As she had activated the barrier skill, she would at least be able to protect five of the ones there. But no, every single player on the field got a yellow hexagon pattern around them.

A shockwave punched thru Zandra. Her eyes widened and she took a step back as she felt she was gonna throw up. ‘’What the…’’ she started. But then she saw the reason to her feeling. Her energy has been reduced by half. From a single skill activation. ‘’Oh no.’’

HP: 1740/1740 50/50 | EN: 92/189 | DMG: 21 | Faid: 20% | ACC: 1 |  BH: 87

Zandra uses t3 perfect damage crystal. +3 dmg
Zandra uses barrier (reducing damage taken by 15%) on her 44 players
10+(44*2)=10+88=98-1(house buff)=97 energy costed

Edited by Zandra

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What was all this she wondered, their HP pools kept being halved, the bosses.. two keep respawning while the third can't be finished off; a slither of its HP keeping his digital existence intact. The blonde stopped attacking at this point and surveyed the battlefield which had descended into chaos. Coming to the same realization as her, she saw people trying different alternatives to fighting such as dancing, singing, mimicking their moves..flexing? A bunch of cultist looking players also appeared out of the blue and started chanting "Nyek-nyek-nyek-nyek...?" repeated the blonde, puzzled by the bizarre words.

With a sigh, she assumed a defensive position and readied her spear to parry?, deflect?, reflect? but hopefully reduce the damage of the next invisible attack. Her muscles tensed and she wasn't sure what they would do if this ridiculous situation continues. With a flourish of her weapon she steeled herself.

smol flex: Parry! -5 +1 EN




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Looking at my HP ball, I closed my eyes in annoyance. Two of the bosses were coming back to life, throwing the battlefield in chaos. "Should we teleport out?" A cool headed and probably the most logical course of action. I focused my gaze on Claudia and materialized the tp crystal in my hand. "They keep halving our HP, if this goes on we'll get to 1 HP and there wouldn't be anything left to divide." I close my eyes and furrow my brows for a few second, trying to block out the noise around us and center my thoughts. I let out a audible sigh before my reply: "Curiosity overcame my reason. I want to see what happens next. You two are free to teleport out of here if you like. I won't hold it against you. If you'll see my name crossed on the wall everything I left behind is yours." I mutter, trying to sound impartial to my own demise.

"I'll stay." came the curt reply from the maid, as well as a grunt and a nod from from her brother. I could feel my eyes tearing up as I take a deep breath. There were so many more thing to say but I prefered to watch in silence as the 'fight' unfolded.

No Action Taken

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Staring at the field in awe completely unable to understand what was transpiring, as if someone had pumped hallucinogenic gas into the crowd. She looks on to see a group of 5 flexing like morons, then to her dismay her own guild leader shuffling as if in a music video with the volume muted. "Some kind of status?" she whispered and looked to Kasumi, who shrugs completely oblivious to what was happening either. "I will take a perch and see what I can gain from an oversight." to which Kasumi replies with a nod. Leaping up into the canopy to sway of leaves, some weird tendril-like creatures were causing some players to become overly aggressive. It was like staring into the human condition, a myriad of emotion was painted upon the field: some angry, some calm and collected, some even joyous. It was clear that she should keep beside the fray and find whatever was causing everyone to lose their minds.

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She could not help but feel a bit sick to her stomach at the fueled despair, further cementing the difference between her and Setsuna who was seemingly indifferent and collected. Looking the girl over and paying her analysis a simple nod, struggling to find a way to put it to words. Perhaps the girl was right, that this was some sort of ailment that was causing things to become haywire. "I am going to look for my cousin!" Kasumi barked out her concern, even if she was afflicted by the toxin she would try and protect him regardless.

I need to find him...

Running through the crowds in a quick perusal of who was here, one of the cultists aim to route her with raised hands and clawed fingers. Kasumi drops and slides through his leg's, springing back to her feet. Eventually, she sets upon Raidou and Eruda, he was moving with fleet feet rhythmically but it wasn't a form but something else entirely. "Raidou are you alright?" Kasumi asked him in earnest.

Please be ok...

"We need to try everything Kasumi, I need you to back me up." it was him for sure, the calmed tone was incontestible. Watching what he was doing, it looked like...dancing, and he had called for support. After a scan of the motions, he was doing and keeping an eye peeled to him she begins to mimic it from his tail. She would take the role of back up dancer as this was transforming from a one man stage to a duo.

Kasumi: 93/93 | EN: 15/34 | DMG: 15 | EVA: 5 | ACC: 5 | THRNS: 10 | Antidote: 3/3 | Antioxidant

ID# 153645 results: Battle: 3, Minor Groove!

Edited by Kasumi

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A gaze locked to @Krysta who seemingly had no answers, she scanned about at her comment "Misguided, or willing to try anything? If you find out something to try call to me and I will aid you. But until then I will try my best." she spoke honestly, as she was not going to sit idly by without a course of action. She contemplated a join of these players striking poses akin to the beasts they were facing, but she felt on this front she would have no ground to stand. A transition of her perception finds Kasumi and Raidou jointed in a show of flurried feet. That boy has not led me astray before... and despite her reluctance to the fact, she swallowed her pride and moved to meet them. "I am here, is this the plan?" she asked of Eruda, who simply nods with a bobbing of her head and a tap of her foot. "I suppose here goes nothing..." she choked out, watching for a moment before she began a form of mimicry.

ID# 153649 results: Battle: 2, Tiny Groove!

Simmone: 47/47 | EN: 25/34 | DMG: 8 | ACC: 3 | EVA: 3 | BLD: 12 | REC: 2 | THNS: 10 | Antidote: 3/3 | Antioxidant

Edited by Simmone

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Being drug away before she could get satisfaction by @Crozeph, her hands, and feet flailing around a moment before they became slack. "The heck dude, parents?" Shiina puffed up being leagues shorter than the boy. "I am an adult." her face contorts with her cheeks swelling and a scowl on her face. A call to action drew the boy away, and in response, it liberated her from his grasp. 

"Later nerd."

She surveyed the field and although she was a bit erratic, what was going on around her seemed crazy even to her. She didn't understand a lick of what was going down, but she was in paradise. The flex group she rushes up next to them and pops a quick "Hrr!" with a wimpy pose and a squat. "Get them guys, you look good big guy." She flashes a grin and thumbs up to Griswold and Sam before vanishing into the crowd of cultists like a human shaped shrub. 

"Excuse me fruit cup, wanna stop being so crazy and let me through?" Shiina shouts as she shoves her way past.

She broke loose seeing the group conjoining around her, a good portion of the guild to which Eruda says: "Shiina, come give music to these steps." as if her prayers were answered. "Yesh, I gotchu guys." Shiina exclaims ripping a piece of strange looking makeshift material out of her pocket, a haphazard design that did not function and was plainly for show. Slapping the 'headset' to her head, she begins to sing and flourishes to the front of the pack, this was what she was made for. She was a bit uncharacteristically nervous, usually, she was liberated in moments like these. But despite the fact she presses on through the issue and begins to perform with the team.

ID# 153653 results: Battle: 3, Nervous Song, and Dance!



Shiina: 49/49 | EN: 36/36 | DMG: 1 | MIT: 27 | REC: 2 | EVA: 3 | LD: 3 | THNS: 10 | Antidote: 3/3 | Antioxidant

Edited by Shiina

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