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[BR-F25] Paving the Way to Floor 26 [Shadow, the Malevolent]

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Darkness. The universe was born from it. Light came screaming out of the Void, creating the precursors to life as we know it in the blink of an eye. This light - this raging fire of creation - shattered the dark abyss. The dark fled in the face of such unending brilliance. Yet, it is when the light is at its brightest that shadows are the deepest. Shattered, scattered, and fragmented - the dark found refuge in the darkest places. The deepest caves, the depths of the ocean, and even in the hearts of Men.

Dark calls unto Dark. A siren's song draws you in, beckons you forward. The Dark given form and purpose. Drunk on his own power, He lies in wait. A God lies dead at His feet. A Hero remains caught in His clutches. Cling to the light of hope but beware:

Shadows lengthen when the light shines the brightest.

Torch light flickers upon the walls. Intricate stonework veiled in a cloak of black, given only the faintest respite from the dark by the flames. The spellwork that kept The Shadow bound has been undone. Instead of an illusion of a hard-fought battle, only the dark stronghold awaits. The door to the Endless Maze remains wide open, beckoning the warriors forward. Once inside, the warriors will find their entry barred by an invisible force. Only the foyer is open to them. A staging ground for their preparations. There's a feeling of uneasiness heavy upon the room, as if one was being watched from all directions. That would be the least of the warriors' problems should they choose to stay. Beyond the unease, raw malevolence oozes from every crack and crevice. Any surface untouched by the light exudes an aura of pure evil. There isn't much one can do about it short of staying the course. The barrier would fall eventually. And when that happens, all Hell will break loose.


- Players will have an extended sign-up period. Initial posting period will run until 12:00 AM EST November 1, 2020
- If any Players finish any roleplays or gain any items they wish to add to their stat blocks, this must be done before the deadline.
- Following the initial sign-up period, Players will be given an additional 48 hours to divide themselves up into parties. Players will not be allowed to post IC during that 48 hours. They must send their party lineups to Oscar. If parties are not assigned, you will be divided into parties by Staff.
- The traditional strike rule is being suspended for this battle. Players will be eligible for rewards so long as they have posted for more than half of the total Boss rotations. Failure to post for at least half will mean that no rewards - even page rewards - will be earned for this encounter.

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ShieldHP:1985/1985 | EN:159/176 | DMG:1 | MIT:300 | ACC:5 | KN:1 | EVA:-1 | BH:114 | HB:72 |VO:198 | VD:99 | LD:8 | THN:30 | PAR 9+ | DoT -25% -27 DoT «Safeguard» «Parry»

[Energy deducted for Parry and Sharpness buff in pre-combat posts]   


» Shield, The Immovable Object

  • Temp HP Buff:              T3 Demonic Over-Health             [+180 HP]
  • Temp EN Buff:              Horn of Battle                                [+2 Energy Regen]
  • Temp Mitigation Buff: T3 Perfect Mitigation Hotdog*   [+50 Mitigation]
  • Temp Unique Buff:       Darkness Salve                             [+20 Mitigation, -3 Damage]
  • Temp Unique Buff:       Terra Firma Scale                         [+27 Mitigation]
  • Temp Accuracy Buff:   Spot-On Tea [175800]                 [+2 Accuracy]
  • Temp HP Regen Buff:  Bane of Blood                               [+15 HP/Round - added to BH in stat block]
  • Temp Search Buff:       Good Luck Chuck                         [+3 Loot Die]
  • Temp Thorns Buff:       Immolation Potion                       [+30 THN]
  • Temp Paralysis Buff:   Bottled Banshee Scream            [Paralysis on Crit]
  • Temp DoT Protection: Probiotics [175802]                     [-27 Damage/turn from DoT Effects]
  • Temp Buff:                    Antidote Salve [175797]              [Cancel 3 Status Effects]
  • Temp Buff:                    Antioxidants [152497]                 [Negate 3 rounds of Status Effect]
  • Temp Buff:                    Safeguard Potion                         [Negate next successful incoming attack]
  • Temp Buff:                    Snowfrost                                     [1/2 dmg on Burns]
  • Temp Buff:                    Taunt Totem                                 [+1 Taunt]

*Applying Kitchen Bonus

» Base Stats

  • Base HP: 1805
  • Base EN: 176
  • Base MIT: 181
  • Base ACC: 3
  • Base DMG: 1
  • Base EVA: -1
  • Base Battle Heal: 99 HP
  • Holy Blessing: 72 HP
  • Vampiric (Defensive): 99 HP
  • Vampiric (Offensive): 198 HP
  • Base Search: +5
  • Base DoT Reduction: -25%
  • Taunt: +1 Miss/+4 Hit/+5 Crit

» Skills

  1. Rank 5 Battle Healing
  2. Rank 5 Block
  3. Rank 5 First Aid
  4. Rank 5 Heavy Armor
  5. Rank 5 One-Handed Battle Axe
  6. Rank 5 Search & Detect
  7. Rank 3 Extra Mods
  8. Energize
  9. Fighting Spirit
  10. Parry
  11. Quick Change
  • Extra Skill - Rank 3 Familiar Mastery - Healer Familiar
  • Extra Skill - Rank 0 Martial arts
  • Extra Skill - Concentration
  • Extra Skill - Meditation
  • Extra Skill - Survival

» Mods

  1. Block Mod - Rampart
  2. Energize Mod - Hyperactive
  3. First Aid Mod - Field Medic
  4. First Aid Mod - Sharpness
  5. Heavy Armor Mod - Stonewall
  • Weapon Mod - Rank 3 Finesse
  • Weapon Mod - Precision
  • Search & Detect Mod - Night Vision

» Housing Bonuses:

  • Well Rested: -1 EN on first 3 uses
  • Squeaky Clean: -25% to first DoT
  • Delicious: Turns 2 food into feast for 4
  • Advanced Training: +2 SP to a thread 1/month
  • Filling: Add 1 extra tier 1 slot to food
  • Item Stash: +1 BR item slot
  • Multipurpose: +1 LD to one roll - can be declared after seeing results
  • Relaxed: OOC regen 5*tier, recover EN out of combat after 2 turns in lieu of 3
  • Filling: +1 T1 slot to existing food buff

» Equipment:

  1. Vampire's Kiss - T3 Demonic One-Handed Battle Axe [Accuracy/Accuracy/Keen/Vampiric (Offensive)]
  2. Naudia's Allure - T3 Demonic Heavy Armor [Mitigation/Taunt/Holy Blessing/Vampiric (Defensive)]
  3. Blessed Greaves - T3 Demonic Heavy Armor [Mitigation/Mitigation/Holy Blessing/Holy Blessing]

» Battle-Ready Inventory [Hammerspace Backpack - Slot Capacity increased to 7 items]

  1. Manticore Mask                              [T3 Demonic Shield - Thorns/Thorns/Antifreeze/Flame Aura]
  2. Vanity One-Handed Battle Axe
  3. Seeking Aura                                   [T1 Perfect Trinket - Loot Die/Loot Die/Loot Die]
  4. Gungnir's Shard                              [T3 Perfect Instant Support Song of Healing - +180 HP]
  5. Basic Teleportation Crystal x 7
  • Dimensional Backpack - Perfect Mass Heal Crystal x 7
  • Storage Closet - Glow Stones x 7

The theater that staged the beginning of the second quarter of the journey up the great ladder of Aincrad was no more inviting than the maze that led up to it. Flanked by the members of his guild, Shield strode across the debris-strewn ground. His stern countenance was grim - more so than even his usual stony expression. This fight was purported to be perilous in ways that none of the other battles before had been. This was discouraging, as Shield had twice now witnessed the front lines come up against foes too great for them and had to break formation and run. While a great deal more preparation had gone into this encounter than either of those, it did not quiet his mind.

"Hardly the welcome mat I would have expected before such an important fight," Shield growled, glancing out of the sides of his eyes to take in more of the space. "If that labyrinth boss was as difficult as everyone claims, then I can only hope we're better prepared now than everyone was then." He had not attended the fight. That was something he was not proud of. The front  lines had been missing a number of players for parts of the previous floors. He had been one of them. DPS were plentiful, and most of those who had been missing were exactly that, but Shield was not a DPS, and his presence, from the accounts he had heard, was missed. That weight sat heavy in his chest, but he bore it, dragging it along with him up to the current floor.

While he still wore the same plate mail greaves that had been gifted him by one of his old guild-mates from the Celestial Ascendants, his typical chest piece was missing, replaced now by a wicked looking black steel chest plate with small adornments like bat's wings protruding from the shoulders. To these had been fashioned a dark red velvet cape that hung over his back. At his right hip, there hung a hand axe, its cutting edge drawn out into a smooth, downward turning edge. On his left wrist, there was attached a simple steel targe, polished to a near mirror shine. This was a drastic change from his typical shield - The Manticore Mask - which had been his constant companion for at least the last five floors.

The members of Jacob's Ladder around him were his companions now. They had started out a ragtag group of frontliners who on the surface would not seem to belong together. However, between them there was a common goal that sharpened their focus and brought their vision into clear picture. This fight was just one more rung they had to climb on their journey to the top.Shield couldn't have asked for more capable players to work with in that climb.

Edited by Shield
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She hadn't arrived much earlier than the rest, the Tracking mod helping her find her way back here without getting lost in the floor's layout. She was, to say the least, unleased when she couldn't follow the tracks as she came face first against an invisible force. A few more cautious touches with her gloved hand in different places made the blonde give up her hunt and take a rest near a more shaded pillar. It seems she had some time to mentally prepare for the fight before them; if blood was a feature in this 'game', whatever she felt around watching would see a small red streak at the side of her mouth as she bit her lower lip and closed her eyes...  Footsteps and chatter brought her back to her senses, looks like other players were arriving.

"Just wait until you see the inside. That is, if we can get in anytime soon.." came a half amused reply to Shield's initial muse. Stone rustled at her feet as she checked again with her boot if the barrier was still active; a displeased 'tsk' escaping her lips, as her footwear let out a dull metallic sound. She then turned around and made her way towards the newcomers, her eyes glowing in the dark like a feline's before the rest of her form was visible. While her attire was a little different, her demeanor seemed unchanged as she eyed them and then pointed towards the invisible barrier. "Try it yourself." she added with a grin.

Ariel || HP:1590/1590 | EN:156/156 | DMG:23 | MIT:109 | ACC:5 | EVA:2 | HB:48 | BH:79+15 | V.O:238 | DoT: [24/3] | -1 EN [3/3] | -25% DoT [1/1] /



  • 1,590 HP (78 x20 +30[athletics])
  • 156 Energy
  • 156 Mitigation (25 +54[armor] +27[shield] +50[drink])
  • +5 Accuracy (1[precision] +2[weapon] +2[snack])
  • +2 Evasion ([snack])
  • 22 Base Damage (1[base] +7[weapon skill] +1[athletics] +9[familiar] +1[ferocity] +3[drink])
  • +4 Fallen Damage (Successful BD: 6-8 (before modifiers) add fallen damage to your total base damage.)
  • +48 HP Holy Blessing (After taking damage, heal HP at the beginning of your next turn. Can only trigger once per round.)
  • +79 HP Battle Healing (While in combat, recover HP at the beginning of your turn.)
  • +238 HP Vamp. (Off.) (On a nat. 9-10 BD heals HP. This effect can only occur once per attack.)
  • +5 LD +3 LD more when searching for sub-dungeons: 15 posts CD and labyrinths3 posts CD)
  • Absolute Accuracy (Attack rolls of 1 no longer automatically miss. Gain +1 to the BD when attacking. Cannot be used to trigger a critical hit.)
  • Keen (After a successful attack, gain +1 BD until your next successful attack, at which point this bonus is removed. Another successful attack will reactivate this)
  • Frost Thorns (Successful attacks against you deal 21 unmitigated damage to the attacking enemy. Criticals against you deal an additional 6 unmitigated Frost DMG each enemy turn for 2 turns.)
  • Taunt +1 Hate generated from Howl, Focused Howl, and successful attacks.)
  • Toxic Venom (Natural critical attack rolls of 9-10 deal 24 unmitigatable poison damage on each enemy turn for 3 turns. Effect lasts for one thread. Poison damage does not stack, but can be refreshed.)

Skills: Pic at 510x450 Downscaled to 385, right side alignment

  Equipment: d27f2274d4927f7dfdc4ef7619bd91c3.png

≪Mothbrand#156715≫ ≪Leonidas' Strength#151568≫ ≪Frozenshade#156614≫
T3: Vampiric (Off) | Vampiric (Off) | Accuracy | Accuracy (1HSS) T3: Holy Blessing | Holy Blessing | Mitigation | Mitigation (LA) T3: Mitigation | Taunt | Frost Thorns (Shield)
An Antenna taken from Mothra's corpse, sharpened that could be used as a weapon.The grip is orange and yellow-like colored while the blade itself is blood red with orange runes in the middle.
A blood red cape with a black inverted V design in the middle of the back, if worn as light armor; one of the trademark items worn by the Spartans that fought until the last man.
A brightly coloured saya that's always cold to the touch, crafted mostly out of mythril. The sheath is more than capable of going head-to-head against a weapon; made to be used more to help shield the user than their sword by parrying blows and deflect attacks. White runes on each side shine as the frozen thorns effect procs.


  • ≪Teleport [Crystal]≫
  • Spoiler
    ≪Cold Brew Coffee#(x5) [Potion]≫
    T3: HP Recovery | HP Recovery | HP Recovery (+180 HP)
    An unremarkable flask of cold brew coffee. Creamer provided separately. IDs# 152747 | 152757 | 152763 | 152764 | 152868
  • Spoiler
    ≪Shi’s Talon# 134787≫
    T2: Absolute Accuracy | Keen | Fallen (2HAS)
    A long two handed assault spear made of polished maple. Its tip is a brilliant golden colour and is surrounded by tufts of white feathers.
  • Spoiler
    ≪Shirajishi-ryū Kendogi#156967≫
    T1: Evasion | Evasion | Evasion (LA)
    Initially designed as a uwagi, some liberties transformed into a long pristine white cape with blue accents and silver trims, reaching down to ground level. Branded with 白獅子流 (white lion style) kanji on the back, personalizes it and brings the item closer to the initial design.
  • Spoiler
    ≪Finger Claw Filigree#151884-1≫
    T1: Accuracy | Accuracy | Taunt
    An intricate golden chassis to be wrapped around one's finger. It's incredible sturdy, sharp and shiny, capable of aggravating enemies with a well-placed redirection of light.
  • Spoiler
    ≪Flash of Rejuvenation#(x5) [Crystal]≫
    T1: Mass HP Recovery (+30*PTier HP)
    This master crafted concoction is derived from Self-Heal with some Cold-Ivory mixed with a dash of Viscous Gel. This gold hued crystal when crushed and spread airborne pumps a wave of energy outward, bestowing strength and vigor to all in range. IDs# 144486 / 144486-1 / 144486-2 / 144486-3 / 144770
  • ≪Omega Protein Shake#86815 [Drink]≫ +3 Damage / -45 Mitigation


  • First Crit ignores 40% Mitigation: ≪Rhino's Horn [Quest Reward]≫
  • +15 HP/turn: ≪Vial of Blood [Quest Reward]≫
  • +2 Accuracy: ≪Udon Bowl with Veggies#151903 [Snack]≫
  • +2 Evasion: ≪Ramen Bowl with Egg#151906 [Snack]≫
  • T3 Toxic Venom [24/3]: ≪Viperion#148767 [Salve]≫
  • +50 Mitigation: "Filling" -> ≪Divinity's Wait#152863 [Drink]≫
  • +3 Damage: ≪Liquor of Light#152323 [Drink]≫
  • "Skylight (Familiar Mastery: Fighter II -> III)"
  • -1 EN [3/3]: "Rested"
  • -25% DoT [1/1]: "Clean"
  • +60 HP OOC: Survival +"Relaxed" / OOC posts full EN recharge: 2 
  • +1 LD/SR/SD/Prosperity [1/1]: "Multipurpose"
  • +1 BRI slot: Dimensional Backpack
  • +1 BRI slot: "Item Stash"
  • +2 SP: "Advanced Training"   
Edited by Ariel - The Crowned Lion
added ≪Rhino's Horn≫
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Baldur ran his hand slowly across the final chalk marked penguin in the dizzying corridors of the twenty-fifth floor. His fingers lightly smudged a tip of the penguins wings, but not enough that people wouldn't find them. It was the last intersection. They could see the party from here, but for the gaijin samurai, it brought back memories of the fight. It had been a messy, confusing thing. Hestia being banished from the encounter, Mac being chained up and howling in pain. The darkness, the despair. Though they had put on a brave face, it had been too close for comfort for Baldur. He could not have bared it if he had lost his Macradon in that battle. Not due to pride or hubris. This floor had given him 2020 hindsight, and that had guided the central message he had to tried to instill in the boss meeting.

Come prepared. The best of us had almost died.

He walked slowly behind Shield and the rest of Jacob's Ladder. The path to the boss room was fraught. Wandering monsters were everywhere. Ariel and himself had found Mac, Hestia, Jon, and Zandra mired in the weight of the monsters that constantly lurked here. The labyrinth was a dangerous place.

His eyes lighted up with pleasant surprise when he saw Ariel was there waiting as well.

"Ariel-san. I'm glad to see you. How many floor bosses does this make fighting side by side? Not nearly enough, but to the point where having you at my back brings me comfort."

He turned to the rest of Jacob's Ladder, pride shining like an aura about the gaijin samurai. They had finally done it. He and Shield had brought a guild to the boss fight, and he was proud of the people he brought with him. Not as many as he would have hoped, but they were filling essential roles on multiple parties, and had contributed in a large way to the preparation efforts.

"Alright, remember everyone, we've got group heal crystals to hand out. Oscar should be showing up with feasts. I also commissioned from Raidou a full set of performer buffs and debuffs as masterpieces so they can be used effortlessly in battle. I'm sure other groups will have them as well. The number one goal if this mission is keeping everyone alive. Put the lives of yourselves and your teammates first. Second is victory. We can retreat and come back more prepared as long as everyone is alive. If we let people fall... well I don't need to explain the negative spiral. We're here to save lives first and foremost. So, does everyone have a teleport crystal?"

Baldur sought out @Crozeph and @Zajcica and gestured for the two of them to come up to him.

"You both have given me wings with what you've asked me to do after this, but to that end, I would like you to do something to keep my heart at ease."

Baldur held out a potion, one to the each of them.

"This is a <<safeguard>> potion. They're extremely rare, and are only for emergencies. However, if you drink this potion, it will negate the next attack against you. If you drink this potion, and then use your <<Teleport Crystal>> then you're sure to get out. Don't drink them now, but if things turn bad and we call for a retreat, this will ensure you both get out of here safely." His eyes fastened on Crow, and then on Yuki.

"The tank is always the last one out. They're the bulwark that allows the rest of their team members to retreat. If Yuki calls for a retreat, you have to trust that she's pulling up the rear. If you delay, then you put her in more danger. The sooner the team gets out, the sooner the tank can." Baldur points to the potions he just handed them. "This is your peace of mind." His steel blue eyes met each of theirs, as if his gaze could fasten his words to their heart.

"But don't worry!" He patted Yuki and Crow on the shoulders as if he was about to envelope them in a giant bear hug. "I know what Yuki-chan can do. I believe in you both, in the hard work you've put forward, and you're going to do great. If you're nervous, just trust that I would not put you in a position I didn't think you could handle."

With that, he turned to his friend and partner in crime, Shield. He held out a fist bump to the man.

"You ready for this old man?" His steel eyes shimmered with challenge.

Baldur Stats:
HP: 1488/1488 | EN: 144/144 | DMG: 28 | ACC: 8 | EVA: 4 | MIT: 64 | DoT: 36 Burn| Status Effect: Freeze | Keen, Absolute Accuracy, Phase (0/1) | Thorn: 30 BH: 75 | Antidote (0/2) | +2 bonus EN Regen, +3 EN on CD6+ | 50% resistance to fire


» Baldur, The Gaijin Samurai 

  • Modified HP: 1470+180 = 1488 HP
  • Modified EN: 144 EN
  • Modified MIT: 79-30+45-30 = 64 MIT
  • Modified ACC: 5+2+1 = 8 ACC
  • Modified DMG: 19+3+2+3+1 = 28 DMG
  • Modified EVA: 2+2= 4 EVA
  • Battle Heal: 75 BH
  • Search: 
  • Thorns: 30
  • Energy: 3/turn automatic regen, +3 EN on CD6+
  • Temp Buff: Half Damage from Fire attacks | Snowfrost | Quest Item
  • Temp Buff: First Crit ignores 40% of Mitigation | Rhino Horn | Quest Item
  • Temp Buff: 30 Thorns Damage | Immolation Potion | Merchant Tier Item Tier 3
  • Temp Buff: +180 MAX HP | The Ultimate Peep | Demonic Overhealth Consumable | Oscar's Pee Feast
  • Temp Buff: +3 Damage | Max Damage Crystal | Perfect Tier 1 Alchemy 
  • Temp Buff: +2 Evasion | A Bottle of Cooking Oil | Oscar's Cook Feast
  • Temp Buff: +2 Damage, -30 Mit | Tom | Oscar's Cook Feast
  • Temp Buff: Immune to negative status effects for 2 turns | Medium Antidote Potion | Rare Tier 2
  • Temp Buff: +45 Mitigation | A Literal Pile of Diamonds | Oscar's Cook Feast
  • Temp Buff: Duality | Event Consumable | Unique +3 Damage, -30 MIT
  • Temp Buff: Banner of Command | Unique +1 Damage
  • Temp Buff: Horn of Battle | Event Item | +2 Natural Regen
  • Temp Buff: +2 Accuracy | A Blue Cow | Oscar's Cook Feast
  • Temp Buff:
  • Filling Buff: +1 Accuracy

» Base Stats

  • Base HP: 1470
  • Base EN: 144
  • Base MIT: 79
  • Base ACC: 4 (5 and does not automatically miss on 1s with Absolute Accuracy)
  • Base DMG: 19 (with fighting familiar)
  • Muramasa Base DMG: 22 (No bonus from familiar)
  • Base EVA: 2
  • Battle Heal: 74 HP
  • Recovery: +3 Energy on CD rolls of 6+
  • Search: +0

» Items Equipped:

  • Ethereal Tether - Zanshin | Demonic T3 Katana | Absolute Accuracy/Keen/Freeze/Burn/
  • Montsuki haori - 54 DMG MIT/+1 EVASION/1 RECOVERY
  • Emerald Magatama - Shamen +3 ACC
  • Hammerspace Backpack (HB) +1 BR item (allows stacks up to 7)

» Battle-Ready Inventory:

  • Pillar Fragment | Unique Item | Provides the effect of a glow stone, but does not need to be equipped.
  • Basic Teleportation Crystal x1 | Good Item | Teleports player to the Town of Beginnings
  • Safeguard Potion x1 | Perfect Tier 1 | Safeguard
  • Max Mass HP Recovery Crystal x7 | Perfect T2 Item | +30*Target Tier (30/60/90)
  • [Empty]
  • HB: Resonance of the Grave | Masterpiece Incarceration | Enemy suffers double damage from DOTs for one battle
  • EWL: Valiant Decree - Crescendo | Masterpiece Misperception | Reduces Enemy's Damage by 10% for one battle
  • EWL: Crippling Composition - Lullaby | Masterpiece Hypnosis | Reduce Enemy's Accuracy by 1 for one battle
  • EWL: Numbing Hymn - Falter | Masterpiece Lullaby | Reduces Enemy's Evasion by 1 for one battle
  • SC: Warden's Fury | T2 Perfect Katana | Absolute Accuracy/Paralyze/Paralyze

» Skills:

  • Battle Healing | Rank 5/5 | While in combat, recover 1% per rank (45HP) at the beginning of your turn
  • Charge | Rank 5/5 | +1 base damage per rank (+5 damage) once per opponent per combat
  • One Handed Curved Sword | Rank 1/5 | Novice
  • Katana | Rank 5/5 | Grand Master
  • Light Armor | Rank 5/5 | +25 Mitigation
  • Concentration | No Ranks | Gain +1 BD for a single attack | 5 Turn Cooldown
  • Familiar Mastery: Fighter |  3 Ranks | +9 base damage (Does not stack with equipment)
  • Survival | Purchased |  Increases out of combat health regen to (15xTier) 45 per post
  • Extended Weight Limit | Purchased | Increases Battle Ready Inventory by 3
  • Parry | Purchased | 3 Turn Cooldown | 5 Energy | Reduces incoming damage by 50%
  • Quick Change | Purchased | Swap Equipment as a free action | 3 Turn Cooldown
  • Extended Mod Limit | Rank 3 | Increase Active Mods by 3
  • Meditation | Purchased | Recover 15 Energy if not hit, takes a post action
  • Fighting Spirit | Purchased | Generate 1 hate on a miss, 2 hate on a hit, and 3 hate on a crit

» Mods:

  • Athletics: +1 DMG +30 HP
  • Katana Precision: +1 to Accuracy
  • Katana Ferocity: +1 damage on katana sword arts
  • Sprint & Acrobatics: +1 Evasion
  • Finesse: Rank 3 | -3 Energy cost to sword arts
  • EML: Bull Rush | Stuns target on successful charge
  • EML: Emergency Recovery | if dropped below 25%, heal 10% once per thread
  • EML: Justified Riposte | When Parrying, reflect 50% of damage back to source

» Housing Bonuses:

  • Rested: -1 EN on first 2 uses
  • Tasty: Turns 2 food into feast for 4
  • Advanced Training: +2 SP to a thread 1/month
  • Filling: Add 1 extra tier 1 slot to food
  • Item Stash: +1 BR item slot
  • Relaxed: OOC regen 5*tier, recover EN out of combat after 2 turns in lieu of 3
  • Angler: +1 Mat when fishing

Baldur trades the following:



@Shield (5) Flash of Rejuvenation | Perfect Tier 1 Crystal | Instantly heals 30*Tier HP to the entire party

144464 144471 144471-1 144472 144472-1

@ChaseR (5) Flash of Rejuvenation | Perfect Tier 1 Crystal | Instantly heals 30*Tier HP to the entire party 

144479 144479-1 144483 144483-1 144483-2

@Ariel - The Crowned Lion (5) Flash of Rejuvenation | Perfect Tier 1 Crystal | Instantly heals 30*Tier HP to the entire party  

144486 144486-1 144486-2 144486-3 144770

@Macradon (5) Flash of Rejuvenation | Perfect Tier 1 Crystal | Instantly heals 30*Tier HP to the entire party  

144779 144779-1 144780 144785 144785-1

 @Jomei (5) Perfect Tier 1 Crystal | Instantly heals 30*Tier HP to the entire party

144786 144789 144790 144790-1 144790-2

@Freyd - The Whisper in Shadows (5) Perfect Tier 1 Crystal | Instantly heals 30*Tier HP to the entire party

144790-3 145147 145150 145150-1 145150-2

Person (5) Perfect Tier 1 Crystal | Instantly heals 30*Tier HP to the entire party

145151 145151-1 145155 145155-1 145155-2


145160 145162 145162-1 145162-2 145330


145330-1 145331 145331-1 145331-2 145341


145342 145343 145343-1 145351 145351-1


145349 145349-1 145349-2 145349-3 145395


145397 145408 145408-1 145409 145409-1


145409-2 145412 145413 145414 142197


142198 142199 142199-1 142199-2 142202


142391 142404 142406 142419 143706


143711 143735 143735-1 143737 143737-1





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Trading crystals to people
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The word intimidating hardly described the Twenty Fifth Floor. If a player was able to get passed the crude architecture of the mountain settlement, the constant dark, overcast sky, and the unwelcoming atmosphere the NPCs gave off, they would be met with a labyrinth as far as the eye could see. One could only imagine how many lost souls lost their lives wandering that maze.. or worse, are still within fighting for their lives. Tales of the vicious monsters patrolled the corridors of the labyrinth, monsters that players may have once thought to be bosses or unique enemies. Unyielding minotaurs, vicious orcs, and even dragons lay waste to players who were unfortunate enough to find themselves within their path, unprepared for the dangers the maze lay before them.

A fraction of Jomei's conscious told him to turn around. Usually, Jomei's heart strings always tugged him away from participating in another boss raid.. but he felt the pull was even mightier with this boss. With how the last fight went, and this being a milestone floor, Jomei knew that this would be a harrowing fight. After staring at the entrance to the Endless Maze for a moment, the ginger found a dark, quiet spot to sit and meditate for a moment. After sitting in silence for what felt like minutes, Jomei brought a hand up to summon his menus. First, he shifted to the screen detailing his guild, The Holy Dragon Alliance. His lips curled into a soft smile, reminiscing on the fun times he had with that group, all of his closest friends. The smile faded, as did his friendship with many of the members. The system warned him about what he was doing, and after a slight hesitation, Jomei confirmed his choice to disband the Holy Dragon Alliance. "I'm sorry, everyone.." he said under his breath. 

The screen closed itself, and Jomei then brought up a blank canvas of a private message upon which he began to type and type. He filled in the name to whom the message would be sent, and then closed his menus.. saving it to a draft. If things went sideways, he would be able to send the message quickly before it was over. With that out of the way, Jomei stood and entered the Endless Maze.

The ginger strode confidently through the labyrinth, and upon arriving at the first of many crossroads, he carefully calculated which direction to follow. However, upon inspecting one of the walls, he saw the small visage of a penguin marked in chalk. Gently touching a line of the drawing with his finger, he figured it must have been drawn recently. He hoped that who ever had drawn these small birds was a member of the raid party who knew where they were going.. but hope was the only thing Jomei could rely on right now. Depending on the small army of chalk penguins, Jomei continued forward.

Luckily enough for him, the small birds prove to be allies to his cause. Just ahead, he saw multiple players standing, all ones that he recognized. Without much of a word as he approached, Jomei double checked his inventory to make sure he had all the items he needed for this looming danger.

Items Used: 

  • 1 x Liquor's of Light (+3 Dam)
  • 1 x Divinity's Protection (T3 +3 Overhealth)
  • 1 x +2 Accuracy Food
  • 1 x +2 Evasion Food (Filling +1)
  • 1 x T3 +3 Mitigation Food
(Current after Items) Jomei: 1685/1685 HP | 165/165 EN | 20 DMG | 6 ACC | 6 EVA | 88 MIT | 72 DOT  HB 24 Healing | 78 B. Healing

(Original)Jomei: 1550/1550 HP | 165/165 EN | 17 DMG | 4 ACC | 3 EVA | 43 MIT | 72 DOT  HB 24 Healing | 78 B. Healing
Housing Buffs:
Rested (-1 energy cost for the first two expenditures of each combat)
Clean (The first time you would suffer DoT damage in a thread, reduce damage taken from DoT each turn by 20%)
   Filling (Increase the effectiveness of a single food item consumed in a thread by +1 T1 slot.)
Relaxed (Increases out of combat HP regen by (5 * Tier HP) and decreases full energy regen to 2 Out of Combat Posts.)

Weapon: Jack's Rapier (Burn, Blight, Cursed)
Armor: Vestige of St.Patrick (+18 MIT, +2 EVA, +1 Holy Blessing)
Accessory: Alateron's Will (+3 ACC)
Familiar: Adere the Tawny Owl (+9 DMG)

Battle Ready: 
1 x Teleport Crystal
1 x Nature's Blessing (3/3 Charges)
5 x  Perfect Tier 1 Crystal | Instantly heals 30*Tier HP to the entire party


Level: 77

HP: 1520 /(1550)

En: 165

SP: 2/420

DMG: 17
Burn:  36 [9-10]
Blight: 26 [9-10]
EVA: 3

ACC: 4
MIT: 43
Holy Blessing: 24 HP 
Battle Healing: 78 HP


Grandmaster Rapier Skill (+5 DMG)
Grandmaster Light Armor Rank 5 (+25 mit)
Charge Rank 5 (+5 DMG)

Energist (+5*Tier EN)
Battle Healing Rank 5 (5% HP Recovery)
Parry (50% DMG rounded down)
Extended Mod Limit (10 SP)
Howl(8 EN +2 Hate up to 4 enemies)
Hiding Rank 3 (+3 Stealth Rating)


Extra Skills:

Concentration (+1 BD when used)
Martial Arts Rank 4 (+5 DMG Unarmed)
Survival (+15*Tier HP Out of battle & Not effected by environment)
Meditation (5*Tier EN,reduces to 3*Tier if hit before next turn.)
Familiar Mastery: Fighter (Rk.3) (+3 * Tier DMG)


Rapier Ferocity (+1 DMG to Sword Arts )
Rapier Finesse Rank 3 (+5*Tier En)

Athletics (+1 DMG, +10*Tier HP)
Precision (+1 ACC)
Sprint and Acrobatics (+1 EVA)
Stamina (-1 EN all Attacks)
Bull Rush (Charge stuns for 1 round)

Housing Buffs:
Rested (-1 energy cost for the first two expenditures of each combat)
Clean (The first time you would suffer DoT damage in a thread, reduce damage taken from DoT each turn by 20%
   Filling (Increase the effectiveness of a single food item consumed in a thread by +1 T1 slot.)
Relaxed (Increases out of combat HP regen by (5 * Tier HP) and decreases full energy regen to 2 Out of Combat Posts.)


Weapon: Jack's Rapier (Burn, Blight, Cursed)

Armor: Vestige of St.Patrick (+18 MIT, +2 EVA, +1 Holy Blessing)

Accessory: Alateron's Will (+3 ACC)

Familiar: Adere the Tawny Owl (+9 DMG)

Extra: Mask of the Lovers (+1 LD, +90 Over Health) 

[Only active when in a thread with Telrenya]




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A Whisper emerged from the shadows of the Labyrinth's deepest recesses, a tarnished silver blade trailing behind him and still shedding shards from whatever monstrosity had only just recently crossed his path.  He was finally here: a shadow to face another shadow.  It wasn't at all what Freyd had expected to encounter in his first appearance on the front lines, but rolling with punches was nothing new.  

Speaking of punches...

It seemed best to reveal himself, lest someone mistake him for the enemy.  The similarities were likely to produce a jeer or three.  Freyd's gloved hands reached up and lowered his blackened cowl, revealing the simple and pale face of a man with unremarkable features save reddish-coloured eyes partially obscured beneath a mop of unruly dark hair.  The face seems young, or perhaps his eyes looked too old?  Everything always stood in contrast and careful balance with him, internally for certain.  Outwardly, he projected whatever was required or appropriate to the scene.  His usual doe-eyed veneer of naive innocence was gone.  These were more akin to a calculating predator working how best to bring down their collective prey.  Here and now was a battle that actually required his full attention.  Its commencement was eagerly anticipated.  And, though more preparations were always necessary, but they would make do with what they had.

@Shield was the only other player already present with whom he was familiar.  A respectful nod acknowledged the tank's presence and prowess alike.  Their recent battle against Fenrir and the rest of that viking-infused nightmare were still fresh in Freyd's mind.  One party member had come close to death in that battle.  It was a stark reminder to the magnitude of the threat that might lay before them here.  That was only a dungeon.  This was a floor boss, and one of auspiciously dangerous numbering.  

Planting his blade in a thick patch of moss, like some sort of banner, he pitched his informal camp and waited for Firm Anima's arrival.  The rest would be along soon enough.  He just hoped that as many would leave as initially arrived.

Freyd, The Whisper in Shadows | HP: 1710/1710 | EN: 160/165 | DMG: 26 | ACC: 6 | EVA: 4 | MIT: 79 | THORNS: 20 | FLN: 6 | HLY: 6 | Vamp (Off): 171 | BRN: 12 | TVN: 24 | LD: 8 | Antioxidant | Antidote 3/3 | Probiotics 27 | BH: 84 | +2 EN/turn | +15HP/turn | Clean (-20% 1st dmg from first DOT) | VENGEFUL

Freyd applies and consumes:


Freyd Partakes of the following offered by Oscar:

A Bottle of Cooking Oil [2 EVA Feast] 
Tom [2 Protein Feast] 
A Literal Pile of Diamonds [45 MIT Feast] 
Blue Cow [2 ACC Feast] 

Freyd partakes of the following offered by @Raidou

Antioxidant 3 feast [152495] 
Probiotics 3 feast [176296]
Loot Dice 3 feast [176249]

Freyd partakes of the following offered by @Zajcica

The Big Chonker [180 OH Feast] [176189]

Mega-Duper Anti-Everything Sauce: Antidote 3: [170015]
Well-Done Steak: Protein +2: 163570-2 - Filled +1
Liquor of Light: Damage 3: [168152-1]

Horn of Battle [Consumable] - Sound this horn to grant yourself and your party +2 increased energy regen for a single thread.

Bane of Blood: Vial of blood received from <"Blood Bane". Upon Consumption, the Player will regenerate 15 HP per turn for the rest of the thread. http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/20138-pp-f15-sundered-tsundere-bane-of-blood/?do=findComment&comment=627231

Cerberus Soul: Grants the user Burn II scaled to Tier 1 (12 dmg) for the duration of a thread. Does not stack with the Burn Enhancement.

Viperion: T3 Toxic Venom (24 dmg) : [154862]

Immolation +1: Thorns 20: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/19650-f22-the-black-odyssey-r1r5maxmerchants/?do=findComment&comment=620557wAAACH5BAEKAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAICRAEAOw==



Name: Freyd, The Whisper in Shadows
Level: 75
HP: 1530/1530 (+180)
EN: 165/165

Damage: 20 (+3+3)
Mitigation: 79 (+45-45)
Evasion: 2 (+2)
Accuracy: 4 (+2)
BH:76 (inc. to 85)
VAMP OFF:153 (inc. to 171)
(Burn: 12)
(Toxic Venom: 24)
(Thorns: 20)
(Probiotics 3)
(Antidote 3/3)
LD:5 (+3)

(Regen +15/turn)
(+2 EN recovery/turn)

Equipped Gear:
Weapon: Samael's Pride (T3-2HSS, VO 1, HOLY 1, FLN 1)
Armor: Skirmisher's Garb (T3 LA, MIT 2, EVA 1)
Misc: Night Shades (T3-Trinket, ACC 3)

2H Straight Sword [Rank 5]
Light Armor [Rank 5]
Searching [Rank 4]
Battle Healing [Rank 5]
Parry [Obtained]
Energist [Obtained]
Charge [Rank 5]
Extended Mod Limit R3 [Obtained]
Hiding [Rank 3]

Extra Skills:
Familiar Mastery: Fighter 3

Finesse - Rank 3
LA Athletics
LA Sprint and Acrobatics
Night Vision
Vengeful Riposte

Battle Ready Inventory:
Teleport Crystals*5
Gungnir Shard: Haniel's Modesty (T3 Perfect HP Rec [Instant]*5
Flash of Rejuvenation (Mass HP Rec [Instant] (+30*Tier HP)*5
Fruit-Infused Tea (T3 HP Recovery)*5
Imugi's Inspiration (T3 Mass HP Recovery)*5
Mega-Duper... Sauce (Antidote 3)*5
Grave Injustice (T3-2HSS, ACC 1, Keen 1, Abs. ACC)*1

Housing Buffs:
Rested: -1 energy cost for the first two expenditures of each combat
Clean: The first time you would suffer DoT damage in a thread, reduce damage taken from DoT each turn by 20% (rounded down)
Hard Working: +2 EXP per crafting attempt and +1 crafting attempt per day
Filling: Increase the effectiveness of a single food item consumed in a thread by +1 T1 slot.
Item Stash: +1 Battle Ready Inventory Slot
Delicious: Turn 3 identical food items (same quality, tier, & enhancements) into a Feast. A Feast contains 6 portions of the food items sacrificed.
Relaxed: Increases out of combat HP regen by (5 * Tier HP) and decreases full energy regen to 2 Out of Combat Posts.
Skylight (Searching): +1 Rank to the Searching skill.
Angler: +1 material gained when fishing
Advanced Training: +2 SP to a thread. Limit one use per month [0/1]
Multipurpose: Gain +1 to LD, Stealth Rating, Stealth Detection, or Prosperity to one post in a thread. Can be applied after a roll
Decor [Potted Tanabata Bamboo Tree]: This buff affects the player and their choice of up to two party members.  

+1 CD/LD to a combat roll once per thread. Can be applied after a roll, but not after the combat turn to apply the CD/LD bonus has passed.

Guild Hall Buffs:
Lucrative: Reduce LD needed for Salvage by 5 (10+ for Alchemist crystals, 6+ for everything else). +2 EXP per craft. Rank 9 crafters receive +1 crafting attempt per day. Rank 10 crafters receive +2 crafting attempts per day.
Col Deposit: +5% bonus col from last-hit monster kills and +10% bonus col from treasure chests.

Scents of the Wild:
Kumatetsu Statue: +1 Base Damage for a thread

Wedding Ring: n/a


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Somehow... Somehow he's back on the frontlines again. Not that he was part of it most of the time, Yamata No Orochi was the only floor boss he faced yet the feeling remains the same. He was with Jacob's Ladder when they arrived. It seems that the Pillars gathered who can join and now they're standing in front of the place where all the carnage Baldur and Ariel fought as. Nervous, he was biting his lip as he walked with his guild members "this time I'm with a guild..." he glanced over to his side and saw @Zajcica. He could hardly believe it, he was twenty levels below just a few months ago and now he's with her, going to fight together, and hopefully make it out alive together. 

He was quiet ever since he left with them until they arrived, at loss for words? no, it's just him being cautious and sometimes it messes up even his mediocre social skills. To ease this feeling inside him that he's trying to hold back, he held Yuki's hand. whether there was warmth or not it doesn't matter, he just wanted to hold on to her. @Baldur was the first one to talk to him as soon as they arrived and he could only nod at what he told the two of them. He took the safeguard potion and looked at it along with what was given to Yuki and with that Crozeph finally found a few words to say "thank sensei, we'll make sure to be safe throughout the battle" he told him as he slid it into his inventory. 

Crozeph took a deep breath and looked at the entrance, malevolent is what he could only think of, as if the place was nowhere near to being saved and to think Baldur and Ariel fought here and almost met their death. He fixed the cloak that he wore which covered his left arm, his Meiji era-inspired clothing was almost hidden in the darkness of the area but its golden ornaments and streak of white fabric along with his brown hair and azure eyes, Crozeph was easy to spot. His katana, Skadi Alter is strapped on his side and he held its hilt to make sure it secured despite knowing that the game has it equipped for him. 

"Ok let's do this" he told himself, steeling his mind and never letting any fear overpower him "I'm with Yuki, we'll work together here along with them."

Crozeph consumed the following:
Woodland Armor 2/3 [+45 MIT]
Buffed stats: 
: 1330/1330 | EN: 106/106 | DMG: 21 | ACC: 6 | EVA: 4 | MIT: 106 | FRZ/BRN: 1 | DoT: x | Status Effect: | Misc: REC I/LD III | BH: 53 | Probiotics III | Antioxidant


 Crozeph [Level 56]
  | HP: 1150/1150 | EN: 106/106
  | ACC: 4 | DMG: 18 | EVA: 2 | MIT: 61
  | FRZ: 1 | BRN: 1 I REC: 1 | BH: 30 | Hiding: 1

  Total SP: 252
  Allocated: 252
  Remaining: 0

** Rank 3 Merchant - The Night's Watch
** WARNING: Mitigation cannot fall below 0!

  Hide contents


  • Regis Arma: Skadi Alter [T2 Perfect]
    -- Freeze +1 
    Natural critical attack rolls of 9-10 (1 slot) or natural successful attack rolls of 8-10 (2 slots) remove the enemy’s action on their next turn. Frozen opponents lose any evasion properties. Striking a frozen enemy before the effect ends will end Freeze and deal an extra (12 * Tier) unmitigable damage. [Must hit to activate the status condition.
    -- ACC +1
    -- Burn +1 Natural critical attack rolls of 9-10 (1 slot) or natural successful attack rolls of 8-10 (2 slots) deal (12 * Tier) unmitigated burn damage each enemy turn for 2 turns. Burn damage does not stack, but can be refreshed. [Must hit to activate the status condition.]
    -- A huntress trapped in Dun Scaith, she survived and emerged victorious earning the respect of its ruler, Scathach. A huntress carrying the cold and harsh winter with her yet a ferocity likened to a flame now seen in her eyes. Skadi Alter combines two elements and fires it in one go should the wielder harness the same hunting instinct the huntress has. Either one would freeze in from its fierce flames or burn in its searing coldness.
  • Cloak of the  Evening Bells [T3 perfect]
    -- MIT +1

    -- EVA +2
    "Once worn by a king or a monarch, whichever it was it doesn't matter for anyone who dons this cloak is tasked to take the head of anyone who dares to cross the line and kill, be it humans or monsters." A black cloak with fabric at the collar. It is worn to cover the dominant hand of the wearer and put up an air of monarchy. It can also serve as a protection against attacks though not as efficient as heavy armor but boast its lightweight features to add speed to the wearer.
  • Ars Paulina
    -- Recovery +1

    -- ACC +2
    Description: "There is a time for everything and to that there is also an end but there is no need to fret for it is to be accepted." A pocket watch made by a powerful mage who possesses ten rings. This silver watch has no intricate designs outside yet its structure inside is powerful enough to restore energy and even make time dilate making its user see things slightly slower than the usual. 

[Battle-Ready Inventory]

  • Blessed Marble [+1 EVA +1 Life-Mending]
  • Imugi's Inspiration x5 [162961-164865-164867-164878-164879]
  • Imugi's Inspiration x5 [164881-164891-164892-164893-164896]
  • Safeguard potion
  • Teleport Crystal
  • Dimensional Backpack: katana?


  Hide contents
  Hide contents

Mod Count: 4/8

  1. Katana | Passive | RANK 5/5
    > Finesse R3 -3 EN on SA > Precision +1 ACC
  2. Light Armor | Passive | RANK 5/5 
    > Athletics +1 base damage I +(10*Tier) HP
  3. Battle Healing | Passive | RANK 3/5 [+27 HP regen]
  4. Curved Sword | Passive | RANK 1/5
  5. First-Aid | Active | RANK 5/5
    > Field Medic > Barrier R2
  6. Extended Mod Limit | Passive | RANK 3
  7. Hiding | Passive | RANK 1


  • Survival | Passive I +15 Regen OOC
  • Meditation | Active I +10 EN
  • Familiar Mastery: Fighter | Passive | RANK 3/3 +6 base damage

Misc. Buffs

  Hide contents
  •  Relaxed | Passive | House buff


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The sound of boots taking heavy steps of the maze’s sediment. Armor clanging to the beat of the steps, like cymbals to the beat of the kick drum. From the edge of the maze corner came the knight clad in dark and light. With every step he took, a light coat of snow would fall off his icy armor, leaving a cold foggy trail behind him with every limb’s movement. On his back was his sword still sheathed in its scabbard; his main hand clenched onto his Banner of Command, displaying the “honorable” sigil of his Guild where he was the last man standing, and for how much longer nobody really knew; lastly in his offhand were the chains engulfed in the battle ready hellfire of his tethered familiar.

Standing proud with his display, Macradon would wave at the few people that had arrived “It’s good to see you all, even if everyone isn’t here yet. I hope to see more people arrive and proper parties formed. I’ll do my best to tank today, and I hope my party will not only encourage my masochistic tendencies, they will endorse it for as long as my tenacity still stands strong.” he said with a snicker, stuck his banner into the ground, and proceeded to consume his many consumables to prepare for the oncoming fight. There wasn't much for him this fight, he wasn't gonna be the forerunner, he wasn't gonna be the all out attacker, he just had to take the Shadow's attention while he inhabited Orgoth's body ... and grabbing the attention of that shadowy thing was a forte of Macradon, so he could only await great things to come out of this battle.

While consuming his meals and whatnot, the Imperial Topaz would wave over @Baldur to his side "I heard you needed this." he said and handed over the Halloween event boss drop, Duality. "I don't really need it right now, I should be set with what I have, just waiting for those Overhealth Feasts and I should be good to go." the knight said and continued his large one man meal. After finish eat, he would stick a nice gold star sticker on his right vambrace while also reinforcing his greaves with the plating from the ancient treants he fought to defend the Ainccrad Trading Post. 

< Hearty Seafood Soup consumed >
< Carrot Sauerkraut consumed >
< Titan's Strength consumed >
< Eggnog consumed >
< Treant Armor consumed >
< Gold Star Stickers charge consumed >
< Banner of Command charge consumed >
< Horn of Battle consumed >

Handed over to @Baldur
- Duality [+3 Damage, -30MIT]

Banner of Command used on [Unique +1 Base Damage
- @Macradon
- @Mari
- @ChaseR
- @Jomei

Horn of Battle used on [+2 Passive Energy Regen]
- @Macradon
- @Mari
- @ChaseR
- @Pinball
- @Hidden



The Imperial Topaz
Level: 88
Stats HP: 1985
NRG: 189
ACC: 5
EVA: 2
DMG: 23
MIT: 194
REC: 6
FRT: 36(21)
FRZ: 6(2 turns)
VMP: 198
Equipped Items

- Blade of the Bloody Dictator // +12 Holy, Phase, 180 Vampiric Offensive
- Silverlight ................ // +99 Mitigation, +36 Frost Thorns, +6 Freeze Damage
- Templar's Necklace ......... // +6 Recovery, +2 Accuracy

- Belphegor: Fighting Familiar // +9 Damage

- Pillar Fragment ............ // Do not suffer penalties for darkness or low-light.

Battle Ready Inventory - 5x Teleportation Crystal ... // Teleport user to a designated location
- Flash of Rejuvination ...... // Instantly heals 30*Tier HP to the entire party
- Empty inventory slot ....... //
- Empty inventory slot ....... //
- Empty inventory slot ....... //
- Dimensional backpack
  - Empty inventory slot ..... //
Buffs - Rested ..................... // -1 energy cost for the first two expenditures of each combat.
- Filling .................... // Increase the effectiveness of a single food item
consumed in a thread by +1 T1 slots.
- Relaxed .................... // Increase Out of Combat HP regen by 15(5 * Tier) HP and decrease
full energy regen to 2 Out of Combat posts.
- Col Deposit ................ // +5% bonus col from last-hit monster kills and +10% bonus col from treasure chests.
- Mitigation ................. // +45 Damage Mitigation
- Accuracy ................... // +2 Accuracy
- Evasion .................... // +1 Evasion || Filling: +1 Evasion
- Damage ..................... // +3 Base Damage
- Eggnog ..................... // Safeguard, +27 Damage Mitigation
- Treant Armor ............... // Increasing Silverlight's Damage Mitigation slot temporarily
- Gold Star Sticker .......... // +15 Damage Mitigation
- Banner of Command .......... // +1 Base Damage
- Horn of Battle ............. // +2 Passive energy regeneration
- Overhealth ................. // +180 Max HP
Skills & Mods - Two-Handed Straight Sword .. || Rank 5: +7 Damage.
      - Precision ................. // +1 Accuracy.
      - Ferocity .................. // +1 Damage.
      - Finesse ................... // Rank 3: Decrease Energy Cost of attacks by 3.

- Heavy Armor ................ || Rank 5: +35 Damage Mitigation.
      - Athletics ................. // +1 Damage, +45 Health.
- Searching .................. || Rank 5: +5 Loot Die, +5 Stealth Detection.
      - Reveal .................... // +2 LD when searching for dungeons and labyrinths. You may also
search for a sub-dungeon or labyrinth every 15 posts (instead of 20).
      - Tracking .................. // Allows the user to track previously-encountered
monsters, NPCs, or other players. Negates all bonuses to the target's Stealth Rating. After
tracking, your first attack against the tracked creature cannot miss. Cannot be used in combat.

- Battle Healing ............. || Rank 5: Heal 99(5%) each post In-Battle.
      - Emergency Recovery ........ // When non-fatal damage would leave you at 25% or less, recover
10%(198) of your max HP
- Fighting Spirit ............ || +1 Hate generation.
- Hiding ..................... || Rank 5: +5 Stealth Rating.
      - Vanish .................... // Use in combat post action to stealth. Free action in combat
to stealth if target has been slain.

      - Surprise Attack ........... // Cannot miss from stealth. +3(1 * Tier) damage on first attack.
- Extended Mod Limit ......... || Rank 3: +3 Mod slots.
- Parry ...................... || Reduce incoming damage by 50%(rounded down).
      - Justified Riposte ......... // Stun attacker for 1 turn.
- Energist ................... || Add 15(5 * Tier) Energy to your max pool.
- Charge ..................... || Rank 5: +5 on initial hit.
- Howl ....................... || Adds +2 Hate against up to 4 targets.
      - Focused Howl .............. // Adds +4 Hate against a single target.

- Disguise ................... || +1 EVA for one turn.
- Survival ................... || Heal 45 HP when out of battle.
- Familiar Mastery: Fighter .. || Rank 3: +9(Tier * Rank) Damage.
- Meditation ................. || Recover 15(5 * Tier) energy with post action. Reduced to 10(2 x Tier)
energy if you are hit before your next round.

[stat summary] HP: 1985/1985| EN: 189/189 | DMG: 23 | ACC: 5 | EVA: 2 | MIT: 194 | HLY: 12 | VMP: 198 | Phase | REC: 6 | FrThorns: 35(21) | FrAur: 6 | Emergency Recovery | SafeGuard | Rested 2/2 | PARRY | BH: 99


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This was definitely a first. Having never stepped into a floor boss again, Chase wasn't sure what to expect. Although everybody else was on their way here, some had already arrived and fully buffed themselves. The blueberry would take the liberty to do the very same, of course. He didn't want to go into a boss unprepared, especially one that would open up more floors for all the players, more breathing room to wander around in. With Mac nearby, he walked closer, expecting to be in the same party as him.

1591249525_ChaseDBPDefault.png.700bb0c646d2556ae585a5647de88422.png"I'm sure Ma will put up with you, Mac. Just like with Fenrir.", he spoke at last with a grin on his face as the banner was planted into the ground, looking around only to notice that he was there too- fuck's sake. Quickly averting his gaze from Freyd, his neutral expression looked as far to the side as would be possible. He found it a good enough window to open up his inventory and start taking out items, buffs to consume and prepare himself for the slaughter to come, and hopefully be avoided. Once he was ready to go, he opened his trade menu to see who all was nearby- noticing Mari and NIGHT were approaching. Sven had given him some extra foods and these two were exactly the reason why. Sending both a trade request, he wanted to offer them a share of probiotics and antioxidants each- it was a shame he didn't have more for the rest, but there were only so many supplies he could convince that sleazeball to dish out for him within such a small time frame. All the preparations had been made now anyways. Now, it was time to get down to business.

[ChaseR offers @NIGHT and @Mari x1 "Pangolin Cookies (Perfect/Antioxidants)" and x1 "Star Chips (T3/Perfect/Probiotics III)" each.]
[ChaseR offers @NIGHT x1 "Ein Sof (Perfect/Antidote III)" and x1 "Viperion (T3/Perfect/Toxic Venom)".]



Name: ChaseR
Level: 74
HP: 1510/1510
EN: 148/148

Damage: 19
Mitigation: 43
Evasion: 3
Accuracy: 3

Equipped Gear:
Weapon: <<Fragmented Blade>> (T3/Perfect/2HSS): PARA I, HOLY II
Armor: <<Azure Overcoat>> (T2/Perfect/Light Armor): V.DEF I, HBS I, MIT I
Misc: <<Chained Bracelet>> (T2/Demonic/Trinket): EVA II, ACC II

Two-Handed Straight Sword [Rank 5]
Light Armor [Rank 5]
Battle Healing [Rank 5]
Searching [Rank 4]
Charge [Rank 5]
Hiding [Rank 2]
Parry [Obtained]
Extended Mod Limit [Obtained]
Fighting Spirit [Obtained]
Howl [Obtained]

Extra Skills:
Familiar Mastery: Fighter

2HSS Finesse [R3]
Sprint & Acrobatics
Focused Howl

Battle Ready Inventory:
Insta-Life ++ (T2/Perfect/HP REC III)*1
Woodland Armor (T3/Perfect) MIT III (1/3)*1
Teleport Crystal [F21]*1
Imugi's Inspiration (Mass HP Recovery)*1
Requires Extended Weight Limit 1
Requires Extended Weight Limit 2
Requires Extended Weight Limit 3
Obtained via Item Stash (Housing)
Obtained via Dimensional Backpack

Housing Buffs:
Rested: -1 energy cost for the first two expenditures of each combat
Clean: The first time you would suffer DoT damage in a thread, reduce damage taken from DoT each turn by 20% (rounded down)
Filling: Increase the effectiveness of a single food item consumed in a thread by +1 T1 slot.
Relaxed: Increases out of combat HP regen by (5 * Tier HP) and decreases full energy regen to 2 Out of Combat Posts.
Skylight (Searching): +1 Rank to the Searching skill.
Advanced Training: +2 SP to a thread. Limit one use per month [0/1]
Multipurpose: Gain +1 to LD, Stealth Rating, Stealth Detection, or Prosperity to one post in a thread. Can be applied after a roll
Decor [Potted Tanabata Bamboo Tree]: This buff affects the player and their choice of up to two party members.

Guild Hall Buffs:

Scents of the Wild:
Kumatetsu Statue: +1 Base Damage for a thread

Wedding Ring:



[ChaseR uses "Liquor of Light (Perfect/DMG III)"!]
[ChaseR uses "Applie Pie (Perfect/LD III)"!]
[ChaseR uses "Scrambled Eggs (Rare/EVA II)"!]
[ChaseR uses "Chocolate Beans (Rare/ACC II)"!]
[ChaseR uses a charge of "Treant Armor (T3/Perfect/MIT III)"! Treant Armor is out of charges!]
[ChaseR uses a charge of "Gold Stars Stickers (DMG +1)"! 2/3 charges left.]
[ChaseR uses "Lightning Rod (Unique/PARA I)"!]
[ChaseR uses "Cerberus Soul (Unique/T3 BRN II)"!]
[ChaseR uses "Terra Firma Scale (Unique/T2 MIT)"!]
[ChaseR uses "Pangolin Cookies (Perfect/Antioxidants)"!]
[ChaseR uses "Star Chips (T3/Perfect/Probiotics III)"!]
[ChaseR uses "Viperion (T3/Perfect/Toxic Venom)"!]
[ChaseR uses "Ein Sof (Perfect/Antidote III)"!]

[ChaseR uses filling on "Chocolate Beans (Rare/ACC II)"! (ACC I)]

ChaseR: HP: 1510/1510 | EN: 148/148 | DMG: 24 | ACC: 6 | EVA: 5 | MIT: 106 | HLY: 12 | BRN: 36 | TXC VNM: 24 | PARA: 8-10 | V.(DEF): 75 | HBS: 16 | LD: 8 | ANTIDOTE: 3/3 | PROB: 9 | RESTED: 2/2 | BH: 75

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Name: Oscar
Level: 75
HP: 1710/1710
EN: 165/165

Damage: 25
Mitigation: 121
Evasion: 5
Accuracy: 5
BH: 100
FLN: 12
BRN: 36

Equipped Gear:

Two Handed Battle Axe [Rank 5]
Battle Healing [Rank 5]
Light Armor [Rank 5]
Parry [Obtained]
Searching [Rank 5]
First Aid [Rank 5]
Extended Mod Limit [Obtained]
Quick Change [Obtained]
Energist [Obtained]

Extra Skills:
Fighter Mastery: Fighter

Finesse R3
Sprint and Acrobatics
Justified Riposte
Field Medic
Barrier R3

Battle Ready Inventory:
Teleportation Crystal*1
Tactical Outfitting MK.III - T3 Demonic LA VampDef, ParaImmune, 2 Rec*1
Frosted Necklace - T3 Trinket LifeMending, 2 Rec*1
Money Shot - T3 2HBA AbsAcc, ACC, BLD*1
Empty Slot*1
Empty Slot*1

Housing Buffs:
Well Rested: -1 energy cost for the first three expenditures of each combat
Squeaky Clean: The first time you would suffer DoT damage in a thread, reduce damage taken from DoT each turn by 25% (rounded down)
Hard Working: +2 EXP per crafting attempt and +1 crafting attempt per day
Filling: Increase the effectiveness of a single food item consumed in a thread by +1 T1 slot.
Item Stash: +1 Battle Ready Inventory Slot
Delicious: Turn 3 identical food items (same quality, tier, & enhancements) into a Feast. A Feast contains 6 portions of the food items sacrificed.
Relaxed: Increases out of combat HP regen by (5 * Tier HP) and decreases full energy regen to 2 Out of Combat Posts.
Skylight (Searching): +1 Rank to the Searching skill.
Angler: +1 material gained when fishing

Guild Hall Buffs:

Scents of the Wild:
Kumatetsu Statue: +1 Base Damage for a thread

Consumable Buffs:
A Bottle of Cooking Oil - +2 EVA
Blue Cow - +3 ACC (Filling)
Tom - +2 Protein
An Actual Pile of Diamonds - +45 MIT
The Ultimate Peep - +180 Overhealth
Bane of Blood - Restore 15 Health Per Turn
Queen's Honey - +3 DMG
Matriarch's Stinger - Double Bleed Damage for the thread

Wedding Ring:

Oscar - HP: 1710/1710 | EN: 165/165 | DMG: 25 | ACC: 5 | EVA: 5 | MIT: 121 | 12 FLN | 36 BRN | 100 BH 

And so, it was finally time for the Frontliners to make their stand against Shadow. From the turn-out at the meeting, Oscar hadn't expected so many people to show up today. But here they were, almost able to fill out four complete Raid Parties. It was fortunate then that Oscar had brought four of each normal Feast. He set them out for the Raid to consume without a word, saving the best surprise for last. The Ultimate Peep crashed to the ground with a thud. Oscar took a bite from its marshmallow hide and then washed it out with the decadence he'd provided in the form of the other Feasts. Words were not needed here. Only action. And that action was eating the Feasts that he had so painstakingly crafted all those months ago for this exact moment. He doubted that he would need to urge them on. After all, who in their right mind would pass up a chance to eat a Literal Pile of Diamonds and wash it down with Blue Cow brand energy drink? Fools, that's who.



A Bottle of Cooking Oil [2 EVA Feast] - Oscar
A Bottle of Cooking Oil [2 EVA Feast] - 
A Bottle of Cooking Oil [2 EVA Feast] - 
A Bottle of Cooking Oil [2 EVA Feast] - 

Tom [2 Protein Feast] - 
Tom [2 Protein Feast] -
Tom [2 Protein Feast] -
Tom [2 Protein Feast] -

A Literal Pile of Diamonds [45 MIT Feast] - 
A Literal Pile of Diamonds [45 MIT Feast] - 
A Literal Pile of Diamonds [45 MIT Feast] - 
A Literal Pile of Diamonds [45 MIT Feast] - 

Blue Cow [2 ACC Feast] - 
Blue Cow [2 ACC Feast] -
Blue Cow [2 ACC Feast] -
Blue Cow [2 ACC Feast] -

The Ultimate Peep [180 Overhealth Feast] - 


Edited by Oscar
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LEVEL - 76
HP - 1550
EN - 167
DMG - 20
MIT - 79
ACC - 3
EVA - 4
HOLY - 6
LD - 5

      +1 DMG


      +5 LD

           COOLDOWN: 2 TURNS
      +15 EN

           COOLDOWN: 3 TURNS


 +25 MIT

      +1 ACC



     ➥ FALLEN 2
     ➥ HOLY
     ➥ PHASE

      +54 MIT
      +1 EVA

      +2 EVA
      +2 ACC

     ➥ +9 DMG


     ➥ INSTANT

     ➥ HEAL 180 HP
     ➥ +1 ACC
     ➥ TAUNT

Bahr partakes in A Bottle of Cooking Oil [2 EVA Feast]
Bahr partakes in Tom [2 Protein Feast >>> 3 Protein with Filling House buff]
Bahr partakes in A Literal Pile of Diamonds [45 MIT Feast]
Bahr partakes in Blue Cow [2 ACC Feast]
Bahr partakes in The Ultimate Peep [180 Overhealth Feast]
Bahr consumes Ultra Lucky Hot Dog [3 LD]
Bahr consumes Titan's Strength [3 DMG]
Bahr consumes Blueberry Chai Granola Bar [T3 - 3 Probiotics]
Bahr consumes Antibody Amalgam [3 Antidote]
Bahr consumes Eggplant Fries [Antioxidants]
Bahr applies Synthesized Virus to Dawn's Demise [24/3 (9-10) Toxic Venom]



Bahr: HP: 1730/1730 | EN: 167/167 | DMG: 26 | MIT: 79 | ACC: 5 | EVA: 6 | FLN: 12 | HLY: 6 | TxcVnm: 24 | HB: 24 | BH: 86 | PHASE | Prob: 27 | Oxidant | Dote 3

As one might expect, the first thing that Bahr did upon reaching the proverbial party was attend the buffet line. These sorts of events were always crammed full with some of the most delicious and gratuitous food money could buy - not that he actually needed to buy them, of course. It was perhaps the best part of raids. Sure, he was going to be expected to fight and stuff, as well as put his life on the line, but it was worth it for such an amazing 'last meal.'

While several others were chatting, with some trying their damndest to stand taller than the rest and bark orders - likely in a vain attempt to seem as relevant as possible. So Bahr did what he did best - grabbed as much foot as physically possible, pulled up a chair, and watched the show unfold while shoving the consumables down his gullet. Such was the best way to enjoy the occasion.

Edited by Bahr
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With Oscar's arrival, Chase simply raised his hand and waved, scratching the back of his head afterwards awkwardly. While he wasn't going to be tanking directly since his evasion build wasn't one of the most consistent, especially given his current mitigation, he was going to be switching with whoever tanked for him whenever necessary. Approaching the feasts set down, he eyed the one out of the easter dungeon and almost glared at it before lifting his head to check with Oscar. He had to be alright with him taking a piece.

Then again, the raid was for all the frontliners. Given he and only a select few would be taking hits for the rest whenever the attacks weren't party-wide, he deserved a feast bare minimum. He'd purposefully left out the overheal buffs for this exact reason. And so, he took a piece of his own to increase his health a monstrous number, feeling slightly safer and prouder in his efforts having paid off. At last, to be a frontliner amongst frontliners.

[ChaseR consumes a portion of "The Ultimate Peep (T3/Demonic/OH IV Feast)". (+180 MHP)]

ChaseR: HP: 1690/1690 | EN: 148/148 | DMG: 24 | ACC: 6 | EVA: 5 | MIT: 106 | HLY: 12 | BRN: 36 | TXC VNM: 24 | PARA: 8-10 | V.(DEF): 84 | HBS: 16 | LD: 8 | ANTIDOTE: 3/3 | PROB: 9 | RESTED: 2/2 | BH: 84

Edited by ChaseR
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Out of all the things Cordelia thought she would be ready for, the Floor Twenty-five boss raid was probably the highest one on the list, but here she was, completely unprepared with nothing but spare buffs she had in her inventory. Months prior to this, she was grinding through quests and levels like crazy, but it seemed like good things weren't meant to last. It seemed that she had reached her peak in those months, and the time after was just a slow descent into what she had experienced when the game first began. 

It just seemed like everything she had worked and cared for had just started to crumble in front of her very eyes, and she won't deny that most of it was her doing. The Tarot's activity had been reduced to almost nothing. She couldn't even remember the last time she had interacted with any of her friends. Heck, even her relationship with Oscar was on the rocks. 

"God, what the fuck am I doing," she murmured, her chin tilting up as she dragged a tired hand down her face. "I don't have time to worry about this crap, especially not right before a boss battle," Cordelia muttered to herself, giving herself a mental slap to the face before she went to look for a couple of familiar faces. 



HP: 1380/1380 | EN: 118/118 | DMG: 25 | ACC: 7 | EVA: 5 | MIT: 114 | HLY: 12 | 15 FRST AURA | ABS. ACC | PHSE | LD: 3 | Antioxidant | Probiotics: 3 | Antidote: 3 | BH: 69


 ▶ T3 Katana | Onimaru: PHSE, 12 HLY, ABS. ACC
 ▶ T3 Light Armor | Lakshmi's Defiance: 15 FRST AURA, 72 MIT
 ▶ T2 Jewelry | Empress' Kanzashi: +3 ACC, +1 EVA


[x5] Mass Heals: Heals Tierx30 HP


 Udon Bowl: 2 ACC
☆ Ramen Bowl: 2 EVA
Super Armor Miso Ramen: +45 MIT

☆ Super Buff Shoyu Ramen: +2 Protein
☆ Liquor of Light: +3 DMG





☆ R3 Fighter Familiar Skill: +9 DMG
     ▷ Passive
     ▶ Effect: Gain +(1 * Tier) base damage per Rank when fighting with your familiar. This does not stack with the Damage enhancement.
     ● Description: Your Familiar helps you in combat. For each skill level invested, the players gains +1 to their Base Damage. You may only benefit from one Familiar Mastery skill at a time. These bonuses cannot exceed your enhancement cap.
Possible to obtain after completing the quest <<Feeding the Enemy>>

☆ R3 HIDING SKILL: +3 Stealth Rating
     ▷ Passive
     ▶ Effect: +1 Stealth Rating per rank.
     ● Description: Blend into your surroundings, making it harder for monsters and other players to sense your presence and detect you.

     ▷ Passive
     ▶ Effect: Gain mitigation based on your rank in the Light Armor skill. May only benefit from one armor skill at a time.
     ● Description: You become proficient with light armor.
  > Athletics: +1 Base DMG, +20 HP


     ▷ Active: Free Action
     Cooldown: 3 Turns
     ▶ Effect: Gain +1 EVA until the start of your next turn
     ● Description: After having fought and killed your duplicate, you have learnt how to use its trick of becoming another, visually becoming another target.
Possible to obtain after completing the quest <<The Gemini>>

     ▷ Passive
     ▶ Effect: Increases out of combat health regeneration to (15 * Tier) per post. Grants immunity to most damage dealing environmental attacks/effects.
     ▶ Description: After braving the harsh sands of the desert, harsh environmental hazards no longer affect you.
Unlocked after completing the quest <<The Traveler>>


     ▷ Passive
     ▶ Effect: While in combat, recover 1% per rank of your maximum HP (rounded down) at the beginning of your turn.
Description: Passively recover health in battle.

 Active: Post Action
     ▶ Effect: +1 base damage per rank to a single attack. You may only use a Charge attack once per opponent per combat and only if it is possible via roleplay. A charge attack negates any auto-hit effects from other skills and mods (e.g. Suprise Attack mods from Hiding, Tracking mod from Searching) and now have a -1 Accuracy debuff.
Description: Charge towards an opponent to inflict extra damage.


     ▷ Passive
     ▶ Effect: Gain +3 base damage for rank 1, then +1 base damage for ranks 2-5.

  > Ferocity: +1 Base DMG
> Precision: +1 ACC
> R3 Finesse: -3 EN to all SAs




     ▷ Increases HP regen by (5 * Tier HP) and decreases full energy regen to 2 Out of Combat Posts

     ▷ +2 SP to a thread. Limit one use per month.

     ▷ Turn 2 identical food items (same quality, tier, & enhancements) into a Lesser Feast.

     ▷ +2 EXP per crafting attempt, +1 crafting attempt


  • The Statues' stat effects cannot be used until a player has PERSONALLY gathered all 6 trophies. You cannot gather three and another player get three and put them together.
  • Statues are non-tradeable, they are bound to your own player.
  • You can only have one statue effect activated at a time in a thread (I.E. You can't have +1 Damage and +50 Overhealth, you can only have one or the other in a thread).
  • Statues cosmetic effects can be used anywhere, but only one can be used in a certain area at a time

     ▷ A small statue [Uncommon Item] that can be placed in a home, proving that you defeated the Ferocious Kumatetsu. If used within a thread, it gives +1 Base Damage for a thread. When touched, it can give off the smell of the deep forest, the moss-covered logs and the smell of the morning rain. The distant sound of the three rivers can be heard, giving a soothing and seemingly peaceful area where one can rest. It can also be taken to group gathering to give an atmosphere.

     ▷ A small statue [Uncommon Item] that can be placed in a home, proving that you defeated «The Leech Lich». When used, it gives +1 LD for a thread. When touched, it can give off the smell of the musty, re-used air, the heaviness of the floor's feeling of being trapped with no escape. It also gives off the feeling of dread, being watched from every angle, and unseen creatures waiting in the shadows. It can also be taken to group gatherings to give an atmosphere.

     ▷ A small statue [Uncommon Item] that can be placed in a home, proving that you defeated the Mighty Mōretsuna. When used, it gives +50 base health for one thread. When touched, it can give off the smell of the ocean from the beaches surrounding the islands. The sound of waves crashing along the shore and the scent of the sea air carried from far off lands, and the warm feeling of the sun against a person's skin. Can also be taken to group gathering to give an atmosphere.

     ▷ A small statue [Uncommon Item] that can be placed in a home, proving that you defeated the Colossal Titan. When used, it gives +15 Mitigation for a thread. When touched, it can give off the smell of the 19th floor's plains, the vastness that comes with them and the smell of winds carried miles from all around, and from the nearby mountains. The low winds come and go throughout a person's ears can be heard, but not felt. It can also be taken to group gathering to give an atmosphere.

     ▷ A small statue [Uncommon Item] that can be placed in a home, proving that you defeated the Stealthy Suterusu. When used, it gives +1 Energy recovery for a thread. When touched, it can give off the smell of the old and abandoned ruins found throughout the floor. The sweet plants that grow within the overgrown areas combine to make a pure, sweet scent that can almost be seen as romantic.  A slow, steady rhythm can be heard, echoing over mountains from hidden tribes. Can also be taken to group gathering to give an atmosphere.

     ▷ A small statue [Uncommon Item] that can be placed in a home, proving that you defeated the Shocking Taneuma. When used, it gives +1 Taunt buff for a thread. When touched, it can give off the smell of the forests surrounding the area. The sweet smell of fresh sap coming from maple trees is strong and gives a fragrant aroma. The sound of a nearby lake can be heard, a fish can also be heard jumping to the surface and landing back down into the water with a small splash every few moments, and the distant sounds of birds can be heard as well. It can also be taken to group gathering to give an atmosphere.


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"Well, I was hoping for Tacos, but I guess they can't all be winners." Baldur's eyes sparkled with mirth as he walked over to Oscar's buffet tables and picked up <<a bottle of cooking oil>> and sprayed it over <<a literal pile of diamonds>> and began to eat. "Reminds me of Captain Crunch." He eyed the blue cow skeptically, but began to consume that as well with a look of regret. The last piece of food in his hand was the peep. He really really didn't want to eat it, but this is where they were. This fight was too important to let something like this go due to taste.

"Oh god, they're as bad as I remember." he spoke, his words coming out muffled as if he was playing a game of chubby bunny.

Finally, he washed it down with a damage potion, and looked over at Macradon as he came fully arrayed for battle complete with his own banner. Baldur gave him a smile.

"Good idea." He searched through his inventory to find it, and suddenly summoned his own <<Banner of Command>>. The large banner on sky blue bore the crest of a wolf. This was the final charge.

He stamped the banner down, and felt the power surge into the around him and strengthen the members of his party.

@Oscar Baldur eats A Bottle of Cooking Oil, Tom, A literal pile of diamonds, Blue Cow, and The Ultimate Peep Feast.

Baldur's Party Receives the following - +1 Unique Damage Buff (stacks with consumables, does not stack with Sharpen)
@Kiluia Seiko


Edited by Baldur
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(Filling in post, just wanted to gt this stuff in atm

Mari had arrived with her guild...her guild. Alongside people like Shield and Baldur - shouldn't she feel happy about this? To be surrounded by friends who had her back? to have guildmates like Crozeph follow behind...she should feel strong, but instead - Mari felt...empty. Lost, and as though she was a puzzle piece that didn't quite fit. Despite that though, Mari had her shoulders rolled back straight, her held held high. And a small smile on her features, giving a nod of acknowledgement to those who would look her way. Mari was quite good at this. Playing the part - outwardly seeming that everything was fine. Even if her eyes were tired, lined with dark rings - even if her hair felt limp and her cheeks didn't have the cheery pink hue. She could easily show everyone here that she was fine..

I can do this. For the sake of everyone else here.

Mari watched Baldur break off, approaching Crozeph and Yuki - and bringing them into a big, warm hug -  congratulating them. On what? Their relationship perhaps. Mari hadn't really heard from either of them since they had started dating, but hearing nothing meant it had been going well. Mari glanced to the side, tugging on her hair. It still hurt. She should never have admitted to him that she had feelings for him when at the time she didn't even know what they were herself. Mari drew in a deep breath and opened up her inventory. She should probably prepare for the battle. If she showed even an iota of what she was really feeling, she'd be told to suck it up. Not to drag people down. 

"Hey @ChaseR." Mari glanced up at his crystal then back to him. "It's good to see your crystal is back to green." He had offered her items but Mari clasped her hand over his and pushed it gently back toward him. "I appreciate the offer, but I don't need that. Jacobs Ladder has bought more than enough reserves for members in our guild and then some."  speaking of which....who was supposed to be handing out the crystals? Mari noticed @Baldur handing some out. Good. She glanced at her own inventory, a little more empty than she had liked - but... she had lost the drive to craft anything. Mari pursed her lips. Should she say something? No...that'd be a bother.

"Ah, see." Mari said to Chaser as Baldur handed him some crystals. "So again, thanks - but save it for yourself." It was nice of him to offer, and for Oscar to put down so much offerings, but Mari would feel guilty if she had taken any of it. So she mostly kept to her own buffs. Besides, the thing she needed most - energy - there wasn't exactly a buff for that

"Please, Ma?" Chaser said, shoving it right back into her hands. He looked up at her with that stubborn look he had - and Mari sighed, knowing she wouldn't win. "Okay. I'll take it." She reached out and placed a hand on his head, offering Chase a warm, tired smile. "But only because you were so insistent." 


. "It's a relief to see we'll be in the same team, @Macradon." Mari said as she gave him a small squeeze on his upper arm, acknowledging him.  "It'll be good to have a friendly face around during such a battle."

Throughout all her interactions, Mari was reserved, pleasant - and always did her best to smile. Keep up morale. Keep up the smiles. Don't falter. Don't fall.


Mari puts down:
A Feast of Steak and Onion Pie 
Evasion II | +2 EVA

Titans Strength Potion  +3 DAMAGE 
A feast of Steak and Onion Pie: +2 EVA 
Super Sight Miso Ramen: +2 ACC 
Banner of Command Used on Mari +1 Damage

1xSuper Armor Miso Ramen: +45 MIT
Probiotics III           - 27 DoT Damage


HP: 1910/1910 | EN:170/170  | DMG: 23 | ACC: 6 | EVA: 5 | MIT: 63 | FALLEN 1 | DoT: x|Bleed -24  | Status Effect: Pribiotics III -27 DoT | Flame Aura -15|  KEEN 1 | VAMPIRIC OFF +1 | BH:86  | LD+3 | Antidote 3/3 DoT Block

Battle Inventory

5 x T1 Mass Heal Crystals 30xTier to Party |4 x HP Recovery Crystal II (Heals Target 120HP) X4| Teleport Crystal



Level: 85 | HP: 1730 |Energy: 170

Mari    [H:0/0/0] - HP 1730/173| EN: 170/170 | DMG: 19 | MIT: 43 | EVA:3 | ACC: 4  | BH: 86 | KEEN +1 | FALLEN 1 | VAMP OFF 1| FLAME AURA: 15 |

Rank 5 Weapon (+5 DMG)
-Weapon Mod: Precision (+1 ACC)
-Weapon Mod: Ferocity (+1 DMG)
Rank 5 Charge (+5 Damage -1 ACC)
Charge Mod BULL RUSH: Successful charge stuns target 1 turn
Rank 5 Light Armor (+25 MIT)
Light Armor Mod Athletics -  Gain +1 base damage and +30 HP when wearing light armor
Rank 5 Battle Healing (5% of total health rounded down start of each turn)
Familiar Mastery Expert - +1 (*Tier) Damage - +9 Damage
Extended Mod Limit Rank 3 (+3 Mods)
First Aid: Cost 5% in EN Heal 4% per rank of a target party member’s maximum HP (rounded down). Cannot target the user.
Field Medic Mod: 12 En + 3 En per player:  heal for 20% of each party members maximum HP

Darkened Bore - LamentationItem Type: 2H Assault Spear Tier 3
1 Keen, 1 Vampiric (Offensive), 1 Fallen
 9-10 BD heals 10% of player's Max HP 
BD 6-8  gain 6 per  fallen damage to your total base damage.
 After a successful attack, gain +(1 per slot) BD until your next successful attack

Name: Beacon Necklace | Item Type: Pendant | Tier 2
  +3 ACC 

Infernal Shadow | Item Type: Light Armour | Tier 3
 +2 Eva | +1 Flame Aura
'Effect: Prevent (6 per slot * Tier) damage per slot from successful attacks against you. Successful non-critical attacks against you deal (5 per slot * Tier) unmitigated burn damage to the attacking enemy.



Edited by Mari
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HP: 2030/2030 | EN: 176/176 | DMG: 19 | MIT: 141 | ACC: 6 |  EVA: 4 | TNT: 1 | LD: 3 | ACH: 0.5 | BH: 90 | Stonewall | Safeguard | Antidote: 3/3 | PBC: 9 | Antioxidant


HP: 2030 | EN: 176 | DMG: 19 | MIT: 141 ACC: 6 |  EVA: 4 | TNT: 1 | LD: 3 | ACH: 0.5 (See Achilles in Skills/Mods for details)

Equipped Gear:

Grand Gauntlets III: +9 Unarmed Damage

Grand Chariot III: +81 Mitigation

Rebellion of Sapphire: +3 Evasion | +1 Taunt

Battle Ready:

x1 Grand Guard III: +28 Thorns & +3 Heavy Momentum

x1 Grand Legionbane: +9 Damage

x1 Grand Skypiercer II: +1 Taunt & +2 Paralyze

x1 Basic Teleportation Crystal: Upon use, teleport to the nearest town next turn

x5 Safeguard Potion: First Attack Negated

(Dimensional Backpack) x5 Corrumpebant: Immune to negative status effects for 3 turns

(Dimensional Pouch) - x5 T1 Healing Crystal: Instantly Heal 30*Tier HP to entire party

Skills & Mods:

Two-Handed Battle Axe [Rank 5]

One-Handed Assault Spear [Rank 5]

Heavy Armor [Rank 5]: Athletics Mod / Stonewall Mod

Charge [Rank 5]: Bull Rush Mod

Battle Healing [Rank 5]: Emergency Recovery Mod

Block [Rank 5]: Rampart Mod


Parry: Vengeful Riposte Mod

Extended Mod Limit [Rank 3]

Familiar Master: Accurate [Rank 3]

Martial Arts [Rank 5]: Precision Mod

Quick Change





Achilles [Rank 5]:
- 50% Damage Reduction (All Incoming Damage after MIT and Rampart/Parry reduction multiplied by 0.5 (Ex. [150 DMG - 50 MIT] /2 ACH = 50)
- Counter and DoT damage is exempt and doubled (Stonewall reduces DoT effects by 25% rounded down)
- Status effects that removes player action last twice as long

Active Buffs:

Safeguard (Expended on first hit)

Antidote (3 turns)

As he arrived with the rest of Jacob's Ladder, Calrex gave a small sigh, the air ringing metallic against the helm of the Grand Chariot III. Prior to arrival he had already taken the two things he knew to be useful for the start of the battles. The first was a Safeguard potion from his stores, which were slowly but surely running dry. The second was the new antidote salve he had ordered from Zandra, which would at least for a few turns protect him from the amplified negative status effects as a result of his unique skill, "I'll definitely need to make sure I keep that up, depending on how long this fight drags out. I can't exactly be dropping one of these ever few moments or so or else I'd be lowering my damage output, and from what I understand from what the strategy was so far, I'll ned to be switching between AoE and single target damage if needed, depending on what comes in this fight..."

Adjusting the Grand Gauntlets III he steadied his mind while thinking of what else he could possibly do. With Achille's main problems gone for now his tanking abilities were more or less back to how they were before the sudden patch right before Leviathan, but it would only last for so long. In addition, with all of the discussions and rumors about the difficulty of this fight, the Ultramarine Knight himself almost felt coming prepared was equivalent to being underprepared. A small sigh escaped his lips, "Well there's not much I can do now..."

"Hey @Baldur, you've still got some spare healing crystals right? I've got a spare battle ready slot, so I can keep those on hand for the party I'll be in. Unfortunately I didn't have the time to grab any other buffs before the fight, but at the least I managed to get a hold of a good stock of antidotes, so if things go right I shouldn't be in a similar state to how I was during the last raid."


1x Safeguard Potion
1x Corrumpebant

Consumed from Post 36:
1x Antioxidant (Feast)
1x Probiotic
 3 (T3/Feast)
1x Loot
 Dice 3 (Feast)
1x A
 Bottle of Cooking Oil [2 EVA Feast] 
1x Tom
 [2 Protein Feast]
1x A
 Literal Pile of Diamonds [45 MIT Feast] 
1x Blue
 Cow [2 ACC Feast] 
1x The
 Ultimate Peep [180 Overhealth Feast] 


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The gang had already begun to arrive. Among the numbers of players who were present, Shield of course recognized his own guild, in addition to some of the other staples of the front lines - @Macradon, @Ariel - The Crowned Lion, and @Jomei among them. Macradon was a player with whom he held a great deal of mutual respect. They had fought many times on the front lines and through quests together, and he trusted the man implicitly. Jomei was someone with whom Shield had some experience, though no personal connection. He held a benign respect for the Irishman. Ariel.... Ariel was Ariel. Shield gave each of them a solemn nod of recognition.

Many of the others who had arrived were players with whom Shield was familiar. @Freyd - The Whisper in Shadows and @ChaseR in particular he had seen in battle and knew their worth against difficult enemies. @Cordelia was a new - though less recently so - connection. He knew for a fact how potent her weapon was, having helped modify its enhancements perfectly. She would do well, though he was unsure how well she could handle a hit. He gave each of them a brief nod as well.

There were others he did not know. One of whom he was fairly certain he had bought an ungodly amount of hotdogs from recently. Another he had only seen at the boss meeting, and he had been too busy attending to his duties as a host to truly meet and greet as many players as he likely should have.

As people began filing in, Shield unpacked a veritable picnic of enhancements and began applying each of them. He would dump this onto his armor, and shove a mouthful of that food buff and wash it down with a swig of such-and-such a potion. All the while, his stats in the HUD steadily climbed and began to hit peaks that he had not yet seen in all of his time on the front lines. Many of the buffs he'd had he had been saving for a rainy day. Many were new and unique. All of the, however, might be necessary. He spared nothing. Anything and everything he could consume or administer to gear, he did.

Normally, I would just hoard items like these in RPG's and have a giant pile that never get used. But here, there is no redo button. Whatever I can use, I should use.

With his feast consumed, he stood, brushed himself off, and took out a horn much like the one Macradon had used just moments ago. It was, after all, acquired on the same quest. He sent out a short, powerful blast, and he saw the energy regeneration on his display light up in gold as the passive recovery increased  considerably. He saw the same colored light momentarily frame the players with whom he would be fighting.

Edited by Shield
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Many familiar faces had begun to appear, many that he cherished to a degree where he could call them actual friends and not just brothers in arms. @ChaseR had come, ready to take tanking duty if everything were to turn to shit for the knight, Mari had arrived as well, making sure that healing wouldn’t be a problem for their part. He would chuckle at ChaseR’s remark “Aye if you can tank as well as you did against Fenrir I don’t doubt your capabilities to take over for me if things get too rough.” he replied with a broad smile “It’s good to have you at my side for this, makes me feel less scared of what’s gonna happen in there. The boss wasn’t really the most welcoming of foes.” he commented with a slight shudder to his body as he remembered all the psychological horror that happened during the labyrinth battle.

ving at Mari and nodding, Macradon agreed “Ye, it’s nice being in the same team with people you can depend on, especially with what’s to come against us this floor.” he said somewhat nervously “I gotta prepare.” he said and walked over to Oscar “Both mentally and buff wise.” he added and took the last portion of Oscar’s Ultimate Peep feast “I’m not a big fan of this thing … but it has to be done.” he said wit a chuckle, looking at both @Calrex and @Mari and ate his part of the Ultimate Peep.

< Ultimate Peep portion consumed >
Stat changes reflected in stat post

Edited by Macradon
Can actually Peep
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NIGHT wasn't wearing gloves that day.

When the woman had showed up, her fingers were bare, still grasping at her palms, rubbing them for warmth. She couldn't tell if it was the suppressive atmosphere of the corridors, the eternal depths of the maze cloaked in shroud and shadow that kept her heart beating fast. Or if it was the low ceilings. Maybe the fact that she could've lost her way at any moment, getting stuck in an endless abyss with only a stick of chalk in her pocket kept her breathing soft, light and shallow.

More likely it was because of the heat she was trying to savor upon her skin. Because it had been theirs.

And there was no one around to have looked for her just yet.

The moment she noticed the familiar blue in the crowd of players, she'd quickly donned the leather upon her hands. But it wouldn't be enough to hide the exasperation still masked upon her cheeks. A quick stride over to ChaseR as the man nodded to her, sending the player a trade request.

Buffs. At the corner of her eye, she could spot Oscar's presence, almost as though it was a gentle reminder to her to have come to the fight prepared. She took them, flitting, from feast to feast like a wraith haunting old tombstones.



  | HP: 1790/1790 | EN: 173/173
  | ACC: 6* | DMG: 26 | EVA: 6 | MIT: 94 | BH: 104
  | BRN: 36 | BLI: 72 | BLD: 72 | TXV: 24 | VV: 10 | ENV: 4 | PRLYZ

  | Stealth Detection: 5 | Stealth Rating: 7

* [Filling] used to provide +1 ACC.
Partaking in Feasts from Oscar:
   | A Bottle of Cooking Oil | Blue Cow | Tom | A Literal Pile of Diamonds
Partaking in Feast from Zajcica:
   | The Big Chonker
Receiving and using the following from ChaseR:
   | Ein Sof | Pangolin Cookies | Star Chips | Viperion
Receiving items from Raidou:
   | Incarceration Crystal (3)
Entered Stealth. | ID: 176436 | LD: 9+7 = 16 | [>>]
For that easier copy-paste:
    NIGHT | HP: 1790/1790 | EN: 173/173 | ACC: 6 | DMG: 26 | EVA: 6 | MIT: 94 | BH: 104 | BRN: 36 | BLI: 72 | BLD: 72 | TXV: 24 | VV: 10 | ENV: 4 | PRLYZ | ANTIOXIDANTS | ANTIDOTE: 3 | PROBIOTICS: 27 | STEALTHED


  • Jack's Executioner
    -- [ Burn I | Natural critical attack rolls of 9-10 deal 36 unmitigated burn damage each enemy turn for 2 turns. This effect does not stack, but can be refreshed. ]
    -- [ Blight II | Natural critical attack rolls of 9-10 deal 72 unmitigated blight damage each enemy turn for 2 turns. This effect does not stack, but can be refreshed. ]
    -- [ Bleed I | Natural critical attack rolls of 9-10 deal 36 unmitigated bleed damage each enemy turn for 2 turns. This effect does not stack, but can be refreshed. ]
  • Reinforced Black Tracksuit
    -- [ Mitigation I | +54 MIT. ]
    -- [ Evasion I | +1 EVA. ]
  • Silver Crescent Necklace
    -- [ Accuracy II | +2 ACC ]
    -- [ Evasion II | +2 EVA ]

[Battle-Ready Inventory]

  • Cosmic Devourer
    -- [ Paralyze I | Natural successful attack rolls of 9-10 remove the enemy’s action on their next turn. Paralyzed opponents lose any evasion properties. ]
    -- [ Absolute Accuracy | +1 ACC. Attack rolls of 1 no longer automatically miss. ]
    -- [ Accuracy I | +1 ACC. ]
  • [T1E3] Teleport Crystal (2) | Instant | TELEPORT
  • [T1E3] Imugi's Inspiration (5) | Instant | MASS HP RECOVERY [+30*Tier HP]
  • [T1E3] Incarceration Crystal (3) | Instant | INCARCERATE
  • [T3E3] Cold Brew Coffee (5) | HP RECOVERY III [+180 HP]
  • [T3E2] Round of Beef (5) | VITALITY II [+12 EN]
  • Glowstone (1)



Mod Count: 8/8

  1. Two-Handed Straight Sword | Passive | RANK 5/5
    Ferocity, Precision, Finesse
  2. Light Armor | Passive | RANK 5/5 
    Athletics, Sprint&Acrobatics
  3. Searching | Passive | RANK 4+1/5
  4. Hiding | Passive | RANK 5/5
    Blindside, Vanish,
    Surprise Attack: Trickster
  5. Extended Mod Limit | Passive | RANK 3/3 
  6. Battle Healing | Passive | RANK 5/5
  7. Energist | Passive
  8. Quick Change | Active
  9. Charge | Active | RANK 5/5


  • Survival | Passive 
  • Concentration | Active -- CD: 3
  • Familiar Mastery: Fighter | Passive | RANK 3/3

Consumed Buffs

  • Kumatetsu Statue | +1 DMG

  • FEAST | A Bottle of Cooking Oil | EVASION II
  • FEAST | Blue Cow | ACCURACY II 
  • FEAST | A Literal Pile of Diamonds | MITIGATION III [+45 MIT]
  • [T1E3] Titan's Strength | DAMAGE III
  • [T1E3] Ein Sof | ANTIDOTE III
  • [T3E3] Star Chips | PROBIOTICS III
  • [T1E3] Pangolin Cookies | ANTIOXIDANTS
  • [T3E3] Viperion | TOXIC VENOM
  • [QR] Bottled Banshee Scream | PARALYZE
  • [QR] Venom Vial | Unnamed DoT: 10 DMG/4 turns
  • [QR] Serpent's Venom | ENVENOM (4DMG/10 TURNS)
  • [QR] Matriarch's Holy Stinger | x2 BLEED DMG
  • [QR] Bane of Blood | REGEN [+15 HP]

Misc. Buffs

  • Dimensional Backpack, Item Stash
    | +2 Battle-Ready Inventory Slots.
  • Well Rested
    | -1 EN for the first three expenditures of each combat. 
  • Relaxed
    | +(5 * Tier) HP per out-of-combat post. Full energy restoration occurs after two turns out of combat.
  • Squeaky Clean
    | -25% DoT damage taken from the first DoT applied to this player in a thread.
  • Skylight: Searching
    | +1 Expertise to declared utility skill. Cooldown of 30 days to reassign.
  • Multipurpose
    | +1 LD/Prosperity/Stealth/Detection to one post per thread. Can be applied after a roll.
  • Filling
    | +1 T1 slot to a food consumed by this player in a thread. Can exceed Cook enhancement caps.
  • Col Deposit
    | +5% col from loot-minimum mobs, +10% col from treasure chests.




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Within the darkened and consumed lighting, a faint chill held on the air. A bit of kindling still danced on his shoulder, Cerberus was no issue. With a laugh shared and a moment finished, this was all that was left on the agenda. Hopefully this would be it, and he'd see the rise tomorrow. If not, the pieces were already placed and everyone already knew which directions they were headed.

A pile of players in a loose clump, working ever so harshly on meals and revelry attempting to prepare. There was something to the chaos that seemed almost fitting in the hallowed chatter between them. A myriad of faces, but none of them were entirely new. Some only in passing, others at the meeting and some prior. He knew these faces and some even a name to match. He second guessed this very moment, but not out of fear. Despite that turmoil and a faint bit of reluctance he made a choice to stand with them.

Checking his gear and the newly found and bestowed blade that mirrored a man forgotten, a front liner who chose this life before. Nikki would stand with them, and now would he. He only hoped he would do her justice in her name, standing on this field where he once fought beside her and the others. This chaos was all too familiar and was a standard. Switching his glasses out for a different pair, checking the stats he now wielded they were almost acceptable.

From the pile in silence a few of his own creations moved full circle, finding the irony that when they were forged to help someone he had not been aware it would be him. It was strange in that the crowd did more to unsettle his stomach than the very thought of what they faced, taking a step away from the fray and banter. Drawing the newly found copy, The Black Star. It was heavy, unruly and reminded him of the lake on floor 4.

Where he met Haine

     Where he was trained

          Where Firm Anima was formed

               Where he lost a pair of glasses

                    Where he found himself again

The weapon hangs loose in his grasp, as the faint looming recollection of his dream the night prior. A tinge of red plays off the bastard sword as well as his shoulders, and with the violent tear and awful screech of metal on metal brings light in flares across his face. It's held aloft, and he remembered himself after all this time.

Antidote +3: 149053-1
Damage +3: 174858
Antioxidant Charge: 152395
Probiotic's 3 Charge: 176296
Loot Dice 3 Charge: 176249
A Bottle of Cooking Oil Charge (Filled)
A Literal Pile of Diamonds Charge
Blue Cow Charge
The Ultimate Peep Charge
Darkness Salve (-2 Base, +20 Mit)
Duality (-3 Base, +30 Mit)

Taken from Baldur:
Perfect Tier 1 Crystal | Instantly heals 30*Tier HP to the entire party:145151,145151-1,145155,145155-1,145155-2

Net Stat Change: +2 Accuracy, +3 Evasion, +95 Mitigation, Antidote [3/3], Antioxidant, Probiotic 27, +3 Loot Dice, +180 Max HP

Given To Kiluia Seiko:
Antidote +3: 149053-2
Damage +3: 174861

Given to Haine:
Antidote +3: 149285
Damage +3: 174861-1

Given to Night:
Incarceration/Instant: 176270, 176272, 176277

Antioxidant (Feast)
152495: Raidou [1/6]
152497 [0/6]
152498 [0/6]
152500 [0/6]

Probiotic 3 (T3/Feast)
176296: Raidou [1/6]
176297 [0/6]
176298 [0/6]
176299 [0/6]

Loot Dice 3 (Feast)
176249: Raidou [1/6]
176250 [0/6]
176251 [0/6]
176254 [0/6]

A Bottle of Cooking Oil [2 EVA Feast] - Oscar, Bahr, Baldur, NIGHT, Raidou [5/6]
A Bottle of Cooking Oil [2 EVA Feast] - [0/6]
A Bottle of Cooking Oil [2 EVA Feast] - [0/6]
A Bottle of Cooking Oil [2 EVA Feast] - [0/6]
A Feast of Steak and Onion Pie [2 EVA Feast] - Mari, [1/6]

Tom [2 Protein Feast] - Oscar, Bahr, Baldur, NIGHT  [4/6]
Tom [2 Protein Feast] - [0/6]
Tom [2 Protein Feast] - [0/6]
Tom [2 Protein Feast] - [0/6]

A Literal Pile of Diamonds [45 MIT Feast] - Oscar, Bahr, Baldur, NIGHT, Raidou  [5/6]
A Literal Pile of Diamonds [45 MIT Feast] -  [0/6]
A Literal Pile of Diamonds [45 MIT Feast] -  [0/6]
A Literal Pile of Diamonds [45 MIT Feast] -  [0/6]

Blue Cow [2 ACC Feast] - Oscar, Bahr, Baldur, NIGHT, Raidou  [5/6]
Blue Cow [2 ACC Feast] - [0/6]
Blue Cow [2 ACC Feast] - [0/6]
Blue Cow [2 ACC Feast] - [0/6]

The Ultimate Peep [180 Overhealth Feast] - Oscar, Bahr, ChaseR, Baldur, Macradon, Raidou [5/6]

Stat Deployment awaiting optimizations

Stat Changes (Raid Wide)
Shield: [+HP][+MIT][+ACC][+EVA][+LD][Probiotic][Antidote][Antioxidant][+DMG][+DMG/-MIT][MASS HEALS]
Ariel: [+HP][+MIT][+ACC][+EVA][+LD][Probiotic][Antidote][Antioxidant][+DMG][+DMG/-MIT][MASS HEALS]
Baldur: [+HP][+MIT][+ACC][+EVA][+LD][Probiotic][Antidote][Antioxidant][+DMG][+DMG/-MIT][MASS HEALS]
Oscar: [+HP][+MIT][+ACC][+EVA][+LD][Probiotic][Antidote][Antioxidant][+DMG][+DMG/-MIT][MASS HEALS]
Jomei: [+HP][+MIT][+ACC][+EVA][+LD][Probiotic][Antidote][Antioxidant][+DMG][+DMG/-MIT][MASS HEALS]
Freyd: [+HP][+MIT][+ACC][+EVA][+LD][Probiotic][Antidote][Antioxidant][+DMG][+DMG/-MIT][MASS HEALS]
Crozeph: [+HP][+MIT][+ACC][+EVA][+LD][Probiotic][Antidote][Antioxidant][+DMG][+DMG/-MIT][MASS HEALS]
Macradon: [+HP][+MIT][+ACC][+EVA][+LD][Probiotic][Antidote][Antioxidant][+DMG][+DMG/-MIT][MASS HEALS]
ChaseR: [+HP][+MIT][+ACC][+EVA][+LD][Probiotic][Antidote][Antioxidant][+DMG][+DMG/-MIT][MASS HEALS]
Oscar: [+HP][+MIT][+ACC][+EVA][+LD][Probiotic][Antidote][Antioxidant][+DMG][+DMG/-MIT][MASS HEALS]
Bahr: [+HP][+MIT][+ACC][+EVA][+LD][Probiotic][Antidote][Antioxidant][+DMG][+DMG/-MIT][MASS HEALS]
Cordelia: [+HP][+MIT][+ACC][+EVA][+LD][Probiotic][Antidote][Antioxidant][+DMG][+DMG/-MIT][MASS HEALS]
Mari: [+HP][+MIT][+ACC][+EVA][+LD][Probiotic][Antidote][Antioxidant][+DMG][+DMG/-MIT][MASS HEALS]
Calrex: [+HP][+MIT][+ACC][+EVA][+LD][Probiotic][Antidote][Antioxidant][+DMG][+DMG/-MIT][MASS HEALS]
NIGHT: [+HP][+MIT][+ACC][+EVA][+LD][Probiotic][Antidote][Antioxidant][+DMG][+DMG/-MIT][MASS HEALS]

Raidou | HP:1870/1870 | EN:166/166 | DMG:7 | ACC:6 | EVA:6 | MIT:216 | VAMP OFF:280 | TAUNT | Antidote:3/3 | Probiotics:27 | Antioxidant | BH:93


Raidou, Frontline Tactician
Level: 83
HP: 1870/1870
EN: 166/166

Damage: 9
Mitigation: 216
Evasion: 6
Accuracy: 6

Equipped Gear:
Weapon: Osmium Bastard Sword [T3/Perfect/2HSS]: V.O 2, Taunt
Armor: Red Wanderer's Robe [T1/Perfect/L.A] +3 Evasion
Misc: Tactician's Gaze - Ogma [T1/Perfect/Trinket]: +3 Accuracy

Gatherer [Obtained]
Two Handed Straight Sword [Rank 5]
Extended Mod Limit R3 [Obtained]
Parry [Obtained]
Howl [Obtained]
Battle Healing [Rank 5]
Fighting Spirit [Obtained]
Light Armor [Rank 5]
Searching [Rank 5]
Charge [Rank 5]
Extended Weight Limit [Obtained]

Extra Skills:
Familiar Mastery: Protector

Active Mods:
Vengeful Riposte
Focused Howl
Finesse Rank 3
Sprint and Acrobatics
Emergency Recovery

Inactive Mods:

Battle Ready Inventory:
Teleport Crystal*1
Pillar Fragment [Unique/Nightvision Mod]
Eternal Watch - Tenacity [T3/Perfect/Trinket]: Recovery 2, Accuracy 1
Mass Heal Crystal*5
Onyx Spectacles [T1/Perfect/Trinket]: +3 Loot Dice
Empty Slot
Empty Slot
Empty Slot

Housing Buffs:
Hard Working: +2 EXP per crafting attempt and +1 crafting attempt per day
Filling: Increase the effectiveness of a single food item consumed in a thread by +1 T1 slot.
Relaxed: Increases out of combat HP regen by (5 * Tier HP) and decreases full energy regen to 2 Out of Combat Posts.
Col Stash: +5% bonus col from monster kills and treasure chests
Advanced Training: +2 SP to a thread. Limit one use per month [0/1]

Guild Hall Buffs:
Lucrative: Reduce LD needed for Salvage by 5 (10+ for Alchemist crystals, 6+ for everything else). +2 EXP per craft. Rank 9 crafters receive +1 crafting attempt per day. Rank 10 crafters receive +2 crafting attempts per day.
Col Deposit: +5% bonus col from last-hit monster kills and +10% bonus col from treasure chests.

Scents of the Wild:
Tanos Statue: +15 Mitigation for a thread.


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