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[BR-F26] Paving the Way to Floor 27 [Gabrandr-The Broken King]

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"Ah, so that's it.  Dude's got his zealot and martyr fuses swapped."  Freyd sucked a breath through his teeth, shaking his head at the tragic trope in full display before them.  "There's no helping him, then. Our goal lays on the far side of his doom."

A lunging feint converted at the last minute to a tumble as the dark clad figure skittered beneath the giant warrior's shield and battery of gossamer armaments floating with excess auras of lethality over his head.  They were a tanking problem.  His personal challenge was to find spots of sufficient squishiness to deliver the same quality of hurt back on the boss, or better.

He always pivots left and slightly off balance on this third swing.  

Montjoy's tactical advice was rarely off its mark.

Right.  Let's use that.

"Freya!  Be ready!"

It's always the little things.  A spin of his staff saw it driven into the back of the oversized man's knee, where no armor could be provided to protect a necessary point of flexure.  Gabrandr teetered backwards for an instant.  The second strike clanged loudly against an exaggerated cod-piece, dented painfully by the blow and causing the boss to attempt to fold himself forward at the same time.  The flurry finished with the firm planting of a Whisper's boot on an unnecessary cape - style favour over function.


The noose tightened and all hope of balance tossed itself to ruin.



Freyd regains +4 EN
CD 12 (+8 EN from REC proc) ID #202812

Post Action | AoE-1  (x15 AoE, 11 EN, +2 AoE Shift, +2/hit,): 15 EN - (Stamina) = 13 EN.  
Free Action | (Skill) Activate Grappling Familiar

ID #202813 | BD: 4+7-1=10 (hit, Stun). DMG (15x36=540-100=440).  Grappling Stun applied.  CD: 12 (ST-B unlocked)

(3)Freyd | HP: 1000/1000 | EN: 98/134 (99+4+8-13) | DMG: 32 (+4 Shiina, 1/1) | MIT: 78 | ACC: 7 | EVA: 2 (-1, battle) | BH: 55 (SURV) | LD: 8 (+1 Loot) | PROSP: 3 | FLN: 16 | HLY: 16 | PARA | FRB 40, -1 ACC | TXV 24/3 | TROLL'S BLD | PARA IMM | ANTIDOTE (2/3) | DRG.JEWEL
   (STM, AoE Shift, +2 EN/turn [Horn], REC 8)
   (CD: Charge 2/3 | Grappling 0/5)

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The room was small and dimly lit as only a handful of torches lined the walls in the area that rested in front of the Boss room's door. A pungent odor filled the air, the same that had filled the long

General Notes: Please ensure that the following are included in your stats: - Shifts (or note as ‘none’ if you don’t have one) - Combat masteries  - Source IDs for all consumables* (ID roll

( @Raidou ) His eyes closed, a familiar voice would be the first to speak to him. It was the voice of the one that had been willing to promise the well-being of his people and to raze the Grand Impe

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Right then she shifts her feet toward the scather, blue flames burn beneath her frame. With the intent to disarm this thing so that now harm would come to the team from this mechanism alone. With an upward spiral her sword makes contact and so does that fire, as the wood lights up like a Christmas tree. With the electricity and burs of heat released into the thing it glows bright with sparks and sizzles alike. It was almost there but not quite. " @Shiina finish it," looking in her direction. Raidou said to burn it down, funny that is was exactly what had just transpired. She couldn't disarm it completely but she trusted in her team to help get it done. Firm Anima was in good shape, so she knew that Shiina could use that extra go go juice to help break this thing down. Another pivot of her stance as her shield comes up now, glancing toward to enemy now. This man, if he could even be called that, was so caught up in dying for what her believed was the right thing to do without any other thought in the world. Nothing would change his mind and his vision was set and stone. Was he ready to be stricken down for this rash decision instead of take the help to take down the bigger threat that he would speak of. 

E. Makeshift Scather: Activated. (LD 27/30)

ID:202814 | Battle:9, Craft:2, Loot:7+1=8 (PARAGON) 

(0)Eruda | HP: 984/984 | EN: 94/94 | DMG: 1 | MIT: 334 (incl. FL Aura 2) | ACC: 2 (Focus) | BH: 53 (SURV) | BRN: 56 | BRN IMMUNE | THRNS: 136 (FL Thrn Crit 16/2) | Antidote: [2/3]
   (STM, No Shift, +2 EN/turn [Horn], REC 8)

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ID:202818 | Battle:9, Craft:2, Loot:13 (No Proc)

Strattling the next scather in question to begin to glow, it appeared that the songstress had only interest in the active cannon's. "Hi, I'm right here. Don't gotta yell." Her face puckers into a sublime pair of baboon butt cheeks, as she begins to hum. The blue glow held within that machinery begins to be siphoned, peeled away, as if somehow the girl was bonded to it. One can see the azure wispy like cerulean dance up her wrists in a billowing glow, its sea foam lantern like glow slowly draining away and flickering before coming to a black absence of energy. Lifting her hands up, they dance down a pair of burning blue palms. Shiina's face contorts into an immediate smile, one of mischief and wonder. Like a child about to don the fondue shoot in charlie's factory. Mounted to her trusty iron steed that she'd sucked clean like a mosquito, her arms raise as if hoisting it.

"This is goin' get good!" she squeals in excitement as she cradles back and flops onto the floor, an intense rattle of armor as she lands.

ID:202817 | Battle:8, Craft:7, Loot:20+1 =21 CRITICAL PONY RIDE!

E. Makeshift Scather: ded. (LD 48/30)

(0)Shiina | HP: 884/936 | EN: 86/90 | DMG: 1 | MIT: 346 | EVA: 2 | ACC: 0 (-2, 0/2) | LD: 1 (+1 Loot) | HLY BLS: 37 | MENDING: 2 | THRNS: 104 (inc. Fl./Fr. AURA)
   (STM, Well Rested, No Shift, +2 EN/turn [Horn], REC 8)
   (CD: Press the Attack 1/5)

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(CD: Concentration 1/5)

"You are no king," Freya's anger began to rise with those words that was suppose to explain everything. "You are what we call a coward." Gripping her scythe in both hands as she spoke. Glancing around the room at every single man and woman in the room, she turns to gabby as she bends her knee's slightly. Her eyes lock to Freyd's as he saw what she was intending to do. Freyd slightly shifts his body, leaning down as he cups his together and outward. 

Freya gets a running start and she slightly hops, landing one foot in Freyd's palms. In one swift motion Freya was up in the air, landing on the tall dudes shoulders. Taking a hand full of hair in her left hand, twisting her scythe down toward the mans enlarged cape, cutting it clean off. "You do not deserve to wear this. You are NO king. Just a stupid fool acting in charge. A real king would do whatever it takes to protect his team including killing the threatening beast that has you held up in this chamber. If you will not help up or let us through, then we will go through you, you pathetic piece of shit." Jamming her curved edge into the start of his spine, her weapon glows. 

Holding the end of her scythe's hilt, she leaps off his shoulder onto the middle of her hilt, using her body weight to force it down as her left hand trails down the wound as it was being created. A cry out in pain from the man as her weapon was removed from his tail bone. She quickly twisted her weapon up and lands gracefully on the ground next to Freyd. Shifting her body as both Freya and Freyd slam their palm hard against both sides of the mans knee caps, forcing the large guy to crumble to his knees.

Slowly trailing her hand against her wet blade with a slight grin painted on her face.

ID:202834 | Battle:6, Craft:12, Loot:16 (Recovers 4 EN)

Using Charge (CD: Charge 0/3) -8 EN

[x18] AOE-Il (14+2 [Shift]-2 [Stamina]+(2 * 1)=16 EN
Total EN use -24

ID:202835 | BD:4+5-1-1-=7, CD: 1, HIT Using [x18] AoE ll vs. Gabrandr Dealing 666-100=566 DMG

(2)Freya | HP: 874/874 | EN: 87/114 | DMG: 32 | MIT: 20 | EVA: 5 | ACC: 7 (inc. AA) (-2, 2/4) | BH: 48 (SURV) | LD: 5 (+1 Loot) | BLD: 48 | PHASE | V.O.: 96 | DRG.JEWEL
   (STM, AoE Shift, +2 EN/turn [Horn], REC 4)

Edited by Freya
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(17)Shield | HP: 993/1058 | EN: 94/104 | DMG: 1 (-1) | MIT: 323 (-20)(-20, 1/2) | LD: 0 (+1 Loot) | ACC: 5 (incl AA)(-1) | EVA: 0 (-1) | BH: 58 (SURV) | THRNS: 160 (FL/FR. THRNS Crit 32/2) | V.O.: 116
   (Well Rested (2/3), No Shift)
   (CD: Howl 3/4, Protector Familiar 0/3)
   [Weakened]: Reduces DMG, ACC and EVA by 1, and MIT by 20. Permanent, unless removed by [Purify]. 

Passive [+4 EN] Battle Healing [+58 HP]

Free Action: Protector Familiar [-10% DMG on next hit]
Action: RAW-A > Gabrandr - ID: 202847 - BD:10+4-1=13 - Hit! [-10 EN]  V.O. Procs!
(160 THN +2 Major Crit) x 3 = 486 - 100 MIT = 
386 DMG, [+116 HP - V.O.] [+4 hate]

"Press the attack? You heard the man, Lilith!"

From Shield's collar, a vibrantly colored snake slithered forth,  wrapping herself around his throat. With a momentary flash of pale white light, her colors faded to a duller, grayer pallet as her scales hardened, adding an extra layer of protection at his most vulnerable point. He was already behind Gabrandr as the first blow struck, throwing his shoulder into their opponent to make the most of the incoming attacks. Shield felt each impact through the sturdy body of the so-called king. As sharp slicing of blades sang through the ear, Shield moved his mouth close to Gabrandr's ear.

"You call yourself a king, which means you should have some kind of wisdom if you hope to lead. Well, look at the people that stand in your way. Are they evil? Are they maligned against the people of your kingdom?" Shield left that question hanging in the air as he buried his black-steel blade in the enemy's back. "We fight to save lives, not end them. Unfortunately, you are standing in our path, but yours is the only life we would seek to end. I have watched the people before you move mountains and sacrifice their safety to save others. That should tell you two things."

As he spoke, he felt the tip of his blade connect once again with Gabrandr's life force. He drank from it greedily, his health returning to him almost as rapidly as it had been taken from him in the first place. "Firstly, that you can't hope to stand against us; you know the resolve of those who have people to protect, and you are outnumbered and outmatched. Secondly, that when you fall, your people will not be helpless. If you tell us how they may be saved, we will see to it that they are. Fight back if you must, because in your mind, that is your duty. But if you do not yield and fall to our blades, then others will need to step in to protect those you leave behind." Normally, Shield would withdraw after his attack, but he remained close, listening to hear what the prideful patriarch might say. His dark eyes watched carefully, his shield raised and his famliar curled around his neck to guard him from what may come.

Edited by Shield
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Violet shot forward again, a roar escaping her throat. Now that the gravity of the situation had fully had the time to settle in, she could feel a deep and burning anger in her veins, filling her with an icy chill that was so cold that it burned her. Her weapon seemed to feel the same, the strange sensation that seemed to spring from the blade normally left her feeling giddy and excited, not worrying in the slightest about anything.

But right now, all it did was fill her with the confidence that she needed to beat down something of this level, or at the very least wear it down.

Her feet glowed pink as the charge skill carried her forward, her blade glowing purple with a charged-up sword art, a much louder roar escaping her throat. A blade nearly crossed past her face, her Rapier just barely scraping past the blade to bury itself into the Bosses' shoulder, before drawing back, and using the last vestiges of the skill to put her level with the rest of her team. Violet's eyes flickered up towards the bosses' health bar, a soft sigh escaping her throat. the boss was already down a whole health bar, and was almost at half health now. 

Violet brushed her hair behind her ear, continuing to back up just in case something else happened. Shiina had blown up one of the scathers, the younger girl looking absolutely fucking giddy as she did so. Freyd and his familiar had applied their stun and damage to the boss, leaving the poor bastard looking absolutely punch-drunk. "maa... if I didn't know any better, i'd suppose we were supposed to feel real sorry for this guy.." she said dryly, a deadpan look on her face. "His plan doesn't look like its going at all like he wanted it to. Oh well~"



Attacking Gabrandr w/AoE II (w/Charge)

Roll ID#: 202849, BD: 7 (+4 - 5 = 6, HIT! 34*18= 612 - 100 = 512 DMG Dealt to Gabrandr! Charge CD: 0/3

(1)Tricolor_Mina | HP: 650/759 | EN: 75/100 | DMG: 29 | MIT: 78 | EVA: 2 | ACC: 4 (FOCUS) (-2, 2/4) | BLGT: 32 | BRN: 56 | FRSTB: 40 | V.D.: 75 | DRG.JEWEL
   (AoE Shift, +2 EN/turn [Horn])

Edited by tricolor_mina
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Crozeph saw how the battle is not gonna go into one of attrition, unless Gabrandr had another up his sleeve, he knew other players would keep an eye on those, especially that elegant woman deactivating scathers. It seem to look like Gabrandr was focused on something and it was not to rid of them... well, yet.

It irked him though, as Gabrandr locked weapons with the others, conversation are getting frequent, there was nothing wrong with trying to reason with him but the man is equipped like them. As soon as he felt a tingle with Hirru's buff, Baldur and Koga went it to attack, even his guild leader too.

"If you have something to say to him-" he sheathed his katana and black liquid moved around his weapon and arm and then wrapped in a second "-you gotta disarm him first!"

Crozeph dashed, three quick steps, like how he slides in Baldur's dojo secretly. The black liquid coming out of his katana keeping and coordinating its flow with his movement. IN a second it all became a blur.

The gleam of his blade
His silhouette

It all became clear enough once he was in front of Gabrandr. Sword already raised and one powerful downward swing yet wound cleanly on the enemy's shoulder where he held his weapon. The black liquid too did its thing, consuming the blue flames as if trying to quell it but that is way too shounen to be written in detail (it did happen).

He remained in front of Gabrandr eyes locked on him "less talk, swing back warrior"  he thought.

ID: 202858 | BD: 8 - 2 + 6 = ST-B lands
Crozeph dealt 24[base] + 16[FLN] + 1[Focus] x 20[ST-B] = 820 - 100[MIT] = 720 damage

(4)Crozeph | HP: 760/760 | EN: 40/94 | DMG: 24 | MIT: 104 | LD: 1 (+1 Loot) | EVA: 4 | ACC: (6 (incl. AA/FOCUS) | BH: 41 (Surv)| FLN: 16 | PARA IMMUNE | PHASE | RSKY: 8
   (STM, AoE Shift)
   (CD: ST-B Unlocked 1/1)

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Action: ST-I to Gabrandr
ID: 202862
BD: 9 (5 ACC + 1 Keen) / 2 EVA) // Critical Hit +1 (Keen Reactivated, +1 to Accuracy, ST-II Sword Arts Available)

26 (4+1) * 12 - 100 = 272 Damage to Gabrandr

+3 Hate

Energy Used: 12(-2)-1

Cries from his teammates to push the attack was more than enough for the Ultramarine Knight to resume his assault on the floor boss. With the second team already dogpiling on the newly activated scather, Calrex gave a small sigh, focusing his attention fully on the foe that continued to stand before them.

His sword already in a standard grip his body locked into position as the Grand Blade IV blazed alight, gleaming blue energy coating the entirety of the blade as he rushed forward. Bringing his sword arm across his body he made his frame small while darting and weaving through all of the other players taking their shots while they could until he came into striking distance. Four horizontal strikes followed, two from the left followed by two from the right as Calrex used both the front and back edges of his blade to unleash circular slashes across the boss before his momentum carried him past, turning around with his body already in position to unleash a second barrage at the next opportunity. A bright blue trail of light followed his sword's path through and around the target until his attack concluded.

"The swallow departs, but not for long, as soon after..."


(6)Calrex | HP: 1008/1008 | EN: 104/124 | DMG: 26 | MIT: 138 | LD: 0 (+1 Loot) | EVA: 5 | ACC: 5 (Keen 1) | BH: 56 (SURV) | KEEN: 1 | Lt.M.: 1
   (STM, TECH Shift)


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Deadline for Groups 3 and 4 is set to 11:59 PM CST Friday, 1/7

There was simply too many of them to focus on at once. From the first strike, those before him had already taken the advantage from him. Attempting to recover, he would summon an armament to stop the blow from the Gaijin samurai but his blade would cut through the ethereal blade. Blow after blow, health draining, he would get to the point where he would simply allow the blades to hit him. There was at least a chance to counter-attack at that point. He could have easily focused on blocking, using his armaments to ward off every attack but in doing so he would fail. He wouldn't be able to even attempt to protect the Scathers or chase off those that opposed him. He would simply have to endure the pain until he could take back the momentum to rescue the Galteans. 

A gold haired woman ripped the back piece to his regalia, admonishing him for his weakness. "You're right. A real king would. That is a title I am no longer able to bear. A King would not have let his people be ripped from their homeland and failed to protect them. It was I that have brought them to this, it was I that turned my back on the Lords." His words were spoken somberly. His family had come to create such a great kingdom through the Fates and it was he that had turned his back on them. He didn't enjoy entertaining the idea of worshipping entities that would destroy anything against their vision. 

Sparks rising into the air caught his attention. Once again, he had failed to protect the Scather. Now, the man in Red looked at him with a burning fury tucked away in his eyes. "My people will not live here. I will rebuild Galtea and return it to them. That is their land, their home and I will see it returned to them. If I fall here it is reassuring to know that you will continue my fight where I can't. Though, if the Fates deem that the punishment extends to that of my people your attempts will become fruitless. You will be defying Fate itself." 

Another voice affronted him along with a sharp pricks piercing into his back side. The voice spoke directly into his ear, requesting answers. "There is more to this world than good and evil. I can already see you all have your own motivations that conflict with my own. That is what has brought us here together. We are opposed because we both have something we can't afford to lose." Pulling away from the man, he would become silent for a moment before pondering his next move. 

"Even if you all see to it that my enemy is defeated, who will reveal the way to the people? Should I fall, all that remains to protect my people from destruction is a promise. I have watched my Kingdom burn, my people lost. I was helpless to save them, I won't let myself give in now." The black liquid that one of the samurai's had inflicted with would suddenly burn away as Gabrandr's blue aura brightened. The flames grew, the mist churning in the air much faster than it had before. 

These people would hopefully never have to experience what he had gone through... to lose everything while standing there helplessly. It was a maddening situation. "In another life, perhaps we would have gotten along rather well. The Glass city of Galtea would have been quite the sight to witness for a foreigner. We all have something to protect though, it is something I could never blame you all for. We both have our duties, there is no longer any reason for words."

The room seared with a sudden flash of light and Gabrandr suddenly stood next to @Shield. Returning the favor from earlier, Gabrandr pressed the tip of his blade against the man's chestplate before a flash of blue would send the man sprawling back. What had it been? A King would move mountains for his people? This former-King would do even more than that. He would obliterate the mountain so his people wouldn't have to make the climb. The mist seemed to gather around him once more. Small blue beads of light would spiral around his figure as Gabrandr slowly raised into the air. Slowly his arm would rise up before he raised his palm. The spiraling beads of blue light grew up they formed as blue spears. The armaments burned fiercely as the held position, waiting for his direction. 

Feeding more energy into the attack, parts of his armor would flake off into the air as he lost the power to hold them together. He was soon to be tapped out, could he defeat these people and still have enough power to save his own? Should he run out of the power invested his family, it wouldn't regenerate. It hadn't regenerated since he had turned his back on the Fates. No longer did they grant him power. 

It had to be this way, there was no turning back. These people weren't going to be backing down, they had their own resolution to push them forward. They had something they couldn't lose either, and that is what pitted them against each other. Clenching his fist and suddenly the battle would take action again from its brief pause. The armaments burst through the air, aiming at the ground where the players stood. Bursting a blue flare, several of the spears would find their mark, blasting holes into the ground and some into the players themselves. Slowly lowering to the ground, he was beginning to find it more difficult to stand. The energy it took him to heal the injuries that were made to kill him was tremendous. Defying death was no easy task. 

Standing in front of the South Scather, He would brandish his sword. He needed to protect it, he had only one fail-safe Scather remaining. Should he let them destroy it like before, he wouldn't be able to destroy the weapon above. 

Boss Stats:


<<Gabrandr, the Resolute>> 

[                                             ]
[                                             ]
[                                             ]
[                                             ]

DMG: 350 (-10%) | MIT: 100 | ACC: 4 (-2) | EVA: 4 (-3)


  • Misperception (-10% Final Dmg, Battle)
  • Hypnosis (-2 ACC, Battle)
  • Lullaby (-2 EVA Battle)
  • Incarcerate (x2 DoT damage, Battle)


  • Blighted (32, 1/2 [-20 MIT])
  • Burned (56, 1/2)
  • Rended (28, 1/2)
  • Flame Thorns (16, 1/2)
  • Frost Thorns (16, 1/2)


  • [King's Blade] - If Gabrandr rolls a BD/MD:9+, his attack deals 400 DMG and reduces target's MIT by 20 for 2 turns. This effect does not stack and repeat activations of it will only refresh its duration.
  • [Fate's Hand] - Gabrandr's attacks use the higher of either BD and MD when making an attack roll.
  • [Fate's Armiger] - All of Gabrandr's attacks gain [PHASE]
  • [Activate] - Gabrandr will activate one [Makeshift Scather] every rotation. 
  • [Fate's Shield] - Reduces final DoT and RAW DMG by 10%. (This effect doesn't apply in the case of Gabrandr being under the effects of "Shatter") 
  • [Disablement Immunity] - Gabrandr can't be disabled but is reduced by 1 EVA by every unique disabling effect. 


  • [Sword Monarch] - On a CD:10-12, Gabrandr's attack adds the effect: [Weakened]. Weakened decreases DMG, ACC and EVA by 1, and MIT by 20. This effect lasts permanently unless it is removed with [Purify]. This skill stacks with [King's Blade]. 
  • [Bitter End] - Every 3rd Turn, Gabrandr's post action against all parties becomes an AoE attack dealing 200 DMG. This attack can trigger [King's Blade] and benefits from [Fate’s Armiger], but cannot trigger [Sword Monarch].  

Makeshift Scathers:

  • If not disarmed or disabled before the conclusion of the round in which it is activated, each Makeshift Scather explodes and deals 200 unmitigatable damage to all members of both active parties.
  • Targets that take damage from an exploding Makeshift Scather have their accuracy reduced by 2 for the next 2 turns.  This effect can be refreshed, but does not stack.
  • Attempting to disarm a Makeshift Scather requires a post action. Players from any party may attempt to disarm any active Scathers by rolling natural LD. The Scather you are targeting must be identified in the purpose of the roll to be valid. Those with Lockpicking (including Dismantling), Nimble, and Paragon Level 10 loot bonus gain these respective LD bonuses to this roll.

N. Makeshift Scather: Disabled
E. Makeshift Scather: Inactive
W. Makeshift Scather: Disabled
S. Makeshift Scather: Activated. (LD 0/30)

Gabrandr attacks:


Party #1

             ID: 202883 | TARGET -> Shield
             BD: 10 (King's Blade Activated)
                    400 - (283/2) = 258 - 10% = 232 DMG

             ID: 202884 | TARGET -> Calrex
             MD: 10 (King's Blade Activated)
                    400 - (118/2) = 341 - 10% = 306 DMG

             ID: 202924 | TARGET -> Baldur
             BD: 8 + 2 - 4 = 6
                    200 - (98/2) = 102 - 10% = 91 DMG

             ID: 202884 | TARGET -> Crozeph
             MD: 7 + 2 - 4 = 5

             ID: 202884 | TARGET -> Koga
             BD: 9 (King's Blade Activated)
                  400 - (70/2) = 365 - 10% = 328 DMG

             ID: 202884 | TARGET -> Hirru
             BD: 10 (King's Blade Activated)
                  400 - (162/2) = 319 - 10% = 287 DMG

Party #2

             ID: 202928 | TARGET -> Raidou
             MD: 7 + 2 - 7 = 2

             ID: 202929 | TARGET -> Eruda
             MD: 7 + 2 - 0 = 9 (no crit)
                    200 - (334/2) = 233 - 10% = 29 DMG

             ID: 202930 | TARGET -> Freyd
             BD: 8 + 2 - 2 = 8
                    200 - (78/2) = 361 - 10% = 144 DMG

             ID: 202931 | TARGET -> Freya
             BD: 9 (King's Blade Activated)
                    400 - (0/2) = 400 - 10% = 360 DMG

             ID: 202932 | TARGET -> Tricolor_Mina
             MD: 7 + 2 - 2 = 7
                    200 - (78/2) = 311 - 10% = 144 DMG

             ID: 202933 | TARGET -> Shiina
             MD: 3 + 2 - 2 = 3

Gabrandr activates South Makeshift Scather.

Player Stats:

Generic Note: Make sure to read up on previous player's actions from the rotation (such as Blight) when calculating your own actions. Additionally, rolls 202883 and 202884 had a different purpose roll since there was miscommunication about when Bitter End would activate. They were assigned to the first two characters listed in the player stat blocks (going from up to down) which were Shield and Calrex respectively.


Group 1:


(17)Shield | HP: 761/1058 | EN: 84/104 | DMG: 1 (-1) | MIT: 323 (-20)(-20, 0/2) | LD: 0 (+1 Loot) | ACC: 5 (incl AA)(-1) | EVA: 0 (-1) | BH: 58 (SURV) | THRNS: 160 (FL/FR. THRNS Crit 32/2) | V.O.: 116
   (Well Rested (3/3), No Shift)
   (CD: Howl 3/4, Protector Familiar 0/3)
   [Weakened]: Reduces DMG, ACC and EVA by 1, and MIT by 20. Permanent, unless removed by [Purify].

(3)Calrex | HP: 702/1008 | EN: 104/124 | DMG: 26 | MIT: 138 | LD: 0 (+1 Loot) | EVA: 5 | ACC: 5 (Keen 1) | BH: 56 (SURV) | KEEN: 1 | Lt.M.: 1
   (STM, TECH Shift)

(3)Baldur | HP: 769/860 | EN: 83/120 | DMG: 28 | MIT: 98 | LD: 0 (+1 Loot) | EVA: 4 | ACC: 8 (inc AA) | BH: 43 | FLN 8 | BLGT 32 | BURN 56
   (STM, ST Shift, REC 4)
   (CD: Quick Change (1/3), Concentration (1/5))

(4)Crozeph | HP: 760/760 | EN: 73/94 | DMG: 24 | MIT: 104 | LD: 1 (+1 Loot) | EVA: 4 | ACC: (6 (incl. AA/FOCUS) | BH: 41 (Surv)| FLN: 16 | PARA IMMUNE | PHASE | RSKY: 8
   (STM, AoE Shift)

Note: I don’t know how you’re formatting your unlocking of ST-B, but I just removed the line in order to make it clearer for us when we're calculating stats. Feel free to do what you want as long as its clear. - Pag

(4) Koga | HP:500/828 | EN: 86/108 (103 +1 -18) | DMG: 26 | MIT: 90 | LD: 0 (+1 Loot) | EVA: 4 | ACC: 6 | BH: 45 (SURV) | BLGT: 32 | BRN: 56 | FLN: 8 | REGEN: 16
   (STM, Well Rested (1/3), No Shift)
   (HOWL [F])
   (Familiar Mastery: Rending on CD, 1/5)

(0) Hirru | HP: 687/974 | EN: 86/96 (+4, -10)| DMG: 1 (-19 next atk) | MIT: 182 | ACC: 0 (-1 next atk) | LD: 3 (+1 Loot) | BH: 48 | HLY BLS: 38 | MENDING: 2 | THRNS: 76
   (No Shift, REC 8)
   (CD: Rally 2/3 / Press Attack 1/5)

Group 2:

Group 2 Note: Make sure to account for the extra energy per turn caused from the Horn.


(9)Raidou | HP: 1104/1104 | EN: 110/110 | DMG: 1 | MIT: 311 | EVA: 7 | ACC: 4 | BH: 60 (SURV) | LD: 9 (+1 Loot) | BLGT: 32 | V.D.: 121 | V.O.: 182 | Antidote: [2/3] | THORNS: (Crit 50) | Parry (Just/Vengeful) (3/3)
   (STM, Well Rested (1/3), TECH Shift, +2 EN/turn [Horn], REC 8)
   (CD:  Howl 3/4 | Parry 2/4)

(0)Eruda | HP: 955/984 | EN: 94/94 | DMG: 1 | MIT: 334 (incl. FL Aura 2) | ACC: 2 (Focus) | BH: 53 (SURV) | BRN: 56 | BRN IMMUNE | THRNS: 136 (FL Thrn Crit 16/2) | Antidote: [2/3]
   (STM, No Shift, +2 EN/turn [Horn], REC 8)

(3)Freyd | HP: 856/1000 | EN: 100/134 (99+4+8+2-13) | DMG: 32 (+4 Shiina, 1/1) | MIT: 78 | ACC: 7 | EVA: 2 (-1, battle) | BH: 55 (SURV) | LD: 8 (+1 Loot) | PROSP: 3 | FLN: 16 | HLY: 16 | PARA | FRB 40, -1 ACC | TXV 24/3 | TROLL'S BLD | PARA IMM | ANTIDOTE (2/3) | DRG.JEWEL
   (STM, AoE Shift, +2 EN/turn [Horn], REC 8)
   (CD: Charge 2/3 | Grappling 0/5)

(3)Freya | HP: 514/874 | EN: 87/114 | DMG: 32 | MIT: 20 | EVA: 5 | ACC: 7 (inc. AA) (-2, 3/4) | BH: 48 (SURV) | LD: 5 (+1 Loot) | BLD: 48 | PHASE | V.O.: 96 | DRG.JEWEL
   (STM, AoE Shift, +2 EN/turn [Horn], REC 4)

 (2)Tricolor_Mina | HP: 506/759 | EN: 71/100 | DMG: 29 | MIT: 78 | EVA: 2 | ACC: 4 (FOCUS) (-2, 3/4) | BLGT: 32 | BRN: 56 | FRSTB: 40 | V.D.: 75 | DRG.JEWEL
   (AoE Shift, +2 EN/turn [Horn])

(0)Shiina | HP: 884/936 | EN: 86/90 | DMG: 1 | MIT: 346 | EVA: 2 | ACC: 0 (-2, 1/2) | LD: 1 (+1 Loot) | HLY BLS: 37 | MENDING: 2 | THRNS: 104 (inc. Fl./Fr. AURA)
   (STM, Well Rested, No Shift, +2 EN/turn [Horn], REC 8)
   (CD: Press the Attack 1/5)

Group 3:


(7) Oscar | HP: 947/1032 | EN: 106/118 | DMG: 27 | MIT: 262 | EVA: 3 | ACC: 6 (incl. AA) | BH: 56 (SURV) | LD: 5 (+1 loot) | PHASE | V.O.: 170 | COUNTER
   (STM, Well Rested (2/3), TECH Shift, +2 EN/turn [Horn], REC 4)
   (CD: Howl 1/4)

(6) Lessa | HP: 771/966 | EN: 102/116 | DMG: 32 | MIT: 142 | ACC: 4 | BH: 48 | LD: 0 (+1 loot) | H.M.: 8 | HLY: 8 | THRNS: 72 
  (STM, Well Rested (2/3), ST Shift, +2 EN/turn [Horn], REC 8)

Lingering Note from Round 3b: EN, Mass Healing Crystal's effects recalculated.

(3) Night | HP: 880/880 | EN: 105/126 | DMG: 32 | MIT: 29 | EVA: 3 | ACC: 5 (FOCUS) | Lt.M: 2 | BH: 29 (SURV) | LD: 6 (+1 Loot) | BLD: 48 | BLGT: 32 | FRSTB: 40 | STK: 40 | Stealth Bonus: +6 | Antidote: [2/2] 
  (STM, Well Rested (2/3), AoE Shift, +2 EN/turn [Horn])
   (CD: Concentration 1/3)

Lingering Note from Round 3b: Concentration wasn’t stated in the last post, so will be declared + bumped up now.

(2) Ariel | HP: 966/966 | EN: 72/102 | DMG: 32 | EVA: 3 (-1, battle) | ACC: 6 (incl. AA) (+2 KEEN) | BH: 53 (SURV) | LD: 9 (+1 loot) | FLN: 8 | HLY BLS: 42 | KEEN: 2 | RSKY: 8
  (Well Rested (2/3), ST Shift, +2 EN/turn [Horn])
  (CD: Charge 1/3)

Lingering Note from Round 3b: Mass Healing Crystal's effects used in Ariel's post are reliant on 2.0 mechanics. Recalculated. Also incorrectly added LD buff to Scather disarm roll. No impact on results.

(0) Zandra | HP: 1058/1058 | EN: 89/104 | DMG: 25 | MIT: 190 (incl. FL Aura 2) (-20, 1/2) | ACC: 3 | BH: 0 | BRN: 56 | FLN: 16 | THRNS: 16 (inc. FL Aura) 
  (STM, Well Rested (2/3), AoE Shift, +2 EN/turn [Horn])
  (CD: Steadfast 2/5)

Lingering Note from Round 3b: Additional 2% to all healing buffs removed. Not sure why it was added? First Aid should've been 20%, with Mass Healing Crystal for 10%. Totals to 30% rather than the stated 36%.

Group 4:


(6) Morgenstern | HP: 701/943 | EN: 79/94 | DMG: 24 | MIT: 182 (-20, 2/2) | EVA: 2 | ACC: 3 (FOCUS) | BH: 51 (SURV) | LD: 0 (+1 Loot) | BLD IMMUNE | BRN IMMUNE | PARA IMMUNE | P.V.O | THRNS: 80 (incl. FL Thrns) (FL Thrn Crit 16/2)
   (Well Rested (3/3), No Shift)
   (HOWL [F])
   (CD: Howl 2/4)

Lingering Note from Round 3b: Well Rested has a count of 3/3 instead of 2/3. Also, calculations in post used AoE shift, but stat-block indicated otherwise.

(3) Hidden | HP: 897/897 | EN: 62/96 | DMG: 30 | EVA: 6 | ACC: 5 | BH: 49 (SURV) | LD: 1 (+1 Loot) | HLY: 16 | PHASE | V.D.: 49 | V.O.: 98 | Stealth Bonus: +6 
   (Well Rested (3/3), ST Shift, REC 8)

Lingering Note from Round 3b: hey weren’t we counting up not down.

(6) Macradon | HP: 920/920 | EN: 90/124 | DMG: 29 | MIT: 103 (-20, 1/2) | EVA: 1 | ACC: 4 | BH: 50 (SURV) | LD: 5 (+1 Loot) | THRNS: 16 (FR Thrn Crit 32/2)| HLY: 16 | PHASE | V.O.: 101
   (Rested (2/2), STM, No Shift, REC: 8)
   (CD: Charge 2/3)

(0) Sam | HP: 851/851 | EN: 92/92 | DMG: 32 | MIT: 20 | EVA: 5 | ACC: 7 (incl. AA) | PHASE | LD: 4 (+1 Loot) | | DRG.JEWEL | Stealth Bonus: 6
   (STM, Well Rested, AoE Shift, REC: 8)
   (CD: Quick Change 1/3)

(0) Simmoné | HP: 828/828 | EN: 76/90 | DMG: 30 | MIT: 63 (-20, 1/2) | EVA: 4 | ACC: 3 (FOCUS) | LD: 8 (+1 Loot) | BLD: 48 | BLGT: 32 | BRN: 56 | ENV.O: 32 | DRG.JEWEL
   (STM, Well Rested (1/3), AoE Shift, REC: 8)
   (CD: Field Medic 0/3)



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Rec Roll:  ID:202961 | Battle:10, Craft:5, Loot:5 (No Proc)

A cat like slip through a distracted tyrant, a subtle strut that clicks via heels. A convincing little ploy, an earnest gift she'd not squander. Brandished silverish blue blade slices another hose clean, a flick of her left wrist drawing that estoc through something critical. A flicker and a sputter from the device as she peers over her left shoulder toward her tank and the imbecile that was droning. "There is weight in a promise, I know that far too well. Words, my dear, are all that we can truly hold sacred. If you can find no value in the words of others, then why should we take stock in yours?" That coy and playful almost fanged grin, alluding to some predatory nature within her.

"I have broken your things, and I took pride in it." A wave of that hand sees it peeled and pulled with some strange resistance, an effervescent purple hue played upon it like a dimly burning candle. "Dealing with fate?" Her eyes advance to the silver haired girl still playing the part of shadow and decaying flower. "We all have to answer to some predetermined fate, the problem is you showed it your cards. To bargain, one must be negotiating from a position of power. You wish to suade us via what? Pity and a prayer?"

Something screams and blows off the side of the scather she'd punctured, releasing some of that vorpal energy that catches her heels. A raise of her hand and a bit of glittering gold falls from her skin. The point? Aimed at @Gabrandr with intent. "Unfortunately, my dear, you have nothing left to give." The flames that ringed around her, from the scather and from the boss, seemed just that much weaker.

S. Makeshift Scather: Disarm -> (LD 16/30)

ID:202960 | Battle:3, Craft:12, Loot:10+6 (Lock/Dismantle/Paragon) = 16

(0) Simmoné | HP: 828/828 | EN: 80/90 | DMG: 30 | MIT: 63 (-20, 1/2) | EVA: 4 | ACC: 3 (FOCUS) | LD: 8 (+1 Loot) | BLD: 48 | BLGT: 32 | BRN: 56 | ENV.O: 32 | DRG.JEWEL
   (STM, Well Rested (1/3), AoE Shift, REC: 8)
   (CD: Field Medic 1/3)

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(CD: Quick Change 2/3)

Fiddling with the mechanics of the machine, she could hear something click out of place. Looking at this man that was claimed and pinned as an enemy from the get go, there was no real chance given from speaking matter, she was now unsure that he knew how. It was just aim for the dude that wasn't us and kill it dead because he was simply in the way of where we needed to go. A twist of her head toward the large brute man as she walks to Raidou and Eruda. 

"Crazy thought, would it be such a crime to ask him for his help for what would lay ahead of us. From the words that he speaks, it seams that he has the same goal in mind just a different perspective on the matter. We did just come in swinging and until now, what the man was saying didn't make hardly any sense. Differences aside, we all want the same thing, the murder what lies ahead. We could help each other instead of killing one another. He might be that kind of person that doesn't know how to ask for the help that is obviously needed. We all want the same thing Raidou..." Sam puts her Ax's front on the ground, holding the hilt as she tucks a strand of hair behind her ear. Glancing to Eruda as she starts to easy back her weapon to look at Sam.

S. Makeshift Scather: Disarm -> (LD 19/30)

ID:202962 | Battle:3, Craft:1, Loot:2+1=3 (Paragon)

(0) Sam | HP: 851/851 | EN: 92/92 | DMG: 32 | MIT: 20 | EVA: 5 | ACC: 7 (incl. AA) | PHASE | LD: 4 (+1 Loot) | | DRG.JEWEL | Stealth Bonus: 6
   (STM, Well Rested, AoE Shift, REC: 8)

@Raidou @Eruda

Edited by Sam
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A call out from Macradon gathered the blond's attention for a moment. He was going to take on the role of tank for the next half? Alright then, he would definitely be willing to have a break. "I'm gonna help the girls with the cannon thingy!" A sudden burst of light took the center stage as Gabrandr hurled a volley of blue fireworks. "Is that even allowed? Look at the range on that." He would mutter aloud as he made his way over. 

Gabrandr stood guard over the Scather but with Sam and Simmone already working on it, it was little effort to get involved. He supposed it would be hard to fight off the attacking players and fend off the players that attacked the machine. Brandishing his weapon, he thrust the katana into the machinery's chink and hit it with static. Electricity coursed through its metal conductor and began to short circuit what the man had built. "That should do it, don't you think? Just one left to break and then he's all out of tricks!" 


S. Makeshift Scather: Disarm -> (LD 30/30)
202963 LD:16+1(Paragon)=17

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REC Roll:
202965 CD:5

Violet eyes watched on as blue lights blazed through the battlefield, crashing into the first groups. Dust filled the air and only added to the poor visibility. At this point, the rainbow hues that filled the air were becoming almost nauseating at this point. Luckily for her, Gabrandr stuck out like a sore thumb as he literally was a walking torch of blue flame. Though if she had to guess the flame that was burning off of him was wasted energy. His body wasn't able to hold in the level he was using so it just let out the excess. With the help of the player's attacks, his light would burn up in due time. 

Sam's words reached Hidden and caused her to falter for a moment. Hidden was no advocate for protecting bosses but for some reasons the words resonated with her. That was until a harsh reminder of where she was slapped her in the face.

'She's from Firm Anima, can you even really believe a thing she says? Liars and cheats working the system like they own it. They always think they know best, don't they?' 

Nodding, Hidden continued her attack. Her dagger savagely flayed at the boss's back. She wasn't going to hold back like the rest of them. They all wanted to move on right? Then why did they falter in the face of their enemy? Hidden was only here to prove her strength but what were the rest of them here for? Surely they had some kind of motive right? 

DMG: 30*18=540-100(-20)= 460 DMG
17 EN used

(3) Hidden | HP: 897/897 | EN: 49/96 | DMG: 30 | EVA: 6 | ACC: 5 | BH: 49 (SURV) | LD: 1 (+1 Loot) | HLY: 16 | PHASE | V.D.: 49 | V.O.: 98 | Stealth Bonus: +6 
   (Well Rested (3/3), ST Shift, REC 8)


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Fireworks almighty. Had Gabrandr's flares been dyed a mighty red rather than a cool, disillusioned blue, perhaps NIGHT would've believed this was the coming of a new year. But now that the heat was dying down, even she could tell the fighter within that suit of armor was slowing to a halt. No straightened spine could fool her in its movements; no, despite the dwindling health bar still barely ducking under the half-way point. What else was to come, exactly?

And, for what it was worth, the fact that everyone came in with their monologues prepared, words abound; the player snorted, knowing her lack of information about their movements on the 25th. Either the brokers were working overtime and these adventurers were hence scholars by trade, or everyone was talking out of their ass.

Including the fallen king.

She couldn't bear it. Everyone was so... loud.

One shift of her figure along the edges of the room. Where the flurry of strikes upfront damaged Gabrandr's armor, she'd cut through the back again, before wheeling around the area, her blade ahead to protect herself. Nothing but standard procedures at this point.

ID202966 | BD3 + 5 - 1 = 7 | AoE-I vs Gabrandr

105 + 2 + 4 = 111 EN
111 - (15 -1 -1) = 98 EN

15 x 32 = 480 DMG
480 - 100 = 380 DMG

(4) Night | HP: 880/880 | EN: 98/126 | DMG: 32 | MIT: 29 | EVA: 3 | ACC: 5 (FOCUS) | Lt.M: 2 | BH: 29 (SURV) | LD: 6 (+1 Loot) | BLD: 48 | BLGT: 32 | FRSTB: 40 | STK: 40 | Stealth Bonus: +6 | Antidote: [2/2] 
  (STM, Well Rested (3/3), AoE Shift, +2 EN/turn [Horn])
  (CD: Concentration 2/3)

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With a downcast gaze, she would let out a short sigh under her breath as she would hear people chatting up the boss. The topic has long since lost it's meaning to the blonde, she would see no other use than offering the frontlines a small reprieve in the fight. She would use that time to look around and take a mental note for the future, of the few members of her team that preferred actions over talk. Dashing towards the pillar from an off-angle, via a more indirect route, she hoped to entertain the blue neon light show with a backstab while it entertained the rest with words.

At the very best she succeeded in flanking and leaving behind a crack in the boss' armor. She clicked her tongue in frustration to the result of her attack. At this point she wished they no, she'd behead the king from the start, to sparing them from this troublesome form.

+6 EN

Post Action: ST-I
ID# 202967  BD: 8  (5+8-1, hit!) | CD: 8 | x15 (32 +8 ) =600 -100 MIT = 500 DMG > ≪Gabrandr≫
Keen proc. -> +2 ACC
ST-II unlocked.
-13 EN (-14 +1) 
Well rested [3/3]

(3) Ariel | HP: 966/966 | EN: 65/102 | DMG: 32 | EVA: 3 (-1, battle) | ACC: 6 (incl. AA) (+2 KEEN) | BH: 53 (SURV) | LD: 9 (+1 loot) | FLN: 8 | HLY BLS: 42 | KEEN: 2 | RSKY: 8
  (Well Rested (3/3), ST Shift, +2 EN/turn [Horn])
  (CD: Charge 2/3)

Edited by Ariel - The Crowned Lion
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“He’s a wily one this Gabrandr!” Macradon shouted out to the rest of his party. The damage that was done and then rightly so nullified kept the team running. The other players were quick to run for the scathers and disarm them as quickly as possible, letting the rest reach for the vanguard. With the next oncoming attack, Macradon knew that it was gonna hurt and he prepared himself “Morg, I’ll take the next hit, you’ve done more than a good job! I trust you with my safety!” he called out as he ran past his party’s tank “This one’s gonna keep him at bay for a little while!” he roared and went in with a rather weak hit, but enough to keep the h health bar depleting steadily. It wasn’t the hard hit like before, it wasn’t the spacial rend or temporal cleave that his latest attack could induce, but it was still a fair bit of damage, trickling down that health bar to a better position for the frontlines, this was a war they would conquer with ease!




ID: 202968
BD: 6+4-1 = 9 -> Hit!
CD: 9 -> ST-B Unlocked!
Sword art used: ST-I -> 12x29-100 = 248 Damage to Gabrandr!

ID: 202969
CD: 11 -> Recovery Proc!

+4 EN Passive Recovery
+8 EN Recovery Proc
-10 EN ST-I & Stamina


(8) Macradon | HP: 920/920 | EN: 92/124 | DMG: 29 | MIT: 103 (-20, 1/2) | EVA: 1 | ACC: 4 | BH: 50 (SURV) | LD: 5 (+1 Loot) | THRNS: 16 (FR Thrn Crit 32/2)| HLY: 16 | PHASE | V.O.: 101
   (Rested (2/2), STM, No Shift, REC: 8)
   (CD: Charge 3/3)
   (ST-B Unlocked)

Edited by Macradon
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They were in the back half now. Oscar had expected some big phase transition at this point, but it had never come. He found the boss's attempts to mimic sentience and tug at the raid groups heartstrings amusing, though equally disappointed that people were responding to the nonsense as if the amalgamation of binary before them could even truly comprehend what was being said. Kayaba was successful in creating lifelike caricatures, but at the end of the day, they were just that. Once this boss was defeated, there would be nothing after for it. Outside of the lingering memory of the encounter left by the Players, the entity would have left no lasting mark. There was too much at stake for Oscar to allow himself to suspend his disbelief and get immersed in the game.

He calmly strode forward, through the chaos of the battlefield. He struck with a second Tech-C in the form of a wide horizontal slash. Once his attack had concluded, he promptly got out of the way for whoever else needed to take a plug out of this thing. Having regained something of a Hate lead, the situation wasn't as dire as before. Unless Lessa crit, he could breathe for now.


(9) Oscar | HP: 1003/1032 | EN: 98/118 | DMG: 27 | MIT: 262 | EVA: 3 | ACC: 6 (incl. AA) | BH: 56 (SURV) | LD: 5 (+1 loot) | PHASE | V.O.: 170 | COUNTER
   (STM, Well Rested (2/3), TECH Shift, +2 EN/turn [Horn], REC 4)
   (CD: Howl 2/4)

Post Action: Tech-C [x16] -14 EN
ID: 202971 BD: 6+6-2, Hit

432 - 10% - 100 = 289 [Counter Activated]


Edited by Oscar
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Zandra took a proud look on everyones healthbar. She had made sure they was in the safe zone. Actually higher up then the safe zone. Almost all of them reached full health. She probably did the right choice when she decided to heal them instead of deal some more damage on the boss. But yeah, just because she made them healthy now, didnt meant they would stay healthy. Zandra also took a glance at her energy, it have started dropping pretty quickly. And that was something she didnt really liked. But there was still some missing health, from Lessa. She didnt think it was worth it to spend a first aid on her if she could avoid it. That energy could be useful if a field medic would be needed. So she pulled out her unicorn horn. ‘’Lessa, this may sting a bit.’’ Then she raised the horn and slammed it into her shoulder. For the first time in her time in this death-world, Zandra saw her unicorn horn give off a bright green shine for a few seconds, refilling Lessa’s health and then shutting down. The colour off it looked a little bit faded now, but it still gave off a feeling to be working.

Unicorn horn used on @Lessa healing her 18%(15% base +20% Life mend) of 966=173 HP.  HP: 771/966 -> 944/966

Energy: +3=92/104

(0) Zandra | HP: 1058/1058 | EN: 92/104 | DMG: 25 | MIT: 190 (incl. FL Aura 2) (-20, 1/2) | ACC: 3 | BH: 0 | BRN: 56 | FLN: 16 | THRNS: 16 (inc. FL Aura) | Life Mend: 20%
  (STM, Well Rested (2/3), AoE Shift, +2 EN/turn [Horn])
  (CD: Steadfast 3/5)

Edited by Zandra
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Deadline for ALL Groups is set to 11:59 PM CST Wednesday, 1/26


Player's are asked to decide whether to Spare or Finish off the boss. The next week is open for free Roleplay amongst the Frontliners to come to a decision. When their decision becomes final they should bold it in their post. 

Gabrandr stood guard over the makeshift Scather. As the tricky dark-haired cat-like woman moved to 'break his toys' as she called it, burning armaments would begin to ward her away. It was in that moment, where his attention had been diverted, that the others made their assault. It began with a scornful dark-haired girl bringing up the front with a flurry of strikes for which he was too distracted to defend against. A few of the armaments protecting the Scather would fade as the returned to assist Gabrandr in fending off his own front of the battle. 

A trio of players would strike next, two powerful strikes from greatsword and hammer and a final from the acute precision of a katana. Each of them tore through his armor, casting his blue flame into the air until the pieces would sew shut once more. Turning, he would find that the others had already managed to completely destroy his Scather. His eyes fell on the calm and confident smile of the cat-like woman. She had managed to strike again. What was she doing that was destroying his Makeshift Scathers? Now, there was only one remaining. One left to be defended. He had to defend it with the remainder of his power. He needn't worry about himself anymore.

Suddenly appearing beside the final Scather, he would drive his blade into the ground and wedge it into the rocks. Holding out his hands, he would focus his power to one thing. Powering the many armaments that would surround the Scather. Offense was no longer any form of priority. He just needed to hold out the time it took to power the final Scather to an extremely high amount. No doubt would the Makeshift Scather burst upon firing. He would need to charge it far more than its capacity. 

No words were spoken, silence ensued as the light behind him began to glow harsher. Should his enemies attack, he would remain standing bearing each and every attack without any attempt to dodge. That was... until the room would suddenly become dim. 

The rainbow mist in the air had suddenly dispersed, no longer ailing the player's eyes. The Makeshift Scather that had been gaining power had gone dark as well, grinding noises filled the air as the machine itself completely fell apart. The boss would turn wordlessly, his hands falling to his sides. What had happened? The power that filled the machine had become sucked dry as if it were never there. The air had become stagnant of it as well. Only he that he knew of had the ability to manipulate the power the Fates had given him. What could have taken it away? 

He could feel the tug at his own strength, his energy reserves slowly releasing. It was then that he understood what had caused this. The real Scather had been activated and was searching for strength. With as much that had been in the air, it wouldn't be too long before it had found the power it craved. He was... out of time. With all four of his own Scathers out of commission, there wasn't anyway to attempt to destroy the real before it would fire. It wouldn't be too long before the remaining Galteans were destroyed. What had caused Ladonia to suddenly activate it? Had they grown tired of their search for him? Was this their plan to bring him out?

He had failed. The fire in his own heart would suddenly dim as his resolution faltered. The armor that encased the boss would suddenly disperse. Falling to his knees, he would say nothing for a moment. Lament rested in his eyes as he understood the truth. 

"They've activated it. It won't be long before the King Razwell fires the real Scather on the surviving refugees of Galtea. They had barely escaped that fate before, but they won't be able to escape it this time." His eyes traveled to the man in red who had made him a promise. "You had made me a promise didn't you? To drive my opponent to dust was it? You've all managed to overcome me so maybe..." Raising both arms in front of him in an open gesture, he would surrender to his opposition. "Take my life as payment if you must, but please succeed where I could not. My people... do not deserve to suffer from my Fate. It is one that I would wish to suffer from alone. There isn't much time... I beg you."

Closing his eyes, he would await his answer... or the sweet taste of a blade that would rend his head from his shoulders. As if Cardinal understood the question it would place the answers as an option in front of them. 

<<Spare or Kill?>>

<<Gabrandr, the Broken King>> 

[                                             ]

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Reaching his hand to the blade still stuck in the now dim and damaged scather, Raidou removes it with a sharp pull. Bits of metal grind out and scatter along the floor, being dislodged in a spray and bouncing away. "We will stop him, but unfortunately you fail to realize your fallacy." The red wanderer looks to his fellow captain, his second, and the few others of his guild that had joined him in the fray.

"Even still, you have yet to own your mistake. You would have burned away everything, just for a shot at revenge. Assuming that Razwell would be in that tower. Scorching the lands that you wished to return to your people. It wasn't careful, it wasn't cautious. It was a child letting out his outrage on a betrayal. I speak from experience..."

Looking at others in this chamber, knowing full well that most wouldn't even understand the meaning. "I get what you were trying to do @Gabrandr and although your motive may have been good-natured, it is in your delivery you've failed. What's worse is, I cannot trust you, and I have only your word to believe. I will seek out proof, and if there is truth in what you say, your people will not suffer. But understand..."

Reaching to the glasses on his brow, as a bit of that pungeant red film bleeds from his shoulders.

"I cannot let you leave here, after all you attacked my companions without even an attempt at exchanging words first. No crusade or good intention can change that. Actions speak louder than words, and yours have spoken poorly. I am sorry, please find peace."


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