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Shark "The Holy Swordsman"

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«Shark» The Holy Swordsman

» Username: Shark
» Real Name: Unknown
» Age: 22 (17 at the start)
» Gender: Male
» Height: 5'9"

» About: I love to game with my friends and work together to accomplish things. I have always loved to help people and I have been selected as a leader for years. My friends always look up to me because I have never steered them wrong. Many people judge me before they really get to know me. Some people refuse to even acknowledge me for who i am. They don't want anything to do with me. I have very few friends but it is the fact that these friends can see the real me.

» Virtues:
Leader. People have always looked up to Shark as one to lead people to victory. He is one to bring people together and strengthen bonds. He leads from the front and doesn't hide from difficult situations. He is not one to sit around and stay in the middle of the group. He is always the one to stand out and not blend in.

Multi- view. Shark has always looked at every aspect of a given situation. He looks at every possible outcome as well as actions. This has helped him become a better friend. He understands the people around him a lot better and take the side that is right. Most people don't analyze the situation and just act based on no evidence.

Optimistic. Looking for the bright side of situations has always been what keeps Shark happy and sane. Shark has been known to cheer his friends up as well as encourage them to push themselves to get better. Looking at the silver lining always helps Shark get through the toughest of obstacles.

» Flaws:
Organization. Shark does not have the best organizational skills. Each time Shark wants to organize something, it is a really big project and takes too long. Shark can usually never get a big group together unless someone is there to help push him forward. Shark has usually been left alone to work on these issues and it really brings out his rage which is never a good thing.

Completer. Shark Is the type of person to finish a situation. Usually he ends up in a situation and is stuck in it until its finished. Anytime this has happened, it is never good because he has stepped in to something he shouldn't have.

Honest. Shark is an honest man but this has usually never helped him with relationships. People have asked him for his thoughts and he tells them. Due to the fact that he is honest, his response has mainly made people mad and he loses friends because of that. Only a true friend can see the real Shark.





» Purchase Negotiation Skill Level: 2

» Sprint Skill Level: Rank 1: 0
» Tracking Skill Level: Rank 1: 0
» Detection Skill Level: 1
» Heavy Armor Skill Level: 3

» Battle Healing Skill Level: Rank 1: 0
» Parry Skill Level: Rank 1: 0
» Charge Skill Level: 2
» Hate Skill Level: 3

Weapon skills :
» One-handed Straight Sword Skill Level: Rank 2: 0

Rank 5 OHSS (+5 damage) -50 SP (41)
        Rank 2 HA (12 Mit) -13 SP (28)
        Rank 2 Block Requires Shield) (8 Mit) -13SP (15)
        Howl (gain hate) -10 SP (5)

Rank 1 = 5, Rank 2 = 8, Rank 3 = 10

Rank 4 = 12, Rank 5 = 15 (Grandmastered)


» Basic One handed Sword
» Holy Cross Shield
» *Armor: Holy Cuirass -  +1 Mitigation(3) +1 Regen [Heals you +3 per slot after every attack turn from your opponent on a CD roll of 6 or higher] 
» *Sword: Holy Sword - +2 Damage. 
» *Shield: Holy Aegis - +1 Mitigation(3) +1 Regen [Heals you +3 per slot after every attack turn from your opponent on a CD roll of 6 or higher]

» *<<Azure Cloak>> - Bares the symbol of the Knights of Christ on the back, with a small Azure Symbol on each shoulder (Dark blue and white stripped edging, Reserved for Commandant Shark)

* = Equipped



Col: 14,594

Mats: 0


» [PP-F1] Shark and Dunc start their fun -Complete
» [OP-F1] Shark and Lillian share an Adventure! -Complete (due to inactivity) (Doesn't count in bench mark)
» [PP-F2] Exploration of the 2nd floor -Complete
» [PP-F2] The Second? 'Cloaked man' Revealed -Complete
» [SP-F3] Shark and the 3rd -Complete
» [PP-F4] Just a Game? Onto 4th -Complete
» [OP-F4] Crimson Flames Ascending to F5 -Complete
» [PP-F5] Azure Flames Ascending to F6 -Complete
» [OP-F8] The Eigth Floor Town Opening -Complete
» [PP-BOSS RAID-F8] Paving the Way to 9 -Complete
» [PP-F4] <<Essence of Steel>> -In Progress (Doesn't Count in Benchmark)
» [F1-PP] Fascinating Reunion -Complete
» [PP-F8] Report on Vile -Complete
» [OP-F5] The Return -Complete
» [PP-F8] 8th Floor Scouting Report -Complete
» [PP-F9] The Ninth Floor Scouting Report - Complete
» [PP-BOSS RAID-F9] Paving The Way to 10 - Complete
» [PP-F4] Jack Frosts ugly step sister (Shark, ???) - Complete (Doesn't count in benchmark)
» [PP-F3] Joining the Knights (Shark & Angel) - Complete
» [PP-F1] Rain, Rain, Go Away (Shark & Oske) - Complete
» [PP-F8] Summer's Never Ending Maze! {Shark and Mayonaka!} - In Progress (Does not count in Benchmark)
» [PP-F4] Sharks and Recreation - Complete
[PP-F9] 'Dark Times Ahead' F10 Boss Planning - Invite only PM for invite - Complete
» [PP-F1] A Reunion of Legends [For All Older Players]
» [F9-PP] How Far Is Too Far? {Shark}
» [PP-F8] Meeting of the Strong (KoC & AB)
» [PP-F9] The Knights(Shark)
» Paving the way to Floor 11
» [PP-F8] <<Long Time No See>>
» (PP-F8) The Dark Knight Falls (Shark and Ryu)
» [PP-F1] Letting Go (Shark)
» [PP-F3] Do you wanna build a snowman?
»  In the Time of need [Planning Floor 9 Hydra attack]
» [PP_F-5] (Invite only) (Quest) A Broken Road (Complete)
» [PP-F1/3] Skinning of the Beasts (5iou5, Vandal, Shark)
» [SP-F1] Secret Medicine of the Forest Quest (Complete) 
» [SP][Town of Beginnings] Shark v.s Derpasaur!
» [PP-F9] Knights of the Bandit Order <<Bandit Camp>> (Ariel, Shark)
» [F4 - PP] A new start or just a repeat?(Shark)
» [PP-F1] Shark's Return (PM for inv)


Relationships (optional)
» Friends- Dunc Master, Axius-Riku, PinoyBest13, RyujinSeaLord, Oske
» Guild- Knights of Christ (Leader)

Story Thus Far (optional)
» It was a very gloomy day in the year of 2010 when Shark, Dunc Master, and a few friends decided to have some fun playing MMOs for their PCs, when Dunc Master told Shark that since he is such a great friend and leader that he should form a Guild/ Party and name it after something that brings people together. Well on that day the Guild "The Knights of Christ" were born. That was the best idea that the two friends came up with. Ever since that day, every MMO they played together, they were always a part of "The Knights of Christ" Guild. Always working together and beating each game. On a beautiful day in the year of 2022, Dunc Master showed up on Sharks door step with everything needed to play a new game called Sword Art Online. The two jumped right into the game and created their characters and had a great start of the game. Everything was going great. Shark contacted his friends Axius, and Pinoy to join this fun game with him so they could all have a great time together. It was all just a game to the two until that one fateful day...


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