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  • Character Name: Lessa
  • Character Description: The main squeeze.
  • Character Journal: [link]
  • Character Name: Lilik
  • Character Description: Resting bitch face.
  • Character Journal: [link]
  • Character Name: Rayleigh
  • Character Description: Pretty directionless.
  • Character Journal: [link]
  • Character Name: Akaiko
  • Character Description: Cinnamon roll.
  • Character Journal: [link]
  • Character Name: Gideon
  • Character Description: Just here for a good time.
  • Character Journal: [link]
  • Character Name: Kyra
  • Character Description: The group mom.
  • Character Journal: [link]
  • Character Name: Moira
  • Character Description: Probably a Slytherin.
  • Character Journal: [link]
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Character Name: Mari 
Character Description: Jaded by the world she was thrown in, cold and awkward. Not the crazy person rumours would suggest she is; just a woman mourning the loss of those she loved.
Character Journal Link

Character Name: Ceres
Character Description: Loves Money, extremely naive. Doesn't know social cues and often makes things awkward with her forward way of talking. 
Character Journal Link

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  • Character Name: Zandra
  • Character Description: Blackhaired woman with ruby-coloured eyes, that dont hesitate to enter a fight against a dangerous enemy.
  • Character Journal: [link]
  • Character Name: Anise
  • Character Description: Short, redhaired rude woman. Not really using her so she basically lost her personality. And have no plans starting using her again.
  • Character Journal: [link]
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  • Character Name: Hakai
  • Character Description:  Hakai is a sadist who enjoys hurting others in order to feel in control of her own life. Her entire life before SAO she spent getting into brawls and getting in trouble to the point where it was causing major issues in her life. She has a lot of unaddressed emotional problems that tend to build up after a while, but despite all of this she isnt an evil person. She can come to care a lot about the few people she unwillingly grows close to.
  • Character Journal: Hakai


  • Character Name: Ivory Lotus
  • Character Description:  WIP
  • Character Journal: Ivory
Edited by Hakai
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  • Character Name: Astreya 
  • Character Description: A peppy, fun-loving non-gamer with a penchant for reading people and strategy.  Tends to talk quite a bit but it's mostly a buffer and most of her discussions are surface-level to keep anyone from getting too close.  Still- she's very friendly and always willing to help someone or even just relax for a spell.
  • Character Journal: [link]
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  • Character Name: Aru
  • Character Description: A former pupil of the former Master of Shadows, Aru is a black-haired Tanky warrior on his own quest to find his own place on the frontlines. He feels as if he needs to continue to carry the mantle of Hik as his apprentice, but had decided to do it his own way, through his axe, his shield, and his crazy ideas. He doesn't yet deem himself ready to join the frontlines, as his combat experience is small, and he wants to learn more before he finally fights with all the great players he's learned about in his time in the IBS
  • Character Journal: [Aru - The Axe Wielding Bruiser]
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  • Character Name: Vigilon
  • Character Description: [FC: Shu Ouma] The Silver Dragon. A brown haired, red eyed young man who seeks to survive, protect others, and find his place in the world he's in. As clever as he is, he still has a tendency to be a victim of various blunders. Deep in his heart, a dragon sleeps within...
  • Character Journal: https://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14523-vigilons-journal/





  • Character Name: Krysta
  • Character Description: [FC: Leanna Dawn] The Princess of Light. As cliche as she may first seem to some, there is actually a lot going on under the surface. This blonde haired, blue eyed young woman is a justified, regal individual who seeks to protect the innocent, and battle the many forces of evil. There may be Darkness in every heart, but deep down inside, there's a light in her that will never go out.
  • Character Journal: https://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/15291-krystas-tale/





  • Character Name: Dazia
  • Character Description: [FC: Sin] The Raven of Wrath. A short woman with long, straight black hair and blue eyes, who's only goal is to survive, by any means necessary. While her expressions are mild, slight, or cold when she is calm, a monstrous amount of wrath and hatred has been within her since she was young, and when her fury is unleashed, one can easily see the infernal Wrath that dwells within her. Best not to bring out her hatred, lest her wrath be the last thing you witness...
  • Character Journal: https://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14985-dazias-journal/






  • Character Name: Astralin
  • Character Description: [FC: Sena Kashiwazaki] The Celestial Seeker. A blonde haired, blue eyed young woman who has been fascinated by Magic and Stars ever since she was a little girl. Despite coming into a world without magic, from a personal style in which magic was everything, she seeks to carve her own path, and come as close to who she is as she possibly can. 
  • Character Journal: https://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/18053-astralins-stellar-journal/






  • Character Name: Yona
  • Character Description: [FC: Katarina Claes] A young woman who seeks to make her own destiny. Fun-loving and individualistic, she seeks to do what she can for herself, and even others. Of course, she won't forget to stop and smell the roses, and enjoy her journey through Aincrad. She's definitely not gonna be on Aincrad for that much of a long time, so she might as well have a good time!
  • Character Journal: https://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/20836-yonas-new-life/
Edited by Vigilon
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  • Character Name: Dustin
  • Character Description: A kid rolling with the punches and paying the price for not changing.
  • Character Journal: Link


  • Character Name: Lucas
  • Character Description: The cinnamon roll who just wants friends
  • Character Journal: Link


  • Character Name: Monarch
  • Character Description: A lazy player who just wants to go home
  • Character Journal: Link
Edited by Dustin
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See the source imageCharacter Name: Jomei
Age: 24
Height: 6'3
Personality: A kind soul, always willing to jump in to help others in need. 
Constantly puts others before himself. 
Character Journal: [Journal]

See the source imageCharacter Name: Jevi
Age: 22
Height: 5'9
Personality: Cold, but kind to those she feels deserves it.
Builds up walls around her and tends to disappear for long periods of time.
Character Journal: [link]

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  • Character Name: Bahr
  • Character Description: Plagued for years by the misconception that he had murdered his best friend, Bahr didn't set foot beyond the walls of the Town of Beginning until the Frontliners had already cleared 23 floors. But once he did venture out, he rampaged toward the Frontlines like a pissed off bull seeing red. Since, he has created and lost alliances, allies, friends, foes, discovered the truth behind past falsehoods, and found a lover. Still, a part of him is searching for a long lost friend he hasn't managed to find since the beginning.
  • Character Journal: https://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/17870-raising-the-bahr/















  • Character Name: Jackpot
  • Character Description: An electronics salesman who only wound up in SAO because he was demoing the NerveGear for a skeptical customer. Attachment is intimidating for him, so he relies on his looks and charm to maneuver himself in and out of the lives of Aincrad's denizens. Cunning, charismatic, and cowardly. A great ally for identifying loot, not for combat.
  • Character Journal: https://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/18146-jackpot-the-decent-salesman/?tab=comments#comment-581510




















  • Character Name: Dederick
  • Character Description: Orphaned when young, Dederick was raised by a collection of religious recluses until the age of eighteen. Once of age, they turned him loose to explore the world, only for him to find it filled to the brim with wickedness, sin, and distraction. Though the sort to avoid technology, he allowed himself to be lured into testing the NerveGear by a particularly persuasive salesman. He believes being locked in Aincrad is a celestial way of atoning for the sin of straying from his path.
  • Character Journal: https://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/18202-dederick-lantern-of-justice/?tab=comments#comment-582674
















  • Character Name: MISERY
  • Character Description: Not much is known about MISERY, by even himself. After waking up in an unfamiliar place covered in blood and suffering from amnesia, he quickly found that he took a liking to tormenting those around him in whatever way he could. After all, why would he have been slathered with scarlet upon his waking if not for some sinister endeavors he'd engaged in prior to his impromptu slumber? When he caught wind of SAO, he saw an opportunity to spread treachery and misery in an anonymous fashion, the likes of which the authorities could not easily control. So he dove in the implement his handiwork.
  • Character Journal: https://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/18926-misery/?tab=comments#comment-596651
















  • Character Name: Invader
  • Character Description: Cocky, arrogant, and loud. Invader's the sort of guy who sees SAO as a blessing in disguise - an excuse to hang out with his best friend all day, every day. Free from the responsibilities, restraints, and mundanity of typical existence. Here, he can be whoever he wants, and do whatever he wants. SAO is his own personal slice of an extended summer vacation.
  • Character Journal: https://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/20345-invader-inbound/?tab=comments#comment-628932
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Character Name: Oscar
Character Description: A giant of a man and the owner and operator of Oscar's Hot Dog Stand (and its subsidiary Mi Vagon De Tacos). Comprised mostly of memes and military wisdom, sprinkled in with a deep hatred of Player Killers and murderous intent. 10/10, great guy. Would trust with a Lambo.
Character Journal: The Hot Dog Man

Character Name: Warren
Character Description: A quiet man who mostly focuses on improving his alchemy because it reminds him of home. Oscar's ward and operates a small pharmacy just outside the town of Deepedge on Floor Seven. Kinda odd, real cinnamon roll.
Character Journal: He Make the Tylenol


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Crozeph current.jpg

  • Character Name: Crozeph
  • Character Description: Always hungry, always sleepy, but will lay waste to anyone who hurts Yuki (naturally an idiot). Crozeph is your average guy, until he decides to add more brain cells to use. The shadow of tanks, and has a weird way of talking (he's disrespectful).
  • Character Journal: [link]


  • Character Name: Shirogane
  • Character Description: her innocent look guarantees trouble, likes to help anyone and her senpai and colleague will always protect her even though she's the tank of the Supplies Procurement Squad made by Crozeph for Jacob's Ladder.
  • Character Journal: [link]

Plini bite.jpg

  • Character Name: Plini
  • Character Description: will poison your coffee or food to test how his poison and venoms taste. Lacks proper hygiene and chivalry or so he believes. Plini is a weird alchemist and the newest guy to join the Supplies Procurement Squad. He was supposed to get stronger with Shirogane but the two are taking their sweet time killing some bacons.
  • Character Journal: [link]
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  • Character Name: Ranganok
  • Character Description: Mikael Rugen is a spiritual philosopher gamer who started his journey with SAO. After some time spending hepling traumatized players to accept the reality and balance themselves mentally, he decided to become a tank and play his part in escaping this virtual prison.
  • Character Journal: 
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