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Starting Stats:
@Snow: HP: 54/54 27/27 | EN: 0/38 | DMG: 8 | MIT: 45 | ACC: 3 | EVA: 2 | BLD: 12 (8-10) | THNS: 19 | RGN: 10 | Antioxidant

  • [+1 EN]
  • Removes [Sif's Needle]
  • Removes [Freya's Spite]
  • Removes [Gwendolyn's Wings]
  • Equips [Baldur's Pride] +2 ACC, +1 REC
  • Equips [Sif's Farewell] +3 LD
  • Equips [Hope] +1 SVY, +2 EVA

@Snow: HP: 54/54 27/27 | EN: 1/38 | DMG: 1 | MIT: 0 | ACC: 4 | EVA: 4 | SVY: 1 | LCK: +3 | REC: 1 | Antioxidant

Eyes closed, ears plugged, time passed in muffled silence. For a moment, the flood of screams and panic rose beyond what her fingers could stifle. She winced with her eyes still closed in empathy for what she could only assume was pain and suffering. Her heart beat faster. Time passed, but nothing happened.

Snow unplugged her ears and the sounds of chaos rushed back. She heard music, singing, screaming, and just complete and utter madness. Her eyes opened. Rain Minion 12 quite frankly did not give a -uwu-. Between her and the throne, @Mari stood in yet another pose. She glistened with sweat but held steady with maximum '_-FLEX-_'. Beside her, @Macradon, whom Snow assumed died or secluded himself after the dissipation of The Knights of Blood Oath, also flexed in a complementary pose.

"M-Mac?" His name stuttered from her lips.  "M-Mari?"

It didn't make any sense. 

Her attempt to break the mechanics of the fight failed. And where were the weirdly chanting cultists?! Did she miss something?! Like some kind of inter-dimensional aberrations?

Heart beating, nausea setting in, anxiety over her dwindling health bar, Snow started to fall apart.

What now? What else can we possibly do?! Why is there singing? Why are they dancing? WHY IS MARI FLEXING?!?! MAC?! I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD!

Her thoughts spun wildly and a heat rushed into the fair skin of her cheeks. Something. She had to try something else. @Assassinrode around on a pig, laughing like it was now just a game. May as well could be-- All of these players dying for sick amusement. @Ariel - The Crowned Lion seemed content trying to unleash death upon the small pig. Maybe that was it? Some connection to a less assuming monster? But didn't that other player say it was his pig? How could this be tied to someone's familiar?

Snow gripped the sides of her head with clawed hands.

"What do we do? What do we do?! Something?! What else? What else works?!" The words came out to match the hysterical madness around her.

Another idea. Her eyes opened. Things stilled.

"One health..." she muttered.

What if this was like one of those games like darts? If the score wasn't exact, the game would never end? Just a constant repeat over and over until the exact number was hit?

"Yeah, that might work..." Snow looked past the dynamic duo of Mari and Macradon to the ultimately disinterested expression of Rain Minion 12. Her eyes narrowed. The girl rarely felt genuine hate, but this pile of zero's and one's began to push the line. It was the key. If they could figure out what the trick was to removing Rain Minion 12 from play, the other two would fall, and this hellish landscape of chaos could finally come to rest.

So, in the midst of a disorganized battlefield, Snow summoned her equipment menu while still seated at the base of Rain Minion's Throne. The spear beside her shattered into pixels and returned to her inventory. The winged helmet dashed to the wind and sent her locks of blond down her back in a waterfall. Her thick plated armor vanished in a shower of pixels, immediately replaced by a simple black hoodie and jean shorts laced up the sides. On her right hand, two rings appeared, one as a memory of Baldur, another of Sif's final farewell.

The unprotected blonde now rose to her feet and dismissed the semi transparent menus. She stood defiant, brows scrunched together. The display of anger from such a small, weak, and insignificant player lacked any musings of a true threat.

"One HP," she repeated.

The blonde balled her fist and readied what she hoped would be a final blow. If it landed, and the single tick of damage was the final key to deleting that sliver of red under Rain Minion 12's name, the fight would be over. No flexing, no screaming, no dancing, singing, spit-roasting familiars, posing, or complete chaos.




Snow held firm, oddly thematic with the other two players which posed majestically in front of her. Oblivious to the deep, threatening glare from @Dazia.

I've got nothing after this...

Truly, this was it.

[[Snow changes gear down to casual attire and readies an unarmed blow to hopefully deal 1 DMG for a decisive "exact" blow.]]

Edited by Snow

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Sam    0

Sam is focused on cheering Griswold on. Looking around for a moment she sees Eruda and Kasumi back up dancing to Raidou. Hearing what Eruda said it was partially true. nothing else was working and dead would happen to any of us it they decided to take a swing. It seemed that Eruda was worried about everyone at this point knowing what she did and she might have been right. What if we were just attacking them with no remorse and they only wanted something from us for our freedom. Sam begins amping up at this thought. Looking to Griswold saying "Let get a bit closer to the group. Show them that we mean business," in a large hearty voice so that she was heard. Sam runs and slides to Eruda and the rest of the group. She wasn't much of a dancer but she was going to try standing with them anyway, no matter how bad she was.

Sam tries taking the steps as Eruda and the others were doing but her feet were not working well with her tall stature. Sam mimics the dance moves to the best of her ability next to Eruda and Kasumi.

ID# 154251 results: Battle: 2 OOOFFF

Edited by Sam

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Chaotic couldn’t even describe what... whatever this was. People were dancing, flexing... posing, and she even saw Oscar jump on to the back of one of those mutant things. She- she didn’t really know how to feel about it. On one hand, these things could probably end every one of these players’ lives with a snap of a finger, and on the other- well, it was... hilarious?

Hilarious might’ve not been the right word. Maybe so incredibly stupid that it made her want to barf up her breakfast? And the breakfast after that? 

She looked at the corner of her ‘screen’. Her HP was the lowest it’s ever been since she was like... level five. Would it go any lower than the initial twenty? That must’ve happened already with some people, right? Cordelia looked around in the crow of ‘fresher’ faces. What if their HP was halved again? Would they have half of an HP stat..? 

That wouldn’t make sense, but then again, this whole event didn’t make sense. Heck, life didn’t make sense. What could she do about it though. Single handedly fight against one of the most powerful beings she had ever seen? She thought not!

For now... she would just watch the world slowly burn around her.

[No action taken]

Edited by Cordelia

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Warren HP:  4/4 | EN: 6/6 | DMG: 6 | MIT: 18 | ACC: 2 | KEEN: 1 | BLD: 12

Man. All Warren had wanted to do was drum up some business for his barely-afloat shop. And now there were weird mobs flexing and some dudes eating faces and, frankly, he just didn't know what the hell was actually going on. He looked up at his health bar and the whole four hit points he still possessed. He could get breathed on by a boar and be meeting his maker in short order. Perhaps that was the point? Lower everyone's health down to one and then have a stampede of boars wipe out what remained of the players of Sword Art Online. That would be one hell of the trick to play on everyone. Oh sure, just beat all 100 floors without dying and you can go home! Except a quarter of the way through, we're going to spawn some weird-ass mobs and exterminate the lot of you. Have fun~

Christ, he should have never even bought that damn NerveGear in the first place.

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Holy [censored]. 

Was this even for real? They were fighting over the boss, jumping on top of each other, and - and those two were [censored] dancing? Icy cold dread gripped Pinball like talons. He spotted some of the frontliners, but they were all acting equally as childish, weren't they? Had all the good ones died? Was this really all Aincrad had left to offer? Pinball's health had a lower maximum now than he'd ever remembered it having, but there was honestly no point in worrying about it. If this was an accurate depiction of what was left of the game's fighting force, Pinball was almost certain now that they'd be wiped off the map with one swift AoE. 

The idea that Kayaba had sent these things here to kill them firmly ingrained itself in his mind - after all, Pinball found the whole situation unbelievable; he could only imagine what was going through Kayaba's head. If he was in the bastard's shoes, he'd probably just wanna end it all too. Honestly. Mass genocide seemed like the only appropriate way out at this point. 


Action Taken: None again because w o w


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 Place holder 

HP: 46/46 23/23 | EN: 12/32 | DMG: 7 | MIT: 27 | ACC: 2 | EVA: 2 | BLD: 12 | ENVM DEF: 1 | VAMP DEF: 36 | THNS: 10 | Antidote: 3/3 | Antioxidant

154303 6+2 8 3 3 Claim Msg_hover2.png Swine Jesus, Slayer of Axioses 2020-06-19 22:35:47
154302 7+2 5 13 1 Claim Msg_hover2.png Gob-Gob 2020-06-19 22:35:18
154301 3 3 6 2 Claim Msg_hover2.png Rain Minion 12 2020-06-19 22:34:52

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Bahr had no idea what was happening anymore. Literally, he'd just lost track of all sense of direction, rhyme or reason. Where had Lessa gone? Where was Swine Bajesus? Who the hell was the chick who just used his head as a springboard?

Were they all going to die here?

His grip loosened on the hilt of Blinkstrike, which rested in his palm. "This is..." He struggled to find the words. "This can't be real. It really just can't." Certainly, one couldn't blame him for thinking as such. He'd never been in such a chaotic mess, even within the confines of the floating castle Aincrad. Was this what actual floor boss raids were like? A complete and utter mess, madness running rampant, impossible to get a grasp on the situation whilst seemingly unbeatable gods rained terror upon them all? And in such a ridiculous manner?

For the first time in years, Bahr truly felt like he was actually beginning to lose hope.

[No action taken.]

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One way or another, Jackpot was still alive. But a cursory glance at his health bar, and he almost wished he was.

He'd lost his friends in the midst of the chaos, and was now completely a utterly alone. He felt an urge to flee - to remove himself from this situation, distance himself from what he could only surmise was certain death, and cling to the life he held so dear from another day. But beyond that, he felt an overwhelming need to find his friends, ensure their safety, and escape with them together. Though he feared what was to come if he remained on the battlefield, he knew that he would never be able to forgive himself if his fleeing caused the death of any of them.

Dederick. Lilik. Elora. When had he grown so attached to them? It was all so strange. 

One step at a time, one foot in front of the other, he willed himself against his cowardice. Nervous whiskey eyes darted back and forth in a frenetic fervor in search of his friends, but to no avail. One would think that they wouldn't be difficult to pick out of a crowd, given their unique appearances. But with enough people, everyone began to look like the same homogeneous blur.

[No action taken.]

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Similarly, Dederick had lost the rest of his party in the fray. All attempts to reach the mobs had been met with repulsion from the other players who, despite their unrefined statures, were overwhelmingly strong when put together in such high volumes, and prevented him from approach. He simply wasn't strong enough to make it through.

"Damn it," he muttered as he set his jaw. Was there even a point in continuing now? What was he doing here? He was supposed to be a tank, but he hadn't managed to protect anybody. The most impressive thing he'd accomplished was grandstanding and posturing. What use was that, really, if the rest of his party had chosen to rush past him into the arms of danger instead, anyways?

This was probably the end. For Dederick, Jackpot, everyone. This was where they would all meet their maker. The only thing that Dederick could hope for was that He was as forgiving and understanding as the scriptures had foretold, and that He would invite his children into his arms with the same ease and grace that danger had in the land of the living.

[No action taken.]

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There was no will to fight anymore. Her friends, Night and Arabelle continued to believe that there was something that they could do to end this hell, but nothing. No matter what the players did, they would never be able to best the Rain Minion's perfect defense and as long as it was alive, no one would be getting out of this game. Yuki's eyes watered. There was nothing that she could do no matter what. She didn't have the strength and her tanking abilities were completely useless in this situation.

Another flex from the boss and ear piercing squeal came, effectively lowering all their HP by another half. Yuki had basically become level 1 again. What was going to happen to them? This sick twisted lie wasn't something that she could put up with any more. The girl crouched down, her head huddled in her hands and tears streaming down her cheeks. "I don't want anyone to die! I don't wanna die! What do I do?!"

[No Action]

@NIGHT @Arabelle

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"So this is it, then," MISERY muttered to himself as he took in the view of the panicked players, and then his own remaining health. It seemed as though things were reaching a close. And by that, he meant that all of the players in the area would soon die - including himself.

They were all so dangerously low that virtually anything could wipe them all out at this point. One single, raid-wide AoE would annihilate the entirety of Aincrad's active player base. There would be others that lived beyond this day, of course, but they had accomplished nothing. They had remained sheltered in their towns, waiting for the warriors of the Frontlines to push their way to the top of the castle and free everyone. MISERY had always seen it as a joke, but this simply confirmed it.

If everyone here died, there was no way that the players that remained would be able to take their place within a reasonable time frame. Likely, their bodies on the other side of the proverbial veil with wither away into oblivion long before they had a chance at reaching the top again - assuming these three mobs didn't do them in like they did these morons. One good wipe, and all the players of Aincrad were doomed.

Scary thought. It brought a smile to MISERY's face.

[No action taken.]

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This game was becoming more and more boring by the second. If hadn't been for the bluff of getting experience from this event, she might have left already. She was already here and if most of the highest leveled players were going to be dying here, hell she might as well throw herself into the fire. She watched as countless players did countless things to appease or retaliate against the bosses invincible fool proof strategy. She herself had seen enough of this bull. Her saya appeared in her hand which quickly housed it's curved blade once again.

Watching the HP of every single soul in this fight drop further and further was painful, even for the player who rarely cared about anyone's feelings but her own. The frantic hopes and fears of every other person fighting for their freedom was something to admire, however. Was making an attack even worth it at this point?

[No Action]

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The group's tank had fallen to her knees and begun to cry. Shye didn't know what to do. If she could heal people right now, would she be keeping this insanity from happening? Would it have changed much? This entire boss had to be a joke. There's no way the game developers would be as cruel to send them a message like they did and then just make an impossible to defeat boss to toy with them... Would they?

Walking over to the pink haired tank, she would have to do her best to keep herself calm so that she can help another soul who needs it right now. She pat the girl on her shoulder and crouched down next to her. "Hey, don't worry. We'll make it out of this alive some how. The front liners will think of some way to win. They wont let this be the end for us."

[No Action taken]

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His sick dance moves end, all around him he could feel what was surely a sea of despair. A beckon to a memory remove him to a girl with blue hair, a gleamed sun across a monolith in black, and an absence. Insanity, to do the same and expect a different outcome. Raidou knew what it meant but despite this the goal was not to do what those who had tried before, pulling his robe from Eruda's grasp and tossing it around his shoulders he had made a choice. Even if it meant nothing, even if it did nothing. He would fight until the air escaped his lungs. "Eruda, I may have to cancel that promise for a dinner." A vibrant hue claims his weapon, like those before him, it would not do anything to these beasts. He knew the damage was paltry in such presence of true immortals, and he had yet to swing it due to this fact. He lets her rip and the only thing he comes in contact with is a massive throne of an entity that could care less.

Raidou uses Vertical Square (x4) and Concentration!

ID# 154325 results: Battle: 1, Critical Failure vs. Gob-Gob!

ID# 154326 results: Battle: 4+2+1=7 Hit dealing absolutely nothing to Rain Minion 12

ID# 154327 results: Battle: 4-999=I hit a tree!

Raidou: 70/70 | EN: 83/94 | DMG: 4 | ACC: 2 | MIT: 84 | EVA: 5 | PRLZ: 1 | VAMP OFF: 110 | THNS: 20 | BH: 55 | Antidote: 3/3 | Antioxidant

Edited by Raidou

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This boss had turn into a right sh*tshow. How was she supposed to kill any of these things. The goblin continued to respawn even after death, the pig was too fast to chase down and the lizard boss was impervious to fatal damage. What the hell could she do? Anything else she could destroy without fault, but this - This was something completely out of her control. It was unfortunate, but she would have to stop here. If there was no way to kill it, what the hell did the system want from her?

Watching @Gaius strike a pose like an idiot was kind of embarrassing, not that anyone would see her emotion through the porcelain mask, but still. Moving back over to her guild mate who had just finished his childish pose, she quietly said, "Kon" and stood next to him completely unphased by the current situation. "They're invincible. I can't do anything."

[No action taken]

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Tumbling to the ground from the force of a push, the joy ride that she had originally taken hold of was tromping off without her. She reached out for it as it ran away at lightning speed. "Wait! I was having fun..." She said upset with her fun being ruined. She turned over, angry at the person that had disrupted the good time. "You big meanie! I was having some fun and you-" Assassin paused as she noticed who it was that had knocked her into the grass.

"N-Nee-san?! What are you doing here?! The pig got away..." Her sad tone was interrupted by the scolding of her older sister. She covered her face and looked up at her through her fingers. "I-I was just trying to have some fun... What's wrong with that? Nothing I do here is changing anything, so..." Assassin stopped there, wondering how she could appease herself with Hidden.

@Ariel - The Crowned Lion @Hidden

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From her perch she looks down over the field, watching as Raidou seemingly finds his senses. What then follows is a display that seems completely worthless, for many had tried and had already failed: Herself included. With this fact, however, she makes her choice for the oddities of the fight were turning more and more into sorrow. Dropping from the tree she was perceiving the battlefield from, her blood would feed the earth before she lost her incentive to carry her blade. As her gemini before this, it would know that she was already gone and cared not if her life was taken but it would be through her steel not laying down and accepting her fate. A burst of cyan blue light tears her toward the target with little concern of her safety, striking along her guild master. "I am with you." she relays as she stands near him, her skill stasis claiming her.

ID# 154328 results: Battle: 7+5=12

Setsuna: 47/47 | EN: 19/34 | DMG: 15 | EVA: 5 | ACC: 5 | THRNS: 10 | Antidote: 3/3 | Antioxidant

Edited by Setsuna

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Watching Raidou attempt to do something, anything took her back to the dojo although she would never say it and produce his ire. But he was just as stalwart as back then in his convictions, the ones she had come to respect. Her hands engulf in pink and she tears to his left side with the blow slamming in hard. "No hope lost, I will fight as well." she looks to Setsuna and for the first time, she smiles to the girl having found common ground finally. They obviously connect but seem to do little to the creature at all, which was expected by this point. Kasumi recedes an extended arm as the energy fades, her energy bar plummets after the expenditure. She was officially tapped, but it would not dissuade her from fighting alongside her cousin, adjusting her orange hair from her face and around her ear and preparing to strike again.

ID# 154330 results: Battle: 2+5=7

Kasumi: 47/47 | EN: 6/34 | DMG: 15 | EVA: 5 | ACC: 5 | THRNS: 10 | Antidote: 3/3 | Antioxidant

Edited by Kasumi

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Zandra breathed heavily as she went down on her knees. She had totally lost the strength to stand straigth. With her head bent down, her black long hair was hanging infront of her, covering her blushing and panting face from the rest of the people that was present. She just wanted to get swallowed by the earth by now, disapearing from the scene. But at least she had been able to put down some defensive barrier for the warriors around her. After a short time of getting her breath back to normal she looked up. The barrier had now disapeared from everyone. But since she didnt knew how much damage the enemy actually did, she didnt knew if it had worked or not. She had saw other people doing all kind of stuff. But why was they, flexing? She tried to understand. Was this somekind of weird, new mecanic? She slowly rose as her eyes went back to the bosses. All three of them looked ridicilous. This really didnt felt like a serious battle. No, serious was wrong word. More like it was different. But if it was in a good or a bad way, she couldnt tell. As she had went back into standing pose, she looks intensily at the enemies ifnront of her. Her cheeks matching the colour in her crimson eyes. It already was embarrsing as it was, showing up in her japanese school girl uniform. She looked at them as cute as she could be.


Date A Live, Mobile Wallpaper | page 2 - Zerochan Anime Image Board

BD: 1 CD: 8 LD: 5 MD: 9 -Kawiii

Edited by Zandra

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To say that things had gone off the deep end was an understatement.

Four turns of memery was all it took to reduce the collective player base into aimless rioting. Some were sniveling in a corner, others were flexing. Some danced, while others chose to brood. All variety of players were joking around, riding event bosses, crashing through floors, questioning their self worth, regretting their impending demise, springboarding off of their peers, and otherwise abandoning all sense of logic or reason.

It was chaos. And it was beautiful.

Gob-Gob, still lamenting the death of Jim and its other high school pals, welcomed Oscar's embrace with open arms. If his friends from the nth dimension were to be no more, at least it could find solace and acceptance in its old owner's companionship. It hoisted the blond, axe-wielding maniac onto its back and gave him the piggyback ride of a lifetime. Right before bucking in jest, but accidentally hurtling the man straight out of orbit and toward the sun. Oops. As it turns out, the flexing of the players had enhanced Gob-Gob's power level, making it capable yeeting things into oblivion without even meaning to. How's that for a backfire?

Swine Jesus was in a panic searching for its child, Swine Bajesus. But in the midst of its frenetic, ADHD-ridden search, it got caught up in the groove of the other players. Having seemingly forgotten about its progeny, the overly muscular pig resorted to dancing alongside the players in an act of unexpected solidarity. But all was not lost. Because, you see, the apple does not fall far from the tree. Swine Bajesus had had its father's groovy gene passed onto it, and ended up right in the middle of the impromptu break dancing circle. Swine Jesus and Swine Bajesus, along with the other grooving players, all joined together in a harmonious waltz, over the debauchery and under the moon to the tune of screaming children and the crackle of flames.

And then, it happened.

Soundtrack: Arabian yodeling.

Finally, having had enough, Rain Minion 12 stood from its throne and rose a single, open palm as though to command silence. As though willed to by some unseeable force, everyone - mobs and players alike - stopped to gaze upon their amphibious overlord. A steady trail of smoke rose from its blunt, sunlight reflecting from a single golden ray illuminated its sunglasses, and its grotesque, oily skin glistened and shined with all the beauty and grace of the crown that sat atop its head. Slowly, it parted its lips.


For you see, the Kings had grown bored.

It rose its arm and pointed its Beretta toward the sky, firing as rapidly as it could squeeze the trigger with its cruddy, webbed fingers, unloading its entire magazine into the clouds above. By the majesty of its grace, the cavities left behind in the cumulonimbus strata allowed a heavenly glow to seep through and touch the bodies of the fabled mobs. One after another, Rain Minion 12, Swine Jesus, and Gob-Gob rose from the ground and were gradually pulled toward the light. The hand of God had tugged on their strings, and it was time to go.



This event is classified as non-canon. What this means is that this event will not be recognized as an official part of the website's history or lore. As such, no item rewards can be distributed. That being said, there are SP rewards (which will be listed below) that you can put in your tracker, and will count toward your overall SP total as a reward for putting up with us dastardly staff. 

As an addendum to the notice above, your characters may still reference back to this event as something akin to deja vu, or a fever dream, or a fantasy novel they read once, etc. Players may also speak of this to other characters, who may realize they share the same memory, but it should always be recognized that it is not an actual piece of the website's history or lore. 

Due to the event's non-canon status, all consumable items used in this thread are automatically refunded back to their owners.

And finally, thank you all for taking this joke in good stride and having fun with it. The community was clearly engaged in this event, given the activity. Events like this are not going to be commonplace, and may in fact never occur again. But we hope that this was a good opportunity for some of the more ridiculous things you may have wanted to do, but felt you had no outlet for. Whether you chose to have your characters dance, flex, take themselves too seriously, run away, disappear, ride a baby boar, crash through the floors of Aincrad, springboard off of a white mop (again), embody memes, do superhero landings, or whatever else, we enjoyed every post here. You all made it fun, and that's what this website is supposed to be about.



Even players that were ejected from the event are eligible for rewards!

Please do not add these Skill Points to your Journal until the thread has been closed.

Following this post, players will have 48 hours to submit a final closure post for their character if they so choose to do so. Players are permitted one (1) post per character already active in the event between this post and the thread closure. Final SP counts for the thread, which will include the page SP rewards and the 2.6 Finale Bonus, will be on the final post.

Players with 1 post earn 2 SP as an event bonus, in addition to page SP rewards and the 2.6 Finale Bonus.
Players with 2 posts earn 4 SP as an event bonus, in addition to the page SP rewards and the 2.6 Finale Bonus.
Players with 3+ posts earn 7 SP as an event bonus, in addition to the page SP rewards and the 2.6 Finale Bonus.

Players With 1 Post

@tricolor_mina: 2 SP
@Calrex: 2 SP
@Hidden: 2 SP
@Shield: 2 SP


Players With 2 Posts

@Lilik: 4 SP
@Zandra: 4 SP


Players With 3+ Posts

@Zajcica: 7 SP
@Basuke: 7 SP
@Pinball: 7 SP
@Mari: 7 SP
@Oscar: 7 SP
@Arabelle: 7 SP
@Freyd - The Whisper in Shadows: 7 SP
@Raidou: 7 SP
@Gaius: 7 SP
@Shiina: 7 SP
@Simmone: 7 SP
@Macradon: 7 SP
@Eruda: 7 SP
@Sam: 7 SP
@Snow: 7 SP
@claim: 7 SP
@Shay: 7 SP
@Shye: 7 SP
@Megitsune: 7 SP
@Assassin: 7 SP
@Bahr: 7 SP
@Ariel - The Crowned Lion: 7 SP
@Dracul: 7 SP
@Andromeda: 7 SP
@Cordelia: 7 SP
@Elora: 7 SP
@Crozeph: 7 SP
@Lessa: 7 SP
@Jackpot: 7 SP
@Dederick: 7 SP
@Warren: 7 SP
@Krysta: 7 SP
@Vigilon: 7 SP
@Astralin: 7 SP
@Dazia: 7 SP
@Bistro: 7 SP
@Setsuna: 7 SP
@Kasumi: 7 SP
@Griswold: 7 SP

Players have until 2 AM GMT-6 on June 22nd, 2020 to respond before thread closure. One post per character.

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